05x13 - Things Change

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Teen Titans". Aired: July 19, 2003 - September 15, 2006.
Animated series that follows five teenaged superheroes who save the world from villains around their city.
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05x13 - Things Change

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Hello. Yeah?

Our city is the greatest city ever.

Paris was pretty great, don't you think? Paris?

Once we made those Brotherhood of Evil freezesicles.

I've gotta agree with Beast Boy.

It sure is good to finally be back home.

I too have missed our glorious city.

I cannot wait to rent the videos and feast on the worms of sour gumminess.


The worms are gone.

Come on, Star. Marlene's Candy Store is just around the corner.

It's got the best peanut butter squares in town.


My peanut butter squares are gone.

CYBORG: The whole block is gone.

They're building a new office complex. Things sure have changed.

Guess we've been away longer than we thought.

Where am I gonna buy my books?

I don't remember any bookstore.

That's because you never bought a book.

The auto parts shop that was next to the bookstore is gone too.

BEAST BOY: I remember there used to be a toy shop.

Or was it a barbershop?

I distinctly remember it was some kind of shop.

RAVEN: That narrows it down.

And I remember A.J.'s Music Store was over there.

I definitely don't remember that being there.

Titans, go.






Why does it always have to be the sewer?

There's only one way I'll know for sure.

Hey, Terra, it's me, Beast Boy.

Sorry I haven't been here in a while. Uh, how's it going?

You're gonna think this is crazy, but I thought I saw you today.

I guess it wasn't you, because you're still a statue and all.


You're not still a statue. You're alive.

CYBORG: Next time a creature goes down the sewer...

...I say we just let it go.

Beast Boy, where were you?

You guys aren't gonna believe this.

You'd better have a good reason for bailing on us.

What was so important that you couldn't stay with the team?

We could've used your assistance. Well?

I saw Terra.

What? When?

I know. Isn't it great?

I saw her downtown. What did she say?

I didn't actually get to talk to her. She was across the street.

And when the creature attacked, she disappeared.

You sure it was her?

Oh, I'm totally sure.

Maybe you just thought you saw her.

Sometimes you wanna see something that isn't there.

I did see her.

She was real. And her statue is gone.

How could it be? The girl turned to stone.

Perhaps one of Raven's spells?

I tried everything I could. Nothing worked.

And none of my chemical analyses ever led to an answer either.

None of this is making any sense.

It doesn't have to make sense.

t does t a e to a e se se.

Terra's back, that's all that matters.


It's the creature. We'll talk about this later.

You may not care about her, but Terra's out there somewhere...

...and I'm gonna find her.

Can I help you?

I'll take one for the road.

Well, you must be in a hurry...




Hey, Terra. It's me, Beast Boy.

You know him?



Terra, wait up.

Sorry, you've got the wrong girl.

You don't remember me? Should I?

I'm Beast Boy.

We used to hang out together.

You thought I was funny.


Ha-ha. See? I can still make you laugh.

Like I said, you've got the wrong girl.

Maybe if we just talk, then you'll remember.

I've gotta go.

Just one pizza? I'm buying.

What have you got to lose?

She's not interested.

Yeah, get lost, Brat Boy.

It's Beast Boy.

Maybe one slice.

BEAST BOY: Great! I'll take you to our favorite place.

You sure you wanna go with this guy?

It's okay. I'll see you tomorrow.

I don't know what to scan for.

Brick, metal, concrete, it could be anything.

I'm not able to sense it either.

I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but I wish Beast Boy were here.

Maybe he could follow the scent.

We've just gotta keep looking.

STARFIRE: I am concerned for Beast Boy.

Do you think Terra truly has returned?

Anything's possible.

But how?

Maybe she freed herself.

Could've been an earthquake while we were gone.

Maybe the effect just wore off.

aybe t e e ect just o e o .

If she is back, why would she not locate us?

Last time we saw her, she wasn't exactly one of the good guys.

Maybe she didn't wanna be found.

And then we pushed the Brain in the freezing machine.

Brain freeze, that's funny.

Finally, someone gets my joke.

You haven't changed a bit, Terra.

Why do you keep calling me that? Because you are Terra.

What makes you so sure?

You look like her, you talk like her, you laugh like her.

Don't you remember anything from before?

I just remember high school.

You used to live in the desert before joining the Teen Titans.

You couldn't control your powers at first.

Then Slade helped you...

...and you wanted to take over the city.

But in the end you couldn't go through with it and you saved us all.

Why would you wanna be friends with someone...

...who was so much trouble? Because I know who she really is.

One supreme pizza with extra anchovies, hold the mushrooms.

Just the way you like it.

I don't like anchovies. I'm allergic. I should get going.

No, stay. I don't eat anchovies either. We'll get whatever you want.

I've got homework and I need to get to the computer lab.

e got o e o a d eed to get to t e co pute ab.

We've got an awesome computer at the Tower.

You can work there, be finished in half the time.

Okay, but I've gotta be home before dark.


GIRL: Wow. This is cool.

BEAST BOY: This is where the Titans get all their assignments.

Over there is the kitchen...

...and that's where we play video games. See?

Must be nice to live here.

You used to live here too.

I think I would remember living in a place like this.

Come on, I'll show you your room.

Stars, because you like to sleep outside.

Not me. I hate camping out. Too many bugs.

I made that for you. Remember, Terra?

It's cute. Listen, I've really gotta go.

Maybe your friend is out there somewhere. I hope you find her.

I already have.

Beast Boy. Come on.

You've gotta remember.

Something. Anything.

You can move the earth.

Why did you do that?

Terra, I'm sorry.

e a, so y.

Maybe you need more time to remember how to use your powers.

Come back. I'll help you.

Come out, come out, wherever you are.

We'll never find it.

How could she have forgotten everything?

There must be something I can say to help her remember.

SLADE: Maybe she doesn't want to remember.

Slade. I should have realized you were behind this.

Why did you bring Terra back?

I had nothing to do with her return.

You did something to take away her memory.

And you took away her powers.

I did nothing, dear boy.

If the girl does not remember or does not use her powers...

... it is because she chooses so.

Why wouldn't Terra wanna remember?

She was a hero. She had friends.

She saved all of us.

Don't you see?

She no longer wants to remember you.

I won't let you hurt her again.

You're the one who is hurting her. Let her go.

Face it.

She doesn't want to see you anymore.

Leave Terra alone.

She doesn't want to see you anymore.

She doesn't want to see you anymore.

She doesn't want to see you anymore.


Where is she? I need to talk to her.

Terra, wait.

I'm sorry about yesterday.

I'm gonna be late for Biology.


Every time we catch up to it, it vanishes before our eyes.

Are we just supposed to wait for it to reappear?

This thing is out to destroy everything.

It's not stopping, and neither are we.

There it is.

Not so fast.

There's nowhere for you to hide.


Are you gonna keep running away from me?

I'm not running from anything.

Go home.

Not until you talk to me.

Y ' k f ll i Wh ?

You can't keep following me. Why not?

It's the girls' locker room.


Hey, Starfire, a little help.

Get me down from here.

We need Beast Boy.

Hey, wanna go out sometime? My dad said I can borrow his car.


Ah! I'm awake.

ALL: Shh!

GIRL: Go outside. BEAST BOY: So you're talking to me now?


You're gonna get me in trouble. Go outside.

Not unless you come with me.

Okay, you've got two minutes.

Maybe you don't remember, but I do.

You're my friend. You're a Teen Titan.

You're wrong. You don't belong here, Terra.

Stop calling me that.

It's who you are. What do you want from me?

BEAST BOY: Why can't things just go back to the way they were?

You were so happy then.

Things were never the way you remember.

Now, just leave me alone.

Here, take this. In case you're in trouble.

In case you need me.

You can call me anytime.

I don't need it. But...

Time's up.


Things change, Beast Boy.

The girl you want me to be is just a memory.

ROBIN: Come in, Beast Boy.

We need your help.

Come with me.

You go. You're the Teen Titan. That's who you are.

But that's not me. I'm not a hero.

I'm not out to save the world.

I'm just a girl with a geometry test next period...

...and I haven't studied.


Beast Boy to Robin.

I'm on my way. Over.
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