02x26 - The Red Shoes

Episode transcripts for the TV Show "Dance Academy". Aired: 31 May 2010 –; 30 September 2013.
Drama series that follows small-town teenager Tara as she pursues her dream of becoming a ballet dancer at the National Academy of Dance.
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02x26 - The Red Shoes

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Previously on Dance Academy...

I dance my best
when I'm with you guys.

For my contemporary solo, I want you
all on stage doing it with me.

I'm going to win the Prix
de Fonteyn, doing your solo

and you're going to watch.

The last thing he said was
how proud he was of us,

but I can't put what I'm feeling
into my dancing.

I'll pull you out
of the Prix de Fonteyn.

I haven't cried since it happened.

Trust me, it'll happen.

My dream is back.

It's officially become a nightmare.

Help me, Sammy.
Help yourself, T.

Red Shoes?

You guys didn't need
to get me anything.

That's what I said.

We should just ignore
your th birthday.

I hate that you're riding,

but apparently this is the safest.

It's all in the double stitching.

It was Sammy's idea.

He got us all to put in ages ago.

Thanks, guys. It's great.

So, summer plans?

Can I tempt you with Barcelona?
We'll get the parentals over.

Ah! Karamakov family
does Christmas Espanola.

I was going to invite anyone
who wants

to come back to the farm.

I know it doesn't compare
with Europe, but...

I haven't been to Spain,
but the farm's pretty special.

Can I talk to you?

I was ranked third in the Nationals.

I guess it makes sense
that they asked.

Sammy earned that place.

How could you even be thinking
about it?

I can't not.

Competing in the Prix is like
a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It affects my whole career.
An opportunity?

You'd be dancing on his grave.

Ignore her, Ben.

Am I?

Grace declared w*r but

now you're going to use the grief
card and never stand up to her.

That's not fair.

Tara, none of this is fair.

And nothing's going to make us
feel better,

but extinguishing Grace,
like the pterodactyl she is,

that'll help you sleep at night.

You should do it.

Distinguished guests,
ladies and gentlemen.

Welcome to the International
Prix de Fonteyn.

A week ago, the top dancers
from countries

were assessed in a group class.

Over the next two days,

the finalists will perform
solo variations

to decide the best male

and female ballet student
in the world.

Hey. We're down the hall.

And I'm sorry.

He was quite a brilliant dancer.

Thanks, mate.

Hey, Tara, I'll meet you...

Look, this was your revenge plot.

I was happy with my decision.

You b*at her at the Nationals.
You'll b*at her here again.

She let me win at the Nationals.
So she said.

And you didn't have me then.

Tara, I've been watching you
for two years.

I know your every strength
and every weakness.

You just need to get your edge back.

Come on.

He was one of those truly
beautiful souls.

I rang his parents and told them
I'm dedicating my solo to him.

How noble.

I thought you weren't up
to competing.

I wasn't. I am now.


Wouldn't have been a fraction
as much fun without you.

Can't believe she showed.

We're on a tight schedule because of
the Prix, so I assume you're warm.


Yeah, it's like a sauna
in my leotard.

Your exams have been postponed
until after the holidays.

I know. I want to take them now.

We're giving the second years
special consideration.
Why don't you...

I don't want it hanging over my head.

Whether I'm coming back
to the Academy or not.

I couldn't cope with that.

If you sit them now you'll be marked
on this performance.

Pass me if I'm good enough.

Fail me if I'm crap.

Thank you, everyone.


You didn't have to come.

Yeah, well it was either this or,

you know,
punch a hole through my wall.

Um, you should seriously think
about the farm option.

You know how Dad loves free labour.

What about Ben?

Wouldn't it be awkward?

Everything with Ben is awkward.

I shouldn't have said that.

It's just I know technically
we're still together.

It just doesn't feel right
to be with him now.

And with me, it would be...?

Tara Webster to the stage.

Tara Webster, this is...

My entire life,
I will never understand you.


Look, I don't think anyone noticed.

They're not blind. You handed her
at least four marks.

Abs is right. Youchie.

Grace Whitney representing
the United Kingdom.

Shake it off.

We always knew she was going to have
the upper hand in contemporary.

She'll win again tomorrow with
The Red Shoes. You should see her.

Why don't you do it as well?
The Red Shoes?

You want to dance that solo so much
you dream about it.

It's bad luck.

Last time I did it
was the Preliminaries

and Saskia was right then.

I could never do it justice.

Saskia said you didn't have enough
life experience.

You want a tally of
what you've been through this year?

There's another version.

Not the one Saskia did,
the original.

It would really suit you.

I've got a son who's ? Wow.

Yeah, it was yesterday.

What do you want, Raf?

Look, I saw it in the paper.

About your mate, and, well,

I'm still doing the Tassie trip.

You know, great bit of road.
Great surf.

I've got plans.
Oh, good.

It's just I'd thought you might like
to get away.

Clear your head and all that.

What, 'cause that's what you do?
You'd bail?

Yeah, probably.

But you're a lot smarter than I am

I've gotta go.
Oh, right.

Look, if there's anything, you know,
I canP

OK. So we've gone through
the happy, deluded part

where Victoria thinks
she can have everything.

Now, we're into the dark,
competition winning, territory.



No, actual tears.

Grace is going to exploit
the melodrama.

You have to be real.

I can't cry. I told you that.

Which is why I'm going to do Aurora.

You cry every time
you step on an ant.

You're a crier.

Why the blockage?

When I broke my back,

it was like falling into a hole that
I didn't know how to get out of.

This is a million times worse.

I'm scared,

that if I start crying,
I'm not going to be able to stop.

No, you're stronger than that.

That's not the reason.

Then what is?

If you cry, it's real.

And if it's real, he's gone.

Going into the final day
of competition,

the highest ranked dancers are
Grace Whitney, United Kingdom,

and Carlos Magri, Brazil.

Today's scores will be withheld
until the final tally.

Good luck to all competitors.

So, if you win, what scholarship?

Paris Opera? Toronto?

I haven't thought about it yet.
You should.

Magri's pretty weak in contemporary.


Um, can we...

No, Christian. No, you can't.

Because if you break her focus now,

I'll pierce this
through your skullcap.

It's fine. seconds. Please?

I wanted to...

Sorry, you go.

The day that Sammy...

He left me a message saying
that you were coming

to talk to me about something.

Yeah, I was.


Look, what'd you mean about it being
right with me and not with Ben?

I don't know.

Ben and I are brand-new.

We only got together
just before it happened.

But with you...

We have history?

Plus, he's so Ben, you know?

He's gone through a lot of stuff,

but he always remains untouched
and uncomplicated.


They sound like good things.

They are.

But I don't match that anymore.

OK, time's up. Evaporate.

The next performance
will commence in one minute.

The next performance will commence
in one minute.

I didn't miss it, did I?

Ran... straight...

from... exam.

How was pas de deux?

If I make it into second year,
we're working on my cardio.

Representing the United
Kingdom, Grace Whitney,

performing Victoria, The Red Shoes.

Technically and artistically perfect.

And yet...

Grace has never felt a genuine human
emotion in her life,

and it shows.

That was beautiful.

I think it was a , . .

How does it feel to go out there

knowing I've already taken away
what you want most?

Representing Australia,

Tara Webster, also performing
The Red Shoes.

What made you pick Red Shoes?

Victoria's pain.

Performing while she's grieving.

You could never do it properly.

So, you've experienced
grief and heartbreak?


No, you haven't.
You're a child.

All I see is a silly kid
flouncing around,

yet you're arrogant enough
to think that you're an artist.

Help me, Sammy.

Help yourself, T.

You're meant to be dancing.

Everything's wrong without you.

We're all going to fall apart.

No you won't, because you're going
to be the glue.

You'll miss me because I'm awesome,

but you'll be OK.

But I don't want to be OK.

I don't want to let you go.

I can't, Sammy.

Yes, you can, T.


Shouldn't you be side stage?

Look, I know you want to push me
away, and I get it.

I'm so sorry.

No, no, you don't need to be.

Look, you can break up with me
and keep me at a km radius,

and I'll just keep waiting.

Because we're going to be good
for each other,

and eventually you'll be ready
to see it.

Benjamin Tickle,
this is your one minute call.

Go. Now.

I need you out front.

You guys too.

Quite the coach now, aren't you?

I bet they don't dance like that
in Barcelona.

They don't dance like you, either.

In the Boys' Contemporary

Benjamin Tickle,
representing Australia.

My friend, Sammy Lieberman,

he was meant to be here, but...

Well, he had some pretty unique ideas

about what he wanted to do
in this section.

So I'm going to go with that.

I'm sorry, Benjamin.

All choreography has to be approved
in advance.

I know.

You'll just have to disqualify me,

Every dancer knows that being
technically perfect isn't enough.

We need to know why we dance.

For me, it's to be connected.

I'm inspired by my friends.

Guys, you're leaving me
on a limb here.

Grace won the Internationals

and the title of Best in the World.

But she was wrong.

Winning was never what I wanted most.

I may not be the girl who dreams of
flying anymore.

She crashed too many times.

Hit the ground too hard.

Now I dance with my feet
on the ground and my eyes open,

which means I can better appreciate
this adventure I'm on.

Airport, please.
International terminal.

Muchas gracias.


This adventure requires faith.

The committee said I could choose
any school in the world.

It requires humility.

I choose the Academy.

And always love.

I'll be back. I promise.

For third year.

You know, country girls don't
actually dress like that.

What? I was getting into character!

Come here.

In second year,

they told us there would be
no second chances.

They were right.

We have to dance each day
as if it could be our last.
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