01x08 - Vamos

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Mo". Aired: August 24, 2022 - present.
This series is loosely based on Amer's own life as a Palestinian refugee living in Houston, Texas.
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01x08 - Vamos

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- Hey, Mr. Mustafa.
- Hey, buddy.

Yo, Mo.

What's up, Nick?


You almost done? We're going to Funplex.
There's a Street Fighter tournament.

- Everyone will be there.
- I'm done in 30 minutes. Wait for me.

Ten dollar entry, though.
Can't spot you today.

Got you.


- See you there. Bye, Mr. Mustafa.
- Hey, Nick.

Thank you.

Peace be upon you.

Hamoodi, habibi,
Yasser can't come in. I need you up front.

Can I have some money
to go to Funplex later?

Those games
are a waste of time and money.

I want you to focus on school work.
May God be pleased with you.

But it's a Street Fighter tournament.

Have a great day.

Have a good day.

- Hamoodi.
- I swear, it's not what it seems.

- I promise it's not what it seems.
- What are you doing?

Give it to me.

- Go play with your friends.
- No, I can stay and work.

Go play with your friends. Go.

- Are you sure?
- Go play with your friends.

I promise I'll stay here...

go play with your friends. Go.

- Habibi, did you pray Fajr?
- No.

- Still feeling sick?
- I don't have a fever.


Come on, sit up.

Olive oil heals everything.

God, heal my son, Mohammed.

- Habibi…
- Mmm.

when you are in trouble,

say "bismillah" and use the olive oil.

And trust in God.


God willing.

Pray before daybreak. God bless you.

Hey, uh, I have a package
that was delivered to your house.

I know you don't wanna see me right now,
if you could leave it outside,

and I'll get it later.

I'm not trying to pull a fast one.

I just really need those shirts.

I miss you.

- What's all this?
- Our new business.

We're selling Mom's olive oil.
I'm the head of sales and marketing.

Uh, we haven't decided about that yet.

Everybody says my olive oil is the best.
Well, now they can buy it.

They'll buy it by us going
door-to-door, block-to-block,

word of mouth, basically.
That's just phase one.

- You don't even drive.
- That's where you come in, Hamoodi.

- Head of transportation.
- We'll call it 1947.

- The year before the Nakba.
- I know, but this is a tequila bottle.

It's okay, Mama. I washed it really good
and took it from haram to halal.

Our entire asylum case just imploded,
and you start a business?

For 22 years, we've been telling
ourselves, "Everything will be fine."

"It's gonna be okay."
Well, it's never gonna happen.

I got fired from the mobile shop.
I'm selling fake watches out of my trunk.

I had to take a job at a strip club,

but don't worry, because
apparently, I'm not "Dreams material."

I'm sick and tired of working
under the table to provide for us,

help you out,
get you cat food whenever you want.

Hey! Why are you raising your voice on us?

What do you want us to do, huh?
Sit and cry?

Do you think me and your dad
sat out there feeling sorry for ourselves

because Saddam took everything we had?

You think your grandmother cried and died
because the Zionists seized her land?

Our land? We carry on.

That's what we do,
us Palestinians, we carry on.

And this oil is not only a business,
it is who we are.

Sorry, Mama.

- It's okay, Mama.
- I am sorry.

I was out of line. I'm sorry.
I should never talk like that to you.

It's okay, habibi.

- May God be pleased with you.
- God bless you, Mama.

Sameer, I'm so sorry.

- Are you with us?
- Tell you what.

I'll look after the trees,
and you make the oil.

If we press the olives at the farm,

we cut time
between harvest and extraction.

- What do you think?
- I'll see what I can do.

No. You'll figure it out.

God willing.

I can't believe
he worked at a strip club.

I didn't know he got fired
from the mobile shop.

- Do you know what they do in strip clubs?
- Don't tell me, Sameer.

They struck me again.

Whoever got them
knew what they were doing.

They didn't leave a footprint,
tire track or nothing.

Twenty-one trees, about 50,000 dollars.
That's a big-ass heist.

It ain't even about the money.
They screwed my whole system up.

With the machinery,
I have to reset the whole son of a bitch.

So? We have trackers on them.
Let me go get them back.

Son, this could be the cartel
for all I know. g*dd*mn…

The cartel won't mess around
with olive trees.

Too busy making billions
off cocaine and avocados.

- You're probably right about that.
- Tell you what, I get them back.

You let my mom press her oil on the farm.


Come on, you said it was the best you had.

Imagine what she could do
from harvest to extraction.

She'll take it to another level.

A good old boy and a Mohammed
making olive oil here in Texas?

- Can't pay for publicity like that.
- You ain't been here that long.

- What if I get them back?
- That's a big "if."

I'm a big guy, and I'll go get you
some damn avocados too. How about that?

I'd rather have the f*cking cocaine.

So you want to tow
the trees back using my truck?

No, I'll juggle them
back to Houston. Yeah.

What the hell is your plan?

Gonna walk up to them and say,

- "Can I have my trees back, please?"
- Look, I don't have a plan.


All I know is I spent
all these years doing stuff for my family.

Now I have an opportunity
to build with them.

Something I can be proud of.
Please, let me drive the truck.

Hell no.

- I'm gonna drive you.
- That's f*re, f*re.

Can't have you being an idiot
out here chasing trees.

- You need backup and a n*gga that thinks.
- Yeah.

- Come on. Let's get it.
- Come on. Let's go.

- Here, at Shipley's Donuts. Come on!
- Relax.

I am, okay? Never tell someone
to relax in a stressful situation.

It never works.

- This is it right here.
- Shipley's.

- These thieves got phenomenal taste.
- Come on, man. Let's just stay on task.

- I'm on task.
- Let's go.

You see anything?

Yeah, I see kolaches and bear claws.
You want one?

Nobody has time for kolaches
and bear claws on a recon mission.

All right. Check over there.
I'll check here.

- Mo.
- Yeah?

- This looks suspicious.
- Know what's suspicious? Your arm.

- Relax.
- Put it down. Come on.

- This is it. It's blinking. It's unlocked!
- Yeah.

What the hell are you doing? Hey! Relax!

We gotta make sure nobody's in the truck.

You're good.

Is it? It's good. All right. Okay.

- All right, bismillah.
- What?

"In the name of God we proceed."

That's the hell
you should be teaching me, not batizek.

- I'll work on it.
- All right.


- Yes! I found it!
- The hell you mean, "I found it"?

- We found it. We found it.
- All right!

- We found it.
- Come on, let's go.

- Checking it.
- Be quick.

Oh, man.

- Oh, man. This one's all messed up.
- How?

When they pulled it out,
they damaged the roots.

We don't have time
for you to become a botanist.

I gotta make sure they're okay,
or it's a waste of time.

We gotta move.

- All right. The rest of these seem okay.
- Cool. I'll get the truck.

You left the door open?

No, come. Come on,
come on, come on, get in here.

This is a terrible situation, though.

This n*gga got me out here
with sticks by my cheeks.

You think I'm laying here
on 1,000 thread-count Egyptian cotton?

Let's calm down and think this through.

When they stop, we'll just sneak out.

- Unless they unload first, then...
- No, no, no.

If they start unloading the trees first,
we play dumb. I'll speak in Igbo.

- You start screaming in Arabic.
- That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

When has screaming in Arabic
ever calmed anybody down?

That's what we do when they open it up?
Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar!

You're right. All right?
Uh, we'll just, uh…

We'll just start crying.

Why are you looking at me like that?
Just gotta commit to the cry.

I'm not doing that.

It is not as messy as I imagined.

May I?


- I'm sorry about you and Mohammed.
- It's okay, it's not your fault.

Of course it's not my fault.

He's a grown man, but you, Maria,

you made him happy.

- And what else a mother can want?
- For him to marry a Muslim?

Yes, that would be great.

Someone younger,
green eyes, long hair till the waist.

Imagine how my grandkids would look like.

But he loves you.

And I have to respect that.

- It wasn't about that anyway.
- Oh, really? What was it?

I want a partner not a caretaker,
if that makes any sense.

All these years,
Hamoodi thinks he's taking care of us.

He helps, yes, but I worked. Sameer works.

Even Mustafa left us money.

But in his mind,
this is how he loves his father.

He will learn by time. He will learn.

Thank you.

- Thank you very much.
- Twenty dollars.

But for you, I'll do ten.

JK. It's a present.

Use it only with bread and Zaatar,
no tortillas.

I'll take the money
from 'Hammed. Enjoy it.

Ah, I knew I should've got
some kolaches and bear claws.

You got any water?

Just olive oil.

What's up with you?
Still having withdrawals?

What's the worst thing you've done?

Uh, hell, I don't know.
May be smash Rico's windshield out.

From Hastings.
And make him think AJ did it.

What about you?

I've never told anybody this.

When I was ten, my dad caught me taking
a 20 from the register from his store.

- That's the worst thing you've ever done?
- Yeah.

- You made it seem like it was a big thing.
- It is a big thing.

- I can think of 10 things worse than that.
- Like what?

Picking me up with a car full of drugs.
Lying to your girl.

Getting hooked on lean.

My dad had a heart att*ck
right after that.

And that was it.

That's how I left it.

Letting him down.

I can still see his face.
The way he looked at me, you know.

Mo, and I feel you.

You were a kid.

Kids mess up.
That's what the hell they do.

- You think he never did anything wrong?
- You don't understand. He was...

He was human just like the rest of us.

Trying to do
the absolute best he could for you.

Quit beating yourself up about it.
You good, goof.

The hell?

n*gga, we in Mexico?

Oh, shit.

- How are you gonna get back?
- I deported myself.


Come on, check, check.

Nick, can you hear anything?


Hell no.

Damn. Come on, let's try to get out.

- My legs are asleep.
- Mo, shut the hell up.

Mo, you're heavy as hell.
Mo, stand up. Stay there.

Open the door real slow. Easy, easy, easy.

Man, put some olive oil on the hinges.

I'm not wasting olive oil on hinges.

Oh, it's so loud.

All right, what's next?

Taking the trees back.
First in Palestine, now this?

Yeah, right. Mo, stop playing, seriously.

What's next?

- You know how to unlock this thing?
- I'm the Black MacGyver. Got a paper clip?

- No.
- n*gga, we're in Mexico.

- What don't you understand?
- So what?

I won't go empty-handed.

Mo, at this point,
you'll be lucky if you even make it home.

Those trees are mine!
I'm taking them back!

Shut the hell up. You crazy?
They'll come out here and k*ll us.

I don't give a shit!

I'll tell these f*ck
to their face! I swear to God...

Freeze, assh*le!
Hands in the air!

Hey, Jesus of Nazareth!
I don't...

Shut up!

Shut the f*ck-up!

- I told you not to yell.
- Sorry, I got really emotional.

Just so much built up inside.

- Nothing like a g*n to bring you back.
- Mo?

- Manny?
- I thought that was your voice.

- You know this n*gga?
- Yeah, man, he works at the olive farm.

Is there a bathroom I can use?

Sorry you got caught up in all of this.

Those stupid trackers
you put on the trees…

- It's fine. Just give the trees back.
- No. I can't do that.

Come on, Manny. You stole them
from Buddy's farm. Just give them back.

My great, great,
great-grandfather was a native Karankawa.

Our people lived there for generations.

They thrived until the Spaniards
and Americans showed up.

They drove us off our land.
Nearly k*lled us all.

And you want me
to give him the trees back?

I get it.

I really do.

We just suck as a human race.

Manny, my family's from Haifa.

We were forced out of there
by the Israelis into the West Bank.

For 80 years,
it's b*mb, b*ll*ts, and tear gas.

Hell, they built a wall
separating families.

Like this. Can never see each other again.
Can you imagine?

Separating this family
from their own land?

And what's land? It's a trust.

We're supposed to take care of it.
We call it Mother Earth.

But guess what? We f*ck it in the ass.
Nothing's enough for the rich.

They keep taking,
depleting Earth of its natural resources.

Not enough for them.
They wanna go to Mars.

We got Elon Musk just…

Jizzing Teslas into… into space.

We went to the moon
and planted a flag like it's ours.

- You know what I'm saying.
- What are you talking about?

Yeah, you lost me
at balls-deep in Mother Earth.

- Just give back the trees, Manny.
- Why do you care?

I made a deal with Buddy.
If I get the trees back,

he'll let my mom
press the olive oil on his farm.

Tell you what.
I'll take three of them back to Houston.

You can get the credit for that.

Make it look like you retrieved them,
and he'll still cut a deal with you.

Hey, hey, hey. Good things come in threes.

Come on, the Trinity, wise men,
Destiny's Child, the Michelle version.

- I like the Michelle.
- All right.

- All right, you got a deal.
- You got it, man.

- How do we get him across the border?
- I know people.

What kind of people?



Let me know when you get the package.

Copy. On my way.

Hi, Juancho.

- How's everything? Good?
- All is good, very chilled.

- They're the guys I told you about. 'Sup?
- Sounds good.

You sure about this?
How long have you known Manny?

Not long, but what other choice do I have?
I gotta get back.

Don't worry,
if shit goes down, I know aikido.

Subdue two to three people,
use their momentum against them.

- Shut up. You're not Steven Seagal.
- Just tying my camel.

Shut up.

Follow me.

- Wait here, I'm gonna talk to these guys.
- All right.

There's definitely asbestos in here.

I feel my lungs tightening up.
I don't know how they do this.

You know the cost for a coyote
to bring you across the border?

- No.
- About 10,000 dollars.

- Shit. Where did you get that information?
- I read it. In Rolling Stone.

Yeah, Rolling Stone,
the authority on coyote rates.

Great news.
They can get you through today.

You're lucky. Some people wait weeks.

Thank you, Manny.
I don't know what to say.

- You're welcome. It's the least I can do.
- You with the cartel?

Me? No, but my cousin
Matamoros is, though.

Don't run from those guys.
They'll k*ll you.

- Shit.
- All right. So what time we doing this?

- "We" are not doing anything.
- Yes, "We."

I told you I ain't letting you roll dolo.
We're doing this.

You have a passport, man.
I only negotiated for Mo.

You can go watch him cross,
but they'll charge you 10,000 dollars.


- You talking about 10,000 dollars for me?
- Yeah.

Oh. Well, in that case, you're definitely
gonna be good on your own.

- I'll hold it down for you from the West.
- All right.

All right? But, hey, I love you.

- I love you too, bro.
- All right, stop playing. Come on.

If I don't make it by tonight,
tell my mom not to worry.

I already know how your mom is.
I'll definitely lie for you.

- Thank you.
- Come on. I'll drive you across.

- Mo, hang tight. They'll be with you soon.
- Right.

Make sure your cartel cousin
takes care of my boy.

- We got it.
- All right.

- Yeah, how soon, though?
- You know, soon. Yeah.

Is it five minutes? Ten minutes?
It's really creepy in here.

You like soccer?

I used to play soccer a lot
when I was your age.

I speak three languages and…

I don't have the words
to describe your situation.

Is that your family?

Take care of your family, okay?
Always take care of your family.

- You got the money?
- What money?

- You'll go nowhere if you don't pay us.
- There's been a misunderstanding.

- Okay? Manny very specifically told me...
- Hey, hey…

I'm f*cking with you.

So let's go.

How old do you think
that kid was? Nine? Maybe ten?

Man, what's with you and that boy?

Just saying it's a lot
for a kid to go through. That's all.


Yes, it's very sad.

Just thinking about
all the things that he's seen.

Killings, kidnappings.
That's what they're fleeing, you know.

- How do you have a normal life after that?
- Enough.

Oh, what?
Is it getting at your conscience?

Is that what it is? Do you give a f*ck?

No. You're profiting off of them.
Hell, you made it into a business.

f*cking pig.

He's a thick bastard.

He don't jiggle.

You close your borders…

And buy our drugs.

Who do you think made this business?


- I told you.
- He's a thick bastard.

He's one tough f*cking donut.

f*cking assholes.

You sure you're not Mexican?
You look like my cousin Hector.

No, man, I'm Palestinian.

Oh, from Pakistan.

No, man. He's Indian. A big one.

No, I'm not Pakistani.
Or Indian, okay? Like Jerusalem.

- He's Israeli.
- They're all the same to me.

No, it's a branding issue.

This f*cking bike is Chucho's.

If I see him,
I'll cut off his dick and stick it in…

Gonna cut off
whose dick and do what?

So you are Mexican?

No, I'm just from Alief,
everybody speaks some Spanish.

- Is everything all right, guys? You sure?
- Everything's fine.

Come on, piggy.
Let's go to America.

- Huh. That's weird.
- What's weird? Is everything okay?


America's on the other side.
It's half a mile. Good exercise.

Good luck, fatty.

Stop fat-shaming.


Run, run away, shit!

Oh, shit!

Oh, shit.


Oh, shit!

Why is he running? He must be in on it!

Oh, shit.

This fatty is thick and fast.

You really f*cked up now. Yeah.

"I could do it, Buddy. Yeah.
I'm gonna get back the olive trees."

"Of course, I can.
I'll get you some f*cking avocados too."

Yeah, real tough guy!


- Hello.
- Hey.

- I didn't think you'd pick up.
- Yeah.

- How are you?
- Oh, I'm doing good. Doing real great.

Just getting some fresh air.
Getting those steps in.

It's really good to hear your voice.

I miss you.

- You really hurt me, you know?
- I know. I f*cked up.

- I'm sorry.
- Like you don't trust me or something.

Maria, I do trust you.
It won't happen again.

If we're ever gonna work,
you can't just shut me out like that.

It's like you have this big heart,
but you don't let me in it.

You're in my heart.

I love you.

I covered for you.
I lied to your mother.

- No more lying.
- No more lies. I promise.

You want to come over? Maybe…

We talk about it?

Hell yeah.

I'll be there in like, you know,
about 15, 20 minutes or so.

Okay. Are you hungry?
We could order food.

- We can order that Vietnamese...
- I'm in Mexico.

- New Mexico?
- No, not New Mexico.

Old Mexico.
Like, for real, for real Mexico.

Across the border Mexico?
What are you doing in Mexico?

I was chasing these olive trees,
Nick came with me.

And we got trapped in the back
of a box truck, and shit got out of hand.

Chasing olives?
You don't have a f*cking passport!

I know I don't have a passport.
I didn't think I'd end up in Mexico.

These coyotes were supposed
to help me get across in this tunnel,

and the tunnel exploded,
and now they think I'm in on it.

Why would I be in on it? I don't know
anything about smuggling and these…


- Hey f*ck!
- I think they found me.

- Call your cousins. Shit!
- What? Coyotes? What?

Mo, where are you?
Mo! Mo, what's that sound?

Mo! Where are you?
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