08x22 - Crossfire

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Castle". Aired: March 9, 2009 –; May 16, 2016.
Bored with his success, celebrated mystery novelist Rick Castle teams with NYPD Detective Kate Beckett to solve the case of a copycat k*ller who re-creates m*rder scenes from Rick's novels.
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08x22 - Crossfire

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Previously on "Castle"...

Vikram: There was a word... LokSat.

I forwarded the whole
thing to Agent McCord.

12 hours later, they were d*ad

And what is LokSat?

A very powerful and a very
dirty analyst inside the CIA.

Vikram: Caleb Brown.

He'll lead us straight to LokSat.

This cellphone is enabled with
GPS and will only function

at Astor Park.

You can trace LokSat's next call.

This is it. It's our one sh*t at LokSat.

[The Brady Bunch's
"Sunshine Day" playing on radio]

♪ I think I'll go for
a walk outside now ♪

[Pounding] ♪ The summer sun's callin'
my name ♪

♪ I hear ya now,
I just can't stay inside all day ♪

♪ I got to get out,
get me some of those raaays ♪

♪ Everybody seems so happy today ♪

[Pounding continues and
muffled screaming]

♪ It's a sunshine day ♪

[Whistling] ♪ I think I'll
take a walk every day now ♪

♪ The summer sun has shown
me the way to be happy now ♪

♪ I just can't stay inside all day ♪

♪ I got to get out,
get me some of those raaays ♪

♪ Everybody's smilin' ♪

Don't you just love this song?

[Muffled shouting] ♪ Everybody
seems so happy today ♪

♪ I think I'll go for
a walk outside now ♪

♪ The summer sun's callin' my name ♪

♪ I hear ya now ♪

[Distorted] ♪ I just can't
stay inside all day ♪

♪ I got to get out,
get me some of those raaays ♪

♪ Everybody smilin', Sunshine day ♪

[Suspenseful music plays]

Okay, it's almost time.

All right. Shall we review?

Vikram: Please.

All right, according to Caleb,

this phone is gonna ring
at exactly 8:00 a.m.

Now, because it's GPS-enabled,

it will only work in
this particular park.

At which time,
an electronically altered voice...

Most likely LokSat's...
will issue Caleb his orders.

Orders that I'll intercept and
trace with a cellular relay.

Okay, I'm gonna attach you to the relay.

You connected, Vikram?

Synched up and ready to go.

Guys, this is it.

If all goes well, we'll identify LokSat

and finally take his ass down.

And if anything goes sideways,

we immediately shut it down

and meet up at the precinct, got it?

Roger that.

- You thinking what I'm thinking?
- Mmhmm.

You want a Fudgsicle, too?

I know. Could be a trap.

Just because Caleb
switched sides doesn't mean

that LokSat doesn't have
him under surveillance.

Any one of these people
could be a LokSat agent

or even LokSat himself.

Do you care to put a wager on it?

Wager on what?

On which one's LokSat.

I got 20 bucks says it's
that handsy yogi over there.

I'm going for the Carrot
Top Cruella De Vil.

Wait, wait... Does she look a
bit like your first ex-wife?

She kind of does.

Oh, my God. Could my ex-wife be LokSat?

[Cellphone ringing] 'Cause in a lot of
ways, that would make perfect sense.

[Cellphone beeps] All right, Vikram.
Here we go.

Man: [Distorted] Good morning, Caleb.

I have an urgent matter for you.

There's an abandoned warehouse

near Broadway and Flushing in Brooklyn.

There's a security booth
in the parking lot.

d*ad-drop a flash drive with
the new bank routing numbers

in the top drawer of that
booth at precisely noon today

for my accountant to retrieve.

That is all for now.

[Keyboard clacking] Did you get a trace?

Vikram: I don't know.
The call was short.

Wait. I got something.

Oh, no. It says here the
call originated in DYE-2.

A... What's that?

It's an abandoned Cold w*r radar station

in the Arctic Circle.

LokSat must've set up
a cellular relay there.

Guys, this is a d*ad end.

Or is it an opportunity?

We all heard Caleb's instructions.

LokSat's accountant is
going to expose himself

at that d*ad drop.

Talk about high on the food chain.

We get LokSat's accountant...

It could bring us one step
closer to LokSat himself.

send an encrypted e-mail to Caleb.

He's gonna have to show
up at that d*ad drop.

And you have to get ahold of Hayley.

We need all the help we can get.

[Sirens wailing]

[Sighs] No matter how
long I've been on the job,

the b*rned ones always get me.

Yo, Lanie, we have a name?

No, he's a John Doe.

Do we know who owns the car?

It was stolen last night
from a used car lot.

I can't tell you much right now

other than the victim was male.

And you see these burnt remnants

around his legs, hands, and face?

- Duct tape?
- Yep.

Our victim was bound,
gagged, and very much alive

when the k*ller lit the f*re.

Hell of a way to go.

Yo, this is an Andercott briefcase...
very high-end.

Can still make out the
serial number on the frame.

If we're lucky,
our victim registered it,

and we can get his name that way.

k*ller chose this
location for a reason...

Vacant buildings on either side,

not a security camera in sight.

It rained last night, so, clearly,

these tracks were made afterwards.

Might be from the k*ller
walking to his getaway car.


You know, why don't we make impressions

of all the shoeprints and tire tracks?

Maybe we'll get lucky.

And what do I need these for?

Like I said, you're the lookout.

W-When we do our surveillance
of LokSat's accountant,

we're gonna need you to
find a high vantage point,

be our eye in the sky.

There's not a guitar in there, is there?

Not the kind that plays music.

- Uh, Hayley.
- Hmm.

I-In case anything goes wrong...

I will get Martha and Alexis here,
and I will protect them.

You have my word.

Thank you. I owe you one.

And by one, I mean more like one dozen.


After we take down LokSat,

I am thinking I might
tender my resignation.

So, you want to go back to
being a government analyst?

I want to go back to being boring.

Kind of forgotten what that feels like.

I know that probably sounds stupid.

[Chuckling] No. No, not at all.

Thank you for doing this with me.

Are you kidding?
Thank you for... everything.

Almost there.

Yeah, almost.

Speaking of, we should head out.

Hey, Captain.

I'm sorry, are we...
Are we interrupting something?

Uh, no.

What's going on?

Well, we got a lead on our homicide.

The tire impressions made
by our k*ller's getaway car

show that the wheels were staggered,

meaning the ones in the back

were larger than the ones up front.

So, the car's exotic.

Well, specifically,
it means that the car was either

mid- or rear-engine.

So, even though we don't
have any traffic cams

from near the crime scene,
we can scrub footage

from the surrounding areas and then...

Hopefully find a car that fits the bill.

Okay. Good job.
I'll leave you guys to it.

Yo, Beckett.

Is there something going on
that we should know about?


you got a view on that security booth?

Completely unobstructed.

Okay, between the both of us,

we should get a good
photo of that accountant.

Are you sure that's all we'll need?

Yeah, Vikram's gonna run
the accountant's photo

through facial recognition.

We'll I.D. it,
and then we'll track him down later.

Hayley, you in position?

That's an affirmative.

Your guitar all tuned up, ready to play?

Just about.

Castle, you see anything?

No. Just two sewer rats
fighting over a piece of pizza.

- Hayley?
- Yeah?

You see anything?

All quiet on the Western front.

I don't get it.

Caleb sent me back an encrypted e-mail

confirming he'd make
the drop at noon sharp.

Don't worry. He'll be here.

What f-stop are you using?

Excuse me?

F-stop, it's a function on the camera.

It tells it how much light to permit...

Yeah, no, I know what an f-stop is.

This isn't a sh**t for
National Geographic.

It's on auto.

[Chuckling] Auto.

No, no, no. Never use auto.

Here, let me get that for you.

- Castle, stop messing with my stuff.
- Ow.

I thought you liked it when
I messed with your stuff?

Hey, um,
I hate to interrupt your pillow talk,

but Caleb Brown's just arrived.

All right, guys. Eyes peeled.

The accountant's gonna be nearby.

[Cellphone buzzing]

[Buzzing stops]

Okay, Caleb's making the drop.

[Cellphone vibrates]


Espo, I'm kind of busy here.

Esposito: I know, I know,
but listen I traced the serial number

on that briefcase from the crime scene.

It belongs to Caleb Brown.

So, I had the lab run his DNA.
It's a match.

Caleb's d*ad. Here's our victim.


Espo? Are you there?

What is it?

That's not Caleb.

Castle, this is a trap.


Anyone there? Can you hear us?

Hayley? Vikram?

They got a frequency jammer, Castle.
We're cut off.

[Engines rev, tires screech]


Open f*re!




I don't have a clear sh*t.

I'm out.

Yeah, same.

Get in!


We're out of here.

No one's following. We're clear.

That was amazing!

Mason, you, sir,
are quite literally a lifesaver.

And talk about a getaway vehicle.

A Korean barbecue taco truck?
Are you serious?

Is anyone hungry right now?

Because I could totally whip
up some kimchi tostadas.

- Who are you?
- Whoa. Easy now.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no.

Kate, Kate, Kate. This is Mason Wood.

He's the head of the
Greatest Detective Society.

I told you about meeting him in L.A.

That doesn't mean that we can trust him.

Fine, don't trust me, but would you mind

pointing that thing away from me?

It makes me just a bit nervous.

Don't worry. She's out of b*ll*ts.

Why would you tell him that?

Because he saved our lives,
and he's a friend!

Who just happened to
be at the right place

at the right time with the right
Korean barbecue taco truck?

I don't think so.

She does make a good point.

Mason, what are you doing here?

Your mother sent me.

My mother?!

You know Martha?

No, not that mother... The other one.

The, uh, stepmother, Rita.

How do you know her?

Once upon a time I was a lawyer
with the State Department,

and, on an overseas assignment,

Rita was in my convoy
going to the embassy.

We were hit. We were taken hostage.

If it hadn't been for Rita, I...

Look, I just owe her, all right?

And when she called
and said that you two

were sticking your noses
into something dangerous

and needed a babysitter, I said okay.

Did she tell you about LokSat,
how it's connected...

Okay, just stop right there.

Now, whatever this is

and whoever you have
obviously pissed off,

the less I know about this,

the better my chances
are of staying alive.

Remember, I'm just a babysitter,

so I'll change your diapers
and feed you your bottle and...

save you from a strike
force of armed mercenaries,

but I am not joining your fight.

Here, give me your cellphone.

Hit squad could find us on it.
I'm gonna dump them.


You're welcome to take
anything you need.

It's all untraceable.

Good luck to both of you.

How do we thank you?

You solved my friend's
m*rder back in L.A.

Let's call it even.


How did that happen?

We were careful.

LokSat must've discovered
that Caleb betrayed him

and then got wind of us.

So LokSat k*lled Caleb,
and then all he had to do

was hack in to Caleb's account

and send a fake e-mail to Vikram

agreeing to make that drop.

LokSat is going to keep coming for us.

Or worse,
he's gonna come after our families.

Okay, well, my dad's away on business,

so he's okay for now,

but you got to get Hayley
to pick up Alexis and Martha

and take them to the
P.I. office safe room.

What about Vikram? He's in danger, too.

I'll track him down.

Then we'll meet up,
and we'll make a plan.

No, no, no. Come on.
Don't give me that face.

Just say,
"We'll meet at the P.I. office."

We'll meet at the P.I. office.


I love you.

I love you, too.

- Yo.
- Hey.

Still haven't found any
rear or mid-engine cars yet,

but I still have several traffic
cams to scrub through so...

Check this out.

CSU uncovered a message
in that b*rned-out trunk.

Now, I think it was from Caleb.

He must've scratched it when
the k*ller was driving him

to that empty parking lot.

He carved it into the metal.
It survived the blaze.

Was he trying to I.D. his k*ller for us?

"R-T H-D M-N"?

Right-hand man.

Well, whose right-hand man?

Vikram: LokSat's.

Who's LokSat?

Caleb left that message for Beckett.

You're still not answering the question,

Who the hell is LokSat?

The Big Bad Wolf.

The person behind Senator Bracken,
Allison Hyde,

the hit squads... Every terrible thing

that's happened to me and Beckett

for the past nine months.

You shouldn't have told them.


You should've.

Now tell us everything.

Come on.

No, no, no, no, no, no.
He's okay, he's okay, he's okay.

It's about bloody time you got here.

[Gasps] Oh, Richard. Darling.

Oh, thank goodness you're all right.


Thank you.

- Where's Katherine?
- She's coming.

So, what's going on?

W-Why are we on lockdown?

You didn't tell them?

Considering the danger,
I didn't think it was my place.

Dad, does this have something to do with

what you found out in L.A.?

Of course. I apologize.

Uh, y-you both have a right to know.

This all started when...

So, Caleb was b*rned alive
because LokSat found out

that he switched sides
and was working with you?

Yeah, and now LokSat is going
after Vikram, Castle, me...

Anyone that knows anything about them.

So, I need you guys to forget

everything that you just heard.

Oh, no, afraid we can't do that, boss.

You guys,
LokSat took out my entire AG team.

I'm not gonna let that happen to you.

And we're not gonna let you go to w*r

without your two best soldiers.

Right now there's no w*r to be fought.

Castle and I are probably

gonna have to disappear for awhile...

At least until we find
another lead on LokSat.

Beckett, we already have one.

Caleb I.D.'d his k*ller.

LokSat's right-hand man.
You know what this means?

Catching Caleb's k*ller will
put us on a path to LokSat.

[Door opens] Guys, I got him.

- The right-hand man?
- Yeah.

I found a credit-card hit
off of Caleb's financials.

He ate alone at a diner last night.

They just e-mailed me
the security-cam footage

from the parking lot.

That's Caleb with the briefcase?

Yes. And that's got to be
LokSat's right-hand man.

this is right before he torched Caleb.

He never had a chance.

Can you run facial recognition?

No, we only have his profile.

LokSat and his cleaner have
had us running for cover

like they're the hunters.

That's good.

They'll never see us coming.

That is not what we agreed to.

You were supposed to grab Vikram
and then come straight here.

I-I know, but that was before the guys

were brought in on this

and before we got actionable
evidence on LokSat.

I can't leave now.

Well, then I'm coming down there.

I... No. No. Absolutely not.

You can't risk coming out in the open.

And you can't risk staying in the open.

Castle, I am in one of the
safest buildings in the city...

A police station... A-and better yet,

my police station with my cops.

Nothing's gonna happen
to me while I'm here.

[Knock on door] Captain Beckett.

Babe, I-I got to go.

Will you stay at the precinct?

Yes. I promise.

I'll stay here.

I love you.

I love you, too.

[Cellphone beeps]

- What do you got?
- We found him.

So, we scrubbed through
every available traffic cam

around the crime scene,
and we were only able to find

one car with staggered wheels
due to being mid-engine.

Which matches the tire impressions
we found at the crime scene.

This is the car five blocks from
the vacant lot, driving away.

No plates. So, how do we know

that LokSat's right-hand
man is driving the car?

Just wait. Using traffic cams,

we can follow the car to
what we assume is his house.

[Mouse clicking, computer beeping]

That's him, all right.

Who owns the home?

A shell corporation.

Now watch.

This is a live sh*t. He's still there.

All right, grab your tac gear.
We're going to that house.

Excuse me, Beckett.

Correct me if I'm wrong,
but didn't you just tell Castle

that you're staying put
here at the precinct?

You think I'm gonna
send you into harm's way

while I'm sitting safe behind a desk?

No. Not gonna happen.

You got a target on your back, we don't.

You're staying here.

Uh, he does know that I'm captain,

Yes, ma'am.

You can f*re us both for
insubordination if you want.

Otherwise, we got this.

A feisty Merlot, an elegant spread,

delightful company...

If I wasn't scared out of my mind,

this would be a lovely afternoon.

I should be with Kate.

I promised her we'd take
down LokSat together.

You also promised you'd stay here.

- I'm going to the precinct.
- Oh, no.

- I'll be fine. Don't worry.
- I don't think...

Hey, it's okay. [Sighs]

It's fine.

I'll be fine.

Don't worry. I will see you soon.


See you soon.

What are you doing?

You can't go out there alone.

Someone has to watch your back.

And someone has to watch theirs.


I don't know those guys out front.
I know you.

Stay with them. Please.

No need. I'm armed.
I'm packing. See? I'll be fine.


Be careful.

Esposito: All right, Beckett,
we're ready to breach.




Man: Front room clear!

Room all clear!

[Door slams open]

Ryan: Get the closets.



Come on, guys. Talk to me.
What do you see?

Bedroom clear!

Man: Clear!

Place is empty, Captain.

By empty, we mean completely empty.

No furniture,
no right-hand man, no nothing.

Beckett, he tricked us.

12th precinct, please...
24th and 7th, fast as you can.

You got it, pal.

♪ I hear ya now,
I just can't stay inside all day ♪

♪ I got to get out,
get me some of those raaays ♪

Don't you just love this song?

♪ Everybody's laughin',
sunshine day ♪

CSU is taking the place apart.

They're not gonna find anything.

Place was a way station.

You think he planned for
us to follow him there?

LokSat's people are CIA,

which means they are experts
at tactical subterfuge.

My guess is "Mr. Right-Hand Man"
anticipated our ability

to track down his vehicle
from the crime scene,

and he led us to a place where
he knew he could lose us.

Vikram: And your guess would be right.

Surveillance cameras on
the street behind the house

were disabled yesterday morning.

Ryan: So,
our guy walked right in the front door,

walked right out the back.

Which means we have no way
of knowing where he went.

[Beeping, door whirs open]

Ah. Good.

Awake and alert, I see.

Who are you?

Does it matter?

I understand that, as a writer,
the naming of a thing

would seem to be of
paramount importance,

but, trust me,
my name is the least consequential thing

for you to know right now.

It's an embarrassing name, isn't it?

Like "A Boy Named Sue"?

Maybe your mother called you doofus.

I was named by the state.

But for operational purposes,
I'm known as "Mr. Flynn,"

and I've been entrusted
with your interrogation.

By the time we're done,
you will have revealed the names

of everyone who knows about LokSat.


So you can k*ll them?
[Chuckling] Forget it.

I'm not telling you anything.

I'm not betraying anyone.

I don't care how many
thumbscrews you put to me.

Oh, no. I don't believe in t*rture.

Science is much more effective,
and the company has made

great leaps in the field
of chemical truth agents.

Within the hour, you will tell me

everything I want to know.

And then you will die.

Now, tell me honestly,

was knowing my name
really that important?

Beckett: d*ad end is not good enough.

This guy doesn't get
to be smarter than us.

There's too much at stake here.

If we lose this thread,
then we're just sitting ducks.


I need a miracle, guys.

Okay. You got it.

One miracle coming up.

[Cellphone rings]

[Cellphone beeps]


No, it's Mason Wood.

I thought that you were done with us.

I was, but, unfortunately for me,

I think I may have a
lead that could help you.

What kind of a lead?

A source that I worked with
back in the early aughts,

he's a facilitator

for extralegal intelligence operations.

If anybody knows the dark
side of the CIA, it's him.

Good. Then we'll go see him.

- No, no, not we... me.
- No, uh, Mason...

This guy's default setting

is early '70s conspiracy thriller.

He won't talk to you.
Hell, he might not even talk to me.

Mason, this is my fight,

and you're not gonna know
the right questions to ask.

I have to be there.

All right, meet me in an hour

at the corner of Grand
and East Broadway.

Mr. Flynn: Correct dosage is the key...

Just enough to compromise
the central cortex

and the parietal lobe.

Too much and... well [Laughs]

Let's just say that
forgetting how to breathe

is kind of a drag. [Chuckles]

Can I ask you a personal question?


As I said, I was raised by the state.

I never had a family growing up.

I never knew love in the
way that you so clearly do.

Well, why don't you unstrap me?

I'll come give you a big hug.

I've read your files.

You were an incorrigible playboy

before you met Katherine Beckett.

What changed?

I fell in love with her.


Because I'd never met anyone like her.

Well, you've never met anyone like me.

Yeah, but you don't have
the legs or the eyes...

or the brains or the heart.

Beckett makes me laugh.

She challenges me.

I became a better man.

W-Why am I telling you this?


But these feelings make you vulnerable.

Surely, you must see that.

Yeah, well, what's the alternative,

to be like you,
a man alone without empathy?

She's the reason you are on this table.

If you never met her,
you'd most likely have

a very long life ahead of you.

you would take a do-over if offered.

No, I wouldn't.

Hmm. Interesting.

She's gonna find you... You and LokSat.

And she's gonna bury you both.

And I can't tell a lie, right?

Yes, but the fact that you believe it

does not make it the truth.

Kate Beckett is going to be
d*ad by the end of the night,

and there is nothing
you can do about it.

You seen Beckett?


Hey, guys. I got something.

I pulled all active and
passive cellphone signals

originating from the cell tower
that served the empty house.

Must have been hundreds.

Try thousands.

Which was daunting.

But then I screened them
against phone signals

along the route the right-hand man took

from the crime scene to the house,

and those IMEI numbers
started to shrink until...

only one remained.

That, gentlemen,
is Right-Hand Man's phone number.

Can you locate where
that phone is right now?

I could try.

Thanks for sharing
your personal feelings.

They've given me some real insight.

You know, you...
You don't have to do this.

you're looking for something more.

[Chuckles] Oh, no.

You misunderstood me.

I'm not yearning for a happy family,

simply insight into how
best to dissect one.

Now, time to get down to business.

Look, um...

maybe I could make a quick
trip to the little boys' room

before we get started
with any more questions?


I won't be asking the hard questions.

Who will?

My boss, the man you call LokSat.

[Beeping, door slides open]

[Footsteps approach]


You're LokSat?

Yes, although, technically,
that's the code name

for my... extralegal operations.

So, everything that happened in L.A.,

the GDS, that was all a lie?

Oh, no, no, no, no,
the Greatest Detective Society

is very real, connected in no
way to my work with the CIA.

Think of it as a... fun hobby.

My stepmother... is she d*ad?

Not yet, but I needed you to
trust me so I could find out

who else knew about my
existence before I k*ll you two.

So, let's get right to it
because I have to meet your wife

in just a few minutes. Is he ready?

- Yes, sir.
- All right, then.

Truth time.

Who knows about me?

Beckett, obviously, and Vikram.

What about Hayley Shipton?


Detectives Ryan and Esposito?


What about your mother?



Your daughter?

- Yes.
- Yes.


Anyone else?



That will be a weight off my shoulders

once everyone has been neutralized.

Don't do this, please.

There is no shame in losing,
Mr. Castle...

only in the hubris that made you think

that this could end any other way.

[Beeping, door slides open]

Whew! That was difficult to watch.

I'm sure you're finding it
hard to live with yourself.

It's understandable...

knowing what's coming
next for your loved ones.

This... will end your pain.

This will end everything.


We have reason to believe

there's a m*rder suspect
in this building,

and we need to search
it from top to bottom.

Sorry, Officer,
but that's not going to happen.

This building belongs to the
Central Intelligence Agency.

It's protected by the
National Security Act.

I can't let you in.

I don't care if it's
protected by the Hulk.

We're gonna tear this place apart.

[Indistinct shouting]

Where is this guy?

Where is he?!

What, no alcohol swab this time?

No need. This stuff will
k*ll you in about 12 seconds.

Or... and just roll with me on this...
we could skip it.

There's no reason this
has to end in tragedy.

Everything ends in tragedy,

even an epic love story like yours.

NYPD! Hands in the air now!

Of course. I just need to turn this...



- You okay?
- Mason Wood is LokSat.

He's going after Beckett.

He's gonna k*ll her.
We have to warn her.

Dispatch, this is Esposito.
I need backup.


[Chuckling] This
building is a black site.

All cell and radio
communications are jammed.

We got to go.

Let's move!


Call them off!

They wouldn't listen even
if I asked them to...

Which I won't.

Where is Mason taking
Beckett to k*ll her?

I have no idea.

We'll see.


I sure hope I get the correct dosage

because forgetting to
breathe can be such a drag.

Now you're gonna tell me
everything I want to know.

[Vehicle approaches]

Where is Mason taking Beckett?



There's a k*ll room in the
basement with an incinerator.

That's where you were
going to end up afterwards.

How do I get a message to Beckett?

You can't. I told you.

They shut down all the signals

the second the police arrived.

How do we get out of here?

You don't.
That door is the only way out.

And they have more b*ll*ts than you.

You and Mr. Castle have quite a bond...

Unusual in your line of work.

Yeah, well, I'm crazy for him.
He's the love of my life.

And he understands the
sacrifices that I have to make

to do this job so...

Clearly, whomever you're
up against is quite deadly.

You ever consider just walking away?

Every day.

Why didn't you?

I took an oath.

People that I cared about were m*rder,

and they deserve justice.

Must be hard carrying that weight.

I don't carry it alone.

Here we are.

The wet wall.

What are you doing?!

That's the street side!
You can't get out!

We don't have to get out! We can get in!

We can escape down there!

If we stop sh**ting, they're coming in!

Don't worry about us! Go get Beckett!

So, who is this guy we're going to see?

Oh, he's... sort of a Milo Minderbinder.

Owes me for retrieving some things

that were stolen from him.

He's gonna meet us down here.

I told him you were coming.

You better let me do all
the talking in the...

Pull the g*n out of your pocket -
two fingers.

Put it on the ground.

Knock it off!

I know it's you.

Now, g*n on the floor... Nice and slow.

I was, uh, worried you might
be too smart to fall for this.

What's in the other pocket?

Oh, this? It's just insurance.

See, mine is made of plastic,

so it's unaffected by the
electromagnet in the ceiling.

And I'm afraid I have some
more bad news for you.

Your husband's d*ad.

You're lying.

No, I'm not.

He died about the same
time I was picking you up.

As a matter of fact,
his body is in the furnace

behind you there,
being reduced to a few pounds of ashes.

I think it's very fitting
that your lives together

end in f*re, don't you?

I'm not going in there without a fight.

That's very brave of you.

But it won't be much of a fight.

Drop the g*n!

Or I will k*ll you.

Castle, stand back!

[g*n clatters]

Woman: Meanwhile, in a dramatic scene,

dozens of local and federal
law-enforcement officials

descended on a building
in Midtown tonight,

rescuing several police officers

and arresting almost a dozen people.

How long before the CIA
connection comes out?

Not long. It's too big a
story for the agency to bury.

Get ready for hearings out the wazoo.


So, that's it.

We're finally in the clear.

Yeah, so we're gonna go to
a bar and celebrate, yeah?

Okay, have fun.

So, you handing in your resignation?


Boring is overrated.

Yo, Vikram, you coming?

It's 7:00 in the morning.

- It's New York City.
- Yeah.



I'm gonna yell at you later.

But for now,
I'm just glad you're both okay.

Oh, thank you.

Hey, Lanie. You coming? Come on.

- Oh. I'll check you later.
- Okay.

[Sighs] Ohh!

Feel like I could sleep for a week.

How about some breakfast first?

Best way to start off a hibernation.

Uh, you know what?
Uh, why don't we just order in?

You don't have to cook.

I love cooking for you.

And I love when you cook for me.

I'm gonna go change.

All right.

Hey, Beckett!


If Mason had an incinerator
in the basement,

why wouldn't he just dispose
of Caleb's body there?


I told Mason that you
would figure it out.


But the old man wouldn't listen to me.

Caleb, don't...

Sorry, Rick,
but how am I gonna enjoy my retirement

with you and the missus hunting me?


[Breathing heavily]

[Both grunting]

Well, guess this is it.

Doesn't have to be.

We could, uh, go to dinner,

debrief each other.

Why, Castle? So I can be
another one of your conquests?

Or I could be one of yours.

It was nice to meet you, Castle.

It's too bad. It would've been great.

You have no idea.

Castle: Every writer needs inspiration.

And I found mine.

Beckett: Always.

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