03x10 - The Island Family

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Wrecked". Aired: June 2016 - October 2018.
"Wrecked" follows a diverse group of plane crash survivors coping with dangerous thr*at on a remote island. Two best friends become leaders of this new society.
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03x10 - The Island Family

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- Previously on "Wrecked"...
- What is that?

It's a priest character from the game.

I risked my life to steal this.

- What?!
- Come on!

Hey, can you bark like
a dog, Half Pint?


Meat is m*rder.

Oh, s-so you're a hypocrite.

I'm not a hypocrite. I value all life.

Does anyone know any of our last names?

See? We're no one to each other.


- She did it.

Tell Declan you found us all

barricaded at the power station!

Once they get out of the
mansion, we can slip right in.

- Oh!

I want them d*ad.

Declan, what if they get to the radio?

That won't be a problem.

I must say...

you've put on one hell of a show,

but we now have you surrounded,

and you have nowhere left to run.

So I'll make this easy for you.

If you come out now,

I will honor the terms of
our original agreement

and spare one of your lives.

But if you decide to
stay inside my home,

hiding like cowards,

I will k*ll you all.

As befitting a gentleman,

I'll give you seconds to decide.

- Hey, Dec. Dec.

Your choice is... What?
What? What? What?!

What are you muttering about?!
I got... I gotta go.

You're pulling my leg.

- Can't that wait?
- No, it can't!

Nature calls. I gotta
answer this sombitch.

Honestly, I'd love a little breather.

My, uh, jumper's knee is
kinda acting up. I gotta...

Hell, if we're taking a break,
I could slam a protein bar.

Jesus Christ.

Fi... How long do you need?

[SIGHS] Ideally, .

But I mean, I could, like,
muscle it out in if...

Stop. Stop. Stop talking.

minutes! You've got minutes,

then we come in and k*ll
you all, all right?!

All right?!

Christ on the cross.

I'm trying to create a sense of menace,

a sense of... of dread... [FARTS]

and you tits are ruining it!



- Declan, you want some of this, man?
- Shut...

Well, if we surrender, maybe
one of us could live?

The rich... they'll hunt whoever wins.

Declan told me. They're
gonna k*ll us all.


Well, then, that's that.


No, we are not gonna die here today.

We are gonna get out of this together.

Because Danny was right.

We're a family.

- No, we're not.
- You said it yourself.

We don't even know each
other's last names.


You want to know what my last name is?

It's the same as all of yours.

It's "Island."

My name is Owen Island.

- What?
- What are you talking about?

- Your last name is "Island"?
- We...

That's dumb. I mean, is it Dutch?

It's not [CHUCKLES]
actually my last name.

Obviously, I'm not Owen Isl...
I'm saying...

I'm thinking of a name
that would unify us

because we all crashed on an island.



when we crashed, we were
just a bunch of strangers

stuck together.

But we have been through so much,

that now we really are like a family.

So, it doesn't matter
what our last names were.

What... What... What
matters is that now...

we may as well share a name.

My last name's Island, too.

I'm Danny Island.

Then I'm Florence Island.

And I'm Jess Island.

Yeah, I'm...

Todd Island.

But sometimes we bang, so...
are you, like, my sister?

I don't really know how this works.

I'm Karen Cushman-Island.

Didn't change my name for Anthony,

and I'm sure as shit not
gonna change it for you,

but I'm happy to hyphenate.

All right, y'all ain't
gonna believe this,

but my actual last name is Island.

I'm Bruce Island. Hand to Jesus.

I'm Stewart Island!

Yep, I'm changing both my names.
I've always hated "Steve."

- Uh, Steve, that's not really the...
- Stewart.

- It's Stewart.

Oh, my God!


And I'm Pack Island!

Have you just been hiding
there this whole time?

Yeah, I have.

And even though it was kinda muffled,

I agree with everything.

And I'm done hiding.
I'm ready to fight!

So let's stick it to those
rich assholes, huh?!

- Yeah!
- Yeah!

- Yeah! Let's do it!
- I love family!

So... what's the plan?

Danny... got any crazy ideas?

Listen up, people!

We've got T-minus eight minutes

to booby-trap the shit
out of this house.

We're talking homemade expl*sives...

deadly kitchenware...

marbles all over the floor.

They should be sliding they
asses all over this place.

Oh, and, guys?

Really think about your last quip

before you go in for the k*ll.

It should be short and punchy,

but also emotional.

Like, for example, I may say,

"Well, isn't this rich?"

Then bam!

You see, that played on

both their financial circumstances

and my own personal history.


that one's really good.

Shit. I may use that.

Oh, wow. You're done finally.

Good. Have you, um... eaten your snack?


- Taken your shit?
- Oh, yeah.

Knee feeling good?


Great. Well...

let's hunt.

All right.

Time's up.

Prepare to die.

The vents? [CHUCKLES]

Too easy.



- What the hell is this?!
- It's a red flag, mother...



The hell?

Half Pint!

Oh, shit.

Looks like you got a little
pair of nuts on you after all.

- [g*n]
- Aah!

Well, where you going, little doggy?

I got a treat for you.



Aah! Son of a...

You sure this is gonna work?

Of course this is gonna work.
Why wouldn't it work?

Because it's just strings and marbles?

Strings and marbles?

You think this is just
strings and marbles?


Let me try and explain this to you.

Once he enters, he's gonna
slip on the marbles,

stumble forward, and trip the wire.

That'll dump the syrup,
which will catch the fan,

blasting him with feathers.

Momentarily blinded... [GROANS]...

He'll reach for the hot doorknob.


Then he'll fall through the window.

[SCREAMS] Plummeting!

Straight to his death.

Yeah, I just don't see any
of this actually working.

- [QUIETLY] Wait. Shut the [BLEEP] up.

Somebody's coming.

This could be it.

Hey! Get over here!


It's the nerdy one.

It would've been so much
better if it was Peabody,

'cause we have that,
like, shared history...



Shh! Shh, shh.


Oh, I see.

A little game of cat and... Aah!




You think he would've hit
the feathers by now.


I did not expect this.


Hey, there, friend. Care for a drink?

How about our house specialty?

We call it a Molo-Todd cocktail.



Hell, yeah!

Are you freakin' kidding me?
Tell me someone saw that.

Did anyone see that?

Oh, my God!


Freaking creep!

- Ow! That's me!
- Shit! Sorry.




Drop the knife

or I'll sh**t you. I swear to God.


You're the vegan, right?


What was it you said again?

That you respect all life?

[CHUCKLES] You're not gonna k*ll me.

Yeah, well...

I'm a hypocrite, bitch.





[BLEEP] It's in my mouth!

Look at his freakin' head.

Oh, sick!

Oh, it's so gross!

BREWSTER: Half Pint!


Well, this is more like it.

Half Pint hiding like a little bitch.

I know you're in here.


on out, little doggy.

Now, where could he be?




Take it! Take it!


Are you throwing a trout at me?!


- Well...
- [g*n COCKS]

looky here.

Half Pint is about to become No Pint.

You know what?

Do that little funny dog bark

for me one more time, Half Pint.


I said bark funny like a dog.

No. I'm not a dog.

I'm a medium-sized man.

Suit yourself.


Woof woof.


That big, old bitch.


Oh, my God.

Hell, yeah, Karen!

And that line... "Woof woof"?

I mean, come on!

That really came full circle.

I said it because that's
the sound a doggy makes.



[g*n COCKS]



Oh, yeah.


[g*n CLICKS]

STEVE: Well, well, well.

Look at these tables turning.

- Shh, shh, shh.

[WHISPERING] Someone's inside.

[WHISPERING] Good thing we've got...

my stick.

Yeah. No, totally.

It's just... I have a g*n now.

So maybe we just use that.

Yeah, that makes sense.

- Let's do that.
- Totally.






- [g*n CLICKING]

[MUFFLED] What the [BLEEP]

Oh, my God. I am so sorry.

I should've looked before
I started sh**ting.

I realize that now.
This thing is crazy!



You're covered in blood.

Well, yeah. Florence k*lled a guy.

Oh, nice.

I lit a dude on f*re. It was so dope.

But it was also pretty gnarly.

I'm actually feeling
pretty weird about it.

Where are the others?

We're here.

Oh, hey! What up?

Did you guys k*ll your guys, too?

Big-time. Karen crossbowed

that John Wayne-looking
dipshit right in the chest!

We used marbles.

- Wait. Where's Steve?
- DECLAN: Right here.

Nobody move

or I will paint this
room with his brains.

I'm sorry! He got the jump on me.

I was in the study, and I
took a g*n off the wall,

but it turned out to be more
of a decorative number.

- Quiet, please.
- It wouldn't sh**t.

- T-The barrel wasn't even hollow.
- Quiet!

- The trigger was glued.
- Quiet. Don't... Stop.

Here's what's going to happen.

I'm going to my helicopter,
and I'm going to fly away.

And if one of you so much
as farts in my direction,

I will k*ll Steve, and you
don't want that, do you?

Because you're all family!

Isn't that your whole g*dd*mn thing?!

- Let's go.

Jesus Christ, your
hands smell like piss.


Hey, Declan. Wait.

We can figure this out.

No, we cannot.

Because despite your
best efforts, you lost.

It's like I told Steve.

If you want to k*ll the king,

you have to keep your
eyes on the prize.

- [QUIETLY] Eyes on the prize.
- So long, everyone.

You know, I wish I could say
it's been a pleasure, but...

But honestly it hasn't.

I really despise every one of you.



- Did you just mean to say "checkmate"?

Oh, Christ. You are the
most stupid person...

This is for Luther!

- Aah!


Ow! My eye!




I told you that little
priest would be the key

to us getting out of here.



- Whoo!
- Hell, yeah!

How the hell do we get home?

This is a dumb question,

but does anyone know how
to fly a helicopter?

BRUCE: Someone say "helicopter"?


- Bruce!

You know how to fly a helicopter?

Unless some other Bruce Island
did three tours in Desert Storm.

Let's get the hell out of
here before I bleed out.

- Hell, yeah!



What's that sound?

It's the chopper.


Aloha, babies.

DANNY: Chet, what are you doing?!

If I let you go back,
ol' Chester's toast.

You'll throw me in the clink just
'cause I m*rder some dudes.

You still don't get it.

Chet is a survivor,

and I plan to...


What is he saying?!

I have no idea!


JESS: He can't actually
fly that thing, can he?!

BRUCE: Without any training,
it's damn near impossible!


Oh, God bless. He's gonna crash!




Helen Mirren.


James Earl Jones. Ooh.

I'm gonna say d*ad.

I mean, can you even picture
a young James Earl Jones?

Holy shit. No, I can't.


Tom Cruise.

Why would Tom Cruise be d*ad?

He does a lot of his own stunts.



Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson died
like years ago. What?


Michael Jackson is d*ad?

How do you not know about this?

Michael Jackson the musician.


Oh, my God.

That's so sad.

Hold on a second.

Mayday, mayday. It's a distress call.

Anybody out there? Over.

It was a huge deal.

Well, at least the King of Pop
is moonwalking in Heaven.

You know that people thought
he was a pedophile, right?


It is shocking to me

that you don't know about any of this.

Mayday, mayday. This is
a distress call. Over.

Nobody out there? Thank you for
nothing. Talk to you never.

Why aren't more people
talking about this?

People were talking about
this years ago!

WOMAN: Hello?


Are you there?

We're here.
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