02x25 - Offbeat Steps Under the Moonlight

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Re: Zero, Starting Life in Another World". Aired April 26, 2012- present.
Series based on Japanese light novel centers around Subaru a hikikomori who suddenly finds himself transported to another world on his way home from the convenience store.
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02x25 - Offbeat Steps Under the Moonlight

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Since everyone's sheltering in the graveyard,

I guess that means you finished the trial.

Great job, Emilia-tan.


Subaru! Focus your attention over here for now, I suppose!

What kind of weird reaction was that?

Oh, just... Hearing you call me just "Subaru" is new.

I was just savoring the joy of it.

Save that for later, I suppose... S-Subaru.

Damn, you're so cute!

So, we're up against the Great Rabbit. Are you ready for this?

The contract was only just signed,

and it's one of the Three Great Mabeasts.

The contractor is a novice,

and it's been years since I was involved in a battle.


I'd call it the perfect handicap.

Are you scared?

No, I'm not scared.

I've got Emilia behind me and you beside me.

I'm feeling stronger than ever!

That's right.

El Minya!

Holy crap!

So what should I do?!

Just keep holding my hand and don't leave me alone, I suppose.

And imagine yourself

weaving mana, shaping your power into arrows, and crushing the enemy

in a single, supreme att*ck.


Then all that's left is to say it, I suppose!

El Minya!

Cross over!


Take the left, I suppose!

Then the right's all yours!


Minya! Minya!

That's hard to say! Minya!

There's no end to them! Beako, what's the plan?

What we need to do is gather all of the Great Rabbits here.

They may be infinite, but that doesn't mean there's no upper limit, I suppose.

They can only multiply up to a certain number.

Which means...

If we can stop all of them when they hit that max, we can destroy them!

The question is how to do it.

It's not like the two of us have to solve this alone.


Act as a decoy while I'm getting ready, I suppose.

Don't you worry.

There's no one in all of g*n better than me

when it comes to being bait for insanely strong enemies!

Hey, Great Rabbit!

It's me you want! Follow me!

You're too slow!


Beatrice and I are gonna knock all of these bastards out!

I'd appreciate it if you could help us a little!


I know I'm asking too much!

If you can't do it, I'll just have to think a little harder,

but if you think you can, I want you to try!

Let's all win this together!

All right! You can count on me!

So I'll count on you!

Hell yeah! I'm on it!

Now, Emilia! Trace the line!

You're doing so well!

You always do!

I'm not letting any of you escape!


And now you guys are the guiltylowe that came up one step short!

Okay, your turn to be the star,

Great Spirit Beatrice!

Al Shamac!

We did it...

That was... so amazing.

I sent them to an isolated space, much like the forbidden library.

They'll never be able to come back out, I suppose.

Subaru, look.

Have you nothing to say to the one who just performed such a—

You did it!

I knew you could! I love you, Beako!

Wha... Wait! No! Let me go, I suppose!

That's my girl! You're so cute!

Beako's amazing! Beako's the best! Beako for life!

Su... Suba... Suba... Subaru!

I'm sorry, Mother.

I couldn't keep my promise.

Yet you look as if a weight was lifted from your shoulders.

You don't seem like yourself either, I suppose.

I thought an encounter with Mother was your clan's dearest wish.

May I ask something?


Did Subaru-kun turn out to be "that person" for you?


Subaru is not at all suited for that, I suppose.

But that's just fine.

I chose Subaru, who is not "that person," I suppose.


Because when I asked him to be "that person" for me, he laughed.

He insisted that he could make me happier than

some stranger I wouldn't even recognize could, I suppose.

That is quite an arrogant answer.

But I don't dislike how pushy he is.

Are you sure about this?

You will never be number one to Subaru-kun.

You seem to be mistaken, I suppose.

I didn't leave the forbidden library because I became his number one.

I left because I want to make Subaru my number one.

Choose me.

No matter how old you get, you never change.

You're just like back then.


You and I really haven't spoken enough, have we?

Not in all the time since we were with Teacher.


You're... Roswaal?

I have always been Roswaal.

No! That's not what I meant!

I was joking.

I am...

I'm Roswaal, Beatrice.

You can't mean... Soul transcription?

From Mother's pursuit of immortality?

But that failed!

The soul of another will not take hold in an empty vessel.

So rather than use someone else,

you need only prepare a vessel that has high affinity with the soul.

Would you curse me as an inhuman monster?

Kneel down there, I suppose.

Right here?

Brace yourself.

Was that supposed to be a show of your contempt?

No. I neither know nor care why you want to be reprimanded.

That was obviously payback for burning down the forbidden library, I suppose!

That would cause nothing but trouble for Mother, I suppose.

What do you think you're saying?!

All three of you are here?

It would make me very happy.

Naturally, I suppose.

So said Beatrice as she echoed the very same words her teacher used.

Have you been getting along and not fighting?

Well, I love you.



Welcome back.

Yes... That's right.

I'm back, Beatrice.

And welcome home.

They still haven't come out.

Yeah, but I'm sure they're fine.

You trust Beatrice so well now.

I guess you two were always good friends, huh?

Both now and back then, I'd have my reservations about calling us friends.

Is that Puck?

I'd like to thank him for his help, but that won't work, will it?

You're right.

I guess he overdid it a bit,

and even having this stone to occupy isn't enough to wake him up.

You'll definitely call him back someday, though.



You've changed, Emilia-tan.

You're stronger now.

If I have, it's thanks to you and everyone else.

All I ever do is take, after all.

I need to get to a point where I can give back to everyone soon.

I feel like all I ever do is take, too.

By the way, Subaru... You know...

Huh? Your face just turned red super fast.

You okie?

I'm o-okie. Totally fine.

Anyway, there's something important I wanted to discuss.

Y-You're being weirdly formal now.

So... you said that you... l-loved me, right?

Huh? uh, yes, I did! I love you! A whole lot!

And that, um... makes me really, really happy...

But I wanted to have a proper talk.

About... well...

the baby I'm carrying in my belly!


I-I don't know if it's a boy or a girl,

but I know I have to take good care of it.

But I don't know anything about this kind of thing.

So I knew I had to talk to the father...

E-Emilia-tan! Wait, wait! Seriously, wait a hot minute!

You just said... a baby, right?


It won't be easy with the royal selection going on.

But that's not the baby's fault!

I just want to make them happy!

Emilia-tan, babies don't get carried to you by storks

or grow in cabbage fields.

But when a boy and a girl kiss, it makes a baby, right?


I hate you, Puck!

I got ya!


Okay, now that we've gotten all of our scores settled,

I'd like to talk about where we go from here.

I was sure you'd be pissed, though.

Don't be silly.

Even I don't think Roswaal-sama has nothing to apologize for.

But it's my own choice to treat him with kindness and respect after he's paid for—

You have such bizarre tastes.

With a wound that grave, what would have happened if I wasn't here, I suppose?

I am deeply grateful.

But I would rather not be told whom I should love.

Ram ain't gonna change her mind.

But Boss, are you seriously sayin' this bastard's one of us now?

If not for you and these guys, it would've been a disaster for the village and the mansion!

And he's the one who planned all that!

Still, we need Roswaal's strength.


Emilia can't compete in the royal selection without his support.

It's natural that you'd want to get even with him,

but we can't just say goodbye and send him off.

I don't agree with this.

I am willing to forgive the master.

What the hell you sayin'?!

This bastard put you and the mansion in—

Regardless, I am still alive...

because you saved me.

That's just hindsight!

I have been in the master's care for more than ten years.

I accepted his aid in achieving my own goals,

and I am here today because I learned so much from him.

You think your debt and your life are the same thing?!

He used you and Ram to—

Sorry to interrupt this heated debate.

It's natural that Garfiel would be angry.

I did technically take part in the "purification ritual," too.

You say "technically," but you were throwing some pretty hardcore punches, too.

Anyway, how much does the margrave intend to yield to us?

I believe your concern

is when and where I might become your enemy again,

but you needn't worry about that.

You think I'm gonna trust a damn word you say?

I suppose not.

So... I will prove it to you in a form that you can see.

That is an oath sealed with a curse.

An oath... sealed with a curse?

An agreement can take the form of a contract, an oath, or a covenant.

A covenant applies to all blood relatives,

and an oath binds an individual.

I lost my battle.

Therefore, per my oath, I cannot harm any of you.

If I break this promise, my soul will be tainted,

and my body will burn away in the flames of hell.

Then, I will descend into nothingness.

That is what this promise means.

Wh-Why would you make a crazy promise like that?

That's quite a thing to say.

Were you not the one who proposed such a contest to me?

That is what this mark is for.

And if I had screwed it up...

This mark would have been engraved on you,

and if you broke the promise, you would burn to ashes.

That's scary!

But still,

this means Roswaal can't betray us.

Garfiel, what do you say?

Young Gar.

What happened to Shima was her own choice.

Regardless of what happened to Young Ros,

it was necessary for one of us to act as the key to undo the barrier.

Shima said that she was not lonely these past ten years...

Because she had you.

I know.

Quit lookin' like you're about to cry, Grandma.

Swear it, Roswaal.

Swear you'll never do the shit you've done again.

Swear it.

Never again shall I attempt to sacrifice anyone here

in order to achieve something else.

I swear upon the soul of my beloved teacher.

Not me. I can't forgive you.

You tried to do something awful to the people of the village!

They all trusted you, and then you...

I thought you were a good person, too!

Your words cause me pain.

But... But I don't want to be stubborn and make things harder for everyone.

So... I'm never going to forgive you!

Not ever... But that's all.

Very good.

I'm only agreeing for my sister, the old hag, and this little girl.

Don't forget that!

Of course.

Anyone else got anything to say?

I do.

Okay, Emilia-tan.

You've got the chance to say anything you want.

Then I'll take you up on that and say this.

You're all being very weird.

Roswaal hasn't even done the most important thing yet.

We can't end this discussion before he's done that.

The most important thing?

When you do something bad, you have to say, "I'm sorry."

You've all been telling him to do this and say that to prove he regrets it.

And Roswaal, you said you'd swear on your teacher's soul,

but isn't there something you should say before that?

Roswaal, did you say that to them, even once?

I didn't hear it.

Apologize, Roswaal.

If you're gonna work with us from now on,

that's the right thing to do as a human being.

I am sorry.


That's enough.

Conferment of knighthood?

They're really going all-out here.

I thought this was what you had awaited for a long time.

Yeah, but isn't kinda shameless to do it in a rented space?

The Miload family is a branch of the Mathers family,

and their leader, Annerose, is head over heels for Emilia-sama.

And? You wanted to say something to me?

My goal is to reunite with my teacher.

That's the woman who was in that coffin, right?

So haven't you already—

Do not misunderstand.

I wish to reunite with a teacher whose blood flows, who breathes and houses a soul.

That is my desire and my dearest wish.

And is there a way to do that?

I have lost the Tome of Wisdom, and I am bound by the mark of the oath.

But I have no intention of giving up on my teacher.

What good is that gonna do?

It's simple.

I will continue to keep my eye on you.

You decided that you would lose nothing and pick up all the pieces.

You will surely continue to be hurt from now on.

You will lose things over and over, and each time you get them back,

you will carry on with new, invisible wounds.

If I lost anyone, I would not hesitate to reduce everything to ashes.

I will not compromise.

Nothing can lead me back to my teacher but you, Subaru-kun, and the path you walk.

We will now begin the ceremony of the conferment of knighthood.

Natsuki Subaru, come forward.

Congratulations, Subaru-kun.

You've earned the praise of the witch's disciple.

You win... for today.

The sun that looks down upon a brilliant world,

the stars that keep watch over the world when it sleeps,

the wind, to the water, to the earth, to the light,

the spirits that dwell in all things...

The world that will accept you and nurture you,

the vast world into which you will be sent forth...

The pride that has supported you, protected you, and created you...

May you find a way to live that will not shame

all that watch over you,

the world that nurtures you,

and the pride that supports you.

May you live as your heart dictates,

never fearing, never cowering, never hesitating.

Have you the will to do all this,

as all things surrounding you have done,

to swear that you will henceforth protect the one standing before you?

On the sun, the stars, the spirits, the world, my pride...

And on my father and mother, I swear it.

I will protect you.

I will grant your every wish.

My name is Natsuki Subaru...

your knight, Emilia, and yours alone.


This is nothing new, but you look so sexy and cute in that outfit.


Subaru? So this is where you were.

Oh, it's you, Emilia-tan.

I thought some angel or fairy had come to get me.

You're being weird again.

Are you drunk or something?

I told you before, I don't drink.

I'm only drunk on myself and the atmosphere right now.

See? You are drunk.

Are you getting along with Roswaal?

What were you talking about before the ceremony?

Ah, I knew he was messing with you.

You're so perceptive, Emilia-tan.

I get the feeling things are gonna be even tougher than before.

I think Roswaal is just afraid of forgetting everything he's done.

That's why he acts like that to get everyone's attention.

Honestly, he's such a child.

You're amazing, Emilia-tan.

You think so?


But I think that about you, too. I really do.

You know, Subaru...

There's something I want to say to my knight later.

What a coincidence. There's a lot I want to say to you, too.

Then it's a promise.

When the ceremony's over, we'll have an important talk.

Would you come to my room?

I'm a repeat offender when it comes to breaking promises,

but when you invite me to your room at night,

is breaking that promise even an option? No, it's not!

Sorry... I'm not really sure what you're talking about.

I can't wait to find out what we'll talk about.

One evening might not be enough.

If it's that important, I'll give you as many evenings as it takes.

I'm your number one knight! Okay?


Don't worry, Emilia-tan.

No matter what you say, I'll never become disenchanted with you.


What's important isn't the beginning or the middle.

It's the end.

Besides, no matter what started it,

it's not like it's still the same now, right?

How... do you know?

You were looking out over the hall with those sweet eyes before.

Seeing that made it obvious.

If making that circle around you bigger

is one of your reasons for wanting to work so hard,

then let your number one help you.

You really don't mind if I rely on you?

What do you think I promised you a minute ago?

I want you to rely on me before anyone else.

If there's anything I can help you with, I will,

and if there's anything you don't understand, I'll think about it with you.


All right, my doubts are gone now!

Subaru, your face looks so sweet right now.

I wonder why.

Maybe I'm just happy to see what you're seeing, and I think it's nice.

Oh, I can understand that.

It makes me happy if you feel the same way about it.

I'm not so sure... That might not be quite right.

I do think it's okay if we think differently.

It's such a nice atmosphere, isn't it, Emilia-tan?


I think this scene just might be my ideal.

I'll never forget it.
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