20x24 - The Sharecroppers

Episode transcripts for the TV show "g*n". Aired: September 10, 1955 - March 31, 1975.
Marshal Matt Dillon tries to prevent lawlessness from overtaking Dodge City, Kansas.
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20x24 - The Sharecroppers

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(theme music)


With Milburn Stone as Doc...

Ken Curtis as Festus...

Buck Taylor as Newly...

And starring James
Arness as Matt Dillon.

♪ Oh could we do ♪

♪ With this world of ours ♪

♪ As thou dost with thy ♪

♪ Garden bowers ♪

And a deacon of
the Baptist church,

and the Lord
knows I try to think

charitable of my
fellow preacher,

but Dibble Pugh, you
are the laziest man

the Almighty ever
breathed life into!

And I'll go no further with you.

I want you to
pack up and get on.

I got a new tenant for the
ground you let lay idle here.

I'll tell ya, I see, I got
this here paper, see?

This here paper, it says...

Well, you know what it says.

See, right there's
my mark, see that?

It's right next to where
you signed your name.

Linder Hogue.

There's writing all over it.

I sure do admire writing.

Surely do.

Dibble Pugh, I signed that paper

in good faith and charity.

Av Marie, come in here.

What is it, Lailee?


(Lailee) It's Linder
Hogue again.

He's out there chewin' at Pa.

Well, that's certainly nothing.

I'll tell you what's happened.

The Lord he, he separated
me from my fellow man

and he's marked
me by misfortune.

What he marked
you with, Dibble Pugh,

was a slothful nature!

Why you come onto
this farm three years ago,

swearing up and down and
sideways you was gonna fix it up,

turn it into a showplace.

A showplace.
And just look at it.

Look at it.

You haven't even
put a plow to this land.

I'll tell you what, there
ain't a doubt in the world

but what us Pughs
ain't gonna get us

a plantin' of corn in the
ground this year, Linder Hogue.

Well, it's just gonna be a while
before we can start breakin' the ground.

Breaking ground?

Our mule come down with this
something about a week ago,

and next thing I
know he's belly up!

Know what I think it was?


See, I'm a terrible
fierce worker,

and once I set my hand to it.

I'll fix him.

- w*r criminal.
- Dibble!

Dibble, you run
that old fool off.

I won't have him round
here, thinkin' his people

are too good to mix with us.

Now Av Marie, I'm your daddy

and wish you'd
learn to call me right.

If it wasn't for my
Christian charity,

young woman, you
would not have had

a roof o'er your head
these three years gone.

But she won't be satisfied

unless I take her in
as a daughter-in-law.

If Toby and me do marry,
gonna find us a place

as far away from
you as I can drag him.

You've been taking
advantage of him

ever since he was big
enough to push a plow.

Now, Av Marie.

Hush up.

You ain't gonna marry
him, and that's that.

We'll do as we please,

and you ain't got
nothing to say in it.

Now, I told you.

Get out!

(Linder) I want you to
pack up, paper or no paper!

Now, I surely do wish
you hadn't done that.

See, I think we
oughta try to keep on

the good side of Linder Hogue.

Wish you had a more tolerant
nature, that's what I wish.

Well, what are we gonna do?

He's got the rights on us.

Unless we put on a crop,
he'll send us packing.

I wish Mama was here.

She'd know how
to get you to work.

Lord knows she never
taught me the secret.

♪ As thy dust... ♪

And Abel won't quit
picking on that old guitar

long enough to be of any help.

Mama was a fine woman.

Fine woman.

Yes, we were man
and wife for many years.

It was my misfortune

when the Lord chose
to call her to glory.

I don't begrudge
her that $10 coffin.

Dibble, what about Lailee?

What's she to do
when we're moved off?

Just don't you trouble
yourself about it.

You listen here, any man
that the Lord sets apart

to make suffer the misfortunes
that I've had to suffer,

well he's gonna reward him

in equal measure in his turn.

Well, I hope he rewards
you with another mule,

and I hope that mule kicks
you right upside the head.

You ain't got a tolerant nature.

That's your problem,
no tolerance!

Always been a grief to me.

Surely has been a grief.

Yes sir, grief.

One of these days I'm really
gonna get that plowing done.

♪ I ♪

♪ In your ♪

♪ Graces ♪

Ooh, what in the tarnation?

That's $12.16.

Twelve dollars?

Well I'll... $12?

That's more money than I...

Twelve dollars.

And I earned every
penny of it too,

mending other women's
dresses and baking the bread.

And I never meant to
see it invested in no mule,

but I suppose Mama would
have wanted it that way.

What mule, what
mule you talkin' about?

The mule Abel is gonna
walk into town and buy,

so you two can put down a crop.

You know with $12, you could...

you could buy yourself a
good mule from most any man.

You know, that's what we
been needing around here

is a good $12 mule.

Old Bess was just
pullin' on three legs.

With a $12 mule,
why we could just...

plow this place
up in no time at all.

My back's been telling me, we's
gonna have us a wet summer.

Now, what that
means is that come fall,

we gonna be money ahead!


Then after a couple of years,

then why we can
buy our own place...

Dibble, just plant
one crop at a time!

Now, give the money to Abel.

He can be back here
by tomorrow night

with the mule.

You know with a $12 mule,
we could farm this place right.

That's been the
whole trouble here.

Ain't had a proper
mule up to now.

Abel, Abel...

Listen here, you know
that $12 is a lot of money.


You know what I
was dreaming about,

just a minute ago here?


Rye whiskey.

- Rye whiskey?
- Rye whiskey.

You know it's been so
long since I settled down

with a good jug of rye whiskey.

Well, I can't hardly remember.


You know what?

Eleven dollar
mule's a good mule.

Well sh**t, I've done a lot
of farming with an $11 mule.


I tell you what you do.

You go into town, and
buy Av Marie an $11 mule.

You take the other dollar, and
buy me a jug of rye whiskey.

- Yep.
- I tell you what else you do.

You take that 16
cents that's leftover,

and buy yourself something.

Anything catches your eye.

Might as well.

Good boy, Abel.

(upbeat music)

Mister, you know where I
might be able to find a mule?

A mule?

Don't bother me
now, I'm in a hurry.

An oversight, sir.

Oh, I'm sure it is.

But I suggest you
don't come back

until you can pay
for what you drink.

Quite right sir, and I apologize

for leaving my wallet
in my other trousers.


Ah, fine afternoon
wouldn't you judge it?

Suppose it is.

(Abel singing)

What have we here?

♪ How can there be a ring ♪

♪ That has no end ♪

♪ How can there be a baby ♪

♪ With no crying ♪

♪ A cherry ♪

♪ When it's blooming ♪

♪ It has no stones ♪

♪ A chicken when it's pippin' ♪

♪ It has no bones ♪

♪ A ring ♪

♪ When it's rolling ♪

♪ It has no end ♪

♪ A baby ♪

♪ When it's sleeping ♪

♪ There's no crying ♪

(crowd applauding)

That was simply
beautiful, young man.

Thank you, ma'am.

She's right, son.

You sure can play that thing.


Bravo, young man.

You brought tears to these
old eyes a moment ago.

Just give me this money.

A gift, boy, for
your beautiful song.

Tell me your name, boy.

- Pugh.
- Pugh?

A fine and graphic name.

And where are you from?

Farm up in Crow Tree Valley.

And what brings
you to the big city?

I'm gonna buy an $11 mule.

- Eleven dollar mule?
- Yep.

- Cash money?
- Yep.

A mule.

I think I might be able to
solve your problem, young man.

I might be persuaded to
part with my mule over here.

What do you think, my boy?

Now, is this not a fine animal?

Suitable for a day's
work in harness,

or to pull the family
wagon on a Sunday picnic.

Well we ain't got no wagon.

Eleven dollars...


Now, I want you to
spend the next few minutes

getting acquainted with
this remarkable beast,

get used to each other.

Oh, I would stay to
keep you company,

but I've got an
appointment that I'm late for.

How about a bill of sale?

Ah, yes of course.

Blast it, I seem to have
misplaced that particular document.

I left my glasses at home, boy.

Would you see if this is it?

- Nope.
- What?

I can't read.

Can't read, hm.

Yes, it is it, of course.

As long as you have that,

the mule is yours.

(country music)

Hey you!

Get your carcass off of
that mule, you hear me?

- What fer?
- Because, that's my mule.

This is my mule, I
just bought it off a fella.

Well I ain't gonna
tell you no more,

you get yourself and
that banjo off of that mule.

(dramatic music) (g*n fires)

(Abel yelping)

I didn't mean to sh**t ya, boy.

- You hurt?
- It smarts some.

Deputy, will you check to
see if my guitar got busted?

Here, come on.

(dramatic music)

All right now Abel,
it's gonna be all right.

That is, it will if you don't
go jumpin' around on it

for two or three days.

You know something?

Kinda too bad Festus
wasn't really trying to h*t you.

You'd have been home
now without a scratch.

Oh, why you old scutter.

Thank you, sir.

Abel, do you have a
bill of sale for that mule?

He gave me one.

You, you can't read Abel?


Well, what you got
here is a hand bill

for a steam bath in New Orleans.

I wondered why there'd
be a picture of a pretty lady

on a bill of sale for a mule.

I sort of figured she
was the last owner.

Abel, I'm sorry about
what happened out yonder,

but I ain't just gonna
let it drop there.

Matthew, I'm going
after that Rupert feller

and bring him back.

I doubt it would do
any good, Festus.

There was no witnesses.

It would be just the drummer's
word against Abel's here,

and that's not gonna
stand up in court.

Besides, even if we
did catch up to him

I doubt he's got any
of the money left.

Well, I just don't
know what to say, Abel.

It wasn't no
excuse for my p*stol

a-going off like that.

Don't trouble yourself.

Don't know how I'm gonna
get home, though. Can't walk.

Don't you fret a bit about that.

I'll see that you
get home all right.

Howdy, Av Marie.

Well, your daddy
say it was all right

for you to come calling
over here, Toby Hogue?

He don't have no say
over when I come and go.

- Oh, is that so?
- Of course.

Aw, guess I'm just mad.

'Cause you ain't been around
to see me in a couple weeks.

I figured maybe
there was another girl.

Of course not.

You're my only girl.

(gentle music)

Lailee was coming home

from cleaning out Ms.
Elwood's Tuesday night late,

and she says she
swore she saw someone

looked just like you riding up

toward Callie Dorn's
place on the ridge.

And everybody knows
Callie entertains men callers!

Well, I guess there's
others round look like me.

Callie's a sweet little thing.

So I hear.

Callie Dorn's a shameless hussy

and you're worse
for lying about it.

Oh Av Marie.

Maybe you oughta be
spending all your time with her!

Maybe you should take her
up to the waterfall at night,

when the moon is full!

That's enough!

Now, the only reason I went
up to see Callie Dorn was,

well I figured you and me

was getting pretty
close to being married.

Close ain't close enough!

And I figured, well...

I figured you and me was
gonna be married a long time

and I figured I wouldn't
get no more chance to...

What are you trying to say?

Well, you know,
see no other girls.


Well, I thought I oughta
have something to think about.

You know, look back on.

A man needs.

So you thought you'd
go up to Callie Dorn's,

maybe store yourself
up a little memory, huh?

Well, I came back, didn't I?

Doggone you, Av Marie.

Maybe I want something
to look back on.

What do you think of that?

What does that mean?

A decent girl can't
go around like that.

It's different with a man.

(Av Marie) Goodbye, Toby Hogue!

- (carriage approaching)
- (gentle guitar music)

(Abel humming)


Who you got here, Abel?


He ain't got nobody.

I just brang him home.

You his pa, are ya?

Well, that kinda depends.

He ain't done nothing
unlawful, has he?

Oh no, no, he ain't
did nothing wrong.

See, there was this
here little accident

where he kinda took
a b*llet in his leg there.

- (Dibble) He what?
- And me,

I'm the one that sh*t him.

You sh*t him?

Well, here let me look at that.

Well that surely
is a b*llet hole.

It goes right in there,

comes right out the other
side clean as a whistle.

Clean through, yep.

Say, is this here
the mule you got?

No, this here
ain't your mule, no.

Well, where's the mule
you were supposed to get?

City feller snookered
me out of the money, Pa.

He didn't slick you
out of all of it, did he?


Just enough left for this.

Oh, now that there
is gonna be a blessing

to help me through
my trials. Give her here.

Where do you want me
to put your boy, Mr. Pugh?

I've gotta be gettin'
on back to Dodge.

I wanna tell you, Deputy,

you putting a b*llet
here in old Abel,

you know that kinda
changes my prospects.

What do you mean?

Well, my prospects was I
was gonna have me a mule,

and me and Abel here was
gonna get us a plantin' of corn in.

See, we gotta get us a crop in.

We don't, Linder Hogue's
gonna run us off the place here.

(Abel playing
gentle guitar music)

Sure is a fine lookin'
mule you got there, Deputy.

Why, a man had a mule like that,

why, he could
plow up this place.

Mule like that I'd calculate,

why sh**t, it wouldn't
take no more than a week.

You could plow up
this whole place here.

Whoa, whoa, you
just back up now.

If you're thinking what
I'm thinking you're thinking,

that old dog won't hunt.

If you's to give me the
loan of that there mule,

why you'd be out
of here in four days.

sh**t, all you'd have
to do is lay in the shade

and sip on lemonade.

Tell you something else, Deputy.

I'm a terrible fierce worker

once I set my hand to it.

Ain't that right, Abel?

He's got a
reputation, all right.

Who do you figure?

(Festus) Plow?

Hogue got a plow.

Using it like a...

Oh, Av Marie.

- This here's Festus Hoogen...
- Haggen.

Haggen. He's gonna
stay with us for a few days.

Give us the loan of his mule.

His mule?

What happened to our mule?

What mule was that?

The one Abel was supposed
to buy with my money.

Oh, that mule.

See Av Marie, what
happened was I...

You lost the money.

Well missy, I can tell
you what happened there.

See, your brother, he
run into a slipperty yahoo

there in town and just got
shucked clean out of that money.

Well, you lost all
the money huh?

Well, I see there was enough
left so y'all can get liquored up.

Oh well, that
there's the deputy's.

Why you, I don't know how
you got tangled up with them two,

but you take my advice.

Turn around home.

Well missy, ain't
nothing I'd ruther do,

but see I kinda feel like I
owe Abel here something,

being I'm the one
that sh*t him in the leg.

sh*t him in the...?

On top of every, did you
go get yourself sh*t too?

(Av Marie) Well, that...

That does.

Get yourself over to the house.


(sighs) You don't
look like the sort

to sh**t a man outta
meanness, Deputy.

Oh no, ma'am.

Surely do appreciate your
bringing my brother back.

Yes'm, you're welcome.

Dibble, what do you
think you're doing?

You might just help
the deputy unhitch now.

Now Av Marie, me and the
deputy got it all talked out.

See come daybreak, I'm
gonna bite into that plowing

like it is soft crackers.

I just gotta get me some rest.

Gotta get my strength up.

I got a lotta hard farming
facing me come daybreak.

(gentle guitar music)

Come up into the house
after you've finished deputy,

and I'll scare you
up some supper.

Obliged, ma'am.

Giddy up, Ruth.

(Dibble sighs)

(Abel's guitar music continues)

(boy cooing)

(boy) Lailee.


(gentle guitar music)

Howdy, Abel.


Well, I thought you'd be at
home where you belonged.

Or maybe riding up towards
sweet little Callie Dorn's house.

I come by to see Abel.


I guess I can come by
to see Abel if I want to.

Well, you two just go
right ahead and visit, then.

Well, how you doing, Abel?


Who's that feller out there?

Just a deputy feller.

Deputy, huh?

What for?

What for, what?

What's he hanging
around here for?

(Abel) Pa's taking
loan of his mule.

I think he's been real sweet,

helping us out the way he is.

I'm gonna have to try to
make him feel right at home.

Maybe take him
up to the waterfall.

Well I'd better not catch
you up by the waterfall.

You wasn't hardly invited
to come along now, was ya?


If you'll show me where I'm
gonna be bedding down, I'll...

Well, right inside
with the family, deputy.

Oh, by the way, this
here's Toby Hogue.

His daddy owns the land.

He's the one that's
trying to move us off.

Howdy, Toby.

Inside, just like the family.

Well you better be
careful, Av Marie, that's all.

You just better be careful.

He ain't too sociable
a feller, is he?

I don't know what's
gotten into him.

I want you to come
in and meet my sister.



Well, Deputy you
come right over here

and set yourself down.

Make yourself right at home.

Much obliged, ma'am.

I'll get you a nice
hot cup of coffee.

Well, where have you been?

Oh, just out for a walk.

Who's he?

This here's Deputy...

Festus Haggen, ma'am.

- Festus, this is my little sister, Lailee.
- Howdy.

Pleased to make your
acquaintance, Lailee.

Pa's gonna borrow his
mule to do the planting.

Well I'll believe that
when I see it, excuse me.

Don't feel like she's got
too much faith in your pa.

Well, we'll just have a
nice hot cup of coffee

and don't worry about
nothing until dinner's ready.

Get a good night's sleep.

I have a feeling you're
gonna be needing it.

(Dibble) It's a sandy loam.

It's softer than mush.

We oughta be done with
this in three days, tops.

I'll tell ya, Deputy, no
man is more grateful

for the favor you're doing us.

See this back of
mine, you see, it's...

Well, I'll tell you it just...
sometimes it goes out

for no reason at all.

It happened two springs
ago right around planting time.

The one thing I live in
dread of, it's suffering.

See, I'm a man that's been
marked by misfortune...

Pugh, you just keep
up that yapping of yourn,

and I'm gonna show you
what actual misfortune is.

And I'm just liable to straighten
out that back of yourn to boot.

Shiftless old knucklehead.

Next time somebody wants
to steal a mule of mine,

I'm just gonna draw back

and let him go ahead
on and steal him.

I swear I am.

Get up, Ruth.

Well now, there ain't no
reason to turn sour about it.

Seemed like a
nice fella first off.

Now he's gotten all grumpy,
snappin' at everybody.

(plucky music)

I don't suppose you've
come out to help chop a while.

Choppin's a young
man's work, Tobias.

Be grateful you've work
to keep your hands busy,

and a roof over your head.

Clyde Oaks just dropped by.

He told me there's a stranger

plowing my ground
for Dibble Pugh.


Well, only a terrible
misguided man

would take on
Dibble Pugh's burden.

Or a mighty dumb one.

You and me are going out
there and enlightening him.

Can't you spread
the word yourself

since I got to finish with this?

Come along, Tobias.

I want you by my side,
and you are my son

and my good right hand, my boy.

And your left, and your
back, and both your legs.

Respect thy parent, Tobias.

(Festus) Whoa, whoa.

Get yourself some wind.

(Linder) You there!

Don't "you there"
me, what do you want?

Why are you doing
Dibble Pugh's work for him?

He can't be paying you anything.

I reckon that there
is my business.

You must be that Hogue
feller that girl told me about.

That's right, and this here
is my land you're working.

Hugh has just
been squatting on it

going on three years now.

Well that there is
betwixt you and him.

Now get out of my
way, I got plowing to do.

What my pa's saying is,
it'd make us real happy

if you'd turn around and get
back where you came from.

Just let me tell you
Hogueses something.

Ain't nothing that'd
make me any gladder

than to do just that,

just quick as I get
this here field turned.

I ain't prancing
up and down here

behind this here
mule for the fun of it.

It ain't right, mister.

It ain't right under
heaven that a man

be given a crop without
he invests his toil.

Sets a bad example
for neighbors.

Don't appear to me like
you give much of a hoot

about your neighbors,
or what they think neither.

(Av Marie) Ha, that's sure
the truth you pious old loafer.

Heaven forgive her.

What are you doing, Av Marie?

I'm just bringing Festus
some cool well water.

Gotta keep him
company while he drinks it.

I drew it up for you myself.

Much obliged, it's mighty
thoughty of you, missy.

Well, why don't you and
me go find some shade?


Tobias, you just ignore her.

I've been busy all morning

- baking you a surprise for your supper.
- You have?

Chokecherry pie.

Chokecherry pie?

- Well I ain't eat me no Chokecherry...
- Deputy!

Are you gonna do as I ask?

Festus is gonna do
just as he pleases,

and you can go
hang, Linder Hogue.

You take that there
Toby Hogue too.

(plucky music)

Festus, why don't
you tell me what it's like

living in the big city?

- Pa!
- Oh, hush up, Tobias.

I swear, I never have saw
nobody eat so blame fast

and run off like your pa
and brother done there.

Oh, there's times he
can move fast, all right.


That there is as good
a chokecherry pie

as I've ever laid a tooth to.

Purty near worth
all that plowing.

I never seen anyone eat a
whole chokecherry pie by itself.

I'll bet you come
down with a bellyache.

Lailee, don't you have
chores need doing?

Well, it seems to me you
wanna be alone with him.

You better watch out, Festus.

She just got rid of one beau.

She's lookin'.

Lailee, I told you get
yourself in the other room.

How long you been
herding this bunch, missy?

Can't you call me Av
Marie like everybody else?

Av Marie.

More than two years
since our mama d*ed.

I'm about done now.

Lailee's old enough
to take care of herself.

Now I'm not about
to end up no old maid.

Did you say you
was married, Festus?

I didn't say.

What are you
getting at, Av Marie?

I was just asking whether
or not you was married.

Well no, I ain't!


That's too bad.

No, it ain't too bad neither.

That there is just the
way it's gonna stay, too.

Let me tell you what the
truth of this whole thing is.

I'm old enough to be your
pa, don't you know that?

Here you are, trying
to use me for bait

to get your hook
into that Toby Hog,

or Hogue, or
whatever his name is.

Ain't that right?

Give him back some
of his own's what I say.

Well, that there ain't
no way to go about it.

Tramping over other
folks to have your own way.

Anybody do a thing like
that ain't much of a person.

That's all I got to say.

Well you don't
know nothin' about it.

I hope you do get a bellyache.

I just now took a
ride down by Dibble's.

Feller's still there,
turning ground.

I'd say that deputy is not a man

who is heedful
of the Lord's will.

Even when it's
pointed out to him

clear as I could make it.

Can't say for rightly sure,

but from my point of vantage

kind of looked like he
was sweet-talking Av Marie.

Wouldn't surprise
me none if they were

closer than the
bark of a tree by now.

Probably sitting in the
shade, kissin' like fools.

You feel wrath rising up in you

with a great and
righteous storm?

I feel like bustin' a certain
somebody in the teeth,

that's the same thing!

His will be done.

(pleasant music)


(Toby) Deputy.

Over here!

(Festus) Who's that?

How's that pie sit
in your belly now?

- (gentle guitar music)
- (boy cooing)

What in the tarnation
is that hooting?

Young feller come
along courtin' Lailee.

He's off in them trees yonder.

Sure is a q*eer
way to go about it,

that's all I can say.

(Av Marie) Don't you
boys work too hard.

(Lailee giggling)

(Lailee) Hargis, stop it, no.


Hargis, wait!

Hargis Sills, you
come back here!

It's only my sister!

Who was that, if you
don't mind me asking?

That's my beau.

What are you hiding
him for, does he have fits?

I wasn't hiding him.

(Av Marie) Oh no, not much.

What's that you got
all over your eyes?

Just a little lamp black.

And I'm not hiding him.

I've been wondering where you've
been sneaking off to in the afternoons.

Oh, Av Marie.

Having a name like Pugh's
hard enough to overcome.

I just didn't want him to
meet Pa 'til I had him good.

Well, I can't blame
you for that, honey.

Now, you go home and
start the hominy soaking.

He ain't never
coming back, neither.

Don't worry, he'll be back.

(pleasant music)


(Festus groans)

What happened?

Somebody clobbered
me on the head.

Sounded awful lot
like that Toby Hogue.

Looks like it worked, though.

He's jealous, all right.

If that's what you was aiming
for, it blame sure worked.

I'm gonna get myself
over to Hogueses place,

and I'm gonna learn that
young feller a hard lesson.

You ain't in no condition
to do nothing like that.

I'll go get Toby, and
I'll bring him back

and I'll make him
apologize to ya.

Apologize, my foot!

That ain't gonna
help my head none.

How do you like it, Toby Hogue,

getting tipped from behind?

Av Marie, what'd you
go and do that for?

'Cause you had it coming.

Crackin' that deputy's skull.

Oh, I didn't hurt him much.

Figured he needed some learning.

Well, you better learn
to stay off our place.

'Cause I don't want
nothing more to do

with the trashy likes of you.

It's still that
deputy, ain't it?

Well I'm going over
there, and finish the job!

You lay one hand on him,

I never will say another
word to you and I mean it!

You already said
you didn't wanna have

no more to do with me.

Well, I didn't mean it.

Anyway, I seen you
playing up to him.

I was just doing it to
make you jealous, you fool.

Don't you understand nothin'?

(pleasant music)

I bet we got time for a
little walk up to the waterfall.

After you go over and apologize
to the deputy for hitting him.



(upbeat music)

(Festus) Get up, get up Ruth.

Whoa, whoa.

Well, there you are with
your bald face hanging out.

Just step up here, I'm gonna
knock knots on your head

faster than you can rub 'em.

Now, now I don't know
what your plans are deputy,

but I just been up to the house

and gave Dibble Pugh
$20 to claim Av Marie.

You'll excuse me if I don't
throw no chivaree for ya

you back quacking
clod hopping...

Now, now, now!

Now, Av Marie sent me
up here to apologize to you

for whomping
you with that stick.

Your blamed sorrying
don't help my head a bit.

Well, what do you want, then?

I ain't gonna crawl over it.

I'd ruther knock you
flatter than a wet toe sack,

but I'll tell you what I'll do.

I have just about a half
day's plowing left to do here,

and if you're as sorry as
you claim you're being...


Work Dibble's ground for him?

That's just what
I figured, all talk.

Now you had your chance.

I probably should've
let you have her, Deputy.

Giddyap! Never
thought I'd see the day

I'm pushing a plow
for Dibble Pugh.

I wish y'all weren't
so darn interesting.

You keep them furrows
straight now, you hear me?

(upbeat music)

(Dibble) Seventeen, 18, 19, 20.

Dibble, if you got
a lick of sense,

you'll take some of that money
and fix this place up some.

Oh, that ain't the
half of it, Av Marie.

This here money's gonna
put this family back on its feet.

Now, you've been a comfort to me

since your ma's passed on.

It's gonna be a terrible burden
when Toby takes you off.

Terrible burden on me.

Well, I figure you'll bear up.

I'm going to miss
this old place, though.

Don't know why.

Even you, Dibble.

Did you hear that, Abel?

Do you hear what she said?

That's a real sweet
thing for Av Marie to say.

Real sweet.


I never figured nobody
would give me $20 for her.

You figure maybe I
ought've asked 25?

Twenty dollars is
good money, Pa.

This money's gonna make all
the difference in the world, Abel.


Ain't gonna be no more
cropping for us Pughs.

Gonna get us our own place.

Bottom land, right
down by the river.

Might even get us a buggy.

I oughta have a buggy.

It's only fittin' for a man of
position in the community.

(gentle guitar music)

I'm delighted to see

you haven't lost your
touch, young man.

Young man, I'm aware I did
you something of a disservice

a few days ago,
and my conscience

has not ceased
tormenting me since.

So, having recouped my fortunes

through various
transactions in the next towns,

I vowed to come in search
of you and make things right.

And furthermore, I
am here to propose

that you and I
establish a partnership.

I happen to be in
a unique position

to acquire the rights
to a remarkable potion.

A purge of heretofore
unequaled velocity.

What's that got to
do with me, though?

In your music, my boy.

You have the power
to attract multitudes.

In my tongue, I have the power

to part them from their money.

Together, we will
become a legend

and all you have to do is play.

You mean I'd get paid
for just playing my music?


And I'll even get
you a new guitar

to replace that one.

- Woowee!
- Sh sh sh.

- New guitar?
- Yes, sir.

There is one need, however.

A supply of this
remarkable medicine

is gonna cost the
partnership $30.

Now having returned
your $11 to you,

leaves me quite bereft of funds.

Trying to tell me
you're broke again?


(Abel) I know where
there's another $20.

(Abel plays slow song)

(man) We're not selling
tombstones boy, happy, happy!

(Abel) Yes sir!

(Abel plays upbeat guitar music)

What's goin' on here?

What's Toby doin'
out in that field?

Appears to me like he's plowing.

Ain't gonna be for long, though.

Purty near got her done.

(Linder) I just
don't understand.

World's gettin' too confusing.

You know something, Hogue?

The things you don't understand

would fill a good sized
barn and then some.

You might not even get a chance

to see your own grandchildren.

They probably won't ever
even come to visit you.

I dang sure wouldn't.

They sure do make a
looksome couple, don't they?

- Festus?
- Yes'm.

I wanna thank you
for putting up with us.

Well, reckon everything
worked out tolerable well.

When are you and Toby
fixin' to leave for California?

- Next week.
- Y'are?

Old Linder give
us $50 for the trip.

Do tell.

He did, you could've
knocked me over.

Lean over here.

You better not let old
Toby catch you doing that.

I couldn't stand another
clobberin' on the noggin.


Get up, Ruth. Get up.

Get up.

Hey, Hogan.

Whoa. Haggen.

Pugh, I wished I could
say it's been pleasuresome.

Oh, it's been a misery.

First the back, Abel
runnin' off with all my money.

That's money I was countin' on

to get me back on my feet.

Been one misfortune
after another.

I'll tell you what, Deputy.

Why don't you come
on back up this way

next week, sit a spell?

I'll be doing the seeding.

Why sh**t, you could
just sit in the shade

and drink lemonade.

You talk like my foot's asleep.

Well, what's wrong, honey?

You gettin' married
and goin' away.

I ain't seen Hargis since you
scared him off the other day.

What am I gonna
do here stuck with Pa

with a name like Pugh?

(Hargis) Lailee!

Lailee, you come out here!


Lailee, I'm tired of sneaking
around out in the woods out there,

and I come to face
your daddy man to man

and that's all there is to it.

Oh, Hargis.

(pleasant music)

That's some
strumpin'-lookin' fine boy.

You're doing the
manful thing, boy.

I'm Lailee's daddy.

Dibble's the name.

Yes sir, that's a fine
lookin' mule you got there.

You know when a
man got a mule like that,

he's got prospects.

I'll tell you something else,

you know I done a
lot of hard farming

with a mule worse than
the one you got there.

I'm a terrible fierce worker
once I set my hands to it.

- Would you like a lemonade?
- Yes sir.

(Dibble) Get the
man some lemonade.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat orchestra music)

(announcer) Stay
tuned for exciting scenes

from our next g*n.

(theme music)
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