21x1029 - A Faint Memory! Luffy and Red-Haired's Daughter Uta!

Episode transcripts for the TV show "One Piece". Aired: July 22, 1997 – present.
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Japanese animated television series based on the successful manga of the same name.
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21x1029 - A Faint Memory! Luffy and Red-Haired's Daughter Uta!

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iza te wo nobashite kaze wo kirisaite

Reach out your hand and cut through the wind

onore no chizu wo egaite yuke

Draw your own map

migi mo hidari mo guchagucha ni areta umi no youna jidai

As we live our days just like the stormy seas

kizukiageta kachikan sae mo kuzuresarou to shita

Even the values we had built up were about to fall apart

rashinban no sashita saki ga tadashii no ka douka nante

Who knows if the compass is pointing in the right direction?

douse dare ni mo wakaranainda

No one knows for certain

fukaku iki wo suikonde hitomi tojireba

If you breathe deeply and close your eyes

ukabiagaru no wa tamashii no shimesu michi

What emerges is the path your soul reveals

iza te wo nobashite kaze wo kirisaite

Reach out your hand, cut through the wind

kurayami wo kettobashite

Kick away the darkness

ima boku wa boku no tame ni

I do it for my own

kimi wa kimi no tame ni sou darou

And you do yours, don't we?

kakugo wa dekiteiru sa

And I'm ready for it

toki ni tayoriaeru youna sonzai ni sasaerare

With the support of someone I can rely

souzou wo koeta mirai tsukamitore

Seize the future beyond your imagination

iza te wo nobashite kaze wo kirisaite

Reach out your hand, cut through the wind

kurayami wo kettobashite

Kick away the darkness

bokura wa dokomade mo yukeru

We'll go wherever we wanna go

namida mo mayoi mo isso hikitsurete

Tears and doubts in tow

onore no iro de egaite yuke

Let's paint it in our own colors

"A Faint Memory!Luffy and Red-Haired's Daughter Uta!"

Say goodbye to everyonewho stands against us

No one has the power to stop a changethat comes through music

No, you can't stop magic

Close your eyes andyou can see the future before you

What's that song?

Every note I sing is bringin' you closerto your purpose

You don't know?It's popular around the world.

Once your there don't let go

You wanna play a real game,unfurl the chain

It's an amazing melody that makesyour heart b*at wildly before you know it.

Melody strung out likewe're walkin' on a tight rope

Don't wanna cry, don't wanna try,wanna forget

I don't have a heart though.

Just let me live inside a dreamland

Wanna be free!

This song may cheer you up...

And let a brand new era dawn

...even when you're about todie of cold on a snowy mountain.

I know that we can

Create a New World!

You're scaring me, Robin.

We can choose the way of our future

Try a brand new path

If I change the worldc

If I change the worldc

This boundless music brings transformation

Messages in song

Reach even further

This dream will come true

I believe in you

The show will start soon...

Say goodbye to everythingthat's weighing you down

Transcend beyond reality tocolorful worlds of music

We need to keep on rising

My singing voice will echoaround the world.

Close your eyes and take my handwe're runnin' together

We don't have to live like this,I know we can all do better

I sing for liberation

You wanna play a real game,unfurl the chain

Melody lighting up the path to new horizons

Don't wanna cry, don't wanna try,wanna forget

Just let me live inside a dreamland

Wanna be free!

And let a brand new era dawn

I know that we can

Create a New World!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!


Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba...


It's you again!

Sorry, Mayor.


Stop fooling around,

and why don't you helpthe other villagers sometimes?


Don't say it with a smile!

Stop eating!

--Well, I found it on the ground.--Luffy.

Luffy, I bet you're hungry.You can eat these.

Do you want these?

Let me spar with you.If you win, you can have them all.



I win!

You can have half.

Have some more.

Don't spit seeds at me!

You sank like a rock as always.

You can't becomea great Navy soldier like that.

I'm not gonna become a Navy soldier!

You must becomethe strongest Navy soldier in the world.

I don't want to!

I'm gonna live more freely than that!


Oh, that's cute!

Thank you, Shanks!

How do I look?

Uta, sing a song for us.

--Let me present to you!--Uta! Uta! Uta!

She's the diva who enchants the world!


This is a concert venue withfamous artists from all over the world.

And I'll be...

...the headliner!

The audience is very excited.

I said the audience is very excited!

Forget it. It's my bad.


Shanks, what are you doing?

Is that for me, too?


Even though you're my daughter,I can't give you this.

What a cheapskate!

Don't say that.


That's the Goa Kingdom.

We'll be based there for a while.

Why does grandpa's punch hurt like this?

I'm not gonna become a Navy soldier!

I'm gonna get out of this villageand do something big!

Is that a pirate ship?

What a lovely place. There's nothing.

Windmill Village isa remote area of the Goa Kingdom.


Are you guys pirates?

Yes, we are.Do you have a problem with it?

If so, you can tell me.I'm Captain Shanks' daughter, Uta.

If you're pirates, go away!

Or what? Are you gonna fight us?

Stop it, Uta.

We're not here to fight.

I didn't know there wasa tough sheriff in this village.

Who are you?

I'm Shanks, the captain of this ship.

If you trouble us,I'll make you pay for it.

Shanks! I wanna become a pirate!

Stop saying that to me every day.

Being a pirate isn't so nice.

But I heard pirates arereally strong, fun, and free!

Whoa-whoa, who encouraged him?


Let me tryout again today.

Again? Why don't you give up already?

I'll pass it this time!

All right.

Where's the coin?

I'll let you aboard if you guess it right.

Then, this one!



He failed again.

--He has no chance.--Boss is terrible.

The answer is...

That's not fair!

Guess where it is.

In your mouth!


Then, open it.

See? Not here.

Hey, you.

Don't get so close to Shanks.

I said don't get so close to Shanksin that tacky outfit.

It's not tacky!

Our diva is quite fashionable.

I'm a diva.

I'm the musician of the Red-Hair Piratesand Shanks' daughter.

Pirates and singing are inseparable.


All right, I'm gonna sing one for you.

Okay, okay, okay...


Where did it come from?

Where could this wind be taking us?

I look up to sky hoping for answersBut there is no reply

Where will it end up,

This song that I've been a vessel for?

I look within knowing I'll find the answerEven on my own

Let's row out to the open sea,Far as we can go

To the unknown

I've got to keep on dreamin'

No surrenderin'Go on

Hoist the sail inside my open heart

And let me heed the call of the sea

I've got to keep on singin'

Until you feel itJust hold on

Oh, the winds will change, I promise you

My voice will see us throughTo the end

How was it?

You sing well.

I can sing, too!

The sky in the east is up early

The weather is so fineThere are only fools there

The island in the east is...

That's bad. You suck! You're off pitch!

That'll make the Red-Hair Pirates IQ drop!



That's not true!


You two are the same age. Be friends.

I'm nine. Don't group me togetherwith a seven-year-old kid.

Luffy! Show Uta around Windmill Village.

Are we gonna climb here?

I don't wanna do that!It's gonna mess up my clothes and hair!

Divas are meant to be the stuff of dreams.

I don't get it.

Of course, you don't.

If you can't even climb an ordinary clifflike this, how can you help Shanks?

Don't underestimate me.

It's not like I can't climb it.

If you're too slow, I'll leave you behind!

I'm quite impressed with you...

You should be! There isn't even a thingthat you can b*at me at!


Do you wanna compete?Then I'll teach you a lesson. First...

A height contest!

A cuteness contest!

An arm-wrestling contest!

I win!

You cheated!

A shout contest!



Okay, one more competition!

You always run around like this?

It's boring to stay still.

You're really just a kid.


Because you haven't realized thatthe most fun place in the world...

...is inside myself.

In myself?

Inside myself, I always see great concerts.

This field of grass is my stage.

This open sea is my endless dream.

Let's visit your stages.I know a lot of them.


Shanks is so strong.

Huh? You've never seen him fight.

I know him like you don't.

He may not look it,but he has a childish side.


That's a flaw then!

That's the cute part of him!

Cute doesn't sound like a pirate.

But I like it!I wanna get on board his ship.

What? We still have to walk?!

The Red-Hair Pirates are the best.

Not only Shanks...

...but I love all of his crew!

Sometimes they're too silly though.

I saw them drink too much and sleep naked!

They do that often!

You're not that boring after all.

You, too.

This is my stage.

It's not bad.

But since I've been to so many seas,

I've seen lovelier sceneries than this.

I can't wait to become a pirateand go to sea, too.

We can choose the way of our future

Try a brand new path

If I change the world

If I change the world

I'm now going to make my dream come true.

I've had it ever since I was a child.

It's a dream of my own.

A New Genesis

Big adventures to the sea andto the mountain!

Luffy and Uta strengthen the bond between them

through competing with and encouraging each other.

The diva dreams of a new genesis.

The two pledge to make their massive dream come true,but the unexpected occurs.

Luffy weeps at the words Shanks tells him.

On the next episode of One Piece!"A Pledge for the New Genesis! Luffy and Uta!"

I'm gonna become the King of the Pirates!
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