03x24 - The Babysitters

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Silver Spoons". Aired: September 25, 1982 - May 11, 1986.
Wealthy, young-at-heart business owner and playboy Edward Stratton III is stunned to discover his brief marriage several years ago produced a son, Richard who is now 12 and wanting to live with him.
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03x24 - The Babysitters

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♪ Here we are, face to face ♪

♪ A couple of Silver Spoons ♪

♪ Hopin' to find We're two of a kind ♪

♪ Making a go Making it grow ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ We're going to find Our way ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Taking the time each day ♪

♪ To learn all About those things ♪

♪ You just can't buy ♪

♪ Two Silver spoons together ♪

♪ You and I together ♪

♪ We're going to find Our way ♪

♪ You and I together ♪

♪ We're going to find Our way ♪

♪ You and I together ♪

Hello, Mr. Whippleman.

This is R.B. Stratton,

president and chief executive

of Sitting Pretty Babysitting Corp.

Yes, this is Ricky, the kid next door.

Kate, come on, hurry up! We gotta get a move on!

KATE: Be right there!

Every time you use our service, your child will be escorted

from elementary school by my associate,

Mr. A.W. Spears.

Yes, that's Alfonso.


your child will be cared for by qualified teenage babysitters

who still have the hair color they were born with.

Kate, please!

This is the most important

charity auction of the year.

We're supposed to pick up the Zaganskis.

It's already after 4!

I'm coming, I'm coming.

Oh, good, good.

Oh, these shoes are just too red.

I won't be a second.

But-- But, Kate...

Terrific, Miss Whippleman. We'll start next week.

You signed up another customer, huh, R.B.?

Yeah. That's three kids today and six for next week.

Oh, that's terrific, son.

Sounds like a big responsibility.

How are you gonna babysit these kids?

that's the beauty of this.

We don't have to babysit anybody.

We just count the big bucks.

You see, we charge $3 an hour per kid.

Then we pay Leslie Cranbottom and Freddy

each a dollar and fifty an hour to watch them.

Alfonso and I keep the rest.

Boy, is this exciting.

Now I know how Colonel Sanders felt

when he sold his first chicken.

Kate, please!

Well, it's about time. Yeah.

You know, before we were married,

you never did all this shoe-worrying.

Edward, I have always been a shoe worrier.

I almost checked myself into the Buster Brown Clinic.

Honey, we've gotta hurry.

Oh, do you have your keys?

Oh, yeah.

Right. I'll wait for you in the garage. We don't wanna be late.

Right. Right.

Bye, Kate.


Alfonso, what are you doing here with them?

You're supposed to be taking them to Leslie's

and her to Freddy's.

Rick, we've got a problem.

Freddy had to leave school early

because he had 20 stings from his science project.

Our friend, the bee.

And Leslie quit when she found out

we had the Bramlick brothers.

They look like nice boys.

Looks can be deceiving.


Well, I'm off.

You didn't tell me you were bringing them here.

Oh, well, Sitting Pretty Babysitting Corp.

is having a temporary manpower shortage.

Well, okay. If you have a problem,

the housekeeper's here.

All right.


Yeah, Kate! I'm coming, I'm coming!

Dad, did you change your shoes?

I figured long as I was upstairs...

People, could I have your attention?

Welcome to the big house.

Now, we're all gonna get along fine

as long as you remember this.

There is one way of doing things.

My way.

Got it?

ALL: Yes, sir.

I can't hear you.

Yes, sir!

Never forget who's in charge.

You obviously forgot who's in charge.

Henry, what did I tell you about the bow and arrow?

Yeah, what did Mr. Stratton tell you

about the bow and arrow?

Quiet. Only Mr. Stratton gets to yell at me.

I can handle this, Beth.

I'm not yelling, Henry. Just give me the bow.

Okay. I'll return it to you later.

You better or I'll get my dad to come over and b*at you up.

Look, Mr. Stratton!


Get back in here.

I wanna gonna home!

Will you behave yourself? Sit.


Good, Tommy.


Hey, man, that's very cruel. Thanks.

Come on.

Alfonso, hurry up with those sandwiches!

ALFONSO: I'm coming, I'm coming!

Read me this story, Mr. Stratton.

I like the way you read.


I always like the way Mr. Green Jeans read stories

in Captain Kangaroo.

I kind of model myself after him.

"So then the seven dwarves were--"

I was here first.

You promised to play checkers, Mr. Stratton.

I know I did, Henry, after I read this story.

Well, it's taking too long.

Hey, listen, listen, listen. I'll do both, all right?

"The seven dwarves returned to find Snow White asleep.

She had eaten the poisoned..." Okay, it's your move.

I'm moving, I'm moving.

"...apple the witch had given her.

She slept for many a day. Then all the little kings--"

I b*at it! I b*at it!

You did not. You can't make those moves.

Who says?

I think I know checkers, pal.

You're not reading. Okay, okay.



Where did he go?

He's probably hiding somewhere.

That's the way he gets attention. I taught him.

Alfonso, one of the kids is missing.

Which one? Tommy. I'm gonna check outside.

I'll check in there.

Rick, I think I found him.

No problem at all.

They're model children.

And when they grow up,

they're gonna be model prisoners.

So why don't you go home?

What about...?

[LAUGHS] Her? I can handle her.

Well, Rick, if you have any trouble...

Yeah? ...don't call me.



Are you pretending you're d*ad?

Who's pretending?

You're funny.

Hi. I'm Mandy Jean.

Happy to meet you, Mandy Jean.

Nice to meet you too.

Mr. Stratton, I drew a picture of you.

Wanna see it?


Looks just like me.

Why is my hair green?

I've ran out of purple.

You can keep it.


Is that your mommy and daddy?

No. That's my dad and stepmommy.

My stepmother.

My real mom lives someplace else.

You have two mommies?

You are lucky.

I guess I am.

Sometimes I wish I had a mommy again.

What happened to yours?

Let's draw a merry-go-round, okay?

Wait. You didn't answer my question.

I can't tell you. It's a secret.

The only person I ever told is Mandy Jean.


What did you say, Mandy Jean?

Excuse me.

Well, okay, Mandy Jean.

Mandy Jean asked me

if she could tell you the secret.


You have to promise not to tell anybody else.

I promise.

When Beth was very little,

her daddy came to her nursery school

and said that they were going to move away

because her mommy never wanted to see her again.

You have to promise not to tell anybody else.

Because my daddy said that if you do,

he'll get in a lot of trouble.


The expression on your face.


Ah! Hey, son. How did it go?

We survived, barely.


Ah! That's Henry's snake. It's only rubber.

It's only rubber, Kate.

Hi, what's your name?


You're very pretty.

Thank you.

Dad, can I speak to--? Hang on a sec.

I wanna set this thing down.

Look at this gorgeous vase we got at the auction.

Well, I wouldn't say we exactly intended to buy it.

I was waving hello to Dexter across the room and I heard:

"Sold to the man in the blue sport coat for $2,000."

It was for a very good cause.


Where do you wanna put it?

How about that table over there.

You don't like my frog?

Oh, I wouldn't say that.

You hate it.

That I would say.


Oh, I'll get it.

She doesn't understand us.

I really need to talk to you.

Okay, what's up?


Hi, sweetheart.

[IMITATES DOLL] Hi, Grandpa.

Well, hello to you too.

Rick, how you doing?

Fine. Everything go okay?

Fine. Good.

Hi. I'm Edward Stratton. Hi.

This is my wife Kate. Hi.

Pleasure to meet you. Ken Barton.

Your boy sure came through in a pinch.

My regular babysitter just decided she'd rather goof off.

I know the feeling.

Does your wife work?

No, we're divorced.

Honey, you got everything now? We all set?

One sec. Okay.

Kiss Mandy Jean goodbye?


She likes you.

I like her. Great.

We ready? We're off. Got everything?

Yeah. Bye, honey.

Bye-bye. Take care. Nice meeting you.

Nice to meet you. Pleasure.

See you tomorrow. Thanks a lot. See you tomorrow.

Thanks again. Thanks.

Bye-bye. Bye.


Seems like a nice guy.


What's the matter?

This may sound crazy and bizarre,

he may have stolen Beth away from her mom.


Where did you get that?

Her doll told me.

What I mean is Beth told me through her doll.

What exactly did she tell you?

She said that some time ago

her father came to pick her up at nursery school

and told her her mom never wanna see her again.

Beth told me it was a big secret.

Edward, maybe we should check this out with the police.

You really think we should call the police?

Well, how much harm can a phone call be?


Rick, I just have one question.

Yeah, Dad?

Has this doll ever lied to you before?

Okay, thank you.

Nothing, huh?

Sergeant Henshaw checked

the National Crime Information computer,

it has a list of missing children

and her name is not on it.

You're not convinced, are you, Rick?

No. Why would she tell me her father took her away

and her mom never wanna see her again?

I hate to say it, Rick, but a lot of couples

when they get a divorce,

say ugly things about each other.

That's true.

Mom was pretty rough when she talked about Dad.

I'll bet.

She said stuff like you're a bozo,

a flake, showerhead.

No, that's chowderhead.

Thanks, Kate, for clearing that up.

Dad, I want you to know

I never believed any of that stuff.

I always dreamed my dad would be this really great guy.

Thanks, son.

And when I found you,

you're even better than I hoped for.

I try.


I know what you mean.

When you hear things when you're a kid,

it doesn't make sense like it does when you're older.

I remember when I was kid, my dad used to say to me:

"Shape up or ship out."

And I imagined that down at the docks,

there was a whole boatload of kids

who didn't shape up.

So they got shipped out.

And I remember I was deathly afraid

at being swooshed down the bathtub drain.

Me too.

That's where all the vampires lived.

Oh, I didn't know that.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, maybe that's all it is.

Maybe it was just my imagination that's gone crazy.

Thanks a lot, all right?

And, Dad, no matter what Mom said,

you're definitely not an "ignormus".


Where's Alfonso?

I don't know. I didn't tie him up.

Put Mandy Jean down!

Give me my doll back!

Calm down, Henry.

HENRY: Make me.

Beth, I'll handle this.

RICK: Ouh!

Get him! Get him!

Tommy! Tommy, catch!

Thank you.

My pleasure.

Henry, you've got a choice.

Behave until your mother gets here or else.

Go ahead. Make my day.

You wouldn't hurt me. I'd sue.

Rick, can you watch them for a while?

I can't. Look, I've gotta study for this test.

Besides, we flipped a coin. Come on.


RICK: Henry! ALFONSO: Henry!

Why me?

Who's that lady?

That's no lady. That's Thomas Jefferson.

See, I'm studying American revolution.

Oh, no, that's the monster!

What are you talking about?

That guy with the big stick.

I used to see him all the time.

RICK: That's just a picture of The Minute Man statue.

Every time I'd see the monster, I get so frightened.

And then my mommy would hug me and say:

"Everything's going to be all right."

Don't worry, Beth, everything is gonna be all right.

You wait here. Okay.

Dad, can I talk to you for a second?

I need to talk to you too, son.

Look what Tommy did to A Tale of Two Cities.


Dad, I need to talk to you about Beth.

Now, it may just be her imagination, but...

she said that when she was with her mom,

she used to see a monster that looked like this.

The Minute Man? Yeah.

It's in Concord, Massachusetts.

So my hunch is maybe she used to live there.

And maybe her mom still does.

Let's check and see if there was ever...

a Beth from Concord, Massachusetts

reported missing, huh?

Yes, hello.

Could I speak to Sergeant Henshaw, please?

Sergeant Henshaw, yes, this is Edward Stratton.

Yesterday I spoke to you

about a possible missing child named Beth Barton.

Yeah, well, we have reason to believe

that she may have lived in Concord, Massachusetts

before she was abducted.

Uh-huh. He's gonna check the computer.




Yeah, we'll be here. Do you have my address?

Yeah, right. I used to have

the Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer on the front lawn.

My wife thought it was too Christmassy.

There's a frog out there now.

Okay, we'll be here.

Well, she says that they found out

that there was a Beth Thompson

who was abducted from her mother over three years ago

in Concord, Massachusetts.

It's true?

How could anybody do that to their own kid?

Now, son, sometimes in a divorce situation,

parents try to hurt each other through their children.

Now, we don't know all the facts here.

Would you have done that if Mom had custody of me?

I don't know, son.

But you wouldn't tell me

my mother never wanna see me again.

No. I wouldn't do that.

Nothing justifies that.

Beth's in the kitchen

eating the world's biggest hot fudge sundae.

Any news yet, Officer Henshaw?

Looks like we found Beth's mom.

All right.

She arrived from Concord and positively identified

her ex-husband at the police station.

She's on her way over here now.

What's gonna happen to Beth's dad?

He's been arrested.

Now it's up to a judge.

Beth said if I told her secret, her dad could get in trouble.

Well, son, maybe he should've thought of that

before he took Beth, huh?


Think of the anguish he put Beth's mother through

for the last three years.

And Beth herself, my goodness, a life on the run.

Changing identities.

Not trusting anyone.

I just know how much Beth loves her dad.

Maybe after some time has passed,

something can be worked out

where he can see Beth again. I've seen it happen.

Three years.

If only Beth had told somebody sooner.

The police, a teacher, minister.


I'll get that.

Mrs. Thompson? Yes.

Please come in.

Mrs. Thompson. Yes.

I'm Office Henshaw.

Shallow Springs Police Department. Yes.

I'll get Beth.

I am so nervous.

I have hoped for this day for so long,

and I can't believe it's really here.

This is my wife Kate. Hi.

My son Rick. Hi.

Oh, thank you so much for helping me find my baby.

You're welcome.

She's a beautiful child.

Well, I only hope that she remembers me.




Oh, she knows me. She remembers me.

Oh, my little girl.

I've missed you so much.


Well, look how you've grown.

I thought you didn't want me anymore.

Oh, of course I want you.

Oh, thank you. Thank you so much.



♪ Together ♪

♪ We're going to find Our way ♪

♪ Together ♪

♪ Taking the time each day ♪

♪ To learn all About those things ♪

♪ You just can't buy ♪

♪ Two Silver spoons together ♪
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