01x03 - Part Three

Episode transcripts for the TV show "We Own This City". Aired: April 25, 2022 - present.
6 part mini-series based on the novel by the same name about the rise and fall of the Baltimore Police Department's g*n Trace Task Force and the corruption surrounding it.
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01x03 - Part Three

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- How's it going, John?
- I'm okay, Tom.

How is it, being detailed to the FBI?

- It's been interesting.
- Yeah, I'll bet.

He's all yours.

- How are you holding up?
- I'm having the time of my life.

It's f*cking jail, what do you think?

I'm so f*cked.

- I can't believe this shit is happening.
- You're going to have to feed them.

That's your only hole-card left.

- Yeah, well I can't
- Can't or you won't?

Look, you aren't just a city cop in cuffs,

you're a cop detailed
to the federal drug task force,

and this is a federal case.

And you aren't just
a lone cop among others,

you were the supervisor
of a unit that went bad.

They're going to make an example of you.
You got to cooperate.

Shit, man.

I just can't.

They're going to blame you, Tom.
You built that unit, man by man.

You can go in now, Detective.

Close the door, Danny, have a seat.

This about that rap song?

Look, I don't give a shit that some
gangster rapper doesn't like you.

But the fact is, we've gotten
a lot of complaints about you

stacking up over in the Eastern District.

And we're not gonna hold it against you
that you do the kind of police work

that brings complaints.

We just need to lower
the temperature a bit, cool things off.

So, we're pulling you out
of the Eastern for a while.

- Pulling me out?
- You're being reassigned.

You're going citywide, Danny.
I'm not putting you on the shelf,

I'm sending you to g*n Trace Task Force.

Welcome to the squad, Danny.

you're going to do big things.

All right!

- Back up!
- Back up!

Baltimore is a poster child
for the basic failure to stop lawlessness.

No justice, no peace!

I have heard your calls
for no justice, no peace...

Where there's smoke, there's f*re.

These officers,
they're -style gangsters.

Again, this is the federal system.

No parole, only good time.

If you get or years,
you're going to do or of it.

As your attorney, I'm advising you that...

Racketeering, conspiracy,

Tom, they got you
on a , -dollar robbery.

What can you tell me about that?

The Kitmore road stop.
Gondo put us up on that one.

Davon Robinson, street name, "Wooda."

Why are you so sold on this shitbird?

I came up around here and people I know
be saying that boy Wooda be getting it,

- that Wooda jamming so...
- "Wooda"?

I "Wooda" took a big shit if I knew
we'd be out here this long.

You do take some nasty f*ck, too.

I was thinking if you stop consuming
so much food,

- then maybe less would come out.
- Check this out. After lunch yesterday,

Hersl went into the can at The Barn
and made a captain.

- Hell, no.
- I had so much of that pit beef,

- I went in there and made a colonel.
- Yeah.

Hey, that's that n*gga right there.
Game time, baby.

- There he go.
- Let's roll.

A wiretap on a police officer's phone.

I didn't want to believe it either,
Your Honor, but here we are.

And what we've already heard from Gondo
on the Shropshire wiretap

justifies going up on his mobile phone.
We've got him on numerous calls.

More than justifies it.
Your Honor, if I may.

You two are opening up
a two-gallon can of shit with this.

Let me ask you this on this,
as speculation.

How far up the chain of command
do you think this goes?

We don't know.

Well, if you need anything further,
I'm here.

Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Good luck.

What the f*ck was that, Davon?
Led us on a f*ck car chase, man.

It's because your shit dirty, right?
I mean, you do know

- your license is suspended, right?
- What?

What the f*ck are we going
to find in that car?

Just tell me. What's in there?

Look, I don't know
what you're talking about.

Man, my license is good,

- I pulled right over...
- No, you did not pull right over.

You made us go on a f*cking car chase,
Davon. And I f*ck hate car chases, man.

Soon as I saw your lights, I pulled over.
Man, you all on some bullshit.

We on some bullshit? f*ck out of here.

You know what?
You're going to have plenty of time

to think about this shit
down in booking, all right?

And watch who the f*ck
you talking to like that.

You know who the f*ck we are?

- You know who the f*ck you talking to?
- Relax. Relax, man.

Where you working at?

They hirin'?
Can you give them my resume?

You seem like a good guy.

I tell you what, just give us that g*n,
and we'll take care of you.

Take care of me? What g*n?
Man, I don't know what you talking about.

Look, my tags are good.
Just let my girl come grab the car.

All our baby stuff is in there, man.
She's going to need it.

You're right, your tags are good.

I'm really trying my best here
to look out for you.


since you don't have a g*n,
your words, not mine,

you won't mind
if we go back to your place

and have a little look-see, right?

- But are you getting cooperation?
- Cooperation?

- Are people in town talking to you?
- Depends on who I'm talking to.

I tried to talk to Daniel Hersl

about the complaints
he's received over the years.

- What did he have to say?
- Not much.

Just that he's just doing his job,
that complaints are the proof of that.

Well, problematic to say,

but to some extent,
that happens to be true.

A cop who goes on the street and uses
his cuffs will get some complaints.

A housecat behind some desk?
No complaints.

For Hersl alone, the Board of Estimates
has paid out in settlements over...

Hersl is a mess!

If I get another sustained case
from IAD, he's gone.

Just like Laronde. Believe me.

I'm not defending Hersl here,
or anyone for that matter and...

Look, DOJ has a job to do here,

and I've told you, I'm not adverse
to the idea of a consent decree.

The more you understand the situation,
the better for everyone.

Well, thank you, but having done what I do
for as long as I have,

I'm not expecting people
in your department

to volunteer what I need to know.

Everyone you command
is on the defensive when they talk to me.


And the presumption is that,
I couldn't possibly understand their job,

or what they're facing,
or what is possible or what's not.

Well, Baltimore
is an extraordinarily violent

and drug-involved city.
Do you think that's entirely unfair?

If the job requires some of the things
I've already seen and already heard,

then I think it's fair to question
what these people think the job is.

I took this position in a department
that has fundamental problems

that haven't been addressed in years.

And now, the mayor, who gave me
the job is leaving office in November,

and I don't know who I'm working for.

Meanwhile, I got a State's Attorney
who is showboating the Freddie Gray case

and has lost the support
of my rank-and-file.

I have a police union
that fights every change,

and I got a job...

I have a job
that changes hands every year.

So, anyone I try to charge
or discipline can say,

"Screw him, he'll be gone in six months."

But telling you all of this...

I still want to turn
this department around.

Two Baker , - , B&E in progress...

And what's your name, little girl?

Clean down here. Hey! Any luck up there?

Yeah, man. Found a loaded p*stol.

Pretty lil' Ruger.

Don't say anything.

- Daddy?
- Baby girl, everything's going to be okay.

- What you got? Any cash?
- No, just a g*n. Check out the dresser.

- You good, Sarge?
- Keep looking. It's got to be somewhere.



Hey! g*n number two. Yeah, n*gga!

That's what the f*ck
I'm talking about, boy.

Quit playing with us.

And he shaved the serial numbers off.
Look at this shit.

Hey, take the g*n downstairs.
Let him see that shit.

Ten-four. Bet. Here is the a*mo.
Get into it. Yeah, boy!

Shit, we found not one,
but two f*ck g*n!

Ain't nothing in the back room. You?

No, nothing so far.

Nothing else up here, you all ready?

On the Kitmore Road raid, what you took,
did you spread that money around?

I got greedy on that one.

I kept it all.

Maybe that's why the feds know.

Your co-defendants are talking.

Is Kesha with Kesha?
Bro, tell her to tell Kesha to h*t me up.

- Is that the girl with the fat ass?
- Tell her to give her my number.

That's the one I showed you a picture of.

- Damn.
- Hey, n*gga. Quit playing!

Hold on, hold on, baby. One second.

Hey, order me a six-piece combo
with a Sprite, Sarge.

Give me a six-piece-combo-with-Sprite

Sarge, I'm almost done
with this Davon Robinson report.

- Take the money, n*gga.
- Yo.

Did we get any cash out that joint?
How much money should I put down?

- Money?
- Yeah.

Can you add on a six-piece combo
with a Sprite to that, sweetheart?

- He trying to torment me with that.
- Sarge, Davon Robinson report.

- You talking about money from our raid?
- Yes. Yes.

Here's your money right here.
How much do you want?

So, this weird shit.
Sarge, I'm just saying.

- How much do you want?
- Should I put down zero or what?

Come on, man, if I came across some money,
you'd have known about it, man.

I always f*cking share.
Ain't that right, Danny?

Yeah, the Sergeant always
likes to spread it around.

- Like fertilizer.
- You heard him, fertilizer.

Like Gondo's girl's ass.

Hey, shut your ass up. You wouldn't
even know what to do with all this ass.

You're still on the phone with her?
My bad.

Yeah, you heard?

- Board's getting full of drug players.
- But no other cops yet. Aside from Gondo.

Speaking of which.

Look, baby, I'm sorry,
lot of dumb shit going on at work.

You there?

Men make time
for what they want to make time for.

Shit, you been reading
them woman magazines again. Look, girl...

- Is that our guy?
- Yeah,

he's all the way in the dog house
with his girlfriend.

Missed date night, again.

I got to mark this down
as a non-pertinent, but before I do,

listen to some of this ball-busting.

Baby, do you even know what it means
to be in a f*ck w*r?

- We at w*r with half the damn city.
- The shit you talk...

For real, we bringing in g*n.
We snatching dr*gs, one case to the next.

And I'm keeping you with all the court pay
and overtime and working my ass off...

- To hear him tell it, he's a hero.
- ...you come to bust

on me for this shit.

Drug w*r justifies a lot.

All right.

Who's better than you, kid.

Swear to God, dude.
All right, let's do it then, come on.

- You got that?
- I've got half a dozen humps,

and Wayne f*cking Jenkins.

What'd you bring in this time, Rook?

We got the four-five, three Z's bagged,
QP of weed, and a little over three grand.

Born to work plainclothes, ain't you?

You know how it goes, Sarge.
It's what we do.

One second. What's going on, baby?

He what? Hang on, slow down.
He what? Is he still there?

Okay. No, don't sign nothing, all right?

You just keep him there,
you understand me?

No. Keep him there, I'm on my way.

- f*ck.
- What's up?

This contractor assh*le

just changed up all the quotes
on Kristy for the new house.

I got to go, man. I got to go straighten
this f*ck out.

Now? Who's going to submit
all this shit at ECU.

- Sarge, my wife needs me.
- f*ck her needs!

Take your f*cking skirt off
and get over here. We got work to do.

- All right, come on. Let's bag it up then.
- Yeah, let's bag it up.

f*ck me, man.
Always a line down here, dude.

I f*cking got places I got to be.

- Man, we all got somewhere to be.
- Hey, man, no, I really do.

Here we go, man.
f*ck you, Wayne. Golden boy.

Look at you all proud and shit.

What's this, your first time down here.
Come through with a BB g*n or something?

I know that look, assh*le.
What's in the bag this time?

- I mean you know me, jackpot.
- Quit bragging, dude.

That's the way it is man. Hey, you got
a big d*ck, you wear tight pants.

Just because you plainclothes flex squad
f*ck get to do what you want.

- Running all wild and shit.
- We're hunters, dawg.

- We get to hunt.
- Yeah.

Jenkins, get your ass
to the front of the line.

I can do that. Appreciate you, Sarge.

You keep giving me good stats,
and I'll get you what you need.

Jesus, get a room, you two.

You know who that is, right?
That's Mickey Fries, man.

He's got Southeast flex, man,

but I'll tell you what,
he got the whole Eastern shook!

f*ck be yelling,

"Mickey Fries out! Mickey Fries out!"
Everybody starts to run.

That's real police, man.
You don't know nothing about that.

Just sign the forms, and I'll stay around
to process everything.

- I appreciate you, Sarge.
- Now, go help your wife, family man.

You know I will.
Hey, you keep it sexy, bro.

Special Agent Jensen,
you are hereby relieved of duty.

You're early. But I won't complain.

- Anything to note?
- Pretty quiet.

Couple of false starts
that turned into non-pertinents.

You get out of here,
and get yourself some rest.

No rest for me. I've got flute practice.

As in, a woodwind instrument?
Wow. You're a flutist.

Flautist. I flaut.
Call me if anything pops off.


Holy shit. As I live and breathe.
I heard you were a housecat now.

Just biding my time.

Trying for an even
before I put my papers in.

- Where were you before?
- Permanent midnight, Sector Two.

I like my days to myself.
Before that I had the Flex Squad.

But f*ck it, son, I got out of there.

- You didn't like plainclothes?
- Man, I didn't like what we were doing.

Jumping out on old heads and children.

Everybody getting paid,
and nothing getting no better.

This job, man, it's changed.

I guess you glad
you got to homicide, right?

m*rder still m*rder.

- So, what you doing up here?
- You got a Jaquan Dixon?

His name is on a report I'm interested in.

Check out back. Charlie shift
is shaping up so he's probably there.

Tall, young brother with a light beard.

- Be easy, Billy.
- You too, man.

- Jaquan Dixon?
- All day.

Suiter. Homicide.

- Big time.
- I'm looking for some help

on a sh*ts-fired call
you handled last week.

The one on Hilldale.
At the old lady's house. What about it?

- Call came in anonymous, right?
- Yeah. Bunch of assholes popping off,

- but no one gets h*t.
- You get any names from anyone?

By the time we roll up,
everybody's been gone.

Why are you pulling it up now?

It's half a block from my m*rder.
I have the Fenwick case.

Right. The dude in the alley.

Well, it was just a hunch.
In case, you caught a name or two.

No names. But I was one
of the last guys at the scene,

and this did happen
at a grandma's house,

and I wanted to make sure she was good.
But I guess she was,

because her old ass blew me off.

- You got the casings, right?
- What?

I submitted spent casings
to ECU, five of them.

Also a spent round
that broke a car window.

- You did?
- My Sergeant said f*ck it, why bother?

You know, if no one was sh*t.

But I mean, I don't mind
a ride downtown and a little paperwork.

My man. Respect.

You want to roll through the scene?
It's right up the street. Come on.

I look at my son and can't help
but see the facts between us.

That there could easily be a piece
of glass between us.

So, I kiss the ground every night,
I'll never know when my time's up.

To be a Black man in America
is to live every day in a lineup.

Let's hear it one more time
for West Baltimore's own Tariq Touré.

He's truly a voice,
and this city is lucky to have him.

Alongside his fellow panelists,
D. Watkins...

Doctor Zauditu-Selassie,
who'll be in the back signing books.

Hey, remember to pay for them first.

And thank you all for coming out.

Fact of the matter
is I'm not really a political writer.

You should probably go talk to D.

I will. But people told me
I should reach out to you

because of the work you do
on racism and police v*olence.

- So, how long have you been doing this?
- Feels like forever.

But I started going extra hard
after Freddie Gray was k*lled, you know?

We already knew
how trash our police department was.

Trash. But the world got to take it in.

So, what's your take on the mayor's race?

Politics drains
the souls of righteous people.

They volunteered to work
at the slaughterhouse. All of them.

Okay, and the new police commissioner?

Kevin Davis? You know,
he gives out his personal cell.

Says he has an open door policy
for everyone in the community.

- He does that?
- I mean, yeah,

but he doesn't pick up the phone.

In my experience,
I mean, I called him twice.

Davis is also a politician, right?

Anybody who could keep
Gray's K*llers on payroll,

plus those brutal cops who are plastered
in that long article in the Sun

with their crimes
on display, city payouts, right?

And you cannot clean the floor
with a bucket of dirty water, can you?

Dirty water can still put out a f*re.

Not the fires in this city.

So, I'm seeing this chick, Misty,
classic Highlandtown whore.

Fried hair, smells like an ashtray,
bad perfume on top.

Hey, man, pull up on these two right here.

What's going on, gentlemen?

Guys, do me a favor, just wrap things up
for us. Go on inside the house.

What you mean? We live here, man.
We not doing nothing.


Hey, my man, did you hear me say
you were doing something?

We got a lot going on tonight. We need
the streets clear. So, go inside. Now.

- Let's go.
- Appreciate it. Get the f*ck out of here.

So, Misty used to strip right over
at the Ritz.

- Yeah.
- You know, on Broadway?

Some big, old ass for a white girl.

Now, circle around on these two, man.
f*ck. f*cking kids.

Man, I'm trying to f*cking be nice.

- Need a backup unit.
- Now, you're going to jail.

- You understand me?
- Don't move, man.

f*ck off them steps.

- These my steps. I ain't going nowhere.
- Your steps, f*ck?


Don't f*cking fight me, f*ck.
Give me your hands, you f*ck.

You want to talk that f*cking shit?

Say it again.
Still want to talk that f*cking shit?

Hey, come on.
That's enough, Wayne. Christ!

- Yeah, now it's enough.
- Chill, man.

That's my f*ck' brother, man.
I hope you feel better!

You got a big f*cking mouth,
you know that?

That's f*cked up!

- You said you want to see me, Sarge?
- Shut the door.


What's going on?

Brother, you f*cked up. Big time.

I mean, two guys enjoying a beer
on their steps. What the f*ck, dude?

What? Those assholes?
They came back on it?

You left witnesses
and a f*cked-up arrestee

who had to go to Hopkins for stitches.

They came in
with a pretty legit complaint.

Look, I gave them a chance.

I told them,
"Hey, get the f*ck on inside."

I mean, that's... I circled the block.
One of them mouths-off to me.

Wayne, you could lose
your job over shit like this.

Lose my...

Hang on. Hang on. Look, maybe things...

you know, got out of hand.

You know, maybe I took it a little bit...


Are you guys...

- You guys f*cking with me? f*ck, Sarge.
- Wayne, calm down.

You're an earner
and you work your ass off.

We are always going to protect you.

But, seriously, you could've been nailed.

The problem is you half-assed
the paperwork.

Look, I... Yeah,
I'll be honest with you. I just...

Yeah, I didn't really think this
was much of anything.

Look here.

Always start with the att*ck.

A thr*at to your safety can never be
mentioned enough.


See, it has to seem standard
to anyone looking at this

that you and any other officers
were in serious danger.

I know.

I don't even see the part
in here about the broken bottle,

had to hear about that from your partner.

I mean, yeah. Look, that f*ck,
he didn't just drop it.

I mean, yeah, he did.
He threw it right at me.

I mean, luckily, LT,
I am an elite athlete.

Know what I mean? I mean, he would've
h*t me right in the f*cking grill

if I hadn't been so nimble,
you know, so... No, you're right, Sarge.

I just didn't think this one mattered.
I got sloppy.

- Rewrite that son of a bitch, okay?
- All right. I hear you. I'm on it.

You f*ck.
You scared the shit out of me, man.

- Yo.
- Yo, you got it done, right?

Just pulled them over, at North and Gay,
a couple blocks below you.

The White boy, right?
The one we talked about.

Yeah. Him and his girl.

He got the money and the g*n, like I said?

- You hungry yet? I'm thinking Thai...
- Gondo is on the line.

But you hold up. We ain't rushing.

Because I told them I had his shit,
but I ain't got nothing.

I ain't got nothing here no more,
no Xannies, no nothing.


Yeah, you don't need nothing.
He ain't going to make it to you.

We're not rushing.

I got to make my own plan now,
just in case some shit go wrong.

- Yeah.
- Where you at?

I'm at the Prime Rib
having steak au poivre.

- How fast can you get to North Avenue?
- Why?

Gondo's at a traffic stop and it's coming
across kind of strange.

Gondo's on the wire right now?

Oh, crap. All right.

North and what?

- North and Gay.
- Don't let him go. I don't got his shit.

- Did they find anything?
- Hold up.

Give me your shit.
The f*ck are you doing?

What's with these Howard County f*ck?

This f*ck is just scared.
So scared, it got me nervous.

Man, f*ck this. I'm hungry.
Let them buy their little dr*gs and leave.

No, no, no.
There's a g*n in there. Hold up, bro.

g*ng's all here.

- Gondo, Rayam, Hersl, and I think Allers.
- Yo, he usually got the shit in back.

All right, f*ck this. I want lunch.

- I'm hungry.
- Hey, bro, you...

Hersl, you got no chill, man.

- Get the f*ck out of the car.
- What the f*ck I do?

Get the f*ck out of the car.

- Put your hands behind your head.
- Hands behind your head.


- Sit down. Put your legs out.
- Come on man, what did we do?

- The f*ck did I do, man?
- Don't you f*cking worry about it, man.

Hey, man, keep that shit moving.

They're going to go inside
the guy's pockets.

Oh, yeah.

- We got a little something there.
- What the f*ck are you doing, man?

Get off me. Are you kidding me?

- Shut the f*ck up.
- There ain't no g*n in here.

- Keep looking. It's in there.
- All right.

Where you put it?

- f*ck, you sure?
- The g*n is in his right pocket.

- His jacket.
- And you saw that shit?

Yeah. He carries it every time he comes
because he got so much money,

he be scared. He should have
like or dollars on him.


- Thinking he could get robbed.
- Check his jacket, yo.

He ain't wearing a f*cking jacket.
He's wearing a t-shirt.

Hey, man. Just check the shit.

Yo. d*ck-lip. Where's your jacket?
In the back?

I don't have a jacket, man.

Oh, yeah? You don't have a jacket?
All right, man. Calm the f*ck down.

He's checking,
he said he ain't got nothing.

They searched him and it ain't in there.

It ain't in his pockets, man.

He's shaking his head
saying he ain't got nothing on him.

They searched him already.
It ain't in his pockets.

- He carries it every time he comes.
- Man, you bugging. You got...

What you got?

I like that sound. You not going to like
that sound, but I like that.

- Oh, shit.
- Hey.

- Look at that.
- Hey.

- Ain't she cute?
- I told you, f*ck.

Ain't she cute?

- We out here, brother.
- Come on, man.

That's a cute little... Don't wake her.

- Look at that.
- Stupid f*ck.

- We eating tonight, yeah!
- What?

- Your girl got a point.
- Nice one, Gondo.

When this guy lands at Central booking
and makes his phone call...

we're going to want a recording of it.

That her, on the porch signifying?

Yeah, that's her.
She wouldn't give me no play at all.

A lot of people don't like to talk to us.
I wonder the hell why.

Shells were scattered right
over there by the curb.

That car window was shattered over here.

Looked inside and there was a pretty clean
b*llet sitting on the backseat,

plain as day.

Young lady, can I talk to you?

- I ain't got time. Excuse me.
- Hold on. Baltimore Homicide.

What's your name? Do you live here?

- This my boyfriend house. Why?
- Well, what's your boyfriend's name?

- Sir, what do you want with us?
- What's his name?

- Tae. Nobody did anything. Can I go?
- Okay. One sec. What's your name?

- Ebony.
- Ebony?

Do you or Tae own a g*n?

I'm going to go in the house.
I'm not arrested, right?

No, but we're going to find out
what happened

and where those b*ll*ts
we found out here came from.

When we do,
somebody's going to get locked up.

- Can I go?
- Have a fine day.

- Ms. Ebony got something to hide.
- Yeah.

I live here.

You understand me?
You all come and go, but I live here.

- I understand.
- So do I, Ms. Greene. This is my post.

You remember, I tried to talk to you
about this the other day when it happened.

I guess you think you're doing
good policing up in this neighborhood.

Ma'am, we want to do a good job.

Now, I understand why you feel
how you do about police.

But a good man d*ed around the corner
from here. I mean, a working man,

just like me. Me and that clean brother
up on your wall.

And I was in the service too.
Is that your husband?

My late husband.

You know, we were one of the first
Black families to buy up on this block.

It was beautiful.

Believe it or not, it was beautiful.

Mrs. Greene...

we're not asking you to come to court
or anything like that.

We just need a little help.

Can you tell us anything?

Anything at all about the sh**ting
that took place across the street?

Any little thing will help.

Ms. Ireane up on the corner,
she has a grandson.

That boy is a devil. A true devil.

That's all I have to say.

- One more thing.
- That's all I have to say.

In that sense, Ms. Steele,
I'm not sure what we could tell you

that's going to change your mind.
I mean, you folks came into town

with these preconceived notions
and you're going to act on those,

no matter what we tell you.

We came to town because the newspaper here

reported on all the cash settlements
the city had paid out

to victims of police misconduct.
A string of brutality cases...

Claimed misconduct.

Those settlements did not admit
to any fault on the part of the officers.

But cash settlements, nonetheless.

And sufficiently concerning
is that the mayor invited

an outside assessment of the department.

The same mayor
who lost control of the city

and let the Freddie Gray riots
tear through downtown.

Do you believe the new mayor will be
more sympathetic to your officers?

It's not as though Catherine Pugh
is running on law-and-order.

We'll see.
But if she ties up this department

in a federal consent decree,
and we can't police effectively,

then she'll have
the same political problems as Stephanie.

Can I ask you something,

not as union president,
just for my edification?

Are Baltimore police
engaged in a work slowdown

because of the Freddie Gray indictments?

Arrest numbers are way, way down,
even as v*olence in the city is up.

The union does not
in any way endorse a job action.

But if you are asking

if there are officers
who won't risk indictment

for trying to clear a corner
or make an arrest...

I think that's probably the case.

Would you risk your freedom
for trying to make an arrest

if you knew a prosecutor
might come behind you

with an indictment for false arrest?

- If the arrest is legitimate.
- You're talking about probable cause.

Ms. Steele, the courts themselves
keep changing their mind

on the rules of when we can detain,
or stop-and-frisk, or arrest someone.

Every year, the Supreme Court

has a new version
of what the Fourth Amendment says.

And here comes Mosby,
our State's Attorney,

not only charging a m*rder

because Gray d*ed of undetermined causes
in the back of a police wagon,

but charging the officers who arrested
that man who had a Kn*fe for false arrest.

- Charging them criminally.
- Any Baltimore cop doesn't want to risk

using his handcuffs after seeing all that.

- Can you blame them?
- When all the acquittals come in...

and they will,

we'll see if we go
through another round of riots

- or the new mayor will defend the city.
- Could there ever be a moment

where a police officer performed
their job in such a manner

that you would agree with a finding
that he or she should be fired

for abusive behavior or brutality?
Could that ever happen in Baltimore?

- Certainly.
- Has it ever happened?

We are a labor union, Ms. Steele.

We are here to support our members.

I'm going to need it for bail.

They gave me back your wallet.
It was empty. There was nothing.

Because it wasn't in the wallet.
It was in the money clip.

- The cash was all in my clip.
- He didn't give me back no clip.

Thieving f*cking cops took all of it.
Amy, you need to get me out of here.

Courtesy of the City Detention Center.

- We got them stealing in real time.
- Which ones?

Gondo, Rayam, Allers, Hersl,
on that car stop.

I had eyes on all of them the whole time.

Are we having fun or what?

I don't know what to think. We got Bedard.

Maybe Guthrie. After that,
we ain't got nothing but shit.

They won't pay for pitching.
They say they're rebuilding.

The Orioles have been rebuilding
for f*cking forever.

They used to have a pharmacist.

That's right. It's called the Oriole Way.
But not anymore.

Jenkins. What you drinking, boy?

What it is, man. What you got?
What you working with?

No. f*ck that. You got to chip in.

- Now, come on. What's going on, man?
- Come on. Pay up. Pay up.

I see. My girl said
when a n*gga start patting his pockets

when you ask him for money, he broke.

- Not what your girl said to me, man.
- Okay.

Tell you what, I got that overtime coming.
I'll get you like Tuesday or some shit.

No. Keep that shit, Jenkins. You might
need it to buy a maxi-pad or something.

- Damn. Shit. You all got steaks, huh?
- Yeah. We ain't f*cking around.

All right. Well, shit. Okay, Danny.

I might have to go
into the old secret stash then.

There it is.

f*ck, you finally get promoted
to citywide plainclothes,

and you can't fill them pockets
with a shit ton of money? How that work?

- Give me one of those fat ones, man.
- Yeah, all right.

I'll tell you what your problem is.

See, I can get drunk
for a week off bucks.

Nobody told y'all to get all this
high-call bullshit.

I mean, come on, Danny.
What's happening to you, man?

What is this shit right here, man?

What the f*ck
is this bougie-ass bottle, man?

What the f*ck is Pat-Ron, anyway?

It's Patron tequila, Wayne.

You might as well still be in uniform
if you going to carry shit like that.


Danny, I know what the f*ck it is, man.
I'm just f*cking with you, man.

You got me?

Don't know what the f*ck
you're laughing at.

- This shit's funny?
- Yeah, a little funny.

Tell you what's f*cking funny
is your f*cking police work.

That's what funny, dude.

That's what's f*cking funny.

Do you ever f*cking lock the door, Donny?

Damn, look at you up there.

- Looks like times are tough, Donny.
- Yeah. It's all right, man.

But not without those letters
of recommendation,

- one of which was yours.
- Hey, man, I do what I can.

State wouldn't give me
no bondsman license.

I got a fundamental belief
in second chances, Donny.

- It's just who I am.
- Ain't that the truth.

But you know,
I'm gonna use that second chance

to make some real bank now.

I'm sure you will.

But you're doing all right.

I mean, you're doing real well, right?
You're like...

citywide now, right?

- Oh, yeah. Organized Crime Division.
- Well, that's big time.

Oh, yeah. Whatever. Now I just gotta go
get paid like them other guys.

Let's go look at some women.
That'll get your spirits up.

f*ck, yeah.
Let's get go look at some p*ssy, man.

All right, man.
I got to change my shirt, man.

I smell like
a f*cking elephant's assh*le, man.

Come on. Let's go. Double D.

Holy shit.

g*dd*mn queen, look at her, man.
She's a g*dd*mn queen.

What's going on, girl?

What's going on with that?

Hey. Look at that Amazon queen
right there.

- Go for it, man.
- I'll leave my wife for her, man.

I'll leave my wife for her.
I'll do it tonight.

Do it. I ain't stopping you.

Who's the queen?


- Wow.
- Yeah, wow.

- Wow.
- Wow. What's your name?

I want to eat you up.

Look at those big, old lips.
Girl, you're so sexy.

- Can I touch you?
- Hold on.

- Can I touch you?
- Hold on.

You want to buy a bottle of champagne
and come with me to the back room?

- Yeah. All right.
- Yeah?

- What's gonna happen in the back room?
- You got to buy the bottle first.

- How much is that going to cost me?
- Two hundred. And then a tip for me.

- That's a little rich for my blood.
- I don't think so. I don't think so.

I think so. Can we negotiate a little bit?

Don't worry about it, bro. I got this.

- Go on.
- For real?

- Oh, yeah. I got you, man. Here.
- See? He got you.

I see how you worked the man.

- Let's go.
- Wait. You're not police, right?

Come on, girl. Man, f*ck the police.

All right. All right.
And that's just for starters, all right?

- Okay.
- Yeah. You take care of my boy.

- You already know.
- You already know, D. You already know.

- Let's go.
- Let's go. Double D!

So, how's Baltimore?

I'd like to say I've seen worse,
but I can't remember where.

Half the department has quit working
to protest the Freddie Gray indictments,

and the other half
can't stop b*ating on people.

And both halves tell me
the job can't be done legally.

Assuming she wins in November,
which she should,

will the new mayor be cooperative?

Pugh? Well, we haven't met her yet.
But Police Commissioner Davis,

he tells me that he doesn't know
if she's on board for the consent decree.

That's different from Rawlings-Blake.

Davis thinks that her campaign donors,
the developers, are telling her

that the consent decree
will bankrupt the city.

- What do you think of him?
- He says the right things.

To me, he's pro-reform,
caught between rocks and hard places.


I get that he inherited
a mess of a department, but I just...

I don't see a man that's ready
to take on the status quo.

He told me privately,
he's never seen a department

where so few cops
are interested in police work.

That he doesn't know who he can rely on.

- He said that?
- He told me something else.

- He said he thinks he's got cops stealing.
- Yeah, I'm hearing that too.

So, how are things here in Washington?

A little nauseous right now,
what with these early primaries.

I mean, can you believe it?

- Where you been?
- On the street.

- No, seriously.
- I was on the street.

g*dd*mn. Yes, yes, yes. I got a match.

- Two good b*ll*ts.
- Which case?

Fenwick case.

- The Fenwick b*llet matches what else?
- A sh*ts-fired call around the corner.

b*ll*ts from a sh*ts-fired? No vic?

Who the hell recovers a b*llet
on that shit? Seriously.

Ebony. Ebony! Where's Tae?

I need to talk to him.
Look, do not play with me.

He's a suspect in a m*rder.

And if I find out you're hiding him,
you're going to jail too.

You know what? f*ck this.
Let's go downtown. Come!

At his cousin's house,
by that McDonald's off of North Avenue.

I don't know the address.
Pull your phone out. Pull it out.

I'm going to give you one chance
to help yourself and you need to take it.

Was Tae involved in the sh**ting
that happened around here?

Call him. Tell him to meet you here now.
Do you really want this kind of trouble?

Is this guy worth it?

Work, work, work, work, work, work, work.

Rayam and Gondo gave us this one.

- Davon Robinson.
- AKA Wooda.

Allers robbed him right in front
of his girl and two children.

If he had been so good as to share it
with Gondo and the others on the raid,

they might not be putting him in
so quickly now.

Where's Robinson now?

Not DOC and not courtside.
I don't see anything on the active docket.

Well, let's talk to him.
Part of tightening up these cases

is getting the victims to cooperate.

Put some of these guys on the stand
and you make it real to a jury.

I don't think he's going to agree
to testify against police.

Well, he might when we tell him Allers
and the rest are already locked up

and that the U.S. Attorney's Office
is going to look out for him.

Let's bring him in and I'll lay it out.

- Help y'all?
- Hello. I'm Erika Jensen with the FBI.

Is Davon Robinson around?
We'd like to talk to him.

FBI? You looking to speak with Davon?

Grandma, can you come get this baby?

She's pretty.

Thank you.

Is this Davon's daughter?

Looks more like her daddy every day.

All right.

That takes care of Devante Brim.

Now, let's give his house a good toss
and find some g*n.

Shit, she almost likes you.

I didn't hear the garage door.

I left the car in the driveway.
I was trying not to make too much noise.

How was work?


work was really good.

- That's a switch.
- A m*rder is down because of me.

Me and a cop,
a kid who actually did his damn job.

It's down.

It wouldn't be down without us,
so work was just about perfect.

I'm so proud of you.

Detective Suiter.

- So, you up now?
- At : in the morning?

I'm not that proud.

Henderson? That f*ck?
That's the biggest f*cking waste

of a big body I ever seen, dude.

He look mean but he's soft as f*ck.
Let's get this. Yes, sir. Yes, sir.

Hey, Sues, give us another round.
What's up, Suit?

- Hey.
- I love him, man. He came through.

- I told you.
- You know, we try to do our best.

- Yeah.
- Hey, man, you lucky as f*ck.

Man, I'm just ordering another round.
Sit down, man.


Don't look at him too long there, Sue.
He belong to me.

Got it, Wayne.

- Y'all look torched, man.
- Yeah, man. We are.

- There's a reason for that.
- Yeah.

Dude, you got some good f*cking timing.

He shows up right when
the f*cking round is being poured.

That's something else, man.

Hold on, I got to h*t the head though.
I'll get the next round.

All right? And nobody,
nobody drives tonight. You hear me?

- Y'all won't be driving nowhere tonight.
- Look, Sue, take the keys from these guys.

- Sue, you gonna take my keys?
- I'll take your keys.

- I'll drive you home myself, Wayne.
- I didn't order this...

Stop, man. I saved it for Suit, man.

What's up? How you doing, man?
What's good?

What do we think of him, man?

- Sean?
- Yeah.

You know him better than me.
I mean, you've been with him in SES.

Can we trust him?

Yeah, I've heard good things.

Well, I guess you're going to find out.

f*ck, Wayne.

When's the last time
you ate some real food?

Come on, dawg. I need that sugar rush
before I bang on shitheads.

You want a bite?

- I'm good.
- You sure? I got plenty up there.

Look at this shit.

Looks like a regular, old carwash.

Ain't no car wash. This is a gold mine.

That. See that chubby f*ck right there?

That's the fool we been up on, man.
I'm telling you that dude is a monster.

There goes his powerboat right there.

- That's his boat?
- Yeah. It's about to be our boat.

These f*ck, late as shit.
How the f*ck am I waiting on you all?

Y'all ready to get famous?

- Let's go.
- It's go time.

You two, take that front door.

If anybody tries you, you break their ass.
You understand me?

- Good?
- Yeah.

Let's go. Police. Let me see your hands.
On the ground. Get down on the ground.

Check out that door right there.
On the f*cking ground.

Hey, man, on the ground.

Get down! Get down! Get down!

- You good?
- What the f*ck is this?

- Turn that shit off.
- Hey! Hey! To the wall, to the wall.

Hey, man, let's get him
off the ground, please.

Are you serious?

What's going on, Mr. Conley?
You good, sir?

We got a bottle of water coming
in for you right now, okay?

Look, I'm going to level with you, sir.

If you make this easy on me,

I'm going to make this easy
on you, all right?

Now, me and my detectives,

we are aware that there are narcotics
and firearms on these premises.

- Can you tell me where they're at, sir?
- You got a warrant?

Come on, big dawg. You know,
I'm going to keep it a hundred with you.

Now, look, you help me out,

I'm going to get you
up out of this, all right?

Do what you got to do, Wayne.

My goodness. Be all stubborn? g*dd*mn.

It's going to be like that? All right.

I mean, I could just gut this place.

I'm going to give you
another sh*t, Mr. Conley.

Why don't you tell me
where the works at, sir?

Last chance.

All right.

Ain't going to be a car wash
when I'm done with it.

Going to tell you that right now.

Oops. Got to be all f*cking stubborn.

Trying to help your ass,

but you're gonna be
all f*cking big and tough.

All right.

What's up, bitch? I love this.

You're doing this, sir. This ain't me,
it's you. I gave you a sh*t, right?

You want to say something now?
Should we keep going?

How about that?

You still don't want to say shit?
How about that? f*ck.


- Gorilla looking ass f*ck.
- f*ck you, Wayne.

- Say that shit again, bitch.
- You f*cking f*g.

It's like that?

Be quiet, boy.
Ain't nothing tough about you, bitch.

- Is that right?
- I got you.

- Is that, right?
- Wayne.

- I got you.
- That's a nice f*cking TV.

g*dd*mn, dude,
with that f*ck'... f*cking Sony.


What's it now, f*ck?

Take the cuffs off,
I'll bust your f*ck ass.

- You call me a f*g, f*ck?
- Wayne. Wayne.

This ain't no regular table.
Come check the table.

This ain't no regular table.

- f*cking scared of you.
- This ain't no regular table.

Flip this bitch over.


- f*ck!
- Okay.

You got something to say now?

Somebody going away a long time.
f*cking jackpot up in here.

Oh, yeah.

g*dd*mn. You know,
sometimes the hard way works.

Hey, get them guys in here.

- f*ck you!
- I'll tell you what, big dawg,

you're going to jail a long f*cking time.
Man, get him the f*ck out of here.

Hey, man. That's some great
f*cking police work, dawg.

- Hey.
- That's a f*cking...

Hey, man, I didn't know
I was here with Supercop.

f*ck got a sil*ncer. Look at this.

Oh, my goodness.

g*dd*mn, Sean, I tell you what, man.
You doing the damn thing. And a brick.

And a f*ck brick.

That's some good-ass
f*cking police work, dawg.

Yeah. We got
about , Gs up in there.


You have got, like, six g*n, brick.

f*cking powerboat out there.

I don't know. What you think, man?

Shit, Wayne.

- What? There's patrol outside. We...
- Okay.

We can't walk out of here
with , dollars.

- Come on, man. Come on.
- Okay. You're right. Okay.

So, we got the brick. We got six g*n.
We got the f*ck powerboat.

Say about Gs in drug money.

You know something, I'm going
to call it in like that, dawg.

- That's what we're doing.
- Wayne.

- Wayne. Wayne.
- Hey, hey, hey.

I said that's what we're doing.

I'm going to bag that shit up.
We going to get the guys.

They're going to get the rest of it.

Call a camera crew, big dawg.

That's some beautiful f*cking police work.


A decorated police officer.

Do you know how many g*n
he's taken off the street?

How many lives he saved?
He's a family man.

And has served this city
for most of his adult life.

"Decorated police officer."

"Hero cop."

What you got me accused of here?

Taking some money?

Okay. Yeah, maybe. But I did my job.

I brought g*n
and dr*gs off these streets.

I never hurt no one.

- You never hurt anyone?
- f*ck no.

What about Davon Robinson?

- Who?
- The young father

that you took , from.

The raid on Kitmore Road.
Supplement reports say no money seized,

but we know different.

Don't we, Sergeant Allers?

- That ten grand you stole...
- It's about that time.

Make sure you pick up some milk
on your way back.

...Davon Robinson owed it to his supplier.

Bye, baby.

Those kinds of street debts...

don't get forgiven.


Hey, let's go, n*gga. Peel off.
Peel off. Go, go!

I'll confer with my client.

f*ck you.


How about when I called him
a gorilla, dawg?

Tell you what, Brass going to be sucking
our dicks for this one, man.

Probably get a medal or some shit.

That was a good-ass eye
on that table, man. That was...

Man, you got an eye, dawg.

That was some serious police work, man.

- A good day.
- Bet your ass it was a good day.

I don't know, man. Shit.

What you don't know, man?
It's yours. You earned it.

Man, you don't realize what happened
today, man. That was a bad f*ck.

A bad f*cking person.
We got him off the street, man.

- Yeah, but...
- We got his g*n and his dough.

Hang on, let me finish.
You know, we could've d*ed today, right?

Walk into that shop...

f*ck heads bl*wn off.

That risk sure as shit ain't worth
what I bring home every two weeks, man.

f*ck that.

My babies can't eat
no f*cking medal, Sean.

A folded flag
because I take a b*llet for a city

that don't give two f*ck about us.

What do we do this for?

This is a lot.
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