03x06 - Episode 6

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Good Karma Hospital". Aired: February 5, 2017 to present.
"The Good Karma Hospital" is about a junior doctor, who becomes disillusioned with her life and broken relationship, decides to leave the UK. She travels to South India hoping to make a fresh start and finds herself working at an under-resourced and over-worked cottage hospital run.
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03x06 - Episode 6

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Mr. Edmund!

Your taxi here!

Mr. Edmund,
time to go to the airport.

Time to go to the airport.

Would you mind
a quick stop on the way?




Hey, crazy man,
coming or not?

Grandma, come quick!

Purab, get some help.

What, did you not smell
the smoke?!

Proof of my alpha maleness.

I can't text and smell
at the same time.

Tommy I take it?

- So how's she doing?
- Great. Yeah.

Um...I don't know yet.
She's gonna call me back.

well, in that case

I'll skip breakfast
and head on in to work.

And if I'm not back

by 8:00, I've run off
to join the circus.

Yeah, you, too.

The diabetes clinic, again?


Funny how this particular rota
never seems to rotate, isn't it?

It was Diwali, Lydia!
And it was just one jalebi!

One plate of jalebi.

- Et tu, Brute?
- Is that a medical thing?

It's a Shakespeare thing.

Sorry I'm late.

Moving swiftly on.

It's busy out there
this morning,

so you'll need to look sharp.

We always do.

Which just leaves Dr. Walker.
Nice of you to join us.

Sorry, um, a bit of a cold.
Yep, no, I'll help --

AJ will assist.

Good. Meeting adjourned,
thanks everyone.

And I'm back to medical
school next week.

Drinks on the beach
Friday night.

First round is on dad.

Only if you promise
not to return.


Mr. Marar?

You've just seen Mr. Marar.

You have your shirt inside out.

Saashi Nambeesan?

- Yes.
- Hey, um...

Let me see.
Sorry, I...um...

Can't we see another doctor?

You will find that Dr. Walker's
eminently capable.

- Don't patronize me.
- She's only trying to help.

What, by sticking her tongue
down your throat?

I- I'm -- I'm sorry.

She just needs to get some air.

I wasn't born yesterday.
Get your house in order.


Mrs. Nambeesan?
- Yes.

Would you come
this way, please?

she doesn't like to make a fuss,

but the pain is so bad
she can't sleep sometimes.

Soft to the touch.

No guarding.
Any fever or vomiting?

I don't think so.

- Weight stable?
- Yes. Yes.

I really should get back
to the shop.

Bowel movements normal?

Dhal makes her flatulent,


Could you let your
wife answer, please?

We are not actually married.

Yet. It was arranged
three months ago.

We're both really excited
about it.

And when did these pains start?


three months ago.

Bear with us just a second.

Order a full blood count.

I suspect the timing
isn't a coincidence.

If I thought I was stuck with
that for the rest of my life,

I'd be gauging out my eyeballs
with a teaspoon.

Over to you.

No, I'll let her know.

She's here.
Hold on.

Jyoti doesn't want to
come in for her checkup.

We can leave it a week.

But surely, someone should
keep an eye on her.

We have to respect
Jyoti's wishes

and Magana's with her 24/7.

Dr. Fonseca says it's fine.

Yes, of course.

Yes, I'll let her know.

Thank you.

She's not eating either.

Well, we only discharged
her yesterday.

Let's see how she goes over
the next few days.

If she doesn't look
after herself,

she will not recover completely!

Mari, all we can do is be here
for her if she needs us.

I'm very concerned for her,
but we have to give her time.

Yes, I know.

That was completely

and it's none of my business.

It was unprofessional, yes,

but I -- I do understand that --
that you, um...

Which isn't to say that...

Look, I -- I don't want --

What doyou want, Gabriel?

I mean, do you even know?

'Cause this is k*lling me.

Somebody, please!

Please, someone come
and help us.

We found him
on the ground.


- Can you hear me, Ted?
- Ted? I'm here.

- I'm with you.
- Edmund Dalrymple.

Age 73.
Known Parkinson's disease.

Presented with
a syncopal episode.

You mustn't --
mustn't --

Mustn't what, Ted?

- Pulse 88.
- Pyrexia, tachycardia.

- Obvious delirium.
- Check for a rash.

He was in Amuroor
during the dengue outbreak.

- There were mozzies everywhere.
- The timing would fit.

- He had it as a child.
- If it's a different strain,

then that would increase the
risk of severe complications.

- She mustn't -- mustn't...
- Let's treat him for sepsis,

run bloods, and start
broad spectrum antibiotics.

Ruby, Ruby.
I don't want her here.

Ruby, Ruby, no! No!

- Dr. Walker, step away.
- No.

You're upsetting the patient.

Squeeze my hand if you
want me to stay, Ted.

Dr. Walker.




Honey, listen.

Saashi, please think
about it, dear.

If there's nothing
wrong with me

- then I can discharge myself.
- Absolutely not.

Doctor, please tell her.

I'm afraid there's no
medical reason

for me to keep her here.

This is our sari shop,
and I'd like to give you

a special discount
for your kindness.



So what's causing the pain?

Idiopathic abdominal pain
is often caused by stress.

Perhaps the arranged marriage --

Saashi and I have been
childhood sweethearts

since the age of 14.

She asked me to marry her.

Perhaps --

Perhaps she's worried
about the wedding night.

Doctor, if she drops d*ad,

I'm gonna sue you
for medical negligence.

Everything al right?

Should I have admitted her
for observation?

On what grounds?

Her blood tests have
all come back normal.

It's functional abdominal pain.
Impossible to prove.

But what if I missed something?

Consider it a rite
of passage.

You know, I remember the things
I missed as a student.

Cauda equina.

An aortic dissection.

Did it work out okay in the end?

Well, sure it did.

Apart from the paralysis
and death.

Okay, Dad.
Thank you for the reassurance.

You're welcome.

- Excuse me.
- Hi.

What was wrong with the man
we just brought in?

We're not sure.

They're running some tests.

He'll be okay, right?

He's in good hands.

The best.

Strange part of town
for a tourist to be in...

I think he was looking
for someone he once loved.

That's very romantic.

I used to think so, too.

Now I think love's
a mug's game.


Thank you.

Dina, let's go!

Wait! Hey!

Wait! Stop!


Edmund's been asking for you.

It's not dengue.

His symptoms are just a result
of the medication wearing off,

so we will need
to adjust the dosage,

but he should be fine.
Now, look.

I meant to say earlier...

you're not looking so good.

Anyone can see this
is more than a cold.

And I-I know that you're hurt,
and I'm sorry.

That is my fault.

But coming to work hungover.

I mean...

Just please don't take it
out on your liver, okay?

You really do think everything
is just about you, don't you?

Well, this is, isn't it?

You know, I-I used to think
the arrogant act

was just a way of covering up
your crap social skills,

but, no.

You're a properly

You're afraid of anyone
getting close.

You're just an empty shell,
incapable of connecting

on any meaningful level
with anyone.

Or just incapable
of connecting with you.

I hope you don't mind.

I went to the market
on my lunch break.

It's all my childhood favorites.

Laddu. Jalebi. Kheer.

I couldn't find any pomegranate,
but that's my favorite, too.


I told you.
No visitors.

I can come back later...
if this is a bad time.

No, I don't want you
to come back later.

I'm not going
to leave, Jyoti.

I've come to see you.


None of this is your fault.

I should never have said
the things I did.

That was cruel.
I'm sorry.

Now consider yourself absolved.

And just leave me alone.

I understand how you're feeling.

No, you don't!
You don't!

You've no idea what
I'm going through because --

Just go!

Just go!

So, did Tushar ask you
to check up on me?

No, I was just passing,
needed a kurta for a wedding.

I'm sorry.

I thought I might have missed
something at the hospital.

There is no time for standing
around chatting, Saashi.

That guy will be here any

At least try and pretend to be
busy till he's signs the lease.

Come on.

You're selling the business?

Aha, Mr. Mukherjee, come in,
come in, this way please.

Our solicitor has drawn up
paperwork for us.

And we are good to go.

- Fantastic.
- Yeah.

Aah! Aah...


Saashi, are you okay?

I just thought you'd
like to know

that Kochi burns unit
have agreed to see Jyoti.

We'll make an appointment
with the therapist

as soon as
to make sure she gets

the specialist
psychological support she needs.

What's happened, Mari?

I ignored your advice, she threw
a platter of food at me.

Her not eating has
nothing to do

with hunger
or lack of it.

It has to do with
taking back control.

I'm sure you're right.

I mean, you've lived through
a similar experience after all.

Jyoti has the best possible care
right at hand.

Personal care.

I think it's important
to maintain

a professional distance.

Important to whom?

Last time we let her walk away,
she tried to take her own life.

So I will keep going back,

and she can throw a platter
of food at me

every single night
if she wants to.

But I won't give up on her
just because

it makes me
feel uncomfortable.

And neither should you.

I preferred your sloth.

Wait till you see me meerkat.

No word from Tommy?

She's probably just got caught
up with the kid, you know?

Your grandson's called Ben.

Is it possible to miss
someone you've never met?

She'll call when she's ready.

Bad day?

When we first met,
did my arm bother you?

Of course not.

You used to cover it up more,
when we first met.

- Did I?
- Yeah.

I don't remember that.

I'm feeling under pressure now
to say something profound.

Well, don't.

About inner strength and beauty.

Shut up and show me
your meerkat.

That one.

And it's the same side
as before, you're sure?


I think I'll tell Mr. Mukherjee
we'll reschedule.

You know, this morning,

you said the pain was
on the other side.

There's no pain,
is there, Saashi?

So why pretend?

I love Tushar, okay?

It's not that I don't love him,

but I promised that,
once we are married,

I will quit all of this.

So your father's selling up

because he can't cope
on his own?

He can't wait to retire.

And Tushar bought a four
bed-roomed house,

so there's going to be
plenty of space for my father.

And the little ones.
When they arrive.

You don't want kids?

I do, but you know,

I can't give all this up

just to become a housewife
in a gated domestic compound.

It's -- It's not me.

Okay, so you want
a more modern marriage.


You know, I streamlined all our
stock, I cut down on expenses.

I even changed the suppliers.

In a couple of more months,
if I continue like this,

I will have saved enough
to turn in a profit.

That's when I can prove

that I can run
this business by myself.

If they'd let me.

So tell them that.

I'm -- I'm not ready.

Saashi, I would say you
are ready for anything.

Now there's a sight
for sore eyes.

Glad you're
feeling better.

I should be halfway to London
by now.

You don't look like yourself.

Yeah, well, that's because I've
been worried sick about you!

It was Dina, wasn't it...

who brought you in?

I just wanted to see her
one last time.

Selfish I know,
but I paid the price.

Now all she'll remember of
Ted Dalrymple

is a doddering, sick old man.

I've been a darn fool, Ruby.

I let her break my heart

and without ever giving it away.

Do you mind if I sit
with you a bit?

My shift's nearly over.

You do look quite het up.

It's just a --
just a run-in with a colleague.

It's nothing.

Now stop worrying about me
and get some rest.


Does that say milligrams
or micrograms?

I don't know.

Honestly, Dr. Walker's

is completely illegible.

Well, nobody's perfect,
are they?

I'll...have a word.



Ruby? Ruby?


- Hello, can you hear me.
- Wh-Wh-What's happened?

Help! Help!

Medical assistance, now!
Male ward, bed three!

Come, quickly.

- Ruby?
- What happened?

Stop! Come this way.

I don't know.
She didn't look well earlier.

I thought she was hungover
or something.

She said she was
very tired.

- Okay?
- Yes.


How long has she been
on conscious?

I don't know.

Airway's clear.

Thready pulse.

Central cyanosis.


- Vitals?
- Pulse, barely palpable.

BP 80 over 40.

She was treating patients
during the dengue outbreak.

I should have picked it
up sooner.

- Has she got a rash?
- Let's check.

- Nothing.
- Here.

Petechial rash,
spreading -- that's dengue.

She could be
in hypovolemic shock.

We need to look at her heart.
Get the ultrasound in here now.


- What can I do?
- It's okay, I've got it.

The upper aorta is clear.

Back up a bit.

Can you see that?

Cardiac tamponade.

She's in obstructive shock.

We have to clear the fluid
immediately so that her heart

can start
pumping properly again.

Okay. I'll prep
a pericardiocentesis.

Shall I call Lydia
to perform it?

- I've already left a message.
- We don't have any time.

We have to shift her
into the theater now,

or she'll die.
- I'll do it.

- Maybe Dr. Nair should --
- I said, I'd do it!

We'll talk about that
in the theater -- get going!

She may only have
a few minutes.

We have to extract the fluid
from around her heart

before it's too late.

The correct angle of the needle
is crucial.

I know.
45 degrees to the sternum.


Vitals are dropping.

No. No. Too steep.
You've missed the pericardium.

Let me go again.


Come on. Come on...

You've got it. Aspirating.

That's it.
It's cleared.

Good work, Dr. Varma.

Stats are still going down.

Her heart rate should
have picked up by now.

It makes no sense.

If the fluid is drained
and she hasn't rallied,

then there's something else.

I -- I don't understand.

I -- I removed the fluid.

The effusion's barely visible.

- It was much worse?
- Yes.

Okay, tell me her vitals.

Pulse 150.

BP can't be read at all
and the stats trace is poor.

Her blood oxygen is too low.

We're missing something.

Dr. Varma?

Shall I get adrenaline?

Just give me a minute, please!

Tension pneumothorax?

If the needle has nicked
the lung, then...

Then that would
explain the sats.

Prep for a thoracostomy now.
Her lung is punctured.

- Come on, come on, come on.
- We need to release

the pressure on her lungs
right away.

I'll prep
a number nine drain.

No time. Step aside.

We'll do it
the old-fashioned way

and make a bloody big hole.

Come on, Ruby.

I heard a hiss of air.

Sats picking up.
She's breathing.

Welcome back, Dr. Walker.

Fine work, Dr. Fonseca,
fine work indeed.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Ruby, I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

About everything.

Last night, I, um...

Last night, I thought you...

I couldn't really imagine
a world without you

because I love you.

Did my heart literally
have to stop for you

to be able to say that out loud?


And I am a...

What was the word we used?
Was it...

Yeah. Yeah. Dickhead.

Yes, I am a dickhead.

Yeah. You're a dickhead.

So she's going to be
okay, that's great news.

Yeah, it really is.

Well, not least because
I ordered a boatload of liquor

for AJ's leaving party

Of course you have.

And I am not stuffing
10 pound of samosas by meself.

Has Tommy called?

- No.
- Okay.

Look, I'll be home soon,
I promise.

I've just got one quick
house call to make.

Okay, love,
I'll see you later.

Yeah. See ya.

Jyoti, if you don't eat
something soon,

I'm going to have
to re-admit you.

Look, I'm not gonna tell you
that it gets easier.

Or that you'll feel stronger.

Or people will see past it.

Even though they will,

I just want you to know
that you are not alone.


Believe it or not,

I have no regrets.

I'm actually quite proud
of my scar.

I didn't always feel like that.

I used to act
like I didn't care,

even though I did,
just to get through the day.

And then, at some point,

I realized
I wasn't acting anymore.

I didn't care.

And you know what?
No one else did either.

I know right now you feel...



and that
is completely natural.

But if you remember you're more
than just the skin on your face

and stop letting it define you,

I think you'll find it
quite simply won't anymore.

Is that seat taken?

Please help yourself.


I didn't know if I should
come back.

But I wanted to see you.

I shouldn't have come looking
for you.

I'd no right.

I'm not about to throw
myself into your arms, Teddy.

This is not a film.


But it is good to see you.

Not much to look at,
I'm afraid.

I'm sorry you're not well.

I'm dying.

We're all dying, aren't we?

Just some faster than others.

I've been so worried.

About things turning out
for you.

Has life been kind?

I've lived a long
and happy life, Teddy.

I married a man I respect

and I have a home full
of children and grandchildren

I would never do without.

But, Teddy...

you'll always have
a special place in my heart.

I love you.

I know, I know.

It's easy to love from afar.

But building a life together,
raising children,

putting your heart
on the line every single day

takes courage.

love just isn't enough.

Good-bye Teddy and good luck.

You okay?


But we need to talk.

It's natural
to react like that

when you're scared of losing
someone you love.

I want to do this differently
but, I don't know how.

I never meant to hurt you.

I shouldn't have ever come here.

I should have known better.

It wasn't fair.
I wanted it all.

Maybe you did, too.

I don't think you have it
all to give, do you?


And now you'll break her heart,
too, won't you?

Dr. Nair?
Dr. Nair?

That's my father's name.

You can call me AJ.

I wanted to apologize
for the other day,

for wasting your time
like that.

And give you an outfit.

For the wedding you're going to?

Wow, that's...

There was no wedding.

There is now.
Next March.

Here in Barco.
And you are invited.

What, you're staying?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Tushar has finally agreed
to help me

run the family business.

With my father's blessings,
of course, but yes.

See, I love my fiancée
for her drive and passion,

and wouldn't want it
any other way.

Also, I'm a little bit
scared of her, so...

That's an excellent foundation
for a long-lasting marriage.

Let's see what in here.

- Like?
- Hey, yeah,

that's, um...

It's beautiful.

You're welcome.

All right then.
We'll see you in March, then?

- Yeah. Yeah, of course.

- Thank you.
- Thank you. Lovely to see you.

You remembered.


Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Come here.


Welcome back.

Okay, guys, check this out.

My God. What is that?

What, you don't like it?

Maybe you should just
use it as a tablecloth?

Yeah. very funny.

Actually, I think
it's very fetching.

Lydia loves it when I dress up.

That's a bit
too much information!

No, well, I didn't mean...

It's not exactly
a codpiece is it?

Is he all right?

Frankly, I don't know.

Lydia, it's Tommy.

Hello love.

Hello? Can you hear me?

No, I'm just going
somewhere quiet.


No, is -- is that
a better signal?

- Hi, Dad.
- Can you hear me now?

I say, it's about bloody time.

I thought you'd forgotten
all about your old man.

Is that?!

Hi, Ben!

That is a very fine eyebrow.

How come it's dark
where you are?

You're five hours
behind aren't you?

Turn around, Dad.



Hello! Hello!

How are you?

Meet your grandad.

Hello, little fella.

I know.

No, no. It's all right.
It's all right.

I know he looks a bit funny,
but he's quite all right

once you get used to him.

I always liked coming off
a night shift.

This time of day,
watching the sun come up

while the rest
of the world sleeps.

The promise of a new day.

Thank you for taking care of me.

I was just doing my job.

It takes its toll.

Dr. Walker is made
of strong stuff.

She has a big heart.

And a soft spot for lost causes.

Mind how you go, Dr. Varma.
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