02x08 - The Viscount Who Loved Me

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Bridgerton". Aired: December 25, 2020 –; present.
During the Regency era in England, eight close-knit siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family attempt to find love.
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02x08 - The Viscount Who Loved Me

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[dramatic music plays]

[thunder rumbling]



Stay with me. Come on, now.

Come on, now.

Stay with me.

- My lord!
- [Anthony] Make room!

Oh my God! Kate!

Call the surgeon at once!

She has a cut on the back of her head.

I kept pressure on it,
but it needs stitching.

- Miss Sharma? Can you hear me?
- She needs more blankets. She's shivering!

Allow me to get to work.

What happened?
My valet saw you carry Miss Sharma inside.

Is she all right?

I do not know.

Are you all right?

[softly] It's my fault.

It is all my fault.

[breathes deeply]


[echoing] Anthony.

[fading] Anthony.

[heartbeat thumping]

Where is she?

It's been a week since she last published.

There should've been at least
two issues by now, if not three.

Perhaps she had nothing more to say
about that radical ruffian,

Eloise Bridgerton.

[both chuckle snidely]

You there. What've you done
with our scandal sheet?

Nothing today, sir.
Would you like a newspaper?

[cane taps]


[Prudence] I do hope
Whistledown picks up her pen again

in time to write about
my forthcoming nuptials.

Perhaps she rested her pen

so she did not have to write
about such an uninteresting affair.

Or perhaps she was done
ruining the lives of others.

Mama, I wish to visit Eloise.
It has been a week.

You will not set foot into that household.
Do you understand me?

So, where are we with, uh, Mr. Bridgerton?

We are close.
I'm set to meet with him this afternoon.

Very well. Do you not think it time
for us to spend some of our earnings?

Our coffers are overflowing.

Well, I suppose
I could use a larger g*n cabinet.

I was thinking more
of some kind of celebration.


Lord Featherington and I
would like to give a ball.

- [gasps]
- [Jack] Excellent idea.

So that we may finally
celebrate our engagement?

So that we may finally
celebrate all of us.

Varley, I want luster and glitter
and gold. I want the best of everything.

And we will call it

"The Featherington Ball."

How original.

I will have invitations
sent out straight away, ma'am.

Now... [clears throat] ...what about
the Bridgertons and the Sharmas?

Considering the state of their households.

It would be titillating to see
those two families in one place again.

Everyone does love a touch of drama.

Everyone knows Miss Sharma
is yet to awaken from her accident.

Perhaps we shouldn't make jest
of her family at a time like this?

Invite them all. They likely
will not come, of course, poor souls,

but let everyone be allowed
to finally see how well we're doing.


After such a tragic year.

I was thinking...

[continues indistinctly]

[indistinct chatter]

Roses and lilacs,
I think, this time. Cheerful.

Thank you, Mrs. Wilson.

Are you sending flowers
to the Sharmas again?

There's nothing worse than rotting flowers
when someone is unwell.

We're not attending
this Featherington Ball, are we?

Oh, I do not know. I suppose
it is a good thing we were invited.

On my walk this morning
I was given the cut direct. Twice.

At least Lady Whistledown
does not seem to be writing about it.

She does not seem to be writing
at all anymore. Is that not right, El?

Eloise, uh,

perhaps a stroll with Penelope
might help clear your mind.

The last thing Penelope needs is to be
seen consorting with the likes of me.

The Featheringtons know
how bad this is. And you do too.

Even if you refuse to admit.

No one informed me that we have lost
three staff in the last month.

These are precisely
the things I must know about.

We are not the only ones affected
by our ill reputation of late, Anthony.

Colin. Would you care
to inform me about anything?

- I do not take note of staff changes.
- [Anthony] What about our accounts?

You do not seem
to take note of them either,

since I spent
the last two days balancing our books,

only to discover that you
have taken out a rather large sum.

Whatever for?

If you must know, I was exploring
an investment with Lord Featherington.

This is just what makes
the difficulties in this household.

No one gives any thought
as to how it must be managed.

He is one and , Brother.

Is no one allowed
to make their own decisions?

You, keep doodling.

And do not ask me
to speak of your activities.

I wouldn't know where to begin.

May I be excused?

[Colin] I must go too.

But do not worry, Brother.

I shall send you notice
of every step I take today.

- Yes. Doodling awaits, I suppose.
- I do have so much to read.

I have my Latin.

How is she?

I do not know. I have not...

You have not been to see her?
It has been a week...

Have I not made it clear I've been busy?

I would be lying if I said
I was not worried about you, Anthony.

I do not have time for this.


perhaps you might wish to make time.

[exhales softly]


Miss Eloise. A package for you.

- Oh, I do not want any...
- You might want this one.

I'll be outside.

You got my note.

Why did you not tell me sooner?

Why did you continue lying to me?

Carrying on with me,
when you knew, this entire time

that the real Lady Whistledown
has been using this very shop

to print her scandal sheet.

I couldn't tell you.

Not when she was still watching me.

Why do you think I ended things with you,
despite wanting to do the very opposite?

I did not want her
to see the two of us together.

I didn't want her to write cruelly of you.

A little late for that.

I owe you an apology, Miss Bridgerton.

For everything.

Whistledown has now
taken her business elsewhere.

- Thought you deserve to know the truth.
- I deserve more than that.

She seems to have stopped writing at all.

Which is why now is
the perfect time to find her,

when she is unsuspecting,
and with your knowledge of her methods

and my endeavors, I'm sure
together we can finally unmask her.

[clears throat]

I must know everything you know.

The manuscripts came early mornings.

Twice a week, usually.

- You have the wrapping they came in?
- Never came in wrapping.

They came sewn into silks.

[Lady Danbury] I was pleased to receive
your invitation today, Your Majesty.

I had thought you might
not wish to see me after

the, uh, events of late.


I seem to have some time on my hands

without Lady Whistledown
to keep me occupied.

I thought you might offer me
some stimulating conversation.


I never did learn the true reason

why the viscount and his bride

did not walk back down the aisle together.

Did it have anything to do
with Lord Bridgerton's

political radical of a sister?

I would not know, ma'am.
We have all been busy

keeping the elder Miss Sharma in mind

until, as we hope,
she recovers... from her fall.

Of course.

I shall send a few necklaces
to express my sympathies.

- That is kind of you.
- It's not a problem.

Do you believe anyone else
is bound for the aisle this season?

What about Lord Fife

and that dour child
who fancies herself a harpist?

I am unaware of such a match.

Lady Whistledown had a monopoly
on such, uh, speculations, did she not?

Eh, perhaps it would do us all some good

to find new interests.


Mind your business, Will.

And by "your business,"
I mean this bar. It needs tending.

So, then, where are these mines, exactly?

[Jack] I hesitate
to say the exact location.

I would not want
other prospectors taking over nearby.


Pleasure seeing you here.

Well, it is his bar.

Seems the lord is treating it
more like his private office

for conducting his schemes.

[chuckles] "Schemes" is a rather
unpleasant word, don't you think?

Mr. Bridgerton, you cannot be
entertaining any of this in earnest.

- The man is a swindler.
- I beg your pardon, Mondrich.

It is a trait he seems to share
with his late cousin,

someone I myself became involved with

and whose unscrupulous actions
I once mistakenly condoned.

Perhaps you may be able
to see it for yourself.

The Featheringtons,
giving the most lavish ball of the season.

- Quite a celebration for a family who...
- Leave them out of it.

The Featheringtons are a fine family

whose reputation
has been most unfairly traduced.

I would be very careful
of the accusations you make in future,

as it hardly seems you can afford
to drive away any more patrons.

Perhaps we might find another place
to conduct our business, Featherington?

Colin Bridgerton has taken the bait.

You may have allowed me
to move into my bedchamber,

but that does not mean
you can just burst in unannounced.

My apologies.

Well, the ball
is coming together delightfully.

Gold flowers,
gold drinks, gold everywhere.

Do you not like gold?

Now that Mr. Bridgerton is in,

it seems we have
well-nigh exhausted the entire ton.

- But how can that be?
- We've been efficient. An excellent team.

Well, we can always make trips to visit
the wealthy families in the countryside.

The wealthy families in the countryside
are few and far between.

Meanwhile, the families here
will begin asking for a return

on their investments before long.

And then, well,
this whole thing falls apart.

Do not tell me you have
no plan of escape, my lord.

We leave London.

Travel to the Americas.


I will do no such thing.

[Jack] You like being on top here, yes?

Well, then imagine
how good it will feel to be in a new city.

Endless opportunity, endless wealth,
for us to secure together.

Portia, we could be an even better team

without the restrictions
of this godforsaken society.

You do know that America has no royalty.

You could be their queen.

[quietly] Think about it.

[exhales sharply]

[Jack] Oh, and,

I do very much like gold.

[exhales sharply]

You must not do this, Didi.

You must not leave me like this.
We have to...


[Kate] Edwina.

[gasps, sobs]

Mama! Lady Danbury! Make haste!

[sobbing softly] Oh...

- Dearest?
- She is awake!

- Oh!
- Thank heavens. Send for the doctor.

- [Edwina chuckles]
- Kate.

Do you remember?

I remember riding in the park.

And the fall.

Oh, Mama, Edwina, I am so sorry.

You must rest, Didi.
Do not strain yourself.

Did Lord Bridgerton come to see me?

[Lady Danbury hesitates] He...

He rescued you in the park.

Gallantly, in fact.

He brought you back here several days ago.

[Mary chuckles lightly]

And since?

I see.

You are right.

I must rest.

[footsteps approaching]

I will join the family
in the drawing room momentarily.


- She's awake?
- Mrs. Wilson heard from one of the maids.

[Violet chuckles softly]


[Anthony breathing shakily]

It is... unthinkable.

Finding someone like that.


you love.

[sobbing softly] I am sorry.

I am so sorry that it was you
who was with your father that day.

And I am... sorry
for everything that happened

in the days that followed.

If I could go back and change things...
You have no idea

how much I wish I could change everything.

It is what I think about every night
before I close my eyes,

and then again every morning
before I open them.

It will never go away.

[Anthony sniffles]

I do not think that I can see her.

[exhales deeply]

Losing Edmund was
the most difficult time of my life.

And the pain that I felt...

beyond description.

But there is one thing that has given me
at least some modicum of solace.

It's knowing

that I would still choose
the life I led with him,

each and every time.

And I would undoubtedly feel

the same pain I felt
all over again if I had to

because real, true love is worth it.

No matter what.

[sighs softly]

[Violet] Do not lose her, Anthony.

You cannot lose her.

[breathes shakily]

[indistinct chatter]

[shopkeepers bell chimes]

- Mademoiselle Bridgerton.
- Ah.

What are you doing here on your own?
I thought you did not care for vêtements.

I am not here for dresses.

I should, however, like to dress you down.


You worked with her, did you not?

Lady Whistledown?

[exhales, chuckles]

Mon Dieu! You have a fantastical mind.

[Eloise chuckles dryly]

I thought you were her at one point.
That proved to be wrong.

But I do realize you have boys
taking packages in and out all day long,

which puts you
in the most perfect position

to direct her issues to the printer
without raising a single eyebrow.

I don't know what you are talking about.

[clears throat]

"Madame Delacroix is old,
but at least she is capable."

Not often Whistledown
throws out a compliment.

I do not know many ladies who'd consider
being called "old" a compliment.

- Your business prospered after she wrote...
- Miss Eloise.

It would be foolish of me to be engaged
with such a scandalous person.

As foolish as it is for you
to be poking around like this

when I know what Whistledown
recently wrote of you.


Madame Delacroix,
we would like to be gilded.


Meet me outside.

I realize you are not to be seen with me,
but spare me just one moment.

The print shop where Theo works
was, in fact, Whistledown's.

He has told me everything.

Eloise, I thought you had quit your hunt.
Were Whistledown's words not enough?

You are not listening to me!
I am going to find her now!

Do not scream at me!

I am... I'm sorry. I...

People know you...
you have been speaking to him. Theo.

There's been gossip about you
and a man from the lower classes.

You had to have heard people talking.

Who? Who is talking?


Those who have heard it from their houses.
My sister asked me about it the other day.

I thought I had been discreet.
Are you quite sure?

Lady Whistledown has done you a favor.

If she were to find out about this
and write about it, then...

Your family are already
in a great deal of trouble.

You've been consumed
by thoughts of her for far too long.

First, you love her.
Then you hate her. It is enough.

I do not want to hear about it anymore.

This scandal of yours will soon pass.

I look forward to the day

when things'll return
to how they used to be between us.


Bridgerton. Tessa. Mind if I join you?

The more the merrier.

Mr. Bridgerton will be happy
to have you here

before the two "me's" g*ng up on him.


- Uh, just...
- Mm-hmm.

- It's remarkable.
- [chuckles]

I should think it your best work to date.

Well, perhaps we have all earned a drink.

I am glad to see
you blossoming, Bridgerton.

I think many of us at the Academy
assumed you'd be all drink and no paint.

Why ever would they assume that?

Considering your acceptance.

How it was based on, well, you know...


What... Enlighten me.

Please. Wha...

Your brother's
large donation to the Academy.

It's what secured your place.

I thought you knew.

[footsteps approaching]

Lord Bridgerton.

I'm glad to see you're awake.

I hear it was you who found me
and brought me home safe.

I suppose I must be grateful
for our very first race in the park.

If it were not for that fateful moment,

who knows what else could have happened?


Thank you for the flowers.

Was there something else, my lord?

I called on you.

The morning after.

I called on you to apologize.

You deserved so much more than that.

I took liberties. I...

I did not want it to happen like that, so...

- I came to apologize.
- Yes, you already said...

And to ask you to marry me.


[Anthony] Miss Sharma.

- I'm here, and I'm asking...
- What are you doing?

No. My lord, I do not need you
to ask me anything at all.

Kate. I...

I am returning to India. [exhales]

The moment
I resolve matters with my sister,

I am returning to India. It is decided.

[Kate inhales deeply]

And your family's financial affairs?

Lady Danbury has offered to sponsor
my mother and sister for another season.

I am certain they will do
perfectly well on their own,

as it is clear I am of no help.

You are running away.

Please go.


Then perhaps
it could be the other modiste.

The other modiste
was driven out of business in part

by Lady Whistledown
praising Madame Delacroix.

So she must be hiding something.

Perhaps. But she is quite crafty.

If Madame Delacroix is involved,
she will never admit it.

Yet another clue
that will only lead nowhere.

Oh. [chuckles] Do not bother yourself.

Forgive me.


[chuckles softly]

This is absurd.

- I would never...
- No, this whole thing, it is absurd. I...

We cannot continue to meet like this.

- This was your idea.
- I know.

I... [clears throat]

I know it was.

And I am sorry for wasting your time.

[Theo] Are you?

Or are you suddenly dropping
out of this hunt for other reasons?

People are already talking about us, Theo.

And, no, I do not normally care
what other people think, but, yes,

I care about you.

And if we continue on like this,

I could not live with myself

if you are the one
who has to face the consequences.

I should have known.

That you could not be
any different from all other ladies.

[inhales deeply]

It's all right, Miss Bridgerton.

You dipped your toe into my waters,
trying to make yourself feel better

about the unearned
advantages of your birth.

Now you can go back to your life,

and I can go back to mine.

I'm sorry I couldn't help you
find your writer.

Best of luck.


[door opens and shuts]


- You should not be up on your own.
- I am feeling much improved.

The most rested I have felt in years,
after a week in bed, in fact.

It has been a rather strenuous season.

Edwina, I know earning
your trust again will not be simple.

But I am willing to continue to try,
however long it might take.

When you were unwell,
all I cared about was you getting better.

But now that you are, I do have questions.

Was there always something
between you and the viscount?

Were you lying to me all along?

I was lying to myself.


there was something between us, but

I truly did not know it
until it was too late.

But once you knew,
why did you not tell me?

Why wait for me
to put it together on my own like a fool?

I thought I could deny my feelings.

- But...
- They were too strong.

When I found out about your accident,

all I could think of
is how I do not even know you.

Nor do you know yourself.

Kate, I am done with playing a part.

I want to know myself, truly,
and to know who you are too.

Because I am unsure I like
the young ladies we've both been playing.

[Kate chuckles softly]

[exhales deeply]

Might we bring our new selves to this ball
the Featheringtons are giving tonight?

Oh, Bon...

I do not want you to attend for me.

Whatever action you now wish to take,

I only hope it is because
you are being truthful to yourself,

and not because of anyone else.

[Benedict sighs softly]

You seem to have
the melancholy of heartbreak about you.

What would you know about heartbreak?


I would not, really.

[sighs] But I have felt it in paintings.

In a Gainsborough portrait or...

[sighs] ...a Turner sky.

And what does one feel in a Bridgerton?

[chuckles lightly]


- Lack of inspiration.
- Art Academy not going so well?


I am an impostor, El.

Turns out Anthony himself
bought my seat at that table.

That does not mean you would not
have been accepted on your own.

I, too, know what it is like
to feel oneself an imposter.

Parading around ballrooms
in feathered frocks,

pretending to be someone I am not.

I truly do not want to go
to this dreadful ball tonight,

even if I know Pen will be there.

She finds me
quite foolish too, at present.

Would you like a companion?

What? Of course I would not.

Because... I am apparently free.

Impostor party of two?

[Eloise] Hmm.

[Benedict chuckles]



Should you not be in bed?

I cannot sleep.

Is something wrong?

My Latin teacher believes so.

He yelled at me.

Thinks I am stupid.

[sighs] I am sorry for disturbing you.

- I shall...
- Gregory, wait.

Come here.

Come here.

Your Latin tutor
does not think you are stupid.

He thinks I am frightening.


I ask too much of him, and of you.

And of everyone, really.

Am I like him at all?

Or was he more like you?


He was, um...

He was like both of us, really.

He had my seriousness, perhaps.

He shared your love of a prank. [chuckles]

Did he?

He once put glue in Benedict's shoes.

[Gregory chuckles softly]

I wish I could have played a prank on him.

I wish so too.

[Anthony] We do not talk
about him enough, do we?

[Gregory] I do not know
much about him at all.

[Anthony] That is because
I have shown up far too late

for far too many things.

Your father was
the best man I've ever known.

He was good for a laugh, of course, but...

he was courageous,
and never afraid to fight.

Not just for his family,

but for everything else too.

[Mary] Dearest.

How are you feeling?

Oh. Well.

- Uh, I am feeling well.
- Oh.

I see you are not yet dressed
for the ball.

I have much to pack before I depart,

and I am still unsure
whether I would like to attend tonight.


I hope your return to India

is not because of some eagerness
to flee what is difficult.

I know the feeling too well,

and I can tell you,
it is never the wise choice.


- Oh, I hate seeing you like this.
- It is my fault, Mama.

- Everything that has happened.
- Edwina forgives you. I forgive you.

But I do not forgive myself.
I was supposed to help her.

To help our family, and instead...

It is not right that you were left
to guide Edwina alone.

That was my failing.

- You were grieving Appa.
- But so were you.

And after you had already
lost your mother too. Kate...

You took me in as your own.

And you never treated me any differently.
Everything I... I did, I owed it to you.

You owed me nothing.


You never had to earn your place
in this family.

I loved you from the day I met you.

Oh, love is not something
that is ever owed.

You came into my life... as a daughter,

and I never saw you as anything else.

Oh, I...

It grieves me to think you do not believe
you deserve all of the love in the world.

[Kate breathes shakily, sniffles]

[exhales sharply]

[exhales sharply, sniffles]

He was going to ask me to marry him.

The viscount.

- What?
- And I could not allow it, Mama.

He was going to ask me
out of mere obligation,

some misguided notion
of duty after the two of us...


He does not love me, Mama.

Oh, and I...

[sniffles] I could not allow it.

[Mary] Oh...

[sighs sharply]

[softly] My darling, my darling...

[uptempo classical music playing]


Is it not?

We might think it a foretaste
of my wedding to Cousin Jack, I suppose.

Might he finally dance with me tonight?

Not if he knows what is best for him.

[gasps] Oh, I shall swoon.

This ball is truly
my crowning achievement.

Your Majesty.

I... I cannot do this tonight.

I am sorry, Mama.
I fear I must disappoint you yet again.

The only thing that'd
disappoint me is seeing you care

what anyone else thinks.

That would not be you.

I do not want you
keeping things from me ever again.


you have come thus far this season.

It would be
a shame for you to turn back now.


And ready.

Fife had his lady friend
in a closet, apparently.

- For minutes, if you can believe it.
- [chuckling softly]


Ooh. El.

- Enjoying your evening?
- [groans softly]

Me neither. [chuckles]

You were correct... about Theo.

It was a mistake,
ever getting involved with him.

I took your advice,
and I extricated myself.

He did not take it well,
but I think it was the necessary choice.

- Eloise...
- Thank you... for protecting me.

You are a true friend.

- So your Lady Whistledown search...
- ...is over. [chuckles]

She is gone for good. [clears throat]

I suppose now
we can finally speak of other things.

Perhaps we might speak of Lord Fife.

I hear he recently spent a good
deal of time with Miss Goring in a closet.

For what, I cannot imagine.

Wherever did you hear that?

Miss Goring is over there,
alongside the lemonade table,

secretly fixing tissue paper in her bosom.

Now we know who for. Look.

What a keen observation, Pen.

Mmm. [chuckles softly]

[indistinct murmuring]

I am glad you decided to come.

I could not miss out
on one last evening with you before I go.


Then what do you say?

Might we take to the dance floor?

[classical dance tune playing]

- With whom?
- Ourselves.

They cannot possibly say anything
about us that we have not heard before.

And should your brush with death
not be our best social capital yet?

[Kate chuckling]

You realize you're dancing
with a ruined Bridgerton, Miss Cowper?

I enjoy keeping people alert.

And I enjoy
that beautiful necklace you are wearing.

A gift from Lord Featherington?

Seventeen rubies, in fact.

Do you grow jealous, Mr. Bridgerton?

Mmm, dazzling.

- Except the clasp is broken.
- [Cressida] Is it?

[Colin] Might I mend it for you?

The Bridgerton valet
has a way with jewelry.

You would not be making up
an excuse just to call on me, would you?

[chuckles lightly]


[Colin] Come with me.

Colin, it could be thought
quite scandalous for the two of us...

There are no gemstone mines in Georgia.
Your cousin, Lord Featherington,

I'm sorry to be the one
to tell you this, Pen, but,

well, I have looked into him.

I believe he is nothing
but a mere charlatan.

What? What are you saying?

I am saying,
if I am right, then this necklace...

- Penelope? Mr. Bridgerton?
- What is the meaning of this?

The meaning is...

[shards clattering]

...that this necklace
is a fraud, made of glass.

Just like you.

How dare you take advantage
of these poor ladies Featherington,

without a father
or a husband to protect them?

It is out of concern
for their reputation alone

that I will only address
this matter in private.

But I expect you to return
all of the funds you have collected,

and leave town at once.


I'll deal with this.
Thank goodness for Mr. Bridgerton.

[sighs softly]

[Jack] We must accelerate our plans.

The money is packed into the chest.

We will finish the evening and catch
the first ship tomorrow to the Americas.

Tomorrow? But that's
much too soon, my lord.

And what about my young ladies?

- We shall send for them after.
- After? After what?

Well, they can come with us.
Although I am certain it will be hard

to convince them
of a midnight flit to the Southern states.


In some ways, this will be a relief.

I will no longer have to go through
with my proposed marriage to Prudence.

There will be other
possibilities for the future.


We should return to the party.

[door opens]

[door shuts]

[classical dance tune playing]

- Colin.
- [Colin] Are you all right?

- I believe so.
- Good.

Because we are dancing.


I had been rehearsing
that speech in my mind for hours.

If your cousin does not return the money
and leave your family alone,

I will have another thing to say to him.

You were astonishing, Colin.

I cannot thank you enough
for looking after us.

I will always look after you, Penelope.

You are special to me.

As are you... to me.

- [song ends]
- [indistinct chatter and laughter]

[indistinct conversations]

You will not be able
to avoid him all night, Didi.

And you should not attempt to.

At least, not on my behalf.

Be the sister I know that you are.

Be funny and brave and feeling.

Be unafraid to follow your heart
after doing the exact opposite

for far too long.

You have spent so much
of your time shining your light on me.

It is time for you
to shine all on your own.

[exhales softly]

Lord Bridgerton.

Miss Sharma.

I was just on my way outside.

We should continue to keep
our distance between us, in light of the...


Perhaps we should not.

Perhaps the spectators
might take pity on me.

I was on the dance floor

days after a terrible injury to the head.

Perhaps I needed someone to steady me.

Make sure I was all right.

Perhaps you were the first person I found.

How many?


[exhales softly]

Are you going to ask me to dance?

One last time?

Are you going to say yes?

[classical rendition of
"Wrecking Ball" plays]

Do you want to stop?

Just keep looking at me.

No one else matters.

What a scandal.

Is that why
the sister's wedding was abandoned?

Oh, child, no.

That wedding did not happen
because I simply changed my mind.

A fact Lady Whistledown
must have somehow missed.

I think they look beautiful together.

Beautiful, indeed.

Do they not?

Do they not?

- Or course, Your Majesty.
- Indeed.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Then why is no one else dancing?

Miss Edwina,

have I yet told you about my nephew?

He is a prince.

And he is available.

Everyone, outside.
I have a surprise for you all.

[indistinct overlapping chatter]

[chuckles softly]


Where did you get all of this money?

What are you doing
going through my things?

Answer... me.

- It's none of your business.
- [scoffs lightly]

It's none of my business. I see.

And what exactly is your business, Pen?

Hearing you repeat
all that gossip tonight, it struck me,

because I have never heard you like that.

You might have said those things before,

but tonight was the first time I,
in fact, heard you say them.

It sounded so familiar.

Your words.

Not just the content or subject,

but the pattern.

It sounded written, almost.

Why do you think that is?

Because you have been reading
too much Whistledown.

Her voice,
it is echoing in your head, Eloise.

I thought so too, at first.

But then I also thought

about how you were
always clinging to that wall,

collecting all sorts of morsels of gossip.

How when I expressed my dislike

for the naming of the diamond
at the beginning of the season,

Whistledown disavowed
the whole thing shortly after.

How you were one of the only people

who could've known
about Miss Thompson's pregnancy.

You could not...

And then I thought about
how you said people have been talking

about me and Theo.

Only, if that were the case,

Whistledown would have
written about it weeks ago.

It is even why you chose
to work with Madame Delacroix.

Because she was someone
I had already dismissed.

Because this was personal.

[crying] Eloise, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.
You are right about all of it.

- I was trying to protect you.
- Is that what you were doing?!

By writing about me in your latest sheet?

By telling the entire world
about things I trusted you with?

Only to convince the queen it wasn't you.
It was the only way I could save you.

The only person you were
interested in saving was yourself.

All so you could keep making money,
at a cost to everyone else.

At a cost to Miss Thompson. To my brother.

To my entire family.
To your entire family.

I ended my friendship
with Theo because of you!

One of the only good things in my life,

all because of
your self-serving manipulation!

You have no idea how horrible
it has felt to keep this from you,

from everyone, for so long!

Whistledown has been
all I have had, and I have given it up.

I am done with it.

[sobbing] I wrote what I wrote,
and I gave it up for you.

I do not even know you.

I look at you now,
and all I feel is pity for you.

Sequestered here in this very room,

writing your secret little scandal sheet,

tarnishing everyone in town
because you are too scared

to stand up for yourself in reality.

You are something, Penelope.

An insipid wallflower, indeed.

At least I did something.

All you ever do

is talk about doing something.

You've all these great ambitions,
these great plans,

but I am the one who did something great,
and you cannot stand it, can you?!

And what do you think that makes you?

I wish never to see or speak to you again.

[door slams]

Just over there.

The real celebrations will begin shortly.

Well, if we do have to leave,

at least we gave
a memorable farewell party.

I gave a memorable farewell party

for you.

I've instructed the maids
to pack up all your things.

Your essential things, at least,

with enough money to get you
on a boat back to America

and out of our lives.


- I thought we were leaving together.
- No.

You are leaving. Alone.

- Portia...
- Never touch me again.

Portia, we are a team.

And an excellent one at that.

Oh, I already have a team.

They are three young ladies,
often nettling and contrary,

but they are mine.

And it is clear to me
that you do not care about them at all,

so I am sending you away
with your favorite person. Yourself.

This entire scheme
was as much your idea as mine.

If not more.

Do you honestly expect anyone to believe
that such a confident, well-spoken man

needed a woman to help inform his plan?

A woman who is a victim herself,

having invested the last dregs
of her money into this very scheme.

There is a record of it, my lord.

I will keep a large share of the money

to support myself and my young ladies,

and I had Mrs. Varley
forge a signature on a document

stating that as soon as
one of my girls has a son,

the estate shall pass to them.

Varley has excellent penmanship, you see.

The ton, of course, will be infuriated
to discover that you have run away

with all the money that you tricked
out of their trusting hands.

You are welcome to try to explain it
to them, now that they're all gathered...

You are cruel.

I am a mother.

And you are not leaving
any worse off than when you arrived.

With nothing.

[gasps, breathes shakily]


Have you seen Eloise?

Eloise Bridgerton?


Penelope Featherington?

The way you were dancing with her
looked rather interesting.

- You courting the girl, Bridgerton?
- Ah. Are you mad?

I would never dream
of courting Penelope Featherington.

Not in your wildest fantasies, Fife.



I've decided to leave the Academy.


- Whatever for?
- I know about your donation, Brother.

You were trying to help
in your own misguided way,

perhaps because you sensed the truth,
which is that I'm simply not good enough.

Stop. You're beginning to sound like me.

If you want to paint, paint.

It is one of your many talents.

Chief among them, your natural gift

for seeing what others need,
even when they cannot see it themselves.

It's a gift that has taken me
far too long to recognize,

but I would not have done...
if it were not for you.

Enjoy the rest of your evening, Brother.

Are you still planning to leave for India?

I have my sister's blessing,
as well as my mother's.

And the queen herself has apparently
saved our families from utter ruin.

You love your family dearly.

As much as you love yours.

I was fearful of losing you.

It is why I could not visit you
after your accident.

I could not bring myself to...

I love you.

I've loved you from the moment
we raced each other in that park.

I've loved you at every dance,

on every walk,
every time we've been together,

and every time we've been apart.
You do not have to accept it or embrace it

or even allow it.
Knowing you, you probably will not.

But you must know it,

in your heart.

You must feel it because I do.

[softly] I love you.

- I do not know what to say.
- You do not have to say anything.

I do not think
there is anything else to say...

other than I love you too.

I want a life that suits us both.

I know I am imperfect,

but I will humble myself before you

because I cannot
imagine my life without you,

and that is why I wish to marry you.

You do know there will never be a day

where you do not vex me.

Is that a promise, Kathani Sharma?

- [fireworks popping]
- [Kate chuckles]

[gasps softly]


Yes, it is a promise.

[Anthony] Well, then.

It seems the two of us are finally
seeing eye-to-eye on something.

I suppose we are.

[romantic music playing]

[streaming and popping]

[people exclaiming]

[Penelope] It has been said

that silence can wield
more power than words.

No one knows that better than me.

You were right
about the new Lord Featherington.

I must apologize
for how I acted the other day.

It was what I needed to do
in order to gain his trust.

A win I do not relish.


Well, perhaps you should
pour yourself something as well.


I told them this place was run
by an honorable man

who serves a good drink.

They demanded to come.

I am in your debt now, Mr. Mondrich.

Thank you.

Roll your sleeves up, Will.

We have customers.

[Penelope] It is in silence
where one may find truth.

All one has to do, I suppose...
is listen for it.

- [expl*si*n]
- [exclaiming]


[Penelope] I know there will always
be times when silence is necessary.

And, of course, times when it is not.

[Lady Whistledown] Gentle reader,
you thought I was silenced,

but you thought wrong.

And if there is
one thing you should know by now,

it is that this author
cannot keep quiet for long.

Yours truly,

Lady Whistledown.

[both breathing heavily]

[Anthony] Mmm.

- Viscountess.
- [moans softly]

- You seem to have outdone yourself today.
- [laughs]

[Anthony groans]

You do know my duties
are particularly important to me.

- [Kate laughing]
- Perhaps you'd like to go again.

Seeing as you are so very


[Kate] Mmm.

Well, what would be dutiful

is meeting your family outside
before they realize we are ignoring them.

[Kate giggles]

[Kate] Mmm.



- [laughing] Oh!
- Yes! Look at you!

- Yes! You're walking.
- [laughing] Ooh!

[Eloise] Away traveling for six months.

Now they take six hours
coming down the stairs.

Six is nothing when you are a newlywed.

Ah! Here they are.

[Violet] Yes.

And not a moment too soon.

[Violet laughs]

Perhaps we may begin playing?

Hoping to get
your inevitable defeat over with, Brother?

Right, we've all picked,
but left the mallet of death.

- [Kate] Oh, for me!
- For me! [groans]

- Never mind.
- Probably keep to pink, Anthony.

I rather think it will match the shade
of your embarrassment when you use it.

Now, who is to begin?

- [barks]
- Newton!

I suppose he is.

- Newton!
- Newton!

I presume that means
the game has finally started, then.

- You do know that was your turn he took.
- It absolutely was not.

- He is your dog.
- And yours through marriage.

I do not recall ever making
such an agreement.

Well, that is between you and him.

He does not listen to me.

You believe I do?

I suppose that means they are cutting out.

- No! We're not cutting out!
- No, not a chance!

Unless we want to take
this opportunity to return upstairs?

And admit defeat?


[uplifting music builds]

[chuckling lightly]
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