03x24 - Mexico

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Brothers & Sisters". Aired: September 24, 2006 –; May 8, 2011.
Mother Nora is the glue that holds the dysfunctional Walker clan together as family members face a variety of challenges.
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03x24 - Mexico

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Help you?

Yes, I'm looking for my son, Tommy...
Tommy Walker.

Him. Have you seen him?

Si, you've seen him?

Where... Where did you see him?

Now? Where?


I am the sole...

- I get it.
- You change a diaper?

Let's stop for a moment, okay?

Let's put aside the Evan visitation issue
and try and resolve where you plan to live.

- I plan to live here, in our house.
I wanna be in Pasadena.

- Okay, it's not a game of chicken.
- I want to be near my family.

- Then live here with your family.
- We're stuck.

I truly believe
that if we spend some time apart,

if we're meant to be,
well find each other.

You know where to find me. Here.

- Guys...
- I won't live here just for appearances

so you can go run for governor.

Not gonna turn upside down.
You have some cockamamie idea

that by separating, it's gonna help.

- "Cockamamie" is not productive.
It's not.

You know what's productive?
Couples' therapy.

No, I'm not gonna do that right now.

I'm not gonna make more concessions.

You haven't made one concession.

Oh, my whole marriage to you
has been me making concessions,

for your career
and your campaign and...

And what about your flirtation
with diaper man in the park?

- I made a concession.
Know what?

After an hour with you two,
I want therapy.

It's actually been an hour and ten minutes,
and I have to go.

- Oh, no, no, priceless.
- But you asked for an hour.

I've got three meetings

and I haven't looked at the speech
I have to give.

Oh, I'm sorry, Robert,
are we interrupting your schedule?

We don't have to solve this now.
It's not a divorce.

- Right. Kevin, I'll see you at the office.

I mean, seriously,
he couldn't change one of his meetings?

I'm sorry, I'm Switzerland.

But by the way, the Geneva Convention
was written outlawing t*rture.

I'm sorry. I know this is hard for you.

Yeah. Yeah, it is.

And can you please not make it any harder
by telling everybody?

They won't hear a word from me.

Hey, I'm sorry I'm late.

- I just got off the phone with the lawyers.
- And?

They're pretty confident we can get around
the bylaws as far as Ryan is concerned,

but we have to move quickly.

The longer he performs
according to his job description,

the trickier it is to f*re him.

I'm just not sure that kicking Ryan
to the curb is the answer anymore.

Yeah, but we already agreed on that.

I know. I'm rethinking.

This is a kid who is convinced
that his mother committed su1c1de

and that William Walker
is responsible for that decision.

You want him nursing that kind of grudge
with Ojai shares in his pocket?

No, I don't want him
nursing any kind of grudge.

Which is why I've worked up
a severance package.

He's worked here for less than a month.


I was imagining
maybe two months wages.

This is a golden parachute.
He's not a CEO.


But he is my father's son.

And this is no longer a family business.

This is your business and my business.

And we have an obligation
to be fiscally responsible.

This company is about more
than the bottom line, Holly.

It always has been.

Now, I can't pretend that he's like
any other employee, because he's not.

He is family.

You sound exactly like Tommy
when we started working together.

Well, like it or not, Holly,

my brother and I were raised
to do business a certain way.

For a long time that worked.

Fine. Do it your way.
Offer him the package.

But do it soon.

Excuse me.

Is there a way to get in?

I don't seem to be able
to find the entrance.

Thank you.


Hello. Hello.

- Welcome.
Thank you.

Uh, I'm looking for Tommy Walker.

- Is he staying here?
- Thomas? Yes.

Oh, thank God. Could I see him?


I'm sorry, but he didn't
mention that he was expecting a guest.

That's the problem.
I didn't know where he was

and I was unable to contact him.

I don't even know if he'll wanna see me.

- We had a fight.
- You're his mother.

Yes, I'm his mother.

As soon as I found out where he was
I got on the first flight from Los Angeles.

- He's off-site right now.
- He's off-site?

He's working at another location.

He's working here?

Everyone who stays here
is required to work.

Well, could you call him, please,
and tell him his mother is here to see him?

There's no way to reach him.

We don't allow the use of cell phones.

Just tell me where he is
and I'll go to him.

I'm sorry. I cannot do that.


Look, I haven't seen him
or talked to him in almost two months.

Please, please...

I understand that you're
eager to see your son, yes.

So you are welcome to stay and wait.

- Sarah, I need your help.
- Mom.

- Tommy's in trouble.
- Mom, this is a terrible connection.

- Speak up.
- That's because I'm in Mexico.

You're in Mexico?
What are you doing in Mexico?

I found Tommy.

Is he okay?

- I don't know. They won't let me see him.
- Who won't?

The people he...

The people here.

I think he's mixed up
in some kind of cult.

- A cult?
- A cult.

He couldn't call us.
They wouldn't let him.

Mom, just calm down
and just tell me exactly where you are.

I can't. I've gotta go.

- Talk to Robert. He knows where I am.
- No, no, no. Mom, Mom. Wait, wait, wait...

Hold on.



No, no, no, I just had this
absolutely hysterical call from Mom

about Jonestown and how
he's in some kind of compound.

Sarah, slow down.
She used the actual word "cult"?

- Cult?

"Lots of weird people, Mexico, in a cult. "

Robert says that there's nothing to indicate
that that's what this place is.

Unless it's for screwups.
He could become their prophet.

Whatever it is,
they won't let Mom see him.

Seriously, I just can't believe that Tommy
would get himself involved in that.

You didn't see him.
He was an emotional wreck.

- They get you when you're vulnerable.
- He wasn't vulnerable.

He got into a fight with
a bunch of drunken frat boys.

See, this is what I'm talking about.

Is he in a peaceful,
blissed-out, panhandling cult,

or is he in an angry,
heavily-armed, Kool-Aid cult?

- He is not in a cult.
- Okay, let's just take that off the table.

The point is,
Mom is still down there alone.

If she's down there freaked out,

this could be a whole
international incident.

- Let me know if it becomes one.
- I really think he needs us right now.

The last thing Tommy wants is for this
family to turn up and rescue him, okay?

I have rescued him many times.
He will not thank you for it.

We're not looking for his thanks.

We just wanna help Mom
get him out.

- Fine. Good luck.
- Kevin, wait.

Ke... It's all right.
I'll get on the phone with the airline.

I'll let you know the flight number, okay?
We can handle this.

Well, that's if Mom's
not in some Mexican jail

because she went savage
on some, you know, brainwashed zombie

- that's keeping her from Tommy.
- Justin, the situation is bad enough,

- don't go blowing it all out of proportion.
- Guys, this is Mom we're talking about.

Someone's messing
with one of her kids.

By my calculations,
we lost contact with Mom over an hour ago,

which means every minute
we're on this phone call,

she could be heading up a river
into the heart of darkness.

Excuse me. Excuse me, sir.

They told me Tommy works here,
but I don't see him.

Do you know him?

Okay, thank you.

Oh n... Oh, oh, um...

Excuse me. Excuse me, sir.
I'm looking for...

No, I'm looking for my son.
Thomas Walker. Thomas Walker.

- Thomas?
- Yes.

- This is Thomas.
- What?


This is Thomas.

What, this dirt is Thomas?
How can this dirt be Th...

Hold on one second.

Don't move a muscle, now.

I don't know
what you've done with my son,

but I want some answers real quick,

because I have a group
of very important people on their way here,

including a very influential,
very powerful attorney,

- and if you have done anything with...
- Thomas Walker.

Why is it that everyone knows his name,
and no one can tell me where he is?

- Hey, he went to Mérida.
- Mérida?

Yeah, to pick up some equipment.
He is not gonna be back till tomorrow.

Well, wh... Why did they tell me
this dirt was my son?

This is his project.

The fountain in the town
has water problems.

When Tommy heard, he drew plans to dig
up the old pipes and put in the new ones.

You mean he's free to leave whenever?
He's not being held prisoner?

I think we need to talk, okay?

Yeah. Good. Talk is good.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- So you're not gonna go?
- No, it's our anniversary.

That's not an excuse. Kevin...

You don't celebrate
when you're being asked to help.

I'm sorry, but he's crossed the line.

- It's your line, Kevin. Move it.
- I have, many times.

- Which one now?
- That would be Sarah.

You know what? It's not just me.

This whole family keeps moving the line.
You know why?

Because we forgive him
and clean up his mess.

- We forgive, clean up, forgive...
- I get it.

In high school, when he couldn't write
his essays, Kitty wrote them for him.

When dad found pot in his car,
who took the rap?

- You.
- No, Justin.

He screwed up at Ojai,
Sarah had his back.

He committed fraud, for God sake.

Holly let him off the hook.

Kitty? No.

You know why he gets away with it?

No one wants his wife to leave,
no one wants his job to fall apart,

no one wants him in Mexico
with nothing to come back to.

Guess what. It happened.

Now Mom's down there
thinking she can save him. Till when?

Until when? What, the next time?

Don't you get it?
He is never gonna change.

Well, what if you did?

- Oh, I'm trying to.
- By what, cutting off your family?

Kevin, I know you.

You're gonna sit
at some fancy restaurant,

and be thinking about
if your family's okay.

Kevin, I'll be here when you get back.

That's what we're celebrating, right?

What airline?

Oh, thanks for coming over
on such short notice.

No problem. Tell me about Tommy.
Have you heard anything?

No, but we'll be there in the morning,
so I guess we'll have more news soon.

I can still go. I'm very good
at keeping your mother calm.

I know you are.

Listen, Saul, there's something
I need you to take care of here.

Look, Holly wants to f*re Ryan.

What does that have to do with me?

It's a severance package.

- Sarah...
- I know it's generous.

I don't want Ryan to have to
worry about money for a while.

Would you take it to him?

Look, I would do it myself,

it's just that the lawyers are pressuring us
to move on this immediately, so...

I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I just don't feel comfortable getting involved.

Listen, Saul, I know that Ojai
doesn't feel like our company anymore,

and I'm gonna change that.

I wanna bring Tommy home,

put this family
and this company back together.

One doesn't work without the other.

And Tommy, for all his bad decisions,
he understood that.

Please, would you...
Would you just take it to him?

Okay. Okay.

- Maybe we should wait till I get back.
- Are you kidding?

I already told them we have news.

If we don't tell them now,
they'll freak out.

Okay, all right.

You're so cute when you're nervous.

Oh, you're so cute when you're nervous.

- David, come on.
- I'm right here.

So, what's the news?
- Well, Mom, Dad,

Justin and I wanted you
to be the first to know, um...

We're getting married.

- Now you know.
- Wow, um...

Well, I guess
congratulations is in order.

Thank you.

Mom, say something.

It's just a lot to take in.

I know. It's crazy.

- Holly, I know it seems fast...
No, no, it is fast.

Are you pregnant?

- Mom, no.
- Then what's the rush?

Holly, they're just...
- No, that's a legitimate question.

No, it's not. Justin and I are in love.

Just be happy for us.

Rebecca, you know
that I wanna be happy for you,

but marriage is a big step.

Yeah, we know it's a big step.

And it's one that we're ready to take.

And tell them why.

Justin got in to med school.

You got in?
- Wonderful.

- Justin, that's fantastic.
- Justin, truly.

Thank you.

But, um, you guys
just got back together again.

Rebecca, isn't that a little impulsive?

Oh, my God. Don't ruin this for me.

Rebecca, they're trying to process.
Process what?

Mom, seriously,
is this because Justin's a Walker?

Rebecca, you know why I'm worried.

Whoa, all right, everybody slow down.

- We just need a little bit of time, that's...
- Justin, lets go.


Look, I know we've been through a lot,

but I love your daughter.

And I'm gonna be
a good husband to her.

Holly, wait a minute. What was that about?
Is she right? Is this because he's a Walker?

- No, it's not.
- So, what is it then?

Because she seems really happy.

David, I know her
a lot better than you do.

You're sure the guy
called the right place?

I was standing right there.

Admittedly, he was speaking Spanish.

Let's talk public appearances.

- How's five a month?
- Kevin, please, can you just give it a rest?

I think he'd be okay with three
if you'd like to respond.

Is that the only reason you came down
here, just to keep on haggling with me?

No, I make the best of a bad situation.

We are here to focus on Tommy,
not this.

- Why do you think you can help him?
- Well...

- Seriously.
- I think everyone can be helped. Ask Justin.

I'm just saying that people
can turn their lives around, right?

- Right. Thanks.
- Yeah, but this could be bad.

- If they have control of his mind, guys...
- You know what? You've read enough.

- Hand that back.
- No way.

- Give it.
- You brought the picture.

- Tell them about that.
- What picture?

They suggest that you should bring a photo
of your missing loved one with their family.

It just... It reminds them who they were.

And if he doesn't know who we are,
he could be a completely different person.

- Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed.
- Kevin.

Whoa, you wanna know how they do it?
They get you isolated in some remote area,

cut you off from society,
and then it's easy for them to bend your will.

They can get you to agree to anything.

Oh, God.
This is scary stuff.

- Kev, wait, you gotta hear this.
- I've got it. "Bent will. " Great.

Robert, it's me. Look, I think it would be a
really good idea for you to come down here.

"Some sources say at least
one-third of deprogrammings fail,

and there are no statistics in the... "

- Hi!
- Oh, my God. They got her too.

- Hi!
Where did she get a truck?

How was your flight?

Did you find Tommy?

Mom, tell us about the cult.


I may have overreacted just a little.

You overre...?

You got a second, Ryan?

- Yeah.
- Look, I know that you understand

that your situation here
at Ojai has become untenable,

but we wanna do everything we can
to make it easy for you.

Why did they send you?

- You don't even work here.
- Oh, I used to work here.

I helped build this company.
Take a look at that.


They really wanna get rid of me, huh?

That the way William did it, just write
a check and hope that's the end of it?

Whatever William did, Ryan,
that was a long time ago.

I'm sorry you found out about it.

It must be very hard for you.

Just understand that this is your money.

It's for your future.

So think about your future.
Don't think about your past.

What would you do if you were me?

Would you sign this?

It's like a spiritual retreat.

They meditate and they do yoga,

and before every meal
they hit this big gong

and everybody eats in complete silence.

- No way.
- Yeah. I was working out at the dig site...

Wait, wait, wait a minute.
You were... You were working?

Everybody works here.
It's called selfless service.

I don't like it.
What's this got to do with Tommy anyway?

You remember that fountain
in the middle of town when you drove in?

- Yeah.
It doesn't work.

There's an inadequate water supply.

That's Tommy's idea, how to fix it.

It's his whole project.

I was talking to Pablo
and he said...

- Mom, we don't care about Pablo.
- No?

Okay, why haven't you seen Tommy?

He's picking up supplies somewhere
and he's supposed to be back by lunch.

Okay, okay, okay.
Did Pablo tell you why Tommy was here?


No, but isn't it obvious?

- No.
No, not to me, no.


- Wait, you're... You're blaming us?
- All right, fine, me.

Oh, Mom.
- I shamed him in front of everyone.

I hit him.

You didn't hit him, okay? You slapped him.
There's a difference.

I hit him. I'm sure he doesn't
feel like there's a difference.

Well, if we're gonna talk
about who's responsible,

I'm the one that left him alone at Ojai.

And I know what that's like now,

with Holly making you feel
like your family isn't important.

The question is not why he's here,

the question is
how are we gonna bring him back?

Well, how do we?

We just tell him that when he comes back
we will support him unconditionally.

- Yeah, I agree.
- You're right.

Thank you for being here.

Okay, that's what we're gonna do.

One of us needs to talk to Kevin.

- You should.
- You talk to Kevin.

- No, you do it, Mom.
- I'm not gonna talk to him. He'll turn...

Just because Tommy's not in a cult
doesn't mean he doesn't need our help.

What are we to do,
rescue him from meditation?

Let's face it, Tommy can't do anything
without you being pissed at him.

Sure he could.
He could face up to his responsibilities.

I'm serious.

He left his wife and child so he could sit
in the jungle singing "Kumbaya"?

Look at this place.
Does it even have a bathroom?

Yeah, it does. It's down the hall.

- It's communal though.
- Perfect.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

This is the men's dorm.

Shh, there's a woman out there.
She almost caught me.

- I wanted give you something.
- What for?

Kevin, can we have a little alone time?

- Alone time? My girlfriend.
- Oh, my God.

This is like being in camp.

You know what? Have the tent.
I'm just not standing guard.

Okay. So I really wanted to wait
until you told the entire family,

but I couldn't, so here.

- I didn't even get you a ring yet.
- I don't care. Open it.

Oh, my God. It's beautiful.

- You like it?
- I love it. Are you kidding me?

It even has a little sweep second hand
for when you take people's pulses.

I don't know what to... Thank you.


So I don't know. I mean, do you wanna...
You wanna tell everyone today, or?

- To... I don't know.
- What?

Maybe now is not the right time.
We haven't even seen Tommy yet.

- But he's fine. There's no cult. He's...
- I know, I know.

But my mom is...
You know, my mom, she's fragile.

Can we just let this, you know,
play out a little bit?

Okay, sure.

- You'll still wear it, right?
- Of course.

I'm never gonna take it off.

- This is...
- Okay, let's put it on.


Hey. Hey.

- Hey.
We haven't seen him yet.

Can't we put these flowers here?

- Is... Is that him?
- Where?

No, he has a beard.

Well, so? Tommy could have a beard.

We don't know what
he looks like these days.

Oh, it's weird how nervous we are
about seeing our own brother.

- He's the one who should be nervous.
- All right, now.

No judgment. Do you remember?

- We're gonna be supportive.
- Yeah.

Beard or no beard. Do you understand?

And let's not overwhelm him.

He doesn't know we're here.

- When he comes, let's not jump over him.
- Mom.

- Let's take the cue from him.
- Mom.

- What?

Tommy. Tommy.

There he is.
- Oh, Tommy, Tommy. I've missed you so.

- I didn't know where you were.
How you doing?

How are you?
- I missed you.

- How are you? What have you been doing?
Are you okay?

Silence is as deep as eternity.

Speech is as shallow as time.

- And this place is nutty as a fruitcake.
- Shh.

- Whatever.





Rebecca, stop.

- Doctor.
- Yes!

I'm a doctor. Is everything okay?

- No, we're fine.
- You got in?

Thomas. Thomas, I need to
speak to you for a minute.


We're so... We're so sorry.

My son got into medical school.
We just got very excited.

- It won't happen again.
- That's wonderful.

Thomas, you can stay or go,
but your family needs to leave.

- Hey, what's that?
- I have no idea.

Where's Kitty?
- We got thrown out. We're in the cantina.

- Who still needs one?
- I do.

- I do.
- Oh, I'll have another.

You got thrown out on your ass.
Show a little restraint.

I'm sorry. I probably shouldn't
have landed the chopper so close.

Why did you land the chopper?

Don't you have
some big speech in D. C?

Kitty, he's making this his priority.

It's okay. They were gonna
get kicked out anyway.

We're gonna be real good now.
Tommy, how are you?

Yeah, Mom says you're in a cult.

I did not.
Yes, you did.

No. I was just concerned, that's all.
I wasn't.

Scotty and I were meant to go
to g*n to celebrate our anniversary.

Congratulations, Kev.
I'm sorry I ruined your weekend.

Shut up, Kevin.
You didn't ruin anything, Tommy.

Tommy, talk to us.
Are you feeling all right?

You look tired. You okay?

Mom, he's fine. Just relax.

Just because you got in to medical school
does not mean you know everything.

Wait a minute,
you didn't tell me you got in.

Justin doesn't like
to share his good news.

Mom can stop worrying
about one of her sons.

Oh, would you stop judging Tommy?

- You don't need to protect me. It's okay.
- It's not okay. We all make mistakes.

Sometimes you just can't fix them.

You try to fix them.
That's why I'm here.

Just stop being such an egomaniac.
Whatever is going on with Tommy

is not gonna be solved
because you descended from the sky.

I was talking about us.

What about you?
Is there something wrong with you?

- Robert and I are separating.
- What?

You just had a baby.

- What about Evan?
- I know I had a baby.

- Obviously I'm aware...

Could we not get into that right now?

- We're here for Tommy. Please.
Yeah, Tommy.

- Where are you going?

Ma, I know where this is heading
and I don't wanna watch.

Why did you have me come down here?

Oh, oh.

Finally. Finally it all makes sense.

You came because you thought
you would get what you wanted,

just like every other greedy politician.


Can I talk to you outside?

You want a separation, you got it.

Because I'm done.
I am done chasing you.

I am done trying to figure out
what you want.

If you wanna move to Pasadena,
move to Pasadena.

You wanna take Evan with you,
we'll work out the terms.

You wanna tell everybody
that we're separating, do it.

- Robert...
- Because you just closed the deal.

Have Kevin work out the details,
whatever you think is fair.

And for the record,
I didn't come because Kevin told me to.

And I wasn't fighting the terms of separation
because I wanted to be governor.

I was fighting you
on the terms of the separation

because I believe that if you move out
of our home that you will never come back.

You want a separation?
This is what one looks like.

So much for being Switzerland.

Mom, I need to stay here.

I need to work some things out.

I think I understand
how you were feeling at Ojai now.

I think you were trying
to hold on to the family.

That's what we're doing.

That's why we need you to come home.

- No, you don't.
- Yes, we do.

- We do, Tommy.
Tommy, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I hit you.
I'm sorry I let you down.

You needed me and I wasn't
there for you. I'm sorry.

Justin's so right. I can't listen to this.

What is your problem?
You know what?

If you wanna tell him how great he is,
do that.

He abandoned his child and his wife
and he betrayed every single one of us,

then ran down here to hide.

They may need you, Tommy.
I'm sorry, I don't.

Tommy, don't... Don't listen to him.

- He doesn't understand.
- Mom, he's right.

Everything he said, I did.
I did all those things.

I destroyed everything, then I fell apart.

I had a breakdown.

Please just allow me
the dignity to own that.


I have to go.

Oh, my God.
- Whoa, Rebecca, we shouldn't be here.

Justin, it's a church.
Of course we're allowed.

Oh, my God.

It's beautiful.

Yeah, it is.


Justin, let's just do it.
Let's just do it here.

Let's just find the priest
and just do it.

I mean, this... This is perfect.

Uh, yeah. We should just
find a priest and get married.

My Uncle Saul is gonna k*ll himself,
but, you know, what the hey.

Okay, forget it.

- Wait a second. You're serious?
- I guess not.

What's the matter with you?

Justin, if you don't wanna marry me...

Hey, no, no, no. Stop. Stop.

Of course I wanna marry you.

I just... I wanna put, you know,
a big rock on your finger,

and, you know, have a bunch of kids
and get all old and crotchety...

We can still have all of that
even if we elope.

I know, but our families
wouldn't be here.

Justin, look how my mother reacted.

- I mean, look at your family.
- I know they're crazy...

- So let's just do it.
- Rebecca...

I think we'd regret it, you know?

I mean, I'm not ready to give up on them,
and you shouldn't either.

I mean, come on, don't you want
your dad to walk you down the aisle?

I mean, I'm sorry, I just wanna get married
in front of our families, that's all.


Because you wouldn't even tell them
that we're engaged.



Are you all right?

I'm trying to be, Mom.

So this place is really helping you?

It is.


I'm glad you're here.

I'm glad you found it.

Do you wanna talk about anything?

You guys are the ones
who like talking, not me.

- Hey.
- This a bad time?

No, come in.

What's this?

This is the severance package
for Ryan Lafferty.

Thank you.

- How did he take it?
- It isn't signed.

- He refused?
- I refused to let him sign it.

- May I?
- Yeah.

I wanna come back to Ojai, Holly,

to keep an eye on Ryan.

- You're joking.
- No, no, I'm not joking.

I just feel he deserves better than this.

You're gonna have to
give me more than that.

William wanted to end
his relationship with Ryan's mother.

He was gonna fly to Reno
and pay her off,

whatever it took.

And then Sarah
went into labor with Coop, so...

So he sent you, didn't he?

He did.

I brought her a check,

told her that she was
never to contact William again.

She was devastated,

humiliated that William
didn't have the decency to do it himself.

She went crazy.
She was screaming at me and crying and...

And I have to say
that I resented my part in it so much.

And I was unfeeling.

And then the next day
when I heard about the accident...

- Saul...
- I have to do this, Holly.

For her.

He's her son.

I'm not responsible for your mistakes.


Saul, you'll owe me.


I want Ojai to stay a family company.

I don't know what it is if it's not that.

I never planned to be
the only Walker there.

Well, you may not have expected it,
but it doesn't surprise me.

I mean, Ojai was always gonna be yours.
I knew it. Dad knew it. Even Tommy knew it.

I'm sorry, but you're the heir apparent.

That's pretty funny
coming from the princess.

- Princess?
- Like Belle, not Sleeping Beauty.

Come on, Kitty. You always had
a fairy-tale vision for your life.

- It completely explains your politics.
- That's ridiculous.

And anyway, my knight in shining armor
turned out to be a frog.

I think the frog turned into a prince.

Whatever, okay? It's over.

It's over.

Robert and I are over.

Only if you want it to be.

Do you? Is that what you want?

Yeah, well, it's too late. He's leaving.

Is that what you want?

- Sarah...
- Decide.

- No.
- Then go.

Go, Kitty.

Robert! Robert!


Justin, are you gonna
give us a hand over here?

In a minute, all right?

Down. Down over here.
You know what?

You need to go a bit higher, Mom.

You need to go lower.
I gotta pull this pipe out.

I know we need to get the pipe out.

Hey, Kev. I heard you at the bar.

You saw me for who I was.

You always have.

I called Julia this morning.
She won't take my calls

but I'm gonna keep trying.

And I'm gonna be a father to Elizabeth.


I'm trying to change.

- It's not easy.
- I know.

- I just hope that when I do...
- I'll see that too.

That's all I want.

Hey, Justin, for God sake,
are you gonna give us a hand here or what?

In a minute.

- What are you doing?
- Rebecca, in front of God,

- Oh, my God.
Buddha and everyone I love...

- Rebecca, I love you,

and I want everyone here to know
that you're gonna be my wife.


will you marry me?

Of course I will.


- Did you talk to her?
- No.

She didn't come in to work
and she hasn't returned my call.

She's angry.

- What's that?
- A receipt.

I found it on her desk.

Twenty-thousand dollars?
That's a nice watch.

I've seen her like this before.

What do you mean "like this"?

Erratic, impulsive, rushing into things.

I mean, you should've
seen her in high school.

She was a teenage girl.

I'm not an expert,
but that sounds pretty typical.


Did she ever tell you about Chicago?

She mentioned
that she lived there, that's all.

She started sleeping with
her social studies teacher.

He was married with two kids.

And when he left L.A.,
she followed him to Chicago.

She was when she took off.

She stayed in a hotel,
she lived off credit cards,

and the only times I got any phone calls
were from collection agencies.

David, she has been so good,
so strong and steady.

And she still is.
Just have faith in that.

I'm trying to, but what if this...?

Holly, whatever happens,
we're gonna deal with it.

Well, I don't know why I was so anxious
to get this thing back.

I'm sure there's nothing remotely interesting
or important or enlightening on it.

Listen to you
tossing around the "e" word.

Maybe I learned something
over the last few days.

Really? The only thing I learned
is that vegan food gives me the trots.

- Oh, Kevin, that is so disgusting.
- It's true.

I think our bus is here.

Let's go.
Get everything.

- Sarah, do you have the plane tickets?
- Yep.

Oh, no.
I forgot to give Tommy his picture.

Sarah, ándele.

I'm coming.

Kev. What does this remind you of?

How much I hate bus travel.

Oh, come on. Think about it.
- Come on. It's Camp Lackawanna.


Oh, my God.
This is just like Camp Lackawanna.

Sorry, Mama.


He'll be all right, Mom.

I know.


- Look.

Look. Look.

- What?
Look what he did.

He did it.

- Oh, he did it.
Oh, my God.
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