03x08 - Farewell

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Locke & Key". Aired: February 7, 2020 – August 10, 2022.
Following their father's m*rder, three siblings move into a house filled with reality-bending keys.
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03x08 - Farewell

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V-fib! He's coding!

"Yea, all which it inherit,

shall dissolve."

"And, like this

insubstantial pageant faded,

leave not a rack behind."

"We are such stuff as dreams are made on,

and our little life

is rounded with a sleep."

You guys!

We can't just keep running!

He's dying. And we're

We're gonna get outta here!

Push one more epinephrine!

Pushing one more epi!

I got something!

I think it's Gordie!

He's trying to show us the way out!

What the hell?

We've gotta go through it. Come on!

Rufus! Rufus!

Gordie's gone.

- Rufus!

- Freeze! Police!

Do not move.

Put your hands up on the wall.

- Mom, are you all right?

- I am. Are you okay?

- Shut up, all of you.

- Turn around!

- Where's Sam?

- I said don't talk!

Listen to me. We can explain,

but we all need

to get out of here right now.


- What is that thing?

- It won't make any sense.

Please! We just have to go!

You're seeing this, right?

You don't wanna go in there!

Freeze, right there!

Where's my damn keys?




This way.

Hey, get back here!

No. No, it's not.


You stop!


I'm so sorry, Ellie.

We can't let Gideon win.


Do whatever you have to do

to keep those keys from Gideon.

- What about you?

- Don't worry. We'll go someplace safe.

You still have the Creation Key?

What does it do?

You can make anything come to life

just by drawing it,

by drawing a sketch of it.

Now go!

Come on, come on!

Come on! We gotta go!

And you can't get the chest open?

No, it's impossible.

What about Tyler and Kinsey?

Nothing yet.

I'm starting to get worried.

Who's that?

Josh! Josh!

It's Ellie and Rufus!

We need your help.

Okay, come in.

- Shit!

- Uh

The key! The key!

Okay, here goes nothing.

That's pretty cool. Okay.

- Excuse me!

- Sorry!

Good thing you won't remember this.


Stand back, stand back!

Stand back.

Oh my God!

We can't outrun him!

Wait! Give me the key!

What are you doing?

Getting us to Keyhouse.

He's coming!

What is that? A bicycle?


Ty, we gotta go!

Go! Get out of here!



Clever device.


That's Josh's car.


I think it's Gideon!

How does he even know how to drive?

Come on!

Turn for me! Turn!

What happened?

Where's Rufus and Ellie!

- They're safe! Yeah!

- Did you get the key?

Cool! What does it do?

Whatever you draw with it

becomes a real version of that thing.

No way! Like what?

Like a door. Or a motorcycle.

You guys drew a motorcycle,

and it came to life?

Are you guys hurt?

We We got the key, but

Gordie didn't make it. Gideon k*lled him.

Oh my God!

Wait, where's Sam?

He was trapped inside when Gordie died.

Wait. What? What does that mean?

I think it means

I think it means he's d*ad too.

But we we don't have a lot of time.

Gideon's on his way here right now.

- Did you get the chest open?

- No, we tried everything!

It's protected by magic.

Okay. If we can't get the Alpha Key,

then we have to find a way

to get Gideon in the well house.

Or maybe we can use the Creation Key

to draw some w*apon.

Or both.

Hey, Gideon!

Over here!

Here I am, boy.

You're looking for these, right?

You insult my intelligence.

As if I don't know the rule.

Did you honestly believe

that I would just walk through that door

and disappear for you?

- I don't know what you're talking about.

- Oh, no, of course not.

But here's something that you should know.

Whenever you choose to emerge,

I will make sure that your death

is painfully exquisite.


I guess you've got me.

But no

you have some clever little trick.

Well, kind of.

Watch out! Coming through!

It's working!

Come on!


And thus ends this prison.

We need the Alpha Key. It's the only way.

I told you we can't get into the chest.

There's no way to defeat magic.

Unless you have magic.

We've gotta get out of here!

- Give me the key.

- What?

The Creation Key! Give it to me!

Wow, very amazing key.


The key!

Or she dies.


You f*cking die!

He's gone.

It worked.

We did it.

Did you see that?


The portal got smaller when he fell in.

Why would that happen?

Two keys went in with him.

Wait, what are you doing?

I just need to test something.

That's the Head Key!

You're right.

Tossing the key in made it smaller.

You can't just throw away keys

without consultation.

We can board it up or build another door.

That didn't work too well

the first time around, did it?

We could build a stronger door.

One that no one could get into.

Look. I, um, think we all know

what needs to happen here.

We need to give up the keys.

Throw them all back where they came from.

But they've helped us so much.

Have they?

I mean, they're the reason Dad's gone

and so many other people.

Eden, Jackie, Joe, Gordie.

And all the original

Keepers of the Keys.

Gideon was right about one thing.

The keys, they never belonged to us.

Mom, come on. We can't just give up magic.

I'm sorry, bud.

But I agree.

The keys aren't good.

They make people

do terrible things.

They corrupt people.

They cause harm and pain.

Even your father,

he couldn't resist them.

I think Tyler's right.

Me too.

So I'm outvoted, then.

I was hoping this could be

a unanimous thing.

Bode, what is it you want from the keys?

Just one more thing.

If we can do that

then I'll agree.


Seriously, again?

Dibs on music!

So much for

a quiet carpool to work.

Still time to play hooky.

- Ugh. Tempting.

- Mmm.

- See you tonight. Love you.

- Love you.

Hey, your mom,

she loves AC/DC in the morning.

Play it really loud.

Okay, Dad.

Forget your hockey gloves again, Ty?


Oh my God.

You should've seen us

cleaning those spiderwebs

before Mom got home.

I don't even wanna know all

the things that I missed pre Memory Key.

Like the time I went to Coachella

and back for a day.

Now that was cool.

Oh You are definitely

your father's daughter.

- See, the keys weren't all bad.

- Mmm.

No, not always.

It doesn't change the fact

that we have to get rid of them.

Hey, you're doing something

that I was never strong enough to do.

I wish I could've

protected you from all this,

but now you get to finish what I started.

I'm so proud of you.

But don't you miss the keys?

Didn't they make you feel special?

Yeah. Yeah, they did.

But, uh, I spent a long time

trying to hold on to that,

and it never compared

to every day with you guys.

This was the real magic.

This is all I ever needed.

You've learned something

that I never could.

One minute left.

I wish we could stay longer.

Eh, I know.

Me too.

But you gotta go live your lives.

That's all I want.

For you to be happy.

You won't remember this.

No, but you will.

And that's all that matters.

The past is always with us.

Come here.

Shivering stars drift around

In the sky ♪

I lie calm under their watchful eyes ♪

In my heart I can feel it and why ♪

That wherever I go

I'll find my way home ♪

That wherever I go

I'll find my way home ♪

Where the fair winds

And following seas ♪

Slowly rush in and put me at ease ♪

I will set sails and follow the breeze ♪

And wherever I go

I'll find my way home ♪

And wherever I go

I'll find my way home ♪

How's that for a lobster trap?

Nephropidae forever!

- Nephropidae!

- Whoo!

And that is exactly why

I will be taking my fake blood recipe

with me to the grave.

Um, so, when can we expect

a Splattering 3?



Um, that's a tough one.

We're all hyper-focused

on college tours

and applications these days.

But hey, never say never, right?

No. No, I can say that I will never wear

that Nephropidae suit ever again.

I noticed you gave special thanks

to Sam Lesser in the credits.

Weird choice considering

Well, you know.

You know, that's not something

we really wanna get into.

Sam was a troubled kid.

But if a k*ller lobster

is capable of redemption,

then so is Sam Lesser.

Uh, yeah, I think I see another hand

just out there.

Hi there. Big fan, brilliant film.

But I have to admit,

you did Nathaniel dirty.

What? Not even a proper on-screen death?

I can't believe you're really here.

Yeah, well, just till Monday,

but it was worth the jet lag

just to see the look on your faces.

Let's grab our stuff

and head to Doug's garage to celebrate.

It might be hard to imagine,

but I've actually missed Doug's garage.

I think I still have your smoothie maker.

- Now it's a party.

- Right? We'll meet you there.

So how are the Lockes faring these days

without their keys?

Surprisingly well.

Normal feels nice.

It'll definitely be weird in a year or so.

I'm just sorry we couldn't keep

the Memory Key for you and the Savinis.

Listen, don't be.

You know, maybe that was

the genius of The Splattering.

Magic will always exist.

We got it on tape,

and no stupid rule about forgetting

is gonna take that away from us. Never.

And Rochester is going well?

Yeah, yeah.

It's challenging, but I like that

and made some good friends.

No one like this lot, of course.


No one like you.

I've missed you.

It's hard, isn't it?

Pretending it doesn't hurt?

You know,

RISD has a pretty awesome

global exchange program

if I get accepted.

Hold on. Are you saying you might

find yourself on my side of the pond?


Would that be a good thing?

Kins, there's there's good.

There's great.

And then there's like

like another tier of excellent.

And that's where you find us.

And then we took a kayak

to the Rock Islands

and went for a swim in the lake.

It was amazing.

Totally worth

the multiple jellyfish stings.

The fact that the lake

is literally called Jellyfish Lake

should have prepared us for that.

I've driven on the Highway to the Sun.

It doesn't literally go to the sun.

So what you're saying is,

"Don't have Duncan

book our next family vacation."

Well, that's a bit hyperbolic.

I do have tamer options available

for the timid.

We miss anything exciting here?

Well, I was as*ault

at the Meeting House.

And then my car was stolen and totaled.

So anyone who tells you

that there is less crime in a small town

has never been to Matheson, Massachusetts.

- Did they catch them?

- No, not even any leads.

But on the plus side, that means I can

test drive some new rides this afternoon.


Need any help?


Sure. I'm an excellent negotiator,

and I'll make sure you don't get swindled.

That would be great.

Oh my goodness!

- g*n!

- Oh man!

- You snooze, you lose!

- Good luck.

- You sure you don't wanna come?

- Oh, I'm quite sure. Have fun.

- Bye.

- Bye.

That's good to see

that Bode's finally warming up to Josh.

Yeah, he scored some extra points

when Bode heard

that he rammed Gideon with his car.

Even though Josh can't remember doing it.

Is that weird?

No. Not as bad as I thought.

On the other side,

there would have been so many questions,

but now we can just all move on together.

Clean slate.

And the well house?

I was thinking

I might put up a greenhouse there.

I love that idea.

Or, and I'm just spitballing here,

a little guest house

for when your favorite brothers-in-law

come to visit.

Throw in a hot tub.

Not sure that's gonna happen.

But you'll always have your room upstairs

for when you come and visit often.

No, Josh is for sure gonna turn that

into his man cave or something.

Oh, funny. No, it's yours.


Okay, so we've got

plenty of sandwich stuff in the fridge,

and I'll be home before dinner.

Oh crap! Is that toothpaste?


You've got this.

Are you good?

Yeah, just finishing

the last chapter of Squadron Strange.


So do Sergeant E and her troops

eventually find their way back home?

They realized they already were home.

See you later.

Break a leg.

We're so thrilled

you've decided to come back.

Thanks. Feels good.

The timing couldn't be more perfect,

with fall sign-up starting today.

Can't wait.

Hopefully, we get a decent turnout.

I think you could say that.

Welcome back, Coach Whedon.

You're just lucky

I sweet-talked Glen

into giving you your job back.

Yeah, I hear the talent pool

for underpaid, overworked

construction workers in Montana is vast.

You know you love it.

I do, actually.

Looking forward to getting back.

But first, road trip.

Yeah, so if I make good time,

I should be able to meet you in Nashville

by Tuesday morning.

Ooh, and we have to stop in Colorado

at the UFO Watchtower.

For sure. Plus, maybe a little detour

into Baja, California.

Where Glen will be calling

to f*re us both.

Why are we packing your car now?

Because I'm heading out at sunrise,

and I know what you're like

when you have to get up before 8:00.

Yeah, and we've officially retired

from battling monsters.


I threw some breakfast bars in here.


- I couldn't help myself.

- Thanks.

So, can we come visit you?

Of course, but I'll be back

in the fall for your birthday.

With Carly?


I already invited her.

What? We text.

I never thought I'd say this, but

I'm gonna miss this place.

Even if it's a little Norman Bates.

Turns out it was a lot Norman Bates.

Who's Norman Bates?


Do you guys hear that?

Hear what?

What are you hearing?


Absolutely nothing.
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