01x05 - Guru

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Players". Aired: Jun 16, 2022 = present.
"League of Legends" team needs their young rookie and their veteran to put their egos aside and work together to prove themselves on the world stage.
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01x05 - Guru

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Hi, Shelby. Uh, it's Organizm.

Happy anniversary.

Your boyfriend Colin Waters loves you,

and I still think you're a good player.

[EMMA] Look, I feel bad.

I would normally have Org
just spend time at my place

instead of being cooped up
with Creamcheese,

but with everything going on,
I feel like my dad

just needs a little space.

Hi, Todd, your friends say
you suck at League.

That sucks.

I still think you're a good player.

- What the f*ck are you doing?
- Cameos.

- I just made $ right there.
- Oh, great.

Well, can you not right now?

'Cause I'm trying to concentrate.

[KYLE] Look, I'm not expecting them

to become best friends all of a sudden.

I'm just hoping that they'll learn

to respect each other.

- Happy tenth birthday. Ten...
- Yeah, happy tenth birthday.

Hope your dog dies, you little b*tch.

Bro, what the f*ck?

Can you delete that, actually?
That was mean.

And, like, if they know you,
they probably know me, so...

Oh, shit, a queue popped up.

Okay, you go Varus,
I'm gonna go Nautilus.

Maybe they'll push
each other to practice harder.

Dude, I'm gonna head upstairs.
We should get some sleep.

Org, bro, look, we got to sleep.

[KYLE] I figured, you know,
I-I can track their stats,

so why don't I just put their
OP.GG on the scrim room TV?

It's a constant reminder
of who's grinding harder.

See what they do with that.

Oh, my God. [EXHALES]

[ORGANIZM] I mean, it's easier
for me to stay up longer.

But you know,
that's-that's not his fault.

He is, like, , so...

It just happens, I guess,
with age, to people like him.

Dude, can you not click so f*cking loud?

Oh, my God.

You don't do more damage
if you click harder.

Cream is a really, really great player,

but what I found out
is that he just needs people

to feed his ego

and, you know, hype him up.

Uh, that's just not me.

Is that why you get
so many views on Twitch?

It's like ASMR for serial K*llers.

I feel like I did a pretty good
job, like, you know,

putting up with Organizm's
bullshit during the season.

But back when I had Frugger around,

I could, like, lean on him
when shit got rough.

[PAUL] Hey, everybody, uh, BigNPaul,

general manager of Fugitive Gaming.

I'm excited to share
some news with you all

ahead of the upcoming LCS Summer Split.

We are thrilled to announce

the acquisition of top laner Tyrant,

uh, who will be joining Fugitive Gaming.

We think he's a-a great fit
with the team.

With the trade, we are saying goodbye

to BGOLBKTOFWTR and Frugger,

but we would like to thank both of them

for their amazing contributions
to the franchise

both on and off the Rift.

They will be missed.

[KYLE] You know, you spend
a lot of time with people.

And they become parts of the family.

As a coach, you're always
looking for opportunities,

you know, make decisions
that are right

for, uh, the family.

And in this case, it was, uh,

getting rid of Frugger and Bucket,

because we wanted to upgrade
our topside

and-and commit to a Creamcheese
and Organizm bot lane.

[NIGHTFALL] Yeah, I don't know

if I will miss Bucket, to be honest.

He had a really bad smell,
like, you know, old potato?

But Frugger,
I'm definitely gonna miss him.

Look, this-this team has had to endure

some pretty significant departures.

And, you know,
change is hard for all of us,

but I think it's especially hard
for Creamcheese.

[CREAMCHEESE] Trading Frugger is tough,

you know?

They say you don't really miss someone

until they're gone.

That is just so true.

Oh, no, Frugger, he slipped on
his banana peel and now he d*ed.

Frugger, don't f*cking laugh!
Stop laughing.

Like in spring, I had two goals:

to get Frugger back on
the starting lineup and to win,

and I failed at both of those.

♪ 'Cause he's Creamcheese ♪

♪ And we fruggin' tonight. ♪

- It's like...
- So good.

I never even got to say goodbye.

And now I just have to find a way to win

with this f*cking kid.

[APRIL] One of Creamcheese's
greatest strengths

is also his weakness: loyalty.

Every time he gets a new ADC,

he's upset about losing the old one.

But he'll have to learn to love Organizm

as much as he's loved every
other ADC he's worked with.

Frankly, the future
of this team depends on it.

♪ ♪

[ANNOUNCER] Fugitive is gonna
take the Nexus!

It's all over.

We'll probably win seven championships.

[MAN] A two-year, $ million contract?

[WOMAN] He's gonna be the youngest

pro player in North America.

[MAN ] Creamcheese is a choke artist.

[CREAMCHEESE] This would've
been the perfect setup

to wombo combo.

[MAN ] Is it time for Fugitive
to move on from Creamcheese?

[MAN ] Something is
brutally wrong in this team.

[MAN ] This season will make
or break the Fugitive franchise.

♪ ♪

[PRODUCER] Here we go, once again.

[EMILY] First time on broadcast?
You excited?

- [ORGANIZM] Yeah.
- [DASH] You nervous?

It's his first time, yeah.
You said that. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah. I mean,
don't worry, we got you.

- He's pretty green.
- It's our job to talk...

- Yeah.
- ... for a living, not yours.

Yeah, you know, communication's
not his strong skill.

- Just warning you guys.
- [DASH] Oh, got it. Okay.

- Not a big talker over here.
- Yeah?

[APRIL] Since Fugitive didn't make it

to the MSS, uh,
the LCS asked if Organizm

would guest on the Mid-Season
Showdown finals pregame.

I knew that Cream
wouldn't take that well,

so I suggested they both do it.

[DASH] Hello, and welcome
to the Mid-Season

Showdown finals pregame show.

Now, it's been an incredible few weeks

where we started with six teams,
and after endless battles,

we've narrowed it down
to two: Cloud and TSM.

[EMILY] But watching from home
along with us,

we have... you know him,
you love him... Creamcheese,

and solo queue phenome Organizm.

The bot lane of Fugitive here to help us

break down all the action
between C and TSM.

Glad to have you guys.
Thanks for joining us.

Thanks for having us.

Yeah, thanks for being on the desk.

Um, Organizm, your streams
have taken off in a massive way,

uh, since you guys were eliminated,

so what do you think it is that
allows you to connect so well

with LCS fans? [LAUGHS SOFTLY]


I don't know, I guess you'd...

I-I've just been being me,
so I mean, I guess you...

that's something you'd just
have to ask the fans.

Well, I mean, part of being you
seems to have

this kind of humility about, you know,

your insane accomplishments
in solo queue,

so maybe it's that
that draws the fans in.

I guess.

It's something you'd have
to ask the fans.

He does have this
great public humility, right?

Like, I struggle with that,
you know, for me,

it's... as I am off stage,

- I am on stage, you know?
- [DASH] Oh, I get that with you.

Feels like there's, you know,

- no secrets...
- No!

... when it comes
to Creamcheese, right?

- No, no. Of course not.
- All right, well, then, I'm

gonna h*t you with something,
one of the tough questions

straight off the bat, then, all right?

- Please.
- Uh, first ever

Mid-Season Showdown that-that
you are on the sidelines for,

you've missed out on it,

- so how you grappling with that?
- It's true.

It's tough, you know?
Yeah, I've-I've never,

never, uh, spent the spring at home.

So, it's a diff...
it's a different vibe.

Got a few weeks off, so I guess...

Yeah, thank you, Organizm,
for the vacation.

All right...
I'm just kidding about that.

Right, exactly, I mean, you
mentioned, uh, roster changes.

- Yeah.
- Right? L-Let's go there.

Organizm, you are the newest addition...

[PAUL] The vacation comment,

as funny as it was
with perfect delivery,

it-it was unprofessional.

[KYLE] I've known Cream,
uh, a long time,

and there are moments where he speaks

and it's like slow motion for me.

He gets this look in his eyes, you know,

and I can go,
"Oh, you're about to just stick

"your whole foot
in your mouth, aren't you?"

Thank you, Organizm,
for the vacation. All right...

[GURU] Cream absolutely
flames Organizm. Cream goes,

"Thank you for the vacation."

- The disrespect.
- Uh... Oh, my God!

- Oh, my God.
- [EMMA] Look, Creamcheese tried

to play it off as friendly
banter, but it was clear.

Organizm knew he was being insulted.

[GURU] Five years in as a pro,

and you're gonna blame
the rookie for your f*ck?

Wh... He's new. Tell me I'm wrong.

Tell me I'm overreacting.

I think you're absolutely right,

and the most important
thing as a teammate,

I mean, you never throw your teammates

under the bus no matter what.

I was happy to go on vacation.

[SCOFFS] Yeah, hopefully it's not,

you know, that's not a recurring
thing that we're doing.

[RUDY JR.] That dude be holding grudges.

Like, hard. I would not recommend that.

An angry Organizm: dangerous.

[GURU] Org, if you are listening,
I want to invite

the better half of the Fugitive bot lane

on the show to set the record straight.

From one victim
o-of Cream's bashing to another.

Let's hash it out.

No, it's a super sick spot
for parties.

I mean, the neighbors
absolutely hate it.

We should grab a photo for socials.

- Oh.
- Crump?

[CRUMPET] All right, here we go.

- Three, two...
- [RUDY JR.] Okay.

[CRUMPET] Let's get one more.

[GURU] Welcome to the NeverLost
Podcast, winners.

It's your boy Guru back at you again

with a huge episode.

Holy shit.

- Holy shit.
- My nemesis.

Org, welcome to the show.

No. No.

I did not see that.

Out of principle, I would not waste

one second of my life watching Guru.

He's a gargantuan piece of human shit.

Like, look at this shit.
You'll love this.

- Oh, here we go.
- This is why the best

can f*ck with the best,
'cause check this shit out.

This is just for you in studio.

Check this out.

"I still think you're a good player."

- You got that shit? Ah, ah, ah.
- Come on, bro!

[GURU] Yeah! I don't know
if we make it in your size...

N-Not really.

I don't know. I just, I...

I don't feel like they respect me, so...

I was gonna do what I was gonna do.

Let's talk on
our old friend Creamcheese.

He blames you...

- Mm-hmm.
- ... for missing the MSS.

He said, "Thank you

"for the vacation" to Organizm.

You should not accept that
for a second,

'cause I watched that game. I did.

I-It's on Creamcheese.

- He wasn't playing Support.

[GURU] I think
what Creamcheese needs...

He's-he's not that good,

so it... we're just saying
facts... he's not that good.

I think he needs a vote of confidence.

- Yeah.
- From his teammates.

- Yeah. Some encouragement.
- Right?

[GURU] Look, I t-think
you should say it.

Do you think, you think he's... ?

Right? Like, don't you think
he's, like, a good,

he's a good player?

Okay. Um...

It's okay, Creamcheese.

I still think you're a good player.

- Oh! [LAUGHS]
- Oh, shit. Oh, shit.


Is this on Kyle's couch? No way!

"I still think... " Did you hear that?

Did you hear that, Cream? Holy shit.

"I still think
you're a good player, Cream."

- [CRUMPET] Oh, my God.
- Holy shit.

That-that's the shirt we're

- gonna send him. We're gonna...
- Don't worry!

[GURU] Even though you completely
f*cked the MSS,

your boy Org still thinks
you're a good player.

I'm gonna send you a shirt.
We have an extra shirt, right?

Do we have a shirt in a ladies' small?

Oh, boy...

I know it was
just a joke on a podcast, um,

but it-it felt personal.

Organizm doing that podcast

reopened a wound that had never healed.

You have to understand, Guru didn't just

walk away from Fugitive Gaming,

he completely screwed over the team.

[GURU] Don't worry, Cream,

I still think you suck. [LAUGHTER]

You suck. "I still think
you're a good player."

[CREAMCHEESE] If Organizm wants
to slap his team

in the face, that's fine.

It honestly just shows me

what little respect he has for Fugitive.

He doesn't give a f*ck.

He knows exactly what Guru did to us.

♪ ♪

[APRIL] It's okay, we're still
in it, we're still in it.

- We got it.
- [GURU] Fight.

[GURU] Fight for it. Fight for it.

- f*ck! f*ck!
- Yes! Yes.

- Thank you, f*cking God!
- We're f*cking millionaires.

- You f*cking god.
- We are f*cking millionaires.

We decided to sell our team to Resnick.

We are not millionaires!

- We're splitting the money.
- No...

Do you know how pooling money works?

Get over yourself.

[KYLE] And there were definitely

mixed feelings about that.

We are worth so much more.

Why would you take
the first offer, is my point.

Guru was, uh, the most vocal opponent

against, uh, selling our team.

And Cream and f*cking, uh, Foresite,

they're just ready to take,
they're ready to sell now.

By the time the LCS season started,

uh, you know,
a couple months had passed,

and-and we really felt like, uh,

that was all behind us.

I mean, we were an LCS team.

[RIVINGTON] Welcome to
the opening game of the

North American Championship
Series Spring Split.

We are here today
to watch Fugitive Gaming

take to the LCS for the first time

after quite a run
through the Challenger Series.

Jatt, they have so much to offer,

and they go up against Cloud today

in what is going to be an intense match.


[RIVINGTON] Looking to gain
the advantage fast,

to gain top lane,

Guru grabs first blood.

Welcome to the LCS

with your first k*ll!

[JATT] You wouldn't be able
to tell between these two teams

that Fugitive is the one
playing their first LCS match.

[FORESITE] That first game
in the LCS was...

I mean, it's a dream come true, right?

[RIVINGTON] That's gonna be
enough to open up the fight.

This is everything Fugitive needed.

- Oh, you can't touch me, baby.
- Just last fight, last fight.

Go, go, go, go... [WHOOPS]

[FORESITE] And Guru, for the whole time

that we were scrimming together,
he was excited.

Oh, Guru, you are a god.

Go, go, go. Follow,
follow him. Follow him.

[FORESITE] I mean, yes,
he was streaming a lot,

he would be out at parties a lot,

but I never questioned
his loyalty to the team.

[JATT] Fugitive take
their first Nexus turrets,

their first Nexus
and their first ever LCS win.


Guru's a f*cking god!

[CREAMCHEESE] A f*cking...

[RIVINGTON] If this is what
to expect from them,

we've got a fun split ahead of us.

- Yeah!

Yeah, in his first LCS game,

Guru played great.


I've never wished this before,

I wish we lost that game.


You know, it-it just felt great to win.

It was-was, like,
walking in there and knowing

you're just fulfilling your destiny.

And it felt great to win.

And I had this moment
of clarity during the game

where I-I realized that I had
accomplished everything

that I wanted in my LCS pro career.

That's why today
I'm announcing that, uh, I am...

I'm leaving Fugitive,

and I am retiring

from pro gaming. [LAUGHTER]

I mean, it's been a long career
in-in the past minutes.

I've made, I've made so many
friends and so many memories,

so many ups and downs,
and, uh, I-I just h*t a ceiling

and-and I realized what I want
to do and what my purpose is.

And that is to start
my lifestyle collective.


Will you hold this for one second?

- Wait.
- [GURU] It's NeverLost, guys.

It's NeverLost. W... Hold it
so it's closer to me.

- It's NeverLost, guys.

[CRUMPET] It was the best
retirement speech of all time.

Because you will never
experience what it is to lose

- an LCS game.
- [GURU] I want to see

a before-and-after photo of me,

of, like, when I started my LCS career

- till now, like, right now,
- To, like, right now.

It's just the same photo.

Your hair looks exactly
the same and everything.

Exactly the same, still perfect.

[FORESITE] Guru stayed on the team

for the whole off-season
just to play one game.

All to plug his channel.

[CREAMCHEESE] Every night after
we were done scrimming,

he must have been going off and, like,

making logos and shit.

And buying sweatshirts
and ordering apparel

and, like, setting up podcast guests.

It felt insane, uh,
stepping on the stage

and-and grabbing that mic,

- but it also felt right.
- Oh, yeah.

To my teammates, thank you
for-for, for playing with me.

Um, enjoy your sponsors,
Nathan's private jet.

- I hope that works out.
- This real, dude?

Like, best of luck with all
the scrims. PuttPutt, you're...

[CREAMCHEESE] To call it "NeverLost"

after winning one game?

Thank you so much. Thank you.

NeverLost, NeverLost!

I mean, who would watch that?

Honestly, we all thought
that was gonna be

the silver lining
of all of this, of watching

his dreams explode in his face.

NeverLost Podcast in the building.

Obviously, it didn't
happen exactly that way.

What up, winners?
We have a very special giveaway.

I am giving away brand-new merch...

[APRIL] Almost instantly,

it was one of the biggest brands
in all of gaming.

Just two grown men in a tiny tub.

[PAUL] Guru created
a brand with NeverLost

that really brought gaming
into the mainstream culture.

[KYLE] Guru took a big gamble
creating a gaming brand,

but y... I mean, he did it, you know?

H-He forged his own way.

[CREAMCHEESE] He would do this,

like, f... very forced
performative philanthropy.

Like, I know he doesn't read.

Literacy is super important to me.

It helps me understand
the human condition.

And I don't hate Guru for that.
He's a businessman.

He's rich as hell, he's
figured out what he's doing.

I hate Guru 'cause he's a douche.

And he used to flex after victories.

Which is funny if you're not in shape,

but he was in shape, so it was
kind of just, like, annoying.

I don't want to see Guru actually flex

his actually kind of nice body.

[FRUGGER] I mean, in the span
of a few months,

he had his own energy drink.

It was f*cking delicious.

But the one that really gets me

is he had his own MasterClass.

Something I've always said,
you have to turn your losses

into wins.

So in that way, I have never lost.

Over the course of the next four hours,

you and I are gonna figure out
exactly why that makes sense.

I mean, I guess that's what
it's always been about for him,

is making as much money
as you can make.

He was willing to give up
his pro career for that.

[INDIANA] There's two ways
to make money in gaming.

There's being a pro player
and there's being a streamer.

There's being a competitor...

First in purpose. Go, go, go, go, go.

... and there's being an entertainer.

Why not start the day
with a win? NeverLost.

Now, the competitive element
comes with the integrity

and the prestige of being the
best and chasing that trophy.

The streaming entertainment
element comes with money

and it comes with fame.

[NATHAN] Imagine if you could
strap a GoPro

to LeBron James

and watch his every single move
during practice.

That's what streamers are doing.

These are the best players
on the planet,

and they're letting you
into their world,

their strategy, and-and
in some cases, their lives.

I've watched my own daughter do it.

Let's hear it for Emmanence.


Uh, her fans are... don't just
feel like they're fans of hers.

They feel like they're friends with her.

[EMMA] What Guru did to Fugitive

was a real dickhole move.

But you can't dispute that
he revolutionized streaming.

We are five minutes into the game.

I have already k*lled
this dude four times.

[PAUL] A good way to look at streaming

is that if the LCS is the NBA,

then solo queue streaming

is like pickup basketball, right?

But imagine a world

where the very best
pickup basketball players

can actually make as much
if not more money

than the best NBA players,
and that's esports.

And that's why Guru makes
more money than Foresite.

That's why Organizm is getting
just as many sponsors

and attention from streaming
as he is from the LCS.

And Guru is one
of the pioneers of that model.

♪ ♪

That's it right there, man.
Mamba mentality.

You belong on that throne
'cause you a king.

I love it. Looking good.

You know, so far, our time

with Fugitive has been a little rocky.

But my brother's still getting
some well-deserved attention.

Organizm, would you like a water?

No, thank you.

Thank you.

Okay, Organizm, that was great.

[CREAMCHEESE] Room temperature?

Now we're gonna record you and...

You work for the New York Times?

- Okay.
- Do you want it?

No, I don't want room-temperature water.

I'm not psycho.

[RUDY JR.] A guy like
Creamcheese, you know,

he hasn't shown respect
for my brother's talents.

But the thing is, Cream, he only
got a job if Fugitive wins.

PJ, he got a career in streaming
no matter what.


- Hey. Quiet on set.

[CREAMCHEESE] I'm getting ice.

- Okay...
- Can't get ice in my own home?

- Why don't you take a seat?
- Jesus.

And I think that makes Cream jealous.

All right, let's just get
a clean take of that.

At what age did you realize
playing League

was something that you were
gonna pursue professionally?

[CREAMCHEESE] At what age did you...

Y-You have that written
down there? That's crazy.

I was gonna literally ask you
the same question, dude.

What a... At what age did you think

- that playing League...
- Okay. Excuse me, sorry.

... was gonna make you a professional?

Cream, let's go.
Let's get out of here. Come on.

[CREAMCHEESE] Was that not the
same question she just asked?

- [APRIL] If you're gonna...
- [RUDY JR.] Yeah, but can you

let her ask it please?

- And by the way...
- Ugh!

Can I just say something?

- Not a very good question.
- Cream.

[APRIL] f*cking lose it.

[CREAMCHEESE] He's not even
that good a player.

[BRODIN] It must have been tough
for Creamcheese to,

you know, be a veteran
on this team and then

see a rookie come in and just
take everything from him.

Popularity is a mixed blessing.

The downside is it can be
a sh*t to the ego

for the rest of the players
when one member

is getting all the attention.

Ah, thank you. [CHUCKLES]

[APRIL] And I-I'm not saying
it's easy for Organizm, either,

because the truth is,
the life of a pro gamer is hard.

There are constant practices,
massive expectations.

The life of a streamer,
it's much more fun.

♪ Drink, do it on the floor ♪

♪ That's what you came here for ♪

- [CREAMCHEESE] Yo, bro.
- ♪ Shake till we 'bout to fall ♪

What's up?

♪ Drink, do it on the floor ♪

♪ That's what you came here for ♪

♪ Shake till we 'bout to fall... ♪

[SCARRA] Emma.

Uh, yeah, why?

Hey, Brodin, Creamcheese is here.

Do not let him upstairs.


f*cking flashed.

We've been hearing about
you guys for a while, man.

That's why we invited you guys here.

They be turning up.

Hey, you know what I'm saying?

Sometimes I do be wondering

why PJ want to play for Fugitive at all,

'cause if he was just streaming,
he could make just as much,

he would probably be happier
and he wouldn't have to deal

with any of Creamcheese's bullshit.

[GURU] So, people don't know this shit,

but the first hot tub stream,

I shit you not, Crumpet's idea.

Org, seriously, man, we got to get you

on one of these streams, man.

One of these tub streams, you're in.

Dude, definitely.
We could set that up, for sure.

[GURU] Okay, cool.

He not wearing a Speedo, though.

All right, I'll f*cking
tarp you... we'll f*cking...

You could wear a parachute,
for all I care. All right?

Gentlemen's bet.

It's only a matter of time before

you become a full-time streamer.

♪ ♪

Holy shit. Dude.

I haven't seen you all night, man.

- Yo.
- What's up? Where...

have you been upstairs?


- Dark Temptation.
- Dark Temptation, bro.

Dark Temptation, bro.

No way.

Every day?

That's crazy.


Yeah, I might play, uh, one more,

two more seasons.

I... f*ck it,
I-I actually might play forever.

- Really?
- I do think I'll actually play forever,

now that I think about it,
I will play forever.

[LAUGHS] Yeah. Easy.

Are you f*cking kidding me?
Are you retiring for real?

Are you joking with me?

You're retiring?


Yeah, me, too.

You know, like...


[CREAMCHEESE] Thank you, dude.
That's very kind of you.

Just I... seriously, thank you.

Oh, man.

Like, if you h*t a certain dollar amount

and you definitely will, is...
my boy Mike, he's got this...

[GURU] What's up?

- Are you?

You good, bro?

Yeah, man, you're-you're k*lling it.

- [CREAMCHEESE] I'm good.
- Sounds like you're k*lling it.

- You want a water or something?
- I'm f*cking good.

Because you're, like,
free bitchin' right now.

I'm good. I feel f*cking great.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm-a, I'm-a... I'm-a do a lap,

- get you some water.
- Let's go, why don't you take

a f*cking walk, bro?


You think you're better than me?

Like, I-I heard you on his podcast.

It's... "Oh, that's okay, Creamcheese.

I still think you're a good player,"

like-like I, like I need
to hear that shit from you, bro?

Like, do you e... Why are you here?

Like, do you even want to be here?

'Cause you really don't
f*cking act like it.

Oh, I'm... Oh, I'm not
that great of a teammate.

Dude, I built this shit.

I built this shit from the ground up.

I-I've been here for five years.

You've been here for five minutes,

and every time we play it's-it's
like you're solo-queuing,

on stage, so do... please do not
f*cking compare us, dude.

Do not f*cking compare us.

'Cause-'cause you're wasting our time.

I-If you want to be a streamer,
go be a streamer, dude.

It's so obvious
that that's what you want to do.

So go do it, 'cause
I want to be a champion.

So don't f*cking waste our time, dude.

Seriously. Like...

Oh, I thought I was training the best.

D-Do you remember that voice mail?

That f*cking psycho voice mail
you left me

that I was training the best, dude?

Is that you? Am I wrong?

Is that you or do you just want
to be upstairs with Scarra

and just f*cking sucking Guru's d*ck

and being a famous streamer?

'Cause if that's what you want to do,

you should f*cking do it.

You should go f*cking do that.

Yeah, 'cause you are such...

You're really f*cking good, dude.

You're really f*cking good.
You are a good player.

You are so f*cking good.

So just...

open your f*cking mouth, dude,
and work with me.

Please, just f*cking do it.
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