03x19 - Endgame (2)

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Generator Rex". Aired: April 2010 - January 2013.
An animated series following Rex a 15-year-old who's infected by microscopic molecular-altering nanites and has the ability to grow incredible machines out of his body.
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03x19 - Endgame (2)

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Sooner or later it was supposed to be

Most of the pieces were in our hands

So it was only a matter of time
The Black Knight makes a move

And out of all these opportunities to att*ck

He had chosen now

Just when I was in the bathroom

- How many curses?
- Does it make a difference?

Can you do a little better?

You just wet your lips

Even if they get their hands on metanates
We still have a chance

a*t*matic destruction type?

Do not even think about it, doctor
I will not let the work reach those places

I hope

I do not agree much
You know what we want

It's impossible to get out of here with those knights

Sounds pretty confident

You already are. We defeated
Honestly, we defeated you every time

So how is it going to be different this time?

Now it's different

Translated by a person

Note: This subtitle has been translated from Portuguese to Persian
Its cost is up to Salawat

Are you ivo

You thought you were just experimenting before
Was Ruth done?

You are not at all like me
I seem to be an improved version of you

Before we go any further

I have to explain something

The story began when a number of scoundrels

They wanted to live forever

So to do this, the best scientists
They hired the world

The answer they found was the Ninevites

Microscopic machines that could
Cure diseases

And so is hunger
They could almost make the world a better place

My parents and older brother too
They were part of the team

And the light of this cove
Not familiar?

Van Clays

But one day
Something happened

To save my life, my parents
I was injected with Ninaite

Answered but
It had a number of side effects

I could talk to these cars

And then I was able to make some secret things

This made them wonder how far they could go
It turned out to be too much

These little cars can
Control the foundation of the world

But to do this, they needed a master controller

To plan the rest of the knights and
Tell them what to do

Energy, gravity, time
Space and mechanical elements

All that wheel the times and the world

Their composition is something in
It became the essence of God

And when my parents and brother found out
That the consortium intends

To put these in their own bodies

They got nervous and decided to save the earth

Something had to be done to stop it

That's why they blew it up

Which became known as the Nineveh Incident

It did not end well for my parents

When the others were fleeing
My parents got stuck there

I'm still not sure how

The good news was that
There was no master control

And the bad news was that

Dangerous and unplanned intentions
Published worldwide

The combination of Nineite and DNA also became Ivo

My brother Caesar also got stuck in time
When he was running away

Van Clees also exploded
And returned in the form of the worst Ivy in the world

I also forgot and started a good life

Of course, this is my opinion

Of course, it turned out I had a strange past

I had several friends
And of course a few enemies

It turned out that memory loss
It was a natural thing for me

The last time I opened my eyes and
I asked who I was

There was a time when this cove found me

Worked for the organization

A kind of international police department

Who is responsible for clearing up accidents after
The accident was unfortunate

Of course, under the supervision of the person who caused the accident


It was good early
I had my own doctor

A monkey assistant
A cool friend

I was a popular hero

The world loved me and
My powers were getting better day by day

Van Clees was still annoying
But I was able to arrange it

In fact far

Then the situation turned sour

My grandfather Yahoo was found out of nowhere

I was thrown to next month

I found out the White Knight from the organization

And this lady
Is responsible

Black Knight

From the very beginning, he was a training dog of the consortium

And now, his boss is calling
Finish what they started

Most former scientists reunited

And together they rebuilt the Nnight project

During the first expl*si*n, the master controls the knights
They were spread all over the world

And we were in competition with the organization so
Get them

So far we have won the competition

And we get to what happens now

Is the Black Army a robot?

Just command them with one finger

What's funny?

I am in front of people
I stop myself

But you are not human

Calm down Dad


Shame on Dadach
They found me

It is very difficult to say no to them

Well done Mr. Fickens

And thanks to its unique ability,

We can easily do it with Nine
Get out of here the old way

Give up. that's not fair
I'm unarmed

-it's true
- Take it

Not a good idea

Listen to this mess

Van Clays
Why are you here?

Forgot. No wait
I forgot

A master does not control his body

And he was hiding it

I changed my mind
Do not listen to him

It's messy
you forgot?

Are you sure about this?

Yes, I'm very sure

- Do you have any b*ll*ts?
-Take Rex to the lab

Control it

Wait a minute

how about me?

You can not take risks
Must be with Rex

k*ll the rest


you say?
What do you want?

stop it

Well, I understand, but how?

Calm down Rex
You are safe

The full black knight served our mouths

Then Van Kleis said yes

Master control is not in my body

Amazing, right?

It've been in you all this time

I guess this's inside your body
This is a unique ability

Did you even hear what I was saying?

I'm listening
It's like a real movie

I want to press these buttons

Can you give me another milkshake?

How do you want to get out of his body?

I have a suggestion

Take out his heart and intestines

- But he dies
-It's not my problem

Knight is connected to his DNA

Also take out the knight,
It destroys it

It destroys me
you forgot?

The only way we have is

Put it in the Cyclotron with the rest of the knights

During operation the device causes
Automatically remove it from his body

And if not?

- It was a good question
- A better question

Do I have a choice?

This is not what our parents are
Did they die to stop him?

Prepare it to extract the knight

The consortium is here
And they have no nerves at all

I want it to be over in another hour

So what do I do?
I did my job

At least one other person called out

Van Clays
Watch Rex until he's ready

I hope you know what you are doing, Salazar

It has a very high risk

Listen to Peter

Something we swore to finish now

This is what k*lled your parents

It can happen right now
(expl*si*n of the Knights again)

I promise it will not happen
Trust me

You said this a lot, Caesar

We have been waiting for an hour

You do not even entertain

You can after we become God

- That's right ... us

Without my efforts,
None of this was possible

And so is our money, beer

If you are not satisfied

You can give Russia money to do it for you

This is what I wanted
Follow me

"k*ll the rest"
Blind reading lady

We're bulletproof

Do we have wound adhesive?

We know where to take it
So why are we here?

We have to go after Rex

I agree, but we do not have the facilities at the moment, Rebecca

We need an army

You are famous for making the impossible possible

How hard can it be?

I'm six

An army came to us

do you see?

This is it

But that lady said that ...

Have fun baby

These bracelets are made for you

You are very special
Did you know

How are you?

Van Clays

Leave us alone

I hate you

I know what it looks like, Rex

But what?
Do I have to trust you?

Is that what you mean?

Just help me

It may not seem so
But I'm helping


I'm afraid

So am I, brother

Everything will be over in a few minutes

The same thing is over

When I get out of here
I do not want to see you anymore

Start operation

Settlement time

It's not going to be completely unpleasant

When we took out Nineit,
Everything will be fine

stop it
You should not do this

You should not be connected

There is a problem

It turns out that something went wrong
He is fighting it

It is not good at all

You must tell him Caesar

Hold Hand Rex
Listen to me

ننایت ها supposed to ...

Can you hear me?

Can not hear
Because wireless has a problem

Today is a good day for a picnic

It went very well according to plan

How well it went according to plan

All this force and now
You look like a weird fist

Do not be tired

It's not what we expected

But not bad for a start

This is not what we agreed on

So where is the rest of our power?
This is nonsense

How is that possible?

Metannites became completely independent of each other

It is very unexpected

We have to get Rex out of there

Go away, Van Kleis

They still do not have what they want

And so do you

You are nervous
I can see it

If you want to blame someone
Blame Rex

I agree

me too
You're going to

Let's keep our cool for a second

Thank you
Not for a second

If you said the best way to use

What about our strengths?
Pour out Rex's heart and intestines

There is only one problem

I worked with my strength for a longer time

I do not speak

Do you have a plan or do you want to let them att*ck us?

Metannites are designed to work together

So we do the same

Want to build a giant mutant robot together?


I have to stop giving ideas

There is no one to help you

Not a family. Not a friend

The worst way is to die

Commander Kiln
Target the base

sh**t all the w*apon

Someone has jammed the w*apon system

There is only one explanation

The Black Knight was ready for this

A big robot ...
Black Knight...

- We know
- I have to stay and stop them

Well, another time

From Holiday to White Knight
We got Rex

Are we going to go?

Let the organization,

Take back his w*apon

By combining our powers, the world is for us
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