04x13 - The End Is Never the End

Episode transcripts for the reboot TV show "Charmed". Aired February 2018 - present.
After the tragic death of their mother, three sisters discover they are powerful witches.
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04x13 - The End Is Never the End

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♪ ♪

But it's just static.


- I believe it's a pivot point.
- A what?

A point in time where history
can be fundamentally changed.

In that one moment, the
future remains unwritten.

- I found it.

I'm sorry, I wish we could
just curl up on the couch

and cry together, but we can't.

Not while the Unseen
have The Book of Shadows.

The Unseen?

You're seriously gonna
bring that up right now?

I know it's not easy.

But this is the job.
We're the Charmed Ones.

No, you're the Charmed Ones.

I'm not even your biological sister.

You are our sister.

Biological and chosen.

I didn't choose any of this.

Did she just bail?

Oh, yes, she did.

And it's the first step in
everything falling apart.

Got to show you both something.

Uh, can it wait?

We're sort of in the
middle of something big.

Big like a Bee Bop m*rder,

which Roxie's about to pull you into?

Someone k*lled a Bee Bop?

Not someone. It was Lloyd.

In the dollhouse
bathroom with the knife.

And you're about to turn into
a pixie, sprout wings, and fly.

It's super cool, but...

It won't stop seven billion
humans from becoming trees.

Trees. As in...

Green, leafy.


Um, Josefina, are you okay?

I'm fine. Everything else is not.

Debes escucharme.

It's all here.

And you need to watch.

'Cause we only have one last chance

to save the world.


Just breathe.



This is horrible.

He's not gone.

And neither am I.


We all die?

That super sucked.

But remember,

none of that has happened yet.

We still have a chance to change it.


We know what not to do.

What we need is a tape
with a plan going forward.

We have stop what we've seen.

I'll get to Jordan

before he meets up with Chloe.

I'll intercept Kaela before she runs

into Ishani out on the road.

Will you find Harry, see if he can get

any more info from that lady
in the weird-ass video store?

- Mel...
- Bee Bop m*rder.

It was Lloyd.

Well, how did you...?

There's a tape.

Long story.

But more importantly...

You were going to go
to sleep for seven years

without saying goodbye.

After everything that's
happened between us.

I mean, I don't think there's

an inch of your office
where we didn't...

Kiss-and-Tell Mel strikes again.


What happened between
us has nothing to do

with my Kiss-and-Tell phase.

I was not running away
from my grief with you.

What we did...



You will not go into hibernation

until we get the chance to talk.

Mm, not this again.

I thought we were done with
the "almost running you down" bit.

Same with you running away.

Dev died.

If anyone understands
what you're going through...

It's not enough.

I want this all to never have happened.

I want him here with me.

I want that, too.

For Dev. For Macy.

For my mom.

But we can't bring them back.

And something is
happening with the Lost One

that's going to take everyone and

everything away if we don't stop it.


So please. Just come back with me.

One more time.

Have you ever heard of another
world with other Charmed Ones?

Even other Whitelighters?


But I once took shrooms
and imagined a world

where blood was mayonnaise
and chickens had ears.

Well, you're in a state.

I just escaped being hostage
to a woman who's either

unbelievably prescient
or totally insane.

Would you consider taking over

the Blue Camellia while I'm gone?

Were you even listening?

Yeah, I got the gist.

You have your agenda. I have mine.

Look, I think we've
done right by each other,

but running this place
with all its complexities?

It's not my destiny.

Well, what is your destiny,
Harry Greenwood?

Con man to Whitelighter,

to Necrolighter,

to what next?

Well, if I knew that...


I've been looking everywhere.

Please tell me you know how to get back

to where this tape came from.

Jordan Chase...

I love you.

Uh, not that I mind, but, um...

What prompted that?

Your death.

I'm tired of...

Worrying and wasting time

and us making a mess.

Maggie Vera...

I love you, too.


One thing.

Can we go back to the part

where you said, "Your death"?

TROLL: I commit myself to you...

the Lost One.

I commit body...

And soul.

LOST ONE: The present is changing.

I can feel it.

We can still overcome,

but you must give more.

For you... anything.


LOST ONE: They think they can stop me

because they know the future.

But what we do next

will bring them to their knees.

This is super weird.

For a bunch of reasons.



Did I do that?

And like a bad penny, he's back.

That's no way to greet your
former hostage, now is it?

She's one who hit you over
the head with the flashlight?

Had to knock sense into him.

Can I trust you not to do it again?

Depends on why you're here.

Something's become destabilized.

In your world and likely the
world I come from, as well.

Well, do we know that for sure?

It's logical.

Both of our worlds have
pathways to this place.

We have to assume things
will get messed up on both sides.

Something's happening.
The Day of the Fall.

This isn't just that. It's bigger.

Maybe that's why the witch
from my world created

this whole store to begin with.

Whatever's about to happen,
it could destroy both worlds

unless we stop it.

We saw on our tape
how you can get a look

at what's happening right
now on one of these screens.

Under ideal conditions, sure.

These are not those conditions.

Let me show you how we
used to do it back in the s.


Here. Give me your hand.

We'll use our bodies as
the extension of the antenna.

HARRY: Good, yeah, right.
The more, the merrier.

HARRY: Looks like the location

where the ceremony
to raise Inara took place.

Try moving your right foot.

And this is why I
spent the last years

in here doing glutes.


DIANA: What the hell is he doing?

I will not fail you,
I will not fail you.

I will not fail you, Lost One.

I will not fail you,
I will not fail you.


You've got The Book of
Shadows and the Bowl, yes?

We'll take it from here.

What, wait, wait, no, no, no. Wait! No!

This new plan, whatever
it is, you need to tell us.

So what?

You can stop it?

You can't... that's the
glory of what comes next.

It's bigger than even the three of you.

Wait, is that...?

One last gift from the Tallyman.

You're not the only chosen ones.

I am, too.

By the Lost One.

An instrument of brutal redemption.

We know how overwhelming that can feel.

Okay? But death is not the answer.

Let's get you home.

I'm not going home.

None of us are.

One way or another...


Is our very last day on Earth.

Get back. Get back!

I cannot tell you how
tired I am of trying to get

creature innards out
of my hair at night.

I know. All this pointless death.

Let's focus on the positives.

Without the Book or the bowl,

no one can raise Inara.

Except that doesn't seem to be
what she's planning anymore.

Raising Inara was
supposed to bring about

the disappearance of humans.

He's a troll. So what's
with the whole...

"This is our very last day on Earth"?

Maybe he's just flat-out crazy.

You know?


LOST ONE: You're just like them.

My sisters.

Weak and afraid.


Talk to us.

We can figure this out together.

LOST ONE: No more talk.

I've waited long enough.

You can lock me up,

keep me from rising.

But you can't stop me

from changing the world.


MAGGIE: What if Ray didn't go anywhere?

These plants and trees
around us are actually...

All the humans?

I've been watching what happened.

So many people in pain.
We have to stop it.

I know. We're trying.

We got the Unity Bowl and
The Book of Shadows back.

- So, good.
- JORDAN: And the troll?

Not so good.

MEL: And Inara has
something else up her sleeve.

Worse than exterminating humans?

We have to find out what it is.

KAELA: Maybe there's some chatter

by the Unseen that could give us a clue?

You okay?

I just have an intense headache.

Probably from Inara's
temper tantrum in the woods.

You do get headaches
two days before your period.

Mine started yesterday.

Yeah, Monday.

I'll make you some tea later, okay?

Sisters, man.

Magic's got nothing on your connection.

MAGGIE: Sister connection.

- That's who we ask.
- Inara's sisters.

Okay. But how do we find them?

On the tape.

In the old timeline,

Ishani's due out on the road
to meet Kaela about now.

If y'all hurry, you might catch her.

You and I can go find the Guardian.


Ishani should've been here by now.

Something's not right.

Maybe because we're changing
what we're doing in the present,

she's not coming to find me.

Hang on.

Banana fitters, which
means Ishani was here...

Hey, those look just like my mom's...

- Don't do that!
- Ow!

- They're drugged!
- What?

You really need to watch that tape.

If Ishani was here, we can figure out

where she went to next.

Reveal the path once made.

Bare your soles, before time fades.

Whoa. Nice.

Poor troll actually thought
he was dying for a cause?

Maggie said he went full martyr.

Now the question is, what did he know

that made him want to do that?

And this is how you contact the
d*ad, with his blood and guts?

Dirty stuff, Necrolighting.

You chose this path?

Yeah, I did, thinking it would
lead to a happier destination.

But it's proving to be
just another d*ad end.

Maggie told me that without your powers,

Dexter would've been stuck in the Veil.

Knowing that he moved
on gave her comfort.

Sounds like you helped
him along on his journey.

Well, let's see if I can do the
same with our troll friend here.

TROLL [WHISPERING]: Hide the book.

Hide the bowl.

I got the book, I got the bowl.

I got the book,

I got the bowl, I just have to...


TROLL: What?

What are you doing here?

Where do you think here is?

I-I don't know.

The-the Lost One
promised to send me to the,

the Gates of Glory.

Heaven for my people.

You're trapped between the worlds

of the living and the d*ad.



- No, the Lost One...
- Lied.

To you and everyone else.


But he promised!

Loyalty in exchange for mercy.


My family.

She promised.


The Lost One.

She's a witch, and not just any witch.

Her name is Inara, and
she was a Charmed One.

But... no...

No, that's not, that's not...

The Charmed Ones are the problem.

The Lost One was going
to save us from them.

The problem is much bigger

than three young witches who

are just trying to do the right thing.

Trust me. I know them
better than anyone.

And they are good people.

No, no, they are wonderful people.


Are you really angry at them?

Or just mad about something else?

Where do I even start?

I'm here to listen and help.

But first, please, just tell me
what you know about Inara's plan.


The, uh, the Lost One...


It's the reverse of
what she did to humans.

If she can't fix it,

she's going to end all magic.

End all magic?

Yeah, either she gets her way,

or trolls, witches,
demons, pixies, ogres,

all of us...

... we get wiped from existence.

And how is she going to do that?

Am I allowed in there?

Only one way to find out.

Dona aditum.

Hopefully the Guardian's in here.



DEMON: No mercy at the Punch Bowl!


They have the Guardian.


Some place called the Punch Bowl.

We can't just waltz in
there after we spent

the last year taking out
a lot of their friends.

We're just gonna have to blend in, then.

Glamour powder, here we come.



This looks bad.



- We have to stop this.


JORDAN: The hell is she doing here?


All three of these sisters

are a complete mess.

MEL: That's Ishani's truck.

- This is the right place.
- Mm.

MEL: Really? You've
got to be kidding me.

Well, you know what they say.

When the world's ending...

Just go bowling.


years together, huh?

Ever considered

opening things up?

Auntie Ishani.

There you are.

I'm so sorry to interrupt, but, um,

our aunt, she left her ointment at home.


Come on, she's joking.


Hold on.

You two look kind of familiar.

Have we ever...?

You know.

MEL: Good God, she's drunk.

Oh, you're the current ones.

Belle and... Taylor?

Mel and Kaela.

We need your help.

With Inara.

Look, I've got some magical Molly

with my name on it, and
I just booked lane three,

so I should probably go.

This is serious. Cataclysmic.

No. You know what? Let her bowl.

Let's make this interesting.

I'll join you. If you win, we'll leave.

If we win,

you'll help us.

Game on, sister.


You can bowl, right?


Look, I can bowl enough to

stall for time. Let's go.


Charming outfits.

We came here to help you.

Does it look like I need help?

No. But...

This isn't you.

You're the flowy dress
ethereal tree lady,

not some demon fight club champion.

Sometimes the ethereal tree
lady needs to blow off some steam.


Well, if you want a fight,
we have one for you.



It's time for my next round.


We stopped her from rising,

but she's planning something else.

We need your help.

I am done helping or stopping my sister.

She's already taken
, years from me.

What if you could change that?

Finally make it right?

Some sisterhoods can be fixed.

Some cannot.

Guess which one mine is.


Now what?


MAGGIE: If you won't fight Inara,

then you've got to fight me.

ISHTA: You sure you want a piece of me?

If it gets you to listen, yes.

Suit yourself.


♪ Show you what I'm made of ♪

You got this, Vera.

♪ Quit your cryin', now
it's time to wake up ♪

♪ Deadbeat... ♪

You're holding on to
trauma from the past,

and it's causing you to act out.

You have to let go.

♪ I hate to put you down... ♪

Is your strategy

to talk me into submission?

- I know you're filled

with guilt and regret.

But fighting isn't gonna
make you feel any better.

♪ My spinning wheel ♪

♪ Roadkill, roadkill... ♪

That felt pretty damn good.

♪ See how it feels ♪

♪ I like the way you
try and hate me... ♪

Until it doesn't.

Trust me. I was you after Macy died.

Pissed off and taking it out on demons.

But you have to find a way to forgive.

My sister?




Uh, uh, ooh, ooh.

Oh, probably should've mentioned.

I invented bowling.

♪ Jump, jump... ♪

That's not fair.

♪ Jump on it and ride ♪

♪ Jump, jump ♪

♪ Jump on it ♪

♪ Jump on it... ♪

I know this game.

Apparently you don't,
'cause you're losing.


Not bowling.

Drowning your pain in sex and booze?

I have been there.

♪ She'll take you so far
and drive you so crazy... ♪

Pics or it didn't happen.

Wait, you have to help us.

Or what?


I'll do this.

I am so

sorry you lost your sisters.

And I know you're telling yourself

that you're over it, but you're not.

You're stuck here in
this weird bowling alley

with a bunch of geezers
wearing sparkly tracksuits

because you are stuck.

Come help us, and we'll help you

get unstuck.

ISHANI: You're not
ready for what happens

when we three get together.

Entombing our sister alive?

- Pretty sure that was your idea.
- Oh, classic Ishani.

Passing the buck but never the bottle.

Says the girl who picks
random fights in demon bars,

'cause that's healthy.

Harry, please tell me the
troll gave you something.

I spoke to the poor chap for hours.

He said he wanted to help
but then started ranting

about the end of everything magic

and some ancient expl*sive.

I have no idea if he
was telling the truth.

Wait, an ancient expl*sive?

You think?

Mercy Days?

What does that mean?

"Mercy Days" is the code name

for our last-ditch effort
to destroy the Conqueror.

If the Power of Three couldn't
stop him, we created a...


More like a b*mb.

To destroy his magic

by destroying all magic.

And all who possess it.

And somehow, Inara has her hands on it?

She can't rise, so she
wants to burn it all down.

Herself included.

Hold up. Is this real?

W-We're all just gonna die?

Son of a...

Hair of the youngest.

Blood of the oldest.

And bone of the middle.

Thanks to my mom for
being a crazy lady and

saving every single
one of my baby teeth.

I can keep all my fingers
firmly attached this time.


You're freeing a monster.

One we've spent centuries
trying to keep trapped.

Got a better plan?

Let her rot? She deserves it.

If we let her rot away,

the b*mb goes off and we all rot.

You assume she cares.

That she'll care about any of us.

You don't know
anything about her at all.

Again, got a better plan?



I'm doing this.



Oh, wow.

Ooh, it feels good to move around.

I was worried I was gonna have

a kink in my neck, but... no.

It's like I was imprisoned
in that tomb only yesterday.

Hello, Charmed Ones.


And old.

And I do mean old. [INHALES SHARPLY]

Time has not been kind to you two.

The whole smoky demon
bit's quite a production.

Well, supplicants
like a good show. It...

Inspires them.

Oh, there's really no need
to contain me any longer.

I'm not here to fight.

Oh, and we're just supposed
to trust you on that one?

Now, what's the point
in fighting when the blast

that's coming

will end it for us all?

HARRY: Looks like
concentrated Nebron Root.

Ancient, powerful and deadly.

It's been placed at the
convergence of three ley lines.

When it explodes,

it'll follow the lines across
the earth and snap back,

destroying everything
magical in its path.

How much time do we have?

Impossible to tell with
all that moss in the way.

Which is where I come in.


We have minutes.

Maybe less than that.

There's still time to stop this.

But you know we can't do it without you.

Do you think after being
locked away for forever

and a day that I'm just gonna

change my mind and save you?

You have every right to
be angry with us, Inara.

- What we did to you was...
- Unspeakable.

It's haunted me every
day of my life since.

We're sorry, Inara.

INARA: I get it.

You need me.

So now you're being nice to me.

Wh... No, no, they were being genuine.

Oh, cut the crap.
I'm not falling for it.

You can burn for all I care.

The more painful
your deaths, the better.

ISHTA: Seriously, Inara?

Are you really gonna be this petty?

I should've known.

Nothing is ever good enough, for you.

Yeah, you're making it real easy

to move past the guilt phase.

Maybe we should have
k*lled you back then.

And with sisters like you,

maybe I should've let the Conqueror win.


You're just gonna argue
while the world burns?

Please. We're not gonna
listen to lectures from you.

You've already failed.

Lost your real sister.

Had to find... whoever she is.

She's someone who
gave up her normal life

to make us complete again.

We've already found more

in this sisterhood

than you ever did in , years.


Is that...?

Must be.

- We got to go. Now.
- There's no point.

ISHANI: Now that it's exploded,

the only way to stop it is
to take on all that energy.

But that means sacrificing yourselves.

Then that's what we'll do.

One way or another...

... when they talk about our legacy,

it won't be our sisterhood
that ruins the world.

There was nothing we could do.

- You should go.
- There's nowhere to go.

Please. Let us handle this.



Kaela, you don't have to do this.

Oh, God.


[CRYING]: Is this really how it ends?

We should've let you
go while we still could.

But then I wouldn't have
found the two of you.

What-what are you doing?

What we should've done all along.


I think you've got
something that belongs to me.

Go. Now.

Why are you...


The same reason you are.

We heard you.

This is our legacy.

Now I get to do what I've always wanted.

Save the world with my sisters.







I was worried that I'd be too late.

- That you wouldn't be...
- I'm awake.

But not exactly the
sharpest tool in the sheep.

Tooth in the shop.

- Damn it.
- Sharpest tool in the shed?

The closer I get to sleep,

the foggier my brain gets.

Uh, how much time do we have?

About three minutes.

Oh, God. Okay.

Uh, what do you need?

I could use someone to hold my hand.

I wasn't gonna tell you about
going to sleep because...

Well, the last person I
cared about didn't exactly...

Hor-horticulture it wall.

Handle it well?



I just thought it would
be easier, for you

if I went quietly into the night.

We're a lot alike.

I was wondering...

I could take over the bar

while you're gone.


One seven-year-long hot girl summer.


No, I wasn't...

I want to keep this place open

because the magical world needs it.

People feel safe here.

It's a lot to take on.

You don't want that roast beef.



I don't want it.

I need it.

I know how much you've
been through with Camellia.

And while I can't promise you

where I'm gonna be
emotionally in seven years,

I can promise you that
I will always be here

to welcome you home.

Then I guess it's Seattled.






The response to the next
set of affinity group meetings

is totally off the charts.

The first one was so cool.

- Never thought I'd actually see

pixies and trolls hanging out together.

As friends.

Could you do that more quietly?

Oh. Sorry.

But that's what you get for going

sh*t for sh*t with a nine-foot-tall...

Whatever he was.

He was a satyr, and turning
down one of their drink invitations

is basically, like, an act of w*r.

Please, with the talking.
Could you just... softer.

And k*ll the music.

You know, when we set out to
empower the various communities,

I pictured standoffs.

Not keg stands.

And we still have a lot of work to do.

It's a good start so far.

In the meantime, both of
you need to stay hydrated.

MEL: Josefina,

would you mind if I talk to Maggie

- alone?
- JOSEFINA: Sure. I got to go.

The Blue Camellia isn't
going to decorate itself.


If this is about the sweater I
borrowed last night, I will buy...


This is not about the sweater.



MAGGIE: Is this...

An apartment.

Two-bedroom. Beautiful.

Loft style.

View of the woods.

How did you know about this?

I ran into Jordan at SafeSpace,

and he told me you two were looking.

We looked. We're not looking.

This is the apartment of your dreams.

He is the man of your dreams.

Why wouldn't you want
to live there with him?

You would be okay with that?


I wasn't okay with you
running away from something,

but if you're running
toward something...


Thank you, Mel. I love you.

I love you, too.

Hey, you know what would
make me love you even more?


If you made me breakfast.


[CHUCKLES]: Please. I'm so hungover.


Another letter to Macy?

No. No, this one is to myself.


A burn bowl.

On one slip of paper, you write down

all the things you no
longer want to carry.

Regrets, fears, traumas.

And on another slip of paper,

you write the things you want...

you want to happen.

Or maybe just how you want to feel.

And then

you carry that with you...

... as a reminder to make it so.

What's on your list?

Stop obsessing over the d*ad

and start helping the
living with my new powers.

I'm gonna meet with the family

of the troll I spoke to in the Veil.

He shared some things with me.

I think it might help them get closure.

Remember him in a way that brings them

happiness instead of more pain.

I'm proud of you, Mr. Greenwood.

- Thank you.

What about you?

Gonna keep doing this
Whitelighter thing but...

... my way.

Which means?

Not just helping witches.

I want to use my healing powers to help

anyone in the magical
community who needs me.

I'm proud of you, Mr. Chase.


Hey. Where have you been?

Painting in the back shed.

Ever since I set up my studio out there,

the art has just been pouring out of me.

How are you not hungover?

Oh, I definitely made Josefina
water down all of my drinks.

- Seriously?

Hey, is that the piece
you've been working on?


I wanted you to be the first to see it.

♪ ♪


That's really beautiful.

It's how I see us all right now.

- Strong and connected.
- Hmm.

The Power of Three.

Ready for anything.

I just got a message from Diana.

There's something in the
video store you need to see.

MEL: Was this here before?

I don't remember it.

Hang on.

"First, I'm free. Thank you.


"the symbol on this door
suggests it's for you."

Are we sure about this?

Another world? Other Charmed Ones?

Yeah, as we just saw, it...

- Didn't work out so well.
- Well...

Was it a challenge we faced? Yeah.

A pain in the butt? Sure.

But it did work out.

They're gone, and we're here.

It's fate.

Which brought us together.

And landed us here at this door,

which I guess we...

Step through.

Shall we?



Any idea where we are?


But this house


... oddly familiar.

[EXHALES] Guess we
should see who lives here.

MEL: Maybe no one's home.


♪ Are we on the lonely side? ♪

♪ Say oh, now, the past... ♪

It's open.

What? Come on.

We can't come all this
way through a portal

that appears just for us
in a magical video store

to not go inside.

She makes a really good point.

♪ No light of day... ♪

We've been through so much.

Not to mention saving
the world a few times.

We're stronger than we've ever been.

♪ No, oh, oh, oh... ♪

I know we can handle whatever

we encounter on the
other side of that door.



♪ ♪

♪ Somebody left the gate open ♪

♪ You know we got lost on the way ♪

♪ Come save us a runaway train ♪

♪ Gone insane ♪

♪ How do we, how do we not fade? ♪

♪ How do we, oh ♪

♪ Into the wild ♪

♪ How are we living, living, living ♪

♪ Into the wild ♪

♪ How are we living, living, living ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh. ♪
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