01x01 - A Short Fuse and a Long Memory

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Power Book IV: Force". Aired: February 6, 2022 - present.
Tommy leaves NYC for Chicago in a quest to become the top drug dealer in the city.
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01x01 - A Short Fuse and a Long Memory

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♪ ♪

New York ain't safe
for me no more.

Ma, I gotta get the f*ck
out of town.

You can't just pick up
and leave everything

and everyone
you've ever known behind.

Starting a new
organization in a new place.

- Where you going?
- I'll tell you.

But then I gotta k*ll you.

When people let you down,

it don't end well for you.
Or them.

She was a smart girl, Father.

I was there her whole life.

Ghost was right.
I can't trust you.

I guess we ain't
family no more.

Uncle Tommy, what the f*ck?

Keisha, I'm always
gonna provide for you

and protect you.

No one's ever gonna
hurt you again.

Ghost, Ghost, Ghost,
come on, man! Don't do this!



♪ ♪

♪ Tougher than a Teflon ♪

♪ All that dope
I stepped on ♪

♪ We'll get the rest gone ♪

♪ Been that n*gga
What else you want? ♪

♪ If you want
Power powder respect ♪

♪ Mm mm ♪

♪ I want that money
And power and powder ♪

♪ Money and powder and power ♪

♪ Money and powder and power ♪

♪ That paper
That paper paper ♪

♪ Yeah, I gotta stack that ♪

♪ Them diamonds keep blinkin'
Blinkin' ♪

♪ We might have
To check that ♪

♪ Now boy when
That blicky blicky ♪

♪ Come out
You get clapped fast ♪

♪ Draw down
With a little joint ♪

♪ I match you like
Pat, pat ♪

♪ Come back
When them cameras out ♪

♪ Run your block
We kick that ♪

♪ Come back when your funeral
In progress ♪

♪ h*t your back, the back ♪

♪ Your bitch ass
Won't even h*t back ♪

♪ You'll be splashin'
In fashion ♪

♪ n*gga you can take
The drip ♪

♪ Catch you slippin'
We slidin' ♪

♪ You n*gga
On some different shit ♪

♪ We h*t the licks
We with the shit ♪

♪ Shh when you get h*t ♪

♪ Quiet down ♪

♪ No need for the talkin' ♪

♪ The f*ck is that about? ♪

♪ Tougher than a Teflon ♪

♪ All that dope
I stepped on ♪

♪ We'll get the rest gone ♪

♪ Been that n*gga
What else you want? ♪

♪ If you want
Power powder respect ♪

♪ Mm mm ♪

♪ I want that money
And power and powder ♪

♪ Money and powder and power ♪

♪ Money and powder and power ♪

♪ Money and powder and power ♪

♪ I guess I don't ♪

♪ Oh you mad huh? ♪

♪ That's cold
Now I'm the villain ♪

♪ Not really
I'm just chillin' ♪

♪ Tryna stack these 20s
50s 100s millions ♪

♪ To the ceilin' ♪

- Yeah?
- You're late, huey.

I'm jumping on
Route 66 later today.

You were supposed
to be here yesterday.

Just making a pitstop.

I'm starting to
think maybe

I was wrong about you,

that you're
not f*cking reliable.

Don't worry about nothing.
We good.

Are we? 'Cause
I'm making shit happen,

and you're wherever the f*ck.

Don't worry about where I'm at.

Look, when I see
the Pacific Ocean,

that's when you'll know
I'm there, a'ight?

Whatever, man.

You got my parking fee, guero?

- Your--
- Parking fee.

This is a Chicago parking sign.

That yellow chair--
private parking.

This whole block
is private parking.

And me, I'm the tax man.

And you're gonna pay,

Get the f*ck out of here
with that.

Oh, f*ck.

Give me the Kn*fe.
Give me the f*cking Kn*fe.

- Ahh!
- Shit hurts like a f*ck

in the cold, don't it?

f*ck, man,
that was unnecessary!

I'ma bounce.

But only because
I don't got my strap.



Where did they bury
the old lady

who used to live there?

She ain't muerta.

They moved her to Mulhern's.

What the f*ck is Mulhern's?

Yes, I know.
She called...

Okay, Miriam, here we go.

- CO Miller, razor up.
- Razor up confirmed, Sampson.

Don't know
why you taking

so f*cking long, Diamond.

I would just buzz and bounce
if I was you at this point.

I gotta make this cut last.

Lord knows the next time
I'll see you.

You're gonna be
one big-ass loc.

Better not be
no next time, D.

That gate closes,

you don't ever look back.

CO Miller, razor down.

Razor down confirmed, Sampson.

Back to your cell.

Head count.


I'll miss you too, old man.

Open the gate!

♪ Drop ♪

♪ Drop ♪

♪ Know that I'm about
My dinero ♪

♪ Pulled off the lot
In that brand new Camaro ♪

♪ God watching over me
Call me the sparrow ♪

♪ Knowledge my power
Entombed like a pharaoh ♪

♪ I roll like
cap in the raw ♪

♪ Cut through the bullshit
Like saw ♪

♪ Pulled the trigger
And sh*t for the stars ♪

♪ Now, you n*gga know
Who we are ♪

♪ Drop ♪

♪ Let them keep talking
They never win ♪

♪ No ♪

♪ Drop ♪

We let him get real
comfortable outside

and then we make
the f*ck call.

We'll get him, Rojas.

♪ ♪

♪ Talkin' 'bout change ♪

♪ And moving mountains ♪

How can I help you?

Give me a double sh*t
of Jameson.

♪ People are listenin' ♪

Something smell good.

- Pepper pot soup.
- Nice.

Comfort food.


Most people
ain't never heard of it.

And when they do,
they can't get past the tripe.

I eat everything.

And I like the heat.


♪ Keep marching,
marching on ♪

♪ Keep fighting on ♪

♪ Keep fighting, fighting on ♪

You know, you look like
you've already had a day,

and it's only 11:00 a.m.

How you know that?

I'm a bartender.

Reading people's
part of my job.


♪ They try to hold it down ♪

Some days you just need
a whiskey before noon.

What else you read,
besides people?



The Shade Room.

You funny.


You know what, give me
some of that pepper pot soup.

Then come back tonight

when the kitchen's
actually open.

- Your kitchen ain't open?
- Nope.

♪ Keep fighting, fighting on ♪

♪ I'm talkin' 'bout oooh ♪

Give me another one
of them, then.

♪ Oooh
It's a revolution ♪

All that's left now
is your signature.

These J's are worth
a lot on STARKx.

I'll give you 150
for them right now.

I don't know what STARKx is,

but I know them joints worth
a lot more than a buck 50.

Always the smartest dude
on the block.

Me and Marty wanted you
to have something

to remember this place by.

It's not much.

But it'll get you started.

Thank you.

Enjoy the J's.

Big bro!

- Baby bro!

- Sup, n*gga?

Oh, my God, look at this
free man right here!

Whoo! Yo, what's up?

Somebody go down on you?

Man, f*ck that! What's up?

Hey, I gave them up.
It's all good.

All I need's my freedom.

Well, you got that.
Let's roll, baby.

It don't rain or snow on that
side of the wall or something?

It just feels... different.

Hey, jackoff, move your car.

The f*ck is with this city
and parking?

Hey, keep moving.

We don't want to ask again.
Move your f*cking car.

See, now I'm confused,

'cause it sounded
like you just asked me again.

- All right.

- I got this, Simon.
- Hey, you deaf, prick?



- What the f*ck? f*ck!
- The f*ck did I say?

Vic, go inside
and do your job.

Hey, this Boston f*ck
started it.



What are you,
six f*cking years old, Simon?

Get the f*ck in there
and do your job.

Pal, I'm on a schedule,
so if I may be so f*cking bold

as to suggest you relocate
your vehicle,

I know my boss
would be grateful.

No problem.

You see,
that's how you f*cking ask.

Let's go.
We're on a schedule.

Yeah. f*ck Larry Bird.

And f*ck Tom Brady too!

Da, I thought you were
still in the city.

I see that.

You comfortable there
in my chair, Claudia?

Drinking my best Scotch?
You planning to take over?

No one could ever take
your place, Da.

Yeah, yeah.

So, where's Vic?

He's with your Uncle Paulie,
doing collections,

and then meeting
some of the men later.

Where's the meet?
I could go.

And why the hell would
I want you to do that?

Victor's got it under control.

How are the books?

Books are fine, Da.
They're always fine.

That's why you're in charge.

I depend on you.

Well, you could depend
on me for more.

You should depend
on me for more.

Vic's not cut out
for this kind of work, Da.

You should at least
let me help him.

Jesus Christ, you think
'cause you b*at your brother

in a couple of games of chess
when you were kids,

you're ready for the street?

Come here.
Come here.


What do you think
you can do with these?

How the f*ck do you
throw punches with them?

What Victor does
is not women's work.

Claudia, you are
a beautiful young woman.

Can't you just accept that?

The natural order of things--

Victor runs the streets,

you keep us legit,

and you look after me.

I like the way
you handle yourself.

You show...



I respect that.

I didn't catch your name.

I didn't throw it.

Are you coming or going?

Definitely going.

Probably a wise choice after
pissing off the Flynn family.

That name supposed to mean
something to me?

You don't want to stick
around Chicago to find out.

Money's good.
See you next month.

Glo, wait.

Vic, I got too much shit to do.

Come on, let's get
the f*ck out of here.

I got the house
in New Buffalo for the weekend.

What is New Buffalo gonna do?

Give us a chance to talk.

About what, Vic?

We've already talked.
There's nothing left to say.

- Why?
- 'Cause nothing's changed.

And as long
as your father keeps

putting money in your pocket
and pulling all the strings,

nothing ever will, right?

It's not about
the f*cking money.

It's about you and me.

He's my father.

I can't just...

Look, I got a plan.

Okay, when the time is right,
I'll talk to him.

Okay? I'll tell him.


I swear to God,
I'm f*cking ready.

Just tell me I'm not too late.

I can't tell you that, Vic.

I can't.

- Hey.
- Yeah?

I need you at the drop later.

Please don't get f*cked up,
all right?

Come on, you know I stopped
drinking three months ago.

I'm good. Go.

Yeah. Make sure nobody f*ck
with her, all right?

All right, done.

All right, ladies,
so let's get this drink thing

out of the way.

Count's good here.
Let's roll.

Whatever you're thinking
about doing,

forget it and move on.

Let it go.
It ain't f*cking worth it.

Wherever the road takes you,

make sure it's far
away from here.

Safe travels.

Oh, you came back.

I was promised
some exceptional food.

- Who's that for?
- That is for you.

I'm not a rum guy.

Tonight you are.

Get out of my face, boy.

What do you say
we get out of here?

Get the f*ck off of me,
all right?

I mean, what do you think?

Get off of me,
you piece of shit.

Don't you ever f*cking
touch me again.

- Do you understand?
- You good, hon?

- Let's be friends.
- You good, hon?

I was good before this piece
of shit came up to me.


f*ck you still doing here,

- I'm doing--
- I don't need a babysitter.

So eat, drink,
or get the f*ck out.

Careful who you talk
to like that.

You're a bag man
and an errand boy, bitch.

Get the f*ck off me.

Ooh! This look good.

The menu's just for ambience.
You will eat what I bring you.

- Perfect.

Food will be out in five.

No. No, no, no, no.
I don't give a f*ck.

No, we ain't gotta do nothing
but make the deal

and split, all right?
No, no, no.

As long as their powder is
white and our paper is green,

we're making a deal
with those Yardie f*ck.

Yeah, tonight, 3:00 a.m.


Hey, p*ssy.



Come here.

Tom Brady can eat a d*ck.

But Larry Bird?

Larry Bird's
a g*dd*mn national treasure.

No! No! No, no!

You ain't gotta do this.
You ain't gotta do this.

I feel like I do.


Well, this might have
some blowback.

Oh, yeah?

Well, I ain't gonna be around
long enough to catch it.

Any of that gonna fall on you?

Not a drop.


Hey. Your soup is ready.

♪ ♪

♪ I kinda like somebody ♪

♪ But I wonder is it ♪

♪ Just 'cause I want
A warm body ♪

♪ A warm body yeah ♪

♪ A warm body
Yeah ♪

♪ Warm body yeah ♪

♪ We don't gotta tell nobody ♪

♪ We don't gotta tell
Nobody ♪

♪ Looking for a warm body... ♪

- Oh, you like that?
- Yeah, baby.

f*ck yeah.

♪ Looking for a warm body
Yeah ♪

♪ We don't gotta tell nobody ♪

♪ We don't gotta tell ♪

♪ ♪

Yo, over here!


-Let the party begin.
-What are we drinking?

From my grandfather's private
distillery outside Moscow.

It's meant to be sipped.


Not tonight.

I've had enough of men telling
me what to do for one lifetime.

Who the f*ck is that?

I don't know.
I've never seen her before.

♪ Fi-fi-f*re f*re ♪

♪ Fi-fi-f*re f*re ♪

♪ It's a super f*re ♪

♪ f*re f*re ♪

♪ It's a super f*re ♪

♪ f*re ♪

♪ Fi-fi-f*re f*re ♪

♪ ♪

♪ On f*re ♪

♪ On f*re ♪

♪ In the night ♪

♪ Time ♪

♪ I am alive ♪

♪ On f*re ♪

♪ In the night ♪

♪ Time ♪

♪ I am alive ♪

♪ Come find me, babe... ♪

This drug is f*cking amazing.

I've never tried anything
like it.

Do you have more?

That was fun.


I ain't had fun like that
in a minute.

I gotta--

Yeah. Cool.

You serve?

Not mine.

My husband.

He deployed.
Never came back.

Wrong people
always seem to die.

When you're the one
left behind,

you gotta wonder what
you're supposed to do about it.

You like it?

Being married?

It wasn't long enough
to tell you.

Think I would have, though.

How about you?

You tried?

I got close once.

Still got time to try it again.



Hey, look.

I really gotta go.

- Yeah, take care of yourself.
- You too.

Simon, you flake f*ck.

Pick up!

The f*ck?

The next two go into
your f*ck head.

Don't even try it.

Give me.

You know the f*cking mistake
you're making?

Bigger or smaller
than you flexing on me earlier?

- Not even close.
- Turn off the lights, stupid.

And get out
the f*ck car. Now.

I want you to introduce me
to your connect.

How many they expecting
in there?

Two. Just two.

You gonna get the gate?

I could k*ll you right here.

How many gonna be in that room?

Good. We got the numbers
in our favor.

You gonna stop now?
I got zero f*ck in me, kid.

Let's go.

Yeah, boy, I feel like
I was getting my d*ck

sucked in a f*cking jacuzzi
on a roller coaster, bro.

Bro, how unbelievably

f*cking sick would that be?

What the f*ck you doing here,

I got a meet with Zamost.

- Yeah, so do I.
- This isn't a CBI deal.

It was supposed to be all CBI
till you just f*cked it up.

Clearly Zamost lied
to both of us.

Yeah, everybody just shut
the f*ck up.

-Who the f*ck are you?
-I'm the only guy

that doesn't have his head
up his own ass in here.

Whoa! Everybody cool tonight?

Let me rephrase that.

We all plan
on staying cool tonight?

Where the f*ck's
the f*cking money?

Where the f*ck is Zamost?

How come he isn't here,
and why is CBI getting a cut?

Yeah, why he send y'all two

goofy f*ck?

Yo, just show us
the money, man. Please.

Hey, why don't you
put your g*n down?

Hey, shut the f*ck up!
Where's the money?

Yeah. This shit right here,
this don't feel right.

You just figuring
that out now?

Zamost playing us, man.

f*ck you!
Where's our f*cking money?

These boys is pinned
to the ceiling.

Why don't you just break them
off the money that you owe them

before this shit
goes all the way f*cked.

f*ck them.

Disrespect me again,

Do you got the money or not?

Most of it.

Most--? You came light?

You f*cking
cocksucking mother--

Aw, yeah, hell no.
Hey. Hey.

cr*ck baby number one,
let me get my shit right there.

f*ck you! Where's the money?

Oh, f*ck.
This your first deal.

This ain't our first
f*cking deal.

Oh, yeah it is.

Y'all breaking your cherries
right now.

- Hey, we've done deals.
- Lots of deals.

Oh, yeah? Well, then I'm-
I'm sure that you tested the

of whatever you got
in that bag right there?

No, you didn't make sure

that wasn't stepped on
with lidocaine or levamisole?

No, I ain't even heard
of lidocaine before.

I don't even know
what you're talking about, man.

We didn't step on shit.

Why don't you just show us
what the f*ck you got?

f*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck.


God damn it!

- f*ck!


Ahh! f*ck! Ahh!


f*ck, bro.

Oh, you gotta know your clip.
This ain't no video game.

See, I got four b*ll*ts
left in this g*n.



Ahh! f*ck!

You don't want to let me
get to one.

Ahh! Ahh!

Ahh! f*ck! Ahh!

That shit would have never
gone sideways if I had my g*n.

Then here.
Take your g*n.

You still got one left.

- So, this ain't your mans?
- f*ck, no.

Who the f*ck are you?

I'm the f*ck that
just saved both of your lives.

And this f*cking douchebag
came light.

Did you come in here light?

The f*ck difference
does it make?

A huge difference!

Can you please tell me
who this guy is?

He a little north side
bitch-ass f*ck.

Always sh1tting on CBI,

when they the real
grimy f*ck.

Let's not get
into a geographical

and philosophical
f*cking debate.

We got the dr*gs
sitting right there.

We keep the money
we walked in with.

We'll chop the f*cking pot.
It's not an issue.

Well, this d*ad body right here

look like
a big f*cking issue to me.

Especially since your old man
gonna try to pin it

on a CBI n*gga anyway.

I'll take care of it.
All right?

All right.

Hey, my man,
you did your thing.

Gratitude. Now bounce.

My thing come with a fee.

Pay him out of your end.

f*ck no.

This f*ck just got
the drop on us.

Only reason we getting
out of here right now

is 'cause of him, all right?

f*ck, man, pay him!


Hey, my man, that's my paper
in there too.

You want to kick
that shit back?

He's f*cking d*ad.


♪ ♪

♪ They try to
Take me out the game ♪

♪ But I'm here to stay ♪

♪ I ain't going nowhere ♪

♪ They can never duplicate ♪

♪ I'm number one
And I ain't going nowhere ♪

♪ Competition
I don't see none ♪

♪ Running these streets
I'm still number one ♪

♪ I get a lot of love
But I see a lot of hate ♪

♪ When I'm coming through
Like a ghost with stars ♪

♪ And the rafe
In my hood, I'm a legend ♪

♪ I put food on them tables ♪

♪ And I live by the g*n
'Cause them streets... ♪

We used to run these corners,


But none of us here, J.

Shit, bro, all the crews
we came up with are fractured.

Nations are falling.

Beef within crews,
jumping off block-to-block.

These little n*gga crazy
out here, bro.

And we the last to hold out.
Thanks to you.

Just doing what I had to.

Which is why I'm so confused

to why you dealing
with the Yardies.

Come on, bro, why we back
on this bullshit?

Didn't we go through
this already?

I may have missed something.

So just run that shit
past me again.

A'ight. This crazy white boy
came through with Vic Flynn

and straight Bin Ladened
the whole shit, bro. That's it.

And we got confirmation

he not rolling
with Walter Flynn's crew?

Bro, look.

The man ran the whole room.

A'ight, he dipped
with the bread and the butter.

Now, if he was with Walter--
think about it, bro--

why would he come down
so heavy on his own boy?

He f*cked Vic up, bro.

And this crazy white boy,
he just saved your ass

- and just kept on--
- I told you, my g*n jammed.

And this crazy white boy

saved your alleged
g*n-jamming ass

and just bounced with your
paper and the Yardies' dr*gs?

Like Casper
the f*ck ghost, man.

Hm. Okay.

Let's find Casper.

So other than you almost dying

and this guy saving your ass,

what the f*ck were you doing
with the Yardies?

- It's a new revenue stream.
- It's a bad product.

The Yardies produce
bathtub crank.

Those college kids
from Glencoe at Northwestern,

they don't know the difference
between that and coke.

That's not your call to make.

As long as Pop sits
on his bullshit with CBI,

we're never getting
a coke connect, you know that.

Getting caught up in some
low-rent shit while the feds

are sniffing around
is not a good look for us.

The reason we're not in coke

is because it f*ck
with our very legitimate front.

- Yeah, I get that.
- Do you?

Because making shit deals
is not the way to move forward.

I don't want
to worry about you.

You don't have to.

On Mom.

If she was still alive,
she'd be worried too.


Don't be stupid.

Don't worry about me.
Worry about you.

Hey, how's it going?

It's been a minute.

I mean, I ain't seen you
since I was four.

You know, my mother
told me you was d*ad.

You believe that shit?


You know who I am?

Tommy. Here.


Yeah. Yeah.

Who sent you?

The f*ck were you doing
with Miriam Egan?

No one's been to visit her
in six f*cking years, but me.

- And who the f*ck are you?
- I'm her grandson.

Who the f*ck are you?

I'm her f*cking grandson.

What you know about that?

This what the f*ck
I know about that.

Look, this is a lot
for me to process.

For me too.

Jesus, you think I was planning
on waking up today

finding out I have a brother?

My pops said my mom was d*ad.


He never said shit
about her being alive.

Yeah, well, nobody said
nothing about you.

What the f*ck?

I been living my whole life
as a f*cking lie.

- Here.
- No, it f*ck with my voice.

I don't that shit could get
much deeper.

Go on, take it.

You want to tell me
why you're packing?

Okay, cool.

- So your old man raised you?
- Yep.

There for me 24/7.


There any more of us?

I don't think so.

But who the f*ck knows,
with her.

Anything you want to tell me
about this Katherine?

Any details?

First of all,
she ain't royalty.

Ain't nobody
call her Katherine.

It's Kate, and she ain't worth
your trouble or your tears.

You got out ahead on this deal.
Trust me.

Those enough details?

Yeah. It is.

So, uh...

Why don't you
give me your number,

and I'll call you or some shit?

You know, when we wrap
our heads around this thing?

Yeah. Yeah, a'ight.

So, all I know is her name
is Kate...

...she has a white son
who she stayed with,

and she's not d*ad.

She is to me.

You know, when you told me

that this place
was going under,

it just...

Thanks for keeping
the rent up on it.

- I didn't.
- Didn't what?

Keep up on the rent.

But we just came through
the front with the keys.

That's because I decided

it was better to be
a owner than a tenant.

Man, get the f*ck
out of here.

- You f*cking own this spot?
- No.

You do.

It's all above board.

Clean title.
No mortgage.

Property taxes
and business license

is current and paid in full.

You good, boy.

I love you, boy.

- Man, thank you for this.
- Always. Yes, sir.

I mean, this--I can't believe
you did this for me, J.

Come on, man.

You know it ain't a thing
on God's green

I wouldn't do for you.

Shit, all you gotta now, bro,

throw you a little fresh coat
a paint on them walls outside,

and shit, I don't know, maybe
change the name or something,

and you'll be good to go.

The name stays the same.
This is where we were born.

This is where we were baptized.

- Hm?
- Got you. Got you.

And this

is where Chicago Brothers
Incorporated came from.


You look good sitting
in that chair.

You back where
you belong, baby.

Feels good to be back.

But I'm not the same person
I was when I left.

I've changed.

All that random
shit popping off

everywhere has gotta end, J.

That's not how we do business.

That's not how I do business.
It's not CBI.

A lot of shit has changed
in 15 years.

But I'm done k*lling people.

I mean, shit,
you a free man, n*gga.

You can do whatever the f*ck
you want to do.

But let's park

that philosophical shit
for a minute.

I'm gonna go take care
of some shit.

But I'ma be back.
I'm taking you out tonight.

All right? I'ma show you
what you been missing.

I got you.
Love you, boy.

Yeah, a'ight.

♪ ♪



f*ck me.

Hey, sorry, brother.
We're not officially open yet,

but give us a few days,
we got you.

Man, I love this shop.

Yeah. It's special.

Well, listen,
if you come back--

I've been coming here
a minute, I don't...

I don't think I've seen you.

Haven't been around much.

No? Where you been?


Places. A'ight.


Yo, that smell brings you
back every time, though, right?



Okay. Copy that.
Be there in five.

So, you're the new owner?


So if I want that cut,
I can come through

in a few days,
and you'll clean me up?


First one's on the house.

Good looking,
but I always pay my way.

Welcome back, Diamond.


Where the f*ck are you, man?

Rodolfo, why you f*cking
up my ass on this?

Hey, you want to roll
back with the attitude,

You're talking to your boss.

Yo, man, you might want
to chill on that shit.

I ain't nobody's employee.

Let me call you back.

What the f*ck?

I told you you didn't want
to stick around

to find out
who you were f*cking with.

What can I tell you?

I got a short fuse
and a long memory.


Park it here.

This way.

This him?

This Jesse f*cking James?

In the f*cking flesh.

Walter Flynn.

You made quite the impact
on my family here.

And my city.

There hasn't been
this much heat

since Mrs. O'Leary's cow
kicked over that lantern.

Mrs. who?

You know who the first victim
of that f*re was?

I'm guessing the cow.

The cow. Exactly.

It was sacrificial.

Immediate retribution
for its sin.

Swift. Biblical.

I find that's the best way

of dealing
with these situations

when they arise.

Can we stop talking about
cows and Bibles

and get to the point?

I'm guessing you brought me
here for one of two reasons.

And since I ain't d*ad yet...

...you're welcome
for saving your son.


Where you headed, son?


And when are you
supposed to arrive?

- I ain't in no rush.
- Ah.

A man with no clock
has two things:

too much time
or too much money.

Either way, you're gonna
eventually run out of both.

Now, these fires
you've set here,

I'm gonna put them out for you.

As my appreciation.

But your time here in Chicago
has come to an end.

You gotta get the f*ck
out of my city, son.

Sorry I'm late.

That's all right,

Our guest was just leaving.

♪ ♪

♪ Like
I don't know nobody ♪

♪ Ooh like I
like I don't know nobody ♪

♪ Ooh like ooh
Like I don't know nobody ♪

♪ Like I don't know nobody
Like I don't know nobody ♪

♪ Oh you mad huh? ♪

♪ I guess I don't ♪

♪ Oh you mad huh? ♪

Hey, Rodolfo,
go f*ck yourself.

I ain't coming.

I don't work
for nobody no more.

Yeah, I think I'ma stay here,
build my own shit.

I'm my own boss now.

♪ I guess I don't ♪

♪ Oh you mad huh? ♪

♪ Oh you mad huh? ♪

♪ Ooh oh you mad
Oh you mad huh? ♪

♪ I be catching too many
Stares this evening ♪

♪ God fearing but God knows
I'm on a roll ♪

♪ At the Louvre in Paris ♪

♪ Still be on the block
Like a corner store ♪

♪ Ain't my fault
You ain't the man ♪

♪ Made a plan
Man it was planned ♪

♪ They sleeping on me
Like long flights ♪

♪ I pop a Xan
On the way to France ♪

♪ Paparazzi like
Oh, that's him! ♪

♪ Pour that gin
Let's get faded ♪

♪ Drinking like it's
No tomorrow ♪

♪ What's today?
I'm in the Matrix ♪

♪ Hater please
Let me live my life ♪

♪ Swear to God
I been tryna do right ♪

♪ But if she bad
I might h*t a bitch ♪

♪ In the elevator
Like Ray Rice ♪

♪ Uh y'all pay the price
I pay the difference ♪

♪ It's just different
Save money ♪

♪ Ain't nothin' different ♪

♪ g*n
And jumping fences ♪

♪ Hold on
I'm tryna get loose ♪

♪ Please don't get
Shit confused ♪

♪ Ask Don C
I've been lit ♪

♪ This 'Ye shit
Just lit the fuse ♪

♪ Now I'm on f*re
Everybody go quiet ♪

♪ Shh ♪

♪ Like
Where was you last week? ♪

♪ My n*gga the f*ck
Was you hiding? ♪

♪ Like I was laying on my arm
I'm on my side ♪

♪ Southside ♪

♪ I'm down to start a riot ♪

♪ Like I don't
Like I don't know nobody ♪

♪ Ooh like I
Like I don't know nobody ♪

♪ Oh you mad huh? ♪
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