03x13 - Yes We Scan

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Those Who Can't". Aired: February 2016 to April 2019.
"Those Who Can't" follows three trouble-making teachers and the school librarian. More inept than the kids they teach, they're out to b*at the system as they struggle to survive each day on their own terms.
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03x13 - Yes We Scan

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Ok, Mom. I got to go.

Yes, Mom. I'll call you back.

What? What? What do you want?

- You're the school's union rep.
- Yeah?

I need your approval
to get rid of Quinn.

Again with this nonsense?

He has turned a blind eye
to every single disaster this year,

and now we're so unprepared for
the Colorado Standardized Test

that we run the risk of becoming
a failed school.

Quinn stays, all right?

Now, if you'll excuse me,

the kids and I are off
to Mile High Flea Market.

It's a field trip.

She didn't even consider it!

I mean, she's just, like,
actively rooting

- against the school.


Leslie's classroom.

WOMAN: Hold for Mayor Nash, please.

NASH: Were you having a stroke?

Don't ever call me "Mom."

As I was saying...

these tests are
the last piece of the puzzle.

Once Smoot b*mb out
and hits "failed" status,

then I can send in the bulldozers.


[BAD NEW YORK ACCENT] Hey, paisan!

It's all good. Forget about it.

Okay, uh, excellent. Pack your bags.

Your condo in Nash Towers awaits.



Are you having a stroke?


♪ Quit wasting my time ♪

♪ I ain't here for you ♪

♪ I'm just putting in work ♪

♪ Till my day is through ♪

Condominiums? That is some shit!

And to make matters worse,

Nash had help from someone
on the inside.

Well, it wasn't me!
I mean, I hate the guy!

Yeah, you've been very vocal
about that all year.

It was Leslie!

- Oh.
- Leslie.

She's been manipulating
you guys all year

in exchange for a condo.

And it seems like
Nash had Quinn come back

so that you guys could
destroy the school

- while he did nothing.

Now the mayor is just showing off.

Ouch. Does Quinn know about this?

- Yeah. I told him.
- How'd he take it?

Pretty good.




Just because he brought you
back the way he did

doesn't mean you don't belong here.

There's not even gonna be any "here."

And once Smoot is demolished,

it's gonna be like I never...
even... existed!


What is that?

This is...



The Desert's Eye.

Cactus acid.



I know that things seem bad,

but we have to make sure
that those idiots

aren't planning something stupid!

The problem isn't even out there!

The real problem...

is in here.

And this is the only way to fix it.



[MUFFLED] It tastes so bad.

I don't even care anymore.


Screw it!

They can't make it any worse.

I'm going with you.

Yes! Yes, Tammy!

That's what I want to hear
from my faithful sidekick!

We're gonna ride this
spirit eagle together.


Oh! Yeah.

- This is so nasty.
- It's not good.

Mnm! It's so crunchy.

You might have got
a little bit of ceramic there.

Really check it.


The CSTs are tomorrow, okay?

Face it, it's over. We're unemployed.

Over? Guys, we have to fight!

What do you care, golden boy?

You'll find a new job in no time.

A sickly kid ran over
our lunch lady with my car.

If we don't turn this place around,
I'll never work in a school again.

You're right.
That is pretty irresponsible.

I mean, the stink of this place,
it's on me, too.

But I realized something lately.

I realized that Smoot...

Smoot is a lot like a sonnet.

Smoot is like a turd. Hmm?

A weird misshapen turd
that really concerns you

so you have to go to the doctor,
and the doctor's like,

"Eh, don't worry about that.
It's just beets."

And you're like, "Oh, okay.

I had the wrong idea about
that turd. That turd's good."

And I was wrong...

to misjudge that turd.


That is one of the most g*dd*mn
beautiful things I've ever heard.

- Wow.
- Thank you. Really.

You know, Sweeney's right.

For the longest time,

I've been trying to figure out who I am.

I'm not a real estate agent.

I'm not a librarian.

- Or a brewmaster.
- Or a brewmaster.

- Or a master baker.
- Or a husband.

- Or that.
- Or a rapper.

- Or an author...
- Okay, all of those things.

The point is...

I know now what I am.

I'm a g*dd*mn teacher.



This whole time, I've been thinking

that I need this job...

- Mm-hmm.
- But I just realized

I may actually kind of almost
sort of want this job.

- I definitely want this job!
- Yes.

With whipped cream and cherries on top.

And I have nowhere else to go!

That's true! She doesn't!

- All right.
- She's a loser!

- All right!
- That's what I'm talking about!

Okay, now, look, guys,

all we have to do is get
a "Satisfactory" or better

and we pass the CSTs

and they can't close this place down.

- All right?
- All right.

So what I need you to do now

is I need you to go teach.

- Yes!
- Whooo!

- Just like I said we should.
- Let's go!

I really feel like it was the table jump

that got everybody on board.

It was so dope.




Wait. Do you even feel anything?


I feel like I'm gonna be sick.

[SCOFFS] God, they're probably bogus.

I cannot catch a break.





Well, that's odd.

- Tammy?
- Geoffrey.

- Yeah?

I think something's happening.



Ohhhhh, my God!

This ukulele is giant!



Red Zone?


This was the rose that
I bought that day.

I've been saving it on the off-chance

of us finally meeting.

So, uh...

what is this beautiful building?

Uh, it's Nash Towers,

but listen, I don't want
to talk about work.

I want to talk about you and I
being together.

I don't think that we can be together.

I mean, you're not really
the guy that I met online.

You're... You're Mayor Nash,

the period tax guy.

The guy I met online was
nice and gentle.

The man that you talked to online

is still me.


I'm a big ol' libtard,

- like you.

I mean, I just put on this mean face

so I can get votes.

I want all the same things
that we talked about.

I want to open that
farm-to-table restaurant.

I want to hire some...
undocumented workers

- that you mentioned.
- I...

[SIGHS] I can't do this.

- I've got to go.
- Don't go!

I have "Hamilton" tickets!

LOREN: Well, it just about
k*lled us, but we did it.

There is no way these test scores

aren't record-breaking for Smoot.

Yeah, and you know
what the best part is?

I actually kind of enjoyed it.

I mean, I may be realizing
my full potential.

All right, Kenny, how'd we do?

Ah, according to this summary report...


Yeah, even worse than last year.

It's impressive.

Hey, Kenny.

Kenny, what say you give us those tests

and maybe come back in three
to five days for some new ones.

What say I just go straight
to DPS Headquarters

so it can be processed
by Monday morning?

Ooh, and if I leave right now,

I can get to Guitar Center
before they close.

- What an assh*le.
- You know he's not gonna buy anything.

He's just gonna dick around
on the keyboards.

He's there literally every time I go.

Well, that's it.
That was our only chance.

No! No, it is not!

You know what,
I know you had your heart set

on doing it Sween's way

or "the right way."

Now it's time to do it the Smoot way.

[CHUCKLES] New plan time.

- That's right, buddy.
- I can tell by the way he's talking.

- That's right.
- Okay, all right,

I say we settle this
the old-fashioned way.

- That's right.
- Downhill race.

Nash's best skier versus ours.
We let the mountain decide!

No, you dipshits!

We break into DPS Headquarters,

and we change the scores.

That could work, too.

If it doesn't...

we got that ski race in our back pocket.

- Very cool idea.



Ohhhhhh. Ohhhhhh.

My hand is in your skin.

Tammy... we are one person.

We... are...



- Quaaaaaammy!
- Quaaaaaammy!


And we will rule together.

Oh, but what will our legacy be?

- Legacy?
- Legacy?


Seed. Seed!

- Apple.

Tree! That's it!

We're gonna plant a tree!


It's gonna be like the child
neither of us ever had.

I have a child, Geoffrey!

That's so great!

Okay, so, Shoemaker, you're driving,

and, Sweeney, you're the lookout.

Remember to bring an assortment of teas.

And Abbey and I will infiltrate
DPS Headquarters

dressed as TronScan employees.

Yeah, I'm well aware of the plan...

because it's my plan!

You just hijacked it.

Oh, people just understand it better
when it comes from me.


- No rush. We're fine. Nobody knows.
- Okay.

Nobody knows. Nobody knows.

We're just here to get seeds.

- Okay.
- Principal Quinn?

How you doing?

We're Quammy!

Uh, what... what are you
guys doing here so late?

We're out to get seeds.

Do you sell seeds here?

Uh, no.

- She said they don't!
- Why not?

Why not?!

[STAMMERS] We, uh...

We have apples. Those have...

I mean, those have seeds
in them. I don't know.



It's so pretty.

Thank you!

Thank you so much, Pregnant Beth.

So much, Pregnant Beth.

- Thank you.
- Pregnant again.

- You guys have to pay for that!
- We love you, too

No, you can't just take that.

- She's looking!
- Guys, I'm gonna get fired!

- Thank you!
- Bye, Beth.

I have a family now!


Once you two get inside,

you're gonna have to locate
Smoot's old tests.

You're gonna want to replace
them with these new ones

that we've been making Sweeney work on

totally alone for hours.

Once you're done with that,

you're out like an evening breeze

and it's "Hello, again, Sucktown!"

Yep. That is my plan.

What about me? What do I do?

Uh... Um...

You're gonna sit

in the front seat of Shoemaker's car

and keep the seat warm.

Official seat warmer?!

- Big boy shit.
- That's my boy.

- Big boy shit.
- Your butts are in my hands.

All right. That was the final piece.

We saved Smoot!

- Wait, wait, wait.

We saved Smoot?
We haven't done anything.

% of any mission
is coming up with a plan

and then patting yourself
on the back for it.

I mean, it's a public school building.

It's not Fort Knox.




Maybe there's a Hide-A-Key.



Why are all public buildings
in such shitty neighborhoods?

[SCOFFS] This neighborhood
doesn't seem that bad.

There's a cool store over there

that says "adult books,

adult toys, adult costumes."

Yeah, it's not what you think, Fairbell.

Oh! Oh! Come in, come in, come in.

Hey, this just got a
lot more inappropriate.

Yeah, seriously.

Gretchen is gonna hack
into the DPS system,

turn off the surveillance,
and open up the fence.

Am I gonna get in trouble?

- Probably.
- Awesome.





Trouble at HQ.

Looks like a mouse
just entered the cathouse.




Oh, no! No!


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.







I did it.

- Oh-ho-ho-ho!
- She did it!

- All right, Gretchen.
- Yay, computer nerds!



Not bad, older male hacker.







I should get home.

Actually, there was no reason

for me to come here in the first place.

I could have done this from home.


I never should have tried
to steer you from your dream.

You should go out and do whatever

- makes you happy.
- You're right.

I'm gonna drop out of school
and go work for WikiLeaks.

Wait a minute. No, no.

- Nice works, Sweens.
- Good message.

Now it's our turn. Let's do it.


Did you figure out
which ones the tests are?

This is the first heist
I've ever been on.

This building's huge, though.




I got this.

What are you people doing here?

Evening, Johnson. We're with TronScan.

Here to service a machine.

We weren't notified
of any repair people coming.

Yeah, 'cause it's an emergency call.

Unit blew a jog wheel capacitor,

and we need to fix it, stat.

That may be,
but I'm afraid you can't be here

- without prior notification.
- Understood.

Okay, no. Listen up, Johnson.

You're gonna let us in there
to do our jobs,

or I'm gonna get Superintendent Carson

out of bed and down here so fast
that by tomorrow night,

you'll be power-washing the Spank Room

- at g*n Eddie's.
- Okay, lady!

Geez! .

Thank you.


Pill freak.

It's still pretty sad, though.






Yes! This is it.

Okay, you scan in those new test scores,

and I'll find Smoot's folder. Go!

- Stop bossing me around.
- Go!

- Go!





Oh! Shh!

Keep it down!

Sorry, this machine is really loud!


This things does, like, at a time.

All right, hand me the summary sheet

and the new test scores.

Okay. Where do they come out of?



[HUSHED] What?


Loren, remember when I totally
saved the day a minute ago?

Yes, I remember. Stop gloating.

Hand me the test scores.

What did you frickin' do?

Abbey, you idiot! You shredded it?

This is a not a TronScan scanner.

It's a TromScam Shredder!
Can you not read?

Yeah, well, the only reason
we're here is because of me.

- Oh, really?
- I got through that guy,

and you were like, "Hey,
please, let me in!"

We're here now, in the part
that I say you're blowing.

- I am rubber and you're glue.
- You blew your half of the deal,

and I did my half of the deal.

Everything bounces off
me and sticks to you.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. These are anonymous.

We could just swap these out
with another school...

A good school!

We can't do that!

Academic success shouldn't be limited

to just smart kids, all right?

We'll find some snobby boarding school

and we'll swap it out.

Boom. St. Lawrence Prep.

They scored in the th percentile,

and I guarantee you,
these are entitled rich

little a-holes, okay?

Probably r*cist, too.

Jerks. See you later.

Okay, they're switched.
Let's go. Let's get out of here.

- I saved the day.
- Okay, stop bossing me around.

- After you blew it.
- "Saved the day."

That's what a heist captain does, okay?

Oh, fixed the machine already?

- Uh, yeah.
- Sure, It was a simpler job...

We always, like...

[GROANS] Holy crud!

Oh, our legaseed is buried.

The deed of the seed is done.


Now we can find our seed,


[WHISPERING] nurture it.


We have fed the Earth!

- Whew!
- We have fed the Earth.

You know it.



Aaaaah! [GROANING]

- How scary is this tree?
- Oh, Jesus.

It's an evil house for squirrels!


Oh, lookit, Tammy!
It's red and blue lights!

It's Christmas! Christmas!

No, something's wrong.
It's taking too long.

We should help. We should go inside.

What? How? You can't do that.

You'll blow the cover.

I don't know.

Hey, Fairbell, how much cash
do you have on you?

I don't know, , bucks?


Okay, never mind that. Come with me.

I got an idea.

Oh, my gosh.
Are we going to that toy store?

- Shut up!
- Oh!

Wait a minute, where are you guys...

Where are you guys going?

SECURITY: We're calling the police.

You two should be ashamed of yourselves.

What are you, selling
TronScan parts for pills?


- Why did he...
- It was backstory.


Hey, maybe we can be prison pen pals.

Mm, doubt it.

I'll probably be pretty busy
on the inside.



Whoo, who the hell are you guys?

DPD... Bike cops.

Yeah. We heard you got yourselves

a couple bad boys on your hands, huh?

We haven't even called you guys yet.

Well, yeah. We knew about them

because we've been following
them around for months.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

They've been breaking into
public buildings everywhere

just so they can sneak around
and have sex in them,

a couple thrill-lovers,
some real sickos on your hands.

Officer, a little more realistic.

You shut your dirty mouth
or I'll shut it for you!

No, no, no. Wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait!

Don't take your g*n out!


I'm cool. I'm cool.

Well, okay. Uh...

Lieutenant, uh, Juggs?

Oh, yes, uh, "Yewgs."
That's pronounced "Yewgs."

Yeah, it's a "Y" sound...
Portuguese. Yeah.

And I'm Sergeant Twerk.

Exactly like the dance.

All right.

Take them away, "Yewgs," "Twerk."

You got it. On your feet,
front and center.

- Yes, sir.
- Hush it!

Sorry to pull you two away
from the bachelorette party.

I'm sure that was...

Oh, it looks like we got
ourselves a stand-up comedian.

You won't think you're so funny
with my g*n in your butt.

Yeah. No, you won't.

All right, we'll take it from here.



The demolition will not go forward!


No, it will not.

The best part? They let me keep my g*n!

Oh, Fairbell! Put it down!

Tough luck, Leslie.

Sorry your little plan didn't work.

Yeah. I can't believe
you were gonna sell us out.

Oh, really?

And which part of that is
out of character for me?

- She is right.
- That tracks.


Bravo, Smoot faculty. Bravo.

- You.
- Oh, relax.

I'm here to congratulate you.

I don't get to build my condos
at Smoot anymore.

Guess the pristine campus
of the St. Lawrence Prep

will have to do.

Those guys really shit the bed
on that test.

Well, you know, just 'cause you're rich

doesn't mean you're smart,

and they're probably also very r*cist,

if you ask me.

You guys had the highest score
in the state.

The board was so impressed,

they decided to turn this place

into a magnet school
for gifted children.

And a gold standard school

deserves a gold standard faculty.


Which is why...

- I'm f*ring all of you!

- Including you, Leslie.
- I'll cut your arms off.

God, you really are ruthless,

and not in a cool
Suge Knight way, either.

Yeah, it's what my constituents
love about me.

So I guess I'll be seeing all of
you in the unemployment line.

Oh, wait! No!

I'm cutting unemployment, too!


ABBEY: Pardon me, Mr. Mayor.
Just one second.

Mr. Mayor!


Red Zone, what are you doing here?

I work here, Gil.

Gil? W-Wait a second, Abbey.

- Do you two know each other?
- Anonymously.

You work here?

I... I knew I'd seen you
somewhere before!

You're not f*ring anyone

'cause that's not you.

The man who wrote to me
would never do that.

I know that there's good in you, Gil.

It's just like when Meg Ryan
found out that Darth Vader

was her father's pen pal.

Fairbell, that is...

exactly what this is like.

This is just business.


Fine, Gil.

If that's how you feel,

then this is also...

just business.

NASH: I'm a big old libtard.

I just put on this mean face
so I can get votes.


When your base hears this,

they're gonna ditch your softie
ass before midterms.




Marry me, Abbey. [SIGHS]

You don't need this place.

We could run this town together.

I... I know I'm not perfect.

I... I'm a work in progress.

But you could help me strike
that balance.


I can't.

You're not the man I fell in love with.

You showed your true colors today

when you tried to f*re my friends.

Work friends.

You're choosing these losers over me?

Over us?


Now, please, get out!


None of you will last a month
with these gifted students

and their relentless thirst
for knowledge

and their Apache helicopter parents.

Oh, they're gonna grind
you guys up into pink mist!

- Get out!


Abbey, you did it!

- You saved Smoot!
- You saved Smoot!


- Thank you!
- You're a hero!

Thank you!



The g*n!

- It's not a real...
- I said it twice!


LOREN: God, I can't believe
we're gonna be a magnet school.

Those dorks are gonna ruin us.

Right? Squash and booster clubs
and trying all the time.

- It's gross.
- Magnet school?

Like we can't wear metal
to work anymore?

- Fairbell, a magnet...
- Yeah, exactly like that, dude.

You should not wear any metal next year.

- Nailed it, bud.
- Very dangerous.

- Don't even wear a zipper.
- Totally.

- Aaah!
- What happened?

- What?
- What the "F"?!

- What happened?
- What is it?

A kid put a Popsicle stick here!

- No!
- What?!

- Who does that?
- These kids!

- That's what I'm talking about.
- Help me get it.

FAIRBELL: I'm doing a craft!

That's what you get,
destroying the campus.

- You get it!
- Stupid. Hey.

- Hey.
- Tammy?

What the hell happened to you?

Quinn got arrested...


Yeah, apparently, we forgot to pay

for a piece of fruit
in the convenience store.

They gave me a small fine,

but it's Quinn's third strike,

so you know what that means.

Well, while you two were out
there, dicking around,

we saved Smoot.

- That's right!
- Yep. That's right.

Yep, Nash is gonna have
to build his condos

at the former St. Lawrence Prep.

Former? What happened to St. Lawrence?

Oh, yeah. They lost their accreditation.

- The r*cist idiots!
- Idiots.


My son will have to go to...


- Oof.
- Oh.

Tammy has a son?

- She never tells us anything.
- No!

- Hey, hey! Do you hear that?

Ice cream truck!
It's an ice cream truck!

- Race you guys there!
- No way! No way!


♪ Gonna have a good time baby ♪
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