04x17 - The All Magic Knights/Thanksgiving Festa

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Black Clover". Aired: October 7, 2018 – April 12, 2020.
Japanese manga series follows Asta, a young boy born without any magic power in a world where everyone does.
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04x17 - The All Magic Knights/Thanksgiving Festa

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The All Magic Knights Thanksgiving Festa

It appeared as though humanity would be destroyed by the demons.

But a single mage saved them all.

He was called the Wizard King, and he became a legend.

Clover Kingdom Royal Capital

Time has passed, and the title

of the Wizard King has been passed down through generations.

The Wizard King commands the Magic Knights, and they protect the kingdom together.

The Magic Knights are comprised of nine squads of mages

that specialize in combat, all under the command of the Wizard King.

This band of heroes protects the kingdom with their lives.

To become the Wizard King or a Magic Knight is the aspiration of all in the Clover Kingdom.

And now,

a passionate and intense battle between the Magic Knights Captains is about to begin!

Huh?! What is this?!

What's about to begin?!

You're making me wear this ridiculous hat? You can't be serious.

The quiz competition starring Black Clover 's Magic Knights Squad Captains

and a couple of special guests is about to begin!

Hosted be me, Finral, the most popular, hottest guy in the Magic Knights, and...

...the biggest gourmet and glutton of the Magic Knights, Charmy!

Yay, la la la!

My meal-saving prince!

You can do it! Favoritism for the win!

And now, let's introduce our challengers!


The Captain of the Silver Eagles, Nozel Silva.

I can't fathom the reason for this quiz tournament,

but now that I'm involved, I'll just have to win.

That is my duty as royalty.

The Captain of the Crimson Lion Kings, Fuegoleon Vermillion!

It's been so long since I was allowed to talk!

All I've been doing lately is sleeping.

She sells seashells by the seashore! She sells seashells by the seashore!

Yes! My enunciation is on point. I'm getting fired up!

The Captain of the Green Praying Mantises, Jack the Ripper!

Keh! Who cares about a stupid quiz tournament?

I'd rather have a cabbage-chopping contest!

The Captain of the Blue Rose Knights, the enchanting Charlotte Roselei!

Whether it be in battle or in a quiz tournament, I will not lose to any man!


The Captain of the Purple Orcas, Gueldre Poizot, will be sitting out due to reasons.

Next, we have the Captain of the Coral Peacocks, Dorothy Unsworth!

The Captain of the Aqua Deer, Rill Boismortier.

I'm going to do my best!

I've been getting no screen time at all lately,

so I need to make an impression tonight!

The Captain of the Black Bulls, Yami Sukehiro!

Man, what a pain. I need to take a dump.

And now for our special guests, the most promising newbie Magic Knights...

Yuno from the Golden Dawn and Asta from the Black Bulls!


I'm gonna do my best!

Our judge will be the Captain of the Golden Dawn, William Vangeance!

mainI look forward to a magnificent battle.

mainI have a special prize prepared for the victor.

A special prize?!

mainYes. It's the most magnificent thing in existence.

mainI'm sure everyone will be envious of whoever receives it.

A special prize, huh?

Okay! I'm gonna win, get the special prize,

and send it to everyone back at Hage Village!

Right, Yuno? They'll all be super happy, won't they?

I won't let that happen!

I'm the one who'll be thanked by everyone back at the village!

I won't lose to you, Asta!

O-Okay, then...

Huh? What is this?

Why's he being so competitive?

I have no idea what's going on!

Now, let's get right to the first question!

First, please take a look at this.


Let's see who can become the Wizard King!

That was one of the key moments in Black Clover .

Now, please redub their lines with something super hilarious to go with the scene.

This scene involves Yuno and Asta, so they'll be sitting this one out.

Hold it!

Is something wrong, Captain Fuegoleon?

You call this a quiz?! It's just a comedic performance!

Let's not worry about the details!

Anyone who says something funny gets ten points!

So it is a comedic performance!

Good grief.

All right, please go ahead, Captain Charlotte!


R-Rock, paper, scissors.

It's a draw!

The sloppily-drawn crowd is super hyped over that answer!

Such a beautiful answer! You get ten points!

Next, Captain Fuegoleon!

I cannot lose!

We are men.

Let us talk passionately with our fists!

How's that?!

Uh, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say.

Zero points, la!


Captain Jack, you're up next!


I'll rip all of your skin

off your body!


That's not funny at all!

Captain Nozel!

Uh... Huh? What? Wait, what?

Um, Captain Nozel?

The scene's started...

This is moronic. I'm not doing it.

What? Come on, Captain Nozel!

Y-Your bangs are so stylish!

Do you braid them yourself every morning?

Or do you have a personal stylist?

Really, it looks great on you!

Say what you will. I'm not doing it.

He's stubborn.

That hairstyle will probably make you go blind someday.

M-M-Moving on! Your turn, Captain Rill!

Yeah! I'm gonna get all the laughs!

What happened to the quiz?

Kitty, kitty, meow, meow.

Kitty, meow, meow!

Huh? Wait, what?!

What just happened, Charmy?

I have no idea!

Come on! Take a closer look at their hands!

Don't they sort of look like cat paws? Don't the fists remind you of beckoning cats?

Shut up, la. Minus ten points.


All right, you're up, Captain Yami!

Jeez, you all suck.

I'll show you how comedy's really done!

Again, what happened to the quiz?

Man, I'm so bored!

I'm a skeleton, so I can't move.

You expressed how the demon's skeleton was feeling!

An unexpected point of view!

Comedy's all about how you can surprise your audience.

Yami... You're amazing!

Keh! That may have been a surprise, but it wasn't that funny.


What? You wanna start something?

Okay, let's wrap things up!

We're doing a quiz tournament today, so let's avoid any fighting.

Okay? Okay?

Quiz? We jumped right into comedic performances.

Things are already heating up with the first question, aren't they, Charmy?

Now, let's move on to question two!

Next is the name guessing quiz, la!

Please write your answers on your answer boards.

Our guests will be asking these questions. First up, we have...

The name's Magna! Pleased to meet ya!

Here's my question!


Guess this object's name!

Here's a hint!

Hur-hur-hur-hur hur-hur-hur-hur!

This is super easy!

Uh-oh, is this question a little too easy for Asta?

Let's have a look at those answers.

I have no idea Who cares?

I have no idea. Who cares?

Blaze through! Along with your burning soul!

Blaze through! Along with your burning soul!

Slice through! I'll chop you up!

Slice through! I'll chop you up!

Talk about lame. I wouldn't want to ride it.

Talk about lame I wouldn't want to ride it <


Bad taste. Actually, no taste.

Whoops, we almost have the same answer. Bad taste. actually, no taste.


Imma go take a dump

Imma go take a dump.

You should've taken care of that earlier

You should've taken care of that earlier.

Why are you conversing through the boards?!

Crazy Cyclone!

Crazy Cyclone!!!

The only one who got it right is Asta!

Ten points, la!

Heck yeah!


Bah-ha! Guess the name of this fantastic machine.

Here's a hint: Bah-ha bah-ha bah- ha !

Shut up Be quiet, you

Shut up. Be quiet, you.

Tone it down!!

Tone it down!

You're annoying I'll cut you up

You're annoying. I'll cut you up.

How unpleasant. Disappear from my sight.

,How unpleasant Disappear from my sight


He's taking a dump.

Bah-ha sh**ting Star!

Bah-ha sh**ting Star!!!

Okay, none of you got it right!


The correct answer is Sekke sh**ting Star!

What the heck's a Sekke?



This question's basically a freebie!

My Water Creation Magic: Something Something's Roar.

Go ahead and try to guess what the missing part is!

O O Roar

Asta might have the upper hand on this question!

Haven't all the questions been favoring him?

I'll never forgive you if you get this wrong, Stupidsta!

O O Roar

I've got this, Noelle!

Eagle's Roar

Eagle's Roar.

It's not all about you.

Lion's Roar

Lion's Roar!

It's not all about you.

The Roar of Despair as I Cut Through You

The Roar of Despair as I Cut Through You.

You're scary!

Roar of Love

The Roar of Love...

How romantic!

Dragon's Roar


Is it Dragon's Roar?

So close!

He's still taking a dump.

Sea Current's Roar

Sea Current's Roar!

And no one got it right!


It's Sea Dragon 's Roar!

Sea Current's Roar

How could you forget something about me?!

You stupid Stupidsta!

All right, let's move right to the next question!

Next up is...

h,Cap/gordon, Let's Gordon. Where's Gordon?

"Where's Gordon?"

Gordon is somewhere in the footage we're about to show you.

The first one to find him gets ten points.

I was always watching over my friends.

Okay, Let's Gordon! Five, , bam!

Okay, did you find me?


He was at the dungeon?

I'm everywhere.

Again! Show us the footage again!

I can't tell!

Is he really there?

One more time!

Man, I feel a lot better.

Buzz. You're out of time. The correct answer is...

Right here.

How are we supposed to tell?

Here's another.

, , , bam!

Where? Where is he?

He's not there! Show it again!

I can't tell at all!

Tell me where you are!

The right? Toward the back?

Wait, what? I can't hear you!

Buzz. You're out of time. The correct answer is...

Right here.

He was captured?

He's actually crying!

I can't believe I couldn't find him! I have failed as royalty!

Oh, the humiliation...

Here's another.

Okay, Let's Gordon! Five, , bam!

Seriously, I have no idea!

The correct answer is...

sign_ _ _Right_here_,Gordon/cap, ,,Right here.

You've been s*ab!

Here's the last one.

,Okay, Let's Gordon! Five, , bam!

Huh? Me?

And it's from the last opening?

Where is he?

This is a trap! He's definitely not there!

But I am.


_Well___,Gordon/cap, ,,Well...

I'm inside your eye.
I'm always right by your side...

I'm always watching over you...
It's fine. I mean...

We're best friends...

Th-Th-Th-Thank you, Gordon...

W-We now have a special guest for you.

It's the Wizard King!

Oh, hello, everyone!

Looks like you're all working hard.

Okay, here's your question.

A question from the Wizard King?

I wonder what it'll be.

Quiz: Where's Julius?

It's the same thing as Gordon's!

I've transformed myself into someone else in the footage you're about to see.

Do you think you can find me?

Anyone want some grilled purple snakes

that I just happened to catch somewhere or other?

Huh? Where is he?

The old woman.

The old woman.

The old lady.

The old hag.

The granny!

The old lady.

This is too easy.

Huh?! Am I the only one that couldn't figure it out?

Wait, the one selling the purple snakes was the Wizard King?

Everyone but Asta got it right.

I guess that might've been too easy.

Wizard King! Quit fooling around and come back!

You have a ton of work waiting!

Okay, fine, Marx.

Well, good luck, everyone!


Thanks, sir!

Okay, let's keep the ball rolling.

Things are going to get even more exciting, la!

But before that, please take a look at this!

And so, the heated quiz battle continued!

An eating contest!

What quiz battle?

Eat, eat, and eat some more!

Quiz where?

A speed battle!

Go, go, Crazy Cyclone!

Seriously, quiz where?

Luck's fast, too! Is he using his Holy Lightning Boots?

Behold! A young man becomes the wind!

Bah-ha's Super Lame sh**ting Star!


It's Sekke's sh**ting Star! Bah-ha!

For real, you can't be serious.

What's the name of this character?

Who is that? I think I might've seen them before.

What's the last name of Gueldre, who caused quite a few problems?

No idea.


We said his full name in the beginning, la.

,,P o

,,P o i

,,P o i z o

,,P o i z o t

No one cares.

As you can see, a fierce quiz battle took place!

It could've used more of the "quiz" part.

Things are really getting exciting now!


Let's have a look at the scores so far!

Captain Nozel, points!

Captain Fuegoleon, points.

Captain Jack, points.

Captain Charlotte, points.

Captain Dorothy, points.

But she was asleep this whole time!

Captain Rill, points.

Yami's got points. Yuno's got points.

Asta's got points!

It's a miracle! You're all tied!

What a coincidence, la.

This is definitely favoritism. You can't be serious.

La, la, la, total coincidence, la!

And now, everything will be decided in the final battle!

The final battle will be...


Quiz where?!

Honestly, you can't be serious!

,,Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei! Hyotei!

I'll show you my kingdom!


The Yami Kingdom!

I can see right through you!

A new kingdom is born!

One slice... with all my soul!

I'm getting fired up...

Tennis is for royalty! Lucky me!

What the hell are they saying?!

I have no idea...

Okay, let's begin!

What are we supposed to do with this?!

And then, after that, all sorts of things happened,

and the final round between Asta and Yuno was about to begin!

What do you mean, "all sorts of things"?!

Talk about half-assed.

The final round!

Win or lose, this is it, la!

Fastest finger first!

But anyway, Yuno...


Let's see who can hit that button first!

Wow! They just reenacted one of the key moments in Black Clover

without even being asked!

Uh, er...

We didn't mean to...

Woo-hoo, la!

mainThe winner will receive a special prize from me!

And here's the question!

What's the name of the village Asta and Yuno used to live in?

It's mine!

No, it's mine!

Water Creation Magic: The Holy Fist of Love!

Got it.

The first one to press the button is Sister Lily!

Please go ahead with your answer, la!

Yeah! Yeah!

Hage Village!


,,Congrats, Lily!!

The winner is Sister Lily!

You can't be serious...

Please marry me!

mainExcellent job pressing the button, Sister Lily.

mainI'm moved.

I might've gotten a little too serious when I heard about the special prize.

I thought everyone would be happy if I brought it back to the village.

mainYes, I'm sure they will be.

mainAnd I'm sure they'll be envious.

mainLet's now bring out the prize.

What kind of prize...

...could it be?

mainI created them myself...

mainThese lovely masks!

Huh? Masks?

mainIt's a set of , !

A thousand...

Thank you so much!

Magnificent! Such a wonderful ending!

Congrats, Sister!

And so, Sister Lily obtained the prize masks,

and they became a huge hit in Hage Village.

You can't be serious...

Black Clover !

We look forward to your continued support!
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