02x08 - Don't Fool with a Phantom

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!". Aired: September 13, 1969 – December 23, 1978.
Follows Fred, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy, and their dog named Scooby-Doo, who travel in their van, named The Mystery Machine, bumping into and solving mysteries.
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02x08 - Don't Fool with a Phantom

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♪ Scooby dooby doo ♪

♪ Where are you! ♪

♪ We got some work to do now ♪

♪ Scooby dooby doo ♪

♪ Where are you! ♪

♪ We need some
help from you now ♪

♪ Come on, scooby doo ♪

♪ I see you ♪

♪ Pretending you got a sliver ♪

♪ You're not foolin' me ♪

♪ 'Cause I can see ♪

♪ The way you shake and shiver ♪

♪ You know we got
a mystery to solve ♪

♪ So, scooby doo, be
ready for your act ♪

♪ Don't hold back ♪

♪ And, scooby doo, if
you come through ♪

♪ You're gonna have
yourself a scooby snack ♪

♪ Scooby dooby doo ♪

♪ Here are you ♪

♪ You're ready,
and you're willin' ♪

♪ Yes, we can count on you ♪

♪ Scooby doo ♪

♪ I know we'll catch ♪

♪ That villain ♪

Groovy! Fred and daphne.

And now for the
next original dance

On the johnny sands
dance game show,

Here's shaggy and scooby
doo and their toffee twist.

Ha ha ha! Well, it is original,

And they might just
win the dance contest.

Except for one thing,

Mr. Stevens.

What's that?

They might eat their
way out of the contest.

Like, I thought it was
an eating contest.

Mmm! Me, too.

Velma: hey! What was that?

Shaggy: scooby doo,
where are you?!

Scooby: right here.

Woman: let me out of here! Oh!

What happened?

Johnny's famous

For his publicity stunts,

But this tops everything.

Sure, but what was
that big, shapeless thing?

I don't know, but it was awful.

Man: help! In here! Help!

It's coming from that way.

Come on.

Hey, how about us?

Come on, scoob. Keep
hopping and eating.

It's the only way out of this.


Wow! What a mess.


Come on, johnny. The
publicity stunt's over.

But it wasn't a publicity stunt.

Like, what's happening?

The lights went out,

And all I can remember

Is the wax phantom.

Velma: wax phantom?

Yes. The station
has been receiving

thr*at notes
signed "the wax phantom."

Several years
ago, the tv station

Had a wax-figure maker
named grisby on a show

And then canceled him.

Velma: I remember.

Anyway, this eccentric old
character swore revenge.

Daphne: like what?

He promised to bring to life

One of his wax creations

From the wax museum.

Like... Like that
big w-wax creep?

Johnny: yes. The wax phantom...

To destroy us all.

Well, you're ok.

Fred: yeah, but what happened

To mr. Stevens,

The station manager?

Daphne: that's right.
He just vanished.

Fred: and the safe was robbed.

Mr. Stevens could have
been taken as a hostage.

Yes, except for one thing.

How could that 9-foot
wax guy just vanish...

And with a hostage?

Unless the curse of
the wax phantom is true.

The wax phantom?


Fred: look! Wax footprints.

Daphne: and look where they go.

That's a good trick.

The tracks stop at the window,

And we're 10 stories up.

Maybe we should call the police.

No. The station's

In financial trouble already,

And this kind of publicity

Could close it.

Well, it looks like

We have another
mystery on our hands.

Yeah, and, like,
judging from the size

Of those footprints,
a really big mystery.

Fred: let's get started.

Now, here's my plan. Daph and I

Will check out the wax museum,

And, velma, you and
shaggy and scooby

Go question grisby.

Johnny sands gave
you his address.

How about, like,
some other time?

How about, like, when?

How about, like, christmas?

Ok, then. Merry christmas!

Nobody's home. Let's go.

Come on, you guys.
Don't be so chicken.


Hmm. Look up there.

Well, like, who's chicken?


Like, we still are. That's who.



Velma: yes, sir.

Shh! There's a cemetery nearby.

Shaggy: what a place to live.

Uh, nice place you
have here, mr. Grisby.

Shaggy: like, nice and scary.

Scooby: yeah. Scary.

We want to ask you
what happened at the...

The tv station tonight?

Yes, but how did you know?

I have my ways,
like my crystal ball.

Ah. I wonder what's cooking.


Hmm. Looks like mom's stew.


I've heard of bubblegum,

But bubble-ghost
stew? Ridiculous.

Yeah. Ridiculous.

You saw the wax phantom, eh?

Unfortunately, yes.

Then my black magic is working
to exact the revenge I promised.

Zoinks! Yipe!

Quick! We've got to
hurry to the museum

And warn the others.

Hee hee hee!

So they didn't believe in

The foolish old wax
maker's black magic,

Eh, wax phantom?

It looks closed for
the night, but come on.

Uh-oh. Somebody
forgot to lock the door.

Hey, they did!

Well, let's go in.

What clicked?


It almost had me!

Relax! It's just a wax figure.

There's nothing for real.

That's for real.

You know it!

Velma: I don't get it.
The door's locked.


And the mystery machine is here.

Let's split up.

No. Our friends need us.

We'll have to boost
scooby through a window

To let us in.

Uh-uh. Not me.

Shaggy: like, nothing could
get him into that creepy place.

Not even a scooby snack?

Uh, well, almost nothing.

Let's find a window, scoob.

Scooby doo!

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

Oh, boy. Oh, boy.

Yum, yum, yum.

Let's go find the window, scoob.


Hold on, velma.

Like, shh!

Where are we?

We'll soon find out.
I'll turn on the lights.


Cool it, you two.

This is just a wax
monster display.

Ha ha ha!

Like, phooey.


Now for that vampire.

Ok, scoob, let's get with it.



Velma: it's ok, guys.

That's just part
of the act, too.

Oh, no!

Like, it's just part
of the act, velma.

Maybe, but that isn't.

Sure glad to run
into you, velma.

Where's shag and scoob?

They were right over...

Look! It's opening!



What are you doing in there?

Like, who knows?

We just dropped
in to see my mummy.

Yeah. Mummy. Hee hee hee!

Velma: hey, what's
that on the floor?


It's some kind of
an airline ticket.

It is an airline ticket.

To south america!

Somebody must have

Accidentally dropped it.

Like, somebody or something.

Anyway, it's real,
and it's a clue.

Then there might be
more clues around.

Let's go.

Look! The wax phantom display.

Velma: but no wax phantom!

That's because
he's looking for us.

Well, then let's
us look for him.

Like, there's something I'd

Rather look for. You all go on.

Ah! Food.

Yum, yum, yum!

Daphne: now, if the wax
phantom doesn't drop in on us...

All: yow!

Velma: huh! It looks like

We did the dropping in.

And from the
looks of this place,

There's no way out.

Then it's got us.

We're prisoners
of the wax phantom.

Hey, scoob, pass
the yummy fruit.


Oh, thanks.




Wax! Like, everything
here is wax!

Yes, foolish intruders.


And you, too, shall soon become

Members of my wax family.

Like, we're sorry, mr. Phantom.

But here, have some fruit.

Yeah. Here.

Don't ask me how
we got on the ceiling,

But hang on, scoob.

Oh, boy!

When I say let go, let loose,

And we'll drop down on the sofa.


Like, this place is haunted.

We let go, but we didn't fall.

It'll get us. Come on!

Like, that worked
up an appetite.

Hold out your paw.



Shaggy: let's get
out of here... Fast!

Whew! Like, we're safe now.

I... Think.

Oh, no!

Oh, yes!

No windows or doors.
We're trapped for sure.

Hey! A secret panel!

Fred: what did you find?

Money, and a lot of it.

That came from
that tv station's safe.

I'd say it's a valuable clue.

Sure, but we can't

Get out of here.

Oh, that old phantom...
He makes me so mad!

Velma, you did it again!

What, lose my temper?

Yes, and found a way out.

You stepped on a
secret door lever.

I did?

Yeah. How about that? Let's go.

We better search for
shaggy and scooby.

But where?

Shaggy: zoinks!

Fred: offhand, I'd
say over there

At that ventilator.

Come on. Let's take a peek.

It's shaggy and scooby
and the wax phantom!

Like, I know this sounds silly,

But what are we doing

In the waxworks?

You will soon
become wax dummies.

But we're already
dummies, right, scoob?

Duh... Right. Duh.

See? We're dummies.

Hee hee hee!

Not the old "ride
on the conveyor belt

Into the wax" routine.

Oh, no.


Like, that went out with

The silent movies,
phantom, old pal.

Do something.

Do something? Ok.

Oh, those poor boys.

Daphne, look out!

Hey! That lever stopped
the conveyor belt.

Oh, no, it didn't.

She reversed it.

Come on. We've got to help them!

What happened?


It was nice of old phanty

To break our fall.


Like, I was afraid
he'd say that.

Now where'd they go?

That way.

The phantom is after them.

Then we better go after
the phantom. Come on!

♪ Pretty mary sunlight ♪

♪ She's all right with me ♪

♪ Pretty mary sunlight ♪

♪ Everything I need ♪

♪ Some people sit around ♪

♪ And watch the world go by ♪

♪ Honey, they don't know
the fun they're missin' ♪

♪ People knew me happy ♪

♪ And sometimes
they ask me why ♪

♪ I tell them girls
were made for kissin' ♪

♪ I don't need to look around ♪

♪ I'm in heaven ♪

♪ Since I found my ♪

♪ Pretty mary sunlight ♪

♪ Turns each night to day ♪

♪ Pretty mary sunlight ♪

♪ Never go away ♪

♪ Some people spend
their whole lives ♪

♪ Chasing after dreams ♪

♪ Dreams I guess they
never will believe in ♪

♪ Playing foolish games and
telling fairy tales, it seems ♪

♪ Livin' fantasies that
will deceive them ♪

♪ I don't need to look around ♪

♪ I'm in heaven ♪

♪ Since I found my ♪

♪ Pretty mary sunlight ♪

♪ She's all right with me ♪

♪ Pretty mary sunlight ♪

♪ Everything I need ♪

♪ Come on, sing it ♪

♪ Pretty mary sunlight ♪

♪ Turns each night to day ♪

Boy, we're safe now.

Boy, are we glad
to see you guys!

How did you ever escape?

Like, you might say

We just let the wax
phantom use his head.

Hee hee hee! Ha ha ha!

What do we do about the phantom?

We trap him

By fighting wax with wax.

Shaggy: like, you've
got to be kidding.

No, and it should be easy.

We'll trap him in
his own waxworks.

Now, here's my plan.
Look down there.

Velma, you'll hide

On the top of those crates

To serve as a lookout.

Daphne will stay
behind the door.

When the phantom comes
in, she'll slam the door

And lock old waxy
inside so he can't escape.

I'll be over there to operate
the wax-shower sprayer.

When the phantom steps in
the shower, pssht, he's wax!

Like, why should the phantom

Go to the shower?

Fred: simple. You and
scoob will lure him there.

Uh, us?

Us? Freddy, the plan

Is really fantastic, but...

But what?

We won't do it, right, scoob?


Have you got another plan?

Shaggy: yeah. Like, yeah!

Look out there

And tell me what you see.

Velma: the waxworks.

They're gone!

Of all the nerve!

I have to laugh at myself.
Those two chickens tricked us.

What was that?

The phantom, that's what.


Shaggy: you're right.
It is the wax phantom.


I am!

I hope this will hold him.

b*mb away!


Get him over here, shaggy!

As soon as he uncrates
himself, freddy.

Shaggy: he's coming.

I hope we're too
fast for old waxy.

We must be way
ahead of the phantom.

Oh, yeah?

Oh, me and my big mouth.

Lead him through the showers

For his wax job, shaggy!


Shag! Scoob! You weren't
supposed to be in on this!

Well, it looks like you
captured the wax phantom,

But who's who?

Velma: the 2 small ones
are shaggy and scooby.

And the big one's the phantom,

Whom they

So artistically captured.

In his own wax.

And now for the unwaxing.

Oh! Oh!

Ok, scoob?

You got to be kidding.

Now, mr. Wax phantom,

Time to find out
who you really are.

Shaggy: hey!

You're chipping him down

To regular size.

Fred: mr. Roger stevens,
the tv station manager!

And I wish you'd have
minded your own business.

Well, in this case,
it's police business.

Like, we thought old
waxy was really a ghost...

Or at least old
grisby was behind it.

No, shaggy.

That's just what
stevens wants us to think,

While he escapes
to south america

With all the money he embezzled.

Sure. Stevens knew

Of old grisby's thr*at to bring

The wax phantom to life.

So he used the phantom disguise.

Then grisby would be
blamed for everything.

Including stevens'

I'll take him now, kids. Thanks.

Hey, scoob, aren't our
wax statues the greatest?


Just what are you
fellas going to do

With those wax dummies you made?

Like, simple. Next time
we have a mystery,

Those dummies can
go instead of us.

There's only one problem...

How to tell one pair of dummies

From the other.

Very funny. Very funny.

Yeah. Very funny.

♪ Scooby dooby doo ♪

♪ Where are you! ♪

♪ We got some work to do now ♪

♪ Scooby dooby doo ♪

♪ Where are you! ♪

♪ We need some
help from you now ♪

♪ Come on, scooby doo ♪

♪ I see you ♪

♪ Pretending you got a sliver ♪

♪ You're not foolin' me ♪

♪ 'Cause I can see ♪

♪ The way you shake and shiver ♪

♪ You know, we got
a mystery to solve ♪

♪ So, scooby doo ♪

♪ Be ready for your act ♪

♪ Don't hold back ♪

♪ And, scooby doo ♪

♪ If you come through ♪

♪ You're gonna have yourself ♪

♪ A scooby snack ♪

♪ Scooby dooby doo ♪

♪ Here are you ♪

♪ You're ready ♪

♪ And you're willin' ♪

♪ Yes, we can count
on you scooby doo... ♪
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