01x04 - Storm Clouds

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Power Book IV: Force". Aired: February 6, 2022 - present.
Tommy leaves NYC for Chicago in a quest to become the top drug dealer in the city.
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01x04 - Storm Clouds

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♪ ♪

[VIC] Previously on Force...

[TOMMY] Chicago ain't like New York.

It ain't about boroughs.
It's about blocks.

So this whole shit is up for grabs.

Whose cocaine is this?

[LILIANA] I already told you
the whole f*cking story.

[TOMMY] You better have.



Do you have more?

I've got somethin'
that'll kick your teeth in

a thousand times over.

- What you got?
- Stick around and find out.

If you're hoping for the Flynn
family experience on this one,

you're not getting it.
It's just you and me.

- [RAPID g*n]

[JP] Being a father was the best thing

that ever happened to me.

Now I don't know
who he is or where he is.

[GLORIA] If you want me
to be happy, Vic,

then stop trying to buy me

and start standing up for me.

Can you wait for me to figure it out?

- I don't know.
- I thought the whole reason I paid you

was to make my problems go away.

And I'm doing everything I can.

[JENARD] Hey, I want you to meet

these lil' f*ck over here, bro.

They some stone-cold K*llers.

They pull a trigger one time,
and people die.

- A'ight.
- How's that help us?

You want the top seat, D?

Only way to get that shit
is to take it, n*gga.

Ain't no comin' back from this, J.

Mm, okay, yeah, well,

it ain't no movin' forward without it.


He really thought
he put your ass out to sleep.

Yeah, and he bought it.

You know this shit gonna cut CBI

straight down the middle, though, right?

When it's all said and done,
they all gon' come with me.

[WALTER] You wanna make
a real f*ck' move,

you get Diamond Sampson to the table.

That's it. And we're all good.

I got a meet set.
Me, you, and Walter Flynn.

Twenty years ago,

when you rolled up
on Paulie and his wife.

It wasn't us, and it wasn't me.

'Cause we should just
take your word for that.

[DIAMOND] A'ight,
you know what? I'm out.

What the f*ck just happened?

It's called history, new guy.

I never started a f*re
I couldn't handle.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.




[SINGER] ♪ Tougher than a Teflon ♪

♪ All they dope got stepped on ♪

♪ Rio get the rest gone ♪

♪ Been that n*gga what else you want? ♪

♪ If you want power, powder, respect ♪

♪ Mm, mm ♪

♪ I want that money
and power and powder ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Money and powder and power ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Money and powder and power ♪

[ CENT] ♪ That paper
that paper, paper ♪

♪ Yeah, I gotta stack that ♪

♪ Them diamonds keep blinking blinking ♪

♪ We might have to check that ♪

♪ Now bawl when that blicky blicky ♪

♪ Come out you get clapped fast ♪

♪ Draw down with a little joint ♪

♪ I'm at you like pah, pah ♪

♪ Come back when them candles out ♪

♪ Mind your block and kick that ♪

♪ Come back when your funeral
in progress ♪

♪ And h*t that h*t you back-to-back ♪

♪ Your b*tch ass won't even h*t back ♪

♪ You'll be splashin' the fashion ♪

♪ n*gga, you can check the drip ♪

♪ Catch you slippin' we slidin' ♪

♪ Y'all n*gga on some different shit ♪

♪ We h*t the lick we whip the shit ♪

♪ Shh when you get h*t ♪

♪ Quiet down ♪

♪ No need for the talkin' ♪

♪ The f*ck is that about? ♪

[SINGER] ♪ Tougher than a Teflon ♪

♪ All they dope got stepped on ♪

♪ Rio get the rest gone ♪

♪ Been that n*gga what else you want? ♪

♪ If you want power, powder, respect ♪

♪ Mm, mm ♪

♪ I want that money
and power and powder ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Money and powder and power ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Money and powder and power ♪

♪ ♪

♪ I never let my guard down ♪

♪ But you steady tryin' to wife it ♪

♪ Oh, no... ♪

[GLORIA] You good?

Yeah, yeah, I'm just, uh...

f*ck' thirsty as a f*ck.

You got any Gatorade?

♪ ♪

- I got Chicago's finest.
- [TOMMY] Okay.

[TEYANA TAYLOR] ♪ Said you
workin' to change that... ♪

- [GLORIA] Mmm.


You're right, that's really good.

- [TOMMY] Give me this.


- Now we good?

- Oh, yeah, we good.

Bro, what's your scary ass
lookin' around for, n*gga?

His ass probably somewhere meditatin'

on some universally harmonious
shit with his lame ass.

Bro, I don't want him
walkin' in here, a'ight?

Why the f*ck can't we
meet somewhere else?

Because it'll look less suspicious

if he does walk in and we already here.

Come on, E.

Bro, it's the big homey
we talkin' about, a'ight?

Most these n*gga' pops were soldiers.

And they uncles.

They ain't gonna let you
get away with this.

Well, f*ck them. Okay?

I gave up my future for him, E.

I had plans, bro.

College, a whole different life.

- I'm already knowin', though.
- No, n*gga, you don't know.

That's what I'm tellin' you.

What I lost,

that shit gone forever.


And I put in work, bro,
long f*ck' years.

Built somethin' real.

I ain't about to let this n*gga

just snatch this shit like it's sweet.

- The f*ck?
- [ELIJAH] Just sayin'.

If you wanna rip that crown
off the king's head, bro,

you better be ready to run through it,

sling that mud.

I'm talkin' about throw the f*ck down.

Are you?

♪ ♪


Yeah, n*gga, I am.

♪ ♪

And I need you to be down with me, E.

I need you to set it off, a'ight?

You the only f*ck I trust, bro.

- You with me?
- I got you, bro, for sure.

♪ ♪

- All day.
- My n*gga.

- Yo, yo, yo!
- Yeah!

What's goin' on, G?
What's crackin', bro?

[ELIJAH] What's good, fool?

- Shit, man.
- [JENARD] Chillin', bro.

- My n*gga.
- [D-MAC] Hey, I'm chillin'.

But look, I can get
into some shit, though.

If you need me, you let me know, a'ight?

Nah, you good, you good.

I do got some work for you, though.

- What's up?
- How many young soldiers

you think you can gather up quick?

Smart n*gga, though.

- Smart n*gga?
- Yes, smart.

[D-MAC] A'ight, let me think.

I got...

Smoke, Hartman.

Cream, super light-skinned
n*gga from th and Commercial.

His mom's f*ck', um, Albanian.

Albanian? n*gga, albino, okay?

[D-MAC] This n*gga makin' up
words and shit, man.

[JENARD] This man is crazy.

[D-MAC] But hey, ooh,
I can get Jumpman, though.

Oh, wait, I can't get Jumpman.

[JENARD] But look, listen to me, okay?

You get they bodies, that's it.

You get they bodies,
I'll take care of they minds.

- We good?
- For sure.

My n*gga.

♪ ♪

- Got anything to eat?
- No.

I'm hypoglycaemic.

What the f*ck does that mean?

If I don't eat, I could die.


- [LILIANA] Gum?
- I just saved your life.

Think you'd be looking
for a way out of here

after your CBI-Flynn deal went ass up.

Ah, Flynn f*cked up part of that deal.

But I still got moves
to make with Diamond.

You know those low-rent f*ck

from the back of the yards?


♪ ♪

You don't f*ck with the Yardies.

I already did.

They as f*cked up at the top

as they are at the bottom?

Yeah, their leader, Zamost,
necklaced a kid

for coming short on a deal.

No one likes a thief.

It was his sister's kid.

Who are we to judge?

You know, why you laying
down tracks here anyway?

Ghost being d*ad and all,

think you'd wanna stay in New York,

be the f*ck king of the city.

Instead you're here
searching for f*ck'...

What? Spit it out. What
am I searchin' for, huh?


Scraps? That's how you see this?

You got this shit all backwards.

- I didn't mean...
- [TOMMY] Ghost is gone.

New York is over.

This my chance to get mines.

Okay, okay.


You don't wanna f*ck with the Yardies?

That's cool. You could tap out.

I'ma handle them.

But what do you think
about Claudia Flynn?

I think if her ass wasn't
born on third base,

she'd be pushing
perfume samples at Macy's

for $ . an hour.

[CHUCKLES] Yeah, well, she's not.

She into some shit. She got some dirt.


Word is,

Daddy don't let her
anywhere near the product.

Well, let's just find that out.

I want you to follow her,
see where she go.

Track her every move.

I could do that.

I'll give you $ . an hour.



- [CLAUDIA] That shit's too easy.



Step into my office.

You always know how to make an entrance.

[CLAUDIA] How was Puerto Rico?


It's all f*cked up.

What's got you clicking?

[CLAUDIA] Opportunity.

[REGGIE] Oh, shit.

I know Walter Flynn hasn't
seen past his f*cked-up ways

to let his daughter come out
from behind the table.

He hasn't, and he doesn't
know shit about what I'm doing.

And you're not gonna say shit to anyone,

or I take this opportunity and walk.








f*ck me in the face.

Where you get this from?

Wrong question.


Right question.

Consider this my preorder.

I don't need to.

I came to you because
you're like family.

But if you bring this up
to Vic or my old man...


You know you're the only Flynn

I f*ck with, okay?


♪ ♪


♪ Rules are made to be broken... ♪

We good?

I got no beef with you. Sit.

I don't lose sleep
over that shit anymore.

I used to.

But that's his poison.
And I ain't gotta eat it.

Hmm. I don't think I could
be as forgivin' as that.

Just because I forgive
don't mean I forget.

You know what? Just give me a coffee.

The f*ck you think you are, Starbucks?


You think we been
workin' over that grill

damn near half our lives
to serve coffee?

Just give him a couple of
those chocolate chip cookies

- that just came out.
- Oh, now we Mrs. f*ck' Fields?

f*ck both of you f*ck.

[SLICK] You dinin' with the champ.

Eat like one.

And whatever the champ here
is tellin' you about his career,

it's only half the truth.

He ain't told me much.

Well, we seen him
knock out this one Polack,

Labunski, two rows deep.

Landed in his mama's lap,
suckin' his g*dd*mn thumb.

You know what we called that knockout?

- Rock-a-bye-baby, b*tch!

So you comin' to call in
that marker already?

I am.

There's a way for money to make money.

Did you invite this f*ck?

Sins of the father
aren't always passed down.

He reached out.

Let's hear what he has to say.

I didn't say you could sit.

I don't believe you had
anything to do with the att*ck

- on my aunt and uncle.
- And why is that?

- It wasn't CBI's style.
- Go on.

The history of your crew,

the power you have in this city,

you're too smart to make that move.

You wouldn't have done it or ordered it.

You were never a smash-and-grab crew.


Now you can sit.

I've been trying to get my old man

to see that the drug game has changed.

The way to make real
money is to join forces.

- f*ck the borders, forget race.
- That shit is real kumbaya.

But I don't think your
old man is on board.

Well, that's his f*ck' problem.

I came here because
I'd like to work together.

I'm not looking to inherit
something that's crumbling.


I bet you rehearsed that
shit all the way here.

And today you just woke up

and decided to go behind
your daddy's back.

My old man, he thinks what we have,

what we move is sufficient.

It's not.

I'm sick of waiting my turn.

And what's gonna happen
when he find out?

He doesn't need to find out.

Well, secrets bring drama.

Yeah, drama brings problems.

So I'm sure you told Jenard

about this cute f*cking
brunch date you two are having?

Ooh. Look at this kid here.

Just whipped it out and dumped it

on the table in front of us.

- What you think?
- I think three's an odd number.

I think that shit gets chopped evenly.

Coffee for me, thanks.

This must be some white boy shit.

[VIC] I'll just have one of his.

f*ck you will.


♪ ♪




♪ ♪


Bring any money?

Clean clothes and
your mother's karpatka.

She was up all night makin' it.


You wanna help?

Give me money, Pop.


♪ ♪


Dad, I'm sick.

I ain't gonna give you no more money

until you get into rehab, Andrzej.

Please just... help.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪




♪ ♪

[TRAIN HORN bl*wing]

Bronx in the ' s ain't
got shit on this place.


My grandmother used to work here

when it used to be a slaughterhouse

before it all closed in ' .

- Spray down.

Hosin' guts and shit all day.

She said the smell
in the summer was so bad

that folks over in Indiana
used to complain.

She never did.

Said she couldn't even smell it anymore.

Why the f*ck are we
backtracking with the Yardies?

We should be moving forward.

They're a soft target.

They ain't got no real manpower.

And it's a nice cut.

Junkies don't give a f*ck
who got they fix

as long as the location don't change.

Same spot, just under
different management.

Bring our product here,

get rid of they trash,

built-in pipeline.

I did a few deals with Zamost
when he was on the come-up.

Let me make the intro,

start the negotiation from there.

[TOMMY] Negotiation?

Ain't nobody who was about
to get all their shit took

- ever saw it as a negotiation.

If we step, there's only
one way this gonna go down.

- f*ck all these f*ck.
- [DIAMOND] Yo, what up, E?

Yo, you gotta back the f*ck out, G.

Five-oh on the way. I don't
know who the f*ck tipped.

But bounce, n*gga.

It's all over the scanners.

Yo, we out.

- What?
- [DIAMOND] Let's go. Now!

Someone tipped off the police.



♪ ♪

[DIAMOND] Shit, I know that cop.

All units, stay on me.


You got something you wanna say?

[DIAMOND] I don't know what it is yet.

Good on your mans for tippin' you off,

but if you got heat on you...

Look, I don't know what
the f*ck this vendetta is

or what it's about.

[VIC] Good thing he's on my payroll.

He the cop who locked you up?

No, too young.

He came to see me
right after I got home.

[VIC] Been around since?

No. So what now?

[TOMMY] Well, since
the Yardies are b*rned,

back to the f*ck' drawin' board.

I mean, you could've
brought this to my attention

a little sooner.

You're right.

Consider it brought.

♪ ♪



[CLAUDIA] That's it?

[MAI] Yeah.

We better figure out how to get more.

This is from one drum.
We only have one behind it?

We're gonna tap quick.

Who's the cook, Mai?


You put this batch up?

- You sure about that?
- I...

You should think very carefully
before you answer.

I don't want us
to get on something this good

on the wrong foot.

I had a chemist.

Well, then we should meet that chemist.

You're calling a lot of sh*ts.

That's what I do.
Is that gonna be an issue?

Just wanna make sure

I'm partnering with the right Flynn.

You are.

♪ ♪


Look, man, I gotta make a stop.

Do it after I drop you.

Come on, I'll buy you
a drink at the spot.

Come on, one f*ck' drink.

You comin'?

♪ ♪

Nah, I'ma take off.

I know you're f*cking her.


♪ ♪


And that shit's temporary.

So you know that I'm f*ck' your girl

and you still doin' business with me?

f*ck is wrong with you?
You get off on that shit?

- What, you wanna watch?
- [VIC] Nah.

I'm not gonna f*ck up
a chance to make moves

just 'cause Glo and I are on a break.


I also don't need
my head on a f*cking swivel,

wondering if you're gonna
put two in the back of it

while we're out here tryin' to move.

Don't worry about that.

Money always come first.


And you got a tiny head.

I only need one. [CLICKS TONGUE]

♪ ♪


[JENARD] You f*ck' serious, bro?

- The Yardies?
- It was a good play.

The f*ck you mean it was a good play, D?

[DIAMOND] It's prime territory.

Gives us control of the whole east side.

[JENARD] You was killin' me for
tryin' to step to they spot,

but now these two white f*ck

come around, got you all twisted?

You was nickel-baggin' that shit.

I'm tryin' to take the whole operation.

And if Elijah ain't tip you off,

yo' Black ass goes
right back in, for life.

Facts, big bro.

Well, lucky for me,
you was on the scanners.

Real f*ck' lucky.

I ain't tryin' to get caught
between y'all.

You two n*gga gotta get right.

- [DIAMOND] We been right, E.
- [JENARD] I don't know, man.

Ever since this white boy
came around with the bag,

you been making all kinda bad decisions.

Look, Tommy's not the issue.

[SCOFFS] Right.

Uh, listen to me, D.

If this f*ck Tommy
is on some type

of su1c1de mission, n*gga,
then f*ck him.

Let him get got.

That ain't my f*ck' problem.

But I didn't run this shit for years

just to stand by and
watch you on the t*nk

headin' to f*ck' battle
with this dude.

You gotta make up your mind, n*gga.

Make a f*ck' choice.


♪ ♪

What's so important?

CBI and Diamond Sampson.

And those f*ck' Yardies...


The f*ck are you doin', son?

I'm doing what's best for the family.

If you would just listen to me...

Nah! You f*ck' listen.

I decide what's best
for this f*cking family.

You're out there makin' f*ck' moves

with CBI and that f*ck' renegade?

- For what?
- For the future of this family.

You don't have a future
unless I give you one!

Wake the f*ck up!


Oh, yeah? You wanna f*ck' go, son?

The f*ck you wanna do?


I built all this.

And you've gone and pissed all over it,

your f*ck' legacy.

It's all for you.

It's all for you!

Cradle to the f*ck' grave,
you are a Flynn.

And there is no walkin' away from that.

And if I walk away from
that legacy with Gloria,

- I'm not a man, right?
- That's f*ck' right.

But if I stay with you,
I'm still a f*cking boy.

♪ ♪


I did say there was someone.

[TOMMY] I know.

But I been here before.

Mm, so you what it's like
to be in my shoes?

[SINGER] ♪ I don't like it
when you talk to me ♪

♪ Any kinda way ♪

I'ma find a different bar for a while.

[SINGER] ♪ Tell me
why it's gotta be like that ♪

♪ Make me feel some kinda way... ♪

Business comes first.

Thanks for welcomin' me to Chicago.

It was pretty f*cking memorable.


[SOFTLY] Yeah.

[SINGER] ♪ You don't treat me
like it's somethin' ♪

♪ Maybe you just are
a different person ♪

♪ Oh, I see what you want ♪

♪ I try to give you
everything you need ♪

♪ Then you switch it ♪


Tommy f*ck' Egan.

Walter Flynn, the last person
I wanted to see.

[LAUGHS] You hurt my feelings.

You chippin' away
at my city piece by piece,

takin' out some low-level hillbillies,

that ain't a problem.

- In fact, f*ck' have at it.


I hear you got a storm comin'

with that little sidekick of yours.

I gotta say, Thomas,

if you drag my son Victor

down into your world of shite...


... I'm gonna bring
the big shoulders of Chicago

down upon thy's head.

I ain't draggin' that kid
nowhere he don't wanna go.

In fact,

maybe I'm pullin' him up.

You ever think about that, Walter?

♪ ♪


f*ck this f*cking day.

- Where's our f*cking dr*gs?

[LILIANA] Don't know what
the f*ck you're talkin' about.


- Okay.

[HERMAN] You have Kate's eyes.

Do the similarities go beyond there?

- Pops, come on.
- [TOMMY] Nah, that's fair.

I understand why you told him
that Kate was d*ad.

I try not to be nothin' like her.

What else you got?
Could ask me anything.

- I ain't got nothin' to hide.
- [HERMAN] If Kate raised you,

you can't be all candy canes
and sugar cones.

- Oh, I ain't.
- So how f*cked up are you, son?

- I'm sorry. He's...

Protective, I get it.

On a scale from one to ten?

I told him that you're
probably, like, a solid six.

Maybe a seven with the curve.


I tried to raise JP the best I could.

I didn't know nothin'
about havin' a kid at .

Shit, I was a kid myself.

But I made a decision
not to perpetuate the cycle.

I was gonna do right by this baby.

He was lucky to have you, Herm?

That wasn't an openin'
for you to jump in.

I'm on a roll.

I'd take him to the
playground every day,

catch him watchin' the kids
with their mothers.

He got older and kept watchin'

till one day, I couldn't
take it no more.

So we stopped.

You said it was because
of the v*olence and dr*gs.

Shit, I could've

told you anything and
you would've believed it.

See, now, this cat is full of shit.

- I wasn't a sucker.
- [HERMAN] You weren't.

You were trustin'.

That's what kids do.

Right? They trust.

It's also what f*ck them up.

I still remember you
believin' in the tooth fairy

like a f*ck till you was nine.

- Nah.

[JP] His money under
the pillow game was sick.

He would do these little
powdered sugar footprints,

put 'em all over the
windowsill and the floor.

Make it look like she snuck in and out.


Why the f*ck would she walk
if the b*tch could fly?


[JP] See, I didn't think
about that. [LAUGHS]

You was real good, Herman.

After you got here, he asked me

what kinda mother would leave her child.

I told him no mother worth a shit.

And that's Kate.



- Where are my f*cking dr*gs?
- f*ck you!




♪ ♪

You want my license and registration,

or should I just get to
the part where I pay you?

What the f*ck were you doing
in the back of the yards, Vic?

I've never been there.
Heard it's rough, though.

I saw you with Diamond Sampson.

Diamond S... you say Samford?

No, I don't know anyone by that name.

Shit's real dangerous in his world.

I'm sorry, who we talkin' about again?

[SCOFFS] So that's how
we're gonna play this?

I'm not playing.

You should've been the one
that tipped me off, Seamus.

Your leverage is minimal
and your needs are...


I know you can't
take care of your sister

on a cop's salary.

Who's gonna take care of her
if you go away?

Don't you say another
f*ck' word about her.

Yeah, you're right.

I've probably said enough.

♪ ♪

f*ck. f*ck!

[LILIANA] I don't have
your f*cking dr*gs!



♪ ♪


My dad used to smoke cigars,

cheap shit just like this.

You can always tell a good
cigar from the wrapper.

You're a cheap f*ck
just like him.

Where do you want this one?

How 'bout your mother's c**t?



♪ ♪


I'll give you your f*cking dr*gs.

♪ ♪

[HERMAN] My son leads
with his heart, not his head.

Complicates every
f*ck' thing in his life.

So if you're just another
complication, move along.

Oh, I ain't tryin'
to complicate JP's life.

That shit seems pretty
complicated already.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You f*cking kiddin' me?

I gotta take this shit
from both of y'all now?

I'm just playin', bro.

That shit is weird for me too.


♪ ♪


You okay, son?


Pipe burst in my apartment.

Hey, look,

I ain't tryin' to pull
nothin' over on JP.

So maybe someday,
me and you will be cool.

Maybe not.




♪ ♪

You call her yet?

Where the f*ck is your connect?

He'll be here.

Meet us at the safe house.

We'll be there in an hour.

She'll be waiting.

♪ ♪


Since none of you guys got the looks,

who got the brains?

It doesn't seem like your
connect is going to show.

Give me your phone.

I said give me your f*cking phone!

♪ ♪

Who the f*ck is Ghost?

- [g*n]

- [g*n]



What took you so f*cking long?

"Thank you for saving
my f*ck' life" will do.

Hey, yo.

That Ghost shit, that was smart.

Thanks. I'm pretty proud of that.

Yeah, you should be.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

How the f*ck you didn't know
that they were Serbs

when you jacked they product?

I-I-I sh*t 'em before I had
time to work out the accent.

Do not f*ck' play me, Liliana.

I didn't know.

Not until now.

What the f*ck you standin' around for?

Go run their shit.

When those two don't report back,

their boss is gonna come
lookin' for them.

He's gonna come lookin' for you.

She. Their boss is a she.

- Really?
- [LILIANA] Yeah.

I heard 'em talking about a her.

And Drakkar Noir over here
has a f*cking twin.

Good, now I get to k*ll him twice.

♪ ♪

Into the river. Come on.
One, two, three.




♪ ♪

This is cute.

She's like your little f*ck' shadow.

Yeah, this shadow needs a sitter.

I really don't.

This look like a day care to you?

Would be the best one ever.

I just need to park her somewhere safe

while you and me take a ride.

She better be worth it.

I am. He just won't admit it.

I'll go get Jenard.

[TOMMY] All right.

Keep your mouth shut and your ears open.

[SOFTLY] Okay.

This is some f*cked-up shit
that you brought.

You got history with the Serbs?

Yeah, and it ain't good.

Oh, hell no, man.

f*ck outta here with Scarface.

You got my eight large, cocksucker?

Well, this is gonna go good.

Come on.


♪ ♪

One little girl put
all of this in motion.

One f*cking brave little girl.

♪ ♪

[LILIANA] Must k*ll you
to have to watch me

while your brother's
makin' moves with Tommy.

[JENARD] Look, if that n*gga
Diamond wanna run off

with this white boy and
get himself got, f*ck him.

That's his business, okay?
He a grown-ass man.

Bunch of grown-ass men
acting like f*cking children.

Tommy give you that scar?

No, but he's responsible for it.


And yet you still
runnin' around with him.


Because I go where the money is.

Okay, and that's it?

There's gotta be more
to it than that, right?

Nope, never is.


- [DIAMOND] You f*ck' her?
- [TOMMY] Huh?

[DIAMOND] Liliana.

[TOMMY] Nah, not for me.

We do got a history, though.
She used to work for us.

Courier. Shit went sideways on a drop.

I thought that that scar
was just too identifying.

I wanted to cut bait, get rid of her.

- But only old partner...
- Spared her life.

Yeah, he was like that.

Well, now that the Serbs know about her,

it won't be spared for long.

I got a feelin' she ain't
even the target no more.

I think they know about me.

[DIAMOND] You really
feelin' yourself, huh?

You think you throw that big of a shadow

that the Chicago Serbs
got you on their list?

[TOMMY] Well, me and my
partner... my old partner...

got mixed up with them for a while.

We f*cked with them for a minute,

but, you know, one thing led to another,

and maybe my old partner
k*lled their boss.

[DIAMOND] That's a big f*ck' shadow.

[TOMMY] Yeah, I ain't been
on their Christmas list since.

[JENARD] Hey. Hey, hey,
hey. Hey, listen.

Why don't you just have a seat, baby?

Just sit down.

How 'bout you just give me
my paper so I can bounce?


You ain't finish the job, baby.

Because you kept trying to f*ck me

the whole time I was cutting.

And you dipped before
you finished, so, what?

I'm sorry, I didn't have time

to stop by HR and file
a f*cking complaint

for harassment in the workplace.


That scar is very f*cking f*re.

I ain't gonna lie to you.

Pay me what you owe me
and you can touch it.

[TOMMY] Now, I know
who's gonna come knockin',

but who's their sh*t caller?

[DIAMOND] Rodavan Mirkovic.

He's outta the country
more that he's in.

They gotta call him,
shit's all the way f*cked.

[TOMMY] Let 'em call.

When he gets here, we cut off
the head of the snake.

What's your play?

I want their pipeline in Chicago.

I want them gone.

You got the coke, they got the inroads.

If I say yes,

what's in it for you?

[TOMMY] A tax.

[DIAMOND] So whatever I move is mine,

whatever you move is yours,

plus I owe you a tax?

[TOMMY] That's right.

What if I bag Mirkovic myself?

Well, then f*ck the tax.

We split that shit -
right down the middle.

Maybe we bring the Flynn kid in,

use his connections.

[DIAMOND] Can't be no maybes.

This shit needs to be tactical.

The Serbs control a big
part of the west side.

But they're savage.

They're not like the other crews.

You got one swing with that machete.

Now, I know I'm on the hook with you,

and you got every right
to call in that marker.


But I can't rock with you on this one.

So what you saying?

You on your own.

And for what it's worth,

you better meditate or pray or drink

or do whatever you can
to seek the answers on this,

because once you start it,

it can't be undone.


♪ ♪





[MARSHALL] Hey, how much you
thinkin' we h*t this place for?

Hey, n*gga, we ain't robbin' it, a'ight?

We just gonna light
this b*tch up and leave.

We gon' send a message. That's it.

Again, n*gga? If we gon' do this shit,

I'm leavin' this f*ck
with some paper, n*gga.

Bro, is you with me?

We gonna light this b*tch up
and leave, n*gga.

That's it.

Hey! Drop the straps,

and I'll knock each one of you
little n*gga' heads back!

Shit just got interesting.


The f*ck you gonna do, n*gga?

- [g*n]

The f*ck is you doin', D?

[WOMAN] You g*dd*mn kids! Now, get out!

I'm callin' the f*ck' cops!

[MARSHALL] Hey, D, let's
f*ck' bounce, bro, come on.


Man, f*ck this n*gga. We gone, bro.

Drive, n*gga!


Why you been f*cking with my club?



♪ ♪

[MAN] Go get the other one.

[MAN] Hurry up.

Tatiana wants all this
moved for Mirkovic.

[MAN] Yes, sir.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪


[GLORIA] Hey, guys,
sorry about the wait.

♪ ♪


What are you guys having?

Everything's good?

- [MAN] Thank you.
- [WOMAN] Yeah, thank you.


♪ ♪

Here you go.

♪ ♪

[BUDDY GUY] ♪ Down here, the river... ♪

♪ ♪

You said you threw it away.

It's a f*ck' napkin, Vic.

It's our dream house.

[GLORIA] It's a pipe dream.

[BUDDY GUY] ♪ And in
the sticky heat, I feel ya ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Open up to me ♪


It's like I'm babysitting you.


Shit. Ooh!

f*ck, you wanna get down on this?

If I don't cut it, I don't do it.

- Diamond know you...
- f*ck my brother!

And f*ck Tommy!

Them f*ck
ain't no sh*t callers.

You ain't never tell me
how you and Tommy linked.

How much you willing
to pay me for my answer?



Now, that n*gga Tommy gonna wind up d*ad

one way or another.

I'll give you ten times this

if you the one that pull the trigger.

That ain't never gonna happen.



♪ ♪


You've paid in full.

Go ahead.

♪ ♪

Thank you.

♪ ♪


You never get sick of that view, do you?

I don't.

Design really tells you
a lot about people.

Their taste, their aesthetic,
their story.


You want a drink?

- I'm okay.
- Okay's not gonna cut it.

You need a drink.

I was kinda surprised to hear from you

after all this time.

I thought we completed
our terms of employment.

Opportunity's proven different.

Christ, why so formal, Doc?

You've got the gig.

Question is how much you want.

♪ ♪

I'm confused.

What job exactly are you referring to?

You know, secret sauce.

In fact,

you're the only one who
knows how to cook Dahlia.


Let's not do this f*cking dance.

You know the beautiful
powder you created?

We're about to level up,
so we need a huge amount.

The amount's as important
as the quality.

Can I at least consider my options?

You most certainly cannot.

We have copies of the reports.

What reports are you referring to?

The ones where you falsified pertinent

and potentially fatal test data

on the diet pill that went
to the FDA for approval.

Whatever Mai has told you
is a complete lie.

I have the originals as well
as what you submitted.

Trying to get it approved.

It was your VC that
was funding the project.

But it was your reports,

your signatures, your guarantees.

Speaking of, Mai's already guaranteed

that she'll testify that
you falsified the numbers

of your own volition,

which will cost you your license,

any shred of a career,

and bonus...

the federal statutes of prosecution

are still very much applicable.

So what exactly are the options

you wanted to consider, Doc?

♪ ♪



[TOMMY] I was wondering
when you was gonna call.


Too bad Jason couldn't be here.

Could've been a nice reunion.

He's d*ad.

So is the man who k*lled him.

What, are we keepin' score?

Your partner, Ghost.

How did it happen?

I always thought you would do it.

You thought wrong. Wasn't me.

[TATIANA] But it gave you opportunities.

Worked out well for you.

And yet here you are in Chicago,

still making problems for us.


Speaking of problems, where's Liliana?

Once you found out I was here,
you gave zero f*ck about her.


There's your coke.

You don't need her.

We done?

I don't think so.

Your little sidekick
k*lled two of my men.

It seems fair that I
should get her back.

Well, fair bein' overrated and all,

that ain't gonna happen.

- No?
- [TOMMY] No.

- You sure about that?
- Very.

Well, if we are to keep score,

you have now h*t four of my men.

And I'm not even on the board yet.

You know what? Take the L,

take your cocaine, and go home.

You got what you came for.

Did I?

What if New York...

what if my boss, Mirkovic,

were to hear that Tommy Egan
is in Chicago?

How about I k*ll you and we're even?

k*ll me?

Tatiana, ain't you heard?

I'm already d*ad.



That's how you get a cookie.

We're in this now.


And just like that,

I'm up - .

If you're going to k*ll me,

do it.

I got Jason to spare
your miserable f*cking life

while you grovelled at your own grave.

It was me who vouched for you.

I saved your f*cking life.



You never should've mentioned New York.

♪ ♪


♪ ♪

- [LILIANA] Storm's coming.



It's already here.

[SINGER] ♪ You better
look out look out ♪

♪ Always ridin' with the g*ng
in them trenches ♪

♪ 'Cause we all we got, so you
better look out, look out ♪

♪ Gotta watch over your shoulder ♪

♪ 'Cause they wanna take your spot ♪

♪ So you better look out look out ♪

♪ Always ridin' with the g*ng
in them trenches ♪

♪ 'Cause we all we got, so you
better look out, look out ♪

♪ No, I ain't been asleep ♪

♪ Up all seven days a week ♪

♪ Either you starve or you eat ♪

♪ Yeah, when that pack in
I'm gon' move it, mm ♪

♪ Drop off don't you lose it, mm ♪

♪ Everybody wanna be the boss ♪

♪ Cross me, then your life
gon' lose it, uh ♪

♪ I can't trust 'em, no
ask me, I don't know ♪

♪ I plead the Fifth better think ♪

♪ Before you cross me
no, I keep it on me ♪

♪ Look out, look out ♪

♪ Gotta watch over your shoulder ♪

♪ 'Cause they wanna take your spot ♪

♪ So you better look out look out ♪

♪ Always ridin' with the g*ng
in them trenches ♪

♪ 'Cause we all we got, so you
better look out, look out ♪

♪ Gotta watch over your shoulder ♪

♪ 'Cause they wanna take your spot ♪

♪ So you better look out look out ♪

♪ Always ridin' with the g*ng
in them trenches ♪

♪ 'Cause we all we got, so you
better look out, look out ♪

♪ Gotta watch over your shoulder ♪

♪ 'Cause they wanna take your spot ♪

♪ So you better look out look out ♪

♪ Always ridin' with the g*ng
in them trenches ♪

♪ 'Cause we all we got ♪
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