03x10 - The Wilderness

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "American Crime Story".
"American Crime Story"
  1. The People v. O.J. Simpson
  2. The Assassination of Gianni Versace
  3. Impeachment
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03x10 - The Wilderness

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Everything can go
in the bedroom. Thank you.





- Hi.
- MARCIA: I'm checked in. It's room ,

- you can come up now.
- Okay.

Mom, how much does this room cost?

Don't worry about that.

Just tell me, how did it all go?

Most places don't want to do
a book deal with me,

but there was one team
that seemed kind of interested,

and they don't seem like
a tabloid, which is good.

Did you get the feeling
that they wanted you

to go into a lot of detail?

They said it would be
my version of the story,

however I feel comfortable telling it.

And they said if I want, I can
write it with Andrew Morton.

Guy who wrote Princess
Diana's book with her.

- Wow.
- That book was the...

the thing that finally let
people see her side of it all.

Mom, we need to pay for these lawyers.

I know.

And maybe I'm naive, but...

it could give me a chance
to show people who I really am.



WISENBERG: At all. Seriously. I mean...

Kavanaugh. Section two,
subsection four of the grounds,

you put in, "Wanting to go down
on her, but she stops him"?

- So?
- So, you're doing grounds for impeachment.

- Paul and I are doing the full narrative.
- Right here.

She stopped him for a physical reason,

Ms. Lewinsky did then perform
oral sex on him".

Take it out of your part.

Then my subsection four is just
"He fondled her bare breasts

with his hands and mouth".

- PAUL: Okay, what...
- The...

Why would I only describe half
of what happened?

That whole day goes
into his intent to arouse.

Yes, that's why it's in our section,

- which comes before yours.
- You're assuming

that they're gonna
be reading it in order.

What does that even mean? What
other way is there to read it?

You're just pissed that I took Clinton

jerking off into a sink from you.

Okay, why is that even in the report?

I mean, how does it have anything

to do with him touching her
with the intent to arouse?

- Shut up, Mikey. Emmick.
- You are such a commie.

- can't handle her bullshit.
- Hey.

Just leave it all where it is.
We don't have time.

We have to start printing now.

Boys and girls, this is it.

What have we got here?

Great job, everybody.

(CHUCKLES) Big day.

All right. Oh.

Here's the big guy.

The leader.

Everyone, if I may.

The media has accused us

of an unfair, partisan crusade,

a witch hunt that would
inevitably come to nothing.

And they tried to k*ll your faith,

but they he did not know your fortitude.

So, in prayerful, steady, quiet,

you built this.

I am proud of this report.

It is thorough, bulletproof,
irrefutably true.

It shows that no president
is above the law.

That's good. Thank you, sir.

Hey. Must be how the Democrats felt

before they sacked Nixon, right?

Uh, you know what? Uh...

All right, I'll meet you down there.

I'll-I'll see you down there.
I'll be right back.

- Hurry up!
- All right.



- Myers.
- Yeah, it's me. Our report is done.

I got a van ready to roll,
less than five minutes.

- What?
- Yeah.

Call New York. Tell them
to put Brokaw on a desk.

Get me a camera crew and a producer.

I'm going to the Capitol.



Hey. What's up?

David, do you have a comment on
Ken Starr's report being done?

- I hear it's on its way to the Capitol.
- W-What, today?

- Nope, now.
- Now?

Right no...

- BETTY: Hello?
- Betty. It's David. Is the president in?

No one on the Hill got a heads-up?

How is that even possible?

MAN (OVER TV): ... and try
to get some answers for you.

Again, it's, uh, what is unfolding.

Mr. President? David Kendall.

- David.
- I just got a call from NBC

asking for comment.

Ken Starr's report is on its way.

- To us?
- To the Capitol, sir.


Guys, can we get your help down here?

You can open up that up.
Open up the back. Come on.

Take the red ones.

I need the red ones into the minivan.

The rest go up to the committee.


Hey, Dan.


Monica, get in here.


REPORTER: Newt Gingrich
and the sergeant at arms

were only notified about
the arrival of the report

a short time ago.

Oh, my God.

♪ ♪

What we're watching right now
is the Capitol Police...

How fast can we get our hands
on that report?

Ingraham might know.
She's dating Lindsey Graham now.

Four years, Mike.

Nothing worth doing is easy, right? Huh?

Come on.

- What's in it?
- We still don't have a copy.

When will we?

Very soon, like everyone else.

The hell does that mean?

RUFF: Congressional leadership
decided to put it on the Internet.

The complete report.

♪ ♪

Here we go.


The seal will be broken

by the sergeant at arms of the House,

and they will begin making
Xerox copies of this report.

So, the followings things
you should know,

that on the CBS website,
if you want to get the report

during, uh, this afternoon,
this is our Internet address.

Uh, we'll have a special
prosecutor's report

on that as soon as it becomes available.

Here's what's coming up on the
CBS station, as we go along,

we'll bring you the details,
uh, of the Starr Report

as soon as we get them.

There'll be complete
coverage, of course,

on tonight's CBS Evening News.

WOMAN: Do you think we could
get a couple of copies over here?

MAN: I need it. I'm on in seconds.

- Now...
- WOMAN: Wait, what is it? What?

Wait, what did it say?

- Oh, my God.
- Holy shit.

- Oh, my God.
- Page , "He put a cigar in her..."

- Why don't we give you a second

to take a deep breath
so you can scan that over?

- Did you get it?
- Not yet.

MARCIA: Is it arriving?



Oh, it's your dad.

Um, no, no, it's-it's just a white page.

There's a-a little, um, an hourglass,

and it-it's just turning.

- Uh, what does that mean?
- It's trying to load, Mom.

Okay, well... Oh, well...

He says that his nurses
are having trouble

putting it on their computers, too.

Well, why-why don't you
just ask a resident?

Wouldn't that help?

- I got it. I got it.
- What does it say?

Hold on, hold on.
I'm at the table of contents.

Oh, my God, November .

"Sexual encounter".

Go to it. Go to it!

This goes into considerable detail,

some of which I won't go into.

Uh, let me just read one passage...

Oh, my God, Mom. You have
to tell Dad not to read this.

Bernie, don't look at it.
Don't look at it.

CONWAY: He f*cked her

with a cigar.


- Right here.
- I'm sure it doesn't say that.

"The president inserted a cigar
into Miss Lewinsky's vagina,

then put the cigar in his mouth
and said, 'It tastes good'."

- Am I high?
- No.

Did I take LSD?

No, this is real.

This is a real report to U.S. Congress.

Ms. Lewinsky testified,
"When I was working there

in the White House,
we'd start in the back,

in or near his private study,

and we'd talk, and that was where

we were physically intimate".

Aside from his family,
friends and staff,

which I don't know exactly
which category that would be in.

So, at one time
during this relationship,

the president was complaining, uh, that

he was getting bad
treatment from Monica...

- Oh, come on.

Uh, here's another...

- Come on.

No, no, no, no, no, no!

g*dd*mn it!

CROWLEY: According to Ms. Lewinsky,
she noticed stains on the garment

the next time she took it
from her closet.

From their location, she surmised,

in essence, that the stains...
I'm paraphrasing now...

um, were in essence, the
president's, uh, bodily fluid.

Wait, what? I don't understand
where any of this happened.

Right by the Oval Office.

Poor Monica.

Why would she tell them all this detail?

During this time,
the president took a phone call,

so we moved into
another office where, uh,

she allegedly performed
oral sex on the president.

Uh, I think I ought to read

some more of this.
I may go down a little...

MAN: Sir, the whole Internet
is down. We're doing everything

we can to bring it back up.
I don't understand

- why you're using this tone...
- No, I have this tone, sir,

because I am paying you
to host a political news site,

which you apparently can't keep
running, even in the middle

of the biggest political
news story of our lives!

Mr. Drudge, we can do a post
saying it's not updating

- right now.
- No, I don't want you to post.

I need to post! I need to post!

The government is falling. Fix it!


STUDENT: "The president zipped up
quickly and went out.

Ms. Lewinsky remembers laughing
because he walked out

to his office visibly aroused". Uh...

- Wait, f*ck. Hey, f*ck, it's not loading.

- The servers are down.
- Try the Library of Congress site.

Uh, that's been crashed for an hour.

- Wait, Kim, do you have it?
- I loaded the file.

Yeah, come on, come on. Let's see.

- Come on, come on. I need to see.
- Shut up.

Shut up, I'm reading.

Huh, look: he ejaculated.

- Ew.
- Oh, my God.

Ken Starr wrote this?

Ken Starr, who probably
conceived his children

through a hole in the wall

between his garage and his prayer room?

These chapter titles.
"Ms. Lewinsky's Frustrations"?

Like Danielle Steel. (SHORT CHUCKLE)

Oh, hold on. Okay, finally, on page .

I'm-I'm looking at a legal argument.

Here we go: "grounds for impeachment".

It... No, it's just more sex.

(SIGHS) What were they doing?

I don't know, but it is spectacular.


MAN: Hey, I need those stats.
Do you have them?

In the whole report,
the word "impeachment" appears

times, "breasts" times,

"cigar" times, "semen" times,

"vagina", five times,

"genital" or "genitalia" times.

"Love" times.

That's right, Tom,
the scene here at the Capitol

is one of palpable shock.

Page , it describes phone sex

between the president
and Monica Lewinsky.

This, according to her testimony.

Page , a form of a sex game
allegedly played

by the president and Monica Lewinsky.

CONWAY: She had orgasms
on three or four occasions

when he touched her genitals.

Once he covered her mouth

to keep her quiet as she orgasmed.

I mean, Strom Thurmond
is reading this right now.

- Yeah, with one hand.
- I need to take a shower.

Yeah, I can't believe the OIC did this.

You know, nobody's gonna read this

a-and think about his actual crimes.

Okay, relax, Conway.

Yes, Bill Clinton is the most shameless

coagulum of skin ever born
in a trailer park,

but even he can't withstand this.

- You think he'll resign?
- It's too humiliating.

He embarrassed the country.

He embarrassed humanity. He's done.


KENDALL: It's hundreds

- of pages of...
- I've read it.

Mr. President, it's vile.

But ultimately, what they are arguing

is possible perjury in a minor lawsuit

on a topic totally unrelated
to Paula Jones herself.

That that is a crime
against the republic...

y... no sane person
would find that impeachable.

Have you met Republican leadership?

BLUMENTHAL: You're right.

I spoke to Schumer just now.

The GOP is writing up the articles.

Of course they are.
They were always going to.

Honestly, sir, I-I...

I think that Starr has
made a huge mistake.

This whole thing
is completely out of proportion.

It's way too personal.

That'll be our argument.

Well, go make it.



I haven't read it.

I won't read it.

But Chelsea has.


the truth is on your side.

This is impeachment, So hang in there.

Good luck, kid. Now...

if it's not too much trouble,
back into me.


Yeah, no, slowly. Yeah.

No, no, no, no. Oh.

Yeah, baby. Is that a thong?

- Shipoopi.

LINDA: I'm just going to, uh,
Semmes, Bowen & Semmes.

Sign in, please.

Can I see photo ID?

- Go ahead.
- Thank you.

- That's Linda Tripp.




ZACCAGNINI: You doing okay?

I've, uh, I've been sending
emails to Ken Bacon,

asking to return to my duty
station at the Pentagon.

- You have to stop contacting him.
- I know he won't reply,

but I had the idea to, uh,
create a paper trail.

I-I understand
that you don't think it wise

- to file suit against DoD...
- L-Linda, stop.

T-That's enough, that's enough.


We have a serious problem in Maryland.

I heard from the state
prosecutor's office,

and they are preparing
an indictment against you

for the taping.


T-That that's not possible.

I have immunity from prosecution.

They're arguing you have
federal immunity and not state.

That's not at all what I was told.

Uh, call Judge Starr.

This area of the law
is-is a little complicated.

It's not complicated.

The Starr Report only exists

because I called OIC one night
and offered access

to my tapes in exchange
for full immunity.

I made the extraordinary decision

to pick up that phone precisely

so that this would never, ever happen.

You have to make them stop.

Linda, Maryland is a Democratic state.

- And I don't know how to put this nicely,

but prosecuting you for the
tapings is a very popular idea.

Well, that's horrifying, but actually,

it shouldn't matter
because I have immunity,

Which I will argue before a judge,

but we have to prepare
for the possibility of a trial.

And unfortunately,
given all the charged emotions

around this case,

Monica Lewinsky will be
a very persuasive witness.


She would come testify against you.

That can't happen.

That cannot happen.

We'll do our best to fight it.

Do you understand
what my life is like right now?

Every day there is a new
investigation being launched

against me by some arm
of the government.

- It's just...
- I'm being locked out of my job.

I can't go anywhere
without being sneered at.

Every night, I-I go check
on all of my locks on my doors

and then-then, I just lie there,
awake in bed, terrified,

because people know where I live.

I tried to do the right thing.

I trusted our institutions
to protect a person like me,

but instead I've been abandoned
to an unceasing nightmare

in which everyone on the planet
somehow agrees

that in this whole,
god-awful national tragedy,

I'm the villain.

It doesn't make any sense.

A group of leading feminists
held a press conference today

to show their support
for President Clinton

as impeachment charges
swell in the House.

We are witnessing a revenge campaign

to hound President Clinton
out of office.

leaders, we will not stand idly by

while Congress, made
up of nearly % men,

attempt to remove the first president

elected by women voters.

Meanwhile, reports today that
the House Judiciary Committee

will soon release the tapes.

It is hours of information,
conversations secretly...


I'm making some coffee if you want some.

- Sure.
- Ugh, I need to wake up.

I have to talk to my lawyers later.

Um, I'm, uh, I'm gonna go
with Golden Delicious.


I didn't read it.

MAN: Are you searching
for wisdom in your life?

Hi, I'm Paula Jones. That's right.

Connect with me and I will guide
you with answers and advice.

Get help finding love, money
or the career you deserve.

Call - - - ,
and I will inform you

of your future. Satisfaction guaranteed.


DELMER: Paula?


Preston, what are you doing, honey?

- Mama, c-can you watch him?
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Hello, this is the Celebrity
Psychic Friends Network.

This is Paula Jones. What is your name?

GINGER: Um, it's Ginger.

Oh, hello, Ginger.

I'm-I'm so glad you called.

Are you having to make
a big decision in,

uh, in your life,

or should I just tell you
what I'm sensing?

- Uh, Ginger,

I am sensing that you are
at a crossroads in your life.

Do you feel that there is someone

who is holding you back
from taking the right path?



Ginger, have you been drinking, girl?

- Someone wants to talk to you.
- Shh! Shh!

Oh, okay.

Paula, you seen my saxophone?

I need you to blow on it. (LAUGHS)


At least you're getting calls.

If they hang up before
five minutes, I get nothing.

What are we gonna do?

I don't see why Steve can't help more.

Still doesn't have a job, Mommy.
He's got nothing to send.

Well. Well, last night,
I got to thinking,

can't you go and get your job
with the state again?

- They know you.
- Mama, no one's gonna

hire me there after everything.

I can't even get a job
at the Pizza Hut on Center

'cause they said that I would distract

the customers and the clientele.

Honey, you can always stay here
as long as you need.

Can't she? I want you both here.

Now, come on.

Come out with us, baby.

- It'll be fun. Okay.
- It's okay.

All right.

- Mom...
- Don't... Go do it.

Don't let Grandma smash you.


(SIGHS): Oh, my God.

♪ ♪

- CACHERIS: Monica.
- Plato, are you watching?

They're about to release them.

We've been through this.
We had no way to stop it.

Yes, I know, I-I thought...

I just thought that you could
just call Kenneth Starr, okay?

And you could tell him that
I have to release a statement

because I have to say
how sorry I am about all this,

and that I'm-I'm sorry, Hillary,
and I'm sorry to Chelsea.

- Okay? Please.
- Monica, you're under a gag order.

You do not understand
how bad these tapes are.

Okay? And this is the first time

that the public's
gonna hear my voice. I...

- I understand.
- I just want to say two sentences.

That's it.

I know, but Starr will never allow it.

Not until after you testify. I'm sorry.


- Barb, I'm just gonna stay in today.


- Actually not Barb. (LAUGHS)
- Oh, my God!

How have you been?

It's crazy, I never hear
anything about you.

How are you here?

I heard they might be playing
the tapes today,

so I thought I'd get on a plane
and come distract you.

Cat, that's...


- Jesus Christ.
- It's just Estazolam.

Don't worry, I was
gonna sleep through it.

This isn't my first day like today,

- and I've learned to plan ahead.
- Oh.

Well, I had a different plan.


ANCHOR: Okay, I think we
have our first tape queued up

and ready to go here.

A conversation between Monica Lewinsky

and Linda Tripp
concerning various topics.

Let's listen.

LINDA: Any news on the job front?

MONICA: Ugh. No, but I
just got back from the mall,

and I bought you a mixtape
to kick-start your workout plan.

I think you'll like it, 'cause
it's songs for your generation.

- LINDA: What songs?
- MONICA: "Heard It Through the Grapevine".

- LINDA: Okay.
- MONICA: "Stop! In the Name of Love".

- LINDA: Okay.
- MONICA: ♪ Who put the bomp ♪

♪ In the bop shoo bop shoo bop? ♪

- Do Like any of those songs?
- LINDA: No, Monica. I don't.

MONICA (VOICE-OVER): Did you read it?

Of course not.

Well, that makes, uh, you
and my dad out of six billion.

At least you helped the whole world

learn how to use the Internet.

Not really how I wanted
to contribute to society.


It's not all you'll do in life.

Oh, really? What do you see
for me? I'm gonna...

what, open a school
for troubled children, or...

- Sure.
- Hi, I'm Monica Lewinsky.

- I'm gonna teach your kids now.
- Why not?

Okay. Hi, I'm Monica Lewinsky,

and today we're gonna learn
about the great men

that have served as President
of the United States.

And who better to speak to that?

- You're wrong.

(LAUGHING): That's not nice.

- Oh, God, I haven't laughed in a long time.
- Oh.

Look... next year,
you'll be in New York.

We'll be at some mediocre brunch place,

and you'll be telling me
about some funny date you had.

Yeah, it's gonna go really well for me.

I just need to find
someone who's been in a...

- a coma for a really long time.
- Stop.

No, you don't get it.

It's that or it's a long line of guys

that just want to brag to their friends

that they did everything
that's in the Starr Report.

- You can weed those guys out.
- And be left with what...

a decent person
who wants to start a family?


Cat, you're looking at the best-selling

Halloween costume this year.

- That's who you're on hike with.
- I know.

Came with a cigar.

I know.

Saw that.

- I bought one for myself.
- What?

CAT: (CHUCKLES): Oh, my God.

Look at that. (LAUGHS)



- Nothing.
- Aw.

Had to think about the tapes.

I can't help it. They're that bad.

They put me in a conference room,

and I had to sit and listen to each tape

- and sign that it was me.
- What?

I was so sad at that time,

and she captured
every single second of it.

When I listen to it back,
I mean, it's...

it's so clear she knew she was taping.

In the moment, I had no idea, and...

God, the things you say
when you're not even thinking.

I mean, the random shit
that comes out of your mouth

when you're just-just talking,

k*lling time on the phone to a friend,

and when I talk about him...

... I-I clearly couldn't see
how bad it was at the time

because I did not recognize myself.

I sound...

so lost and-and obsessed and desperate.

Totally out of control.

And now everyone gets to listen to it.

And watch it on TV.


It's either moping on this hill,

or making the : You've Got Mail.


- Good answer.

mean, it... Look, it's fascinating.

Linda Tripp in that
nasal tone, manipulating

the higher-pitch Monica Lewinsky

Let me just say one thing.

Nobody deserves Linda Tripp.

You know, for the life of me,
I don't understand

how you work with someone every day,

you look them in the eyes as a friend,

and then at night you go home
and hit the on button

on your RadioShack tape recorder.

To me, you do that,

you lose membership in the human family.


You all right?

Yeah. I am, actually.



TALK SHOW HOST: All right, so,
uh, in summation... (CHUCKLES)

What Lewinsky might find is
that the public is very fickle,

that men in sex scandals
often get second chances,

and that women rarely do.

Well, can you imagine your
son coming home and saying,

"I'm going to marry Monica Lewinsky"?

Is the congressman in?

- He's at a fundraiser.
- I need to show you something.

I'm working on the impeachment charges.

I've been digging into the appendices.

My whole life is Ken Starr's appendices.

- Sounds fun.
- I kept hitting this footnote

about one of the Paula Jones witnesses.

Jane Doe .

She had some kind of messed-up
encounter with Clinton.

- What do you mean, "messed-up"?
- That's just it. It was confusing.

And the source it pointed to
wasn't anywhere I can find.

Then I realized... it's in the vault.

This is where they keep
all the sealed evidence.

Shut that.

Jane Doe filed
this affidavit last year,

saying she never had any
encounter with Bill Clinton.

But here is what
she told the FBI this year

when they came to follow up on it.

♪ ♪

Who knows about this?



Juanita, my name is Richard Perry.

I work with Congressman Lindsey Graham.

The congressman would like to have

an informal phone conversation with you.

Please give us a call back
at - - .


Hi, Mike Walker
with the National Enquirer.

I've got a cash offer I would
like to talk to you about.

Give me a buzz back at - - .


Hi, Juanita, this is Lisa Myers.

I'm a reporter with NBC News.

I wonder if you and I could talk.

The date. Right. Okay, all right.


Where do I look when I'm talking?

To me, just like a normal conversation.

When will we know when it'll air?

NBC should decide soon.

But don't worry, I won't
let it take you by surprise.

But it'll be before it's
all over, the impeachment?

I have every reason to believe it will.

Are you ready?


- Okay, we are rolling.

BLUMENTHAL: If the impeachment
vote were today,

it would be yeas, nays

and undecided.

- Where is Shays?
- Undecided right now.

Wh... I thought we had him.

A lot of the moderates are leaning no,

- but they're getting pressure from the right.

The whole g*dd*mn party is going insane.

We-we just need to
keep giving them reasons

- to stay in our tent.
- Yeah, I-I'm going crazy doing nothing.

I feel I should be working the phones.

Sir, you know you can't do that.

- I-If that got out...
- I do... I have, uh, one thought.

Some of the undecideds are in districts

where the first lady is pretty popular,

and we thought that if she were to make

a few targeted calls, it-it might help.

Uh, people, they want
to hear from Hillary.

- Maybe you could talk to her staff.
- Sure.

- Absolutely, Mr. President.
- Mr. President.



Have you seen the polling?
Hillary's numbers are insane.

God, if you had told me in
she'd ever be this popular,

I'd have thought you were on crack.

HUMA: The Vogue sh**t is next week.

They want to use The Roosevelt Room.

Okay, whatever they think is best.

- (BEEP)
- ASSISTANT: Ma'am, Congressman Rangel.

Hey, Charlie, what can I do for you?

Moynihan's making it official
next week: he's retiring.

There's going to be an open Senate seat

in the great state of New York.

The whole party here, all of us...

down to the girl who gets the coffees...

you're our first choice, Hillary.

What do you say?

DELMA: She's good at it. You ready?

- Oh. Oh, bravo!

So good. (CHUCKLES)

Want to try another one? Okay.

Keep on hitting the pool.


Paula? It's Susan.

(GASPS) Oh, my gosh. Susie!

I miss you.

Um, I'm actually...

- I'm coming out there soon.
- Yes, I know.

I also heard who's bringing
you out and what for.



This is the worst thing
that you could possibly do.

Many of our friends are very distraught

over your psychic hotline.

- Oh, you know, that was just me reading a script.
- No, no, no.

It is against our religion, Paula.

It deals with the occult,

but I defended you.

I said, "It's not her, it's a mistake.

Let it go".

But now this?

This I cannot defend.

- I won't.
- Well, you-you don't have to,

because it is just, um,

an interview about my experience,

um, you know, with the case.

- It is Penthouse magazine.

No, but-but they said that, um...

They said it was just
a few tasteful photos.

You know, real tasteful.

It is cowardly to lie
to yourself about what this is

and what men use this magazine for.


I have legal problems, tax problems,

that I don't... I don't even understand.

Something about my legal fund
being set up all wrong.

- And...
- No, no, no, no. Don't.

Don't try to blame this
on the many generous people

- who have helped you.
- Well, I'm not, I'm not,

but nobody...

nobody is around anymore,

and, um...

(CHUCKLES) I can't get
a job here, so, um...

So I don't... I don't have a choice.

Of course you have a choice.

Now, you are going to hang up

and call them and tell them
that you are backing out.

I already signed it.

I can't do that.

Susie, I need the money.





Mrs. Clinton.

Yeah, I pinch myself to get to work

- in all these beautiful houses.

Let's get you up to Teresa.

She takes you through the work.
Come on up.

- I would like you to sit on the sofa,

- if you don't mind.
- Okay.


WOMAN: Your hair

holds the sexy texture so well.

(CHUCKLES): I know.

Gosh, the past few years,

people have been making me
wear it so flat, but...

I like my hair happy,

and I like to dress
pretty and attractive, and...

I don't know what's so wrong with that.

Some people try to make you feel bad

- for looking good.
- Right? I know. (CHUCKLES)

- What do you think?
- Oh, I love it.

Oh, you are so talented.
Thank you so much.

- Gosh, I wish I could do that.

- Can I ask you something?
- Mm-hmm.

Just between us?

When you were alone with
the President in that room...


... you did it, didn't you?

♪ ♪

(SOFTLY): Thank you.


- Is that what she's wearing?
- Yeah.

All right, Paula. Uh, just relax, relax.

- Put your arms down. That's good.
- (SIGHS): Okay.

Good, just open this up a little bit.

- Uh, lean forward. Good.

Uh, lean forward. Let me see
what that looks like.

Okay, good.

- Can you look right at me?
- Yeah.


Can you put your leg up
on that banister?

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- Now do you knee. Great.
- Okay.

Okay, give me a profile.

All right, we got it.
Let's do the nudes.

Tony, let me talk to you for a sec.

- Go slay it.

Here we go.

- Having fun, Paula?
- Oh, so much fun. (CHUCKLES)

Uh, I'm gonna put you right up there.

- Okay.
- Oh, Paula, Paula.

Take your top off.

You agreed to the nudes. Remember?

Uh, right. Yes, um...

Uh, we said they were gonna be
really tasteful, right?

Of course they will be, sweetheart.

Now can I please see you
without your top on?

- Go ahead.
- Okay.


All the way off.


Great. Good.

Bottoms, too.

- That's great. That's good.

- Good, let me see you smile.




Podesta says we just lost Castle.

Nine are going with him,
and now Shays is leaning yes.

The f*ck is going on?

Do you know a woman
named Juanita Broderick?

- She's a...
- I know who she is.

She was a campaign
supporter in the ' s.

Why are you asking?

She's the reason we're losing the votes.

Well, that doesn't make any sense.

You know, the lunatic right
in Little Rock

tried to start a rumor
about me and her years ago.

She said many times it isn't true.

She said it under oath.

She even came out this year
and said nothing happened

- in an affidavit.
- Well, that's the problem.

Apparently, she told Starr's agents

that affidavit was a lie.

Starr put the FBI
in with the sealed evidence

that got sent to the Hill.

- What does it say? Be specific.
- We don't have access,

but I have heard from several people

that it says

that you as*ault her.

She's f*cking lying.

You know, they take these women

and they hound 'em and they scare 'em.

years they've been working on her

until she finally broke.

It's f*cking insane.

And f*cking Starr takes
his little poison pill

and puts it in his little box.

He knows what he's doing.

I can't fight a charge I can't even see.

You know, they-they
create a lie about me

and another lie and another lie,

and I can't... I can't
even get the truth out,

because if I say anything

then i-it just brings it more attention.

But when they spread
something like this,

you know, once-once it gets out,
there's nothing you can do.

It never goes away.

It's a lie.

It's another f*cking lie.

It's... it's not even a new one.

Well, I know, sir,
but I got to tell you,

Sid says that she is doing
a sit-down with Dateline.

- When?
- We don't know.

But no matter what,
it is tipping the undecideds

to yes on impeachment.

♪ ♪


MALE REPORTER: Holy crap, she's here.

- I can't believe she would show her face.




There's a broad
who could use a g*dd*mn drink.

- Hi.

All right, come on, let's get sauced.


LUCIANNE: So, tell me,

what's it like to be
incredibly notorious?



The White House and Pentagon
have, uh, deployed

a multipronged strategy

to destroy my career and my reputation.

And now the state of Maryland
is-is pursuing

an extrajudicial political prosecution

- against me.
- Jesus.

Clearly, Mrs. Clinton
has made a few calls,

but you know how it is.

As long as there's
no curiously-timed Mack truck

in my future,
I'll consider myself lucky.

Well, the upside
to being cast as a black cat

in this fiasco is that you're too famous

to be on their k*ll list.


Let's hope so.

Listen, I wanted you
to hear this for me first.

Monica's doing a book.

St. Martin's Press, half a mil.

That got Andrew Morton
to write it with her,

like he did for Lady Di.

That book was a smash.



- It'll be huge.
- Princess Diana.

You dong the president,
you get the rewards.

Everyone wants to hear
from Monica. (LAUGHS)



She finally has the attention
she has always craved.

I bet she is absolutely loving this.

Look, I can make a few calls,

see if one of the small
conservative presses might bite,

but the truth is...

the truth is the Starr Report's
already put all the goods out

on the avenue, the market's gone soft,

and with Monica...

This was never about a book for me.

All right.

But you can't say we didn't have fun.


Mmm. God, I'll miss the
Clintons when they go.


They were great for books.

Come on, let's go make the rounds.

♪ ♪


No, all right, well,
then I'll take care of it.

- I mean, we just need to...

Got to drop our stuff...

- Yes, please, please. Can we?
- Yes.

Excuse me. Do you know, uh,
is the restaurant here any good?

Oh, uh, yes, very classic.

- Their Cobb salad is famous.

Are you Linda Tripp?

You did a hideous thing.


- MAN: Well said.
- WOMAN: What?

What's going on?

I'm just planning my day for tomorrow.

NSA briefing in the morning.

Lunch with Podesta.

Impeached in the afternoon.

Then I'll face the country.

History will savage them, Bill.

That's fine.

I just don't know what we do right now.

Same as always: we keep fighting.

We're not done. Not even close.

♪ ♪

ANNOUNCER: Here is Dan Rather.

Good day, from the nation's capital,

on a solemn and pivotal day

for the president, for
the Congress and the country.


They're voting on Article I.

Charging the president with
perjury before a grand jury.

I think what you may be seeing
is Democrats leaving the chamber

to go out to the front steps
of the House.

They intend to stay out
for just a short period of time.

On this vote, the yeas are ,

the nays are .

- Article I is adopted.

- MALE REPORTER: This is how history will change...

with the sound of laughter
in the background.

William Jefferson Clinton
has been impeached

by the House of Representatives

on at least one article.

This guarantees that
this will go to the Senate.


Want to hear a joke?

There's this guy

caught on a cliff in a storm.

Wind and rain raging.

He's trying to hold on to a branch.

It's about to slip out of his hands.

He's about to fall.

He looks up and he says,

"Why me, God?"

And God looks down on him and says...

... "I just don't like you".

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Matt Drudge here, Fox News,

somewhere in midtown Manhattan.

Tonight's headlines: NBC bigwigs at w*r

over their Juanita Broaddrick interview.

Monica back in D.C. to testify

and Paula Jones in Penthouse.

Joining me here to talk
about all this at the desk

is Ann Coulter, author of
High Crimes and Misdemeanors.

Ann, what's your take on all this?

Um, let me just say, Juanita Broaddrick

is very credible,
but even worse than that

is Paula Jones.

I'm deeply, pathetically

despondent over what she's done.

I mean, she was our Rosa Parks.

She was the hero in
"a David and Goliath" conflict.

She used to have dignity

and nobility and tremendous courage.

And now?

Turns out she's just the trailer
park trash they said she was.


- Oh.
- DRUDGE: Did you like my set?

I told them Dragnet meets Star Trek.

It's very fun. It's so unusual.

How do you think I'm doing?

You're so good
at sitting still out there.

Oh, takes practice.

You'll do it.

That's what Roger Ailes just said.

It takes time.

When does this air again?

Saturday night at : .

Oh, well, that's a great time
for a news show.


What about you? Would you ever
want to do your own show?

(SIGHS) I was told

I would get too many FCC violations.

Oh, well, I'm not crying for you,

- Ms. New York Times Best Seller.
- Oh.

You know, I'm doing
a segment on this moment.

What do you mean?

Our moment.

It's the dawn of a new conservative era.

Can't argue, we're all in demand.

Even Ingraham.

But, Drudge, the sitting president

of the United States is a felon.

We exposed him... you, me,

Conway... Starr exposed

more disgusting detail
than we even knew existed.

But if he ran

for a third term today, he'd win.

Hillary, a walking void

of charisma, a sentient bag of ice chips

is-is so popular right now.

She's going to be in the Senate.

We showed this country exactly
who they are and they said,

"Yes, please, could we have some more?"

They're who America want in power.

Not us.

Oh, I don't know if it's all that bleak.

The head of our justice system
lied under oath

and got off Scot-free.

We have no rule of law anymore.

But sure, Drudge, don't worry,

our side is going to run

the stupidest Bush for president.

Oh, and the impotent GOP is calling

on our secret w*apon
for the thousandth time.

DRUDGE: I cannot believe
they're calling her in again.

She must hate it.

Oh, she'll be fine.

If there's one thing we know she loves,

it's being in a room with old men.


It's true.


It'll be three Republican
members of congress.

They don't have enough
votes to convict him,

so they're gonna try to rattle you.

- Have you say something different than...
- This is my nd time

being questioned about this. I got it.

You signed an affidavit
stating you never

had sexual relations with the president.

Was that untrue?

Yes, it was, as I stated
in my prior testimony.

So do you believe it was
in President Clinton's

best interest for you to lie
on that affidavit?

I don't really feel comfortable
speaking what he believed

to be in his best interest.

Well, it certainly wasn't
in your own best interest.

No, actually it was.

Why w... why would it be
in your best interest

to file a false affidavit?

'Cause I was trying to avoid
testifying in public

about a personal relationship
like I'm doing right now.

Can we move along here?

I'm paying my lawyers umpteen
thousand dollars an hour.

It's coming out of my pocket.

Please, can we get this over with?

Miss Lewinsky, Miss Lewinsky.

The, uh, president wanted us to relay

a message to you on his behalf.

We just wanted to express
how sorry he is

for everything that you've been through.

Is that it?

Uh, well, Charles and I
are also very sorry

for-for everything
that you've experienced.



Thank you.


An acquittal is virtually assured

on both of the two counts...






So there's no confusion,
acquittal for the president

on both of the charges
now seemed assured.

The first charge, perjury,

seems destined not to get
even a simple majority.

Can't believe this. (SNIFFLES)

It's so f*cking gross.


It doesn't make any sense.

It was always gonna end this way.

You said that he was gonna
have to resign.

Well, I got caught up in the dramatics

- of the whole scenario.
- Okay, so that's it, then?

- The lesson here is that you should've just lied.
- No.

That's not the lesson.


You know why

I never told you about my father?

Because I didn't want to let
my child know how completely

fantastic life tends
to turn out for liars.

Of course, as a kid, I didn't

realize what he was.

I worshipped him.

He was an incredibly strict man.

He was sort of a... avatar

of moral certitude.

And then one day, when I was a teenager,

he announced he was...

Walking out of our family.

To be with a woman

he met at the school.

I mean, I begged him to stay.

I knew it was pathetic.

I offered him my room.

He didn't care.

He got in his car and drove away.


that wasn't the worst of it.
Because after he left,

the truth came out.

For years... my entire life...

he'd been having affairs with women

all over Morris County.

And everyone had known.

The kids at school,
all the neighbors, everyone.

It was so humiliating. And my mother...

She barely survived that.

Why didn't anyone tell her?

Because they liked him.

They liked him more than her or me.

He was a cheater.

He was a liar.

And nobody held it against him.

That's the truth.

Men like that.

Men like Bill Clinton...
they ruin lives.

And they get away with it.

They just do.


"Congratulations, you've been accepted

into the White House
internship program".

- Oh, honey.
- I'm fine.

I honestly cannot stop
thinking about that apology

his lawyer said was from him.

He's sorry for all that
you've been through? I...

That's something that
you say to a coworker

who's having a tough month,

one that you're not even that close to.

I would have done anything
to protect him.

I did.

Because that's how much he meant to me.

But him? Every single chance

that he had to help me,
he-he chose to do nothing.

When I got that subpoena, he...

he could have said, "Monica, don't lie.

Don't break the law.
Don't do that for me".

And that-and that first week,

when this all came out
and everyone was saying

that I was a stalker
and that I was making it all up,

he just...

he just sat there a-and let them.

He could have stopped this at any time.

She is known as Jane Doe # ,

but tonight, we can reveal her

as -year-old Juanita Broaddrick.

She met Bill Clinton in .

He invited her to drop
by his campaign office

in Little Rock.

- Did you like him?

I became a supporter.

And he told me
if I was ever in Little Rock

to come down to the campaign office.

So, next time I was there, I did,

and we made a plan to meet for coffee

and talk about state reimbursements

to nursing homes.

But Broaddrick says
when Clinton arrived,

Clinton asked to meet in her hotel room.

Did you have any qualms about that?

I was a little uneasy.

But I didn't feel any...

any sense of danger.

But then

we were talking in my room,

and all of a sudden,

he sort of turned me around

and started kissing me.

That was a real shock.

What did you do?

I-I pushed him away at first.

I just told him, "Please don't do that".

And he said,

"Well, did you not know
why I was coming up here?"

And then what happened?

Then he tries to kiss me again.

And the second time he tries to kiss me,

he starts... biting.

On my lip.

I... Just...

I try to pull away from him,

and then he forces me down on the bed.

And I just was...

very frightened.

And I tried to pull away from him.

I tried to get away,

and I told him no.

That this was not something
that I wanted to happen,

and he just didn't listen to me.

Did you resist?

Did you tell him to stop?

Yes, I told him, "Please, don't".

But he... was just a different person.

He was just a...

vicious, awful person.


Then everything was over with,

and he got up and straightened himself,

and I was crying and...

He walks to the door

and just calmly puts on his sunglasses.

Before he goes out, he says,

"Better get some ice on that".

So, you're saying that Bill Clinton

sexually as*ault you?

- That he r*ped you?
- Yes.


Ugh, God, another Clinton woman.

Aren't the Grammys on?


Oh, great.

We missed it.

What are you and Val doing this weekend?

Santana and Rob Thomas are coming

to the Merriweather Post Pavilion.

MAN: Nice.

TINA: Ms. Tripp.


I'm awake.

I'm awake. It didn't work.

Oh, no, it's over. All done.

You're in recovery.

We'll move you to your own room soon.

I'll be going with you.

I'm Tina. I'm your private nurse.


We can't afford that.

Well, I think it's all paid for.

Oh, yeah.


Who's that?

My literary agent.

Her friends.

They wanted to help me look better.

That's so nice.

Can I have my cigarettes?



- Hi.
- CAT: You all moved in?

(SIGHS) No. You're such a freak.

It's been two days. I kind of like

to take my time.
Find a place for everything.


You know your book is everywhere, right?

(EXHALES) I know. It's so weird.

- I have a signing later today.
- Are you nervous?

I just want it all to be over with.

- And how are you doing?
- Fine.

I mean, really.

Cat, I'm fine. Honestly.

It's nice here. Sometimes
people leave me alone.

Oh, Cat, I have to go.
I have to start getting ready

to go out and be Monica.

Well, give other Monica my best.

I will. Love you.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

- Hi. You joining us for lunch?
- I'm meeting someone.

Oh, thank you.

Uh, the reservation
should be under Collins.

He works for George.

- George magazine.
- Yes, he's here.

Follow me.

- This way.
- Thank you.


Oh, hi.

God, uh, I hope it's okay to say
I didn't recognize you.

Thank you. I hope you can
write that. (CHUCKLES)

- That I look different.


- I'm a fan of your magazine.
- Oh, thanks.

Did you ever get to meet JFK Jr.?

Yeah, of course. He was my boss.

Oh, I nearly met him once.

I used to, uh, be director

of this extremely visible program

under, uh, the secretary of defense.

We organized tours.

Back in ' , he almost attended one.


What happened to him was so sad.

- It's very tragic.
- Yeah.

It was.

It was devastating.

(CLEARS THROAT) It okay if I, uh... ?

Oh. (CHUCKLES) Well,

if anyone would have to agree
to that, it's me.



you're finally talking to press.



I made a horrendous mistake.

For a long time, I didn't
think it appropriate

to come forward,

but, uh, that allowed other forces

to, um, shape the conventional wisdom

as it relates to Linda Tripp.

You feel like there's been
a smear campaign against you?

Of course, but that's not all of it.

Clearly, I generate, uh,
a visceral response in people.

You think that would change
with a new look?

I hope so.

I mean, when the story broke
and I saw pictures of myself,

I wanted to sink into the earth.

Until all this happened,
I didn't know how ugly I was.

WOMAN: Go for an hour.
Nothing more, nothing less.

We've told them you'll only
sign copies of the book,

nothing else, and they
can only ask nice questions.

- Nice questions?
- WOMAN: You'll do awesome.

They're here because
they want to see you.

COLLINS: Have you read Monica's book?

- Parts of it.
- I was surprised

by how upsetting it is.

She's been in a lot of pain.

And she wrote
she couldn't believe the cruelty

of someone who would tape that pain.

I wonder how you feel about that.

Well, uh, I don't know
what to say to that.


It's bigger than I thought.

I know. It's an amazing turnout.

COLLINS: When was the last time

- you spoke to Monica?
- Thank you.

Uh, at the mall.

That day.

Do you remember what you said?

I told her they'd done
the same thing to me.

Was that true?


No, it was a lie.


I didn't... I didn't know what to say

in that moment.

What would you say to her now?
If you saw her?

Would you ever try to reach out to her?

Oh, I don't, uh, I don't think
that would be welcome.




WOMAN: Monica! Monica! Over here!

- Monica!
- MAN: Monica!

WOMAN: Monica, you look so gorgeous.

Monica! Monica?


WOMAN : We love you, Monica!

We love you! We love you!

MAN : Oh, my God, Monica.

Hi, Monica.

- Monica! Monica!
- Thank you.

- WOMAN : Monica!

I'm just trying to talk to Monica.


WOMAN: Monica! Monica!

I love your lipstick.

Hey, do you still love Bill?

WOMAN : No questions!

MAN: She can answer
a question if she wants!

Come on.

WOMAN : Monica, I'm your biggest fan.

- I need a moment.



I know in a million years,

she'll probably never understand.

What do you want her to understand?

I know it looks horrible.

I know it looks like a betrayal.

But she was his victim.

He caused all this.

He did.

I just wish she could see
that I saved her.


Monica, are you okay?


Just need a minute. I'll be okay.

I'll be okay.

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