04x10 - The Collector Returns

Episode transcripts for the 2016 TV show "Escape the Night". Aired June 2016 - September 2019.
In "Escape the Night" ten guests are invited from the modern world to attend a dinner at Joey Graceffa's newly acquired mansion estate, which has been locked in the 1920's; when America was roaring... roaring with madness. This is a dinner party to die for. No one is safe.
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04x10 - The Collector Returns

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Collector: Previously on "Escape the Night," the heroes journey into the prehistoric exhibit...

- Oh-- - Colleen: Ah, Bretman! Collector: To face the Cursed God. Good luck, guys. Come on, you got this.

- Ugh. - Oh, are you kidding me? Collector: Rosanna is torn to pieces.

- ( screaming ) - ( bones crunching ) Colleen: Within her iron vault lies the cosmic sphere which has the power to reshape space and time.

And we find a room that we haven't seen all night long. I can feel my magic coming back into me.

Joey: This is where the rest of my friends have been trapped. I need to get them out, no matter what. You guys, there's a book in here.

Collector: And the Collector returns home. ( both screaming )

- Oh, my God! Oh, my God! - Yes! The museum is mine now.

You must go back to your exhibit where you belong. What?

( dramatic music ) ♪ ♪

Are you sure, sister? No one knows the way back. It's the source of all evil.

My life is a small price. ♪ ♪

( grunts, yells ) ♪ ♪

( whispering ) ♪ ♪ ( gurgles )

( menacing whispering ) ♪ ♪

There's nothing to be afraid of. Can't you hear it call your name?

( menacing whispering ) I've come to destroy it. Something so beautiful?

Imagine what secrets it holds, what power.

It transforms people into their true nature. ( menacing whispering )

Think of what you could become. ( eerie music ) ♪ ♪

( gasps ) Looks like there's a trace of evil inside you. - ( bones crunching ) - ( screams )

( dramatic music ) ♪ ♪

That was incredible. - You did it! - Sorcerer, oh, my gosh. The museum is mine now. You must go back to your exhibit

where you belong. - ( laughs ) - Bretman: What? You tricked us. She just wanted to use us

so she could take the museum for herself. What a selfish bitch! You think you know a bitch,

but the Sorcerer is faker than me, and how can you out-fake me? ( demonic moan )

( laughing )

She can't die? ( laughs ) You think you can k*ll me

in my own museum? My soul will return here forever.

- Bretman: Oh, my gosh. - Joey: Wait. If the Sorceress can't even k*ll her, then how are we gonna k*ll her? Yours, on the other hand,

will go to hell! What do we do? ( dramatic music )

Oh, no! Meet my latest collection. Colleen: Go, Joey! ( screams )

I thought my worst nightmare was the first time I got k*lled. Then I thought my worst nightmare was the second time I was k*lled. But no, this is worse than my worst nightmare.

She brought them all back! - Joey: Oh, my God, no! - Bretman: Who are they? - The carnival master. Oh, my God. - Who are they?

Bretman has no idea who these creatures are, but these are all like family to me except family that wanna k*ll me

and I've k*lled them. Collector: Remember them?

They have not forgotten you. It's a very, um, dysfunctional family, to say the least.

- Please, please, please, please, please, can we go? - Oh, my God. Wait! Bring me their heads! Right, go! Run!

( laughter ) - Joey: Come on. - Colleen: Shit! Where do we go?

( dramatic music ) Clown: Come on, I wanna taste you.

I have a score to settle with you! The only way to escape tonight is to get that final key.

How are we gonna do it with all of these k*ller monsters chasing us everywhere? Prepare to beg, bitch.

I think you underestimate me. Do I? ( both screaming )

Clown: Come out and play!

We see that the Armageddon clock just opened up, and there's a note inside. What is this?

"The Collector's wrath holds no limit. "If any of her monsters capture you,

"you'll be taken too the Gorgon's lair "and held for two minutes before being slain by the carnival master."

The note doesn't explain what the red sand is, but I hold on to it, because I know it's gonna come in use.

"To be released, the others must all place a hand on the warrior statue." Listen, we're in this together.

We've fought through so much to be here, and I wanna escape the night with you two. - Okay? - Okay.

So if any of us get caught, we have to promise each other that we're gonna go to the Gorgon's lair and get each other free.

We don't know what to do; we don't know what to do with this sand. Joey: Thank God Colleen took the Collector's spell book,

because I think we're gonna need it. There's a note in here. "The Collector cannot be slain in her museum,

"but she can be turned to stone by the sword of all legends." Wait, so we can k*ll the Collector.

We just need to get this sword that can turn her to stone. "An emblem from each era must be gathered

"and placed around Excalibur to receive it. The first lies within the halls of Egypt."

So somehow, we have to get to the Egypt exhibit without monsters k*lling us. - Joey! - ( yelps )

Oh, shit! Go, go, go, go! To the exhibit. Monster: Play with us! They were crazy!

Yeah, they're insane. Let's not talk about it. - Let's just keep going. - Okay. Wait, what is this? Bretman: "The letters of a land

forgotten by time can release me." There's some sort of code with these letters. "The letters of a land forgotten by time

can release me." I have no idea. - Two, three, four, five. - What's forgotten by time?

It would be five letters. Is "Egypt" five letters? We're in the Egyptian exhibit, bitch.

The word is "Egypt." What can you forget about over time? What land?

- Lands forgotten-- - Like sand? I mean, we could try "Egypt." Let's try "Egypt." That's five letters.

Again, nobody is listening to me because obviously I'm dumb as (...) and I made it out here on accident.

( mechanism clicking ) - ( gasps ) You did it! - It worked! Like I said. Ugh. The codex opens, and inside,

I find the next clue and the first emblem. Beautiful. It's like a green "gemerald" color. - You guys! - Okay, okay, okay.

Bitch! - Nobody's there. - Oh, my God, okay. "The second emblem sits beneath Vishnu's feet."

So I know we need to go to the rotunda. Bretman: Be careful, Joey.

The plan is to stick together. Right, go! Run! ( yelling indistinctly )

The plan has failed, and now it's every man for themself. - (Joey yelps) - (snarls)

Are you freaking kidding me? Joey not only is responsible for two of my deaths, but now he ditches me.

Come out and play! - ( hisses ) - Joey!

Colleen? ( hisses ) There's too many of them.

Why does this always happen? I always end up split up, and, ugh. - Colleen: Bitch. - Bretman: Blind bitches.

Let's go. - Joey: Bretman? - Where's Joey? - I don't know. - Clown: Let's have some fun! ( dramatic music )

- Joey: Colleen? - Colleen? Bretman and Colleen: Joey! - Colleen! - Joey. - What happened? - God, that was so terrifying.

- There's so many of them. - I know. What do we do? How many monsters are there here? We are never gonna find all these crystals.

- How do we do this? - Let's just go run out there and hide. - All of us? - Joey: Yes, let's go. No, none of us are gonna-- Wait, and so there are, like--

Three, two, one. Bretman: We finally get to the rotunda, where Vishnu resides,

and I'm like, "Where her feet at?" ( growls ) ( suspenseful music )

♪ ♪

Clown: Anything? This is gonna be so exhausting if this is what it takes to get to each exhibit.

- Clown: You don't wanna get me angry! - Okay, listen, it says, "Carry the bags of sacred earth across the grounds "to the remains of Garuda

to help him pay his penance in hell." - Colleen: What the-- - Oh, my God, they're so heavy. - Bretman: Are they heavy? - There's three bags.

Oh, great, now we have to carry these heavy bags to the remains of Garuda? I don't even know where that is,

and these things are very heavy. ♪ ♪

- Colleen: Oh, my God... - Get inside, get inside, get inside! I'm very slow, very slow, very slow! ( snarls ) Joey: Turns out Colleen

has a very weird reaction to stress and fear. This is all making me gassy.

( belches ) Girl. Wow, I'm, like, really on it. Like, these bitches don't even know who Garuda is,

and I'm like, "Girl, that's him right there." - Wait, where, where? - Okay, right here. Drop them. Okay. So do we need anything?

Okay, all right. Drop it. You guys, something opened back there. - Oh, guys. - There's a chest.

Okay. Yes, we got the other stone. - Where's the bag? - "The next one lies

where the emperor once sat to think." Oh, I remember this bitch. It's upstairs. Clown: Ah, you are mine!

♪ ♪ - Ah, yes! - No, no! - Yes! - You guys, help me!

Oh, you're mine now. ( growls ) Joey, help me! Oh, my God, I can't believe they got her.

You guys have to come save me. You have to put your hands on that statue. Shut up! Let's go.

Oh, my God, I hope Bretman has forgiven me for trying to k*ll him a little bit ago. Okay, listen.

Do you remember what the note said of where we need to go next? I don't, but all we-- I know is, we need to save Colleen.

Of course, out of three of us, Colleen, who knows where the next emblem is, gets captured.

Do we go save her? Do we go look at the note? Let's just see the note first and then save her.

Okay. Colleen: You know, I can help you guys.

I can help you do your evil things and k*ll people if you just let me go. I'm pretty sure I'm about to be sacrificed and m*rder,

and when I get nervous, I talk. If you want, I can become a k*ller. Oh, you're very scary. Go lay down.

Lay down? Oh, my God, I hate that thing. I hate that thing! No, no, no, please. You're terrifying.

Do you like your life? Um, you know, I did. I think you can appreciate it a little more.

You know, I appreciate my life just fine. Okay, let's bring it with us. Let's just go.

Bretman: We have to be careful. There's still monsters out everywhere, - and there it was. - Joey: Run, run.

A damn vampire. ♪ ♪ ( chanting )

♪ ♪

This carnival master is terrifying. I think he's speaking in tongues or something. - ( chanting ) - Oh, my God.

What are you doing to me? Relo! Reload? Reload what? You speak a very similar language

to my newborn baby. I have a newborn baby. ( chants ) - Yeah, I have a new baby-- - Shut up!

Oh, my God! Okay, clearly that way is not gonna work. We're gonna have to go through inside.

We don't have time. Like, if we don't go back and save Colleen, she'll be sacrificed by the carnival master.

( suspenseful music ) ♪ ♪

Look, right here, right here. There's an exit. I'll watch your back. This is really uncomfortable,

so maybe we can--you know. This is not a good angle for him over there. You know, there's--

I just gave birth. It's a mess down there. You don't want people to see that, but that could be my power that I k*ll people with.

Just show them the vag. It's terrifying down there now. - Lot of stitches. - Do you ever stop talking?

♪ ♪ The warrior statue is probably gonna be the one

that looks the most warrior-y, like, obviously. - That's what we have to touch. - ( carnival master shouts )

Okay, they're distracted with her right now. I think now's our chance. I'm telling you, it's like a reflex. Like, I'm terrified, so I can't stop talking.

I also desperately need water. I have, like, cotton mouth. I know I'm pissing off these monsters, and that means they're probably gonna k*ll me even sooner,

but I literally cannot stop talking. ( whooshing ) - Oh, my God. - Colleen. - Bretman: Colleen. - Joey: Come on, let's go.

- Bretman: Come on, Colleen. - Joey: This way. Bretman: Colleen is free, and I'm like, "Sis, I don't care "what you were talking to them about.

"Let me know where the emperor's throne is so we can get the next emblem." Yeah, he sat right there. He was a total prick.

Lookit, this is a scroll. "The emperor loved to think of himself as a hero. - Assemble the c"-- - ( eerie laughter )

( giggling maniacally ) The three of us are trying to hide under this dinky table,

and by the grace of God, they don't spot us. ( growling )

Colleen: So they leave, we lock the doors, and I feel like I could die any minute, 'cause my heart is beating so fast.

"Assemble the character before the throne using the reeds to truly become one." Colleen: What?

- Bretman: What? - Joey: A symbol before the throne. Colleen: I'm completely useless. I am so scared of dying

that I can't even help them. - These are reeds. - I think we have to use these to make that symbol right there.

Oh, my God, you genius! I love you. My brain's not working, so I really appreciate the brain. Finally someone recognizes the genius that I am.

- Colleen: So we need the two little ones here. - Joey: Yep. Have another long one right here. Once I put the sticks in their correct order,

a chest pops open. ( clicking ) You guys. ( dramatic music )

♪ ♪

Joey: Another crystal. - Awesome. - "The next lies where flesh becomes stone." Where flesh becomes stone.

It's either Mortimer's statue or the Gorgon's lair again.

- You guys, he's coming! He's coming! - Joey: Run! Run, run, run! So apparently this vampire is bad, so we have to run from him,

and he just continues to chase us, which I'm not really that mad about. I mean, he's kind of cute.

We can hide. We can hide. We can hide. "Only when the garden of stone faces the Gorgon's k*ller..."

- Both: "Will the secret be given up." - Who k*lled the Gorgon? I don't know. I was d*ad. You guys k*lled me. The beast k*lled the Gorgon, didn't she--didn't he?

- He did, yes! - The beast k*lled me, the bitch. - So where-- - There's his head. - Whatever. - Shit. Joey: Oh, my God, Benjamin.

I'm usually into tall guys, but that's not someone I'm into. He was not that cute at all. Mm-mm.

I have nowhere to hide, so I just put myself in the same position that the statue's in.

( dramatic music ) It seems to be working all right, but the carnival master's getting closer and closer,

and I need to find another way around. Oh, hello.

Desperate times call for desperate hiding spots. I think they went that way. ♪ ♪

The garden of stone needs to be facing the beast. - Yeah. - So do we have to move all of these to face him? - Exactly, let's do that. - Okay, start turning them.

- Okay. - This one's already facing him. - This is facing him. - He's right there, sis. All right, you need to lose some weight next time you get turned to stone. ( grunts )

Bretman: You guys, you guys, you guys, you guys, you guys. And a box opened with a bottle of blood in it

and a note. "The Gorgon was once a member "of the Society Against Evil before the Collectors turned her."

Wait, the Gorgon was a Society Against Evil member? "Her blood holds the voice of vengeance

"and gives the sword the power of turning flesh to stone. "Excalibur must be bathed in it

"to complete its transformation. The next emblem resides where wishes are given."

This blood--we have to pour it onto Excalibur to turn it into not a regular Excalibur

but the sword of all legends. So the Collector...turned her?

The Collector essentially turned a Society Against Evil member into this monster, and her blood holds

the vengeance that will turn flesh to stone. This is awesome.

This is the ultimate vengeance for what she did to the Gorgon. I love that. We have to go back

to the genie's lamp. Arabia, here we come back, honey.

Be careful approaching. There's always a vampire in here. ♪ ♪ You guys, you guys, hurry up. Hurry up, hurry up.

The vampire comes after us again, and I'm like, "Oh, my gosh, should I let him take me?" Gosh. Oh, I feel so safe in here.

Guys, honestly, can we just stay here? Colleen: How come I was d*ad during the time that they got to go to the pretty, cute genie room?

"Weave the golden rope through the correct plot points to tell it correctly." Basically there's these sentences scattered across the room,

and we need to weave this rope through these different sentences in the order of the story.

I've never heard this story before, and I'm just really scared of the monsters coming and finding us. "Wise sage and healer

begins working for the king." Maybe begins, because that's the beginning of the story. I kind of let Colleen take the lead with this one.

Just let me know where to weave this. Is that all of them? I think that's all of them. Okay, let's read it from the beginning.

Joey: Okay, let's read it out loud, okay. "A wise sage and healer begins working for the king." "The king's closest adviser tells the king

that the healer is trying to m*rder him." "Fearing for his life, the king orders the healer to be executed."

"Just before he is beheaded, the healer gives the king a book of magic." "The next day, the king reads the book,

only to die from the poison on its pages." - That sounds like a story. - Joey: Yeah. - ( clattering ) - Oh, my God, we did it!

Okay, yes. Our fifth crystal. "X marks the spot."

X? Where's the X? Wait, this is the sands of Egypt. - Yes. - Ugh. On the map, there's some circles

and one red circle, but I don't know what it means. ♪ ♪

It's too quiet. Where is everybody? I know from having a child that if it's quiet, that means something is wrong.

What do we have to do? Shit, hide. ( energetic drum music ) ♪ ♪

How are we supposed to do this if they're in there? Someone make a commotion. Bretman is the most extra out of all of us,

so if anyone's gonna make a distraction, it's gonna be him. I feel like, Bretman, you could make a scene. Bretman: Okay.

Colleen: What are you doing? Bretman? ♪ ♪ Yoo-hoo! I'm right here!

Colleen, we're gonna have to run in. It's time to k*ll somebody! ♪ ♪

- She is awful. - She's insane. Okay. Wait, X marks the spot? The c--the pirate.

Bretman: The pirate cap, yes, yes, yes. Colleen: See, the red dot. Maybe we all have to stand on here.

Let's try. ♪ ♪ - Joey: No, I-- - Bretman: Wait, wait. If you stand right here, it makes an X.

- Joey: Where? - Colleen: Oh, my God, he's right. He's right. If you stand on the spot... - Oh, my God, Bretman, you genius. - Wait, I wanna see.

Looking in the direction of where the X is pointed, I look down, and I see that there's something underwater.

Bretman: Yes, yes. - Yes! - Oh, my God, Bretman. We open the bag, and we find the other emblem.

- Gorgeous. It is an amethyst. - Colleen: Ooh, purple. Good for protection. One more to go, and the note also reads

that the last and final emblem... "Lies beneath the mouth of a once-great beast."

And I'm like, "What beast?" ( roars ) You guys, there's, uh-- there's-- - You guys, we have to hide. - Run!

Colleen: I don't want to trip. I don't want to die. I don't want to die. I don't want to die. I don't want to die. I don't want to die. - I don't want to die. I don't want to die. - Oh, my God, oh, my God.

I remember that clock saying we only had 30 minutes left, so why does it feel like we've been chased by monsters

for an entire year? Let's have a little fun, shall we? ( dramatic music )

♪ ♪ ( growls ) ♪ ♪

( quietly ) Go, go, go. Go, go, go, go. We're finally safe from these stupid monsters, and I'm realizing that the note

kind of sort of disintegrated in my hands and ripped when I was scared. Okay, listen. What does it say?

It ripped up when we got chased, but it said something about a beast. - It got ripped up? - It was wet, - and it was in my hand. - Colleen, that was our one clue!

I'm sorry! It just said something about a beast. Colleen! What do you mean it ripped up into pieces?

I don't know. I'm sorry. It was very wet. - What--the matador. - Okay, let's try and think. What did it say? Something about-- It lays inside its mouth,

or it lays somewhere in the beast. Colleen: Something within the beast. It's gotta be something else. - The beast. - The beast.

Were there other beasts? Like dinosaurs? The beasts? Like, in one of the skulls of the-- The circle room. Let's go.

Yeah, let's try. Yes. Yes, Colleen, yes. Wait, the lion! The lion's the beast. Oh, my God. The mouth of the beast?

The beast? This could also be a beast. Colleen: I don't know. Oh, you guys, you guys, you guys, you guys.

You guys, hide, hide, hide, hide, hide, hide. ( maniacal cackling ) Where are you? Whoo! Whoo!

I wanna play! ( dramatic music )

Ah, let's go. I don't like those girls at all. Okay.

Let me close this door. I'm like, "Sis, why do we keep leaving doors open if we know there's monsters coming in?"

Joey: "Feel the rhythm of the dinosaurs. "Play in perfect rhythm four times to reveal the final emblem."

How do we play it? Red, orange, orange, blue, orange, purple, purple.

The drums! - Bretman: The drums. - Joey: Okay. So we need to play it in the right rhythm. Okay, okay, I'll be the red one.

I'll do the blue. Oh, wait, and then we need a second one. I'll do the other one, 'cause the red only has one.

We need... Purple. It's purple. We're missing purple. We can only find three. W-we can't find this purple drum anywhere.

Purple drum, purple drum. Oh, wait, purple might mean red and blue - at the same time. - Bretman: Same time. Miss Joey being the smart bitch that she is,

she knows her color theory, honey. - Love that. - Wow, yes. Joey: Okay. I'll be red and purple. ( playing drums )

One more. - ( clicking ) - That's it.

- Colleen: We did it! - Bretman: Yes, yes! Colleen: I am so happy that Bretman and Joey are here, because my brain fell out my butt a couple of hours ago.

I think this is our final crystal, right? - Yes. - "Excalibur calls you. "Place the emblems around it

and read the words of the spell." - Okay, let's go. - Colleen: We get outside, and it is just a little too quiet, bitch.

I don't trust it out here. These monsters are up to something. ( dramatic music ) - Wait. - What is that?

What's this? Why are there so many? "New collections must be placed "in an exhibit where they belong "like the Collector herself would do.

"Build a ring of f*re, "place crimson sand in the center, "and then lure them inside to complete the spell

she was about to perform." I've lured monsters before, and I'm not scared to do it again.

- You guys. - Colleen: ( gasps ) ( dramatic music ) ( monsters growling )

Every single freaking monster is surrounding Excalibur. Great.

What do we do? Let's have a plan, please. I'm very stressed. Let's have a plan. So we'll--we'll run in there, be like, "Oh, my God,

what are you guys doing here?" and then run past the ring of f*re. They'll run through the path and get trapped inside it.

Honey, let's go monster fishing. - Joey: Oh, weird. - Colleen: Hey, guys! - How did this happen? - What's up, y'all?

- Joey: Oh, no! - Destroy them! ( all screaming ) Colleen: Oh, my God!

Joey: They are very fast. ( laughter ) If this ring of f*re doesn't work,

we're gonna die. Oh, no. Guys, we're trapped. - Come on over. - What are we gonna do? Joey: Over here! Hi!

( laughs ) ♪ ♪ That's right.

Enjoy your exhibit! ( monsters yelling )

♪ ♪ - Oh, my God. We did it! - They're gone! - Oh, my gosh, it worked. - Oh, my God.

( heavy synth music ) ♪ ♪

We have to go to Excalibur. Okay, let's go, quick! We still need to k*ll this Collector, and we don't have a lot of time left,

so we run down to Excalibur, we place the crystals around the sword, and Bretman pours blood on top of Excalibur.

That's disgusting. All right, you guys. Okay, let's read this. Okay, ready? On the count of three.

One, two, three. - "The old"-- - "Let"-- Oh. Okay, ready? - "Let the old fi"-- - "The old fi"--

Okay, one, two, three. All: "Let the old fade to dust, and from the ashes of the ages..."

- "As"--okay, sorry. - "Rise as"-- I am dyslexic. - Yeah, it's early. - We're very tired. Okay. Three, two, one.

All: "Let the old fade to dust, "and from the ashes of the ages, rise as the sword of all legends."

( dramatic music ) Joey: Gosh. Holy crap.

( high-pitched ringing ) Joey: Oh, my God, guys. ( wondrous music ) ( laughs )

♪ ♪ This is incredible. We did it. Let's go k*ll her.

Come on. Let's k*ll a bitch, 'cause a-time's a-ticking.

( growls ) ( laughs ) ( suspenseful music )

♪ ♪ ( yelling ) ( grunts )

( Sorceress groans ) ( coughing ) ( growls )

( foreboding music ) ( laughs ) I told you I would make you beg.

Honestly, you deserve to die, honey. ( laughs ) ♪ ♪

It's not possible! This is my museum! You can never take it from me!

( yells ) ( screams ) ( wails ) ♪ ♪

Guys, come on. We don't have much more time. Bretman: We literally could turn into ashes any moment now.

Let's put this key in and let's get the sphere, honey. We need to get in that vault. Come on!

♪ ♪ - The final key. - We have five minutes left. Do we do it?

I mean, we have to, right? Well, I don't know. I don't know. Every time we put a key in, something horrible happens.

Like, what if this is all a trick? What if this isn't helpful? What if the sphere's not in there? What if we all die or something? I don't know. Now I'm panicked.

Okay, either we're all gonna die, or we're all gonna live. I say we go for it. Oh, no.

Let's do it. ♪ ♪ ( clanking )

Bretman: Is that the sphere? Colleen: I think that's it. That's the sphere. That's what we need. Joey: The box is just drawing me in,

and I-I can't break my connection to it, and I-I can't stop myself from wanting to touch it.

Colleen: Joey, what are you doing? Come on, we're running out of time. Get the sphere! Joey! Come on, Joey. Come on.

- Joey, we don't have much time. - Hello, come on. We've gotta go. Come on! Before we leave, I remember that we need to take care of one last thing.

Oh, my gosh, you guys. What do I do with this? ( mysterious music )

( bubbling sound ) ♪ ♪ Joey, you're gonna save the others.

♪ ♪

This is sweet and all, but I really wanna get out of here alive. Joey, let's go. At the end of the day, I'm here to save myself,

and, honey, let's hele mei. Hurry up. We're running out of time. - Come on. - Come on.

( dramatic music ) Okay. ♪ ♪

Oh, my gosh. We're getting out of here, you guys. Come on. Let's go. Come on.

Bretman: Joey! Colleen: What are you doing? ♪ ♪

( sinister music ) ♪ ♪

Alex: Colleen? Bretman? What happened? ♪ ♪ I don't know.

He didn't come through. ♪ ♪ ( menacing whispers )

♪ ♪

( eerie shrieking )

( panting )

( screams ) ( eerie music )

Woman: ♪ Should've come alone ♪ ♪ Why you messin' with my throne ♪ ♪ Gotta keep you at a distance ♪

♪ ♪ ♪ Trying to roll my name ♪ ♪ Why you play a wicked game ♪

♪ Welcome to your warning rune ♪ ( convivial chatter, bell dings )

( bright tone )
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