05x10 - Episode 10

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Last Kingdom". Aired: October 2015 to present.
"The Last Kingdom" is a television adaptation of Bernard Cornwell's "The Saxon Stories". Set in the 19th century, Uhtred, the orphaned son of a Saxon nobleman, is kidnapped by Norsemen and reared as one of them. Forced to choose between a kingdom that shares his ancestry and the people of his upbringing, his loyalties are constantly tested.
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05x10 - Episode 10

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I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred.

King Edward is close
to finally realizing

his father's ambition to create
a single kingdom... England.

[Aelswith] You are as good and true
and faithful a man as your father.

This is your destiny.

To Bebbanburg then, Lord Uhtred?

We retain Northumbria
for the Saxon people!


[Uhtred] But the enemy has made
his own preparations for battle.

When King Constantin's army appears
on the horizon, set f*re to that church.

Our plan to ambush is mistimed.
Constantin is already within the fortress.

[Uhtred] Edward was anxious
to commence the att*ck...

Our targets are all in one place.

Storm the fortress now
and we trap Aethelhelm and Constantin.

...but reluctantly agreed to hold back

and allow me to attempt a rescue.

He draws the guards down to the beaches
before the tide turns,

giving you a very small
and reckless opportunity to get in

by the guard's room before they return.

[Uhtred] Whilst Aelswith
sought assistance from elsewhere.

It is very foolish of you to come here.

I'm no friend to Christians.

[Uhtred] Edward's impatience
led him to renege on the plan

and mount a rash as*ault
on the fortress.

We have waited and heard nothing.

The time offered to prevail
is slipping away.

This is madness.

[Aethelstan] Give us Lord Aethelhelm
and Lady Aelfwynn

and we will not att*ck.

Refuse and we will besiege
and k*ll you all!

None will survive!

[Uhtred] Destiny is all!

[opening theme plays]

[horse whinnies]

[horse neighs fearfully]

I will assume that was a warning!

[horse neighs]

They do not wish to comply.

Did you see my father?


I will get the girl,
parade her from the ramparts.

Will King Constantin agree to that?

If we do not ask, he cannot refuse.

[metal clanging]

[grunts, shouts]


[Finan] Come on! Move! Move!

Ignore all demands, play for time.

Ignore a challenge, one king to another?

It's dishonorable.

Wait for your armies.

Get the marriage bond sealed.

I could, of course, simply hand you over.

We are so close to getting what we want.

You have confessed them.
Get to the sacrament.

Are you ready?

The gate guard can rebuff any as*ault,
but as a precaution,

I would place
the Lady Aelfwynn somewhere safe.

A higher room is fortified.

Yes, wise. Aelfwynn, go with Lord Wihtgar.

You see,

we can withstand a siege.

Just let Edward att*ck!

To sit and wait,

it's not in my blood.

If he comes to the gate,

I will speak to him.

Why are we on the ramparts?

To show Edward you are still alive.

That is not what was discussed.

Show her to the Saxons.

Put a knife to her throat.

- Go! Offer a negotiation!
- No!

Say nothing.

[Aelfwynn gasping]

Truly King Edward does not come for me.

I'm just caught in this.

Then throw her over.

Show them we are ruthless.

[Wihtgar grunts]

Release her and I will not k*ll him.

[softly] Uhtred.

[Wihtgar gasping]

Do you want to see him die?

[Wihtgar groans]

Let her go.



[Wihtgar shouts, grunts]


- [guard groans]
- [Uhtred grunts]

[yells] Follow him!

[men shouting]

[man] Guards, seize him!

[man] Quick! Move yourselves!

[softly] Lord, here.

[Uhtred pants]

- You escaped?
- Of course we did.

And we found...

Why did you come?

I feared Haesten would betray your plan.

He did not.

He was put to the sword concealing it.

Then his death finally brings him honor
and he will be welcomed to Valhalla.

Did you find Aelfwynn?

I had her within my grasp but no longer.

And Edward has attacked, so time is short.

Well, we still have the advantage.

- They do not know you are here.
- [Wihtgar] Uhtred! Uhtred!

Is that you or some other Uhtred?

[Wihtgar] Uhtred!

Where is he?

- [Aethelhelm] Who?
- Edward's man is within! Uhtred!

- Uhtred of Bebbanburg.
- Uhtred, the Imposter! Yes!

This alliance has brought me nothing!

Now he hunts me in my own fortress!

If he hunts you, I suggest you find him.

Send all armed guards to the gate!

Bring my grandson Aelfweard to me.
I want the atheling by my side.

- [distant shouting]
- [low thudding]

- [shouting]
- [thudding]

[whiff of arrows whizzing]

[soldier groans]

[guards shouting]



- [arrows whizzing]
- [man groans]


- [arrows whizzing]
- [groans]

[arrows whizzing]

- [men shouting]
- [gate thuds]

- [arrow whizzes]
- [groans]


[guards muttering frantically]

Quickly! Quickly, go to your positions!

As fast as you can. We can hold them off.

They are dogs. We are men!

- [arrow whizzes]
- [groans]

Quickly, carry on!

Carry on!

[yelling and grunting]


[men screaming]

[men screaming in pain]


- [arrow whizzes]
- [man groans]

[arrows whizzing]

We're saved!

[Aethelhelm] Stand here with me.

We have lost this fight.
Throw yourself at my father's mercy.

I'll plead for you.

You lost any influence with him
when you joined with me.

We will hold our nerve and make you king.

[Constantin chuckles]

Your grandfather promises a great deal.

Some more advice.

When events change, plans should change.

[Aethelhelm] Drink this.

It'll calm your nerves.

[Aelfweard] My father made me swear
I would not drink.

[Constantin laughs] Well, your father has
not shown himself to be wise in judgement.

- [Aelfweard] We seem to be the ones...
- Hild, if we distract the remaining guard,

can you get her to the sea gate
and to safety with Father Pyrlig?

Yes, I will need a torch to signal to him.

You will need a w*apon.


I had hoped never to hold
such a thing again.

It breaks my heart
to drag you to this fight.

Nothing dragged me but my own will.

Protect her as you have protected others.

I will.

Fight on for Bebbanburg.

You've earned this, Uhtred.

God is not cruel.


as you need to fight.

[indistinct chattering in background]

[Constantin] Well, your grandfather
may have friends anywhere...

[low indistinct chattering in background]

[Uhtred] We att*ck.

It will draw in the guard to defend them,

so the women can escape.



Your army, Lord King,
they are approaching!

- [Constantin] How far?
- [Yahya] Two, three miles. Soon.

See? We played for time.

Hold your nerve. We will prevail!

- How long till the Saxons breach the gate?
- Also soon.

The gate will hold.
The armies will meet on the field.

Edward will be routed by dusk!

[Yahya] Do not tempt God
with so much pride.

I am proud.

Everything I predicted has come to pass.

He heard of our rebellion,
came to our door.

Rather than act with stealth,
he announced himself!

I tell you, he is impulsive.

Let him push, he will push too hard.

Your army is behind him.

If his pride is his fault,

let him believe he has alarmed us.

Open the sea gate.

Let anyone without the stomach
for a fight leave.

Take men off the gate
and reduce our defenses.

A bold idea, Lord King,

but given that we have provisions
for a siege, should we not...

Sieges are for turds!

Into the yard!

They are pretending
to abandon Bebbanburg.

Edward would not be that stupid.

That will not work.

Will it?

[sighs] To the ramparts.

Stay back!

- [swords clang]
- [Hild groans]

Leave us be!

[Aelfwynn gasps]

[Hild grunts]

- Did he strike?
- [grunting]

[Hild grunts, shouts]


[Hild] No!

- No, please don't...
- [soldier grunts]

[Hild yells]


Oh, Lord... [panting]

Oh, forgive me. [pants heavily]

- Thank you.
- [door rattling]

[Hild] There's more. Stay back!

[Hild] Follow them. Father Pyrlig...

[men shouting]


- [arrow whizzes]
- [soldier groans]


[men screaming]

It is foolhardy, Lord King.

Let the soldiers do the fighting.

I never saw you for a coward.

[Wihtgar] Why have you commanded
to open the sea gate?

[Constantin laughs]

Did you find your assassin?

My men flee by the dozen!

Good, fewer to protect here.

Let Edward see us in retreat.
Bring down the men.

You are sworn to him,
but he is sworn to me.


Pull back!

Pull back. Stand down!

Stand down!

Do not believe it, Edward.

[men shouting in distance]


Does the king see them?

[Uhtred] No.

Men are gathering behind the gates.

They'll att*ck them on two fronts!

[men shouting in the distance]

We're beating them back.

[Aldhelm] Lord King!

Soldiers are rowing for their lives
from the sea gate,

grabbing what tiny boats they can.

They are leaving Bebbanburg in droves.

- What has happened within?
- [Aldhelm] Unknown.

There's been no word.

- Uhtred has taken command.
- No!

He could not take the fortress
with three men.

We couldn't take it when we were a dozen.

something has happened within.

s*ab the horses
and I will lead the men out on foot!

Let us finish this. Ready!

With the king!

Lord King,
the Scots may be closer than we know.

- It's the wrong ground for a battle...
- It's why we strike before they come.

Take the undefended fortress
and fight them from a secure position!

- God is with us, we can do this.
- Lord, no!

You are no warrior! Do not offer counsel!

Leave the b*ttlefield!

I need soldiers who are with me.

Do not come forward!

- Do not sh**t!
- [arrows whizzing]

[arrows whiffing]

[arrows whizzing]

Remain unseen. Stand by the gate.
Await my command.

[arrows whizzing]

Let us view this victory from above,

so we may preside over it.

Men of Wessex!

Men of Mercia!

Now we take Northumbria for England!


[roar of men cheering]

- [yelling]
- [groans]


[battle cries]

Lord King!

- [men shouting]
- [swords clashing]

[Aldhelm] Shield wall!

[roar of men in distance]

- [Edward] Pull back!
- [Aethelstan] Get back!

- [grunting]
- [clang of swords]

[Edward] Pull back!


[Constantin and men shouting]

[men shouting]

[yelling and grunting]

[soldier groans]

[men grunting]

Shield wall!

[roar of men]

Father, they will push us into the sea!

[Aldhelm] Hold the line! Push them back!

You stupid arselings.




Who is that? By the forest?

[Sihtric] More Scots?

[men shouting]


- [swords clanging]
- [Edward groans]

Hold them!

[Aldhelm grunting]

[Cynlaef] Push back!

Push back!

[Constantin] Keep up the pressure!

Push them over the cliff!

[men shouting]



[men screaming]

Push on!

[men screaming]


[man screams]


- [men grunting]
- [swords clashing]



- [men shouting]
- [swords clashing]

[men screaming]

[strained grunting]

[Uhtred] Stiorra! Stiorra, turn back!

She says the battle is over, Uhtred.

It is not.
Stiorra, please offer your support!

I plead for my son, do not leave!

Father, the battle cannot be won.
Edward has trapped himself.

- We cannot undo it.
- Let me lead your men.

Lady, do not weaken.
We cannot win this.

I gathered all these men to help.
With all my heart I wanted to,

but we're too late.
Come with us now. Save yourself.

- He will not leave the field.
- Nor shall we.

It is dangerous, yes.

- But we have to try.
- The risk is too great!

Your brother came here with us!

Aethelstan is on the field.

Aldhelm, Cynlaef,
many who are known to you!

When I married Sigtryggr,
I chose his kin over my own.

Sigtryggr would support me now.
You know this.

He would not ask you to watch
your brother die and turn away.

No Danes should die for Saxons,
not after all they have done to us.

You have suffered at the hands
of Saxon kings, I know this.

I promise, do this
and the Danes will be rewarded.

You cannot promise me anything!

She cannot. It is true.

But I can.

For I speak to you as a man
who has lived among you.

Your gods are my gods.

I was born a Saxon but raised a Dane.

For years that divided me,

but perhaps the Gods have led us all here!

For I will offer you a bargain.

I ask you to fight now
for me and for Northumbria.

And if we take these lands,

we will be taking them
for Saxons and for Danes.

Follow me
and all Danes will live in peace here.

I swear this to you!

Danes will not be hunted,
nor live in forests!

You will have lands and homes!

And I ask you not to do this for Saxons.

Do it for what your forebears
came here for.

For the reason they risked their lives
and crossed the seas

to make a homeland.

Follow me and this I swear.

You have my word...

as a Saxon

and as a Dane!



- [Edward grunts]
- [Aethelstan shouts]

[men shouting]

[swords clanging]


- [men shouting]
- [swords clashing]

Sire, we're fighting on two sides!




[soldier groans]

[men groaning]

- [grunts]
- [soldier screams]



[screams angrily]


[men shouting]


Odin favors us!


Burn the fortress.

I do not want their stronghold
on my border!

Take any hostages you can!


[Finan] Lord King! Help!

[Wihtgar] Torch bearers! Stop them!



We must get you to safety.

If your father prevails,
I fear what he may do to you.


- [soldier yells]
- [Uhtred grunts]

[swords clanging]

- [Uhtred] Did they get to safety?
- Yes.

How can I win you the day?

They are taking hostages, do likewise!

Take him, the commander. And find Finan!

They're retreating!

They're retreating.

One more step and you will be k*lled.

You should be pleading for your life.

I know you're afraid to fight me.

Of course, I'm afraid to fight you.

We are not equals in sword-craft.

[Uhtred chuckles]

So, if you agree to a fair fight...

Ah, yes,

you could never fight with honor.

Honor does not win a fortress.

[soldier shouts, grunts]


- [shouting]
- [swords clanging]

[shouts, groans]


Uhtred, do not fight alone!

[door bangs]

The stinking turd in his hole,

unable to face the carnage
he has unleashed.

Give me a reason not to cut the eyeballs
from your skull.

[Aelfweard] k*ll him
and I'll have to fight you.

Please, I beg for his life.

Then you're a fool,

for he has betrayed you
and Wessex many times.

Ask him whose blood stains his hands!

All I have done has been to protect him.
He knows this!

If he knew all he would not stand by you!

Tell him the worst of it.

Tell him or I shall!

Confess your sins and live,

or die disgraced.

Tell me, what does Aethelstan speak of?

It is a story...

which is hard to understand.

It is not.

- It was for the honor of our bloodline...
- Enough evasion, it sickens me!


it will scar your soul to hear this,

but he had your mother k*lled
to start a w*r with the Danes.

[Aethelhelm] That is not true!

- [Aethelstan] All know it.
- And all are wrong!

This has no truth? None at all?

No, it does not. It is...

There is a reason.

She was not the target. It was a tragedy.

She was k*lled by men you sent?

And you told me that you feared
my father was to blame!

For the blame is his!

His disregard sent her to the pilgrims.

I did not know!

If I had known, never would I...



[sword clatters]

[Aelfweard] Do with him what you will.

Aelfweard, no.

I said you would live if you spoke true

and you did.

Now face the agony you caused.

Tell my grandson I am a man of honor.

[grunting and groaning]

Who is the Lord of Bebbanburg?

[chuckles] It belonged to my father!

Who is the true heir?

Say it!


I will never surrender.

[Wihtgar grunts]

k*ll me as I k*lled my father.

That is the legacy of our line!

Do this and your son will k*ll you.

That is the destiny!


No, it's not.

- [Uhtred grunts]
- [Wihtgar screams]


[Aethelstan] Uhtred!

To the sea gate, Lord! Run!

- No, I will not leave and see it burn.
- No!

The smoke will choke you
before the flames even reach. Please!

- The gods will decide my fate.
- If not for yourself then for me!

- Please, just move!
- No!

It is my destiny to die in Bebbanburg!

[thunder rumbles]

[raindrops pattering]

[thunder rumbles]

[men cheering]

[cries emotionally]

King Constantin,

welcome to Bebbanburg.

I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred,

heir to this fortress
and the lands that surround it.

I acknowledge you as lord of this fortress

and I recognize your authority
over the lands around it.

Can we exchange?

Is he still the man that was captured?

[Uhtred] Of course, we're not savages.

Return our men and you can have him.

Six men for one, even for my nephew,

it's not a fair price.

I demand you swear to Scotland.

No, that will not be.

These are Saxon lands,
where Danes can thrive.

These lands are disputed.

And I will always claim them.

But I'm ready to accept the offer.

If you were wise, you'd strike a bargain
for a longer peace.

Your men have been defeated.

You have no power to bargain.

I can bring more men.

Lost battles do not mean lost wars.

I'm not afraid to fight you.

If you want to make a longer peace,
I will tell you my terms.


The victory was ours.

You could say that, Lord King.

Hey! All stand for the king!

My son, who has led us to such victory!

Your heroism on the field of battle

will live on in the songs
and in the chronicles.

To you, we owe our life.

Also to the Danes, Lord King.

[Edward] Yes, also to the Danes.

Who may live in these lands in peace.

[Edward] Lord Uhtred of Northumbria,

I congratulate you
on restoring your birthright.

You honor your children
and bring them solace and healing.

May these lands be held
by your descendants for all eternity.

Let the sons of your sons profit
for generations!


[Osbert] Why are we going to the fortress?

[Hild] To meet the Lord of Bebbanburg.


Is this a trick
to make me learn scripture?

[laughs] I know better than that, Osbert.

No, I made a little inquiry

and I think the new lord might be able
to tell you something of your origins.

You think he may have once met my father?

Yes. Something like that.


You were worth the fight, my dearest girl.

Your mother would be proud.

I have a gift for you.

How are the wounded?

Some will take a while to recover.

Perhaps you might... stay
and care for them here at Bebbanburg.


I think that is an excellent idea.

The sea air is very good
for all manners of illness.

I shall of course need rooms
with a sea view.



We will feast like brothers.

For truly what you have done for my family
cannot be matched in many lifetimes.

The debt is ours.

We will feast and then I shall accept
your oath before the people.

We will share the moment
England is finally made whole

and defeat the Scottish claim forever.

Constantin has withdrawn his claim
to these lands.

Why would he do that?

Because I offered
not to cede these lands to you.

Instead we will remain between the two,
sworn to neither, to ensure peace.

The people here are Saxon in their blood.

Indeed, but they're not part
of your kingdom.

We recognize you as our overlord
and we will pay you homage,

but these lands will remain Northumbria's
and Northumbria's alone.

They will not become part of England
in your lifetime.

After everything we've given you,

you choose now
to betray the House of Wessex?

I betray nothing. The House of Wessex will
unite England eventually, I'm sure of it.

I believe you are the true king
of the lands you hold,

but the man who can unify this country
must be a figure

behind which the people
can stand together as one.

You have shown that you are not that man.

You have sown discord
between Saxon and Dane.

The future will come. Wait for it.


To Bebbanburg!

- [crowd] To Bebbanburg!
- [cheering]

[chanting merrily] Uhtred! Uhtred!
Uhtred! Uhtred! Uhtred! Uhtred!

Uhtred! Uhtred! Uhtred! Uhtred!
Uhtred! Uhtred! Uhtred! Uhtred...

I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred.

I was torn from my birthright

and cursed to wander these lands
for many years.

But now, as Lord of Northumbria,

I am a thorn in the side
of the House of Wessex.

I am all that stands between them
and a united England.

Will Alfred's dream
be fulfilled in my lifetime?

And if so, who will rule here?

Will blood prevail?

Or will king slay king once again
on the b*ttlefield?

I do not know what the gods choose.

[swords clanging]

But now I am more certain

they are on my side.

And though my story has been woven
by hands that are not my own,

the words I live by still stand true.

I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred.

For you and for myself...

destiny is all!

[somber music playing]
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