01x07 - Birds of a Feather/Vampire Mouse

Episode transcripts for the T.V. show, "The Tom and Jerry Show." Aired: March 1, 2014 - February 15, 2021.
Cat and mouse adventures.
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01x07 - Birds of a Feather/Vampire Mouse

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What's your mom's bird doing here? Mom's going to the mountains for the weekend.

We're taking care of him.

Sure we are.

Until that cat eats him.

Oh, not my sweet Tom.

He's no savage.

I'm telling you, this is a huge mistake.

Whew! Whew! What the I told you, it was something outside! Tom, what are you doing? Told you so.

Tom, I have never been more disappointed.

I thought I could trust you.

Looks like you've chosen to spend the weekend outside.

You are a bad kitty! You are a bad kitty! Bad kitty! Bad kitty! Cheer up, Tom.

You ain't a bad kitty for wanting to eat that bird.

It's what we cats do, we eat birds.

You're darn right, not you.

Why? Because you wanna get back in that house.

All you gotta do is win back ginger's trust.

And how do you do that? You don't eat the bird.

I do.

If you keep up that racket, Tom, you're staying out there permanently.

You are a bad kitty, Tom.

You have to earn my trust back.

Oh, it's going to take more than a little chivalry.

I ain't letting no teensy-weensy mouse or an emotional cat stop me from eating.

Oldest trick in the book.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

One, two, three, four and a little more.

You two disgust me.

Real cute, bird.

Tom, what are you doing? Tom, you're such a brave kitty.

You've earned mommy's trust.

You can stay.

And to reward you for your efforts to keep the little bird safe, I'm gonna get you a treat.

Lay down, sweetie.

You ain't a bad kitty for wanting to eat that bird.

It's what we cats do.

I'm gonna get you a treat.

Get you a treat.

Get you a treat.

I think you're gonna like this, my brave boy.

Here you go, honey.

Tom? It's in our nature, Tom.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

Hurry up, Thomas.

Did you get the mouse whisker for the transformation potion? In the cauldron with it.

You sure it's only one mouse whisker? Positive, beatie.

You're not the only sorceress in the family who can make a transformation potion.

Just the bestest, sister.

That's what you think.

I'm pretty handy myself, you know.

Thomas, Jerry! Enough with you two! Pestering cat, maddening mouse.

Off you go, top of house! What's wrong with him? Gracious, Tom, it's not the first time we've summoned you.

Why, sister, I think he's gone batty.

Yes, it appears so.

Perhaps getting some fresh marsh beetle larva will focus your mind.

Hurry, Tom! Marsh beetle, huh? I prefer something more potent.

Last I checked, I'm the witch brewing this potion, not you.

So, back off.

You haven't come for the eye of a newt, have you? I want to help, really, but I'm fresh out.

Why are you such a mess? None of the sisters' crazy potions ever call for a cat.

Are we playing charades? I love charades! How many words? Little Bo peep.

The loch ness monster.

I'm dreadful at this game.

Ah, Jerry's been turned into a vampire.

Okay, I cheated.

If you're looking for fresh beetle larva, I strongly suggest under the porch.

Yes, outside.

That's where porches generally are.

And cats who don't do as they're told.



Try again.

It's purple, not yellow.

Did you find the beetle larva? Good kitty.

I find letting the brew steep a good long while allows the ingredients to create a stronger bond.

Perhaps, while we sleep.

Yes, of course.

After I add the candied slugs that Thomas is getting.

Now, cat! Candied slugs? Interesting.

Shush, beatie, you may be firstborn, but it doesn't make you the wicked witch of all.

Dracula's in his home.

You're safe.

Whew! A ladle, huh? That'll keep the vampires away.

I'm kidding.

But I do know what will.

Lived with one way back.

I've been working on a little demonstration.

See? There's three basic ways to get rid of a vampire.

First, there's sunlight, turns them into dust.

Then there's garlic, makes their breath stink.

And more importantly, go up in smoke.

And finally, a wooden stake through their heart usually does the trick.

It's the last resort.

It'll be morning soon, we can start then.

Morning, sunshine.

Now use the mirror to direct the sunlight into the hole.

Hey, easy, boy.

Let me help you.

The sisters are not gonna like that.

It's impossible for your luck to get any worse.

Try the garlic.

Remember? Never fails.

Otherwise, you're destined to be one, too.

Get closer.

Have you never bowled? Should I ask for rails? You can't stop now.

There's one last thing you can do.

The final resort.

Now, drive the stake through his tiny vampire heart.

You forgot the stake, didn't you? Phew! Tell me you're kidding.

I think the little bloodsucker's gone mad.

I've got to stop getting involved with these two.

Good morning, Thomas.

You've been very busy, haven't you? I don't love what you've done to the place.

That was mother's broom.

And grandmother's spell book.

Not to mention the smoke and the dust.

I think Tom needs a little fresh air In the dark woods.

With the nose.

Indoor cat, damages untold, cast him out into the cold! So long, cat, and goodbye, mouse.

I remember once turning a newt into a loaf of pumpkin bread.

It was very tasty.

I remember it being a bit dry myself.

I don't think I taste very good.

Relax, newt, I'm transforming you into a glorious eagle.

An eagle, huh? Oh, too bad, sister.

And I really thought you were going to get the transformation potion right this time.

If you weren't constantly distracting, beatie, I would have.

Into the cold with you as well.

Guys, it's me, newt.

I'm an eagle.

Hey, where are you going? Can I come?
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