04x13 - The Last Stand

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Legend of Korra". Aired: April 2012 to December 2014.
Follow up series set 70 years after Avatar: The Last Airbender that follows Korra who seeks to master the final element of Air.
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04x13 - The Last Stand

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- Earth.




Only the avatar can master
all four elements

And bring balance to the world.

Republic city is a w*r zone!

While prince wu led the
remaining citizens to safety,

Team avatar battled
kuvira's giant mech,

But no amount of bending
could bring it down!

In a last ditch effort,
asami and her father

Outfitted the hummingbird
suits with platinum cutters.

Hiroshi helped team avatar
infiltrate the mecha-giant,

But he paid the ultimate price.

Is victory within reach
for our heroes?

- Initiate lockdown.

Find the avatar
and whoever else is with her.

- We need to move fast.

Su, lin, climb up to the arm and try
to disable that w*apon.

Mako, bolin, get to the engine

And see if you can power
this thing down.

I'm going after kuvira.

- Are you sure?

When you fought kuvira before...

I know.
She almost destroyed me.

Not this time.

I'm going for that lever.
You get the other one.

- Hey!


I'll deal with this guy.
Disable the w*apon!

Nice work.

- The outside may be platinum,

But we can do
a lot of damage in here.

The w*apon's loading
mechanism has malfunctioned.

- We're unable to f*re.
- It's no malfunction.

I can feel someone
metalbending inside the arm.

I lost the connection.
The w*apon's useless now.


- Ah! Uh!



- Ooh-ah!

I'm ready!

Be with you in one second!
Kind of busy!

- Ooh-ah! Uh!

- Okay! Ready now!

- One.



Nothing's happening.

Kuvira must have done
some override thing

And taken control!

There's got
to be some other way

To shut down power from here.

- Um...
- Come on.

You spent all that time
working with varrick and baatar jr.

Didn't any of their genius
rub off on you?

Look, the only thing I know
about these vines is that

If you mess around with them
too much, they explode.

Get those engineers
out of here.

- I have an idea.
- Want to fill me in?

I'm gonna zap these vines
with some electricity.

- Let's back it up, okay?

I said that will make
the vines explode.

- Exactly.

This is our only way
of shutting this thing down.

- I can handle it.
- No, you can't.

This isn't the time to prove
how awesome you are.

I already know
how awesome you are.

You're awesome.

- I don't have time to argue.

I'm doing this, so get out of here.

- Okay.

But for the record, I do not approve.

Just get out as soon as you can.


- Promise.

- I love you.
- I love you, too.

Now go!


- Ha-ahh!


It's over.

You're gonna call off your army

And surrender to president raiko.

Then you and...uh!


- Kuvira! Give up!

- Never.

Please, stop this madness!
It has to end now!

If you really want to end it,

Then come and get me!

- Now it's over.

- Don't!

Shut it down!

- I can't!



- A new spirit portal.

- Spread out and find kuvira.

- Korra!

Tenzin, there's no sign of her.

- Keep looking.

Korra! Korra!

- Uh-ahh!

What happened?

Are we d*ad?

- No.

We're okay,
but we're in the spirit world.

All the energy from your
w*apon tore open a new portal

And blasted us in here.

Why would you save my life?
After everything I did to you.

I guess I see
a lot of myself in you.

- We are nothing alike.

- Yes, we are.

We're both fierce
and determined to succeed,

Sometimes without
thinking things through.

This wasn't
how I wanted things to end.

If you had all just surrendered,

None of this would've happened.

You brought this
on yourself.

Messing with the spirit vines,

Acting like a dictator
over your people...

You had to know what you
were doing wasn't right.

I was trying
to help my people.

Su turned her back
on the earth kingdom.

You were gone. I had to do something.

- I think I get it now.

You don't understand
anything about me.

- I do.

Su told me how she took you in
when you were younger.

It must have been so hard
being an orphan.

Don't pretend you know
what it felt like.

The avatar is adored by millions!

I was cast aside by my own parents,

Like I meant nothing to them!

How could I just stand by and
watch the same thing happen

To my nation when it needed
someone to guide it?

You wanted to create a place
where you and your people

Would never be vulnerable again.

I may not have been an orphan,
but believe me,

I understand what it feels
like to be afraid.

After I was poisoned,

I would've done anything
to feel in control.

- The spirits have returned.

- And so has korra!

- Ha-ha! You're okay!

Release kuvira,
or we will att*ck.

- Stand down.

This battle is over.

I owe the avatar my life.

Her power is beyond anything
I could ever hope to achieve.

I'll accept whatever
punishment the world sees fit.

And su, I'm sorry

For all the anguish
I've caused you and your family.

You're going to answer
for everything you've done.

- Ha-ha!

- And though the battle

Took a severe toll
on our beloved city,

Out of the destruction,
love did bloom.

So that is why,
dearest friends and family,

We gather today to celebrate
the wondrous

And at times inexplicable bond

Between sir varrick
and the lady zhu li!

- Hey, pal.

Camera on me. This is my big day!

True love
is a fickle creature,

Difficult to find,
nearly impossible to tame,

But varrick and zhu li have proven

That even the longest of long sh*ts

Can have a chance
at happiness together.

Now for the vows!

Thank you, master pabu.

Do you, sir iknik blackstone varrick

Of the southern water tribe,
master of the high seas,

Take the lady zhu li moon to
be your lawfully wedded wife?

Will you promise to treat her
not as your assistant

But as your honored
and cherished partner?

- You're darn tootin' I do!

And do you, zhu li,
take varrick

To be your
lawfully wedded husband?

Do you promise to care for him
in sickness and in health,


And also scrub his calluses
on a bi-weekly basis,

Which isn't really that much to ask.-

Okay, I'm not reading all this.

- I do take varrick,

Calluses and all.

- You may now do the thing.

- Oh!

- Are you all right?

You just make me
so dang happy.

My cousin told me
how level-headed you were

During the whole evacuation.

I got to admit, I'm impressed.

I think you're gonna make
a great leader,

But that doesn't mean
I'm gonna set you up with korra,

So don't ask.

- That's okay, mako.

Sometimes, a good evacuation
is its own reward.

Good to see you, prince wu...
Or should I say king wu?

You ready to get back to ba sing se

And finally take the throne?

- Yeah... About that.

I was actually thinking
of stepping down as king

And getting rid of
the monarchy altogether.

- Are you joking?

- For once, I'm not.

Now, I know what you're gonna say:

I'm being lazy,
I'm afraid of responsibility,

I'm putting my singing career
before my people,

But it's none of those things.

I really think the earth
kingdom would be better off

If the states were independent
and had elected leaders

Like the united republic.

That's actually pretty wise
and mature of you.

- I think it's a great idea.

The earth kingdom should evolve,

And I'll do everything in my power

To help you make that happen.

Looking forward
to working with you,

But for now, the dance floor calls!

- How's the arm?
- Much better.

- The words "thank you"

Don't feel big enough
for what you did,

But I honestly don't know
what else to say.

You don't need
to say anything.

I want you to know
I'll follow you into battle

No matter how crazy things get.

I've got your back and I always will.

- I spoke to president raiko.

Tomorrow, he's announcing
a plan to expand the city

Rather than rebuild downtown.

I bet aang
never could've imagined

There'd be a spirit portal
right in the heart of republic city.

Korra, you've transformed
the world more in a few years

Than most avatars did
during their lifetimes.

But I feel
like I've only just g*n.

There's so much more
I want to learn and do.

You don't know
how happy I am

To hear you so full of hope again.

It's been a bit
of a bumpy ride, huh?

I've come to realize
life is one big bumpy ride.

I know I was in a pretty dark
place after I was poisoned,

But I finally understand why
I had to go through all that.

I needed to understand
what true suffering was

So I could become
more compassionate to others,

Even to people like kuvira.

- Excuse me, tenzin.

Varrick is looking for you.

Something about wanting to borrow
a glider suit to fly off the tower.

That doesn't seem
like a good idea.

Want to sit with me
for a minute?

I'm not ready to get back
to the party just yet.

I don't think I ever
really apologized.

- For what?
- For being gone all that time.

For not coming back sooner.

You don't need
to apologize for anything.

I'm just so happy you're here now.

I don't think I could have handled

Losing you and my father
in the same day.

I am so sorry
about what happened.

- Thank you.

I'm just glad
I was able to forgive him.

So what now?
Back to the dance floor?

- I'm kind of all danced out.

Honestly, after
everything that's happened

The past few months,
I could use a vacation.

- Let's do it.

Let's go on a vacation,
just the two of us,

Anywhere you want.

- Really?


I've always wanted to see
what the spirit world's like.

- Sounds perfect.
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