01x08 - The Defenders

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Defenders". Aired: August 18, 2017.
Marvel's mini-series set a few months after the second season of Daredevil,[1] and a month after the first season of Iron Fist,[2] the vigilantes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist team up in New York City to fight a common enemy, the Hand.[3]
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01x08 - The Defenders

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[Luke] I don't care how dangerous you say these people are.

I don't want any part of this.

We're here to get Danny, but Colleen's right,

this won't end there. The Hand will keep coming after us.

This is our chance to shut 'em down for good.

They will come back. Again and again.

But these could end them forever.

I get that you have a history with these people.

So do you. So does she.

And so did that kid from Harlem.

Detonating a b*mb here won't fix what happened to him.

Okay? Not by a long sh*t.

No, but it might help everyone else who will be in danger.

And make no mistake, people will be in danger.

I... [sighs]

I just can't go along with this.


For the record, everything that's been said in the past two minutes...

is 100% insane.

Thank you.


Sweet Sister.

...we all know what the Hand is capable of.

We've all been affected.

But they keep coming back.

And when they do, it's not just crime, it's horror movie...

m*rder shit.

If we don't do this, it's gonna get worse.

Take down the building or the Hand takes down New York.

This is not how I fix things.

[Jessica] These people have come after our friends.

They're showing no signs of stopping.


You know that I've wanted nothing to do with this from the beginning.

The architect's brains are still in my apartment.

I haven't changed my clothes. Let's just get this shit over with.

We'll all sleep easier once they're gone.

We can all just...

[sighs] get on with our lives.

If we do this...

no one but those... Hand monsters gets hurt.

Okay? Not one single innocent person. Can we all agree to that?


Okay, then.

[sighs] Can't believe I'm saying this, but...

let's go do something crazy.

[theme music playing]

- Extracted from retail. - Colored HI by GoldBerg_44

It's true.

[Gao] You doubted the power of K'un-Lun?

These creatures once roamed the green valleys of my home.

These fossils are all that remain.

The last known deposit on Earth.

[Elektra] Secure the entrance. The Iron Fist is here somewhere.

[Gao] It no longer matters. The door is open.

- Well, he needs to die. - Of course.

But it is in our best interest to remove the substance with urgency.

Where are the others?

- Securing our escape. - From what?

The Devil of Hell's Kitchen,

the man who does not break and the unyielding woman.

They are here.

We held them back as long as we could.

The w*r has been won.

I decide when we've won.

Once we've removed the substance...

the foundation of the city will continue to weaken.

A swath of New York will crumble.

Many will die.

It's just a city.

They rise. They fall.

You'll see many more.

[breathing heavily]

From what we could tell, the architect's plan

was to place expl*sives in the building's structural center.

I mean, these look like support beams.

So without them, the building can't stand.

Once we find these, we plant the C-4.

No remote detonator.

- What's that mean? - It's a time b*mb.

Once you hit "go," you've got a matter of minutes.

- Are you sure about that? - Kind of.

- Oh, that's encouraging. - It's basic training.

They taught us how to run from the b*mb, not set 'em.

So what you're saying is once someone activates the charge...

That's it.

You two put 'em in place.

Once we're out of the hole, hit the charge, get out.

Wait, what? No, I am going down with you.

Last time I stayed behind, Danny got drugged and kidnapped.

What part of this shitstorm sounds like staying behind?

This shitstorm is my life.

Colleen, the three of them have certain abilities.

- I can fight. - Exactly.

I'm saying, as your friend, if I'm going to do this,

I need your help a lot more than they do.

- Promise me that you won't fail him again. - I'll make it right.

- I owe him that much. - [police sirens wailing in distance]

This way.

I'll be back, Claire. I promise.

As far as we can tell, the building itself is on some type of hi-tech lockdown.

Bulletproof glass, the works.

I want teams on every entrance. Gotta be some way in.

- Yeah? - Yeah.

- [cell phone ringing] - [Misty] What?

- Are you kidding me? - What is it, Knight?

Evidence locker at the station was hit.

- When? - About an hour or so ago.

They just discovered it. The C-4 is missing.

The stuff from the motel?

- All of it. - Well, who did it?

Surveillance was down, so they don't know who.

Well, I'll give you three guesses.

- Captain, we don't know what happened... - Bullshit.

You're pissed 'cause you vouched for 'em.

The question now is what are they gonna do with it?

- [Misty sighs] Oh, shit! - Jesus Christ.

- Get b*mb squad now! - [officer on radio] Copy that.

Evacuate everything in a two-block radius. And get ESU here.

- We got a door to breach. - [cop] Yes, sir.

I'll let you know when the teams are assembled.

Okay, Knight. If you still work here by then.

- [helicopter approaching] - [cop] We're getting more support!

Get those people out! Get those people out!

[footsteps approaching]

[Trish] Holy shit.

[Karen sighs]

They came after me, too.

I thought Jessica was exaggerating. I didn't know it was this bad.

Yeah, well, it is. Has been for a while.

[sighs] Um... I was, uh, there.

They took hostages. Watched someone die.

I'm glad you're okay.

- Are any of us okay? - [chuckles]

[electricity surges]

Well, that could be good.


At my radio station, I tried to float...

that the earthquake was a cover-up for something else.


What happened?

- I was shut down. [sighs] - By who? Your boss?

- Yeah. - Shit.

If what Jessica says is true...

this Hand organization is powerful.

They could've quashed the story.

Yeah, well, it probably means you're right. But...

[sighs] But, I know that we can get to the truth. We just have to...

Have to be willing to play close to the f*re, right?

- Jessica is the f*re. - [both chuckle]

What about that guy?

Uh, the... the lawyer you work with?

- Matt. - Yeah, what's his deal?

Um... he's a good friend.

It's... He's, um...

It's complicated. [chuckles]

Jessica's a good friend, too.

I mean, not in the traditional sense.

You can't rely on her to...

move a couch or plan a party, but...

when it comes to the real stuff...

the stuff that'll last forever...

[Foggy] Uh, ladies?

We just heard a dispatcher call for all available units.

- To where? - Hell's Kitchen.

Some place called Midland Circle. 44th and 11th Avenue.

- [softly] Midland Circle. - That was the epicenter.

Of what?


You're right. This place is completely empty.

[Daredevil] A lot of activity under the building now.

[knocks echoing]

Here, I need you to...

open this.

- [Luke] Open what? - It's a door.

- Something mechanical behind it. - What do you mean, "mechanical"?

[Luke] How deep does this go?

It's hard to tell.

The more I think about it, the less I like our odds.

Yeah, well, do like me. Don't think about it.

[Jessica] If you told me a week ago that I'd be here with you two,

about to blow up some building and fight ninjas to save New York...

- [chuckles] Yeah. - [Jessica sighs]

For whatever it's worth, I'm glad you're here.


The circumstances could be better.

I'm just saying, you know, I'm glad we found each other.

- I'm not hugging you. - [sighs]

You guys ready or what?

- [Luke] No. - [Daredevil sighs] No.

[Jessica] Sounds about right.

- It should be right up ahead. - Okay.

Claire, for what it's worth,

I know Luke and the other guys have abilities, but so do you.


You have saved just as many lives, helped just as many people.

[chuckles] You just don't make the headlines.

You're going to make me blush. [chuckles]

This is it.

How do we know what we're looking for?


[bag unzipping]


[door opens]

[whispering] Somebody's coming. Somebody's coming.

[police sirens wailing]



This is not okay. This shit is not okay.

I will find you.

[mouthing] No.

No need.

I'm done hiding.


we meet again.

I told you our fates are aligned.

Except it's not fate.

I came here to end this.

[cell phone ringing]

[Claire panting]

Did you come for me? Or did you simply follow?

I trained you to believe in yourself and your purpose.

It's not too late.

[Colleen grunting]

[cell phone ringing]

[Misty on phone] Claire, what the hell is going on?

Put Luke on the g*dd*mn phone.

[whispering] Real bad timing.

Listen, you need to get your asses out of there.

One of your guys brought b*mb in the building.

[sighs] Just make sure to clear the block, okay?

- There's a lot of this stuff in here. - Wait a minute. You know about this?

Claire, whatever it is you're planning, it ends in either jail or a cemetery.

- Please. - [swords clashing]

You guys are in way over your heads. All of you.

[sighs] Believe me, I know.

- [Colleen and Bakuto grunting] - [swords continue clashing]

What's that sound? What's happening?


Oh, shit.


[buzz saw whirring]

[body thuds]

[Gao] You waste your energy.

Save it... for the larger battle to come.

[Danny] Is this place what I think it is?

These beasts, they've given both of us so much.

Though even power great as yours pales in the face of eternal life.

This is what you've been after the whole time?

The very essence of what made you.

You desecrate Shou-Lao.

You punched him in the heart.

The Elders of K'un-Lun were right.

They showed way too much mercy when they banished the Hand.

And you think you're going to right that wrong?

It's what this journey has all been for.

Then you are as naive as when I first laid eyes on you.

Just a child... walking with your mother.

She made you hold her hand as you crossed the street. [chuckles]

You pulled away from her as though you didn't need her.

Tell me...

what would you give to hold that hand again?

And here you are, alone.

Trying to fulfill some prophecy. All to numb your pain.

You can't get into my head anymore.

Now tell me...

what are your plans with New York?

Its time has come... to fall.

- [grunts] - [shouts]

[elevator whirring]

The elevator. [chuckles]

- It's descending. - [groaning]

[Elektra] Wait!

He could be useful.

Perhaps you have found your family.

Ten stories left. Give or take.

Anyone waiting for us?

Yeah, about 30 of 'em.

All of 'em armed.

Including two of the ones we fought in the garage.

- [Jessica] And the old lady? - And the guy who speaks Japanese.

What about your ex-girlfriend?


They knew we'd come for Danny.

Guys, this is...

a lot worse than what we faced before.

That's an understatement.

So how are we gonna handle it?

I got an idea.

But you're not gonna like it.


Don't sh**t. [sighs]

Look, I don't give a shit what you guys are doing...

down here in your secret cave thing.

I just came to talk.

You started this.

Ever since you burst into my office, my life has become one big kung fu party.

I don't wanna fight you.


[men groaning]

[all grunting]

Let's go, Ironclad.

It's Iron Fist.

- I know. - [chuckles]

Do not bother wearing yourself out.

[panting] I'm not.

I know your limits.

There's no damage that you can do to me that can't be undone.

Especially because the Iron Fist has already given us the ultimate gift.

Life without end.

I'll give you one last chance to experience it with me.

To be who you were meant to be.

I don't need you anymore.


- [grunts] - [Claire] Colleen!


- [g*n] - [man yells]

What the hell did I just walk into?

I ask myself that all the time.

Drop it, or I'm dropping you.

They're gonna destroy the city.

Now tell me something I don't know.

Once they get what they want, this place is gonna crumble.

Not on my watch.

- [Daredevil] Where's Alexandra? - She's d*ad.

- Did you k*ll her? - No. She did.

Is that elevator the only way out of here?


We can't leave. We have to end them.

- We got a plan. - Yeah, it involves b*mb.

You're cool with b*mb, right?

- Seriously? - The only way out of here is together.

Danny, light it up.


[both exclaim]

[all groaning]



[Jessica grunts]

[Danny and Daredevil grunt]

- Remember this? - Just like old times.



- [Danny groaning] - [Elektra grunting]


assh*le, I will put you down.


You disappoint me.

As a child, all you ever wanted was to belong to something.

That's why I saved you, Colleen. Raised you.

Because that same desire was once in me.

Is this your family now? Hmm?


let me remind you who you really are by taking that away.

[Misty grunting]



[b*mb beeping]

- Colleen! - [Misty whimpering]

She's losing too much blood. We're gonna take care of you, okay?

- [beeping continues] - [Misty groaning]

[b*mb beeping]

[Jessica grunts]

[Elektra groans]

- [Danny groans] - You guys need to get to the surface.

- No complaints here. - What about you?

- No, I'm gonna meet you up there. - What?

I can get through to her.

- You back on that again? - We're not gonna leave you here.

You made a promise to get him back. You better keep your word.

Come on, guys.

[whispers indistinctly]

I'm right behind you. Go.

[Jessica] Let's go!

[both panting]

Are you done hiding behind your friends?

You're the one who's hiding, Elektra.

What do you want, Matthew?

I lost you once.

I won't do it again.

You know nothing.

I know... I know I loved you.

- Your heart will be your downfall. - Please... listen to me.

- I don't want to hurt you. - Too bad.


It's not too late to stop fighting.

We can still walk out of here.


Just like you wanted to before.

[breathing heavily]

Before you let me die?

- [Elektra exclaims] - [groans]



Before they took you from me.

Before they turned you into their w*apon.

You are not the Black Sky.

You are Elektra Natchios.

And you've never been anyone's sl*ve.

I appreciate the sentiment, Matthew, but I know who I am.

The Hand did not reduce me to this. This is who I've always been.

You forget... I know when you're lying.

You've always wanted to find light in me.

Look where it brought you.

There is goodness in you.

I know 'cause I felt it.

I don't care about good or bad.

Truth is, I've never felt more whole, more alive, than right now.

Then let's live. We can still make it out of here.

- [motor jamming] - [Danny gasps]

- What's happening? - This thing's about to drop.


[man screams]


[elevator thuds]

No way.

[Jessica straining]

Stop staring. Start climbing.




If this is who you truly are, why haven't you k*lled me yet?

- You've had your chance. - I've had many.

If I truly mean nothing to you, if there's truly no light inside of you,

why not just do it?

Because the game is fun.

No. It's 'cause you still feel.


For all your talk of embracing the darkness,

I don't think you want to be alone in it.

- I've seen death. - And you're afraid of it.

Not anymore.

Because you'll be by my side, where you belong.



- What happened? - She's bleeding out.

Bakuto set off the detonator. This building is about to explode.

- Come on. - Wait. We have to go back.

- Why? - [Jessica] What?

- Matt knew. - Well, we can't leave him down there.

- [cop] Go, go, go. - Hold it right there!

There are b*mb in this building! We gotta go!

Hands in the air! Now!

I'm sorry.

I can't let this happen.

[officer on radio] 10-33. 10-33. All officers evacuate.

Evacuate. 10-33, Midland Circle.



This is what we get, isn't it?

For ever thinking we could make it work.

Who says we didn't?

We're together. [chuckles]

Something I've wanted since I first laid eyes on you.

We can have it forever.


[breathing heavily]


[in Japanese] What is happening?

The end.

[breathing heavily]


[police officer shouting]

[Danny] Everybody get back! Get back!

Take cover! Take cover!

[glass shattering]

[Claire shouting] You gotta help her!

[both breathing heavily]

I'm sorry, Matthew...

for all the pain I've caused you along the way.

You know, we're gonna die here.


This is what living feels like.

[car alarms blaring]

- [walls crumbling] - [ground rumbling]

[police sirens wailing]


He had no intention of making it out alive.

Matt said something before he told us to leave.

He said, "Protect my city."

[Karen] Jesus.


[Trish on radio] Finally getting some answers

to all the mysterious shaking and sinking around the city.

The mayor's office confirms

that unpermitted construction around Midland Circle is to blame.

Oddly enough, I'm told the implosion actually settled the ground again,

meaning we're off to a more s*ab start today.

It's certainly weird, but what can I say?

It's just another day in New York City.

At least... the rent is cheap?

Your thoughts, next.

[announcer] Trish Talk. Thanks for listening.

You're sure you don't want anyone to know what you did?

It's over.

[sighs] That's all that matters.

You should be proud.

Think of how many lives you saved.

And the one we lost.

The NYPD didn't file any report, so the city can't file any charges.

According to the DA, it's over.

Or more accurately, never happened.

- Uh, what about Claire? - [Claire sighs]

Claire who?

Hogarth, Benowitz & Chao at your service.

I hope you'll think of us for all your legal needs.

Uh, let's hope we don't have any more legal needs.

[Luke] Mr. Nelson...

I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you.

It's... all of our losses.

I should go.

I'll walk you out. [clears throat]

Hey there, um...

about our mutual friend with the multiple lives...

I always knew those lives would get him k*lled.

And in the end, I actually helped him get to that building.

In the suit, no less.

If you'd have been there, you would have seen...

He made the right call.

I can't help but feel like I didn't.

Look, I didn't know him as well as you did...

but there was no talking him down.

He had his mind made up the day I met him.

He loved this city...

and the people in it...

more than he loved himself.

Take care.

And keep fighting the good fight for him.

[Misty inhales sharply]



How do you feel?



Not quite whole.

I'm so sorry.

It is not your fault.

It's not.

It's the job.




uh, wanted to say that he has connections...

at this hospital, and it's a...

It's a state-of-the-art kind of place, so...


He owns it.

[both chuckle]

[Misty chuckles]

Maybe they can help.

Get you back up and running.


We'll see.

[mellow music playing]

What are you having?

[scoffs] My fourth.

What are you doing here?

Just came to see how you're holding up.

You didn't have to do that.

I know.

It's been a hell of a week. [sighs]

Yeah. I had it with you.

[Jessica sighs]

I don't know what to say.

Nothing that I don't need to say myself.

After what happened between us...

we both could've handled it differently.

Instead, the Earth had to shake for us to find each other again.

What I did to you was...

I know.

But... we have to move forward.

[sighs] What happened at Midland Circle could've gone another way.

It could've been either one of us...

lying d*ad in the bottom of that hole.

I just came to say...

that I'm really...

really glad it wasn't you.


Try stayin' in touch, Jess.

You got friends.

One of 'em is in Harlem.

Yeah, maybe we'll grab a coffee sometime or something.

[train passing in distance]

[door unlocking]


How is she?

She's, uh...

[chuckles softly] strong.

How are you?


You, uh...

[sighs] You still thinking about Matt Murdock?

[Danny] He loved this city.

Sacrificed himself to protect it.


Look, I know you, Danny.

You are finding some way to b*at yourself up about this.

In K'un-Lun, they...

they taught me that there's a lesson in every tragedy.

And even while experiencing pain...

there's an opportunity to grow and find clarity.


Anything becoming clear?

New York.

It's starting to feel like home.

[both chuckle]

[chuckles softly]

[elevator bell dings]

I, uh...

figured I should probably get good at covering up b*llet holes.

What do you think?

I don't hate it.

It's almost like you're back in business.

Yeah, almost.

[Karen crying]

How you doin'?

Yeah, okay. [sniffles]

- How's the story coming? - Oh, no, it... it's not.

I mean, if I reveal what happened at Midland Circle, then...

all it takes is someone like me figuring out...

[chuckles softly]

Superhero and lawyer go missing at the same time.


I can't shake this feeling, like it's... like it's not real.


Or even if it is, like, it's not over, because they're still digging, right?

- Karen, it's been days. - [stammering] Maybe he made it out.



- Sit with me? - Of course.

[Karen sighs]

[police siren blaring in distance]

[nun] Get Maggie.

Tell her he's awake.

[muffled grunting]

[Frank Castle] All the things that I'd done...



they never hurt me.


But the past...

it's more than memories.

It's the devil you sold your soul to.

He's coming...

[Frank grunts]

He's coming to collect.
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