04x30 - The Judgment: Part 2

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Fugitive". Aired: September 17, 1963 – August 29, 1967.
Dr. Richard is wrongly convicted for a m*rder he didn't commit, escapes custody and ends up in a game of cat-and-mouse with the real k*ller.
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04x30 - The Judgment: Part 2

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The Fugitive in color.

Oh, Dick!

Oh, Miss Carlisle,
this is Dr. Richard Kimble.

You see, Miss Carlisle told me once

that she wouldn’t know Dr. Kimble
if she saw him.

Lucky you arrived when you did.

Dr. Kimble and I have
to be Leaving shortly.

A QM Production.

Starring David Janssen
as Dr. Richard Kimble.

An innocent victim of blind justice,

falsely convicted
for the m*rder of his wife,

reprieved by fate when a train wreck
freed him en route to the death house.

Freed him
to hide in lonely desperation,

to change his identity,
to toil at many jobs.

Freed him
to search for a one-armed man

he saw
leave the scene of the crime.

Freed him to run
before the relentless pursuit

of the police lieutenant
obsessed with his capture.

The guest stars in tonight's story:

Richard Anderson,

J.D. Cannon,

Jacqueline Scott,

and special guest star Diane Baker.

Also starring Barry Morse
as Lieutenant Philip Gerard.

A man may travel many roads

and one day find his way home again.

But for Richard Kimble,
this road is not of his choosing,

and this day
has come too soon.

Two men traveling together,
joined by links of steel

and the memory
of a senseless m*rder

committed years before.

Two hunters, one of whom
has finally caught his elusive quarry.

Six more hours.

There's no point in asking you again,
is there?

No, I'm afraid not.

I don't need days, only hours.
That's all.

All I can give you
is the same promise I made

when you agreed
to waive extradition.

I'll keep the story of your arrest
out of the papers.

I doubt if your one-armed man
is even in Stafford.

Oh, Johnson's in Stafford.

I know that.

All you can be sure of
is that somebody put up $ ,

to bail him out of jail.

That somebody's in Stafford too.

You found that scrap of paper
in that bail bondsman's office.

It just said Len Taft, Stafford.
Your own brother-in-Law.

Now, do you really think
he put up that money?

No, I think
somebody used his name.

And that somebody
wanted Johnson out of jail.

There's nothing I can do.

Twenty-four hours, Gerard.

At the end of that time,
I'll crawl into the police station

on the end of a leash,
if that's the way you want it.

As soon as this train gets into Stafford,
the word'll be out.

I'm just gonna bring you in.

The train makes three stops
before it gets to Stafford.

We can get off at any one of them,
take a car, drive in.

You've waited years,
all I'm asking is more hours.

We ought to get
into South Bend about : .

Okay, here we go.

All right, you bandits, back in there.
Back in there. Ha, ha!

Close the door, Billy.

- Is the Lady of the house in?
- Oh. She's all in.

How are you, Lloyd?

Listen, I've got

a half dozen of the fastest g*n
in the Midwest out there.

Have you got time
for a cup of coffee?

I'm afraid not.

Oh, speaking of g*n,
Billy's going to be quite a marksman.

How's the new
Youth Center coming?

Everything Looks great.

You know, when I was in college,

I wanted to be the engineer
that built the first transatlantic bridge.

Instead, I wind up
trying to design a gymnasium

that converts into a discotheque.

All I know is, you're the best City
Planning Commissioner we ever had.

You do more
than just sit around and plan.

I hope so.

Thank you.

I've been reading about your brother
in the papers, Donna.

- That mess in Los Angeles?
- Mm.

Have you heard anything?

Well, not from Dick,

but every time there's anything
about him in the papers,

we sure hear
from a whole gaggle of cranks.

Oh? What do they say?

Just before you came,
some man called.

And he said that he knew
what really happened that night,

that he saw Len there in the room.

I mean, well, really, they're... Heh.

What do you say
to people Like that?

This one
wanted Len to meet him out

at Mitchell's s*ab
at : tonight.

So I said okay, fine.

You mean you agreed to that?

If you argue with these people
or hang up,

they just keep calling back.

I figured if this kook
had to spend a night out there,

he'd think twice about calling again.

Ha, ha. Well, Let’s hope so.

I'd better go before I have
small mutiny on my hands out there.

Listen, ask Betsy to call.
We'll have dinner.

- Sounds great. I'll shelve some peas.
- Okay.

- Daddy, someone's here.
- Well, who is it, son?

I think it's Uncle Dick.

Hello, Len.

Dick, it's good to see you.

I know it Looks strange
but, uh, I'm in custody.

What kind of a sadist are you,

- No, Len.
- Get out of here!

My wife's gonna be here any minute.
I'm not gonna subject her to this.

- Len, Iiste--
- Having a good time?

Enjoying your revenge?

If you think I enjoy being here,
Mr. Taft,

you're very much mistaken.

He's giving me a chance.

Okay, son,
why don't you, uh, run along upstairs.

The one-armed man
was arrested in Los Angeles.

- I know.
- Somebody bailed him out.

The money came from here,
from Stafford.

Who'd do a thing Like that?

Somebody who gave his name
as Leonard Taft.

Oh, I see, I see.

You think that, uh...
You think that I did that, Richard?

I don't know.

Maybe you thought it was a way
I could get to him.

That would be a pretty stupid thing
to do, wouldn’t it?

I guess it would.

What do you say, Lieutenant?

Well, whoever bailed
Fred Johnson out of jail

obviously didn't want him to talk.

- I think you do.
- Right.

Anyway, if you had done a thing
so misguided,

I don't think you would’ve
given your name.

All right, now here's something for you,

This morning
Donna received a phone call.

The man said that I was in the house
the night Helen was k*lled.

Could there have been somebody else
in the house that night?

I don't know.

She called me at the office.

We thought it was some prank,
some crank calling.

It could still be a crank.

She decided to teach him a Lesson.

She said that, uh-- She said
that I would meet him this evening.


Listen, we thought it was a joke.

I was on
three other telephone calls...

Dick, I just don't remember.

If it is the one-armed man,
he could be waiting there right now.

She'll be here any minute.

I knew that was you.
How did I know it?

Sis, you got a call this morning

from somebody who said
he saw Len there that night.

Where did he wanna meet him?

Out at the old Mitchell place
at : .

Where we used to go riding.

Well, yeah, it's all deserted now.

You mean
that wasn't just another crank?

I hope not.

Mrs. Taft.

Baby, I'll tell you all about it.


Get up.

Yeah, you're the one.

- What do you want from me?
- Money.

Why should I give you any?

Because you're the one
I saw that night.

Just didn't have
your name until now, Mr. Taft.

I saw you too. Remember that.

- It's different.
- I don't see the difference.

Then why'd you send
that bail jockey in L.A. four grand

to keep me away from the cops?

All right, I sent it.
Isn't that enough?

- I want thousand. That's enough.
- ?

- I don't have that kind of money.
- You'll get it.

Fifty thousand, Taft,
and bring it tomorrow noon.

- Where?
- Right here.

Too many dark corners.

No, I'll meet you
at the old amusement park.

There's a snack bar
by the parking Lot.

The Lock
on the back gate's broken.

You can get in that way.

Fifty thousand, Taft,
and no more of this.

Where's it from?

Some mail-order art school
in New Jersey.

Sorry it's not
a Local citizen's home address.

Let's face it,
that call was probably a hoax.

Is this a hoax?

This is a . special super match.
For target sh**ting.

Maybe you don't care
if we get to the truth or not.

The truth, not some wild hope.

Come on, Let’s go.

Somebody had to be in the house.

- All you've got to go on is a crank call.
- But the timing works.

Two days ago, Johnson found out

the name Leonard Taft
from the bail bondsman

and Leonard gets a call that sounds
Like the start of some sort of blackmail.

Yeah, but Taft wasn't
at your house that night so...

Unless you've got some idea
who could have been.

Somebody that knew us well enough
to use Len's name as a cover.

- A neighbor dropping in? A friend?
- It was Late.

Anyone she talked to,
a girl friend, relative, anybody.

Nobody that would have
just stood by and Let me die.

You'd be amazed

how many good people
might do just that.

Of course, it's possible
she could have called somebody.

She could have.

Helen had the phone company

keep track of all our toll calls
for tax reasons.

If she called anyone,
there might just be a record.

Ah. Could we find the bills?
After all, it's five years ago.

Donna has kept
some of our things in the basement.

Oh, it's a Long sh*t.
The whole idea.

That's what I need about now,
wouldn’t you say?

Frank, I realize it's sudden.
Don't you think I know that?

And I wouldn’t call
if I didn't absolutely--

I told you,
it's a business opportunity.

Some very big boys from the East.

A once in a lifetime thing, but,
you know...

They insist on cash, Frank.
Immediate cash.

And everything I had
went into that Endicott deal.

A bank Loan would take days
and these boys wanna move now.

Frank, please, I need it!


Don't tell me I'm neurotic.

Is that all you can say to a friend?

What do you know?
You're stupid, Frank!

You're a Lousy,
rotten excuse for a human being!

Don't panic, don't panic!

- Hello.
- I'm busy, princess.

- Can I help?
- No, no.

- Lloyd, what is it? What's the trouble?
- Ha. Nothing.

You know what, princess,
this town stinks. I mean it.

We ought to get out of this town.

Why, Lloyd,
you've Ivied here all your Life.

- All of your friends are here.
- Ha, ha.

Yes, where are those friends
when the chips are down?

Where are all those guys

that made the speeches about me
after the w*r?

Told me what a hero I was,
how they'd do anything for me.

Oh, Lloyd,
they've done a great deal for you.

Your job at the city, they arranged it,
and it's a good job, an important one.

Okay, but I mean now!

- When it's a real emergency and I...
- What emergency?

Lloyd, will you please tell me?

Go up to bed, princess.

Oh, well, I'm really sorry,
Mrs. Kroner.

No, there's something wrong. I'll, uh...

I'll call you tomorrow and explain.

Kroner, I guess I called her back
about her little boy,

he had a broken leg or ankle,

- Yeah, that's Jimmy Kroner.
- I guess that's his name.

All State Fullback for Stafford High.

Well, that Leaves, uh, just these two.
Both disconnected.

I'll check them out Monday.

You won't extend the deadline?


What's so holy about your deadline?
A man's Life is at stake.


I could talk
to some of the attorneys in town.

Maybe one of them was approached
about hiring that bail bondsman.

Between now and noon tomorrow,
you can do whatever you Like.

Personally, I think I'd, uh, wanna
spend the time with my family.

It's our Last chance
for that kind of thing.

Is that what you mean, Lieutenant?

I mean we have a bargain.
Noon tomorrow.

I'll only be a minute.

- Jean!
- Donna!

What in the world...?

Donna, Listen, I can't stay.

I just wanted to tell you
that I saw Dick in Los Angeles.

Well, I wondered--

He might be
on his way here right now.

Um, something happened
in Los Angeles.

He was supposed to take my car,
but he never showed up for it

and, well, I was worried
that maybe something happened,

that he was picked up
and then I...

There was nothing
in the newspapers

and then I checked
at police headquarters

and they didn't have anything--

Hey, wait a minute, slow down,
take it easy.

Yeah, but it's been on my mind
for such a long time.

Well, anyhow, the point is
I think he's on his way here right now.

And you came all the way to Stafford
just to tell me that?

No, I came all the way to Stafford

because, well, I don't know exactly.

Maybe it’s Like the sign says:
''Stafford is the friendly city.''

Do you, uh, plan to stay?

I don't know. Uh, I'd Like to try.

I wonder if my brother
had anything to do with your decision?

Yes, I think he did.

There's someone here to see you.

Oh, Dick!

Oh, Miss Carlisle,
this is Dr. Richard Kimble.

Miss Carlisle told me once

that she wouldn’t know Dr. Kimble
if she saw him.

Lucky you arrived when you did.

Dr. Kimble and I have
to be Leaving shortly.

LLOYD: Betsy, don't Let those
real estate boys try to b*at you down.

You hold out for . .

Well, you'll be handing it,
won't you?

You know, I've been thinking.

My Silver Star should
go to the new Youth Center. Hmm?

Hey, why are you crying?

You're making out your will.

- Now, now, princess.
- Oh, Lloyd, I'm not a princess.

Stop treating me
Like I was a Victorian nincompoop.

- Betsy, you know you're not well.
- Lloyd, don't.

For years,
you've waved my illness Like a flag.

It just excuses everything.

I'm sorry, that's not true.

Oh, Lloyd, I Love you.

Something terrible is bothering you
and you can't tell me

and you've
always told me everything.


No, I haven't.

Then tell me now.

Five years ago, I did something...

Something terrible.
And it's not over with.

I wanna know.

You know,
a kid gets put down on a b*ttlefield

and he's scared.

He does something
he'd probably never do again,

because he's scared.

But they hand him a Silver Star,
call him a hero.

- He's no hero.
- Oh, yes, he is.

Of course you are.

Lloyd, tell me.

You remember that night
a Long time ago,

when we had dinner
with Helen and Dick Kimble.

We spent the whole evening
talking about adoption.

Yes, I remember.
It was at the club.

Well, two nights Later,
she called me.

You were at your sister's.

She sounded very upset.
Said she had to talk to me.

So I walked over.

The lights were out
but the front door was open.

She was up in the bedroom.

She'd been drinking.

Help me, Lloyd.
Please, help me.

All right. Uh, do you want me
to try and find him?

He just stormed out.
I don't know if he's even coming back.

I know. You told me that.

Oh, I don't wanna Lose him.

Helen, please just tell me
what you want me to do?

Well, maybe I've been wrong.

Maybe I could Love
somebody else’s child.

As I told you the other night,

Betsy and I have never been happier
then since we adopted Timmy.

Make me believe that, Lloyd.
You have to make me believe that.

That's why I called you.

Oh. Dick wants a child so badly.

- What was that?
- What?

A noise downstairs.

Dick! He's come back.

Help me!

Help me!

Then I heard a car.

I found out Later it was Dick.

Anyway, I guess that snapped me
out of it, and I ran out the back way.

- Why didn't you ever say anything?
- I never thought they'd blame Dick.

I thought they'd catch that man
and that would be the end of it.

Later, when Dick was arrested,
by then, I'd waited too Long.

- I couldn’t come forward.
- Why not?

How would it have Looked?

In Helen’s bedroom.
She's m*rder.

I couldn’t do that to you.

To me? Are you saying
that you kept quiet to protect me?

You don't know people.

You don't know how they think.

You weren't trying to protect me.

What you couldn’t bear to think of
was how a w*r hero

huddled on the steps
Like a beaten puppy.

And a woman cried out for help

and you sat there
and you watched her die.

That's what you couldn’t think of

so don't you use me
as your whipping boy.

what happened during the w*r,

that was the one real thing
I'd ever done.

I couldn’t throw that away.

Not because of just
one gutless moment.

My darling,

Dick Kimble has paid for that minute
with four years of his Life.

It's not too Late
for you to make some of it right.

You can go to the police.

This minute you can go to the police

and you can tell them
everything that happened that night.

You have to do that, Lloyd.
For Dick.

Don't you think
I've tried to tell them?

I just can't!

You can. You can still be a man.

Maybe I can.

It's time.

We'd better be starting.

I promise I'll try and trace
those phone numbers tomorrow

and if we come up with anything,
I'll, uh, follow it through.

Meanwhile, it'll be
all over the front pages.

When Johnson finds out
it's fresh copy again, he'll Leave town.

Then what can I prove?

I'm sorry, I really am.

Give me a minute?

All right.

Jean, will you stay with us tonight?

- Uh, no, no, really.
- Well, please.

All right, I'd Like that.

Lieutenant, if you wanna use
the telephone, there's one in the den.

Come on. Come on, don't worry,
everything's gonna be all right.

Where are you going?

I don't know. Uh...

I guess I could
go fix up a room for Jean. I can, uh...

- I can put Billy in with his brother.
- You don't have to do that now.

Yes, darling, I have to do something.
Right now.

Another day would have k*lled you,
hey, Lieutenant?

Mr. Taft, I happen to believe
that holding out false hope

is the very worst kind of cruelty.

- Did you call in?
- Yeah.

And I suppose they'll be breaking out
with flags and confetti.

- Sure wouldn’t Like your job, Lieutenant.
- Really?

Oh, actually,
it's, uh, a kind of a paid vacation.

Um, I had a bag.

- It's in the hall closet.
- Thank you.

Why don't you, uh, call your mother
about the boys, huh?

Oh. Yeah, I'll call her.

- I've got a word or two for Billy too.
- Billy? What did Billy do now?

Well, he had this hidden
in his drawer under his socks.

Where did he get this?

Lloyd Chandler. He's been
teaching the boys how to f*re g*n.

Where? Out at the s*ab?

No, they're Letting them
use the police range.

We found this other one out there
where that caller wanted to meet you.

And I told Lloyd
about that phone call.


- How are you, Richard?
- All right, Betsy.

We'd Like to see your husband,
Mrs. Chandler.

Please help him.
He went out to the Amusement Park.

That's been closed down
for months now.

I know.

He went out to k*ll the man
who m*rder your wife.

That was quite a story
Mrs. Chandler told us.

Unless her husband's
prepared to tell it himself in court,

I'm afraid it won't help you much.

- Shouldn’t we be there by now?
- Yeah, any minute.

Chandler! Chandler!

Hand over that r*fle.


Go on.

Come on, help me with this.


Drop it!


You were there that night,
weren't you?

You saw the whole thing.

All right, we're going back.

You won't sh**t me.
You need me alive.

You k*lled her, didn't you?

You k*lled my wife, didn't you?
Didn't you?

Didn't you?

- You k*lled--
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, I k*lled her.

- Why?
- Because she wouldn’t Let me go.

Like to claw my eyes out.

I didn't mean to hit her so hard.

Yeah, I k*lled her.
Now I'm gonna k*ll you.

Won't have to worry
about you again no more.

All right, you can relax, Chandler.

I just did your k*lling for you.

You've had a good day, haven't you?

I guess we both have.

After all, for four years now,

we, both of us,
kept an innocent man in hell.

But now we're gonna end that.

You could keep that man alive

but you won't, will you?

You saved my Life.

He confessed up there,
for what it's worth.

I'm afraid
you know what that's worth.


Lieutenant, I saw that man Johnson

m*rder Helen Kimble.

Are you willing to testify
to that effect?

Yes, I will.

Come on, Let’s get started.

Dr. Kimble, how do you feel
now that you're a free man?

How do you think he feels?

What are your immediate plans,

Well, I wanna see some of my family
and go back to work, I guess.

What's the first thing
you plan to do?

Get out of here.

Dick says
he'll meet us back home Later.




Tuesday, September th.

The day the running stopped.
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