04x20 - Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?

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Series spin-off from the "The Vampire Diaries" and "The Originals" has a new generation of protectors in the infamous town of Mystic Falls.
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04x20 - Just Don't Be a Stranger, Okay?

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♪ ♪

♪ ♪


Wade said to tell you
he signed for this.

It's from New Orleans.

Is that what it looks like?

Does it look like my father's ashes?

Probably my first guess.

You know, he funded this school for me,

so that I'd always have
a place to call home.

I figured I'd honor that
by scattering them here.

That's really nice, Hope.

I'm glad you get to do that for him.

You doing okay?

Any word from Jo?


I sort of thought she would have found
her way back to us by now.

She told me not to wait for her, but...

I guess I'm not sure
what my role is here without her.

Well, if you're looking
for a way to help,

maybe you can, uh, tell me
what I'm supposed to do with this.

The only w*apon on this Earth
that can k*ll you?

- No pressure.
- It can't be destroyed.

If I leave it out in the open,

people are gonna come for it,
and if I hide it,

then I'm the only person
who knows where it is.

Isn't that a good thing?

Not if I ever lose my way again.

I don't see that happening.

Yeah, well, no one should have
that kind of power.

Especially not a Mikaelson.

All students, please report

to the grand hall for assembly.

Thank you all for being here.

You know,
I made Ethan's mother a promise.

The same promise I made your parents
when they enrolled you here,

that I would care for you
as if you were my own.

But here we are,
memorializing yet another student.

And that is not what this place
was meant to be.

The Salvatore School was founded
with a single mission:

to create a safe space
for young supernaturals.

In reality, it's anything but.

And achieving our mission statement...

my mission statement...

has proven impossible.


And because I can no longer
keep my promise...

the Salvatore School must close.


I have nothing more to say.

Other than I'm sorry.



Good morning.

We slept through Ethan's
memorial service.

Such is the nature of w*r.

The living must celebrate their survival
before they mourn their d*ad.

And I, for one,
could use a little more celebrating.


Oh, uh... Hey, I'm sorry,

I don't mean to be insensitive
about the death of your classmate.

I know. It's not just that.

Something's off with me. I...

I feel different.


Well, you...
did spend last night with a demigod.

I'd be a little offended if you didn't.


But if you think less of me
as a result, then...

No, no, I... I feel great about that.
About us.

Emotionally, I have never been better.


But physically, like I said...
something's changed.

Okay. Well, then, we shall figure out
what that something is.



MG: What are you doing?

Are you seriously going to accept this
without a fight?

I'm tired of fighting.
So I'm gonna go visit Josie.

You can come with if you want.

Of course I want that.
But what about everyone else?

If this school closes,
some of them won't have anywhere to go.

I was hoping that you'd help me
make your dad see that.

I can't. Because I agree with him.

HOPE: Are you out of your mind?

You can't just make this decision
without consulting anyone.

And what makes you think I haven't?

Well, you didn't consult me.

If you did, I would have told you
that we need this place.

I need this place.

Hope Mikaelson, if there is one person

I am confident will find a new path,
it is you.

I don't want a new path.
I just got back on this path.

This path leads to d*ad kids.

Take it from a former bourbon drinker:

just because something feels good
doesn't make it right.

Saying goodbye to this school will hurt.

But each day, it will get better.

If we keep doing what we have been,
the pain will only get worse.

Maybe we don't need to close.

Maybe we just need a headmaster
who can handle the pressure.

KALEB: What you working on?


Oh, okay. Pretty minimalist. (SIGHS)

My mind is cluttered with thoughts,

but my hands will not express
a single one.

First it was my powers.
Now my art is blocked. I...

Come to Atlanta with me.

(CHUCKLES) I see you are not blocked.

Don't get me wrong,
I want the school to stay open.

But in case it doesn't,
I want you to come home with me.

Make it your home, too.

That is kindest thing
anyone has ever said to me.

There is one condition, though.

I need you to know exactly
what you're getting into.

Warts and all.

Okay, so tell me.

I can't.

We're all the heroes
of our own stories, Cleo.

If I tell you mine
like you've been asking,

I'll just end up spinning it
to get you to say yes.

Which is why I want you to use
those powers of yours

to see for yourself.

I do not know if I'm capable
of such a thing anymore,

if I wish to be...

Please try.

I'm willing to open my mind to you,
my life to you.

But only if you want it.


♪ Come to me, I'll give you rest ♪

♪ Gardens of sweet violets ♪

♪ Eat until your soul's content ♪

♪ Come to me, I'll give you rest... ♪




Can I get you anything else?

That depends on what you have to offer.

What exactly is this place?

Uh, it's sort of a filling station
for lost souls.

All of which I'm in charge of now.

Yeah, I wasn't talking
about the bar, dude.

Right. Uh... You are in Limbo.

And recently d*ad, obviously.

But don't worry.

Because of the sacrifice
you made for our friends,

we should have you on the boat
to Peace in no time.

I'm sorry, there's a boat?

Yeah. Leaks a lot, hard to steer.

You'll see it for yourself
when we figure out

- what's holding you back.
- I already know that.

I-It's that I don't want to go to Peace.
I want to go back to life.

I mean, I was just
getting good at living.

I'm afraid that's not an option.

Why? Didn't you bring
everyone else back?

At a price.
I'm a little fuzzy on the details,

but I know Nature
won't let me do it again.

So what am I supposed to do?

You're the only one that knows
that answer to that, Ethan.

But I'll be right here
to help you figure it out.

♪ Don't you ever
go to sleep at night... ♪

It's been a minute
since I've been summoned.

You've become incredibly powerful.

Look who's talking.

I heard you're The Ferryman now.

It's weird, right?

We've come a long way
from milkshakes in the square.


What do you need, Hope?

I need to see my father.

That's a big ask.

My father's in Limbo, right?

The Necromancer said
that he can't find Peace until I do,

and let's be honest, I mean,
I'm the opposite of peaceful.

Actually, I don't know.
Limbo's kind of a big place.

You're The Ferryman now, though,
so you can find him.

I mean, that has to be,
like, a million times easier

- than what you did for our friends.
- What I did came at a cost.

One that being here is making me realize
is steeper than I thought.

What kind of cost?

I don't feel anything.

At least not things I should be.

Everything's muted
on this plane of existence.

Dull, like a bruise.

Including your feelings for me.

Well, then, from my experience,

it sounds like the cost
was your humanity.

I don't think it's that simple.

Because I know I love you.


That's about the only thing I'm sure of.

I want to give this to you.

Why your dad?

And is it worth losing
yet another piece of me?

On a surface level, I...

I need to figure out
where his final resting place should be,

because apparently,
this school is no longer an option.

But going deeper, I just feel like
I've screwed up so much recently.

If I can get this one thing right,

then maybe I could fix
everything else that's been broken.

But it's not worth losing you again.
Not even a piece. Not to me.

So just forget I asked, okay?

Um, while you're here,

do you mind if I ask you
for one more thing, though?



That bad, huh?

I... I'm unaccustomed to my new powers,
so I did not yet see your past.

But you did see something, right?

I believe it was our future.

Still bad?

Kaleb, it was... beautiful.


Then why do you look so scared?


Because we're not destined
to travel down this path together.

Where'd everyone go?

Look who's talking.

When you disappeared, I decided
to hop behind the bar and take over.

I listened to what
the lost souls had to say,

the same way that you listened to me.

Most seemed to have solid breakthroughs.

They'll be back later to talk
about what those are with you.

I hope I didn't overstep.

No, you did great.

You deserve Peace, Ethan.
So whenever you're ready.

I'm not sure that I want to.

We talked about this.

No, actually, we haven't.

My life taught me that there's no shame
in being the sidekick.

Though I'm not sure "Ferrykid"
works as a name.

That's all right.

I prefer "Rescue Guy."

That's perfect timing, actually.

I need help tracking somebody down.

MG: I've brought you both here to talk

some sense into you.

- Milton.
- Don't Milton me.

Milton is a name wielded
by bullies or my loved ones,

and right now, y'all are stuck
dangerously in the middle.

This seems like a private conversation.


You can't close the school,
Dr. Saltzman,

because each one of these files
is a person.

With a life, who needs a home.

Face facts, MG.

This school is dangerous
for every person in that pile.

Every time we solve a problem,
another one just pops up.

Their problems are why they
ended up here in the first place.

To be safe.

The world is not safe for supernaturals.

What we have here is a home. A family.

You are breaking up the Squad.

Do you really think
that I want to do this?

Caroline and I built this school,
for our daughters.

We've all been through too much.

We need a fresh start.


That is a load of crap.

You are running from grief
because you don't want to hurt anymore.

And in making this decision
for all of us,

you're doing exactly the thing
that you promised Landon you wouldn't.

When Josie left,
you made some bad decisions.

So you'd rather cling onto her

than stay here
and face a life that's different?

So yeah, like I said, load of crap.



LIZZIE: Where do you think you're going?

If I told you, that'd defeat the point,
because I'd like to be alone.

What's the rush?
We're all gonna be alone soon enough.

If everyone had accepted that,

they wouldn't be
looking at me like this.

Like I can find a way
to keep the school open.

You, too?

MG's puppy dog eyes hit below the belt,
let me tell you.

And I, like you, had a solid plan B,
which was running away.

until I got this letter from Josie.

What did she have to say?

You need to read it.

Because there's something in it
for you, too.



Did you get a witch to put
a barrier spell around your office?

I bribed Pedro with a candy bar.
Apparently, I overpaid.


Look, Hope, if you are here
to change my mind,

it's like I'm telling everyone.
There's no point.

I came to thank you, actually.

For helping bring my humanity back.

I can't take credit for that.
That plan was really...

Josie's? I know.

She cast a spell
on this pendant that I gave her,

and sent it to my family in New Orleans.

That's how my humanity
was able to break through.

Anyway, she doesn't need it anymore,

and she asked me to give it
to someone who does,

and I thought...
that person could be you.

Just in case there's a little voice
inside of your head,

trying to break through all that fear.

To be heard.



LANDON: Any luck?

ETHAN: Sort of.

Word on Limbo Street
is that he already left town.

I thought that that was a good thing.

Of course, it is, I just,
I was just hoping

I could help a friend
with something they really needed.

But the only way to contact Peace
is to actually be at Peace.

Which isn't an option
for The Ferryman, so...


Unless what?

You change your mind
about how you want to spend eternity.

BEN: Is this going to hurt?

Finch told me that wolfsbane,
and I quote, "Burns like a bitch."

Yeah, that's the whole point.

Drop it in.


Hit me.

Well, that answers that.

Why are you not in pain?

The only reason I could think of
is that I died yesterday.

So I thought, "What if being brought
back to life reset my curse?"

Kind of like your dad dying broke yours?

You don't think
you're a werewolf anymore.

Well, I know I'm not, now.

And how do you feel about that?

I feel...
like I've changed a lot lately,

in ways that I'm really proud of.

Being a wolf and leader of the pack
has always defined me.

So maybe this is someone's way
of telling me

I'm supposed to find out
who I am without that.

As someone newly freed

from that which defined him
for millennia,

I understand.

But... if you're going to be
searching for something...

please just consider letting me be
a part of your quest to find it.

♪ Oh, I'm obsessed ♪

♪ With the way your head is laying... ♪

HOPE: This place is special to me.

It's where I come to think.

Cry when I need to.

Make out with my boyfriend,
who's d*ad, so don't worry.

So are you.

I just don't know if you'd think
this place is special, too.

♪ Oh, I'm a mess... ♪

I'm just trying to make
the right decision, Dad.

But if I scatter you here
and the school shuts down,

then we're just gonna be
ripped apart again, so I don't know.

♪ Help me catch my breath... ♪

You could give me a sign or something.

Sorry to interrupt.

♪ When I look at you,
that's the end... ♪

Sorry for sending you
on a fool's errand.

No luck?

♪ This is more than anything
I've felt before ♪

♪ You're everything that I want ♪

♪ But I found the one I love. ♪

Are you ready
to have this conversation right now?

That depends.

Are you ready to say something
that won't make me mad?

Josie sent Hope her pendant.

The one that makes quiet things heard?

Well, it got me to thinking somehow,
deep inside of you,

even the smallest voice
finds a way to speak its truth.

That's one of the best things about you.

I have always had a million voices
in my head screaming to be heard.

When you died,

a part of me felt
like there was no one left in my life

who would want to help me
sort them all out.

The good from the bad.

I'm sorry it took that happening
for me to tell you that, but...

you're my pendant.

Better late than never.

So where do we go from here?

Josie found another school
she wants to go to in Europe.

She sounds happy.

So of course I wanted to jump on a plane
and chase after her;

chase that happiness, too.

But you were right.

I wouldn't be running to her,

I would be running away
from everything else.

And that's not who I am anymore.

So if you want to fight
to save this school...

I'm your Squad.

If you'll have me, that is.

I have always wanted you, Lizzie.

Then you should probably
kiss me right now.


Go away!

I've been gone long enough,
don't you think?

- Judging by the looks of things.
- Mom?


I'm sorry, I suck at vamping.

We'll add it to the list of things
we need to work on.

Won't we, Milton?

JED: You don't have to do that.

You're not the pup anymore.

I know.

But I'm only resistant when someone's
trying to make me do it.

So it's cool.


How's the pack taking the news?

I mean, you know wolves.
We're not as emo as vamps and witches.

So held a little workout sesh
to get their minds off

the fact that the sweet gym
and all-you-can-eat breakfasts

aren't gonna be available
to them anymore.


You know, if the school closes,

that doesn't change
anything else for us.

Pack sticks together, right?

If that's what the alpha says.

That's why I asked.

And before you say no,
at least acknowledge the fact

that you've already been acting
as the alpha.

I've been pretty wrapped up
in god stuff.

How wrapped up are we talking?

Ben asked me to leave with him,
and I said yes.

Only if you say yes to me.

I don't know. I... (SIGHS)

I never wanted this. I...

Which is why you should be
the one to do it.

So if things with the school
go the wrong way,

you'll be able to keep 'em together.

I will acknowledge it's weird

how much this place
has come to mean to me.

So I have to challenge you, right?



But, uh, I'm not as strong
as I used to be, so...

pretty sure you're gonna kick my ass.

You're stronger in other ways, Jed.

Thanks, Finch.

So what'd you have in mind?
Wrestling, boxing, some Tae Bo...

First one to let go loses.

HOPE: You're making me nervous.
What's with all the suspense?

LANDON: First things first.

Your dad found Peace.

Which... Great news, right?

But also not so great news

because it means I wouldn't be able
to bring him to you.

But then I thought,
I'm the frikkin' Ferryman.

I am a metaphysical miracle.

So with our two brilliant,
magical minds combined,

we should be able to get you
what you really need.

I don't need to see Star Wars again.

Okay, well,
this is something even cooler, I hope.

You remember when we had
the Matrix marathon,

and then we got into the whole debate

about whether or not the spoon
was actually a spoon?


That's me.

How are we doing this?

The screen is not a spoon.


♪ ♪

ETHAN: Hey, Hope. Greetings from Peace.

Landon, I think this is what you wanted,
so I hope this works.

And thank you. You were right.

It's... it's incredible here.

- What the hell? Bring it back.
- Wait for it.

KLAUS: My dearest Hope.

My littlest wolf.

My miracle child.

What a gift to be able
to leave you one last message.

So please carry it with you
in the years to come.

I want you to know this.

You will make mistakes in your life.

That comes with being a Mikaelson.

You will go through hard times.

For no one with your power
always knows how to use it properly.

You will find love...

and you will lose it.

For such is the burden of immortality.

But the most important thing
about your life

is that you live it.

Because you are my Peace.

And I regret a lot of things,

but I don't regret a single moment
I spent with you.

I love you so much.

Always and forever.

Thank you.


What is all that stuff for?

You said that there'd be a lot
of roadblocks we'd have to overcome,

so I figured we'd start
with the one that I know about.

That artist's block of yours.


You don't give up, do you?

It's only fair.

You've inspired
a lot of people here, Cleo.

I just want to return the favor.
In two ways.

First way by telling you
that I'll be damned

if I'm gonna let some vision
put me off of the best thing in my life.

Because at the Salvatore School,
we fight for the things we love.

What is the second way?

I'm gonna pose for you.


Yeah, I thought that
since you needed some inspiration,

I'd go ahead
and give you a little bit of it.

I figured what'd be more inspiring
than all of this dragon?


Well, I'm definitely feeling something.


Do you remember when I had that vision
of the school burning down,

- when I told you that you were...
- A good man.

I'll never forget it.

I was wrong.

♪ ♪

You're the best man.

At least for me.

I love you, too, Kaleb.

No matter what comes next.

♪ The dark led me to light again ♪




You can't close the school.

- Hope...
- Look, I know,

things have not gone the way
that you imagined them to.

And yeah, maybe your mission
statements failed.

But that just makes you
like the rest of us.

No matter what you founded it for,

the Salvatore School
is a place for second chances,

to not be perfect.

I may be the world's only Tribrid,

but I'm one of countless
scared supernaturals around the world

who need to be understood.

So maybe our mission statement
just needs to change,

along with us.

Okay, I'm done. You can talk now.

But you're not gonna be
changing my mind.


Well, that won't be necessary.

I've been thinking
about the future, too.

Listening, actually, to, uh...

this little voice in my head.

It's telling me that you're right,
by the way.

You're gonna keep the school open.


And... no.


Is it okay to say that your mom
kind of freaks me out?


I've never had a real boyfriend.
She won't make it easy for you.



Now, that has a nice ring to it.

Are you sure it's not too late
for us to join Josie in Europe?

Very funny, No running, remember?

- Mm.
- Besides, we'd hate Belgium.


Uh, um... the...

ALARIC: We meet tonight
under happier circumstances.

The Salvatore School
won't be closing its doors.


But I will no longer be
your headmaster anymore.


The school's founding purpose
was to protect you from the world,

but now I believe
the world will and must

get to know you and your abilities.

Because the truth is
you deserve to be known.

So, with your permission,

it would be my great honor
to tell those stories

by writing the definitive history

of the supernatural beings I have known.

So when that battle comes,
we will all be better prepared.

Armed with the stories
of the ones that we love,

and those who we have lost
along the way.

Are there any questions or objections?

- Uh...
- Wade.

Yeah, we all probably have
the same question.

Who's gonna be our new headmaster?

ALARIC: Don't worry,
we'll be keeping it in the family.


I thought you were leaving tomorrow.

Which is why I'm leaving now,
while everyone's asleep.

I've had enough goodbyes in my life.

If anyone knows
what that's like, it's you.

Are you gonna be okay?

Are you?

Yeah, I think so.

For the first time in a long time.



Then this school wasn't...

Wasn't such a failure after all.

Thank you...

for being the, um,
second-best father a girl could have.


Well, thank you...

for being the third-best daughter.


- WADE: Where is this headed?
- Belgium.

To the person that we can trust with it.

Uh, ski poles? Golf clubs?

It's the only w*apon that can k*ll me.

Okay, uh, "fragile" then.

Don't worry, Wade,
it's going to the right place.

KALEB: So what you gonna call it?

"Passion." (CHUCKLES)

So now that that block is gone,

you want to tell me
about that future you saw?


I can't.

- For fear that doing so will change it.
- I'm trying to change it.

But what you will change
is the world, Kaleb.

At least for many supernaturals like us.

And I will say no more than that.

You know you're really sexy
when you're being all mysterious.


I will catch up with you shortly.
There's something I must do first.

It has to do with the future,
doesn't it?

Yes. My future this time.

- Mm. Mysterious.




Looks like I'm already out of a job.

I'm sorry. I was just daydreaming,
Headmistress Forbes.

Interim headmistress.

Which sounds a bit stuffy, doesn't it?

So why don't we just go with Caroline?

I really wish you were here.

Are you talking to me or your dad?

Both, I guess.

Peanut Butter Blast.
Whipped cream on the bottom.

It's nice to know
that some things don't change.

Especially when everything else
seems to.

Can I ask if you're happy?

Happiness is an emotion,
so that's a tricky one.

But I know where I belong
when I'm in Limbo.

All I've ever wanted is a home.

Just don't be a stranger, okay?

Hope Mikaelson.

For as much as we've both changed,
that's one thing we could never be.

I'll always love you, Landon.

And you'll forever know
where to find me.

♪ So this is what you meant ♪

♪ When you said that you were spent ♪

♪ And now it's time to build ♪

♪ From the bottom of the pit
right to the top... ♪

It's time for one more goodbye.

♪ Don't hold back... ♪

You mind staying with me another minute?

Not at all.

The d*ad can wait.


♪ I don't ever want to let you down... ♪

Some have waited long enough.

♪ I don't ever want
to leave this town... ♪


- ♪ Because after all ♪

♪ This city never sleeps at night... ♪

- HOPE: When we're young,

we're taught the distinction
between a hero and a villain...

good and evil.

A savior and a lost cause.

But I've learned
the only real difference

is just who's telling the story.

My name is Hope Mikaelson.

I come from a long line of villains.

At least, I used to think so,
but I don't anymore.

♪ And I am left to sell ♪

♪ The path that heaven runs... ♪

The school behind these gates

once protected the secrets
of people like me.

Now, we'll use those secrets
to protect others.

Because we're heroes.

And today we'll be opening our doors

to the next class of supernatural beings

to teach them to be heroes, too.

All right, everyone,
first impressions last a lifetime.

So with the gentle reminder
that many of you are immortal, Hope...

would you do the honors?

♪ This city never sleeps at night ♪

♪ It's time to begin, isn't it? ♪

♪ I get a little bit bigger ♪

♪ But then, I'll admit
I'm just the same as I was ♪

♪ Now, don't you understand ♪

♪ That I'm never changing who I am? ♪

♪ I'm never changing who I am ♪

♪ I'm never changing who I am. ♪

Welcome home.
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