03x06 - A Goddamned Saint

Episode transcripts for the TV series "Mary Kills People". Aired: January 2017 to June 2019.
"Mary Kills People" revolves around the life of a single mother and ER doctor who is illegally helping terminally ill patients end their lives, and getting into trouble when a police investigation starts to examine the deaths of some of her patients.
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03x06 - A Goddamned Saint

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Such a beautiful girl.

Maybe in the end, it was mercy.

Are you coming in? It's
like a pool full of my tears.

- Naomi! Naomi, come on!
- No!

I want you to help me the way
that your mom helps patients.

Mary, I'd like you to meet
Edmund Thorp, my father.

Fran, you know what you did!

- No, I don't.
- Peggy!

Peg was my younger sister.

She had a cradle to
lower her into the tub.

One night, I just let it
run right to the top.

Francis Thorp is a rolling stone.
12 jobs in 10 years?

Sunrise Healthcare. Nine
patients died under her watch.

FRANCIS: When someone is in pain,

I have to do something about it.

The only thing she wanted
was not to die alone.

I'm here to take possession
of the body of Lucy Oliviera.


We're taking care of people.

People who have nowhere else to go.

We're giving them a safe place
at the end of their lives.

- We're doing a good thing.
- A good thing?

Here's what I think, Nicole.
Can I... can I call you Nicole?

I prefer Miss Mitchell.

Miss Mitchell...

I think you're innocent.

I think you, like the patients
at your hospice,

have been victims of a manipulative,

dangerous and ruthless
woman posing as a doctor.

My sister is a doctor.

Yes, but I also believe
that she is a m*rder.

Oh, really? My mom...

she used to say "that and a
quarter will get you 25 cents."

It's actually "that and an eyewitness
will get me a conviction."

An eyewitness?

Well, someone... who saw Dr. Harris

give Lucy Oliviera a lethal
dose of pentobarbital.

That is impossible because
that never happened.

Are you sure?

Miss Mitchell, let me rephrase.

I don't actually think you're innocent.

I think you know exactly
what your sister does at Joys.

I think you've always
known what she's done.

Just like with your mother.

So, you have a decision to make.

This is your one chance
to get ahead of this.

Just tell me what you know,

and I will do everything
I can to protect you.



- The person that you're looking for...
- Mm-hmm

The manipulative... and ruthless woman

who preys on the vulnerable...

That's not Mary. It's not even close.

So, if that's what you're after,
then I suggest you keep looking.

Maybe even start with your "eyewitness"

because compared to the
real dangers of the world,

my sister is a God damn saint.

- Mary! Mary!

Mary, you gotta wake up right now.

What? What's going on?

The police, they came to the hospice.

They took away Lucy's body,

and they're asking me
all these questions,

- and they're gonna do an autopsy!
- Slow down.

Tell me exactly what happened.


I just came from the police station,

and this Detective Hall,
he says he has an eyewitness

who saw you k*ll Lucy with pento.


Francis. She k*lled this
patient at your hospice,

and now she's trying to pin it on you.

- Oh, my God!
- He just kept grilling me

about Joys and about you
and the work that you do.

What did you say?

I told him you're a saint.

It's okay.

- It's gonna be okay.
- Mary...

you don't get it.

He said he's gonna have
the autopsy results in 24 hours.

And if there is pento in Lucy's body,

they are going to arrest you for m*rder.


♪ Mary Kills People 3x06 ♪
A Goddamned Saint



This is all my fault.

If I hadn't brought
Francis to the hospice...

Mary, stop. Please.


There's no way you could've
known this would happen.


There's only one person to blame, okay?

Come here.


We should probably get going, okay?

Des is gonna lose his mind.

I don't know if he can handle this.

I don't know either, but right now,

I got less than 24 hours.

Mary, we need his help
if this is gonna work.

It has to work.

- Hey... come here.




You brought him?


This is a nice pool.

It's salt water.

It's like a... pool full of tears.

If I stay like this, I drown out
the voices in my head,

but one voice specifically.

♪ Let me in ♪

I know it's hard.


If you could say that,

if you could use a word

as meaningless, as minuscule as "hard",

then you clearly have no idea!

Uh, Des... Des, man, I'm really sorry,

but we need your help.

♪ Let me in ♪



♪ Here I am ♪

♪ Here I am ♪

♪ Waiting ♪

♪ For you ♪

I have to tell you something.



- Mom?
- Not here.

What do you think?

- It's called Funeral Chic.
- Do you know where she went?

- Who?
- Mom!

Whoa, someone woke up on
the bitch side of the bed.

I'm sorry. I really need to talk to her.

Talk to who?

Our mom. Who, by the way,

would lose her shit if she
found out you were here.

It's okay, Cambie. I'm not
gonna be here for much longer.

Well, since you did me that
solid with the bracelet,

I won't tell. You're welcome.

(WHISPERING): I don't wanna do this.

Oh, God. Come on, Jess. You promised.

Yes, I know. I know,
but I don't think I can.

You can get better. You can get help.

There's... therapy...

or what... I don't...

Then I'm gonna do it without you.

But we don't have pento.

I don't know where my
mom keeps it anymore.

And... I... I promise...

I promise I'm gonna figure out
how to get some, okay?

But it's not gonna happen today,

so why don't we just have...


How did you know that was there?

I'm going home. Are you coming?



They're thieves! They're all thieves.

They all steal from me. Even
the nurses steal from me.

I know they do! They
come into my room...

Hello, Mr. Thorp.

Do you remember me?

Back here.

You know, purely out of curiosity...

how do you get your
hands on all that pento?

We have friends in low places.

This is quite the departure for you, no?

- What do you mean?
- Well, I'm sure when you were

swearing your policeman's
oath or whatever,

you didn't foresee you'd be hiding drugs

for a felon and a wanted woman.

Well, Mary's not a wanted woman.


Well, stick to the plan,

and then we will all walk
away from this, okay?

I'm-I'm sorry, man.

Lucy, right? That
was-that was her name?


Lucy Oliviera.

Pain in my ass...

possibly the love of my life.


Francis wouldn't do that.

She's a nurse. She...
takes care of people.

She's k*lling patients
who don't wanna die.

She's done it to three
people that I know of,

and I believe there are more.

Mr. Thorp...

she told me about Peggy.


I never told a soul.

And I made Francis promise
to never do anything like that

- ever again.
- But she did.

I swear to God...

I didn't know.

If I had, I would've done... something.

- You can now.
- What are you doing in here?

I've come to invite your father to Joys.

I've discussed it with Des and Nicole

and we'd be happy to admit him.

Like I told you, he's fine where he is.

Right, Dad?

You didn't like it in there, remember?

You complained the whole time.

I don't remember.


He's obviously confused.

He's been fine with me.

It was nice to see you, Mr. Thorp.

I'll come visit you again very soon.


what have you done?







- Bronwyn...
- What are you doing here?

We just need to talk to
you, just for a second.

- What are you, her lawyer?
- No. No, I'm not her lawyer.

My name is Ben Wesley,

and I've been looking into
the death of your girlfriend.

The reason that she's d*ad is
standing right next to you,

so just go. Okay?
I have to get back to work.

Bronwyn, please. I'm so
sorry about Leah. Truly, I am.

- But I didn't do it.
- Maybe not on purpose,

but that doesn't mean that
she isn't d*ad because of you.

BEN: Bronwyn, listen.

Leah's death had nothing
to do with malpractice.

It was m*rder.



You're shaking.

Yeah, I know.

So, this is it.

- It doesn't have to be.
- Yeah, it does.

Are you scared?

I don't feel anything anymore.

That is the problem.

- Not even sad?
- No.

It's funny, really.

It's just kind of like
everything that I'm...

supposed to be feeling is...

... right there,

right in front of me,

but I just can't quite...

reach it.

And everything's very gray.
And everything is...

is very phony.

I can't be real.

- You can be real with me though.
- Yeah, I know.

That's why I wanted you to be here.

I love you, Jess.

You are my favourite
person in the entire world.

And I don't wanna
bring you down anymore.

I don't want you to
have to take care of me.

I don't want you to worry about me.

So, I need to do this.

I gotta do it for the both of us,

so that we can both be free.


Are you sure you can handle
your father on your own?

He's quite a handful.

(CHUCKLING) I know he loves it here.

Money just can't cover it anymore.

- I've already drained my savings.
- I get it.

Nurses get half of what doctors make.

And do twice the work.

Anyway, I wanna take care of him.

For as long as he may have left.

You're such a good daughter, Francis.

Thank you.

No! I don't wanna go! I don't wanna go!

Come on!

- She's gonna k*ll me!
- Dad!

It's gonna be alright. Come on.

- Come on. Get you in there.
- Jesus Christ!

- In you go. Thank you.

- I don't wanna go!
- You're gonna be fine!




Honey, this isn't a good time.

Jess, what's wrong?

- Naomi, are you okay?
- No.

Look at me.

- You didn't give her any? Jess?!
- No. No.

- You're sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.

I'm-I pretended. I...

I emptied the pento out
and I filled it with water

and I thought that she
would change her mind

at the last second, but she... didn't.



- Okay.

How did this happen?

Um, Naomi...

said that she was gonna k*ll herself

and I didn't want her
to be alone and I...

I wanted to help her

- like you helped your mom, but...
- Oh...

... but I... I couldn't do it and...

Oh, thank God.


Naomi... look at me.

- No, look at me.

- Look at me.

Why are you doing this?

It just... seems like it would be...


Easier than what?


You know, I've heard that before,

from my patients.

And most times, the reason
they want my help is

because living feels unbearable.

Like your mom, right?

She-she was depressed.



She tried to take her own life

many times before she died.

So, you helped her?

I thought I did.

At the time.

You don't think so anymore?

My mother was in... so much pain.

And it-it just hurt me

to see her like that.

So, I wanted to do something...


to make it stop.

So, when she asked me to help her,

I said yes.

But I have spent every
moment of my life since

wondering if I did the right thing.

Could she have gotten better?

Naomi... you can get better.

If you want to.

That I know for sure.


Come here.

Yes, I believe people should

get to choose how to die.

But I also believe we
get to choose how to live.

And it's not easy.

But life is a gift.

And we need to fight like hell for it.

Every day.




Hey. Thank you for coming.

Yeah. Of course.

Okay, you two, why don't you
guys go upstairs and wash up?


I love you.

And I'm so sorry you had
to go through that alone.

I spoke to Louise.

She's on her way back from Montreal.

I told her we'd keep Naomi
here until she arrives.

I won't let her out
of my sight. I promise.

I have to go. Francis has Edmund.

Are you... sure about this?


But this has to stop.

I can't live with any
more people getting hurt.

- I think about what Jess almost did...
- But she didn't.

- She's just a kid.

So were you. You were 16 years old.

Mom should never have
put you in that position.

I know, but maybe I should've...

fought harder.

Mary, you don't need to punish
yourself anymore for what you did.

And you don't need to save
everyone to make up for it either.

You just need to forgive yourself.

I don't know if I can.

If you didn't k*ll Leah, then who did?

Well, I've been
investigating another nurse,

her name is Francis Thorp.

She was at the hospital that day.

She even talked to Leah.

Maybe you saw her?

She's in her 50s,
dirty blonde-ish hair.

Yeah. She was at the cemetery.

It's weird. She was
holding a funeral program,

said Leah was broken,
maybe it was mercy.

I thought she was
spying for the hospital.

That's her. That's Francis.

I'm sorry. This must
be extremely difficult.

Bronwyn, there is something

that you could do so
it never happens again.

- What?

Go to the police.

You tell them that you know that

Leah had contact with this
nurse right before her death.

You demand that they
look into her history.

Bronwyn, I know for a fact

that there have been suspicious
deaths at every single hospital

this woman has ever worked at.

She's done this before?

Did you guys tell the cops?


But now, they need to hear it from you.






What's that?

Earl Grey with lemon.

I know it's your favourite, Dad.


Whatever you think of me, I do
know how to take care of you.

Like you did Peg?

I made you a promise that day,

and I kept it.

Whatever Dr. Harris said, she's lying.

Why would she do that?

Because I saw her k*ll someone.

And now, she's trying to make
people believe it was me.

She's taking advantage of you

because she knows you get confused.

Dad, are you gonna believe
a woman you just met over me,

your own daughter?



You always loved her more.


Everything was for her...

for your Peg.

- What are you sa...
- Even now...

after I've taken care of you for years,

you were gonna choose
someone else over me.

Take her side over mine.

I was never good enough, was I, Dad?





No, no, no, no, no. Oh! Oh!


I believe you and I have
some unfinished business.

My name is Dr. Mary Harris

and I k*ll people.

I help terminal
patients end their lives,

but only when I've determined,
as a licensed physician,

that their disease is incurable
and that they're suffering.

And it's always their choice.

Well, you realize that
doesn't matter, right?

Because what you're
doing is against the law.

- No.
- No?

No, I mean, against the law or not,

it's the only thing that matters...

- to me.
- I see.

And you're telling me this because?

Because you think I'm a danger
to my patients and I'm not.

So I've come here, voluntarily,

to tell you everything I
know about the person who is:

Francis Thorp.


We have heard that before
from your boyfriend.

This is different.

The reason I'm here now
is because I'm afraid

Francis is about to hurt someone
and you have to stop her.

So, that's how you do it.

You sedate them first
and then k*ll them.

Why would I k*ll him?

He's old. He's losing his mind.

Nobody believes anything he says.

Oh, please!

Save your stories for the police.


I'm not so sure how
you'll spin this one.

Your father drugged.

A rather large stash of insulin.

Stolen, from what I can
tell, in your basement.

Not to mention the
boxes of pentobarbital.

That you planted.

I don't know what you're talking about.


Mary asked me to come here

to make sure that you
didn't k*ll your own father.

Even though it would be
another nail in your coffin,

she wasn't gonna let Edmund die.

Oh... I get it.

This is about Mary.


I came here for Mary.

I did...

everything she asked

to make sure that we don't get punished

for your crimes.

What I'm about to do...

I'm doing for Lucy.


So what you're telling me is...

Francis went to Gail Rahimi's house

to k*ll her

- with insulin.
- That's right,

but I got there before she could finish.

She also k*lled...

Dorothy Rosemond, even though
Dorothy said she didn't wanna die,

also with insulin.

Yes, she told me that day at the diner.

And you believe that
she k*lled Lucy Oliviera

- as well?
- Yes.

But with pento?

It's strange that she would

change her M.O. like that.

She's trying to frame me.
That's why she called you.

Dr. Harris, you make...

a very compelling case.

But there's just one problem:

I have two women, you and Francis,

both in very, very intimate proximity

to three m*rder people,

now pointing the finger at each other.

How do I know what's the truth?

There's another patient that
I believe Francis Thorp k*lled.

A patient I had absolutely
no contact with

and I can prove it.




- Hall.
- Jesus, I should've known.

- I'm advising you...
- You're advising me.

Look, hear me out.

I know you need something
in your back pocket,

a place to start the investigation
that doesn't involve Mary.

So, this is where you start.

This is Bronwyn Peters,

and she believes her girlfriend

was m*rder by Francis Thorpe.

I'm-I'm sorry about your girlfriend.

She was sick. She was in pain.

She was dying anyway.
I didn't hurt her. I...

You hurt me!


You see this? Hmm?

- No!
- Lucy did. This is a special cocktail I made.

It's just like the
one you made for Lucy.

But I'm not gonna sedate you first.

- No. Because I want you to understand

that this...

this is what you do to people!

This is how it feels to have no choice!





Well, Mary...

I have to admit, that was smart.

Especially that little stunt with Des.

All I heard was he got
you a glass of water.

It didn't have to be this way,

- you know.
- Yes, it did.

I couldn't let you keep
hurting innocent people.


Are you innocent, Mary?

This isn't about me.

It's about the patients.

It's about Lucy.

And Leah. And Dorothy.

And all the other people you
k*lled who didn't want to die!

- It should've been their choice!
- No one wants to die!

- But we all do.
- We found it in her basement.

Jesus Christ.

It's like a table of
contents for the list

of suspicious deaths you gave me.

So this is it, right? Your
big serial k*ller case?

Her father was at the
house, like you said.

Found him drugged, along with
a shitload of insulin and pento.

So, what do you need Mary in there for?

It was her idea. She wanted
a face-to-face with Francis.

I've been a nurse for a long time.

I know what my patients are facing

better than they do. Putting
them out of their misery

is the humane thing to do.

Francis, it's not mercy.

It's m*rder.

You're forgetting one thing.

I know everything about you, Mary.

I know what you do.

So do the police.

They know you k*ll people?

Yes, I told them.


Are you recording this?

I'm doing it for my own peace of mind.

Just trying to remove
any doubt that these two

- were working together.
- And the other recording?

The one with you and Mary in the office?

I could get charged with
obstruction if I don't keep it.

We both know you wouldn't do
something stupid like that.

Expose yourself...

for the greater good.

I did what I had to to make you stop.

Could you stop?

- Excuse me?
- What if I told you...

I would never help

another patient.

Can you honestly say you would stop?

Could you stop?!

- Easy.
- It's not the same thing.

(LAUGHING): Oh my God, Mary.

I'm so sick and tired of
this holier than thou act.

Mary's not the danger here.

You've got the real k*ller.

Well, let's call it insurance.

Whether or not that tape
sees the light of day,

that's up to Mary.

But she has to close Joy's.

Don't try to be noble.

You're just greedy.

You want them all to yourself.

Because there can only
be one angel of mercy

Dr. Mary Harris!


Well, the truth is out there now.

And at least I can say

I did it for the patients...

... to give them a good death.


I feel bad I'm not doing anything.

You're growing a human
being inside of you.

I think you're okay.

It's kind of cool, actually,
that I'm gonna be a big sister.

I can impart my wisdom on the baby.

Like what?

Well, I've decided that, I
mean, if birth is a miracle,

then death must be too.

And I gotta say, I find that reassuring.

- Maybe he will too.
- Okay.

- Um, I should head out.
- Slacker.

No, no, it's fine. I
can finish on my own.

- Okay.
- For both of us?



What are you grinning about?




- Hey.

You up for a visitor?

Please get in here.

The school reading list
is rotting my brain.

You haven't been answering my texts.

I know. Sorry. They,
um... they discourage

- cell phone use here.
- Fascists.

I know, right?

So how are you, really?

Well, um...

... I've officially been diagnosed.

I'm bipolar.

So I'm taking a bunch of meds and stuff.

And I'm in therapy which,
if we're being honest

with ourselves, was a long time coming.

That's really good.

- And how is your mom?
- She's terrible.

She's all over me. I'm never
gonna get rid of her again.

Oh, my God, Jess. I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry for putting you
through all of this.

You're probably gonna be like,

mentally scarred for
the rest of your life

- because of me.
- No. I'm not.

You actually kind of helped me.


Well, this whole thing
made me realize that I...

really do wanna be a doctor.

I want to be able to help people.


I'm glad you got something
out of this whole crazy thing.

- Honestly.
- I'm just glad you're better.

I'm not better.


But I'm alive.


NICOLE: It was just time.

All good things must come
to an end, as they say.

Well, what will you do
now that Joy's is closing?

I don't know.

I mean, I've been taking
care of other people for so long.

Well... I'm gonna miss this place.

And you, of course.

Obviously, Terry. I was
the best part of this place.

Let's be real.

So, the hospital's okay
with you going in a little late?

Please. They owe me.

I'm glad you could make it.

I may have just been moonlighting here,

but I still care.

- You really do, don't you?
- Shut up.


I've got something for you.

It's from Lucy.

♪ Why would we go back anywhere ♪

Well, it was good while
it lasted, wasn't it?


It's been our pleasure
having you here at Joy's.

I'm sorry it has to end like this.

Hopefully, this parting gift

will help ease the transition.

Thank you, Des.

♪ Dreaming of distant states ♪

♪ Where we can finally get away ♪


Feel okay about Joy's closing?

Hey, I own an estate now.

There must be at least 10
rooms I still have to find.

Plenty to keep me busy.

You know, despite how
it turned out, I still think

we did a good thing.

- And you didn't end up in jail.
- Also a good thing.

So now, we just...

- Keep it simple.
- Right, back to basics.



Hi. I'm Mary.
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