01x07 - Full Count

Episode transcripts for the TV show "A League of their Own". Aired: August 12, 2022 - present.
Following the WWII All-American professional women's baseball league players as they travel across a ever changing U.S.A.
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01x07 - Full Count

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It's just me.

I think you need
to eat something.

Or just have
some water, at least.


I... I think Jo had
to have gotten out.

She's probably just
with that girl, right?

Woof! Heavens to Betsy.
You two look like hell's basement.

You know, where they keep
all the old demons.

I had a terrible dream.

- Oh.
- It was about Mussolini.

Oh! Sexual. I bet. Yikes.

Hey, listen. Jo wasn't in her room,
so I went in to ask Lupe,

and she and Esti
are missing.

Wait, is Jess gone too?

What's... We've got
championships to get ready for.

We can't all just
be out gallivant...

Oh, my God!

God, look at her head.
Is she bleeding?

I go to bed early
one night...

- What's going on?
- I'll tell you what's going on.

I knew what was happening
the entire time.

Can't believe she had you convinced she was
having a sexual relationship with Dove.

Shut up, Shirley. Stop.

Oh, my God!
She looks awful.

- What is going on?
- What did she do?

You okay, Joey?
You okay?

- Ten minutes, Miss De Luca.
- You okay?

- Ten minutes to what?
- To pack.

Miss De Luca is being
traded to the Blue Sox.

- They can't do that.
- Don't take Jo, she's a Peach!

Enough, ladies!

Mrs. Shaw, may
we please speak privately?

Go on, ladies.
Please? Some privacy?

Beverly, Jo is our friend.
They can't just do this!

The decision has been made.

By who? I'll call
Mr. Marshall right now!

By me.

Last night,

Miss De Luca was detained
at an establishment

patronized by sexual inverts.

- I don't believe it.
- Usually,

they publish their names in the
paper to protect the public.

But I've paid out of my own pocket to
save the league from that humiliation.

Now, Miss De Luca
is not going to jail.

But it seems there was an
attachment to a woman here in town,

so she cannot stay in Rockford
for her own well-being.

Surely you agree.

Okay, so I'll buy
tickets tomorrow.

And, and, and
we're gonna go to Vegas,

we're gonna double our money,
and then you and me are going to LA.

I'm going to South Bend.

We don't even have
to go to California.

You know, we could go back to New York.
Or we could go to Siberia.

We could go to Timbuktu, Joey.
Whatever you say.

I already said. South Bend.

Right, okay.
Well, you were right.

What you said. You know,
we were too risky, and...

I know the rules
haven't changed...

I've changed, bird.

Don't you see that?
I'm important here.

And not just 'cause I'm your wing lady.
I'm a star in the league.

- I know that.
- No, you don't.

Jo, when things
get messy, we leave.

Yeah, well, not this time.

I'm not walking away from this.

I've got another
chance now, bird.

Okay, so maybe I'm not gonna be a Peach,

But I'm not gonna throw it all
away just 'cause you're scared.

What about us, then? Hmm?

I love you, Greta.

And I never would have
seen the world without you.

Don't. Jo.

But wherever we go,
it's always the same thing.

You get bored, or scared,
and I end up lugging your suitcase.

- That's not true.
- It's not even your fault. It's just...

who you are.

And it's who I was too.

I'm just not anymore.

Come on, please, don't do this.

Excuse me. It's time.

Don't do this.

Someone needs to stop Clearway Law.
Public shouldn't leave reviews for lawyers.

Jo. I'm so sorry.

You know...

You're actually a pretty
good coach, farm girl.

It's a real shame I'm gonna have to b*at
the skirts off y'all in the championship.

My Josephine.

Aw. Don't cry, sugar plum.

Bye, Jo.

See you on the field.

Well, well, well.

What is all that?


Look at hickey-hickey here.

Howdy, cowboy.


I think she's got, uh,
what's-her-name on the brain.

- Who?
- Mm-hmm.

Come on now.
We're not asking for details.

- Oh, I'm asking for details.
- Who was she?

Or do you not
remember her name?

Oh! What? Spill it.

She said her name was S.

S? Oh, I do love a mystery!

Let's see.
What could it stand for?

Let's see. Sandra? How about Sam?
Sam could be a girl's name.

Did you give her your number?

- No.
- What?

- She's from outta town.
- So? This one was too.


And if I hadn't the courage to slide up to her and give her...

Bertie. I walked up to him.
Yes, I did.

- Mmm!
- Walked right up to him.


I got it. Why don't we go down to the
train station, pay off the porters,

have them tell us
the name of

everybody who came
into the station yesterday

with the name
that starts with S!

- Or... Excuse me, dear.
- Oh! Where you going?

I have a better idea.

Oh, okay.

Rise and shine.
Rise and shine.

Stop it, Bertie.
That's too loud!

All right, everybody.

- Bertie, stop it.
- Max's dance partner from last night.

What's her name?

Her name is Esther.

Please stop.

Only if somebody tells me
where I can find her.

She's going to the party
for the Red Wright All Stars.

Just like everybody else.

Thank you.

Now see, that wasn't
so bad now, was it?

Well, my plan
would've worked too.

Go get your girl.

Maxine, go!

Now you come get your girl.

- Like I came and got my girl at the party.
- Oh, no.

- Back in the day.
- Like I came and got you. I waltzed...

- Got you talking about all that stuff.
- ...right up to you.

Hey, y'all better get up now.
We're about to get busy.

Where the hell is this girl?

Okay. We'll go
to the Italian church next.

If she's not there, then...
We'll quickly pray, and then...

I don't know,
she's probably hungry.

So, we should go
to the grocery store.

- We gotta check the bus...
- We've been at this all night, Lu.

Let's check back home.

Scared animals always
return to the familiar.

What are you talking about?
We have to find her!

Unless you're giving up?

You barely talk to the kid.


- It's not about her. I don't care.
- Right.

I just care about the championship, man.
I mean, we need her.

Oh, my God.

f*cking rascal!

- Hey. Hey.
- Oh, yeah?

- No. Stay away from me.
- No, come here!

- Leave me alone! You're not my mom.
- Shut up!

Hey! Why don't you try
talking to her instead of yelling at her?

You don't even know
what I'm saying!

She's the fastest stealer
in the league, Lupe.

You're not gonna catch her.

f*cking stupid.

You can't get to Cuba by train.

You can't actually
go anywhere.

Please, Esti...

Will you get in the car?

You have a car?

- Yes!
- Yes!


I'll go with you,

but on one condition.

All right.

Diez y dos.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

All right. Oh. Yeah. Easy now.

Watch out!

Be careful!

You got this.

Yeah. Ease up.

You're so selfish.

Did you know Jess was up
all night looking for you?

Because she cares
about me... unlike you.

I love you, Jess.
You know I love you.

I love you with my heart.

Thanks, kid. Ditto.

I love you.

The Rockford Screws
welcome Red Wright and the All Stars.

Before the game,
get an autograph from...

So, uh, what do you think?

- Why isn't there color?
- Are you still working on it?

No, it's minimalist.

- Is that a disease?
- No...

I guess it was pretty cool when
he knocked out that alien.

Yeah. Yeah. That was, uh...
That was a last-minute addition.

You know, I was, uh,
kind of representing the, sort of,

existential death
of the unknown.

You know,
that kind of thing. So...

Kinda like Captain America,

when he blew up those n*zi
at the bowling alley.

Totally! In your face, h*tler!

No, no, no, no, no.
Captain America is propaganda.

Whereas, Lieutenant Victory,
he's more subversive, you know.

Okay, you know what? Just stop messing
it up with your grubby fingers. Bye.

Yeah. Let's go.

- Everybody's a critic.
- I'm telling you.

- Do you see a smudge?
- No.

Huh. Why are they doing all
this on the factory floor?

I think it's for
recruitment or something.

Supposed to show how
wonderful the factory is.

They're giving out free
tickets to the game too.

Of course.
The ol' bait and switch.

Ooh, look, it's Red.

You want me to wait in line with you?
So you can meet him?

Nah. I'm not here for him.


Oh! Okay.

Well, Gary is looking
fine in his uniform.

Don't tell Guy I said that.
Ever. Okay?

- Holy shit.
- Clance.

Do they have a girl
on that team?


Are you okay?


At least we know
that Jo's okay. Right?

That Jo's okay?

No, I mean, I just...

Carson, she got her face bashed in
by the police. She can barely walk.

- We're busy.
- Don't say "we."

I'm so sorry.
This is my fault, and...

You're right.

It is your fault.

I told you how dangerous this was gonna be,
right? I warned you.

But you just kept pushing me.

Not now!

Okay, you're right.
You're right.

Greta, just...

We follow the rules now.
No exceptions. I promise.

What are you talking about?
We have two weeks left.

Are you gonna come
with me to California?

You gonna do that?
Like you said.

Are you telling me that you're
gonna leave your husband

and your comfortable
life for this?

For me?

God, this was a mistake.

You're risking everything for
something that wasn't even real.


You don't mean that.

It was always just
gonna be a fling, Carson.

Sorry to interrupt,
but, Carson...

I can't believe I get to tell you this,
but your husband is here.


His name is Charlie, right?

Oh, my God. Charlie.

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, my God.

- Oh, my God. Hi.
- Oh, my God.


- God, you're a sight for sore eyes.
- You are.

At least someone's getting their oil changed.

- Jo would have liked to see it.
- It's not...

Hey, the mood around here is pretty strange.
Is it always like this?

Um, everyone's on edge 'cause,
uh, we're in the championships.

- Wait, what?
- Yeah.

The championships!
Guys, that's amazing!

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.


Um, listen. You think
we could get out of here?

Uh, yeah, I mean, I have
a hotel room downtown.

- Great.
- But, come on, I wanna see where you live.

I just wanna see you.

Okay. Yeah. Let's go.

- All right, I'll get my stuff.
- Okay.


Uh, slowly.

Slowly, yes, slowly.


Stop being such a child.

I'm not a child.

I turned 17 last month.

Did you know that?

But this place makes me feel old,
it makes me feel alone.

When I met you,
I thought my prayers were answered.

That's the only thing
I feel stupid about.

Not because of my accent,
not because of my English or anything else.

It's because I thought
you were a blessing.

Oh, my God.

Shit out of luck.

Shit out of luck?
What do you mean? Shit...

There's no spare?
Bev's gonna lose her mind!

I can fix it.
I just need a few things.

I think I saw a station
a mile back north.

Try not to k*ll each other
while I'm gone.

- This is really nice.
- Yeah.

Oh, sir.
Could you order us breakfast downstairs too?

Uh, oatmeal, and the lady will
have eggs with toast. Scrambled.

Over easy.

Oh. Uh, pardon me.
Over easy. Thanks.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Where's your ring?

Oh, I don't wear it, because I'm playing.
'Cause I don't want to lose it.

Right. Of course.

My wife,
the professional ball player.


That's amazing.

Your hair.

I don't remember
ever seeing it this short.

Yeah, I was just trying something.
It'll grow back.

No, I like it. I like it.
No, I mean, it's...

It's different,
but... Looks good.


- You feeling okay?
- Yeah, of course.

Oh, jeez.
I'm so sorry. I...

I shouldn't have
ambushed you.

I was trying
to be romantic,

and I thought if I
surprised you at the house,

with the flowers and...

Mmm, mmm, mmm!

- Oh. Hello.
- Hello.

Uh... Um...

Okay. This is, uh...
This is fast.

- Yeah, it's fast.
- You okay?

- Mm-hmm.
- Just let me...

- Oh!
- Oh, my God! Charlie.

- No. It's okay. It's okay.
- I'm so sorry.

It's okay. It's okay.

- Are you okay?
- It's okay. Yeah.

I mean, I thought
I'd be safer coming home.

But, you know, that's fine.

- I'm gonna go get you a towel.
- Carson.

Can I get your autograph?


Anything for a fan.

You can, uh, write your best contact
phone number down there too.

You're a good dancer.

Am I supposed to
return the compliment?

I'm not a good dancer?

It's okay. You got a cute face.

Cute... You got a cute...
Yeah, you're cute.

I didn't know you played.

You're looking at
the Red Wright All Stars' ace.

That means I'm a pitcher.

I know what it means.


Uh, Clance, this is Esther.
She's a pitcher.

Max is too... Was.
Max once pitched baseballs too.

Not everyone's cut out for it.

- Excuse me?
- Max is definitely cut out for it.

She is the best pitcher
you're ever gonna see.

She could take all of y'all. No offence.
I mean, I'm sure you're very good.

- But she is awesome.
- You think so?

In fact, if Red is, like,
doing some kind of tryout thing or something,

she should try.

We're all full up.

Oh. Okay. Sorry.

Don't be sorry, Clance.

Real pitchers let their
arm do the talking.

They don't need their little
friend singing their praises.

- I'm sorry, what did you just...
- Nope. I got it.

You in trouble now.

Was that loud enough?

Real cute.

But if y'all will excuse me,
I gotta go play with my team.

So, see you, Max.

Keep on dancing, though.

Well, she's a b*tch.

Hello? Front desk?

Yes, my wife has been in the
bathroom for quite some time.

Would you be so kind as to send
up a stockpile of nose clips

and, say, ten to 20
rolls of toilet paper?

Oh, definitely your
thickest ply, please. Yes.

And send only
your strongest men.

There's my girl.

I'm sorry.

Can we start over?

Pretend like we're home
and everything's back to normal.

Come here.

Mrs. Rainey. Third grade.

- Mrs. Rainey.
- Rainey!

- Third grade, the sneeze.
- I don't know what you're talking about.

Give me a break.
You know what I'm talking about.

- You mean this sneeze?
- Here we go.


- What? No...
- I got it all over.

Do it with me. Come on.

It wasn't...

Hey, tell me something.

What's it like playing
in front of all those people?

Honestly, I thought
I was gonna hate it.

- But...
- But?

- It's unlike anything.
- Wow.

I love it.

You're my hero,
you know that?


It's so good to see you.

I've been wearing the same
clothes since Dublin,

and I have been dreaming
about a normal shower for...

a year.

- I can tell.
- Hmm?

- This pit is mighty t*nk.
- Right?

- Yeah, it's, like, it's a lot.
- It's ripe.

I'm right in it.
I'm really down in there.

You want something better?

Get in there.

- Come on. Check it.
- Let me see. Let me get in.

- Yeah, that's bad! That is... This is worse than this one.
- That's bad.

- All right, I'm going.
- Okay, good.

- We're gonna fix it.
- Here we go.

Oh! Mother of God!
What are they feeding you gals?

God, does Roosevelt know about
the b*mb you dropped in here?

- He knows, I think.
- Whoo!



I found them in-between
the cushions.

I'm sure they're fine.

Oh, my God.

That's good, well...
Even if you don't believe me,

I do feel bad that you
had to grow up so fast.

I know how that is.

I had a daughter.

When I was your age.

I was too young.

I didn't have a partner.

My parents thought if I raised
her I would screw her up, so...

They took her from me.

Well, really, I let them.

Because I knew that with that
freedom I could finally escape.

From everything.

I haven't seen her
since then.

You have her eyes.

That's why sometimes,

when I look at you,

you don't know
how it makes me feel.

It's like seeing her
and not seeing her.


Are you cold?

Let's see, maybe I have
a blanket here in the back.


You said there
was no spare.

No. I said I needed to get
something to fix it. I did.

Mmm, okay.


What do you
think of black?


being it?

No. Like,
black and white versus color.

I mean, it's better, right?
It's sophisticated. It's minimalist.

It's not... You know what?
Doesn't matter.

Little shits just get
in my head and just...

May I ask you
something? Awful?

Um, does it hurt
seeing her play?


Like hell.

Okay, I know you said that you're
done with baseball, and...

As much I'd be fine
with you marrying Gary

and movin' next door
to me and Guy

and your kids
marrying my kids.

If I let you walk through life
like something was missing,

I'd never forgive myself.

I have to tell you somethin'.

Oh, my God. You're sick.

- What?
- Is it bad? Are you gonna die?

- No. What?
- How long?

No, no, no, I'm not dying.

Okay. 'Cause you had
this look in your eye, like...

Oh, God. Sorry.

- Ooh! Don't do that.
- No, no. It...

I, uh... Uh...


Last night...

I was hanging out
at my Uncle Bertie's place.

He's not a freak.

I'mma be...

I'mma be hanging out
there a lot more.

I just wanted you to know that.



And I'm not marrying Gary. I...

Or anyone, I think. I...
I don't know what my life is gonna look like.

But I don't want you
to worry about me.

'Cause I'mma be okay.


I'm always gonna
worry about you.

'Cause you're mine.


Were we compromised?
Yes, we were.

We're gonna lose
the championship.

Would you stop it, Shirley?

We need Jo.

I know we need Jo.
She's our best hitter.

How are we gonna
win without her?

No. We need Jo
because she is our friend.

And so what if she's q*eer?

Maybelle, she could've
seen my breasts!

Everyone on the team
has seen your breasts.

They've seen mine too.
'Cause they're great.

You gotta learn to take people
as they are. All right?

You know, it's like
my oldest always says...

Your oldest...

Child? As in, as in
a child? Is that...

You're a mother?
You have child...

You have a child?

Why do you think
I've been living it up so hard?

This is my only time away.

And who in the hell you think
I've been knitting that for?

- Oh, my God.
- Oh, boy.

Who are you?
Who are you people?

I can't trust you.
I can't trust you.

I can't trust Jo.
I probably can't even trust Greta!

She's probably q*eer too.

- Well...
- They travel in pairs, makes sense.

I'm gonna go ask her. Because I'm not
safe here and I never was safe here.

Everything's gone.

The legendary Red Wright
and his All Stars are back in town.

For the past five years,
the Screws have managed to stay undefeated.

As always,
I'll be giving you the play-by-play.

And you can come see me from 9:00
to 5:00 at Harry's Army and Navy.

What is this called again?

- Shadow ball.
- Ah.

They do it in
the n*gro Leagues too.

It is kinda cool.

It would be cooler if they let them
play without all these tricks.

Here he comes, The Red Giant.
The Ballpark Bludgeoner.

Let's give a friendly Rockford welcome
to none other than Red Wright.

And give it up
for the belle of the ball,

the pin-up pitcher
herself, Esther Warner!

Gentlemen, you decide what's more important,
her curves or her curveball?

- Oh, God!
- What?

Dumbass, Harry.

Is she gonna pitch?

Save my seat.

You can't sit there.

That was some introduction.

You enjoying watching
from up there in the stands?

If you don't mind,
I'm kinda trying to do my pre-game thing.

I'm sorry, about before.

I wish I was where you are.

Hell, I tried to be.

So I let myself get jealous.

That's on me.

Anyways, I know
you gotta get ready,

but, for what it's worth,

number three over there loves low ones,
and number 17,

he's gonna bunt whenever
somebody's on second.

And the pitcher...

The pitcher is
a pretty decent guy.

But he can't h*t a curveball to save
his life. You ain't hear it from me.

I heard it from you.

You used to play with these
meatballs or something?

Nah. I never had a team.

Never had a sh*t.

At least, not a real one.

But, uh...

here's my number in case
you ever come this way again.

Have a good game, S.


You told me that
you never got my letter.

You lied. Why...
Why would you do that?

"Dear, Charlie, I love you,

"but the truth is

"I don't remember the last
time I was really happy.

"I don't know why,

- "but I think there's something wrong with me."
- "Something wrong with me."

Yes, I knew that.

So you've just known I've been
unhappy and you're fine with that?

I used to wake up every night
thinking that you'd be gone.

And whatever it is that made your
mother leave, you've got that in you.

I don't have such a low
opinion of her anymore.

At least
she wasn't pretending.

What the hell
is that suppose mean?

Do you care?
Did you ever care?

- Do you care?
- Yes, of course I do.

Where the hell do you think
I've been, Carson?

They threw me in a hospital.

Oh, damn it.

Charlie, I...

Effort Syndrome.

You know, I just... I...

The things that I saw,

I just couldn't...

get away from it
like the other guys.

I stopped sleeping.
But when I got lonely,

I tried to make you laugh...

in my head,
you know, because...

You're my best friend, Carson,

since I was six.

You're mine.

Charlie, you're mine too.

I wondered where you were
every single day.

I do care
about your happiness.

And I don't want
you to feel that way...

ever again.

I don't want you to either.

So, what do you want? Really?

What do you mean?

I don't know, start small.

Anything, something.

I want, uh...

to move our bed.

Yeah, to the south wall,

you know,
the one with the window.

That sounds nice.

Your turn.

I want...

to keep playing baseball.

If he league comes back,
I wanna come back.

What about kids?

Um... Well, if I'm playing,
we would have to wait.




You're a baseball player.

You should be playing baseball.

I'll get it.



Uh, yeah. Hold on.

Uh, it's Maybelle?

Hey, Maybelle.
Slow... Wait, slow down.

Wait, what?

The All Stars take the field.

Strong start for Cinderella.

- Go, Gary!
- Come on, Gary.

- Go, Gary! Come on, Gary!
- All right.

When that arm tires out,
I'mma take you home, sweet pea!

You okay?


And the All Stars lead
by one as Red Wright's little star

takes it to these boys.

Uh-oh. Looks like it's time
for another tea party.

Pitch to h*t.

Pitch to h*t.
All right?

- What was that?
- It's all right.

That's another
base h*t for the Screws.

They did this
last year too.

I heard the factory gives them a cut
of the tickets to throw the game.

Of course they do.

f*cking Dorothys.

I can't watch this.

- Is she okay?
- I think she tweaked something.

Seems like
our lady pitcher's hurting.

- They only got nine players.
- So?

So they're gonna
have to forfeit.

Looks like she's
pointing to the stand.

- Who is that?
- Is she pointing at me?

She's not pointing at me.

Right there.

- I'm being told it's Maxine Chapman.
- No, Clance, no.

- No, Clance.
- Just pick up your legs.

I'm not exactly sure what is happening.

You got this, okay?

You are Super Maxima,
Queen of, of Rockfordia

and you are
crusading toward victory.

Okay, yeah.
I can defeat the Overlord of the Vines.

Wait. How do you know
about the Overlord of the Vines?

- I peeked into your sketchbook.
- Did you like it?

It was amazing.

- Oh. - And weird.
- You are so deeply weird.

Okay, so you have notes.
That's fine.

- But it was great.
- You are great, Super Maxima.

Now, go get it. Go!

Go, Super Maxima!

That's my friend.

We're supposed to be
puttin' on a show.

Are you even sure
she can play?

I'm sure. Try her.

Hey, doll-face.

- Does she know the drill?
- I'll make sure of it.

Make it good, kid,
and I'll throw an extra five your way.

Yes, sir.

Team rules are pitch to h*t.

But like you said,
you ain't never been on a team before.

Take your sh*t, Max.

Maxine is taking the field

They seem to be
swapping ladies.

Give it a rest, Harry.

Chew your food, Maxine.

We wouldn't want you
to choke again, would we?

Man, shut up.
Just play ball.

Are you ready this time?


- Strike!
- Yes!


Strike three.
You're out.

The All Stars have
been beaten five years in a row.

Is this a chance to start a new
winning streak of their own?

You said you wanted a show.

You're out!

You're out!

It all comes down to this.

Two outs
and two strikes on Belic.

Chapman has a chance to end the
game and give the All Stars a win

for the first time
in five years.

She did it!

Maxine Chapman throws an
almost perfect end of game,

taking the All Stars to victory.

On to your next adventure?

And you're onto yours
with Charlie.

Not yet.

I still have
a championship to win.

- And so do you.
- Well...

You guys will be fine.
You don't need me.

Yes, we do.

Listen, I know that

maybe you don't
think that we were real.

But the Peaches are real,
and we made them real.

And, Greta, you're a Peach.

Shirley and Maybelle,
and Lupe and me, and everyone,

we're counting on you.

Well, you shouldn't.

You're better off without me.
Like I said in my letter...

- Wait, what letter?
- I'm not good...

for anyone.

Yes, you are. Greta.

You're good for Jess.

You saved her
at Charm School.

So did you.

I never would have done
that if I wasn't with you.

You showed us that
we could stand up to Dove.

I mean, you almost lost
your spot on the team.

You pushed me
to be coach, Greta.

I just told you to go
for what you wanted.

Well, no one had ever
said that to me before.

One week.
That's all I'm asking.

Can you at least
pretend you're in pain?


I sell tickets.
Red's never gonna f*re me.

You sure?

No. But see that
tall guy he's talking to?

- Mmm.
- He's a reporter for The Defender.

There's one thing the old man likes as
much as money, and that's attention.

You know he's taking all the
credit for what we did today.

- He was something back in the day though.
- Mm-hmm. Sure was.

Came this close to signing
with the Phillies.

- Even tried out in Shibe Park.
- What happened?

What always happens.

Last minute, commissioner threatened to
dissolve the entire team if he was signed.

They're never gonna let a
colored person cross that line.

- Somebody's gotta be the one.
- Mm-hmm.


Wouldn't it be amazing
if it was us?

You are crazy. Uh-huh.

I thought it.
Now I know, it's confirmed.

Why did you do
that for me today?

All my life,
I've fought for scraps.

When I saw you pitch,
I thought,

"Damn, that girl could take it
all away from me."

Then I realized,
it ain't you doing the takin'.

Still, had to be hard.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

So, you still want
that autograph?

Sure. You might be
somebody someday.

I like the way that sounds.

But I don't have a pen.

I don't have a ball.

Where is that girl?

- There you are.
- Coach.

I was looking for you.

- I was just about to ice my arm.
- Not you. You.

You cost me
a pretty penny today.

Uh, I had to take my sh*t.
I'm sorry.

No, you're not.

Last time I saw an arm like that,
I was looking in the mirror.

Tell me, you got a little boyfriend
who might be missing you?


We're heading out West for a few months,
could be longer.

You might wanna come
on the road with us?

Far as I'm concerned,
you owe me for the cut I lost today.

But you can make it up
in ticket sales.

On the road doing what?

Oh, pitching, girl.
Are you an idiot?

- No, I can't take her spot.
- No one's asking you to.

I'm gonna sell y'all
as a double-feature.

Call you "Red's Righteous Beauties."
Or, uh, "Strikeout Sisters."

I can already smell the green.

Don't be thinking
too long.

Oh, sorry. Yes, yes.
I want... Yeah. Take me. Now.

"Take me now."

Oh, my God!

Phew. g*ng's all here.
Well, almost.

We, uh, heard about Jo.

Yeah, uh...

So, um...

Why don't we, um, bring it in?
Come on.

Come on, ladies.
Everybody join, please.

Uh, where's Shirley?

Ooh, she's down
for the night.

She's feeling a bit
green in the gills,

and in the head too,
if I'm being honest.

Okay. Um...

So, a lot happened today.

A lot.

So much stuff.

It's almost hard to believe,
if you think about it.

- Today felt like a year.
- Yeah.

But tomorrow,
we're gonna get up,

and we're gonna buckle down,

and we're gonna focus.

Because we're still in the championship,
Peaches. Okay?

And we're gonna win.

Let's unravel those Sox.

Let's go after them!

Gonna trample them.
Let's go!

- Come on.
- Okay.

7:00 a.m. in the kitchen,
breakfast. 8:00 a.m. on the field.

Let's get some rest.

Thank you, Coach.

- Welcome back.
- Thanks.

Charlie, I'm so sorry again.
I know that it's your first night back

but with everything
that's going on here...

Hey, hey. It's okay.

We have every other night.

Yeah. We do.

Good night, Car. I love you.

I love you too.


Shirley, you feeling okay?

I know about you.
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