01x03 - Green Juice

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Dropout". Aired: March 3, 2022 - present.
Miniseries based on the podcast The Dropout tells the story of the rise and fall of the youngest self-made billionaire, Elizabeth Holmes.
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01x03 - Green Juice

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are taking the first step

toward making health care accessible
to everyone in this country.

You need to start bringing in
venture capital firms.

Hello, Don. Elizabeth Holmes.

And when Larry Ellison came to you,

with his vision for how Oracle
could organize data

you said, "How much do you need?"

I want you to meet Larry Ellison.

LARRY ELLISON: If you want
this, you gotta fight.

That's what it takes to run
a billion-dollar company.

Is that what you really want?

- Yes.
- What are you willing to do to get it?

We faked the demo.

Don't tell anyone else.

ELIZABETH: Our series B round closed

at $ million.

I'm going to change the world!

♪ Feist's playing ♪


♪ One, two, three, four ♪

♪ Tell me that you love me more ♪

♪ Sleepless long nights ♪

♪ That is what my youth was for ♪

♪ Old teenage hopes
are alive at your door ♪

♪ Left you with nothing
but they want some more ♪

♪ Oh, uh-oh,
you're changing your heart ♪

♪ Oh, uh-oh,
you know who you are ♪

♪ Sweetheart, bitter heart
now I can tell you apart ♪


♪ Cozy and cold,
put the horse before the cart ♪

♪ Those teenage hopes
who have tears in their eyes ♪

What were you doing in India, Mr. Bal...

It's Balwani.

And I've actually got somewhere to be.

- Oh, where?
- I'm buying an iPhone.

A what?

It's new.

And why do you need
another phone, Mr. Balwani?

What is the phone for?

Is this funny to you?

No, sir.

What's your occupation?

I started a company
and then I sold it so...

I'm going to ask you again,
what is your occupation?

I don't have one.

♪ Three, four, five, six, nine, or ten ♪

♪ Back the love that you had then ♪

♪ Back the love that you had then ♪


I f*ckin' love Steve Jobs!



I got the first one!






♪ You know who you are ♪


You... designed the iPhone.

- Yeah.
- I'm... I'm so starstruck right now.

Oh, I can't take all the credit.

And Steve wouldn't let me.

But I did make it prettier to look at.

See, that's the thing
Steve really understood.

You can have all the right tech
on the inside,

but without the right look...

- None of it matters.
- Exactly.

That's my weakness.

I, I never think about
what things look like.

I can see that.

Oh no, you don't...

You don't like what I'm wearing?

You should just dress more like a CEO.

I... when I was with Mark Zuckerberg

at the photoshoot for Inc,

he was wearing soccer
sandals, flip-flops.

Yes, but you are a woman.

If you wear soccer sandals to work,

everyone would think that
you're having a mental breakdown.

Yeah, I just don't want to waste my time
picking out what I'm going to wear.

- It's not a waste of time.
- For you. You're a designer.

Listen, how you present yourself
to the world

is your identity.

It's, it's your armor.

You're a good person.
I'm rooting for you.


it's just really exciting to me
that you're a young female CEO

instead of a cocky little boy
in a sweatshirt.


Yeah... What do I have to do
to convince you to,

to work here?

Avie Tevanian joined our board,
and he's a big fan of you.

I love Avie.

He said that you'd lose , shares

of Apple stock if you left.

It's my retirement.

- I got a wife. I got kids.
- Yeah.

But the outsiders have
to stick together.

That's how we change the world.

Seriously, though,
your company has momentum now,

and when the board
starts smelling money,

they're going to get tough on you.

Watch your back.

Why the f*ck do you want a car
that doesn't make any noise?

It's a Prius, Sunny.
It's what everybody is driving.

Why do you even need a new car?

I like driving you.


[SCOFFS] Not even real leather.

I like it.

You know, I'm looking into this computer
science grad program at Stanford.

I'm thinking about
going back to school again.

What do you think?

Do you think my board respects me?

Sure. Just keep making them money.

Could they fire me? From my own company?

Of course, they can.

You took money from VCs. They own you.


Hey, you have any questions?


The demo cars don't lock.

My name's Bruce. If you have
any questions, let me know.

Uh, I have to get this.
It's Larry Ellison.


Hey, Sunny.

We should... go out.

Like, on a date or something.


Is she taking a call in there?

It's private.

NOEL: I know you're
not much of a reader,

but Elizabeth was just profiled
in Inc Magazine's

" Under " with Mark Zuckerberg.

- Oh.
- Who made Facebook.

LORRAINE: Is that the thing where
single people put their pictures up?

My stepson is on that.

Hey, not a big deal,
but has Elizabeth received

any emails from Richard lately?

No. Why would Richard
be emailing Elizabeth?

Well, this is kind of silly, actually,

but I think he was hurt

that she didn't contact him
for advice on her company,

you know, since his company
also invents biomedical devices,

and it made him a little angry.


He was mad she didn't
call him for advice?

Well... yeah.

He's been researching what she's doing.

I think he might be trying to have
a little fun with her company.

A little fun with her company? What?

He applied for a patent.

I don't really understand it,
but I think he wants her to buy him off,

you know, just for fun.

So your husband
has been secretly researching

my daughter's company
so he can make money off her?

My -year-old daughter!

Well, you don't have
to make it sound so bad.

Mrs. Holmes.


Mrs. Holmes!

Mrs. Holmes.




NOEL: Richard.

Hello, Noel. You look like
you need a glass of water.

What did you do to Elizabeth?

LORRAINE: Richard.


Oh god.

You're trying to mess
with Elizabeth's company?

Richard. Everybody, be nice.

RICHARD: There's nothing for you
to worry about, Noel.

He's just having fun.

I'm a businessman.

I think she's got a great idea.
I want to be a part of it.

So I looked into what
she's going to need,

and I invented a mechanism

that will alert doctors

when their patients have
an abnormal blood test.

If she ever wants to put a blood
testing device in someone's home,

she'll have to license my invention.

Buy you off.

- Your words, not mine.
- You're sick.

If she had called and asked my advice,

I would have told her,
things like this can happen.

You know what, can I get anyone coffee?

You're a tiny man!

Oh, stop being such a nice little WASP

and tell me to f*ck off, Noel.

f*ck off!

No, you f*ck off.

f*ck you. f*ck you. f*ck you!


- You said that to him?

Your mom used the F-word.

I said it a couple of times.

Thank you. I, I haven't heard
about any patent applications.

He's, he's bluffing.

I'm never speaking to Lorraine again.

They both can f*ck off.

Oh my gosh.


- ELIZABETH: Oh shit.
- What?

I spilled my coffee. Oh shit.

Doesn't the Prius have a cup holder?

♪ Passion Pit's Sleepyhead playing ♪

♪ Sleepyhead ♪


ANA ARRIOLA: Hey, Bridget Jones.

I thought we were
meeting with the board.

Girl, that cannot be
what you are wearing.

I spilled my coffee.

ANA: Oh god.

I've been meaning to ask you.

I still haven't received dimensions
for the prototype.

Oh... yeah.

DON LUCAS: Elizabeth, we're up here.

- Hey.

Sweetheart, you're so skinny,

you should eat something.

RAKESH: Come on, baby,

Come on, baby. Come on.


- The sealing between the channels...
- Sucks! Yeah.

Uncontrolled mixing is going
to k*ll result accuracy.

So you agree?

Well, it's not ready
for the Pfizer trial.


I'll tell her.

I mean, she'll get it.

It-it-it's, it's people.
We can't test this on people.


DON: They're all waitin' for you.



Hi. Hi, guys.

Thanks for coming.



[SOFTLY] It's great that, uh,
we got the full board here.


... new location, new space.

Speak up. We can't hear you!


So we have some... [MACHINE WHIRRING]

We have... [HAMMERING]

[LOUDLY] We have some
exciting new developments.

Including Ana Arriola
who has been with us for a few months,

and Ana and Avie Tevanian
know each other from Apple.

That's right. We stole her from Apple.

Has there been any progress
on the prototype?

Because I know an engineer who can
come in and really ramp things up.

His name is Brendan Morris.

Thank you, but we are full steam ahead.

What do you think they're talking about?

He's worried about
the Novartis contract, Avie.

Says it hasn't come through.

Well, tell him that, that we have plenty
of pharmaceutical interest.

Well, I haven't seen
any of the contracts.

I mean, nobody's talking
about it except Avie,

but he'll bring it up.

I don't know how long
he'll listen to me,

but what do you want me to do?

I need friends on the board.

Of course, I'm there for you.

You know, I-I've been thinking, um...

when we get into
this new office space,

we should...

You should come on as, as a consultant.

I'm already a consultant.

Right, but it will be more formal.

Like, you would have
your own office and a salary.

Oh. Uh, that sounds perfect.




uh, I was wondering,

is, um, is there any
news about Novartis?

Uh, unfortunately, we just got word
that it's not going to work out.


Really? Uh, what happened?

I thought you said the contracts
were in the final stages.

It's, it's complicated.

Um, but I'd like to,
I'd like to really focus right now

on, on the new space.

Yeah, um, I'm just...

The projections build in the revenue
from the Novartis deal.

Should, should we even be looking
at this space

if we don't have that revenue anymore?

Well, uh, we're finalizing
contracts with Pfizer.

- You are?
- Yeah.

Uh, I read the information you sent out,

and you haven't had
a successful validation study

with actual patients yet.

Well, that's a formality.

Validating that the machine works
is a formality.

DON: Elizabeth?

Look, um, I'm here to help you.

That's why you have a board. To help.

My father was an entrepreneur.

I understand there are ups and downs.

Yeah, we have plenty
of pharmaceutical interest,

including Pfizer, so...

Yes, but are you going through
with the Pfizer trial?

Because Ana told me...

You talked to Ana?

Well, she says
she hasn't seen the device yet.

She hasn't even gotten
dimensions for it.

If you want to know,
you just, you can ask me.

I am asking you. That is what I'm doing.

We are going through with the trial.

You're going forward
with the Pfizer trial?

Yes, we are. We are ready.

Uh, you know,
if you, if you'll excuse me,

I have to, I have to go talk to Don.

Wait, uh, wait, your, um...



We need to find out which employees
are talking to each other.

How should I...

How do you want me to do that?

Oh, I don't know.

Friend them on Facebook
and then find out

who's friends with each other.

Friend every employee in the company
on Facebook to spy on them?

That's what I said. Okay?


I searched for Richard Fuisz.

The IT guys found this.

They said it was randomly sent
to info@theranos.com,

the general email.

So apparently, he just patented an alert

for a home blood-testing device,

and they think
you might have to buy him out.

I need to get Legal on the phone.

I need to hire a security team
and no one knows about this, okay?


♪ Tense music ♪


Oh, should I come back or...

- Do you want a, a shirt?
- It's okay.




Yes, but would you be willing...

Hi. Sorry.

- I ordered for you.
- No, no, no.

That-that's not what I'm saying at all.

Soba noodles with miso-infused
locally grown pumpkin.

Like, what?

From a pumpkin patch?
- Yes, that should not be a problem.

I look forward to
talking after Nashville.

Yeah, okay.

Bye. Yeah. Bye.

- Pfizer?

Yeah, I'm, I'm, I'm going ahead
with the validation study.

With cancer patients?
You're ready to test it on people?

It's just a trial.
That's... everybody does trials.


You're minutes late.

I just found out that Richard Fuisz,

my neighbor growing up,

is trying to get me to buy
a patent off of him.

Avie Tevanian was asking
about our cash flow at the site,

so I had to show him that we were moving

on the pharmaceutical contracts.

So I had to say yes to Pfizer, and...

- I don't, I don't want this.
- It's okay. You can leave it.

Can you get off your
phone, we're eating.

I can't, I can't do this.
I have to get back to the office

- Then I'll come with you. I'll help.
- No.


Just no?

I, I don't want them to think
that I need my boyfriend's help.

No one knows I'm your boyfriend.

No one knows who I am.

I can't do one thing wrong.

I can't give them one
reason to doubt me,

or I will lose my company.

They will take it away, okay.

I'll-I'll see you at home.

Excuse me.

Excuse me!

This has truffle oil in it.

Oh, um, there's no
truffle oil in this...

You think I don't know
what truffle oil smells like, don't you?

- No, no, I...
- That table over there has truffle oil.

And that table and that table?

I can smell f*cking truffle oil
from a mile away.

I'll take this back to the kitchen.

Hey, what do you run on that
computer, Mac or Windows?

I'm a Mac!

"I'm a Mac." "I'm a PC."
Never mind.

Uh, why do you want to know?
Are you putting in spyware?

♪ Tense music ♪



Sir, you can't go in there.

If you don't work in engineering,
you don't go in the lab.

Uh, uh, Edmund Ku is in Nashville,

and he asked me to check on things.

Employees are siloed
to their own departments.

Well, would I be allowed
to knock in Morse code.

I can check.

Problems with the housing market

are making news tonight.

And now there is even
more stark evidence

of how serious things
are getting in this country.

State officials in Ohio
have announced

they will issue
$ million in taxable bonds...

Hello, I'm Elizabeth Holmes
from Theranos.

We're doing a study for Pfizer.

REPORTER: ... are called subprime loans.

And the expl*sive growth
in this kind of lending...

Is the doctor here?

Hey, listen up. Important question.

Did anyone else get a friend request
from Elizabeth's assistant?

Damn, I thought it was just me.

Uh, Rakesh, you're a
celebrated engineer.

Tell me, do you think
this book's heavy enough

to keep the door open?

It's one hundred percent
not heavy enough.

Hah. Well, that's where
you're wrong because...


Oh, sorry.

♪ Foreboding music ♪

Can I help you at all?

I'm just taking a look around.

My-my name is Ian Gibbons.

Do-do I know you?

Your face is familiar somehow.

Sunny Balwani.

I'm an unofficial consultant.

I have some questions.

AVIE: It's all there.

I mean, there is nothing there.

Look, I really, I like Elizabeth, I do,

but don't you think it's strange
that we haven't seen a single contract?

Absolutely nothing to back up
any of these projections.

I'm not saying it's her fault.
She's a kid.

She is not ready to be CEO.

She needs adult supervision.

I tried to email you, but...

- Why don't you have email?
- Because I've been sued too many times.

Look, this may not be
the way they do it at Apple.

I do things by my gut.

- I trust her.
- Don...

you are too close to this.

You have brunch with her every weekend.

You are practically
acting like her father.

Avie, as far as I'm concerned,
you should tender your resignation.

- What?
- I'm asking you to resign.

- You're firing me from the board?
- I'm asking you...

Is that what your gut says
you should do?




Just start asking questions.

She is lying to you.



Helena had stage four breast cancer
by the time we caught it.

Too late for most treatment options.

I'm toast.


♪ pensive music ♪

Wrong side.

Right, right. Sorry.

So, uh, it's actually, it's very simple.

You're going to have a finger puncture.

All we need is a drop of blood.

HELENA: Been stuck so many times,
I got no veins left.

Y'all are doing a good thing here.

Hold on. Uh, it's, um...

Excuse me, I'm sorry.
I-I just forgot something.

Just one second.


What are you doing?

Get back in there, Edmond.

Elizabeth, it doesn't work yet.
It's not even close to working yet.

It's not supposed to work, it's a trial.

This isn't what I do.

I-I work with machines,
I work with tech. I don't...

How can we ask these people to, to...

These people know that
they're participating in a trial.

This is how these
things are done, Edmond.

This isn't you.


Go back in there.


EDMOND: Uh, so when you
take this home with you,

just remember that, uh,

it's very, very delicate,

and so it can't be near a window

or an AC unit or a heater.

And, um,

and it, and it can't get wet.

Thank you.


SUNNY: You're back? How was Nashville?

Good. Just unpacking.

The patients kn-kn-know

that they're participating in a trial.

Go back in there, Edmond.

[DEEPER VOICE] Go back in there, Edmond.

Go back in there...
Go back in there, Edmond.

This is an inspiring step forward.

An inspiring step forward.

[DEEPER] An inspiring step forward.



Avie is out.

Good. He didn't understand the vision.

You've told me everything
I need to know. Right?

ELIZABETH: Yeah, I just
got back from Nashville.

Don, this is an
inspiring step forward...

You have a cold?

No, I'm fine, uh...

Everything's fine.

So, uh, how was Nashville?

I can't talk about it.
It's, um, you know, NDA.

What? Oh, this is terrible.

Suddenly, everyone's on
a need-to-know basis.

Well, I need to know.

My whole job is needing to know.


who's that?

That is Brendan Morris.

She brought in a new engineer.

We're not moving fast
enough, apparently.

We don't know what he's working on.

He just goes into the office
and shuts the door.


Hang on. I've got an idea.


- Yeah.
- Good day, sir.

I have the package you ordered,
and I think it's best

that I come into your office
and set it down.

That box is already open,

and it's got
an empty Snapple bottle inside of it.

Well, you ordered it.

So, yeah, if you're the one
who ordered it, then I...


I have an idea. [CLEARS THROAT]


[SIGHS] Yeah.

Hello. Could you tell us
what you're working on?


Obviously, I'm going
in a different direction.

You've repurposed
a glue-dispensing robot.


Check it out.



The point is you hired another engineer

to create a completely
different prototype.

If-if-if I may, you see,
his machine is not microfluidics.

He's just reprogrammed a...

It's a f*cking glue bot.

If you don't like it,
then get your version to work better.

Are you trying to pit us
against each other?

What are you doing?

You-you want us to compete
against an automated arm?

I want something to actually work.

Is this because of what
happened in Nashville?

[DEEPER VOICE] Nashville was
an inspiring step forward.

Are we done?

- Is this what you want,

what Brendan's doing?

He's just miniaturizing
a process that already exists.

It's big and ugly, and it's not new.

And, and it's not your vision.

I'm worried that perhaps
this is all my fault.

Perhaps I answered

the consultant's questions
in the wrong way.


Yes, a man called Sunny.

He came while you were in Nashville,

- and asked us questions.
- What are you talking about?

- Well, he said...
- When I was in Nashville?


You did not answer his questions wrong.


I-I-I can't talk about
this right now, Ian.


Uh, right.

ELIZABETH: You can't just
show up at my office.

You told them that
you were a consultant?

Do you want to talk about that

or the fact you're years away
from the promises you made to the board?

How do you know that?

What's your plan?

Just keep everything
from the board forever?

What is that?

It's green juice. I bought it for you.

It's healthy.

If you're going to work hours a day,
you need to eat healthier.

So what are you saying?
You think I look bad?

You look like shit.

Do you know why I went to your office?

Because I don't like
the way you treat me.

How do I treat you?

You dismiss me. You act like
I'm some guy hanging around.

I founded a company.
I ran it. I sold it.

Yeah, and that really impressed me
when I was .

You know what I saw
when I went to your office?


No one respects you.

No one listens to you.

They talk behind your back.
They make fun of you.

They're laughing at you, Elizabeth.

You're in over your head.
You're going to lose everything.

But go ahead, keep ignoring me.
Keep dismissing me.

This juice is disgusting. I hate it.

- Disgusting.
- Drink it.


Drink it.


It cost $ . Drink
it, it's good for you.

I don't care how much it cost.

- Elizabeth!
- Go f*ck yourself, Sunny.

- I don't give a f*ck.
- Don't throw it out!

Don't throw it out!

♪ Tense music ♪



Are you coming to bed?



Here at Theranos...


we... we are developing


new technology.

an inspiring step forward.

an inspiring step forward.

[DEEPER VOICE] Here at Theranos,

we are developing

new technology.


[DEEPER VOICE] Here... at Theranos,

we are developing new technology.

New technology...

This is an inspiring step





This is an inspiring step forward.

I shouldn't have had you meet me here.

I just thought this would be better

Drive around the block.





Alright. Very nice.

It's, uh, it's not there yet,
but we're getting closer.

I think it needs a name.

How about Gluebot?

- Edison.

I'm calling it The Edison.

And this is the direction
that we're going in.


♪ mournful music ♪

- No, sir, I can't let you...
- Wait, no, that's my X-ACTO knife.

It's not the intellectual property
of Theranos.

- Just doing my job, sir.
- Come on, it's his X-ACTO knife.

Sir, please take a step...

That is my X-ACTO knife, and I like
the way it cuts things, please.

- Come on, hold on...
- Please take a step back.

Okay, okay, just take it, but...


Uh, I, uh...

I don't have my car today, so if, um,

uh, someone can, uh, give me
the number of a cab company.

Alright, let's go.


♪ Eerie music playing ♪



TESS: Elizabeth?

I'm sorry, I thought she was here.

I'm here.

I'm here.

- Oh, hey.
- What's going on?

The legal team is ready to see you.

Elizabeth, I need to talk to you.

I'm so sorry.
I was on a very long phone call.

Hi. What, what's going on
with filing the lawsuit?

Did you do trials
on terminal cancer patients

with a prototype that didn't work?

Uh, can we have the room please?

- Answer me.
- Where did you hear that? Avie?

Is it a secret?

No. Uh, no. I just, uh...

That goes against everything

- I believe in...
- Ana, it was a trial.

And I have a moral obligation
to talk to you about...

Everybody does trials.

You know, I was trying to remember
what it was I saw in you,

why I came here.

And I don't know,

I think I thought you were
like me somehow,

an outsider.

I am. That's why I have
to fight to keep my job.

No, that's why you have to care more.

I only came here because
I thought we were helping people.

I can't help anybody
if I don't have a company.

- That's not the point.
- Yes, it is.

I, I don't know what you want from me.


You told me to be more of a CEO,
and so I'm trying to do that.

I'm trying. I'm trying.

So sorry. But, Elizabeth,
I really need you.

We can discuss this later.

Okay? Ana, please.

♪ Dramatic music ♪

ANA: No. I'm quitting.

My whole team is quitting.

Make sure Ana doesn't leave
the building with any property.

- I will. And...
- Oh, and she needs to sign an NDA.

- The design team quit.
- Yeah.

And one of them told me to give you
these books on management.

I think it's a joke.

Why is Don Lucas in my office?

I don't know.
That's why I came and got you.

He just showed up.

Hey, Don, I didn't know that you had...

Shut the door.

Uh, how, uh,

how are you doing?

Not one of these contracts
is even close to being done.

I know.

I just, I didn't want to alert
the board of... to the mechanics...

Stop the game.

I just spent an hour with your
accountant going over all this.

You lied to me.

You lied to me.

I know things have not been going

as smoothly as they should have.

And that's my fault.

But I brought on Brendan Morris,

who is developing the...
A version of our prototype...

I'm going to call for a vote
of no confidence from the board.

You will no longer be CEO of Theranos.

You had a good idea.

You're just not ready yet.




Could you, um,

make me an appointment

at the Genius Bar, please?

What was the name for the account?

Uh, Elizabeth Holmes.

Good news, you're insured,

so we can just go ahead
and replace the entire phone today.

Do you want to give me your phone?

Are you going to be able
to see what's on it?

Just for a few seconds.

I'm going to go ahead
and back it up to our drive.

It should only take a few minutes.

Your secrets are safe with me.

So how are you?

I know it can be hard
being without your phone.

Are you from around here?
Do you go to, like, school nearby?

St... uh, Stanford.

Oh, awesome.

I'm kind of in between schools
at the moment,

so I thought I'd work as a Genius

until I could figure out
what I want to do.

What was your dream as a child?

As a child?

No, I don't think
I had any dreams as a child.

That sounds nice.

What does?

Not knowing what you want
to do with your life.

It's not nice, it's scary.

Why are you scared?

You can do anything,
anything that you want.

Thank you.

Because it,
it doesn't really matter, right?

Nothing you do will matter
because you don't really care.

I mean, you, you, you have no ambition.

You don't want to do anything important.

You're just a person.


Now it should, um...

Oh no.

No, no.

I don't know what happened,
but, um, all of your information is...

I mean, it-it's just, it's gone.

I'm so sorry, I...

I-I did everything right.

I mean, I followed all of the steps.

I, I was just too quick to, um...

I'm so sorry.

Elizabeth, we're ready for you.

Ah, Elizabeth.

You are here because we collectively

have lost confidence in your ability

to continue on as CEO of this company.

You have misrepresented
the revenue stream.

You have been unable to manage
research and development.

You have continuously,
time after time, missed deadline

resulting in the withdrawal
of our contracts

from pharmaceutical companies,

including, we just found out, Pfizer.

Pfizer stated it can
no longer go forward

based upon the results
of its validation study in Nashville.

Your design team has resigned.

And last but not least, this,

this man, Richard Fuisz,

has filed a competing patent.

[CHUCKLES] This is a mess.

I mean, you have to understand
where we're coming from here.

You need adult supervision.

We've decided that Tom here

should step in as acting CEO

until we can find somebody else.

Of course, yeah, I...

I understand.

I just...

I did everything right.

I... I followed all the steps.

I did it too quick.

And I'm sorry.

I got ahead of myself,
and all your concerns are valid.

You're right. I am in over my head.

I'm just a girl

who had a dream to change the world.

I just didn't realize

how hard it was going to be.

I need help.

You're absolutely right.
I need adult supervision.


And that's...

that's why I reached
out to an old friend

to come on board and help me.

He offered to bring in $ million

and come on as COO,

but only if I'm still
the CEO, obviously.

But that's up to you.


Can you forgive me?

He had an idea that I'd love
to get your advice on.

He thinks that

we should forget
pharmaceutical companies

and try to target retail.

Create our own retail space...
like an Apple Store.

I don't know.

What do you think?


I'm in here.

It's not working between us.

I know that.

You could stay here for a while
until you find your own place.

- I'll move out.
- No. No.

Oh, come on, I can't let you move out.


Come work with me.

Do you want that?

I need a $ million investment.

So the board will keep you as CEO.

You already told them you had it.


♪ Upbeat music playing ♪

Twelve million.

Twenty. And you can be COO.

♪ Amy Winehouse's Back
to Black playing ♪

♪ He left no time to regret ♪

♪ Kept his d*ck wet ♪

♪ With his same old safe bet ♪

♪ Me ♪

♪ And my head high ♪

♪ And my tears dry ♪

♪ Get on without my guy ♪

I quit.

Come on. Come on.

♪ Going back to what you know ♪

♪ So far removed ♪

♪ From all that we went through ♪

♪ And I tread ♪

♪ A troubled track ♪

♪ My odds are stacked ♪

♪ I'll go back to black ♪

She's suing me?

Are you kidding?

No, I'm not taking those.

I am not taking those.



♪ You go back to her ♪

♪ And I go back to ♪

LAWYER: And by the end of ,

Sunny Balwani came on as COO.

And you bought back
some shares of the company.

Yes, I had a controlling stake.

♪ You go back to her and I go back to ♪

SUNNY: Ready?

♪ We only said goodbye with words ♪

♪ I died a hundred times ♪

♪ You go back to her ♪

♪ And I go back to ♪

ELIZABETH: I wanna be a billionaire.

It's not about the money.

You have to have a purpose.

What are you afraid of?

ELIZABETH: I can't do one thing wrong.

I can't give them
one reason to doubt me.

I'm going to be on
the cutting edge of healthcare.

It's going to change the world.

MAN: Everything' s changing.

These kids don't get bogged down about
the way things have always been done.

They want to change things now!

ELIZABETH: We launch in hours.

We did it!

I don't believe a word she says.

MAN : There's something going on.

Why are they not
actively seeking FDA approval?

Her whole image is fake.

- You don't understand the business.
- And you don't understand the science!

ELIZABETH: This isn't just my company.

This is who I am.

There's only one thing you need
to know about Elizabeth. She's a fraud.

I know you want to believe
everything she's saying is real.

The way Theranos is operating,
someone is gonna get k*lled.

You're going to lose everything.


No, I'm, I'm fine. Everything's fine.

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