03x04 - Episode 4

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Delicious". Aired: December 2016 to January 2019.
"Delicious" is a drama series about food, love and infidelity in Cornwall, England.
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03x04 - Episode 4

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Mimi, what is it?

I have a malignant
tumour in my left breast.

Maybe we should just be friends.

No. I've got a lot of friends.

- I want more.
- You...

Did she tell you what she's
planning to do with the baby?

If she had, I wouldn't
betray her confidence.

It's not Michael's baby.

- Sam's gonna hate me.
- We don't have to tell her.

I enjoyed it so much

that I'm not sure I
want it to be my last.

Time. The great master.

Uncontrollable. Unstoppable.

This beauty was crafted in .

- Quite the year, actually.
- _

My mother was born.

You'll be here when I wake up?

Well, I'll definitely
be here if you don't.

Clamp, now!

- Oh, shit, we're losing her.
- I'm no doctor,

but this doesn't appear
to be going very well.

BP's falling!

Oh, is it over?

The hardest part is.


And that's the truth. Dying is easy.

It's living that really
takes it out of you.


Oh. No pre-op jitters for you, then.

You slept like a baby
for ten hours straight.

Can you blame me?

Dealing with all of you
fussing over me is exhausting.

Speaking of which, Sam's
already been here twice.

Oh, I hate that she's worrying about me.

Will you look out of her? Today?

And after the surgery.

I don't want her
spending all her days here

locked in battle with Gina.

There's more to life!

How about we look after her
together when you come home?

Running away again?

- It's enough to give a guy a complex.
- No running.

Promised to make a family breakfast.

Am I invited?

Since when were you family?

I'm in a relationship
with a family member.

You think this is a relationship?

Well, isn't it?

Er... I haven't really thought about it.

Maybe you should.

I'll call you.

Where's Mimi?

- Still sleeping last time I checked.
- Unbelievable.

- The woman's got nerves of steel.
- Where have you been?


- So much for your promise of staying away from him.
- Annoyingly,

I think I really like him.

The best sex in the world doesn't
change the fact that he is a snake.

- It's more than sex.
- So go for it.

- You don't need my blessing.
- I do, actually.

Because if you can't forgive
him, I'm not sure I can.


I just hope you know what
you're getting yourself into.

Whatever the roses did,
they don't deserve that.

Too much?

We're all worried about her.

How are you coping?

- With what?
- Mimi.

The baby.

Mimi's gonna be fine. End of.


- as for the other thing...
- Sammy.

Look what the peacock dragged in.

- Thanks for coming.
- I was so glad you called.

You must have driven all night.

I'm no good at playing it cool.

It was impressive, actually.

She gave me her blessing

while at the same time making
me feel like a complete idiot.

I thought that today of all days

- you two could put down your w*apon.
- Never!

She's right, of course.

Things will probably go
horrible wrong with Mason.

Just like all the others have.

What's the worst that could happen?

You end up pregnant and alone,
back living with your mother?

That's unlikely.

Well, then you'll end
up with a broken heart,

and we both know that's not fatal.

So... what about you?

Can we talk about the thing
that we can't talk about yet?

It just didn't work out.

Once we were a regular couple,
the spark just disappeared.

- Well, I told...
- Oh, so not

- the time for that speech.
- No. Right. Yep.

(SIGHS) We just became
bickering siblings

living in filthy hostels
with no money. Not fun.

And then one night we both said
some horrific things to each other...

... and I went to this bar

and met the most beautiful
Italian man I've ever seen.


But... hang on.

So this baby is Italian?

percent. Well,
percent. percent Irish.

This is a brilliant combination!


Well, you just left.

- Yeah, because you told me to.
- I didn't mean right away.

Oh, so, what, you meant

- f*ck off but not immediately?

I don't know. (SIGHS)

I thought maybe I'd made a mistake.

When I said I wanted you to go...

... maybe that was...

actually the complete
opposite of what I wanted.

Shall we see where we could go?

- The thing is that...
- That is,

if you still want me.

I've never really wanted anybody else.

- Where is she?
- She said she'll be right down.

I thought you were banished.

I've been offered a reprieve.

- You know Mimi can't eat any of this.
- Why not?

Cos she's fasting. She can't
even have a cup of coffee.

All right, calm down, I'm not
gonna force-feed her French toast.



You clearly all think I'm about to
die, otherwise why the last supper?


Look, I appreciate
all the support, but...

... I have a request.

- Anything.
- Stand down, ladies.

Don't come with me.

I can deal with this
much better without you

looking at me with anguished faces.

Absolutely not!

There's no way we're sending
you off to surgery in a taxi.

Who said anything about a taxi?

In case this is adieu
rather than au revoir,

I have a nugget for you all.

Do what feels right in your heart.

There's no other way worth living.


This could be my last
trip, so make it a good one.

- No pressure, then!

- Yes!



It's a routine procedure.

And she's in phenomenal shape.

She'll be home before we know it.

Right. Good talk.

Do you know, motherhood
didn't come easy for me.

I was sick every day
of the pregnancy and

had depression for months after.

But I did my best

and that's really all you can ever do.

I know it seems daunting right now,

- but you have two grannies eager to help...
- It isn't Michael's.


But it doesn't matter,
we're still family.

Has Gina known all along?

f*cking Benellis!

You're all the same!

Liars and cheats!


- Well, she'll calm down. She always does.
- Don't bet on it.

Her head practically did a .

- Well, your timing couldn't have been worse.
- I was trying to do the right thing!

- She'll forgive you.
- Me?

- What about you?
- You're the one who lied to her.

Because you told me to! And
even when I tried to tell her,

you swooped in and changed the subject!

- Because I was looking out for you.
- How?

By ensuring she would hate me
when she found out the truth?

- No! That's not...
- How would you have felt

if it was the other way round,
thinking it was your grandchild,

then having it ripped away?

It wasn't really about me, was
it? It was just about you and Sam

and your ridiculous power games.
I just got caught in the crossfire.

Well, I had hoped I'd die in my own bed,

not in some damned establishment
wearing a recycled gown.

You are not going to die.

General anaesthetic holds
much more risk for the elderly.

And that's not taking into account

all the bugs that seem to be running
riot in our hospitals these days.

OK. I'll make you a deal.

If you make it out of here,

I'll finally take your advice
and sign up for a dating app.


If you don't have sex soon, you'll
forget where everything goes.


Onward unto the breach.

What have I been doing
here all this time,

wasting years of my life investing
in this place, in this family?

- People who have no moral code whatsoever!
- Can we just stop for a minute?

Poor Michael is out there
somewhere heartbroken and alone,

all because like mother,
like bloody daughter!

Maybe you should give
her a chance to explain.

Everybody makes mistakes.

- If you just talk to her...
- No, no more talking.

It's got me absolutely nowhere.

I can't do this any more.

- I can't.
- Neither can I. Sammy...

From now on, I'm gonna focus
on the people in my life

who I know won't let me down.


Challenge of the day.

Make the lunch special with...

- ... these ingredients.
- But lunch service is in an hour.

Hence the challenge. Don't let me down.

- He likes to keep us on our toes.
- Why did this have to happen today?

Why not today?

Just I've, erm...

family stuff going on.

- f*ck.
- Have a little faith.

Mr Elliot adores you.

He'll love whatever you come up with.

- You think?
- Of course.

And I can help you with
your food prep if you like.

Let you get on with inventing.



... you... just need
to find a way to relax.

♪ Girlfriend ♪

♪ Don't feel like a girlfriend ♪

♪ But lover ♪

♪ Damn, I'd be your lover ♪

Dio, would you just take
it? Thanks very much.

- Sam, listen...
- I always knew you were capable

of some pretty underhanded
things, but this... I mean,

- What kind of person are you?
- I can explain.

There is no possible explanation!

You even had me doubting my own son,

thinking he was an absolute bastard

for running off and abandoning
his pregnant girlfriend.

- We were going to tell you.
- When? At a time that suited you?

That's how you operate, isn't it?

Always putting your
own needs and desires

in front of everyone
else's, especially mine!

- Are you gonna let me speak?
- No!

I don't know why I was even
surprised that Teresa was lying.

- I mean, she learnt from the best, didn't she?
- Hey, that's enough!

- Leave Teresa out of this.
- You're right. It is enough.

- Any word from the hospital?
- No, it's too soon.


"She'll calm down", you said. "She
just needs time." What a load of arse.

Er, just confirming that the chapel
is booked for our vow renewal.

- Absolutely.
- Thank you.

You know, we actually got
married there years ago.

- Amazing. What's your secret?
- Patience.

And you have to be blind sometimes.

- Deaf others.

Although, really, we had to get along.

We didn't have anyone else.

His parents didn't approve of me
and mine didn't approve of him.

We didn't even have any
guests at our wedding.

But it was a magical day nonetheless.

Look, let me make you
a proper wedding cake.

No extra cost, of course.

Ohh, that would be wonderful. Thank you.

- Erm, Andrew will show you to your room.
- Great. Thanks.

OK, this way.

Chef, we're still waiting on orders

- for tables , and .
- Yeah, I know.

It's not what I was hoping for.

- We're gonna need a new special.
- Oh, erm...

What about this?

It's just... something I
was working on this morning.

- Yeah. Good. Put it on the board.
- Yes, sir.

And put this... in the bin,

where sadly it belongs.

- Good work, Rhiannon.
- Chef.


You're the most beautiful
woman I've ever seen.

I'm definitely the luckiest.

Isn't this a bit drastic,

- making a decision like this on a day like today?
- It is exactly the best day.

Do you think Mimi would stick around
if someone had done this to her?

I just think you should take a breath.

I was only ever here because of Leo.

I mean, who was I kidding?
As if I could ever trust her,

after all she's done!

Just promise me one thing.

No lies, OK? Whatever happens.


Just stop for a second.
I mean really. Really.

Just stop.

Maybe, er... take a seat.


I slept with someone at Mimi's party,

after we split up.

I was hurt.


Who was it?


Mimi's doctor.


- Really?
- Sure.

You can leave now.

- Sammy, please.
- Get out.

- How's that, then?
- Yeah.

Face it the other way.

No, the other other way.

Yeah. That's it.

- Is this your way of getting me up the aisle?
- Don't flatter yourself.

I must admit, this rent-a-crowd
venture is a new one on me.


What's wrong?

I well and truly screwed up with Sam.

Apologise, then.

I tried. I just don't
think we can get past this.

- So what now?
- Dunno.

I just... want her to be happy.


Thank you so much.

What's all this?

Well, everyone deserves a
proper wedding day with flowers

- and guests and a maid of honour, if you'll have me.
- Yes.


I'm your best man, I believe.

Thank you.

You owe me.

- Excuse me?
- You know what you did.

And it's time to make amends.

- Go on.
- I want out of the Penrose.

Away from here altogether.

Surely with your connections,

you can help me secure
a position elsewhere.

I don't think that's a good idea.

- Meaning?
- Meaning Gina would k*ll me.

That's really not my problem.
This is between me and you.

And we both know it's the
very least you could do for me.

I'll see what I can do.

I'm so grateful to you for all of this.

We both lost a lot when
we chose each other.

Of course.

- Oh. Excuse me.


Calm down. Calm down.

- Sam! Sam! Sam!
- Get out of my way.

Teresa just called from the hospital.
They think Mimi's had a stroke.


What's happening?

The nurse said she should
have woken up by now.

- I'm going to find a doctor.
- OK.

You OK?

Yeah, I'm fine. Erm...

I'll be back in a minute.


What's happening?

- What if I lose it?
- Don't.

What if it sensed that I wasn't sure?

- What if it didn't feel loved?
- Stop!

That baby is blissfully unaware
of all the chaos out here,

including your feelings.

- Just try to relax.
- Yeah.

Can you see it?


I'm sorry.

I can't find a heartbeat.

Yes, you can. Yes, you can.
I heard it just last week.

- I'm sorry.
- Stop saying f*cking sorry!

Just do it again,
just do the scan again.

Yes, you can. Mum!

- Teresa...
- Mum, why isn't she doing it again?

- Why isn't she doing it? Mum!
- Teresa...

- Please do it again!
- No. No.

- (SOBS)
- Oh! Oh, my darling.


You died in a room like this.

Well, this is awkward.

Is it selfish of me to
want her to stay alive...

... because I need her?

Maybe you've never been selfish enough.

Without you here,

without Michael...

... maybe without Mimi...

... I don't know where I belong.

You know, I wouldn't have minded
if you'd taken that job in London

when we got married.

Of course you would.

You wanted me to be here.


I wanted you to be happy.


How's Mimi?

We're still waiting.

Right. I'll, erm...

- I'll come back later.
- What for?

So we can talk.

- I have nothing more to say.
- You broke up with me.

I was devastated. I
wasn't thinking straight.

Of all people,

- I really thought I could trust you.
- You can.

I'm so sorry, Sammy.


Who do I have to screw to get
a slice of toast around here?

- I'm starving!
- Oh, thank God!

- Please?
- Let's just check you over first.

A cup of tea, maybe?

- I'll get you a cup of tea.
- Oh, thank you!

I didn't actually realise
how much I wanted it

till the scan was happening.

How much I'd made plans for it.

How f*cked up is that?

That is not f*cked up at all.

I think you've been incredible
throughout all of this.

I've never been so proud.


Where is she?

They've taken her for some
tests, but she seems fine.

Teresa lost the baby.

I'm so sorry.

Is she OK?

She will be.

Listen, erm, about before...

This experiment just hasn't
worked out between us, has it?

I'm leaving.

This way we can all
move on with our lives.

Right. That's, er... That's fine by me.

I can finally run the
place the way I want to.

Well, that's decided, then.

Not partners, not friends, not family.



What a difference a
little time can make.

A minute, a day, a week, a month.

A whole life can change.

Friendships can collapse,
families split apart.

But for every door that slams shut,

- a new one springs open in its place.
- Hi!

Welcome to La Fontaine.

- Thank you.
- Can I show you to your table?

I had two miscarriages before I had Leo.

And I carry that with me always

as a reminder that life is precious.

Is this what growing up feels like?

- You're talking to the wrong person, dear!
- That's true.

Our battle scars are what make us.

They show us that we were
wounded but not defeated.

I just, I can't stand the
thought of you leaving,

of all this being over.

There's a time for everything, dear.

... champagne to celebrate.


- It suits you.
- What does?

This place.

If it was a dress, it
would be a perfect fit.

Oh, well, so far, so good.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Enjoy.

The staff seem gloriously
uncomplicated and professional.

Yeah, but they're just trying
to impress their new boss.



... long may the good times last.

How did Sam find anything?

Probably cos she didn't just

chuck stuff at her desk
like it's a dartboard.

What are you looking for?

I may have taken a booking for a wedding

on the same night that Sam
confirmed a th birthday party.

- Now the groom is thr*at to sue.
- No! No! No!

What are you doing even taking
bookings? You're not allowed.

- Sam told me. I can handle that.
- Oh!

- You have to call her.
- Call who, sorry?

Cher. Who do you think?

You've been miserable
for weeks. Admit it.

- No, I haven't. I'm perfectly all right. Thank you.
- Bullshit.

Call her and apologize.

- Grovel if you have to.
- I can't.

You can. You just need to swallow
your enormous ego for once.


It's all right. Just
disappear. I've got this.

Shouldn't you be at lunch service?

I can't cook.

And I can always cook.

It just doesn't feel
right. Sam should be here.

I feel like Torvill without Dean.

More like Tom without
Jerry, from what I could see.

If you hadn't got her that
bloody job in that poncey hotel,

we might have been
able to work things out.

- You said you wanted her to be happy.
- Here!

I wanted her to be happy here!

- Well, I owed her a good turn.
- Well, you should never have got involved!

- She's my business partner.
- But you're complete opposites.

- You fight like cats and dogs.
- I know!

- That's how it works!
- (SIGHS) This is totally confusing.

Whatever this is between us

is never going to work out

if you're going to go
interfering behind my back.

Interfering? It was a peace offering.

And one that could have
destroyed everything

that I've worked so hard to create.

You can blame me all you want,

but the truth is she was going anyway.

This place...

it just wasn't enough for her any more.


Where's Gina?

I've no idea, but when I find
her, I'm going to k*ll her.

What are you doing here?

I just needed a bit of normality.

This place is your normal? You do
realise how crazy that makes you?


It'll be a quick turnaround. And
we're full this evening, so...

Can you take over for me for a sec?

- Nice place.
- It is.

I'm lying. It smells funny.

- I hate it. Come home.
- Don't.

- I mean it. You don't belong here.
- You're wasting your time.

Look, I know I should've
told you about the baby.

I didn't want to disappoint you.

I knew how excited
you were, we all were.

I'm doing what's best for me now.

But we're what's best for
you. We're your family.

And the Penrose is a family business.

That's what we love
about it. La familia.

- It's in our blood.
- But we're not blood. We never were.

We were just pretending to be.
And see how well that turned out.

Well, the Penrose just
doesn't feel right without you.

First Adam, then you, and
now you're taking Mimi.

It's all unravelling.

I was only ever playing support there.

To Leo and then to you.

I want to see what
happens when I give myself

that space to put myself first.

You're right.

It was all about me.

But not any more.

It's about a mile or
so from the Penrose.

It's perfect for the spa.

I sold the rest of the wine. I
put a deposit down this morning.

It's yours...

if you want it.

It's too late.

I work here now.

- And this is what you really want?
- It is.

We're having a family supper on
Sunday, before Mimi moves out.

You should come.

We might not all be together again.

I already have plans.

Good luck, Sam.

It's like losing a limb,
letting go of the ones you love.

Even the people that hurt you the most.

Er, excuse me, chef who doesn't
work here any more, unhand my pots!

You were gone and I
just... got stuck in.

Right. Well, I'm here now,

so you can get back to
your posh, weightless food.

What if I don't want to?

It's not just about the cooking for
me. It's all of it. It's about...

being around people who
know me and care about me.

People who I can trust.

There is no substitute for that.

You made your bed.

I know, but f*ck that!

I wanna come home.

You took bloody long enough.


Thank you.

I thought you might like to know
that your head chef has resigned.

I heard.

It's not the first time Rhiannon
has scared off the competition.

- Well, Adam has a very big heart.
- I know.

That's why he never stood a chance.

So, that makes it one-all, then.

Sam is blissfully happy

and won't be coming home, thanks to you.

I don't wanna fight.

Yeah, I... I know.


So where does that leave us, then?


Like any other new couple, I guess.

At the beginning.

So what brought you back to us, then?

It was like Gladiator in there.

That kind of ambition, it's ruthless.

I don't wanna spend my days
looking over my shoulder.

I'd much rather be here.

You do realise we're
completely dysfunctional.

Yeah, but I already knew that.

Well, for what it's worth,

I think you might actually
be a better chef than my mum.

But if you tell her I said
that, I will have to k*ll you

and bury you in her compost heap.


I needed that.

Oh, shit! I'm so sorry. Are you OK?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

It is actually fine. It doesn't...

I actually can't feel anything at all.

Mrs Hasni!

- Looking beautiful! What a pretty dress!
- Oh.

- Just a little something.
- Oh, you're too kind. You shouldn't have.

Here he is now.

- Look who's come to visit you, Mr Hasni.
- Hi.

And you are?

I'm Keira, darling.

I'm your wife.

You enjoy yourselves now.

Let's go and have a cup of tea, hm?


There's a time for everything.



A time to live

and a time to die.

Thank you.

A time to hold on

and a time to let go.

A time for w*r

and a time for peace.

I wish I could think of something
more original to say than I'm sorry,

but that is exactly what I
am. I am so incredibly sorry

that in trying not to hurt you,

- I ended up doing completely the opposite.
- Michael called.

He told me things were pretty
much over between you before...

I'm sorry about the baby.

Here she is.

- There she is. Are you all packed?
- Yes, of course!


- ... I'm not coming with you, dear.
- What?

I've booked myself into a luxury
health resort on Lake Como!

Indefinitely. You see, I
want to recover in style,

not watching Judge
Judy in a granny flat.

I'm sorry.

All right?

Oh! Look at that!

I'm so glad you came.

I couldn't resist one
last Gina Benelli feast.

Let's eat, then.


- Ooh! I'll have some spaghetti.
- Right. OK.

Thank you. Let's eat, everyone.

- Delicious.
- This looks great.

- Some spaghetti for you.
- Oh, lovely!

- That's enough. That's enough.
- What is that?

We call that long green spaghetti,
if you're interested in it.


So, apparently, pregnancy
can affect allergies.

So carrying a baby forces the
body to accept something foreign.

So the baby cured you?

I guess it did.

Are you sure about this?

I am years old

and I have never been
in a swimming pool.

Fair enough.

MUSIC: Movin' On Up by Primal Scream

♪ I was blind ♪

♪ Now I can see ♪

♪ You made a believer ♪

♪ Out of me ♪

♪ I was blind ♪

♪ Now I can see ♪

♪ You made a believer ♪

♪ Out of me ♪

♪ I'm moving on up now ♪

♪ Getting out of the darkness ♪

♪ My light shines on ♪

♪ My light shines on ♪

- ♪ My light shines on... ♪
- So,

is it just dinner and
tonight, then? Or...

are you in?

You're impossible.

Mm. And you're infuriating.

I'll think about it.

That's the problem with life.

You don't even realise you're in
this crazy kaleidoscope of glory

until it's too late.

♪ My light shines on ♪

Take it from me.

Every second is precious.

Don't waste a heartbeat.
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