07x13 - Family Meeting

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Shield". Aired: March 12, 2002 - November 25, 2008.*
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Vic is a rogue cop in an experimental division of the LAPD, who is willing to sink to the criminals' level in order to bring them to justice.
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07x13 - Family Meeting

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Previously on "The Shield"...

Shane need someone
to k*ll you,

'cause he was waiting
to k*ll me.

Gardocki: claudette knows we're
gonna be g*n after him.

We just walked vic and a bag
of dirty money into a bust.

Vic: code red.

There's a package.

You know what to do.

This is for you.

Ronnie is
his g*dd*mn errand boy.

What if vic figured out
that I was working with you?

Get this money out of here,

Keep it.



My shoulder!


It's like a Kn*fe
in my chest.

Just take me home.

Shane is broke
with an injured, pregnant wife

who just k*lled her last sh*t
at getting out of this.

My wife
is not going to jail.

We got to get i.c.e.

To start cutting us deals now.

Not without a big
cartel takedown.

the goal is getting beltran

to trust you to the point
where you have access

to the cartel's inner workings.

I've arranged a meet and
greet with you and the

black board of directors.

I don't meet and greet.

I'd be happy
to negotiate terms.

This ain't no proposal.

This is a gank and grab.

Buy-in's 200 large.

I couldn't get washington

to sign off on ronnie this fast.

I don't want half a deal.

When you can offer the same
thing at the same time to

ronnie, then you call me.

Are you gonna arrest vic?

You need to end this now.

What did mara say?

That she and shane
are coming for the money.

I'll meet with you
to pick up the cash.

The cops are there, corrine.

They're watching you.

If we don't have vic on tape,
we got nothing.

How do I explain
all this money?

Sofer: corrine mackey,
you're under arrest.

We got to go through the
motions. Vic may be watching.

Give me that deal.

You give my ex-wife
a pass on this one

aiding and abetting
and I'll give you beltran

and the whole g*dd*mn cartel.

I can't do anything
for ronnie yet.

Ronnie can wait
until after the bust.

Our strike team was committing
criminal acts

on a regular basis.

What kind of deal
did you give him?

Full immunity on everything
he confesses to.

I sh*t and k*lled
detective terry crowley.

He gave up ronnie,
and we're gonna catch shane.

But vic!

You're fired, you sanctimonious
son of a b*tch!

This isn't you.

Anything less than
the biggest drug bust

this agency's ever seen
will violate your deal.

Don't worry.

I'll give you beltran
and his entire organization.

You've implicated gardocki
in enough sh*t

to put him away
for the rest of his life.

I need him
to take down beltran.

I'll string him along
until we're done.

The Shield S07E13 - Family Meeting


Sync: GeR

change in --
Gardocki: how'd the drop-off

with shane go?

Cops were set up
all over corrine.

Must have tapped
her phone.

They arrested her?

She posted bail
an hour ago.

Oh, christ.

I reached out to olivia again,
gave her the hard sell.


She agreed to put something
on paper for both of us,

clear corrine of this, too,
effective as soon as

the beltran bust goes down.

Full immunity for us?

Holy sh*t.

That's great news.

Hey, let's go feed beltran
the bait.

Beltran: why is my presence

These guys want some
face time with their

new business partner
on their first


They're ponying up
a shitload of cash.

this isn't mexico city.

You got to earn trust
up here.

Trust is all the dr*gs
i'm putting in black hands.

It's a respect thing.

I'll make it quick and painless.

It better be.

Otherwise, I'll promise you
the opposite.


Noon tomorrow.

We're gonna do this
in broad daylight?

I told you, air force one
is landing at l.a.x.

In the afternoon.

80% of the cops
in this city

will be deployed
on the west side.

It's wide open.

Vic cut a deal
with the feds.

Full immunity for you.

I don't need immunity.

Yeah, vic
doesn't know that.

He also got full immunity
for himself.


He can't be charged
with anything, corrine,

and he confessed
to some heinous sh*t

you don't even want
to hear.

But he can't be charged
for any of it?

He leveraged a bust they needed
him on into a deal.

They had no idea
the nightmare they were

getting themselves into.

He's free... of everything.

We're arresting ronnie
in the barn tomorrow,

after vic's bust, okay?

Vic has his whole life
to figure out what I did to him.

What is going to happen to me
when he realizes it?!

We have an idea.

You have an idea?!

I have children!

What am I gonna do?!

okay, buddy, we're home.

[ doorknob rattles,
door opens ]

here we go.

I'm gonna play
with that big dump truck.


Is that a dump truck?

It's in your room, honey.

Go in your room, okay?

Go ahead.

Go on.

Jackson: mommy?



What, baby?

What's gonna happen to him...

When they catch us?


'cause they're not.

Come on.

All right.

We're just resting here.

All right, now.

I am, uh, gonna get you
to feeling better,

and, uh, uh, tomorrow morning,
when the prez hits town

and all the unis
are rolling west side,

we're gonna h*t the road
once and for all.

I can't take
a car trip, shane.

Sure, you can.

My mother won't
take jackson in --

Not that I want that b*tch
anywhere near him.

There's no one
in your family.

They're gonna put him
in foster care, aren't they?


Don't lie to me, shane.

They're gonna put him
in foster care.

Oh, god.


What, baby?

What's wrong?


Jackson: mommy!


I'll be right there, baby!

What's he gonna think of us
when he finds out?

When they tell him
who his real parents are?

I'm not gonna --
What's he gonna think?

I'm not gonna let
any of that happen.

You got to get these disaster
fantasies out of your head.

And our daughter?


I'll give birth to her
in a prison,

and they'll take her
away from me.

They're gonna rip her away
from me, aren't they?

Baby, she's always
gonna be ours.

Let -- let's name her...


Before anybody else can,
let's --

Let's give her a name.


What do you want
to name her?




Frances what?

Frances abigail.

Whenever she does
something cute,

we can call her
franny abby.

Morning, captain.

Good morning.

We've got business to do.

We sure do.

I left some papers
on your desk to sign.

W- what are you doing here?

Seems like
i'm in the right spot.

I heard the doctor tell you last
night, "no stress, stay home."

Didn't I f*re you?

It didn't take.

Immunity for mackey.

I've got to do something
about... something.

That ship has sailed.

You need to take care
of yourselfnow.

Oh, my doctor's prescribed
some new meds.

They seem to be working,
and I still got business.

I'm on the clock,
so make it quick.

We need you to put
corrine mackey and her kids

in federal witness protection.

And why would I do that?

Because she's been helping us
make a case against vic.

Then you set her up somewhere,
on your nickel.

Vic's local reach
is too dangerous.

And we can't control him,
since you've given him immunity

for every depraved act
he ever committed.

Exactly. So why would I do him
this one last favor?

Because it's a favor for me,
not him.

Because corrine and her kids
need protection

in case he finds out
that she helped us.

And he's your monster now
and you want to hurt him,

and this is a way to do that.


Hey, kids.

Hey, dad.

Listen, I'm sorry
about the arrest.

Well, I'm out now.

Did they treat you
all right?

I just want
to forget about it.

Well, good news, then.

I took care of it.

It's all over.


I gave the feds
something that they want.

You've been cleared
of any wrongdoing in return.

Are you gonna be okay?

Oh, yeah, I'm --
I'm gonna be good.

I just wanted to check in
with you and the kids,

and I just wanted to kiss
the most beautiful children


Mwah, mwah!

Hey. Hey, buddy.


Hi, beautiful.


Hey, you want me to drop you off
at soccer on my way?

I'm not going to soc--
Vic, we have a routine,

so please let us stick to it.

Okay, I'm just --
I'm just offering.


I love you guys.

Love you.

Hey, score a goal for me,

I'll see you.

Yeah, okay.

Matthew: bye, dad.

I thought you said
I wasn't going to soccer today.

That's right.

What's going on?

Hey, steve.

Holy sh*t.

Let's just have a civil
conversation so I don't have

to pull out my g*n, okay?

Sounds good.

'cause I'll do it,
and you know that, right?

They're saying some pretty awful
things about you, shane.

Well, I did
some pretty awful sh*t, steve.

I need you to deliver a message
to claudette for me.

That woman that mara sh*t
was in self-defense.

Yeah, well, that woman d*ed.

They were trying
to kick the sh*t out of me.

Okay? Mara was defending me.

Those guys are saying
that you tried to roll them.

I'm just trying
to be truthful with you.

I don't give a sh*t
what they said.

I'm sorry, okay?

I don't give a sh*t
what they said, steve! Okay?

Mara's not a criminal.

If you were committing
a crime, mara can't

claim self-defense.

Look, I'm not asking
for your legal opinion, steve.

Just deliver the message.

Mara was acting
in self-defense...

And she hasn't wanted to do
any of this sh*t.

She only did it because
she didn't have a choice.

She was scared of me.

She was scared for her life,
and she did what I made her do.



Uh, this is a lawyer.

You tell claudette,
if she wants me

to turn myself in today,
i'd testify to everything

that she needs
to put vic and ronnie

in prison forever and a day.

All she has to do
is call that guy

and guarantee that mara
does not do any time.

Now, I'll check in with him
in four hours.

And as soon as I get
the word

that mara is clear
of any and all charges...

I'll walk
into the barn myself.

How'd he seem?

Calmer than I'd be,
but worried.

He just wants
to protect mara.

Thanks for bringing this to us
right away.

Of course.


You okay?

Shane doesn't know
vic b*at him to a deal.

Yeah, he's got nothing valuable
to give us --

At least, not to trade
for kicking down

his wife's m*rder charge.

So, how do we get him
to come in anyway?

[ indistinct conversations
in distance ]

brown man
running behind schedule?

Is that all the cash?

Why don't you let me worry
about my business?

All this muscle, the mexicans
are gonna think you lack trust.

All that money, mexicans
will understand the caution.

Vic: let's just
keep it friendly.


Right on schedule.

Target's on the premises.

Hey! Where's beltran?!

Man: jefe is a busy man.

He considers this
a simple transaction.

We gave "jefe" 200 g's
of good faith.

We're expecting him
to show some respect

to his new business

You only gave him 100 grand.

And if I were you, I would keep
your expectations low.

You ain't even straight
on how much money

we already dropped.

My expectations
can't get any lower.

This is supposed to be
a partnership meeting,

not a street-level drug deal.

Here's what your 100 g's
bought you.

If we like what you do with it,
there will be more.

You promised us product,
not sample!

I brokered this g*dd*mn deal!

I set the terms!

I expect your boss
to live up to them!

These people need to prove
themselves as businessmen first!

Ain't that some... bullshit!

What he just say?!

Let's go.

Run out of here now!


Let's not walk away

All units, move in now.

Right now, get out of here.

Federal agents!

What the hell is this?!

Right there!

Right there!

Get your hands up!


Jackson: daddy?

What's your need,
sweet thing?

I got to go
to the bathroom.

Uh, okay.

I can't get up.

Is it that bad?


I need another pill.

Well, you took
the last pill.

But I know where
to get a bunch more.

Let me get him
out of the tub,

and I'll go score them
for you, okay?

Wait, no.

I got to go to the bathroom.


All right, well,
let me help you up.



I'm gonna put my hand
back under here.




I can't hold it.

The baby's...

Come on.

Some just came out.

It's okay.

I just pissed myself, shane.

It's not okay.

It's okay.

We're almost there.

Okay, let me, uh,
let me get your pants. Okay?

Hold on.


Okay, all right.

We're gonna sit down.

I got you.


Hi, mommy.

Hey, jackson.


You know,
it's my fault, mara.



You were so... innocent.

You were so innocent
and so... wonderful.

And I ruined it.


I took you for granted.

This whole time, i, uh...

I just needed to be
more like you.

And I'm so sorry.

Baby... all we ever wanted
was to be with you.

That's all we ever needed.



I got it.

All right, come here.


All right,
let's go, let's go.

All right.

Hey, get this sh*t
off me.


You blew the whole deal!

We wanted beltran,
not his g*dd*mn chauffeur!

Right now, the only thing I want
is to be finished with you.

You got your immunity.

What do you care
if I get what I want?

You're willing to sh*t
on a headline bust

just because
you're pissed off at me?

I'm not pissed at you.

I am pissed at me.

I could still spin this
so the black board

of directors takes
the h*t for this pinch.

Keeps me in play
with beltran.

You are to stand down!

You are either a lying hustler
or ineffective.

In any case, your involvement
with beltran is done!

[ indistinct conversations
in distance ]

i.c.e. Isn't gonna renege
on our deal?

Can't do it.

It's ironclad.

We'll go after beltran
and the missing powder.

She screwed this up.

This is her problem.

I made a deal
to bring in beltran

and the dr*gs for immunity.

I'm gonna hold
my end of it up.

Well, I'm part
of that deal, too.

We started this together.

Let's finish it together.

This young man needs to file
a report about his mother.

My mom's missing.

Since when?

Since last night.

She's gone,
and I need you to find her.

He k*lled her.

Rita's d*ad.

we don't know that.

I wouldn't back off my hunch.

I had to get close to the mom,
and the little prick k*lled her!


Tell me what's going on.

It's my fault!

Lloyd was the sh**t
in that 2-11

when you and tina
were out on street duty.

the more we talked to the kid,

the more the smash-and-grab
smelled like bullshit.

My take was that lloyd lured
the kid over to his house,

set the whole thing up.

Steve saw it, along
with the fbi profiler,

that lloyd
was a wrong number.

I thought that dutch boy might
have been onto something, maybe.

Lloyd's a budding
serial k*ller, and

the mom's victim number 2.

He's a kid.

By my lights, he looks like
he's worried sick about his mom.

That's what he learned
from m*rder number one --

Pretend like
you give a sh*t!

He's stepping up his game.

You really think he has it in
him to m*rder his own mother?

That's what he did.

We need to find mom.

You know
that's what I want, too.

I like your mom... a lot.

But the best way
you can help us

is to tell me
everything you rember,

try to retrace her steps.

When did you see her last?

Last night.


What time?

It was about 3:00 a.m.

She was in the living room,

It woke me up.

She said that she was upset
about a fight that you guys had.

She said
that she was going out

and that I should
go back to bed.

And then she took her car,
and she never came back.

Any idea... where she might have
gone to that late?

Your house.

She said that she was going
to see you.

I did see rita yesterday,

but it wasn't
in the middle of the night.

Steve, give us a minute.

I went over
to see if she was okay.

I got a bunch of hang-ups
from rita's cell yesterday.

I was worried about her.

A- ask danny.


Dutch, you've got to tell me
all of it!

After I h*t a wall
in the lloyd investigation,

I kept in touch with rita.

I figured,
staying in touch with her,

i'd be able
to keep an eye on lloyd,

prevent him
from hurting anyone else.

Please tell me
you didn't do anything stupid.

No! No.

She kissed me once,
but I-I stopped it there.

The point is,
when lloyd found out about it,

he was pissed --
Enough that

rita was scared.

When I talked to her

she didn't know anything
about those phone calls.

Lloyd made those calls
to get me to come over.

He k*lled her and --
And he made you a suspect.

[ woman speaking indistinctly
on police radio ]

you haven't
congratulated me yet.


Do you even know for what?

I graduated the academy
a year ago.



That's right.

Means I'm not a rookie anymore.

Guess not.

Maybe someone
will get me a cake.


Sometimes other unis
get you a cake

when you h*t
your one-year mark.

Eh, it's not important.

Huggins: if you want more thugs
selling dr*gs...





...or more hos on the stroll
along streets with potholes,

you do not want robert huggins
as your next mayor,

because I can't do
anything for you.

But if you want your parks
clean and green,

schools with more books
and less crooks,

then vote for me,
and I'll set you free.

Hey, give it up
for the man of god.

What did I say was
gonna -- what did I

say was gonna happen
if we had to respond

to one more noise
complaint at this address?

Keep it down!

Democracy --
Democracy ain't a quiet thing.

Hey! Turn that off!

Turn it off now!

Let me -- let me talk.

Hanlon: quiet!


I'm not talking about changing
the old ways. No, no.

Changing? That's nothing.

I'm talking about
destroying the old ways.

A political earthquake
where the old paradigm

is eradicated and we -- we...





...we start to build
the new from the nothing.

You're preaching
to the converted.

Right now, I just need for you
to shut this down

and clear the street.

Step into the truth-brary,

It's right there
in black and white.

It's right there.

You just need to see.

You're under arrest
for failure to disperse,

unlawful assembly.

Turn around, put your hands
behind your back.

Do you want
a resisting charge, too?

Man: william altamore.

Yeah, it's, uh,
it's shane vendrell.

Did they call?

Yes, I spoke
to captain wyms.

What did she say
about mara?

You turn yourself in today,
she'll discuss reduced charges

for your wife.

Reduced charges?

Like manslaughter?

I said no g*dd*mn charges.

I tried.

She wouldn't go there.

There's no deal there
at the moment.

I- I don't know what
to tell you. Maybe you

should think about --
Yeah, okay, okay, thanks.



How you enjoying
your freedom?

Breathing deep.

Breathing easy.

Yeah, not for long.

You're about to get on your
horse and ride to our rescue.

Let me check my schedule,
there, shane.

Oh, sorry,
i'm booked through next weekend.

Do you think I'm joking,

I'm in a jam, which means
we're both in a jam.

Not anymore.

I cut those strings, baby.

You and annie oakley
are officially on your own.


Well, if it were bullshit,
i'd be pulling your ass

out of yet another
vendrell bear trap.

You chew your own
g*dd*mn leg off from now on.

I don't think
you're listening to me.

I need something from you.

And you're not listening
to me, shane.

Ronnie and I
work for i.c.e. Now.

Yeah, I cut the deal
last night --

Full immunity for everything
all of us ever did.

I even used
your little black book

with all our dirty deeds
as a guide.

You forgot a few things.

You know that?


'fraid not.

Trouble with you --
You're always trying

to be as smart as me.

Now I'm walking away clean,
and you're

the pathetic assh*le
headed for

antwon mitchell-ville.

You know,
you always thought

you were
twice the family man I was.


The great dad, a loving,
misunderstood husband, right?

Your family loves you
so much, vic,

why'd they turn on you,

corrine's working
with the cops, buddy.

She answered one of our calls
and handed the phone over

to claudette,
who tried to get us to come in,

with you as the big catch.

You know that?

The mother of your children
has been playing you.

She would rather see you
go to prison

than to hug
one of your own kids again.

Whatever happens to me and mara,
at least we'll be together

for it.

Who you got, vic?

Tell me who you got.

When you and queen b*tch
are serving your

mandatory life sentences apart,
i'm gonna check in on jackson

and this other kid
once a year

on their birthdays.

I'm gonna tell them
some good old stories

about ma and pa,
muss their hair,

take them out
for an ice cream.

You don't even get to look
at my kids!


Do you understand that?!

Yeah, well, I'll send you
a postcard from space mountain.

you don't report
until tomorrow morning.

Where are my kids?

You shipped mine off
without talking to me.

When the beltran bust
went sideways,

we wanted them
out of harm's way.


When can I see them?

Corrine requested protection
from you, as well.

Corrine's been working
with cops?

Apparently, she's a better judge
of character than I am.

Beltran's still out there.

It's my job to take him down.

You are off beltran.

If I bring him
and the dr*gs in,

at least let me talk to corrine
so I can see my kids!


I didn't get to say goodbye
to my children.

You said goodbye to them
the moment you sh*t another cop

in the face.

Be here 9:00 a.m. Sharp

We're gonna find your mother
sooner or later.

Well, that's why I came
to you people.

No, lloyd, you came here
to implicate me

in her disappearance
because I know what you are.

Hey, my mom is missing,
and you're hassling me?

When you discovered that
your mom had feelings for me,

it scared you, made you mad,
because you knew

i'd be around more,
and, eventually,

i'd expose you.

You are obsessed
with trying to hurt me!

But my mom wouldn't let you.

If anything happens to her,
then you're the one

who's held responsible.

I need to speak with you.

Wyms: you are not to talk
to that boy again.



Unis found this in a trash
container outside your house --

Burnt remnants
of women's clothing.

Someone set my trash can on f*re
last night.

Neighbors saw you
milling around.

I went outside
to put it out.

Lloyd k*lled his mom,
put her clothes in my trash can,

and set it on f*re.

You can't think
that I had anything to --

Of course not,
but I've got to protect the

integrity of this investigation.

You're not to go back
in that room with lloyd again.

I'm the one
who can break him.

No, steve's taking lead
on this. I'm sorry.

It's time for a new paradigm.

Vote for me, and I'll make sure
that happen for you --

Those of you non-felonious folk
who -- who still can vote.

All right, Mr. Huggins,
you're free to go.

Your homey just posted bail.

All right, now.

Come on.

Let's go.


Man: go ahead, brother.


Vote for me,
and I will set you free.

Robert huggins --
Remember that.

Robert huggins.

Mr. Huggins, I need
your signature right

here, please.

I'd like to make a formal
request for police protection

as is accorded
to all mayoral candidates,

such as david aceveda
and them other clowns

that don't even matter.

Protection for what?

Threats have been made
against my person.

Yeah, what kind of threats?

All kinds.

I mean, among them, cutting me
from my ass to my appetite --

Not my words,
but that's what they said.

Do you know who?

Anybody who's afraid
of the new paradigm.


See, I thr*aten the
criminal/police codependency

that drives the
prison-industrial complex.

Hmm, do you, now?

Yes, little lady, I do.

I can have one of the detectives
take a report,

but, other than that, I'm...

Don't worry about it.

You know what?

I got something for you.

I'm counting on your vote.


excuse me, I'm looking for

detective holland wagenbach.

Uh, you found him.

Ellen carmichael,
steve billings' attorney.

The b*tch d*ke?

I'm sorry?

Uh, nothing.

Steve just described you

My head's in a case.

What can I do for you?

Well, detective billings
gave me your statement

regarding his injury,
and, frankly,

it isn't very helpful.

You're just now realizing
you're hip-deep in

a hummer lawsuit?

Steve said you were smart.

Flattery isn't gonna change
my perspective on this,

and, uh,
even though it's true,

we both know
steve didn't say that.

Could we talk specifics?

Now's not a good time.

I only need a few minutes.

If you can hang tight,
i'll try to fit you in.

Hey, it's steve's dime,

Thank you, hon.

Excuse me, do you have, uh --
Do you have any roses?

I'm looking for a red one,
if you got it.

That's all we got.

All right, um,
i'll take some pens.

You old enough
to be working here, darlin'?

I'm 16.

Yeah? You look 14.

Well, dirty old man,
I've got the brain

of a 20-year-old.

What you studying?

A.p. Chem.

Ah, good.

You're gonna be
a college girl, huh?

Good for you.

Don't let the wrong guy
get his hooks into you there.


That's way too much.

Yeah, well, if you ever
get your nose out of a book,

you have yourself some fun.

Go to your apartment,

h*t it.


Drop it!

Where's beltran?!

Who? Ugh!

The byz lats were running
errands for pezuela.

Rest in peace.

So don't you tell me
that you didn't pay your

respects to the big boss man!

Okay, I won't tell you.

Ugh! Aah!


Oh, no!

He didn't deliver his big
drug shipment to the blacks,

so that means you and your crew
are doing it for him.

Where is he?!


You'll k*ll him!

Hope your pet
had his sh*ts.

Stop it! You're gonna k*ll him!

Stop it!

That's one way to go.

Where's beltran?!

Santi met some mexi big sh*t
last week

and made me wait in the car.



Old kaplan warehouse
off figueroa.

You want him to live,
you better start sucking face.

Grab it.

Get a couple of unis
down here,

pop this assh*le
for dealing kush.

Don't let him near a phone.

I got a 20 on beltran
and the dr*gs.

You think you can get over
your disgust for me long enough

to take down the cartel?

I am not stupid enough
to chase after another one

of your shadows,
whatever your agenda is.

I told you
i'm gonna deliver this guy.

That's what I'm doing.

You want in on the bust, fine.

If not, I got three other
fed agencies on my speed dial.

Do your thing.

Beltran's grunts are giving him
up to us as we speak.

Be on time
tomorrow morning.

so, as your mayor,

I will make
this neighborhood safer,

because I will add more
police officers to our streets.

Thank you.

Robert huggins,
man of god

and mayoral candidate
for the new paradigm party.

Vote for me,
and I will set you free...

'cause it's time
for a new paradigm, people.

Uh, sir, do you --
Do you have a question?

Don't you think putting
more police on the street

will only make a bad situation
a worse situation?

No, I don't.

The negativity of activity
of a police uniformed army

using intimidation,
deadly force, and whirly-copters

only gives
the criminally inclined

the permission to do
what it is they do.

We have to disagree on that.

But I-I will say this --
That law enforcement can only do

its job in partnership...

With each and every one of you.

We have to work together.

Robert huggins,
new paradigm party.

Vote for me,
and I'll set you free.

He's speaking
of a partnership,

yet, when asked to be included
in tonight's town meeting,

I was included out.

Seems to me you're doing
a pretty good job

of getting
your two cents heard anyway.

Kid's a brick wall.

Every time I drill in on him,
he does an end run,

right back to dutch,
who he seems to have

a very keen understanding of,
by the way.

Do we think there's a chance
the mother's still alive?

She could have gone away
for a spa weekend somewhere,

for all we know.

Rita's d*ad,
and I'm the reason why.

Just give me
one more sh*t at him.

With the allegations against you
and the forensic evidence,

any half-wit lawyer could get
this confession thrown out,

and you know it.

Then tell me
how we're gonna get this kid.

How many people
do I have to talk to

before you find my mother?

I'm captain wyms.

All the detectives here
are under my command,

detective wagenbach,

who you are saying
is responsible

for your mother's

I want to thank you
for coming forward.

Wagenbach has a history
of getting personally involved

with cases.

So I am taking what
you're saying very seriously.

Do you have any idea
what he did to her?

Some of your mother's clothes
were found in a trash can

outside his house.

They matched the clothing
she was wearing

the last time you saw her.

Did he k*ll her?

There's no m*rder
without a body.

I want you to tell me
about the relationship

between your mother
and wagenbach.

That's a great question.

First of all, we need to keep
g*ng members in the classroom

so that they can get
an education.



And then we need to provide
economic opportunities,

jobs, training,
mentor programs.

Let's try this.

Y'all can try this at home.

You got quarters
in your pocket?

Mr. Huggins...

If you want to hear what
the world sounds like

to Mr. Ass-is-veda...

No, don't laugh,
don't laugh.

It's not funny.

If you want to hear what
the world sounds like

to Mr. Ass-is-veda,
it's the sound of money.

It makes you deaf.


That's aceveda.

And I'm gonna have to ask you
to leave.

I can't hear you.

See, the prison-industrial

needs us to be gangbangers
and dope dealers,

or it will go broke.

You know that.

Officers, can you, uh, escort
this gentleman out?

I'm going, I'm going.

I'm all right.

But, see, what Mr. Brown bossman
and them don't tell you is,

they're selling our incarcerated
brothers to out-of-state prisons

for a profit.

See, they don't tell you that.

Sound like sl*very, don't it?

Take it easy, sir.

Sound like sl*very to you?

Take it easy, Mr. Huggins.

Sounds like sl*very to me.

Vote for me,
and I will set you free!

Zip it.

Zip it now.

Singers, sing my song,
sing my song, sing my song.

Oh, let the old ways end
so I said...

Steve's under the impression
that you were doing

him a solid by
writing this statement.

He asked me for a favor.

I obliged him with the truth.

Yeah, well, as I read,
it seems pretty clear

you think he was faking
his injury.

Show me where it says that.

All you have to do
is read between the lines.

Listen, I'm very close to making
this city's countersuit

against my guy go away.

But if I turn this over
to the other side,

which I'm obligated to do
under the rules of discovery,

they're gonna drag us
into court.

And this is my problem how?

It's not.

But a jury trial
is nasty and expensive.

Steve could lose his job,
his pension.

He could burn through
his savings.

Now, is that what you really
want to see happen?

steve's not a bad guy,

but there is no way I'm
gonna let him fleece the city

over a bump
on the noggin.

I can get him
to drop his claim.

But if the city attorney sees
this turd in sheep's clothing,

they're gonna go after my guy
full speed ahead,

and that's gonna be
on you.

This was
more of a rough draft.

What's the minimum
I have to say

to keep steve
getting a paycheck?

Hey, kim.


Sewell: "...through the forest
on his horse,

galloping full speed
to save the princess."

"far off in the distance,
he saw the dark tower

rising through the mist."

mommy, are you okay?

I'm fine, baby.

Just listen.

"as the knight got closer,
"he saw the tower was

even taller than he thought.

"it stood like a black fist,
punching through the clouds

and disappearing into the sky."
"he could hear faint sounds

of the princess crying."
Why was she crying?

She was scared.

Of what?

Scared that she would be
trapped there... forever.

Do you think I'm gonna marry
a princess?

You have to listen, honey.

Family meeting!

Captain, one of shane's
neighbors has called 911.

Said she saw him.

Wyms: where?

Walking into his apartment.

Claims he's there inside now.

Aceveda: mackey?

Why are you calling me?

I thought olivia
was your new go-to girl.

She b*rned me again --
Second time today.

I guess it didn't take i.c.e.

Too long
to figure out that they have

a reptile on the payroll.

Hey, hey, hey, what was that
moist little speech you made

about us respecting
each other's end games?

We both want beltran's people
out of business.

I've got the place,
and the time is right now.

Then do it yourself.

I thought you'd want to be there
for the press conference,

reach out to your voters.

What do you expect me
to do?

Go over olivia's head
to chaffee,

tell him to move
on the intel I gave them,

or lax federal drug enforcement
will be the topic

of your next press conference.

Where are we?

Up there.

Wyms: any sign?

Lowe: we've stayed clear.

No movement in the window.

No sound coming out of there.

Do you want
to call in s.w.a.t.?

No, if the wife and kids
are in there,

it's automatically
a hostage situation.

He doesn't know we're here.

We go in?

He had a chance to sh**t me,
and he didn't.

I think
he's gonna go down easy.

We should vest up anyway.

I.c.e. Isn't coming.

Aceveda's been all over chaffee
by now.

No way he will Miss out
on his moment in the sun.

Beltran and his guys
could take off anytime,

and once they're
on the road...

Vic: no way of knowing
who else is inside.

Without backup...

That's some real
cowboy sh*t, man.


[ mid-tempo latin music plays
in distance ]

[ indistinct conversation
in distance ]

looks like
more than two guys.


All right,
we're gonna have to split up.

You're gonna have to
distract them.

I'm gonna take beltran.

I'm that way.

[ conversation and music
continue ]

qu? Pas?

Qu? Es eso?

En la vida,
yo ya no te vuelvo a ver

yo te juro que...


You! Hands up!

W? tchele.

Gardocki: vic!

Any closer,
and his head's a pi? ata!

Let him go!

Ronnie, you good?!


Where are the dr*gs?

No dr*gs!

Don't die on me yet,

Where are the dr*gs?

Man: if someone has a sh*t,
take it.

Federal agents!


Put your hands on your head!

Put your hands on your head!

Drop your w*apon!

Take it!

Call an ambulance.

We can't make an arrest
without the narcotics.

Where the hell are they?

Man: don't move. You.

We're really getting
our money's worth with you guys.

Yeah! Whoo!

Agent murray!

Back here!

Look at this.

The whole thing.

Seize it.


Arrest beltran.

Let's count this up.


What a score!

Jackpot! Whoo!

All right!

The department has finally
agreed to settle.

I knew if I held out
long enough and strong enough,

the bastards would blink.

Oh. I guess congratulations
are in order.

How'd you make out,

Well, part of the deal is
a confidentiality agreement.

The department can't have
egg on their face.

But let's just say
that I am sittin' pretty.

Good for you.

Sorry if the rest of us
don't feel like celebrating.

Can I have a cup?


Sounds like you got some sort
of payday after all.

How do you figure?

Commission on steve's
settlement, however modest.

Oh, you mean the back pay
for the two days he missed

when he was injured?

That's all he got.

There was
no confidentiality clause.

Did he really call me
a b*tch d*ke?

In the nicest possible way.

He h*t on me once.

I took a pass.

I guess he made
an assumption.

Here's my card.

Call me sometime
if you need anything.


I don't think I'm gonna be suing
the city anytime soon.

Probably not, but...

At least you'll know
how to find me.

Oh, looks like someone's
been working on their game.

Yeah? What game?

See, that's
what I'm talking about.

That's fantastic.

Well done, guys, well done.

Well, let's see,
it all started

when I was approached with
an offer for campaign money.

So, you've been a part
of the actual investigation?

I have been leading it

for several months, yes.

And you still find time
to run for mayor.

Well, uh, if you want
something done...

Pretty good work today.


You okay?

'cause that went pretty well
in there.

Ronnie, I just
got off the phone with wyms.

She needs you
back at the barn.

The uni here
will give you a lift.

What's up?

Don't know.

Sounded urgent.

All right.

I'll see you later.

Wyms needs to see you, too.

It must have been hard when
dutch came into the picture.

It'd been you and your mom
for so long.

No, what was hard
was when he started

telling her lies about me
so he could have her

all to himself.

Why don't you stop
telling lies, lloyd?

My mom wasn't interested
in him, okay?

But he wouldn't
leave her alone.

I mean, he came over to
the house yesterday to see her.

You can ask the neighbors.

Dutch didn't lay a finger
on your mother.

He b*rned her clothes.

We've got a witness
that clears him.



I'm a character witness.

I understand that man
better than anyone,

and I know
he didn't do this.

Well, sometimes people
don't know each other

as well as they think.

You mean like your mother
didn't know you?

Didn't know what she'd been
raising the last 16 years?

Well, I know you.

I've been doing this
for 31 years,

and I've interrogated liars
and cheats,

m*rder and psychopaths.

I've even interviewed
a few innocent people.

And when I listen to you,
I hear an evil,

narcissistic young man
who knows

his mother is d*ad...

And knows exactly how
her life ended.

It is my responsibility
to inform you

that you are now a suspect
in the disappearance and

possible m*rder of rita denton.

I can't talk to you anymore,
because you're a minor

and you need a lawyer present.

But we'll get one down here
in the morning.

Until then,
you're a guest of the county.

You were in there
a long time.

You all right?

It's a matter of time.

Before what?

Before lloyd breaks.

If we can just outlast him...

We'll get to the truth.

He loves his mother,
no matter what he did to her.

All sons do.

It's an emotional k*lling,
but, eventually, everything

will come spilling out.

There's nobody better at this
than you.

Not even me.

Where are those new meds?

Let me get them for you.

In here?



There are no new meds.

They don't work anymore.

Tried them all.

And the side effects
were affecting my job

performance anyway.

Well, they must be able
to give you something.

They've got all kinds
of new dru--

I'm dying.

This is what it looks like.


It's slow, but it's moving
in one direction.

Okay, l-let's not go there.

Well, no, not today.

But sooner than later...

This is the disease
that's gonna k*ll me.

This is... an emotional backlash
to shane.

The world's just screwed up

All I have to do...

Is deal with this pain
every day.

And every day that I can,
i'll show up...

Until the day that I don't.

What can I do?

Tell me.

You just keep doing
what friends do.

It means a lot.

Watch the curb.

Two g*n wounds --
One to the chest,

one to the abdomen.

He's touch-and-go.

I'll ride with him,
see if I can get a statement.

Good luck.

Lowe: hey, get these
people back.

Set up a perimeter.

Step back, sir.

One, two, three.

Robert, who did this?

Big -- big staxx.

Big staxx. Acorn park.


I organized a picket line
around his rock house.

didn't want to cross.

Crackheads? Wow.

That's big-time, robert.

That's big.

New paradigm.

New paradigm.



I got your vote?


I got your --
Yeah, robert.

Look. See?

You see? You see that?

You got my vote, robert.

Get the paddles.



I got to talk to you, man.

So you heard...

About shane?

No. What?

He k*lled himself.


At his place.

g*n to his head
when the cops came in.

Oh, jesus christ.

And, vic...

He took jackson and mara
with him.

I don't know.

The whole thing
is just so shitty.

At least we're clear now.

Finally clear
of all the sh*t

that they were holding
over our heads.

I never thought
we would be.

We don't even need
i.c.e.'s immunity now.

Ronnie --
Vic, I need to ask

some questions about
the vendrell case.

Could we switch seats,

Excuse me?

This ismyseat.

That's yours.

You heard about shane,
what he did

to his pregnant wife,
to his young son.

He wrote a note.

"i guess enough painkillers
can make even the worst kind

"of hurt go away.

"the thing you need to know
is that mara was innocent,

"and jackson was innocent.

"they didn't know
what they were drinking,

"and their last moments together
were happy ones.

"they left the way
I first found them --

"perfect and innocent.

"they were innocent,
and they're in heaven now,

"and we'll always be
a family.

"the guilty ones
are me and vic.

"vic led,
but I kept following.

"i don't think one's worse
than the other,

"but we made each other
into something worse

"than our
individual selves.

"i wish I'd never met him.

"i see it all now.

"there's no apologies
I can make,

"no explanations
I can give.

"i was who I was, and I can't be
that person anymore.

I can't let myself..."
We think this is

where he was
when we came in,

because it stops there.

All those busts...

All those confessions
you got in this room,

illegal or otherwise,
all the dr*gs you got off

the street tonight for i.c.e.

You must be very proud
of yourself.

This is what the "hero" left
on his way out the door.


You can bill me for it.


First payment's due now.


Ronald everett gardocki,
you're under arrest.

For what?

The last three years,
the armenian

money train robbery,
covering up

terry crowley's m*rder.

Mackey gave the feds

Already got himself
full immunity.

Not you, though.


You told themallof it?


You made a deal
for yourself

and you're sendingme
to prison?

I'm -- I'm sorry. My family --
I- I thought corrine --

You're goddamned sorry?!

Wagenbach: process him.

Take him in.

I didn't think
I had a choice.

What about
my g*dd*mn choice?!

Where was my g*dd*mn choice?!

I was going to run!

We were gonna run together!

God damn it!

What about the team?!

What about protecting
the g*dd*mn team?!

You can go now.

Where are my kids?

Commencement paperwork
will be ready for you to sign

by the end of the day.

Where's my family?

As soon as they're situated
in their new location,

i'll let you know
they're safe.

Tapped into an old c.i.

Of mine last night.

I got some reliable intel
about a vietnamese crew

trying to make a move
on the tweeny trade.

You won't be needing
your c.i.s.

Won't be needing
a w*apon, either.

You get it out of this building,
or you put it in a lockbox.

This is my personal.

I assumed you'd be issuing --
You don't get it.

You're not on the street for us.

Where am I then?

These are summaries of recent
g*ng-related activity

in the greater
los angeles area.


We need you to review these,
look for patterns,

and offer analysis
by way of memo,

at least 10 pages,

I'll need the first report
by 6:00 tonight.

This is not
what I signed up for.

Me either.

I don't do desks!


Then you violated
your agreement,

and you'll be prosecuted
for everything you confessed to.

Read the terms
of your immunity deal.

Mandatory drug tests
once a week,

five written reports
a week.

it's only for three years,

but I'm gonna see you feel
everysingle day of it.

Let me talk to corrine.

You can't --
I got to see my kids.

It's suit-and-tie here.

Lunch hour,
go home and change.

These rumors circulating
that I had anything to do

with this crackpot
candidate's death --

That's how it goes.

You know, in the hood, rumors
take on a life of their own.

But I cannot ignore
a b*mb thr*at

to your campaign headquarters
no matter how far-fetched.

The worst part is
this huggins fellow

apparently saw it coming.

He asked tina for
police protection yesterday

before he got sh*t.

How you holding up?

Got complaints.

There's no need to share.

Wouldn't have anything to do
with the man who got away?

You know, webothspent a lot
of time and energy

in this room
trying to put that man away.

I caught
your press conference.


You're gonna be the mayor.

Well, there's the little matter
of the election.

I'm sure
that won't stop you.

This is the kitchen.

We ask people
who bring in their lunches

to label them
so there will be no confusion.

The lights
and air-conditioning

will shut off automatically
at 6:00 p.m. --

Unless you call
extension 863

and let them know
that you're working late.

Under no circumstances should
you adjust the thermostat.

If you want to change
the temperature,

it really
has to be authorized

by a maintenance

Here we are.

If you need anything,
you can always reach me

in human resources,
extension 912.

I'm gonna leave your key card
on the desk.

Okay. Here.

I'll get that for you.

Isn't particularly, um...

And inside, it's just
not a whole lot better.

It's pretty basic,
but, well, it's quiet,

and the schools
are getting better.

The district grades out
pretty well,

particularly the programs
for autistic children.

There's an ice rink
a couple miles away.

And guess what?

There is a museum here
with an actual dinosaur.

Hmm? The largest and finest
juvenile t-rex in the world

is right here at the fabulous
burpee museum.

Her name is jane.

There's parks nearby,
the shopping, mostly on the --

Stop. Stop.

It's, um -- it's perfect.

Have you, uh,
thought about the nickname

you'd like us to call you?

Your legacy?

Detective --
Without one,

it's easy to be forgotten.

You ever heard the name
mack ray edwards?


Edwards worked for the county,
helped build

the los angeles freeways.

From 1953 to 1969,
he slaughtered children

at night,
planted their bodies in the soil

that he and his fellow workers
would pave over with asphalt

the next day.

The city's roads were literally
paved with d*ad bodies.

50% of the world's
known serial K*llers

have spent at least a portion
of their lives

in southern california.

Why doyouthink that is?

Well, it's 'cause everyone
comes to los angeles

to get famous.

Get ready
for your close-up, lloyd.

[ laughter,
indistinct conversations ]

out of the academy
for one year.

I made it.

I made it.

Good job.

2-11 in progress.

sh*ts have been fired.

Come on --
Broadway and lennox.

Downtown officers
need help.
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