01x16 - Fateful Part B

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Supernatural Academy". Aired: January 20,2022 - present.
Animated show based on a book series by author Jaymin Eve, following two twin sisters separated at birth and now reunite at the Supernatural Academy, joining forces to save the world.
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01x16 - Fateful Part B

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You helped her do this?

This was my choice.
You knew that!

And this was Jessa's choice.
To help you.

She has a plan.

The crystal casket
formed around you.

It can hold you
in your shifter form

or your Wolf form.

But it's not made to hold a Dragon.

Jessa can transform.
She can escape.

That's even worse!

Kristov has Dragons-bane, Brax.
More of it than he used on you.

Hang on. Maybe I can...

Jessa? Can you hear me?

Don't transform!

Kristov has Dragons-bane.
Enough to k*ll you!

I'm so sorry. I know it sucks.

Did she hear you?

Yeah. Which means now

she's stuck in that casket
instead of me.

You all know how much
she hates small spaces.

How could you do that to her?

Mischa! You know
we're on your side, right?

The idea was for me
to be out of the picture

and for her
to come riding to the rescue.

She's the hero type, not me!

Are you kidding me?
What makes you say that?

She grew up here.

She's always been the leader
of your Pack.

What do I know
about all this stuff?

I never thought
I'd see you again.

Brax! I'm sorry.

But you know it's me, right?

Yeah, but it's still... weird.

Pretty weird from the inside, too.

What happened to my Dragon?

I'm sorry.
I know it was gift from Hali.

She thought
this was all so “cool.”

You can fix it.

You fixed the window.

That's just a rectangle.

I can't put it back together
like it was.

I'm sorry.

Magic can't fix everything.

There's got to be something
we can do?

Terra and I decided
to do a little research.

We found a spell that
can fix Mischa's glass Dragon.

You said you couldn't.

I can't. But all of us can.

Terra can reforge the glass.

My Organic Magic can reshape it.

Max's Vampire healing
can strengthen it.

And Brax
brings the heart of a Dragon.

But without you,
it's still just glass.

You're the artist,
the final form is up to you.

From each according to ability,
form one according to memory.

Good as new.

Better. Because now
it's not just a gift from Hali,

it's a gift from all of you.

What's the light inside it?

That's the core of the mending spell.

If it ever breaks again,
you can use that to reshape it.

I can't believe
you all would do this for me.

You're not just Jessa's sister,
you know.

Not anymore. You're pack.

Maybe when you decided
to put yourself in that casket

you thought she could do more

than you could to fight this thing.

But what if we need to stop trying

so hard to fight the Prophecy?

What do you mean?

We've all been thinking

that the safest thing is
to keep me and Jessa apart,

so we can't be used
as the North-South Twins.

That's why I jumped
in that stupid crystal casket

in the first place.

Instead of trying to hide,

I should have gone
straight to Jessa.

Because if there's one thing
I've learned since I came here,

it's that the two of us together

are way stronger
than either of us alone.

Can't argue with that.

But now what?
How do we get her back?

I'm going to her.

There's no easy way out of Stratford

since the Boundary's been reinforced.

It's Enforcer magic.

Those spells are highly classified.

The amount of power it would take

to bust through is off the charts.

But there's something
everyone's forgetting about.

I texted Hali twenty minutes ago,

and she just texted back.

But if that message got through...

Then there's still a weak spot
in the Boundary somewhere.

They must have reinforced
the existing shield

without realizing it had a gap.

Let us see that.

And once you get out of Stratford?

Train to New York.
That's why I texted Hali.

To ask her to get a message
to the Eldest Faerie.

I'll need her help
getting back to the Tomb.

She was really pissed at me
when I left.

But I'm pretty sure she's
even more pissed at Kristov,

so you should be Ok.

We found the gap
in the Boundary.

It's a hundred feet that way.

Thanks, Brax.

No more fences!

No more Supernaturals in cages!

Whoa! Better get help.

Yes! That's it!

Feel the power returning to you.

Power that is rightfully yours.

Step forward
if you're tired of hiding!

My father wants to raise
the Dragon King

and have him rule the Earth.

But I say, we don't need him!

We have the power now,
if we take it.

We'll tear down the Boundary
and come out of hiding!

This world is ours!

Vance is doing what he can
to reinforce the Boundary Dome.

We've rounded up everyone with
any combat experience

or magic skills to get between
the Dragon-marked,

and the Boundary,

If they get out
and reach a human city,

there's no turning back.

We move now!

To the boundary!

I got in touch with her
as soon as I got your text.

Did she say she would help?

She said she would listen.

So you want my help reaching
the tomb of the Dragon King.

You know the Prophecy.

Kristov's not going to stop
until he raises the King.

Generations have lived in fear
of his return.

And because of that fear,

turned against anyone who might,
possibly, be a thr*at.

Wow, Supernaturals and Humans
aren't that different, huh?

We have a chance, right now,
to put an end to all that.

I don't know if we can do it.

But a lot of people have paid
a high price

to give us the chance.

Like Reese.

If we don't face him,

then those sacrifices
were for nothing.

Wait here.

Recognize this?

I... do?

It got broken.

And all of Jessa's friends
helped me fix it.

Knowing they would do that,

is what gave me the courage
to come here.

I don't even see a seam.

It's Magic.

It has magic
from all of them inside it.

And from you, too.

There was something like that
in the Kings-bane comic, too.

The Hero took healing magic
from all their friends

to turn broken crystal shards
into a Sword.

There was a poem, too.

What is shattered
must be mended...

What is shattered
must be mended,

What is mended
must be shattered.

Yeah, that was it.

You might have
just saved the world.

Vance! I can help fortify.

It might not hold,
but we have to try.

This isn't going to be pretty.

Elda! We will not let you
through the Boundary.

Stand aside, or be destroyed.

Hold your ground!

So be it.



Dragon-marked to me!
My shield will protect you.


Hey! That's not fair.

That's odd.

What is it?

This is the Dark Magic
of the Shadow Spawn.

When Faerie woke, so did they.

We only have one sh*t

for me to grab the Dragons-bane
before you shift.

I know you can hear me...

and I can hear your pain.
I'm there with you.

I know you can't talk,

but you need to tell me
when to come.



She's here! At last!

They both have Dragons?

- How?
- They switched.

No, you don't!


Her to her and me to me,
so let it be.

Touching reunion.

Now take your places
on the Compass.

The day is here!

We raise our King,

and rule over a New World Order.

Take your places on the Compass!

That Scepter only works

on the marked
who've been trained to obey.

My sister and I threw off
that yoke years ago.

And these two
were raised in freedom.

Yes! We don't need to do this!
We can find another way.

The time for compromise
is long past.

We will be Queens together.

And the rest of
the Supernaturals will submit

to the rule of the Dragon King!

No! Stop! You're hurting her!


And now, prison Boundary,
you shall fall.

Just a matter of time.

If I can stop Elda
I can stop all of this.

But to get close,
I need to be one of them.

I need Shadow Magic.

You can't.

Once I've done
what I need to do,

you can pull me back
to the light.

If something goes wrong,
you'll be lost forever!

That's my risk.

Thank you, my friend.

You can't stop us!

Come home, Elda.

Stratford needs you.
But not like this.

You don't speak for Stratford

Why would I take crumbs
from this place

when there's a whole world

Feel the power
of the Shadow Spawn!

Jonathon, no.


My King. I am your General,
your army awaits your command.

I choose my own servants.

You have brought me my Queens.
Your purpose is fulfilled.

What? No...


Hali's Dragon!
I need Hali's Dragon!


You cannot escape your King!

Hang on! Just hang on!

What is shattered
must be mended.

Will you serve or die?

- I can't moving
- Don't move...

All you alright!

Where is he?

I'm so sorry.
I wasn't strong enough.

No Sword forged can harm me!
Now serve your King and Lord!


What is shattered
must be mended...

What is mended
must be shattered!

My King!

We're so relieved
to have you back.

Not half as relieved as we are.

They're taking down
all the Cloisters.

Returning the Dragon-marked
children to their families.

Including Yufon's cub.

All dad ever wanted
was for kids like us

to stay with their families.

Now they can.

Not a bad legacy.

Is it really you?
How did you find me again?

I miss you too, girl.

I'll miss you forever.

I've been looking for you.

I'm just wondering...

what happens next?

What do you want to happen next?

Do you want things to go back
to how they used to be?

Not everything.

If you knew how much
I've been wanting to do that.

How much it hurt seeing “you,”
without you inside.

It's me now.
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