03x13 - The Ransom of the Forsaken Soul

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Nancy Drew". Aired: October 2019 to present.
After high school graduation, Nancy finds herself drawn into a supernatural m*rder mystery along with her four friends.
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03x13 - The Ransom of the Forsaken Soul

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I need to save Ace's life,
and you need my blood,

so here we are.

With donut holes.

From Bea and Penny's Bakeshop.
My friends say

they're the perfect gift
for all occasions.

And this occasion being?

A truce

and a trade.

- You need my blood to open the Veil.
- And you need

the soul-splitter to save Ace's life.

He has the last piece of Charity's soul.

The Copperhead's coming for him.

I won't let him die.

You know, my daughter
had the same feelings

for that pedantic drip, Beckett Dow.

My advice,

squelch them.

Feelings make your blind spots bigger.

What happened to your crush's shirt?

Guess he figured,

since you're gonna
be destroying the town

with your New Genesis, why do laundry?

ACE: Well, found the soul-splitter.


TEMPERANCE: George, on the other hand,

pressed and ironed button-down blouse.

NANCY: She said it was important

to show you the proper respect.

- Administrative Code Section . b.

Horseshoe Bay must hold
an evacuation drill

every three years.

What happens when there is an emergency

and our town learns

that our beloved Judge Abbott
left us unprepared?

An unruly populace.

Extremely well argued, Ms. Fan.

Mandatory evac drill.

I'll issue it,

first thing tomorrow morning.

Young Mr. Hudson didn't want to lobby

on behalf of Ace and the town?

He's actually conflict-avoidant.

Guys, I got a plan B. It's
called a "skin-walker k*ller".

This is from your deep dive into
the criminal relic underworld?

BESS: Yeah, well, according to Addy,

the skin-walker is a
Navajo term for witches.

- Uh, the artifact...
- Kills witches, got it.

Yeah, well, wish me luck.

Let's help each other.

Maybe we're a lot more alike
than you think.

You can't imagine doing
what I'm doing, can you?

Opening the Veil and unleashing
a medicine cabinet

of supernatural disasters and
horrors that'll k*ll everyone

in Horseshoe Bay?

In order to master
those horrors, and use them

as a tool to build a better world.

Please, let's hear

your plan for how we help each other.

Bess found a way to split Charity's soul

from Ace's without destroying it.

You get a piece of your daughter's soul,

and the Copperhead leaves Ace alone.



Now go tell

the world's saddest album cover
that I'll make the trade.

The soul-splitter for your blood.

♪ ♪

As always, thank you for sharing.


It's out.

The piece of Charity's soul
that was in Ace

is now in here.

Wha... what did you do to me?

She's out. Antidote.


We good here?

Yeah, out like a baby.
A nutty, crazy, evil baby.

Dosing the donut holes
so the supernatural sedative

would be in Nancy's blood
when we did the transfusion?


I'm ready. Let's put Charity's
soul inside Temperance,

so the Copperhead comes and kills her

and not Ace.

Untethered soul seeks
the nearest host, right?



Did it work?

You're Charity-free.

Now let's get out of here before
a certain Copperhead shows up.

Hey, by the way, where is Ryan?

Uh, he's on another relic crawl.

- He's okay.
- Okay.

NANCY: Are you sure?

ACE: It's the Copperhead.

The frozen hearts are gone.

She's on her way to the Veil.

With all four pieces of Charity's soul.

And Nancy's blood.

We gave her everything she needed.

♪ ♪



Can I help you?

I'm-I'm looking for a-a hatchet

to k*ll off skin-walkers.

Is that some sort of rodent device?

I think I got a little bug vacuum.

- SHELBY: Honey, no,

that doesn't sound like
what he's asking about.

Um, we sell a few crafts online,

pot holders, trivets, but that's it.

You know what, maybe you're
looking for the previous owners.

We just moved in.

Is that a... Turkish erbulus?

Used to w-ward off

demonic entities?

It's the only reason you'd have

one of these in your doorway
is if your house

was full of dangerous relics.

What do you know about an erbulus?

Well, I saw one at the
local Historical Society,

so, actually quite a bit.

Well, it's not an object
that you'd normally find

- at a Historical Society.
- Yeah, well,

this isn't your normal
historical society.

But I am tight

with the management, so, you know,

if there's anything you guys
ever need, you just let me know.

A skin-walker hatchet?

Why don't you come in?

Nice wheels, by the way.


We can keep knocking on people's doors,

but no one is listening.

This evacuation effort's a nonstarter.

I mean, I get it.
If I didn't know any better,

I wouldn't leave town either.

Oh, says the guy who's leaving town.

Everyone knows.
It's the worst-kept secret.

Look at that.

emergency siren speakers in town,

never used.

CARSON: Joyce, I can see the switch.

All you have to do is flip it.

Or just step aside and let me do it.

- CARSON: Yes.
- An unauthorized evacuation siren

will only cause chaos and confusion.

You want chaos and confusion?

I'll show you chaos and confusion.



There you are,

my dear Charity.

Temperance, stop!

You drugged the donut holes.

Ineffective, but delightful.

You knew everything we had planned.

Before you even planned it.

Blind spots, Nancy. I tried to warn you.

This is not the town that wronged you

all those years ago.

- There are good people here.
- TEMPERANCE: Tell me,

do you care so much about Horseshoe Bay

because you've convinced yourself

it's the only place you'll ever matter?

Think about your daughter.

Would this earn Charity's love?

Doesn't matter so much now.

Long ago, I learned
it takes a human soul

to unlock this seal in the Veil.

When I became pregnant,
that's how I shaped Charity's.

You made your daughter into a key.

I gifted her with a destiny.

And the thing about destiny is

you can't change it.






The Veil's still sealed.

Charity's soul has passed.

The key's gone.

I can't believe we made it
to the other side of this one.

I never doubted we would.

That makes one of us.

You were amazing.

- NICK: Oh, there he is.

Mr. Plan B.

What is that, a w*r wound?

Yeah, I-I got hit with some...

I think from some flying
shrapnel from the-the hatchet.

Can I ask you?

Back at the Veil,

Temperance said something
about your blind spots.


What did she mean by that?

Sorry. You don't want to have

- this conversation right now.
- No, it's exactly

the conversation
I want to have right now.

You want to...

walk me home?

I'll get my coat. Forget my coat.

Let's, uh, let's go.

- Night, guys.
- Night.

- Hey, Ryan, you all right?
- You okay?

- CARSON: Hey, Ryan.
- BESS: Ryan!

- Ryan! Ryan! Oh, my God.
- Hey.

Clear his airway.
I'm gonna call for help.

- Okay.
- Okay, we got to lie him down.

What happened?

NICK: It's his neck.

The piece of metal from the hatchet.

CARSON: Yeah, we're at
The Claw in Horseshow Bay.

He can't breathe.
We need help right now.

NANCY: Ryan?

I can't feel anything. I'm scared.

Ryan, I'm here. I'm with you, okay?

No. Don't let go. Please.

I'm not ready to go.

No, I've got you. I've got you, Dad...

RYAN: I'm not ready.


♪ ♪

RYAN: Nancy, finish this!



CARSON: I'll let her
know you stopped by.

- NANCY: Let me guess,

that was Ace again with the sorbet?

Yeah. Peach this time. You interested?

No, I'm not hungry. Thanks.


Nothing from Ryan's estate lawyer?

Is this still about Ryan's car?

It's still missing.
There's no bill of sale,

no insurance claims.

His car disappears

the night Ryan shows up with a hatchet.

They're connected. I'm trying to...

You're trying... to solve your grief.

- But there's no piece

of information that will
stop you from hurting.

Agent Park has news.

So, maybe it's about the car.

I'm gonna meet him at The Claw.

BESS: Nancy, I can't
believe you're here.

I've missed you.

That is a very fancy letter
you have there.


Yeah, it is an offer

from the Guild of Societies Historical.

Hannah nominated me

to be the next Keeper.

Bess, congrats.

- That is exactly what you wanted.
- Yeah.

Yeah, but I'm-I'm turning it down.

Yeah, it was...

exactly what I wanted, but...
(CHUCKLES) not anymore.

Not after Temperance,

and the near-New Genesis.

And Addy agrees.

I've decided to take a long
break from the supernatural.

- Hmm.
- I've got too much good

in my life to risk it, so...




I missed your face.


Is George Fan studying?

Yes, she is.

I also enrolled in poli-sci
classes at Seabury Community.

It was Carson's idea. Says it's
great prep for law school.


NANCY: How are you and Nick?

Oh, you know... (SIGHS)

still broken up, but... it's okay.

He's finally gonna get home.

Change of ownership at the Youth Center?

I'm tending it while he's in Florida.

It's an open-ended ticket.

Yeah, I've been, uh, you know,
processing stuff.

And, uh, everything
that happened with Eve

and surviving the near-apocalypse,

- I... think it's time.

I totally get it.


You have news for me?

Is it, is it about Ryan? About his car?

It's about me. Headed back to the Boston

field office.

The Frozen Hearts k*ller case
is officially resolved.

Filed my final paperwork
about an hour ago.

Don't worry, didn't mention
the moths or the Veil

and the -year-old witch.


So, what was in your paperwork?

Temperance Hudson was
the k*ller. You caught her,

but in pursuit,
she died in a tragic f*re

that she'd set off
behind the Youth Center.

I mean, what about Ryan?
How did that splinter k*ll him?

- And where is his...
- Hey, hey, hey, hey.

There are always unknowns.

It's true in life.

- None of it's neat.
- No.

Boston isn't that far away.


I would offer you some sorbet, but...

But you can't because
all of the world's sorbet

is in my freezer.

I'm just happy to see you.

I miss Ryan, too.

It's not just Ryan.

It's also me.

I k*lled somebody.

You had no choice.

k*lling Temperance, you're a hero.

That's not what I see
when I look in the mirror.

I see somebody

who is capable of taking a life.

And if that's what I see,
isn't that what everybody sees?

Let's take a walk.

ACE: Look at what you saved.

Hey, Lily.

Oh, hey, you two.

Lily closed early last week
to go to Leo's piano recital.

Kid didn't get a single note right,

but if you saw Connor and Lily,

you'd have thought they sired Beethoven.

Dr. Goodman, he retired.
He took over Harbor Joe's Café.

He's thinking about calling it

"The Turn Your Head And Coffee Shop".

And, Darlene Fowler
is out of the hospital.

She keeps saying she's ready
for bikini season.

You saved everyone, Nancy.

The town that you pledged to protect,

you protected.

You want to know how they see you?

They love you.

I'm with them.

You know, the night after the Veil,

I asked you to walk me home...


♪ Looks like a storm... ♪

I was gonna tell you something.

♪ Been trying to hold back... ♪

Tell me now?

♪ My body's shaking ♪

♪ Like a leaf ♪

♪ Keeping this in made it ♪

♪ Hard to breathe ♪

♪ When I'm with you ♪

♪ I'm who I want to be ♪

♪ Yeah, I found a love I can't ♪

♪ Believe ♪

♪ I want to give you ♪

- ♪ All I am... ♪

I think we broke your barometer.

- I'll get another one.
- Mm-hmm.

♪ Give to you ♪

♪ It's all the magic here and now ♪

♪ I'm falling into... ♪

♪ ♪

- Ace.
- Hmm?

Are you awake?

Mm... God, I hope so.

Did you know

that you smile in your sleep?


Is that a deal breaker?

I don't think I can fix that right now.

Mm. I don't think
you should fix anything.

Stay here.

I'm gonna get us breakfast.



- Oh, hi. Nice to see you.
- Hey. How are you?

- Oh, good. Thanks.



Fred, why do you have Ryan's car?

Doing repairs for the new owner.

There are six bagels in it for you

if you answer my next question.

Say cheese.

ALL: Cheese.

♪ Shake that caboose ♪

♪ Miami, Miami ♪

♪ Got me riding in the coupe,
forget the boo ♪

♪ We on the beach and on the prowl, ow ♪

♪ Baby girl, I like your style... ♪


You got my message, right?

You traded bagels for information?


(LAUGHS): Hi, guys.

Oh, yay.

Oh... Have a drink.

(EXHALES) Here you go.


We should toast.

- Yeah.
- Oh, me.

- Nick,

let's see, you are a moral compass,

a true friend,
and a really lenient boss.

- And we know

that you're not leaving us forever,

even though you're going literally

as far away as the I- will take you.

- Mm-hmm.
- But remember, that is

a two-way interstate.

So we'll be here waiting for you.

When it leads you back to us again.


To not forever.

ALL: To not forever.

ACE: So this sketchy

relic-hunting couple, they also
sell online home crafts?


Maybe they're harmless.

Maybe I'm being too suspicious.


You have great instincts.

I think you should trust them.

Does that scare you?

There is nothing to be afraid of.

♪ ♪



Somebody help me. Help me, please!

Somebody help me!


You should have watched
those blind spots.

This isn't possible.

- I k*lled you.
- No,

you haven't, actually.

Not yet.

You let me into your head
the day we did our mind weave.

I took that opportunity

to plant a-an anchor
in case of an emergency.

What did you do to me?

Showed you a simple forecast
of what your life will be like

if you k*ll me.

And a fairly accurate one, at that.

I am an excellent fortune teller.



None of this is real.

No. Aren't you relieved?

You're still back at the Veil,
about to k*ll me.

In a split second of real time,

I gave you the opportunity
to live an entire month.

Is this hallucination supposed
to stop me from k*lling you?

Because it's only making me
more determined.

No. No.

Because this right here,

this is the piece I control.

Ace dying wasn't a part
of the original forecast.

Then why did you add it?

Because I wanted you to know
that you have a choice.

In a moment's time,
we'll be back at the Veil

with that hatchet against my neck.

And if you remove the blade,

and let me finish what I started,

you and Ace will get to live
a happy life together.

I can't let you destroy
Horseshoe Bay. No.

Then this hallucination
is my promise to you.

On my lips right now is a curse

that I will release
the moment that I die.

It will k*ll Ace

if you ever act upon
your feelings for each other.

Maybe it won't be a car wreck.

Maybe a plane crash, maybe a disease.

But it will be soon,

and it will be painful.

The choice is yours.

RYAN: You have to finish this!


Nancy, you have to finish this.

You swore to protect this town!

Nancy, are you okay?

Nancy, come on! Nancy!


I said run!

What are you doing?

Trust me, I'm doing this
for us, okay? Run.



George. George.

George! George!

Excuse me, excuse me. George!

George! George!

- JOYCE: There is a...

JOYCE: Chief has... Okay,
I have a protocol to follow.



We got to get to higher ground!

- Come on, move!

Clear the waterfront!

Go, go, go, go, go!

Come on, keep going!

Keep going, run!

Clear the waterfront, come on!

We got to get to higher ground!
Go, go, go!

Come on, keep going!

Keep going!

Hey, come on.

Come on, come on. We got to keep
going. We got to keep going.

Come on.

Come on, come on. Keep going.


This is just the beginning.
There's more destruction coming.

Fires, cyclones, storms.

There'll be no escape.



I'm so sorry. (SNIFFLES)



Blind spots, Temperance.

I choose this.


Take your coat off and get on the table.

Get on the table. Will you lie down?

Yeah, yeah, okay.

Is everything okay?

What's going on?

What? Okay. Ah...

Just hold still, please.

Ah, ah. Oh...

Wait, what is that? Because
this is a new shirt. (SHOUTS)

God, that hurts.


You're gonna live.



It's pretty bleak out there.

Um, how many people are d*ad?

Neighborhoods near Main Street
got hit the worst.

Lily's Flowers, the bookstore,
they're gone.

- How many people are d*ad?
- ACE: Not a one.

No casualties.

Turns out, the siren works.

Yeah, still a lot of people
who need help, though.

Food, shelter.

GEORGE: Yeah, Nick's gonna
open the Youth Center,

we'll put out blankets and cots.

Me and Ace are gonna empty the freezer

and we'll start cooking.

We could use some help
if you're up for it.

Just gonna go with George and Nick.

Why did you hesitate at the Veil?

You said you were doing this
for us. What does that mean?


I've never k*lled someone before,

so if I was hesitating, that's why.



RYAN: There you go.

Icarus Hall is all yours.

Leaving that place to me in her will?

That might have been the craziest thing

Temperance ever did.


CARSON: Sad news.

Looks like the world just lost a lawyer.

George returned
all the books I loaned her.


Because I'm not chasing
stupid prelaw anymore.

The night the Veil opened,

legal arguments didn't
save lives, my crowbar did.

Judge Abbott hasn't been calling Carson

because he wants to mentor a crowbar.

The world needs more
lawyers like George Fan.

- His words and mine.
- BESS: Okay, I need advice.


Nancy's got plenty.

So, I have been invited
to be the next Keeper

and run the Historical Society.

And you want to turn it down?

Turning it down?

We've just had a supernatural tsunami.

The town needs me more than ever.

No, uh,

I wanted advice on what shoes
to wear my first day.


Well, that was priceless.

All right, Drew.

Leave the books.

I'll give them a spin.

Smells good, Pete.

Thanks, man. Jambalaya.

Hmm, jambalaya.

Well, well, well. Does Florida know

how much luggage you're bringing?

Uh, not my luggage.

Change of plans.

I'm going to Florida next month,

because this month, Florida came to me.

My parents are outside, giving
their cab driver life advice.

How did you convince them to... ?

Oh, I didn't.

My dad heard about the tsunami,

and he called.

They wanted to see
what they could do to...

I don't know, help clean up my home.


I couldn't leave today.

I got to interview dishwashers.

Ace just gave us his notice.

NANCY: Hello?

If you're breaking into the morgue,

you don't need to steal
my I.D., I'll just...

let you in.

You got a job at the morgue.

That night at the Veil...

... I saw myself through your eyes,

and what I saw was lacking.

No direction or purpose.

Just fear... disguised as anything but.

- Ace...
- Wait, uh, no, this is good news.

Because by the time
that I figured that out,

this apartment opened up
on the floor below Nick's.

And I lined up a job that I really love.

I'm not lacking anymore.

You never were.

I've missed you.

You've been avoiding me for a month.


At The Claw, you'd leave
as soon as I show up.

I couldn't figure out why.

Can I tell you what I
hoped the reason was?

It was because you felt

as strongly about me as I do about you.

But for some reason, you're
afraid to tell me that.

If that's all it was, then
I can... I'll just tell you,

- that there's...
- Nothing to be afraid of.

I shouldn't have come here.

Nancy, wait.

Listen to me.

We are friends.

And those feelings that you have for me,

I do not share them and I never will.

I don't believe you.

T-There's something else going on.

- Are you in trouble?
- Why?

Because I'm telling you something

you don't want to hear?

Look through my eyes right now.
What do you see?

NANCY: I think lower.




You're right.

It's perfect.


Jean's on her way.

Ah, big weekend getaway.

Uh, very exciting.

Get out of here, I'll be fine.

Uh, we can finish the rest later.

- Are you sure? I've got time.
- Yeah.

If there's anything
else you need to hang,

or talk about?


What if I told you that in order

to save the town, I gave
up control of my fate?

And I lied to the man that I love

to save his life?

And now I have to spend the rest of mine

paying this terrible price?

I'd say...

... there's so much in life
we can't control,

but there's so much we can.

And sometimes, things
aren't as bad as they seem.

This time, it is.

It's like, it's like when Mom got sick,

and there was nothing
we could do to make her better.

- It's like that.
- Okay, well...

I don't regret trying.

And I don't regret loving her,

even if it meant having to lose her.



You always said that Mom
was your soul mate.

And she was.

She was.

So that being the case,

why will I get in that car with Jean?

That your question?

Because I choose to believe

it is possible to live a good life

even without a soul mate.


Maybe we get more than one?




Maybe we get more than one.

You control your own fate.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

(QUIETLY): Okay.



♪ ♪

TEMPERANCE: How about a game?

♪ Can you smell the smoke? ♪

One of you will be the other's demise.

♪ Can you feel the weather turning ♪

♪ When you watch me go? ♪

♪ Will you wonder where I'm going... ♪

One of you will forsake
what is dearest to you.

So we'll have reinforced concrete.

Ten feet deep, impenetrable.

Yeah, I'm hoping to, uh,
expedite the permits.

Came into some cash
recently, sold something...

... pretty valuable to me.

Sorry to hear that.

Nah, don't be.

♪ One breath... ♪

It got me here.

ABBOTT: You'll also want a good
foundation in U.S. history

and political science.

TEMPERANCE: One of you will
betray your true love.

♪ I'll be a stranger to you... ♪

Ms. Fan?

♪ Meet at the end of the world... ♪

GEORGE: U.S. history
and political science.

Adding that to the list.

One of you will lose your heart.

♪ And wash you out
of all the pieces... ♪

One of you will wreak havoc
on this town.

♪ And rebuild from the start... ♪

ADDY: I think I've mastered

the perfect cup of tea.

Ooh, look at you.

Okay. Well, into
the archive box it goes.

Don't want my truth serum
causing any more mayhem.

I'm the Keeper now. It's all up to me.

No more mistakes.

Ryan Hudson.

You're a hard man to find.

The hatchet's gone.

Okay? Sorry.

Okay, w-why don't you just take the car?

We'll call it even.

SHELBY: Oh, the car was a down payment.

You promised us a future introduction

to your Historical Society Keeper.

JONAS: And that future

is now.

Get in.

TEMPERANCE: And only one of you

will fulfill your destiny.

And that one will
cause the rest to fall.

(EXHALES) Maybe they're just cards.


Nancy Drew Investigations.

I've got a case for you.

Meet me at the cemetery at : p.m.

Come alone.

♪ Somebody new. ♪




♪ ♪

Where are the bodies?

♪ ♪


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