06x22 - Return of the Brat Patrol

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "CHiPs". Aired: September 15, 1977 - May 1, 1983.
Series follows the lives of two motorcycle officers of the California Highway Patrol.
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06x22 - Return of the Brat Patrol

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With the Brat Patrol, I
served my time with them.

- Hey.

Hey, come back here.

You're under arrest.



He wants me to go
all the way with him.

Uh, you talk to your
mother about this?

BOY: Should I break your
nose, to make the point?

- sh**t it! sh**t it!



- Good morning.
- Uh, good morning.

Like, is that uniform for real?

Well, I'm afraid it is.

Oh! It looks so cute on you.

Well, thank you.

Don't mention it. A little
truth never hurt anyone.

Yeah, well, thank you.

Uh, can I have some
change, please?




Hey, come back here.

You're under arrest.






Gee, Sarge, your new car?

Yeah, it only had
2,000 miles on it.

Did you get a look
at the suspects?

Oh, I sure did, I sure did.

Well, that'll make it a lot
easier. Go ahead, Sarge.

All right, uh, they were two young
women, both very pretty, both blonde.


- Um...
- Go ahead.


That's all I remember.

- That's the whole description?
- That's it.

I guess, they were hidden from your
view while they were jimmying the door.


Not exactly.

You couldn't see them because
they were hot-wiring your ignition.

That's not quite the
way it went down.

Look, I was only
gone for a minute.

You left your keys in the car?

Everybody lets their car idle when
they just go to buy a newspaper.

But, Sarge, you always say...

I know what I always say,

and what I'm saying now
is you finish that report.


Doesn't that year model come
with a choice of three radios?

(GROANING) Oh, yeah, I
had the most expensive set.

And, didn't you tell me
you got that $1,000 radio?

Six speakers.

The sound was
absolutely out of this world.

Sarge, I think we've enough
information for this report.

Uh, this is a little pamphlet here, "How
To Keep Your Car From Being Stolen"

we give it to all
victims of auto theft.




You're really enjoying
your little joke, aren't you?

You gotta admit, Sarge.

It is kind of funny when
you step back and look at it.

Well, I hope my news
is equally as funny.

Did you hear that Captain
Burke's favorite sport is basketball?

Yeah, what's so
funny about that?

Nothing, Frank, nothing.

Except that just this morning,
Captain Burke received

a challenge from his counterpart on
the Los Angeles Police Department

that his Explorer Scouts
can b*at our Explorer Scouts.

The Brat Patrol! Now
wait a minute, Sarge...

Oh, Frank, you're not laughing.

Why don't you just take
a step back and enjoy it.

And in case you're
thinking of refusing,

perhaps this will
tickle your funny bone.

Did you know that there is a
sandstorm brewing in the Mojave Desert?

Now, Frank, how would you like to
be patrolling in that kind of a storm?

Sarge, you promised
the last time...

Hey, what are promises,
but short-term contracts

just waiting to be replaced
by more short-term contracts.

But the Brat Patrol, I've
served my time with them.

And you served it well, and
the Captain remembered,

and the Captain wants to
win this basketball game.

I just wish there was
something I could do, partner.

Oh, there is, Officer
Nelson, there is.

You can find my car,
and you can do it soon.

Because if you don't,

that desert highway can look awfully
mean in the middle of a windstorm.

You'd better get the
Sergeant's car back.

You'd better win the
Captain's basketball game.

Hey, that's no problem.

I turned these kids
into a really sharp team.

Come on, I'll
introduce you to them.

Oh, no.

BRUCE: Sure is a
sharp-looking group, Ponch.

Explorer Post. Attention!

Stand at attention,
you bunch of jerks.

Forget it, Roland.

How's it going, Johnny?

Hey, Poncherello. What
is going down, Sailor?

Did you hear Roland?

Yeah, I've got ears.

Good, I hope you got legs.

Your troop captain just
told you to stand at attention.

Hey, you know what
this all sounds like?

"Déjà vu?"

No, I was thinkin' of that, French word,
you know like, we've all been here before.

That French word
is "déjà vu", stupid.


Hey, it's no big deal.

Come on.

I brought my new partner
with me, Bruce Nelson,

so he could meet the best
Explorer troop in the city.

I guess I should have taken
him over to the L.A.P.D.


Still want to meet 'em?

Sure, how else will I
know who to avoid?

My name is Roland Davis
and I'm the Cadet Captain, sir.

What happened to your
last adviser, Roland?

He quit about a month ago, sir. He
said it wasn't worth the aggravation.

I can understand that.

So, you're Johnny La Russo?

Hey, you heard of me, huh?



What've you been doing, Johnny?

Hey, just hangin' around, man.

Is that all?

Well, when you're the workin'
girl's dream and a lover supreme,

- you don't need to do anything else.

Becky Lou Grabowski.

You're really cute. Too
bad I've got a boyfriend.

He's just the cutest guy, and
Ponch, I know you're gonna like him

because all the girls
in school are after him.

I'm sure I'm gonna
like him, Becky Lou.

C.T. Montgomery.

You're pretty good
with that basketball, C.T.

Hey, this is not a basketball,
this is a ticket to Easy Street.

man. C.T.: That's right.

My name is Linda Garcia, and I would
appreciate your signature on my petition.

What is this petition for?

Oh, well, we're trying to get the
minimum wage for housewives.

- Could you?

Nice seeing you again,
Linda. Please step back.

Artie Taylor here.

Nice to meet you, Artie.

How many times have I told
you to use a napkin, fat-face.

How's the dieting going, Artie?

Pretty good,
still trying 'em all.


PONCH: At ease, everyone.

What happened to you guys?
You used to look so sharp.

We already proved that we were
the best, so what's the big deal?

Proving you're the best and staying
the best are two different things, Johnny.

Well, you can't judge a
book by its cover, you know.

- Yeah.
- Well, I hope you're right, Linda,

because the L.A.P.D. Explorers have
challenged you kids to a basketball game.

Are you kidding,
man? That's my game.

- All right, we'll k*ll 'em!
- Whoo!


Why is it always something with
running and jumping. Just ruins your hair.

Great, Becky Lou, we'll challenge
them to a four-minute manicure, okay?

You'll have a practice scrimmage first and
then you'll invite your folks to the game.

I'm sure they'll enjoy
watching us win again.

I wouldn't count on it, Roland. I
don't think you guys are ready yet.

How can you say that, man?
I'll b*at those guys all by myself.

I hate to bring this up but

do you remember those
old lessons about teamwork?

Yeah, yeah, but
this is different, man.

There's no way in the world
those guys are gonna b*at us.

No way, man. Hey, look let's
go down to the playground.

I wanna show you guys
some great plays, okay?

All right.

Bye, sir.

What do you think?

I think you're in a lot of
trouble with Captain Burke.

What makes you think
they'll be in this neighborhood?

Well, this is where
the car was stolen.

But I'm open for suggestions.


They're all afraid to pass us.

I suggest we find
a place to pull over.

Go around them.




Let's get 'em.


10 are in pursuit of a two-tone blue-green

19 8 3, Chrysler, westbound on
Wilshire from Ventura Boulevard.

That's my car.

15-MARY-8-S3, what's going on?



BRUCE: We're
on their tail, Sarge.

Don't push 'em too
hard, but catch 'em.

Don't worry, Sarge,
we'll... (CRASHING)

I will bring these
reports by later, Sarge.

15-MARY-8 and
10-S3, what happened?

Sarge, we've had a
little problem out here.

I'm afraid the suspects got
away again with your car again.


Was my car damaged?

No, sir. Not that we can tell.


Where's C.T.?

I don't know.

We thought he was here already.

Hello, Ponch. When's your
real team gonna show up, huh?

You know, Smith, if somebody
hasn't got something nice to say,

chances are they'd
be talking about you.


Becky Lou Grabowski is
here. Isn't Avon calling?

Who does your hair,
Alison, a car wash?


- You guys wanna match?
- Sure.

Your faces and Dracula's breath.

- How about my fist and your mouth?
- MAN: Whoa!

Okay, enough
matchmaking. Break it up.

It's a shame today's practice
isn't the real game, huh?

Losing team washes all the
squad cars at both stations?

Didn't you get enough soap on
your brain the last time you lost?

- Chicken?
- That's a bet.

SMITH: Come on,
Scouts. Let's go suit up.


Where've you been?

We thought you
weren't gonna make it.

Where is your stuff?

I didn't bring it. I
can't play today.

What're you talking about?

My mother won't let me play.

What's wrong, C.T.?

She's got this idea in her head that
I'm not gonna play anymore basketball

until I get passing
grades at school.

It's crazy. I keep tellin'
her that I'm goin' to college

on a basketball scholarship.

Hey, can't you talk
to his old lady, Ponch?

- Yeah.
- Come on, Ponch.

Okay, I'll talk to your mother.

Good. Come on, C.T. You can play
until Ponch convinces your mother.

No way. I'm a
coach, not a mother.

Which means it's
pine-city for me.

All right, come on everybody,
get changed in the lockers. Let's go.

ROLAND: We're finished.

Do not worry about it, man. We're
gonna b*at up on these geeks today

and you'll be back in
time for the big game.

All right. Let's get with
it. Get yourselves set.

- Hold it.

All you guys meet Stretch, here.
He's only sixteen and still growing.

Growing to be what?

What do you feed
him? Fertilizer?

Let's go, Stretch.

All right. Come on. Toss it up.

Come on. The bigger they
are, the harder they fall.





ROLAND: Pass the ball.

You almost broke my nail.

What are you doing?


This is just practice.
Wait until the real game.

I'd hate to have
your water bill.

Hey, we didn't have a tall
guy in the center like that.

Yeah, that wasn't fair.

Okay, let's knock off that kind of
talk. They b*at you fair and square.

The rules were
followed by both teams.

The truth of the matter is you got
your tails kicked out there today.

But we didn't have C.T.

- Yeah.
- JOHNNY: That's right.

It wouldn't have
made any difference.

You're not a team anymore. And
only a team can win in basketball.

I never thought I'd ever see
you kids washing cars again.

Neither did my manicurist.

There's only two more cars to
go. I'll tell the guys to drive them in.

All right.

Can you imagine what they're
gonna do to us the next time?


Do you remember when you b*at
the L.A.P.D. team in that relay race?

I'll never forget that.

When I crossed that finish
line and broke that tape,

most wonderful
feeling in my life.

Did any one of you win
that race or was it all of you?

Yeah, Ponch, I know, I
hear you, we were a team.

You said it, Johnny. And
that's what you're not anymore.

You've lost it, you're back to
being a bunch of individuals

who don't care about each other.

Do you think we
can ever get it back?

To be honest with
you, I don't know.

The road to the top is always a lot
tougher than the road to the bottom.

I don't know if you're tough
enough to make that trip.

Well, we are
certainly willing to try.


- Aren't we?
- Yeah, sure.

Okay, I'm willing if you are.

Meanwhile, I hope you're not
too tired to do a little police work.


Okay, but first...

We know, we know, you want us to
go home and get in our proper uniform.

Yeah, all right.

All right, come on.

This school's been having problems
with older kids coming into the buildings

who don't belong here and
shaking down younger kids.

Don't the kids
know who they are?

Some of them should,
but they're afraid.

Boy, I'd sure like to catch 'em.

Listen close now, we're
gonna split up in twos.

I don't want any of you getting
involved in a physical arrest.

You see something, you get
back to me. Is that understood?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I want to team up with Gordo.

His name is Artie, Roland.

It's all right with me, Ponch.

All right, you're team
one, you're team two, three.

- Any other questions?

All right here, take one. Keep in
contact with me, every couple of minutes.

All right, move out.

Did you ever wonder what
psychological and emotional drives

force these older kids to come on this
campus and prey on these youngsters?

Sure, they need the money.

My boyfriend has these beautiful
eyes. I want to tell you, C.T.,

when I look into them,
it's like seventh heaven.

And the other night when we were dancing
it was just like being with John Travolta.


He really puts me out.

Becky Lou, can't you
talk about something else?

What else is there?

Don't you know anything about
basketball or football or baseball?

I hate sports. Sweat
makes my mascara run.

Thanks for picking me
as your partner, Roland.

No sweat, who else
was gonna pick you?

This is really fun.

I just hope we
see a little action.


Call Ponch.

BOY: Get them in here.

I'm the Explorer Captain
and you're under arrest.

- Yeah, that's right.
- This is a joke.

We're gonna be here
every day at 3:00 and

you're gonna have that money
for us, do you understand?

Yeah, I'll have it.

Good boy. Get out of here.

And you are not gonna
do a thing about it, are you?

Should I break your
nose to make the point?

Roland, can you hear me?

Roland, come in.

Roland, Artie, are
you guys okay?

- Uh, yeah, sure.
- Fine. Nothing is wrong.

I tried calling you.
You never answered.

Oh, I just dropped
the radio, that's all.

Are you sure everything's
all right? Why are you afraid?

Well, because I dropped the
radio. I thought I'd broken it.

And there's nothing else?

What else would there be?



Come on, we'd better
get back to the other kids.

Let's go.

Thank you. I'll give
Mr. Hanson that court date.

The issues are very clear.
C.T. is flunking English and Math,

and I will not allow him to play
basketball until both grades improve.

Mama, it doesn't
make a difference.

You've seen all the colleges that have
come around here offering me scholarships.

They're gonna take me whether
I pass those classes or not.

It makes a difference to me
what happens to you after college.

What's gonna happen is that I'm gonna
sign a pro contract for a lot of money

and you're never gonna
have to worry again.

Do you understand the issue
now, Officer Poncherello?


Mr. Hanson's office.
Just a minute, please.

C.T., very few athletes
ever make it to the pros.

But I will.

I'm gonna get a deal like Magic
Johnson and Moses Malone

and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

Mama, I'm going to buy
you an expensive fur coat

and a beautiful home and all the
finest things you ever dreamed of.

Now what's wrong with that?

Nothing, C.T.

I'd be proud to have
you buying me presents.

But I'm not selling your brain
for a fur coat or a better home.

I love you, C.T., as much as every other
mother whose son came out of college

and is hanging around the
playground just thinking about

what he should have done instead
of counting on that pro career.

But I'm gonna be
different, Mama.

Yes, you are. You are going
to college to get an education,

so when your pro days are
over, if you make the pros,

you will be able to earn a substantial
living and make a contribution

to society in the future.

Just like your father did.

Ponch, can't you talk to her,
can't you make her see, man?

I've got a problem,
C.T. I agree with her.

C.T.: You're a big help.

What about if I
just pass English?

And Math.

Both classes?

Both classes. Now, come
on let's get out of here

and let your mother
go back to work.

You're never gonna
b*at that L.A.P.D. team.

- C.T.

Thanks for supporting me.

Thank you for being the kind
of parent I wish every kid had.

All right, come on. Pass it.

Put a little spirit into it, a little
f*re, keep your eye on the ball.

Good try. Come on,
get back in the line.

Let's go.

Good. Very good.

Are you with us
today, Becky Lou?

I guess, it doesn't
make a difference.

All right, let's take a break.

Come on, let's take a break.

Is there anything wrong?

No, I guess not.

Okay, you let me know
if I can help, all right?


Hey, are we finished here, man, or do
you wanna, like, push us past our peak?

Hey, you still got a
long way to go, man.

And I still haven't heard if your
father's coming to the game.

Yeah, well, I, uh, told him
about it, but, uh, he's busy.

Hey, Ponch.

Hey, what are you
guys doing here anyway?

We just took a report from
a kid who got mugged out

at the junior high school yesterday.
Weren't you and your kids there?

Yeah, about what
time did it go down?

BRUCE: Just about
11:00 in the morning.

Any suspects?

Nah, the kid's too afraid to say
anything. His parents are really upset.

We were just wondering
if you saw anything.

I don't think so.

If my kids had seen anything,
I'd have heard about it.

NELSON: Yeah, we thought
we'd take a chance anyway.

Okay, that's the
end of practice.

It's not doing much good anyway.
Go home, take a shower, and change

into clean uniform. We're going
back out to that junior high school.

Roland, see you and Artie later.

Yes, sir.

He knows, Roland.
I know he knows.

What do you wanna do?
Do you wanna tell him?

I'm still scared.

So am I.

So what do we do at the school?

I don't know.

Those guys will
really b*at us up.

I know.


Becky Lou, what
are you doing here?

Can I come in, Ponch?


What's wrong?

I've got to talk to someone.

Hey, baby, don't cry.
What's the matter?

(CRYING) Oh, Ponch,
I feel like I could die.

Come on, nothing
could be that bad.

It's my boyfriend.

- Did you have a fight?
- Worse than that.

Do you wanna talk about it?

I'm not sure I know
how to explain it.

The best way is to
just come out and say it.

He wants me to go
all the way with him.

Uh, did you talk to
your mother about this?

She's too busy.

I don't have anyone to talk to.

Is he really leaving
the decision up to you?

Not really.

He says that if I don't go all the way
with him, he's breaking up with me.

Does that matter to you?

Sure it matters. I love
him. I love him very much.

Then why are you hesitating?

I don't know.

I mean everyone does it,
so what's the difference?

If that's what it takes to keep his
love, then, I might as well do it too.

Now, wait a minute. You're gonna
have to make up your own mind about this.

But there are some
things that need correcting.

Everyone doesn't do it.

There are some alternatives to
going all the way for kids your age.

Like what?

Like caring,
understanding, friendship.

Realizing that you've got the major
part of your life still in front of you.

Ponch, if I lose him all
the kids will laugh at me.

Some will, some won't.

They'll say I can't
keep a boyfriend.

What will you say?

How should I know?

What should I do, Ponch?

I can't answer that
for you, Becky Lou.

But just remember this,

before you can love anyone else
you have to love and respect yourself.

So the question is,

will you still respect yourself if
you gave into your boyfriend?


That's heavy.

Yeah, so is going all the way.

- You got a minute, Sarge?
- Mmm-hmm.

(SIGHS) There's something
you ought to tell Captain Burke

about the basketball game.

The way things are going...

Frank, just let me finish reading
this. It'll just take a minute.

Hey, let's go.

Where're you going?

Save us a sandwich.



LA-15, 23 in pursuit
of a stolen Chrysler.

Southbound on
Willis from Normandie.

He's got 'em. Good
old Carter, he's got 'em.

All units, S3, this is a priority.
Assist 23, in pursuit of stolen vehicle.

Use caution in apprehending the suspects
and taking the vehicle back into custody.

15-MARY-7 and 8 are on our way.


15-MARY-9 and 10 are two away.



CARTER: We're now
westbound on Oakdale from Willis.

(CHUCKLES) They almost
bought it on that last turn.

Maybe it might be
better to just let them go.

Don't even think that, Frank.


They are coming.

So fast.

Do you see that guy?

A little bit more, a
little more to port.

We'd go a lot faster if
you'd get out and help.

Someone's gotta steer the ship.


That's not fair, you know I
don't understand Spanish.


I've got the street barricaded.
They will never get by me now.

Carter, I order you to move that
cruiser out of the way immediately.

Yes, sir.



Oh, good.


I told her to go to starboard.

Oh, no.

What happened, what happened?

They, uh, got away again, Sarge.

But your car's okay.

I don't believe it,
I don't believe it.

What is it you wanted me to tell
Captain Burke about the basketball game?

It's not bad news, is it?

Oh, no. It's nothing important.
You tell him, we'll be ready.


Here you are, Roland
and an apple for you, Artie.

Hey, this is pretty good
even without whipped cream.

Sir, the other kids
are waiting for us.

Oh, they'll wait.

It's been a long time, since the
three of us took the time just to talk.

Yes, sir.

I was thinking about that kid that
got robbed at the school yesterday.

He must have really been afraid.

I imagine so, sir.

Do you know what the hardest part
of being a highway patrol officer is?

All the laws you
have to memorize?

Must be the long hours.

You're both wrong.

It's being afraid.

You're afraid?

I have been.

I didn't think you would
admit to being afraid, sir.

You don't have to be ashamed
of being afraid, Roland.

You only have to be ashamed
when you don't do anything about it.

Another kid got beaten
up at the junior high school.

I hope that when we go out
there we'll have some luck.

What time are
we patrolling, sir?

I thought lunchtime
is a good time.

May we suggest perhaps 3:00?

Okay, 3:00 p.m.
it is, and thanks.

Anytime, sir.

It's nothing, sir.


Remember, this radio is
your communication with me.

I want you to use it.

Hey, we've been through this
before, we know what to do.

Roland, Artie, do you guys wanna
split up and try some new partners?

No, sir. We'll handle our end.

All right, move
out. Keep in touch.

Got it.

Are you sure you want
to work with me, Roland?

Of course, I'm sure.

I'm still scared.

You and me, both.

There they are.

Ponch, we need your help.

Well, look who showed up.
If it isn't the little soldier boys.

Maybe they want to
give us some money too.

- Maybe.
- Leave him alone.

Why don't you try and make us?

Hey, what's wrong, here?

- Are you all right?
- Are these guys giving you any trouble?

All right, take it
easy everybody.

going on here, Roland?

I saw these three
robbing that one.

What are you crazy? Hey, there's
no robbery going on over here.

We were just playing around.

You sure, Roland?

- Yes, sir.
- I saw it too, sir.

Ask the kid if he was robbed.

Are you all right, son?

I'm all right, nothing happened.

HANK: See, I told you.
Who are you gonna believe?

The kid or these little
toy Boy Scouts here?

Looks like you
don't have a victim.

Uh, Sir, Gordo and I
saw the crime happen.

We saw it happen the other
day too. We're willing to testify.

- You can count on me, sir.
- Why you little...

I think you'd better keep
your mouth shut and back up.

All right, step back.

Come here, son.

Son, you don't have to be afraid
anymore. You can tell us the truth.

I kept paying them money, so
they wouldn't b*at me up anymore.

Move against the lockers. Now.

Good job, men.

Anytime, sir.

Thanks for waiting, Johnny.

Sure, what do you
want to talk to me about?

I called your dad about
his not coming to the game.

You didn't have
any right to do that.

I called him because I
was worried about you.

I didn't want you to be
embarrassed being the only one

whose parent didn't
show up for the game.

And then I find out he
doesn't even know about it.

- So, did you tell him?
- No.

But I couldn't help noticing
that your dad has an accent.

And then it suddenly
dawned on me

that you are already
embarrassed about your father.

Oh, come on, what
are you, crazy?

You are ashamed, aren't you?

No, it's just, he wouldn't...

He would feel out of place.

No, he wouldn't,
you'd feel out of place.

Look, nobody else's
father has got an accent.

How much money you got?

What're you talkin' about?

How much money do you have?

I don't know, man,
what, ten bucks.

Did you earn it?


Who put those 10 bucks
in your pocket, hot sh*t?

Who put the food on
the table last night?

And who put these
clothes on your back?

What's the matter, don't
you have an answer?

Look, you don't understand.

I understand.

I understand a lot
more than you think.

I understand that a son
who is ashamed of his father

isn't worth anything in my book.

Your father's taken pretty
good care of you, kid.

Don't you think you ought to start
paying him back with a little respect?


Everything is all right, no?

It is now, Papa.

It is now.



There she is, partner.

Not gonna let them
get away this time.


LA-MARY-6 and 8 are going
into the pursuit of a 1983 Chrysler.

Southbound on
Western from Madison.

MARY-6 and 8-S3. Stay
with them. I'm on my way.

Oh, my God.

Go fast.


Oh, they're coming.

Just go fast.

I'll handle this personally.




We're out of gas.

JANE: Oh, no. JOAN: Yeah

All right.

Both of you, out of
the car. Come on.

Gee, it's so nice
to see you again.

- Your car really drives wonderfully.

I'll bet. All right, get to the
back of the car. Come on.


I'm personally gonna
talk to the judge and...





- Oh...


Size of that guy.

Looks like history is
going to repeat itself.

You'd probably bet
on Goliath over David.

Come on, good sh*t.

We are going to win,
aren't we, Poncherello?

You can count on it, Captain.

He got a B.

All right!

We both knew he would.

The only one who had
to be convinced was C.T.

All right man, get in
the game. Come on.



All right teams, are you ready?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I know you're not dumb
enough to make the same bet.

In your face.

Why not make it a whole week?

Hey, let's throw in the
windows of both stations.

Are you ready for
your car against mine?

And I'm throwing
in the Captains' cars.



Okay, guys, this is what it's
all about. Anybody nervous?

ALL: Yeah.

Good. You're supposed to be.

You guys have been given a
chance in life that not many people get.

An opportunity to pick yourself up
off the ground, for the second time,

and go to the top.

Okay, let's join hands.

God, give us the strength to
play hard, courage to play fair,

and the wisdom to
know the difference.

- Let's get 'em, tigers. Come on.

I'll get you in as soon as
I can, Becky Lou, okay?

Is never soon enough?

Listen, I hope everything turned
out all right with your boyfriend.

Oh. He wasn't too crazy about
my answer. But he did call.

And we are going
to the movies tonight.

All right.








Offensive foul, Russo.

That's five personal
fouls on La Russo.

You're out of the game.

Be a good sport.

All right, man.
Come on, take a seat.

Becky Lou, go in for Johnny.

Ponch, please. I had my hair
done special just for tonight.

You have to go in,
Becky, there's nobody else.

It's for the team. Come on.


C.T.: sh**t it,
Becky Lou, sh**t it!


Come on, sh**t it.



I broke my nail!


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