03x05 - Just Add Rot

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Just Add Magic". Aired: January 15, 2015 – October 25, 2019.
Kelly and her two best friends, Darbie and Hannah, find Kelly's grandmother's magic cookbook in the attic and discover some strange recipes.
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03x05 - Just Add Rot

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Previously on Just Add Magic...

The OCs can't remember magic.

I don't remember
what this stuff is.

It must not be important.

Magic is real?

-An-And these spices are...

Totally magical.

HANNAH: Whoever took our
Night Blooming spices

must've used them
to create the earthquake.

TERRI: The earthquake revealed
a hidden cellar

under where the
Peizer Mansion used to be.

No one is getting in there
before the Historical Society

comes to catalog
everything tomorrow.

We need to get in there.

DARBIE: A secret passageway

hidden in plain sight.

HANNAH: I think we found what
the Night Bandit's after.

A pocket watch?

This watch has no hands
to tell time.

Don't worry about the girls.
I'll handle them.

(knock on door)

Kelly? Kelly?


Kelly, are you still breathing?


Yeah, I'm... I'm up.

Were Hannah and Darbie
sleeping over?

It looks like quite a party.

No, they had other plans.

So, are you hungry?

I'm starved.

Come downstairs, I'll fix you
your favorite pancakes.

Great. I'll be down in a sec.

Almost ready.
Why don't you grab yourself

-a piece of fruit?

Mmm. Let's eat.

You know what, Grandma,
I'm suddenly not hungry.

You just said you were starving.

Trust me, I couldn't touch
a thing.

Kelly, are you okay?

Oh, yeah, just great.

Well, come on.
Let's grab a bite.

Catch... up.

(knock on door)

We have a real problem.

-You're telling me.
-We know.

You know what this means.

We've been spelled.

And breakfast is
out of the question.

I just don't understand.
It's so unlike her.

She never refuses
to have pancakes with me.

So let me get this straight.

She slept in late,
has a messy room,

and didn't want to spend
Saturday morning

-with her grandmother?

Sounds like someone else
at that age.



Oh, please, I was never
like Kelly at her age.

-I was way worse.

Oh, remember how your mom
used to thr*at

to dump ice water on you
to get you out of bed?

And did, once.
And that's all it took.


you're saying Kelly's
just becoming a teenager?

It happens.

Too quickly.

Thank you, Gina.

It's nice to have friends

who've known you so long

and so well.

Speaking of old friends,
I got a card from Ida.

So did I.


You're kidding me.

"Thinking of my best friend
from paradise."

"The only thing better
than being here..."

BOTH: "...would be
being here with you."

Classic Ida.

Oh, tell me about it.

-Mine didn't even have a stamp.

I had to pay cents
before the post office

would give it to me.

(both chuckle)


I think we can safely say
that the spell is carton-proof.

Works through oven mitts.

And so much for that idea.

Why would someone do this to us?

Must have something
to do with this.

At least that doesn't
rot in your hand.

I don't get it.
As far as I can tell,

it's just an old pocket watch.

Who would want that?

Well, it's obviously
valuable enough

for someone to create
an earthquake to get it.

So hungry.

Why did I say no
to that second serving

of cabbage salad last night?

You know, it's actually
pretty ingenious.

I mean, we can't cook
to unspell ourselves

or stop whoever did this.

Let's not panic.
We've gotten ourselves

out of tighter jams before.

Ugh, why did I have
to say "jam"?

-Now I'm thinking about toast.
-This was so much easier

when we could go
to the OCs for help.

But since they can't
remember magic, we can't.

Or can we?

What are you saying?
You want to wake the OCs?

Maybe we could start
with Ms. Silvers.

She knows the most about magic.

And she makes the best biscuits.

Stop it, Darbie.
Stop it.

Hannah, you figured out
the shake that Jill used

to make everyone forget magic,
and made that protection spell.

What was in it?

Um, something from
the Elysian, Livonian,

and-- the one that tricked
us-- Werpoes families.

But a protection spell
is not a counterspell.

What if we made something
and added Taurian spice

so Ms. Silvers could
remember magic,

and a Galifrazian
spice to enable her

to hold on to her memories?

Quiche could work.

Um, guys,

you seem to be forgetting
one tiny detail.

We can't cook.

We can't, but I know
someone who can.

Whoa, cool.

But not cool.

Would you look at this.

It's like a living
history lesson.


Oh, I can't believe
you got me in here.

Well, being mayor has its perks.

Maybe not like
a full-time assistant perk,

but certainly
a "dragging your mother-in-law

into a hole in the ground"
kind of perk.

This is amazing.

Look at this sharpening stone.

Early s, maybe older.

They say this will shed a whole
new light on the Peizers--

who they were
and how they lived.

Why they had a secret bunker.

You should be very proud.

You know what, I am.

Let Lavender Heights find
their own collection.


Mayor Quinn, I think
you need to see this.

Someone was here before us.

Well, how?

I personally saw them
lock this place up.

Are you sure?

I'm positive.
These footprints are not

from the s.

Was anything stolen?

Not from what we can see,

but by the look of it, there was
more than one person down here.

Please tell me
that's all the ingredients.

That's it. Here are some
measuring cups and spoons.

Now, remember,

you have to be super precise.

One little slip-up,
and anything could happen.

I'm not gonna turn someone
into a frog or something, am I?

Can we please get a move on?
I'm dying here.

All you need to do is
make a quiche.

Do you think you can do that?

There's just one thing.


I don't know how to cook.


Uh, it's okay.

I mean, we can
talk her through it.


Oh, hey, you're cooking again.

Big surprise.

-We're making quiche.
-Ooh, I love it.

Can I have a piece?

I don't think so.

Oh, okay.

I'm just the man who raised you

and, you know,
paid for those groceries.

Well, enjoy.

But, hey, please clean up
when you're done.

I know Grandma's
been helping out

with Mom working so hard,

but we still need to
pull our weight.

Of course. I promise.

-Thanks, kiddo.

And seriously, save me a piece.


I just bought these yesterday.

(groans softly)


I think I'm ready.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

I can't believe it.

First thing I ever cooked,

and I can't even taste it.

It looks perfect.

Well, if I can't eat it,

I can at least post it.

I just hope this works.

(knock on door)

Look what I made you.

Who are you?

Piper. And she means we all did,

uh, make it for you.

How very sweet of you girls.

Unexpected but sweet.

Come in.

You know, we just remembered
how much you like,

uh... food.

How very thoughtful.

But you really should have made
this for your grandma.

We're still perfecting
the recipe.

Which is why we really need you
to taste it.

Like right now.

Ah, so I'm just the guinea pig.

Well, not-not exactly.

Just taste it!
I promise,

one bite and you'll know why.

Aren't we confident?

Are you sure you don't want a...

-Just eat it!

You're right, girls.
This is excellent.

Well done.

-We must've messed it up.

It's not your fault, you just
followed our instructions.

Don't be so hard on yourself.
It's deli...

The spell.

Who spelled me?
Did you catch them?

Okay, so this woman named Jill,
who was pretending to be

Kelly's mom's campaign manager,

was actually a former protector
who wanted to destroy magic.

So she tricked us
into leading her

into the secret spice garden--

FYI, there's a secret
spice garden--

and she k*lled it.

But we had our own spell,
so we saved it,

harvested the spices,

but someone stole them
to create an earthquake

that exposed
Chuck's secret bunker,

but we really can't get
into all the details.

Who's Chuck?


Right now, we've been spelled.

A rot spell.

So that's why you woke me up.

Can you help?
Please say you can help.

-I need food.
-It's difficult,

but let me check my notebook.

Oh, no.

Okay, this part isn't fun.

Yeah, I'm going to shower for,
like, a week after this.

Maybe a year.


I can't believe
you worked out a counter

to such powerful magic.

Thank you.

Are you waking all of us up?

We haven't really had time
to think about it.

Do me a favor, Kelly.

Don't wake up your grandmother.

She's happy now,

and magic never brought her
much happiness.

Is this important?

Ah. These are my old notes

for pollinating spices.


Taking two different plants
and combining them

so they make a new spice.

Oh, kind of like a pluot.

How it's a cross between
a plum and an apricot.

Why does everything
lead back to food?

Wow... you can make a single
spice using both Carnejian

and Livonian properties.

Oh, and this one's Kalimba
and Taurian!

I love the names!

-This is so cool!
-Well, keep it.

I was never really
that successful anyway.

Seeing that has given me
an idea-- come on.

I used a mixture
of Galifrazian and Nakaian

to make plant food
for my garden.

To make it thrive.

And since "thrive" happens to be
the opposite of "rot..."

It should cancel out our spell.

Except we're more fauna
than flora.

I adjusted the spell
to work on humans.

At least, it should.

It should?

It'll either cure you

or turn you into a philodendron.

Plant humor.

Ugh. Bitter.

Did it work?


Fruit, I'll never take you
for granted again.

Whoever spelled you
clearly knows powerful magic.

You have to find whoever stole
the Night Blooming mint

and caused the earthquake
before they att*ck you again.

I knew you were gonna say that.

Do I get to help?
I didn't dig through garbage

-all morning for nothing.
-KELLY: Sure.

But we need to do something
really important first.

Make a spell?

No. Make lunch.

-Do you mind?

(refrigerator door opens)

You girls need to be careful.

Whoever this is,

they know exactly where
and when to strike.

Yeah, I think
that's the last of it.

I'll take a look around, make
sure they didn't miss anything.

Okay. Thanks, Becky.
I'll be back

after this last batch
gets loaded.


Did you find anything?

Uh, no. Nothing.

They got it all.

"Pathfinding Pretzel Sticks.

"To catch a thief,
knead and bake.

"But only use by eve.

"The yeast
will cause the dough to rise

and light the trail of deceit."

"Use by eve"?
What does that mean?

I think that means if we want
this recipe to lead us

to whoever took
our Night Blooming mint,

we have to do it when it's dark.

You mean we're gonna chase down
mint thieves at night?

This just keeps getting better!

I say we meet
at the town square at : .

Fine. But we're not gonna be
chasing down anyone

if we don't start cooking.

-I'll get the ingredients.
-I'll get some bowls.

-I'll get the Grunde salt.
-And what should I do?



You can hold the cookbook.

Fair enough.

-(sighs) Cool.

♪ ♪



I asked you to do one thing.

-KELLY: Sorry, Dad.

I... forgot.

(dog barking)

KELLY (over phone):

Where are you?

Guys, I'm sorry.

I got grounded.

What? Why?

I forgot to clean up
the kitchen.

That's my fault.
I was the one cooking.

I should be the one cleaning.
I'll come back.

Don't. By the time you get back,

it'll be too late to go out.

We'll have missed an entire day,

and the trail might be cold.

I don't know.

You can do this.

You have to.

You're right.

Just be careful.

We have no idea who this is,
or what they're capable of.


Wow. An entire book

of magic recipes,
and you guys don't have one

for cleaning up
after yourselves?

-It's not that simple, see...
-Uh, we don't have time

for magic etiquette lessons
right now, Darbie.




(Piper chuckles)

Whoa. That is the coolest thing
I've ever seen.

She's not wrong.

It is pretty cool.

Oh, no, that's her.


(coin clatters)

(dog barking)

Who needs that many newspapers?

Who needs one?

It's online.

I guess this means that just
because the spell finds a thief,

doesn't mean it's our thief.

-Not bad.
-(both chuckle)

You're catching on pretty fast.


But that means that this

could be a lot harder
than we thought.

At least we have
four pretzels left.

Kelly, we need to talk.

I'm tired, maybe later.

I think I found something
you lost.

Don't tell my mother.

We were only in there
for a moment.

I won't tell your mother.

She's already stressed enough.

What were you thinking?

I don't know.

We thought it was cool.

It was dangerous.

I don't know
what's gotten into you.

Stop worrying.

I'm-I'm fine.

Well, the next time something
like this happens,

I'll have no choice
but to tell your parents.

I understand, Grandma.

Thank you.

Don't make me regret this.


We've been walking around
for miles

and all these pretzels
have led us to

is an old lady
with overdue library books,

a guy who steals sugar packets
from Corky's,

and Hannah's neighbor
who's stealing their Internet.

I never trusted that guy.

Plus, we only have
one pretzel left.

Except for
"eating the pretzel" part,

I don't even see
the point of it.

Do we really need to flush out

all of Saffron Falls'
petty criminals?

Maybe you're right.
I say we call it a night.

Wait a minute.

You're just going to bail?

After all you've been through?

Uh, figuring out
how to wake up Ms. Silvers,

stopping the rot spell.

You guys even taught me
how to cook.

My mother couldn't do that.

You guys are amazing.

You can do this.

Piper's right.

We shouldn't give up.

Agreed. I just wish
I had some water.

That pretzel made me thirsty.

(chuckles softly)

Mama P's? Why did it
have to be Mama P's?

I don't like
this cooking club anymore.

(door creaking)

The spice pantry's open.


I had a weird feeling
about that lady.

And not just because
she doesn't give free refills.

We have to get out of here
before she sees us.

♪ ♪
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