02x12 - A New Voyage

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Snoopy in Space". Aired: November 1, 2019 –; present.
Snoopy takes on a new frontier: space; joined by Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and the rest of the "Peanuts" g*ng.
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02x12 - A New Voyage

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I can't stop thinking about
all the life that could be out there

around those distant stars.

Speaking of the stars,
one of them is moving kinda funny.

If it's a star,
it shouldn't be moving at all.

[gasps] Maybe it's Santa!


[rotors whirring]

Hey. It's Ingenuity from NASA.

Don't forget to write!

I wonder what it is.

Maybe it's a thank-you gift from NASA.

Like a muffin basket?

Ooh. Just imagine
how many muffins could be in there.
Ooh. Just imagine
how many muffins could be in there.

[Snoopy shouts, exclaims]


[Marcie] No muffins.

But-- [gasps]

A monitor.

And-- Oh!

This looks like the golden record
they put on the Voyager spacecraft.


- Marcie's right.
- [exclaims]


[chuckles] Still got it.

Now, where was I?


Ah. That phonograph record
is an exact replica

of the ones NASA sent
on the
Voyager missions.

[CARA] Voyager and were sent
into space many years ago

to explore our solar system and beyond.

They're still out there.

Each carries a gold-plated record

with a goodwill message
in multiple languages,

as well as images and sounds portraying
the diversity of life and culture on Earth

just in case they ever cross paths
with intelligent life.

just in case they ever cross paths
with intelligent life.

So, for your next mission,

I want each of you to find
something special to put in this capsule.

Something you think best represents
life on Earth.

Ingenuity will bring the capsule
back to NASA,

where it'll be put on a spacecraft
for an upcoming deep-space mission.

Ingenuity will be back
at this time tomorrow.

- Good luck.
- [static]

I wonder how many channels
this thing gets.

You heard CARA. Let's get to it.

- I know what to get.
- I've got it.

- I know.
- I've got just the thing.

Hmm. Find something that represents
life on Earth?

Where do I even start?

Have you chosen what you'll put
in the space capsule, big brother?

I've narrowed it down to this shirt,

my Joe Shlabotnik autographed baseball

or my kite.

I don't see a kite.

The string is all that was left
when the tree was done with it.
The string is all that was left
when the tree was done with it.

I had a hard time picking one thing too.

That's why I've written a letter listing
all of the things they can bring me.

Good grief.

I'm sending this blanket, Charlie Brown.

Nothing says life on Earth
like the virtues of comfort and security.

I'm surprised
you're willing to part with it, Linus.

Oh. This is just a decoy I use
when my grandma comes over,

in case she tries to throw it out.

[rapid footsteps]

[brakes squeal]



Well, it always fools Grandma.

I'm sending this telescope
in the spirit of curiosity.

If we ever do find intelligent life,

they can look at us while we look at them.

- [rustling]
- [adhesive tape rolling]

So, what do you think?

You're right.

Needs more Bubble Wrap.

[Peppermint Patty] Hey, Chuck.

I'm sending my trophy from
the regional figure skating championship.

It symbolizes effort and perseverance,

and that I'm a pretty good skater.

As a gesture towards shared knowledge,

I'm sending this complete set
of encyclopedias.

I'm not sure there will be room
for all that, Marcie.

Hmm. You may be right, Charles.

Luckily, I also have
this travel-sized edition.

I'm stuck, Lucy.

Everyone else has found something
to send with the capsule,

but I can't think of anything
that feels right.

It's simple, Charlie Brown.

All you have to do
is think of the exact perfect thing.

For instance, it occurred to me
that if aliens ever do get the message,

they'll need to know
the right person to contact.

That's why I'm sending this business card
with my phone number.


How am I supposed to know
what best represents humanity?

Maybe I just won't send anything.

- [straining]
- [Bubble Wrap popping]

- [popping]
- [grunts]

[fanfare playing]

[fanfare ends]

This is what you think best represents
life on Earth?

They don't want your old snacks,
you silly beagle.

[gasps, exclaims]

- [static]
- [shrieks]

Is that everything?

Not quite. Charlie Brown isn't here yet.

That blockhead
probably never did think of anything.

[Charlie Brown panting] Wait!

I found it.

Just the right thing for the capsule.

Charlie Brown,
that's not even a good picture.

It might not be perfect,

but it shows us together
with the people we care about.

And what could be more human than that?

I promised myself I wouldn't cry.

- [rotors whirring]
- Incoming!

Great job, g*ng.

Until next time!

- Charlie Brown.
- Yes?

That picture…


Those aliens are going to think
you're a genius.
Those aliens are going to think
you're a genius.

[droning adult chatter]

- [rocket fires]
- Well, there goes our capsule.

It's humbling to think we might be
some far-off civilization's first window

into life on Earth.

[groans] I just realized
I can never change my phone number!

- Hey, everyone. I'm getting something.
- [receiver buzzing]

Another signal from deep space?

Nope. This.

[jazz piano music playing]

[all cheering, exclaiming]

[birds chattering]

Whoo! [laughs] CARA in space.

I'm gonna see the moon.
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