03x06 - Sacrifice Zone

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Channel Zero". Aired: October 2016 to October 2018.
"Channel Zero" Season 1: "Candle Cove" follows a child psychologist, who returns to his small town home to investigate the mysterious disappearance of his twin brother and a slew of other children in the 1980s, and how it is connected to a bizarre local children's television show that aired at the same time.
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03x06 - Sacrifice Zone

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What does happen on
Butcher's Block?

People go missing.

You've probably seen the murals.

White face, bloody mouth.

They say it's Joseph Peach.

Now when people disappear they
say the butcher took 'em.

So you're going to be
meeting Tanya Marcus

and her daughter, Izzy.

Will you make sure nothing
happens to me and my mom?

Of course. Izzy!

- Someone took them.
- When Mom knows CPS is arriving,

sometimes they just ghost.

You didn't hear her scream.

They don't matter.

You know I'm right, Mr.
Mouse Man.

We have to cut off their heads.

What's in there?

Bootleggers built the
houses, all tunnels.

There is something
else in this house.

What they pray to.

We promised the little girl.

We must deliver the little girl.


They lied about Izzy.

I know.

I want to go back
to the way I was.

What are you doing?

I am going to go find us a door

that leads downstairs.

Where's Zoe?

I think she left.

She did?

I'll bring her back to you.

I promise.

How are you doing?

My head feels so clear.

I feel like I can breathe.

Like my mind is finally
on my side again.

There's, um...

There's something I want
to talk to you about.

It's a promise we made
that needs to be fulfilled

so we don't lose
our dreaming here.

A promise to who?

A higher power of some kind.

Gave us the Summer House.

What kind of higher power?

Is it... is it beautiful?

It's so beautiful;

it'll make your eyes bleed.

- Can I see this higher power?
- You can.

Before the offering.

What offering?

A little angel.

- Izzy.
- Yes.

Our god has many angels.

We promised her to
him, but she got away.

We have to deliver her tonight.

If we don't, it will be very
dangerous for all of us.

We have to accept it.

You understand?

Luke, this isn't gonna work.

We can't just go after them.

Maybe it is time
for us to just go.

Give up?

Look, I want them d*ad
just as much as you do.

But I am not so deluded that I
think that we're going to win.

I'm going after them.

Are you gonna help me or not?

I wasn't expecting anyone.


Who is it?

Okay, open the door
just a little.

She came back.

I found her hiding.

- Come inside.
- No, thank you.



Keep her safe when they come.

We will.

Diane, um...

- Hey. How you doing?
- Hi.

We got you. Let's go
get you cleaned up.

Let's get this off of you.

What is this?

Well, we're gonna get rid of it

and you're gonna be shiny

- like a new penny.
- Izzy! Izzy!

Where is she?

Oh, my God.

Oh, my gosh. You made it.


- I knew you could do it.
- I hid like you told me to.

You did so good.

Where's Alice?

She stayed.

So that's it? There's
nothing we can do.

Maybe there is.

There is something else
up there with them.

Something that's
not one of them.

It's this...

this thing that gives them
everything that they have.

What are you saying?

It wants her.

And they are very scared
of what it will do

to them if they can't deliver.

Is that right?

So they'll be coming for her.

Oh, I have a feeling
they're coming right now.

Then we'll just
have to make sure

they don't get their
hands on her.

We'll let them Peaches
pay what they owe.

Take my car and drive

- as far and as fast as we can.
- I'll get it running.


Hi, Zoe.

Um, what are you doing here?

Where are the Peaches?

They just let you leave?

I can leave whenever I want.

Aren't you gonna let me in?

I don't think so.

Are they with you?

I know that Izzy's in there.

Now, you can give her to me, or
they're gonna come and take her.

You were so scared
of losing your mind

and then you just gave it away.

You need me

more than ever.

Let me take care of you.

In a world where you don't
have to worry about

money or Mom or being sick.

How about we get in a car and
get the hell out of here,

and we make a fresh start in a
place with way less cannibalism.

Give me Izzy and I'll
let you on your way.

You're really one of
them now, aren't you?

I would rather

live in a world with no pain.

I live in the real world.



You okay?

Yes, I'm fine. Thank you.


Hey, um, maybe you
can help me out.

I'm not from around here.
I'm just passing through.

I'm looking for a
friend of mine, Alice.

Alice Woods.


I just thought I'd say hi.

Alice and I were old
friends from college.

I didn't have any
friends in college.

Hi, Alice.

- You're the student loan guy.
- Yeah.

And you owe us 90 grand,

you delusional brat.

That's with interest.

And what? You thought
you can just

avoid that? Ignore that?

Of course you did.

Because what? The world
owes you, right?

Because somebody else will just
come in and take care of it. Right?

No. Now, you took out
a loan, sweetheart,

and now you got to pay up, okay?

Sooner or later you
always got to pay up.


Open the door, Zoe!

Let me in!

- Zoe! You can't keep running from me.
- Zoe!

Get down here!

Shit. Shit.

They're coming!

They're coming!

They're coming!

Where do these tunnels go?

Who knows? They're...
they're 100 years old.

Come on.

Come on, Izzy. Come on.
It's okay. Come on.

- Where are we going?
- sh**t.

What? Oh.

Izzy, here. It's okay. Go on.

Okay, okay.

Come here.


What is that?

Take Izzy.

Okay. Need you to hold
on to the side, okay?

Go on this side. Okay.



Are you gonna sh**t me, Louise?

What the f*ck? Come on!

Give me that child.

Come on.

Izzy, you need to run.

I'll be right behind you.
Right behind.

Push through, okay? Right now.

Do you remember my brother?

I don't know.

What did he taste like?

You're almost through.


Oh, my God, they're
on the other side!

They grabbed her!

Oh, shit!



I made a deal to protect
my family a long time ago.

Our god holds the universe
inside his cloak.

He will give you
whatever you want.

Show you whatever
you want to see.

And he's so generous.

He gave us our little
patch of heaven

where it's always summer.

And he gives us children.

Little Peaches.

But he is hungry too.

He demands offerings.

We must deliver exactly
what we promised.

If we fail then the Peaches
will be extinguished.

So be glad now.

We bring the offering.
He's going to be pleased.

Very pleased, indeed.


What is this place?

This used to be our chapel.

Come on, Diane.

What are we gonna do?

Whatever we have to.

Everything's fine now.

We're just in time.

- Will this hurt her?
- No.

It feeds... gently.

And I'll see it?

You will.

Just close your eyes at first.

Your mind is fragile.

His power could overwhelm you.

It's time.

Holy shit.

What is this place?

They're going to sacrifice her.

It's now or never. Come on.

Zoe, wait.



have a question.

Zoe, what are you doing here?

How often do you
have to feed it?

Zoe, get out of here.

Shouldn't that be a
red flag, Alice?

It eats children.

Grandma, the girl!

Where is she?

What did you do?

Go get her! And bring her back.

- Go, Luke.
- I got him.


Do you know what you just did?

You k*lled your sister.

- Leave her alone!
- Go! Go!

You eat little kids.

f*cking sick.

Sick f*ck.

- No. No.
- No.

- Alice.
- Wait, wait.


Alice! No, don't, Alice! Alice!

Anything is better
than going insane.

- There!
- What?

Stop, Zoe. Please,
don't do that.

- Please, please, please.
- Anything is better.

- Your mind is fragile.
- Anything is better than going insane.

His power could overwhelm you.

Power could overwhelm you.

Anything is better
than going insane.

Your mind is fragile.

Anything is...

Anything is better
than going insane.

Your mind is...




Alice, wake up.

Okay, come on.

Come on, Alice.

Can you hear me? Alice?

Come on.

Alice. Alice!

Alice, can you hear me?



I wasn't myself.

I wasn't myself.

But now you're with me.

You're with me.

Now we're together.


You have the best little
fingers for this job.

Just keep pushing it down in.

Don't tear it, and don't let
him bite you like last time.


Come on, honey.

Look at this.

- Oh, this piece for you.
- Thank you.

I'm watching you.

You are not sneaking that under
the table to the dog, okay?

- Let's eat.
- Let's eat.

All right.

- We're having...
- Spanakopita.

Yeah. It's Greek.
It's vegetarian.

It was made by Izzy and I,
and you are gonna love it.

All right?
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