01x04 - The Grand Finale

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses". Aired: November 28, 2021 - present.
Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the film, contestants answer trivia questions for the grand prize of the title of House Cup Champion.
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01x04 - The Grand Finale

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[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Good evening.

I'm Dame Helen Mirren,

and tonight,
we're making history.

There are only three houses
left competing to claim this.

Those teams are...

Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the grand final

of "Harry Potter:
Hogwarts Tournament of Houses."

[cheers and applause]

♪ ♪

Let the games begin.

Well, now, we're going
to play a new game

to find out
which two of our houses

will go to play head to head
for the championship.

Now, this game is called
Quick Quotes Quill.

The Quick Quotes Quill was,
of course, a magical quill.

It wrote words,
usually inaccurately,

as a person spoke.

But in this game,
you have no room for error.

Players, before you is
a portrait wall

featuring eight
wonderful characters.

Professors, students,
Muggles, and even...


- His name is Voldemort, Helen.

You might as well use it.

- So I'm going to show you
a scene

where we've abruptly cut
one of those characters off


Now, you have to buzz in
as fast as you can

and tell me
the very next word they say.

Now, if you're right,
we'll place your house crest

their character's portrait,

and the individual

that answered it correctly
will anxiously wait

for their remaining teammates
to join them.

The first two houses to get
three house crests on the wall

will be the two teams competing
for that tournament trophy.

Here we go.

Our first character
is the very confident

and self-assured Draco Malfoy.

- Wait until my father hears

that Dumbledore's got this oaf

teaching classes.

- Shut up, Malfoy.
- Ooh.

[buzzers chime]

- Ravenclaw. Annie?

- Dementor.
- Let's watch the clip.

- Dementor, dementor!

- You are correct, Ravenclaw.

So let's put a Ravenclaw crest
on Draco's portrait.

Now, here is our next
character, Rubeus Hagrid.

- I demand that you leave
at once, sir!

You are breaking and entering!

- Dry up, Dursley, you great--

- Slytherin.
- Prune.

- Let's see if you're right.

- Dry up, Dursley,
you great prune.

- And you're right.

Well done.

Here is our third character,
Professor Minerva McGonagall.

- The heir alone would be able

to open the chamber
and unleash the--

[buzzers chime]
- Gah!

- Ravenclaw. Vincent.

- Horror?

- Let's see if you're right.

- The heir alone would be able

to open the chamber
and unleash the horror.

[cheers and applause]

- Good luck.
One more, okay?

- Well done, Vincent.

- Ravenclaw, you have
two shields up there,

and you just need one more
to make it to the next round.

- No pressure.

- Everything to play for now.

Here is our fourth character,

the strict disciplinarian
Dolores Umbridge.

- Study hard,
and you will be rewarded.

Fail to do so
and the consequences may be--

- Slytherin.

- Severe.

- Let's see if you're right.

- Fail to do so,

and the consequences
may be severe.

- Congratulations, Ryan,
well done.

♪ ♪

Ravenclaw, Slytherin,
you need just one more shield

to get to the next round.

Hufflepuff, you need to get
yourself on the board here.

I'm sure you will.

Now, here is our fifth
character, Severus Snape.

- If anyone here has
any knowledge

of Mr. Potter's movements
this evening...

I invite them to step forward.

[buzzers chime]
[dramatic music]

- Slytherin, to put yourselves
into the final,

what is your answer?

- Now.

- Let's see if you're right.

- I invite them
to step forward...


[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Congratulations, Michelle.

You've just taken your team
into the final.

- Slytherin, Slytherin,

- So there's just one spot left
in the head-to-head.

It will be either Ravenclaw
or Hufflepuff.

you need to get three up there.

As of now,
there's not yet one shield.

here is our sixth character,

the constantly annoyed
magic-hating Muggle,

Vernon Dursley.

- I should think you'd be
a little more grateful.

We've raised you
since you were a baby,

given you the food
off our table,

even let you have
Dudley's second--

- Ah. Team Hufflepuff.

- Bedroom.
- Let's see if you're right.

- We've raised you
since you were a baby,

given you the food
off our table,

even let you have
Dudley's second bedroom.

[cheers and applause]

- Congratulations, Adriana,

you've just put Hufflepuff
up there on the board.

And now,
here is our seventh character,

the dark lord himself.

- My wand and Potter's
share the same core.

They are, in some ways--

[buzzers chime]
[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Louise, if you're correct,

you're going to take Ravenclaw

to the head-to-head final.

What is your answer?

- Brothers?

- Louise...

that is incorrect.

So Team Hufflepuff,
you can buzz in.

David, what is your answer?

- Twins.

- Let's see if you're right.

- They are, in some ways...


- Yes!

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Well done, David.

- David, David, David!

♪ ♪

- Team Ravenclaw,
Team Hufflepuff,

there is only one clip left.

Whoever gets this right
will take their team

into the head-to-head final.

Very good luck
to the both of you.

Here is our eighth
and last character,

the charmingly quirky
Luna Lovegood.

- Quibbler?

- Oh, please.

What's a wrackspurt?

- Invisible creatures.
They float in your ears

and make your brain go--

- Team Hufflepuff.

If you get this correct,

you'll take your team through

to the head-to-head final.

What is your answer?

- Fuzzy.

- Let's see if you're right.

- What's a wrackspurt?

- Invisible creatures.
They float in your ears

and make your brain go fuzzy.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Luke.

Congratulations, Luke.

I can see your heart pounding.
So was all of ours during that.

- My sweater was like that.
- Yeah. [laughs]

And what a change around,

because Hufflepuff had
no shields up there,

and now look how
you've turned it around.

So you've given your team
a place

in the head-to-head final.

Louise, you were certainly
a worthy opponent.

- Thank you.

- Your team, Ravenclaw,
the three of you

and your house
were really exemplary.

Many congratulations
for getting this far.

Better luck next time.

- Thank you, Helen.
- All right, thank you.

- Ravenclaw, Ravenclaw,

- When we come back, Team
Hufflepuff and Team Slytherin

will continue on their quest
for the ultimate victory.

Don't move an inch.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

- Welcome back.

We began the night

with three houses,

but we are now down
to just two.

Michelle, why is your house
the most deserving?

- We're Slytherins!

- Of course.

- Hufflepuff is the
hard-working house,

but we've done the most work
to get here.

We've had to play
in an extra game.

- You have.

Adriana, how are you feeling?

- I'm feeling confident.

I mean, the Slytherins are
definitely the comeback kids.

So we're up against
a little bit of pressure,

but we're excited.

- And we'll earn that trophy!

- Well, jolly good luck.

Now it's time
for the Dueling Club.

In this round, our teams test
their opponents on how well

they know their own house

by f*ring questions

at individual players.

The questions in this round

are worth , ,
and points.

So our teams are going
to have to be very strategic

about who they choose
to answer each question.

However, your houses behind you

will be playing along
with each question,

so they will hopefully
be adding points to your score.

Slytherin, the first question
about Hufflepuff

is worth points.

Who do you want to f*re
the question at?

- I'm thinking David
just because

he gives me a smart vibe
because he's got glasses,

he reminds of a professor.
He's sweet.

- I agree.

- It's like a shaven

- All right, David,
here's the question.

- I'm really glad this was just
a -point question.

I believe option C, .

- That is incorrect, David.

The correct answer is D, .

But let's see
how your housemates did.

They were correct.

You earned a total
of points.

This question about Slytherin
is worth points.

Who do you want to answer it?

- They're all extremely bright.

- Aww.

- But why don't we do
Michelle this time?

- Oh, Michelle.
Here's your question.

- I feel pretty confident
in this one.

Frank Bryce is the one

who was k*lled shortly
before his th birthday.

- You are absolutely right.

points for Slytherin.

Well done, Michelle.

Let's see
how your housemates did.

You earned a total of points
for that one.

This question about Hufflepuff
is worth points.

- Now, I'm less sure
about this one.

I see that Luke
is also wearing glasses.

Why don't we go
with the theme of just glasses?

- Luke, okay.

- So I feel like I remember
in this moment he's bragging.

So for me, it's between
Oxford and Eton.

I'm gonna go with B, Eton.

- Luke, you're
absolutely correct.

And you won points
for your team.

So let's see
how your housemates did.

- Yes!

- Another points.

And now once more back
to you, Hufflepuff.

This question about Slytherin
is worth points.

- I'm trying to think of, like,
the buzzer round

and who was quick
on the buzzer.

- I feel like Giulia
was quicker.

- Yeah, maybe we'll go
for Giulia

and save the harder one
for Ryan.

- And here's the question.

- I'm thinking it's got to be
Hagrid because when

he's telling Harry everything
about his past, he says, "V--"

And then he says,
"I don't want to say it."

So I'm gonna go
with Hagrid, yes.

- I'm afraid that's wrong,

The answer is C,
Professor McGonagall.

- Oh, man.

- But let's see
how your housemates did.

You've earned
a total of points.

Now, it's your critical
-point Dueling Club question,

which will be posed by famous
alumni from your own houses.

There's only
one Hufflepuff player

who hasn't played
this round yet, Adriana.

To ask that -point question
is Hufflepuff's house ghost,

the Fat Friar.

Please welcome
Simon Fisher-Becker.

- Hello, everyone.

fellow Hufflepuffs,
on making it to the final.

- So Tom Riddle

woos Hepzibah Smith
into giving it to him.

So B, Hepzibah Smith.

- Let's see if you're right.

- The answer is B!

Nice work, Hufflepuffs!

You've made your house proud!

Good luck in the rest
of the final.

You can do it.

- Well done, Adriana.

Okay, now, let's see
how your housemates did.

- Yeah!

- So you've earned a total
of points there.

Well done, Hufflepuff.

Now it's Slytherin's chance

to try to answer
a -point question.

So Hufflepuff,
why did you leave Ryan?

- Well, it's easy.
It's courtesy, ladies first.

- I like your style, David.

- If it's true that it's
more fun to play a villain,

then this fine young actor
must've truly enjoyed himself

playing Harry's foil,
Draco Malfoy.

Please welcome Tom Felton.

- Hello again, everybody.
Congratulations, Slytherins.

Making it to the finale
is quite the achievement.


- Yes, bravo.

- Slytherins are
characteristically ambitious.

And no one was more power-
hungry than Dolores Umbridge.

- My favorite character
is Professor Dolores Umbridge.

I'm gonna go with D,

Head of the Department
of Magical Law Enforcement.

- Let's see if you're correct.

- The answer...

is D.

- Yes!

- points for Slytherin.
Now keep it going.

The tournament trophy
is within your grasp.

- Let's see how
your housemates did.

You also have earned
a total of points.

My goodness me,
this is a real head-to-head.

Luke Youngblood,

so tell us,
where do our points stand?

- Oh, well, it's
a very tense game, isn't it?

- It certainly is.

- Slytherin are currently

and just narrowly in the lead
is Hufflepuff with points!

- Everybody, hold on
to your hippogriffs,

because when we come back,

there might be an actual actor

"The Sorcerer's Stone" film

standing right there.

I don't think you want
to miss that, now do you?

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- So welcome back.

It's a nail-biting competition
with Slytherin on points

and Hufflepuff just in the lead
with points.

And we're on to round three,

the Department
of Magical Games.

- Whoo!

- We're going to reveal
some magical charms

on our portrait wall.

[mysterious music]

And you're going to take turns
picking a game to play.

Now, each question is worth
points, but in this round,

if the other team
gets a question wrong,

you now have the opportunity
to steal and win yourselves


Each game in this round

is inspired by tonight's theme,

the story that started it all,
"The Sorcerer's Stone."

- Whoo!

- Hufflepuff,
you're in the lead,

so you get to play first.

Which game would you like
to start off with?

- Homenum Revelio
sounds interesting.

- Homenum Revelio.

- The Homenum Revelio charm
can be used

to reveal a human presence

in the vicinity
of the person who casts it.

So in this game,

we're going to reveal
in person four humans,

one of whom actually appeared
in the "Sorcerer's Stone" film.

Now, it's your job to figure
out which of the four people

is the actual actor
who played the role on screen.

Are you ready?

- Absolutely.
- Yes.

- Homenum Revelio!

Oh, I know
what character this was.

I will tell you the one line

that one of these gentlemen
famously delivered

in King's Cross Station
over years ago.

Just have to get myself
together for this.


" / ?

You think you're being funny,
do ya?"

- Whoo!
- Yes!

[cheers and applause]

- So, Hufflepuff,
for points,

which one of them delivered
that infamous line

to a young Harry Potter
at King's Cross Station?

- I remember
that this character

looked like my dad
at the time.

We are both clearly bald men.

- D is too big and C
is too small,

so I think we're down
to choosing between A and B.

- I feel like I remember him
having a kind face.

So I feel like
we should go with B.

- Your decision is B?
- Yes.

- Let's take a look
at the clip.

- Excuse me, sir.

Can you tell me where
I might find platform / ?

- / ?

Think you're being funny,
do ya?

/ ...

- Whoo!

- " / ?
Think you're funny, do ya?"

- Whoo!
- Yeah!

- The most famous station guard
in the world, Harry Taylor.

You know, most people don't
realize the years of training

that we do
to play our big roles.

So Harry,
tell me, where did you train?

- In a car.

I was driving the director,
Chris Columbus, on the movie.

- Oh, my God.

- His children chose me,
his four children.

- No!
Oh, really?

Thank you, Harry.

So, Slytherin, it's your turn
to play the game.

Which one do you want?

- My eye is drawn
to Obscuro still.

- I agree with that.
- Obscuro.

- Yeah.
- Good.

The Obscuro charm

puts a blindfold
over someone's eyes.

So for us, this game is all
about what you can hear.

So listen carefully
to this scene.

Here we go.

[whimsical music]

♪ ♪

[crunching footsteps]

[music swells]

♪ ♪

- Ooh.

So for points, what friend
was Harry with in that scene?

- I've heard like... [puffs]
Like, steady noise.

So I feel like that reminds me
of, like, the train.

- Was that a train or was it
the crunching of snow?

Because I could've seen him
with Hedwig.

- Yeah, you're right.
It might actually be just--

- It could be just Hedwig.

- All together.
One, two, three.

all: Hedwig.
- Let's take a look.

- Whoo!

- Wow.

points for Slytherin.

So Hufflepuff,
it's your turn to pick again.

- Accio is definitely the spell
that I would pick.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

The Accio charm
can be used to summon

a specific object toward you.

Tonight, we've Accio-ed

a set of actual props
from the Harry Potter films.

Take a look at these pairs
of oven gloves.

- Ooh.

[mysterious music]

- One of them is
the actual pair Hagrid wore

in "The Sorcerer's Stone"

when he was in his hut,

the soon-to-hatch dragon egg.

- Ooh.

- Which are the actual pair
of oven gloves

that were used in the film?

- Well, do any of them
smell like dragon?

- Don't know if they would do,
like, a Robbie Coltrane-

sized glove

or they would
amp it up for Hagrid.

- Well, I'm thinking
about how big the egg is,

which is about this big.

I would throw out B and C
as being too big.

I also think that if it were E,
this bright blue

and white pattern,
that would've stood out.

And I think
we would remember that.

- Do you feel you have
an answer?

- I think it could possibly
be D

because they've dulled it
down enough

that it's not too distracting.

- Oh, yeah.
That's a good point.

I say let's go with D.

- Okay.
- Let's take a look.

- Oh, ooh. Ooh.

- So it's D.


That's another points
for Hufflepuff.

So Slytherin, your turn.

It's worth points,
so it's a big one.

- It might be better to go
with a known entity.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

- We've done Engorgio before,
and we've made it work twice.

- I'll never say no
to Engorgio.

- Engorgio is, of course,
the engorgement charm,

used to make regular things
grow extremely large.

So this is an enlarged version
of an article of clothing

worn by a character
in "The Sorcerer's Stone."

Who wore it?

- It's definitely pajamas.

I think we can all agree
on that,

just by the pattern alone.

They're tight PJ pants.

They're not billowy and loose.

- Yeah, they're not billowy.

It's definitely Dudley.

- Cousin Dudley.
- Cousin Dudley.

- Slytherin, I'm afraid
that's wrong.

- Oh!

- So it's over
to Team Hufflepuff.

You have a chance to steal.

If you get this right,
you'll get points.

What do you think
the answer is?

- I'm wondering if this might
be something

worn by Vernon Dursley

and we see it
in the hut on the rocks scene.

- I think so.

That's what
I would be thinking.

- If you get this right,

you will be points
ahead of Slytherin.

[suspenseful music]

♪ ♪

- Oh!

- You've both got it wrong.

So nobody gets points
for that one.

Let's find out where we stand
with the scores.

- Somebody called?

So first of all,
let me remind you,

Dame Helen, that there's only
one round left to go.

Now as things stand,
Slytherin have points,

but creeping away
is Hufflepuff with !

- Whoo!

- When we come back,

these two teams
and their houses

will be playing the decisive
Golden Snitch round

with everything at stake.

It can turn around
very quickly.

We'll be right back.

- Whoo!

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- This is it, the final round
of the final match

of our Tournament of Houses.

Our loyal Hufflepuffs
and determined Slytherins

are about
to face off one last time.

The stakes are higher
than ever,

because whichever house
is victorious

will earn
the title of House Champion,

and the winner
will also win this.

The winning house will receive
a once-in-a-lifetime trip

to the
Wizarding World locations

across the East Coast,
including a shopping spree

at the Harry Potter
New York store,

tickets to the award-winning
Broadway production

of "Harry Potter
and the Cursed Child,"

a trip to the brand-new
Harry Potter: The Exhibition,

and an amazing four-days,
three-nights trip

to the Wizarding World
of Harry Potter

at Universal Orlando Resort.

So there are only points
between our teams.

And in this game, the scores
can change very quickly.

It's called
the Golden Snitch round.

You'll have to answer
six questions.

Meanwhile, your houses
will be playing along too.

And to make things
even more interesting,

you now have just
seconds to answer.

Each question
is worth points,

but if your house
runs the table

and gets all six answers right,

we'll double their points
to points.

Hufflepuffs, are you ready?

- Whoo! Yeah!

- Slytherins, are you ready?

- Whoo!

- So here we go.


- Do we know?
- I think it's A.

- I'm absolutely positive.

- Lock in your answers.

Hufflepuff, you went for A.

And Slytherin, you went for C.
One of you is correct.

And the correct answer
is C, Dementors.

Well done, Slytherin.

And the next question.

- I'm absolutely positive
on this as well.

- I think it's B.

- And lock in your answers.

So you both went for B,
June .

And you're both correct.

Here comes the next question.


- I think
"Prisoner of Azkaban."

- And lock in your answers.

And you've gone
for the same answer again.

You've both gone for C,
"The Prisoner of Azkaban."

And you've both earned

This is very tense.

Question four.

- Santa Claus's workshop.

- Sahara Desert.

- And lock up your answers.

And you both went for C,
the Sahara Desert.

And for points,
the correct answer is


[dramatic music]

Question five of six questions.

- Draco's is walnut.

- Do you know it?

- Blackthorn.

- And lock in your answers.

And you've both went for B,

And the correct answer is

B, blackthorn.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

And here comes
the last question.


- B.
- B.

- Maybe their crowd
didn't get the question...

- And lock up your answers.

What a way to end.

You've both
gone for the same answer again,

B, the Wronski Feint.

And you're both correct.

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- And that's it for
the questions in this round,

besides the one question
everyone is asking right now:

who is our first ever "Hogwarts
Tournament of Houses" Champion?

So Luke?
What's our current score?

- So as things stand,
just points

separate these two teams.

- Oh, my goodness.

- Slytherin have
and narrowly in the lead

is Hufflepuff with .

- Incredible!
Good goblins, this is close.

But nothing's been decided yet,

because it all depends
on how your houses scored.

So Luke?

- Yes, Dame Helen?

- Let's take a break.

- Aw!

So join us to find out
how the houses' score

impact these teams' scores

and watch one team lift
that trophy, after the break.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- So welcome back
to "Harry Potter:

Hogwarts Tournament of Houses."

[cheers and applause]

- This is tense.

As things stand,
the scores are:

Slytherin has ,

and with a narrow lead,
Hufflepuff has .

But nothing's been decided yet.

Teams, as you know,
your fate all hangs on

how well your houses scored
in that final round.

Let's find out
how House Slytherin scored.

- Okay, Dame Helen, this is
a big night and a big moment.

House Slytherin
got five answers right,

giving them another points.

- Oh, just amazing.


- Taking them to !

- So that means,
Hufflepuff House,

you now need points to tie.

How did Hufflepuff House score?

- I can tell you this,
Dame Helen.

They need five
correct answers to win.

Five correct answers
to carry Hufflepuff to victory.

And tonight...

They did it!
Five answers correct!


- Whoo!

[cheers and applause]

- Which puts them on !

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- You did it!

♪ ♪

- Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff,

- How do you feel, Adriana?

- I am overwhelmed.

- How do you feel, Luke?

- It feels really amazing.
You know what?

This whole experience
has been so incredible.

It's like being in
a pressure cooker with people

that love
the same story that you do.

I mean, what more could
everyone in this room want?

I'm so thankful to our house.

- Yes, the house
did it for you.

And David, David,

I can see you've already got
your hands on the prize.

- Yes, well, I am studying
this carefully,

trying to figure out
where it would fit in

with the décor of my apartment.

- And I have to say, Slytherin
were very noble opponents

as well, weren't they?

A grand, grand game.

- Being here with people who
love the same story you do--

there is nothing
more incredible than that.

- And I really get that feeling
of a community here,

which is so lovely.

- And may I just add,
we could not have had

a more wonderful host
than with you, Dame Helen.

- Ladies and gentlemen
and all the houses of Hogwarts,

please join me as I say
congratulations to the winners.

It's Hufflepuff House!

[cheers and applause]

- Whoo!

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Yay!

That officially concludes
our tournament.

It's been an honor to have been
a part of it,

this truly magical celebration
of Harry Potter.

We're all headed
to the Leaky Cauldron

for Butterbeers
and treacle tarts.

The only thing left to say is
thank you so much for watching.

I think I'm going
to miss this place.

Good night!

[dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- Hufflepuff, Hufflepuff,

- Whoo!
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