01x51 - Laws and Promises

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Fullmetal Alchemist". Aired: October 4, 2003 - October 2, 2004.
Anime series set in a fictional universe in which alchemy is one of the most advanced scientific techniques, the story follows two brothers who want to recover parts of their bodies lost in an attempt to bring their mother back to life.
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01x51 - Laws and Promises

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Brother? Ed! Humans die all too quickly.

Brother! Brother! It can't be! There's no way Brother can be d*ad! d*ad? That's right, d*ad.

They'll all be d*ad.

Only the Homunculi will survive.

Brother can't die! That's not right! Brother Brother! This is real life.

Perhaps he just hadn't paid enough.

We always come just a little short of the price.

Hey, are you all right!? Col.

Archer! I need to use that car.

Colonel, where are you going? The Fuhrer's residence.

Rebels have broken in.

That was a misunderstanding.

It was just Lt.

Hawkeye there.

Hawkeye? What is she doing here!? Please stop! The Fuhrer ordered us to question her at the command center! What are you guys plotting!? Colonel! Colonel! Please calm down, Colonel! At this level, all you'll do is spend my lives.

I was a little curious what would happen if my whole body were to explode.

Is that how badly you want to become the Fuhrer? I can see right through your petty ambitions.

But you should have spent more time on this.

You won't ever be able to sit in a seat of power again, after attempting assassination.

I just can't forgive myself for acting like such a fool.

This is the only way I can make amends to d*ad friends.

Then go apologize to them alone.

Give Brig.


Hughes my regards.

Father! Not to worry.

I caught the rebel.

I'm sorry I didn't follow your orders, Father, but I wanted to pay you back for looking after me.

This is one of the humans that you said were foolish.

Father? What is the matter, Father? What have you done!? Um I took this out of the safe.

I didn't want your precious things to be lost if there was a f*re, Father.

Father This is why I call you fools! King Bradley How many times do I have to k*ll you before you die? Stop! What? What has he done? Gluttony? Alchemic decomposition? How could you!? I told you, you can't use alchemy! That much more has been lost! Stay back! Do not touch me! What do you think you're doing? Brother is not d*ad yet.

See? He's still so warm.

His soul is still inside the gate.

All I have to do is bring it back from there.

The way Brother did so for me.

Don't! If you do that I was turned into a Philosopher's Stone because of the sacrifices of many.

No, I might have died back on that day to begin with.

Al Which is why Watch out.

Brother Colonel! Colonel! Colonel! Roy Mustang! Al? W-What is this!? Where are we!? The gate.

Where does it go through to? As I remember, it went to a city called London when I passed through it.

That's what Pop called it.

Pop!? You mean Hohenheim of Light!? Yeah.

Then he's still alive! You'd better not.

There's no telling what will happen.

I'm going to go see Hohenheim! I'm going to k*ll him! Take me to where Hohenheim is! Don't interfere! I'm going there! The place where Hohenheim is! The place where he is! The place where my dad is! Al Ed are you alive? Yeah Why am I crying? Huh? Al transmuted you your d*ad body He used the Philosopher's Stone to restore my body and soul? Then, what happened to Al!? Are you telling me that Al is gone? Al! Al! Al! Al!! How could this happen? How could I lose the Philosopher's Stone, in the state I'm in? I'll have to get Pride to drive some more foolish humans into a corner Gluttony? What are you doing here? You must be hungry.

Wait! You recognize me, don't you!? Hurry and get going.

I hate to ask, but can you take him, too? What about you, Ed? I'm going to destroy this place, to make sure nobody ever seeks the Philosopher's Stone again.


You can come along afterward, by yourself, right? After all, you've got some fine legs there, now.

If what Pop said is true, then right now, Al's body and soul are inside the gate.

There can be no other price for a life.

Even if I offer all of myself, it might not do any good.

But still, there's no reason for you to have to go away.

Come back, Al.

How is everyone? Things are finally starting to calm down here in Central.

Owing to the Fuhrer's disappearance, the new government assumed power surprisingly quickly, and the military handed over their political decision-making authority to the Assembly.

But it looks like the wars are going to continue, against those countries who are attacking us all over.

Even so, the policies toward Ishbal have been reversed, and I'd like to believe that everything else is getting better, little by little.

I think that Brig.


Mustang's return will still be a while off.

Would you stop looking down like that? The plan was perfect, but I didn't arrive in time, and as a result There's no such thing as perfect.

This whole world is imperfect.

That's why it's so beautiful.

How has Alphonse-kun been doing since then? I know that when he was found, he was still a ten-year-old boy, but I was surprised that he had lost all of his memories since the day they tried to transmute their mother.

Can he still not remember anything that happened? And will Edward-san really never again Sensei! So Ed is really nowhere to be found, after all? Even if someone does give up their life as the price, they probably still cannot attain a human transmutation.

Maybe the reason why Al is in that form is because the four years of time they spent together was the price he had to pay.

Al has been reading books on alchemy recently, the way he did long ago.

It's almost like he's doing it to keep from forgetting about Ed.

And as for that boy Wrath, Winry put some automail on him.

The ones she had prepared for Ed.

Where is he now? He left.

Is that so? You want to study again? Mm-hmm, at your place, Sensei.

Is that okay? I want to study more, about alchemy, and about equivalent exchange And one day, I want to see Brother again.

I don't know what I should do, but if I learn more alchemy, then someday, I'll see Brother again.

That's the feeling I get.

Al Is that all right? I just can't help myself against those eyes.

Al, promise me one thing.

I'm going to keep training more and more, to become the greatest automail mechanic around.

So promise me that you'll come home.

That you'll come home in one piece.

I'll be okay.

I'll study, and I'm sure I'll find Brother and come home.

That's enough for today.

Thank you for coming along with us, Dr.


Are you all really practicing magic? In mythology, there is an island named Thule.

Those of us in the Thule Society believe it to be the land where God dwells, and we are searching for a path that will lead us to it.

With your continued help, we will to work towards that end.

I am looking for a path myself, Professor Haushofer.

That's positively awful.

How long is this inflation going to continue? What's going on, Edward? That.

Liquid fuel rockets? Goddard? He's an American, but I hear there's another guy in Transylvania doing the same research.

His name's not Dracula, right? His name is Oberth, and apparently, he's still a student.

I'm going to go meet him.

What will you do once you meet him? He's thinking of using rockets to go out into space.

Maybe I can get closer to my world by going out into space.

There's ether out there, and all.

Haven't you read Einstein? That guy is pretty iffy.

If you can't use alchemy, you'll use mechanical technology, huh? I should have been able to bind his soul and body together, and recreate him.

But the next thing I knew, I had come to this world by myself.

Passing through to here was the only way for you to keep from losing your mind and body.

You must have done so unconsciously.

But I've once again lost that which Al did so much to give me.

We can't say that everything is perfect.

The whole world is imperfect, after all.

I had meant to give my own life as the price for transmuting Al.

And yet, I'm still alive.

Maybe I did obtain something without paying the price after all.

Or maybe Al is still there.

You two have been journeying together.

The people you met during that time, the things you saw, your pain, your effort, everything that you experienced That could be the price you paid, couldn't it? I don't know right now what I should do to get back to you.

But you can bet that I'm coming back.

We'll meet again, Al! Man must pay an equal price in order to obtain anything.

That is the Law of Equivalent Exchange.

At the time, we believed that to be the true way of the world.

But the real world is imperfect, and there was no law that could explain everything.

Same with the Law of Equivalent Exchange.

Even so, we believe that man cannot obtain anything without paying a price.

The pain that we received must have been the price we paid to obtain something.

And, by paying the price of effort, everyone will certainly be able to obtain something.

Equivalent exchange is not the law of the world.

That's the promise Brother and I made with each other, until the day we meet again.
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