04x12 & 04x13 - Big Time Dreams

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Big Time Rush". Aired November 2009 - July 2013.
A look at life for the members of a boy band who are trying to make it big in the music industry.
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04x12 & 04x13 - Big Time Dreams

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- Tomorrow Sharky's Mac and Cheese

presents the biggest, the loudest,

and the messiest night of TV ever!

- It's the Tween Choice Awardswith me, Nick Cannon.

- Be there for Austin Mahone,

Mindless Behavior, Karmin,

a performance from Big Time Rush,

and their live -D commercial

revealing Sharky's Mac and Cheese for life winner.

all: Don't forget to wearyour cheese-D glasses!

- You picked the best, and we make a mess

tomorrow night live.

- And find outwho will get gooped!

- Okay, jumbo screen test done.

Big Time Rush rehearsal next.

- This is amazing!

We've been watching this showall our lives,

and now we're performing on it.

- Dogs,tomorrow night is the night

we have worked so longand so hard for.

Live fromthe Tween Choice Awards,

all of your dreamswill come true.

- Wait.

You mean I'm finallygonna get a girlfriend?

- And I finallyget to kiss Lucy,

which can't happen'cause she's touring Europe.

- And I will findthe oft-rumored yet never seen

Tween Choice Goop Room,

the legendary source of goop.

- Yeah, please don't do that.- Ah, yeah.

The dream is to win

the amazing Gustavo Rocquehis first Purple Rocket.

[upbeat music]

What's with you?

Why aren't you shouting outyour dream?

- Well,it's just that every time

we do an hour-long TV special,

something goes horribly wrong.

both: What?

all: What?

- Well, Tween Choiceis an hour long,

and it is special.

I just don't want anythingto go wrong.

- What could go wrong?

- Uh, yeah, we're up for fiveTween Choice Awards,

we're giving awaymac and cheese for life,

and you're singing in frontof million people worldwide.

- And that's million mindsthat will be under my control,

making my dream come true.


- ♪ Make it count,play it straight ♪

♪ Don't look back,don't hesitate ♪

- ♪ When you go big time

- ♪ What you want,what you feel ♪

♪ Never quitand make it real ♪

- ♪ When you roll big time

- ♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh

- ♪ Hey, hey

- ♪ Listen to your heart now

- ♪ Hey, hey

- ♪ Don't you feel the rush?

- ♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh

♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh

- ♪ Go and shake it up

♪ Whatcha gotta lose?

♪ Go and make your luck

♪ With the life you choose

♪ If you want it all,lay it on the line ♪

♪ It's the only life you got,so you got to live it big time ♪

- Okay.

So beforeour dream day tomorrow,

we've got a huge day today.

- Which includes recordinga song and sh**ting a commercial

for Sharky's live mac and cheesefor life giveaway,

which helps my dream come trueof someday becoming

the number one CEOin the country.

- But first...

Dress rehearsalwith Nick Cannon!

What up? What up? What up?What up? What up? What up?

Man,this show is gonna be so big.

I mean, you guys are here,

we got Alexa Vegafrom Spy Kids,

and Lucy Stonejust agreed to come.

- Lucy's gonna be here?

- Yeah, man, I mean,

she's flying in from Europejust for the show.

- Well, that's amazing.

Where's the Goop Room?

- Logan, that's a rumor.

- Oh, okay, Nick--

a purple goopy rumorthat I will find.

- Okay, let's get dress rehearsal going.

Let's get cameras rolling.

- And let's get upwith Big Time Rush.

all: ♪ Get up, get up,get, get, get up ♪

- ♪ You're gonna love this,just wait ♪

both: ♪ Take my hand,don't hesitate ♪

- ♪ I'm gonna live outour dreams ♪

♪ You and me together,no make-believe ♪

- ♪ We're picking upfrom where we started ♪

♪ We're gonna take itone step farther ♪

both: ♪ They'll never leave usbrokenhearted ♪

♪ Tonight, oh

all: ♪ It's time to get up,get up, get, get, get up ♪

♪ It's time to get up,get up, get, get, get up ♪

♪ Up, up, up, up,to get up, get up ♪

♪ Get, get, get up

♪ If you're tired of waiting

♪ It's time to get up,get up, get, get, get up ♪

♪ If you hear what I'm saying

♪ Then we

♪ Could have

♪ It all tonight

♪ It's time to get up,get up, get, get, get up ♪

♪ If you're tired of waiting

- If you're tired of waiting for dinner,

make it Sharky's Mac and Cheese.

all: And now it's time to seeif you're the big-time winner.

- And cut.

- Hey, uh,what's with the square things?

- Hmm, looks likea crossword puzzle.

- I think I see a dog.

- I'll let the man behindthe mac and cheese explain it,

Martin Sharkus.

The man took a simple mac andcheese recipe--a food I hate--

and took overthe Giganticorps empire,

making hima more powerful CEO than me,

which I also hate.

- But we both agree thatBig Time Rush would be perfect

starring with Sharky the Shark.

- Ooh, what's up, Sharky?- Hey, Sharky!

- In my "win mac and cheesefor life giveaway,"

and when your commercialairs live,

those square things will flasha secret -D cheese code,

making somebody very happy.

And with million peoplewatching,

that will be me.




- Uh, it's just that your laughsounded a little evil.

- Little bit.- Yeah, it did.

- Deep voice.- [scoffs]

I don't think so.



You know what?That did sound evil.

I get that.I--you're right.

That's a wrap, everybody!

- So nobody else got a bad vibefrom this Sharkus guy?

- You're right.

We need to join forces

and search underneaththe Tween Choice Arena

for the Goop Room.

- No.- Dream k*ller.

- So Lucy leaveswithout saying good-bye,

and now she's back withoutsaying, "Let's get together."

I'm mad.- No.

Your dream is to kiss her.

So go put on a nice outfitfor the award show

to be nice to her in.

- I will!

- Ooh, um,

you guys know that the awardshow's tomorrow, right?

- We're just testing out someTween Choice presenter fashions

and heels.

- The stars of Rock Camp

and the Danica Patrick movie

are presenting the awardfor Awesomest Music Act.

- Hopefully to Big Time Rush.

- Well, according to Gustavo,

it is the night thatall of our dreams come true.

- Yeah, except for my dreamof ever getting a girlfriend.

- Wait.What about the Jennifers?

- That was one datewith each of them,

and one date does not countas a girlfriend.

- Right.

And then they just disappeared.

- [whispers] like they weregone with the wind.

[wind howling]

[dance-pop music]

- Oh, the Jennifers!

You're back!

Sort of.

- We're hitting Tween Choice

to promote our movie Mermaid Surfer Princesses

that we just finishedin Australia.

- Well, two of us.

Jennifer still hasone more scene to sh**t

where she gets her tail back.

- And we're so sorry for how wetreated Carlos all those times,

so we're back for him, too.

- [gasps]

all: This him?

- After being awayfor ten months,

it made us realizethat there's no one sweeter--

- Or cuter than Carlos.

Isn't that right,cutout Jennifer?

- Uh...

- But you can only pickone of us.

- And we knowthat's a tough decision,

so we're gonna give you till theend of Tween Choice to decide.

both: Mm-hmm.

- Oh, the Jennifers are back!

all: And they're nice.

- And they want me.

I guess this is the nightall our dreams come true.

[door opens]

- Did you get 'em?Did you get 'em?


My dreamsof meeting Austin Mahone

will finally come true.

- Yes, but it will bea nightmare if you lose these,

because they cannot be replaced.

- Which means I will put themin a safe place.

- No, I will.

Can't you risk youlosing my ticket to Austin.

- Okay.

Tween Choice Awards/purple carpet outfit

ready for me to give Lucya piece of my mind.

Or lips.

I'm conflicted.

- You know,walking the purple carpet

has always been a dream of mine.

- How many dreams do you have?

- A lot more than you,dreamless.

- And he should havelots of dreams,

'cause tomorrowall our dreams come true


all: The Tween Choice Awards!

[cheers and applause]

- Welcome to the Tween Choicepurple carpet.

I'm Ryan Newman,

and with me as alwaysis Sharky the Shark.

[crowd cheering]

Are you ready for lots of goopand lots of stars tonight?

I think that's a yes.

Oh, and here come the stars,

like nominee Lucy Stone.

Who are you looking forwardto seeing tonight?

- Uh, well, Ryan,I can't wait to see--

- Is it James Diamondfrom Big Time Rush?

'Cause here he is.

- Oh.[laughing] uh...

Hi, James.

- Oh, ho, ho.

Looks like Lucyis good at saying hi.

What about good-bye, though,

like when she goes awayon a European tour

and doesn't say good-bye, hmm?

Ask her that, Ryan.

- Are you sureyou want to do this right now?

- Ah, so who do you think'sgonna get gooped tonight, guys?

- All I'm saying is thatit would've been nice

to get one good-bye.

- Okay.

How's this?


- Can you believe that?

- And can you believethat tonight live

Big Time Rush is giving away

Sharky's Mac and Cheesefor life?

- That's right.- Yes.

And I'm getting a girlfriend.

- [sighs]

Are you readyfor the craziest hour on TV?

- Uh, well, we've had sometrouble in the past

with hour TV specials, Ryan.

So I'm just gonna make surenothing goes wrong tonight.

- Keep an eyeon the tall, skinny one.


No, Kendall.

For nothing is to get in the way

of the big cheese.

Is it Wendell or Kendall?

Kendall? Really?

Well, little does Kendall know

that tonight million viewers

will be under my control,

all with the helpof Big Time Rush.

all: ♪ Get up, get up,get, get, get up ♪

- [cackling]

all: ♪ Get, get, get up


- Sharky's Mac and Cheese for life giveaway presents

the th annual Tween Choice Awards!

And now here's your expl*sive host,

Nick Cannon!

[cheers and applause]

- Oh, oh, oh, oh!

What's up, Tween Choice?

We got Big Time Rush.

We got Mindless Behavior.

We got Spy Kid Alexa Vega.

- And we've gottwo shrunken VIP passes.

- What were you thinking?

- You saidput them someplace safe.

- So you put themin the dishwasher?

- You never do the dishes.

And now I'm not gonnaget into Sharky's VIP room

to meet Austin.

- Well, we could...

make some Sharky'sMac and Cheese

and have our own VIP party.

- Can Austin come?

- I think he has plans.

- We got Austin Mahone.

[cheers and applause]

- [screams]

- Um, but--

but, no, yeah,they were very cool.

I really liked the--the jet packs.

But, no, yeah, they were very--

- Okay, the first awardyou guys are up for

is Awesomest Music Group.

all: Sweet.

- And remember,when you win that Purple Rocket,

I want you to tellthose million viewers

I'm wonderful and amazing.

I hate mac and cheese!


- Okay, let's focus.

When do we lookfor the Goop Room?

- No Goop Room.

And no trouble.

- And no dreams.

- Hey, I have dreams.

- Uh, yeah,you haven't said one yet.

- Then why did Ijust form the dream team?

- Sounds stupid.What is it?

- An alliancewhere we all put our hands in

and vow to help fulfilleach other's dreams tonight.

- I'm in.

- Let's do it.- Dream team!

- Right, now,

initiate girlfrienddream launch.

- [sighs]


I don't know which one.

- Whichever one catches youis your girlfriend.

Dream team...

both: f*re!

- [screams]

You're Alexa Vega from Spy Kids.

- And you're Carlosfrom Big Time Rush.

- Are you a spy in real life?

- No.

That was just a movie.

Why?Are you in danger?

'Cause I see two girlsand a cutout coming your way.

- Look, guys, Alexa Vegawas the first girl to catch me.

And then she disappeared.

What if she's a spyin real life?

What if the Jennifersare really as nice

as they seemed by the pool?

- Carlos?- [yelps]

- Have you picked yet?

- I mean, we're nicer now,but we still hate waiting.

- Well, you'll haveto wait longer.

- 'Cause Camille and Joare presenting the first award!

all: Dream team away!


[ominous music]

- All right, Tween Choice.

Give it up for Rock Camp 'sCamille Roberts

and from Zombies, Zombies, Always Zombies,Jo Taylor.

[cheers and applause]

- We are here to announce

the winnerfor Awesomest Music Group.

- Wait, Jo,

did you say"Awesomest Music Goop"?

[siren wails]

- It's magnificent.

- And the Purple Rocketgoes to...

- Come on. Come on.

both: One Direction.

- Oh, I want that rocket!

[cheers and applause]

- Doesn't surprise me.

both:They had a good year.

- Okay, they still havefour more chances for a rocket,

and we've got lotsof Sharky's Mac and Cheese

in the V.I. Crib Room.

- Mom,no matter how hard you try,

this will never be a VIP room.

[door opens]- Ooh, is there a party in here?

- Oh, it looks morelike a VIP room to me.

- And there's television!

- And mac and cheese!- Yeah.

- You know, I preferwatching an event

rather than actuallybeing there.

- Oh, me too.

That looks likea lot of screaming,

and here I'm so closeto the bathroom.

- Ooh, and don't forget

our v.I. cheese-D glasses

for our free mac and cheesefor life giveaway.


- My mom put you up to this?

- No.

- [laughs]

This is just so awesome.

- [laughs]

- You know,the Tween Choice Award VIP Room

has Sharky the Shark.

Do you seeSharky the Shark in here?

- Ah, ha, ha!

[foreboding music]

- Okay.

Next up, dream team,

is my kiss with Lucy.

And--- Hi.

- [yelps]

- We got to go change.

- They say it takes up tothree hours to get the goop out.

- But it was totally worth it.

- Hmm.

The viscosity's dense,

so although it fallsfrom the sky,

it must sit storedin the bowels of the arena.

- Ew.

And we'll see you guys

at the after-partywe've always dreamed of.

- What after-party?

- You're the dream team.

You guys figure it out.

- Oh, great.Now Lucy's gone.

- Uh, is Sharky staring at us?

[ominous music]

- Maybe he's just thinkingabout the ocean and stuff.

- Okay, and stop worryingabout hour specials.

- Yeah, I mean,

do you seea beach drag race anywhere

or a griffintrying to break up the band

or a bunch of henchmenin jumpsuits?

- Okay, ignore that.

- Excuse me.

Uh, what is this?

- It's the v.I. Cheese Room--

the Giganticorps VIP room

within the VIP room.

- Where we just got donescreening

your amazingmac and cheese commercial.

- I thought you hatedmac and cheese.

- Mmm. Not afterwatching that commercial.

- Mmm. It's amazing.

Just like Sharky'samazing mac and cheese.

- Yes, it is.


Now, if you'll excuse me,

I've got some cheesenessto attend to.

[foreboding tone]

- [snarls]

- So nobody thinks thatsomething is wrong here?

- Uh, I do.

Like, you're not in your seatsfor Awesomest Video.

- Oh.- Oh, oh, yeah.

- Get out thereand get me my rocket!

- All right, Tween Choice.

Let's have some mindless fun with Mindless Behavior!

[cheers and applause]

- We're here to announce the--[siren wailing]

- We didn't even getto say anything.

- Yeah, seemed a little too...fast.

- The nomineesfor Awesomest Video are...

Just incredibleby Justin Timberlake.

[cheers and applause]

- There's Lucy.

- Okay.

So after the award,the dream team will--

James, no--James--

- Black-eyed Videoby Black Eyed Peas.

- [grunting]

- James, what are you doing?

- Apologizing for earlier.

And it's really greatto see you.

- Apology accepted.

- You Dumped Me for Her

by Cool New Artist nomineeLucy Stone.

- But I thinkyou should go now.

- Oh, why?'Cause you don't want me around?

- No, because you're on camera,

and you're aboutto be nominated.

- AndConfetti Falling by Big Time Rush.

[cheers and applause]

all:And the Rocket goes to...


Justin Timberlake!

- We lost!

- And we're outof mac and cheese.

- Get him!

- Well, that's for on Purple Rockets

and my Lucy dream.

- Now it's time for my dream,team.

Help Logan findthe legendary Room of Goop.

- [gasps] I bet you a spycould help us find it.

We should go find Alexa.

- Alexa is not a spy.

And we're still upfor three awards,

so please do not lead uson a wild-goop chase.

- What level are we on?

- Uh, three, nine?

- This is a bad idea.

- Oh, stop worrying.

This is gonna be awesomewhen Logan Mitchell/explorer

locates the mythical sourceof goop.

[mechanical humming]

Dream team,

feast your eyes on...

Sharkus at an evil control panel

with an ominous countdown clock.

- Big Time Rush.

You seem to have stumbled uponmy cheesy operation.

- Yeah, sorry about that.

So... Bye.

all: Uh-oh.

- Please stay awhile.

I insist.

- [whispers] I told you everytime we do a one-hour TV special

something goes wrong!

- Now, I know you've already metSharky the Shark.

Let me introduce my cheese men.

They're trained in the artof cheese fu.

Or is it kung cheese?

Cheese fu.

And don't even think abouttrying to escape,

because I have more on the way.

More cheese men.

[Klaxon blaring]

A.S.A. Cheese.

Yeah, that was--

that was too fast.

- Quick, jump the shark!

- Go, go, go, go!- Go, go, go!

- Oh!

You just had to lookfor the Goop Room.

- My dream wasto have a girlfriend,

not be destroyed by cheese men!

- Okay, let's--everybody get up

and get them!

[all yelling]

- They're chasing us!

- Go, go, go!

- Go, go, go, go!

- Where are we going?

- I don't know.I didn't dream this far.

[tires screeching]

- Yeah.How about not that way?

- Yeah.- Go, go, go, go, go!

- Go! Go, go, go!

- [yells]

- Go, go, go, go!

- ♪ Stand up and don't shut up

♪ Tonight is what we make it,make it ♪

♪ Wild

♪ Run wild

♪ Run wild

♪ Run wild

- Just hide.

- Go, go, go.- Go, go.

- Close it. Close it. Close it.Close it. Close it.

- Purple.

- The legend is true.

We found it![laughs]


- What are you doing?

- You never know whenyou're gonna need a little goop.

Take in the glory, dream team.

We are the first to witnessthis spectacle.

- Okay. Dream complete.

Now let's go--

[all yelling]

- Well...

we were kind of hopingwe'd get gooped tonight.

- Yes.But not like this!

[blows landing]

- Ooh, ooh!

- What was that?

[shimmering tone]

[gasps]She is a spy!

I told you she was a spy.

And she'sa beautiful spy, too.

- Thank you.

I'm looking for Sharkus.Do you know where he is?

- Yeah.

- Uh...- Yeah, I be--we went up three--

- No, down--

[indistinct chatter]

- When you see a big, scary,walking shark,

take a left.

- Got it.

- Wait, you're not leaving me.

I mean, us.

- Duty calls. But you guysshould enjoy the show.

I got this.

[shimmering tone]

[blow lands]

- Oh!- Ooh.

- You know, being invisiblewas always one of my dreams.

- No.

[crowd screaming]Award time!

- Oh!

- Coming up, your choice for Awesomest Hair!

And get your cheese-D glasses ready

for Sharky's Mac and Cheese for life giveaway!

- Depending on how muchmac and cheese you eat,

that prize could be worthover $ billion.

- Sharky's Mac and Cheeseand TV star Jett Stetson.

I mean, is this the Palmwoods,

or are youin VIP party room heaven?

- It's the Palmwoods,

because it doesn't haveAustin Mahone,

and it doesn't have Sharky.

[doorbell rings]

- Who could that be?

- Yo, Katie!

Sharky's in the house!

Whoo!Is this a VIP party or what?

- Uh, Sharky doesn't talk.

- How did I forget that?

- Sorry, Mom,but nothing is gonna make this

a Tween Choice AwardVIP party.

- Wait.Did you say Tween Choice?

- We're Karmin,

and we're here to present this year's Awesomest Hair Award.

- And the nominees are...

- Jett Stetson...

- That's tonight?

- Amy Heidemann of Karmin...

[cheers and applause]

And James Diamond from Big Time Rush.

[cheers and applause]

- And the Purple Rocket goes to...


- Amy Heidemann from Karmin!

[cheers and applause]

- I'm not upset,

because my Lucy dreamis still alive.

- And you knowwhat they always say.

- Oh, it's an honorjust to be nominated.

- Thank you so much for your support.

- No, it's not!Oh, God, Katie, I'm so sad!


- Mom, I love you,but please stop.

This will never be a VIP party.

[doorbell rings]

You invited Palmwoods teens?

[all cheering]

all: Katie!

- I just wanted to seeAustin Mahone.

- Austin Mahone is up next to present Awesomest Onscreen Kiss

with Lucy Stone,

coming up.

- If James wants to kiss Lucy,

he needs to be next to her.


- Oh, hey, guys.

I'm off to presenta Purple Rocket with Lucy Stone.

- Cool.

Austin, who's your buddy?

- You guys are?

- Yep.

And what do buddiesdo for each other?

- You're about to tell me?

- We would like to make a dealwith you

where you let James presentthe big kiss award with Lucy.

- What's the deal?

- That--that's pretty much it.

- Yeah, that's the deal.- Mm-hmm.

- Look, it's his dreamto kiss her tonight,

and this might be his last sh*t.

- Please, please, please,please, please, please.

[fingers snap]

- All right.

- Welcome back to Tween Choice.

Give it up for pop prince and princess

Lucy Stone and Austin--

Big Time Rush's James Diamond.

- Um, we're here tonightto present the award

for Awesomest Onscreen Kiss.

- It's that moment on the bigscreen that captures our hearts

until the girl in the movie

leaves for Europewithout saying good-bye.

- And here we go.- Right.

But then the girl comes back.

- [laughing] yeah.

For an hour TV special.

- [whispers] This moviesounds terrible.

- Shh!

- No, becausewhat the guy doesn't know


she came back for him.

- She did?

- She did.

all: Aww.

- Dream team.

all:♪ Ooh

[cheers and applause]

- Well, that was dreamy.

- Ooh, I'll be right back.

The dream team still hasone more dream

to make come true.

[cheers and applause]

- And the only dream left is...

both: Carlos.

both: Carlos' girlfriend dream.

- We're sick of being nice,

and we want an answer now.

- So who do you wantto be your girlfriend?

- Uh...- What about me?

[shimmering tone]- [gasps]

- Get in there.- Oh--

You want to be my girlfriend?

- I've kind of had a crushon you since your first album.

- Well, why didn't you tell me?

- I'm shy.

all: You?

- What can I say?I'm a shy spy.

- Let's get out of here,Jennifers.

- I think One Dis in the VIP room.

- But I have to warn you.

It's not easy dating a spy.

You never knowwhen you might get caught

in the middleof a dangerous mission.

- [whispers] I don't care.

- Uh, yeah, pardon me.

Did you say dangerous?

- Yes, and I'm in one now.

I can't find Sharkus'cheesy headquarters,

and I need your help.

[fingers snap]- Dream team is in.

all: We'll help you find it.

[fingers snap]

- Found it.

- What's your plan, Sharkus?

- Why don't I letSharky the Shark tell you?

That's right. You don't talk.You're a shark.

When your commercial airsin minutes,

I will transmit my hypno beamto the satellites

and into the homesof million viewers.

And at the precise moment

when you revealthe secret cheese code,

I'll activate the real secret--

my Cheezmotizer!


[shimmering tones]

- Do we get to kiss again?

- Maybe later.

- Which when viewedwearing my cheese-D glasses

will make their heads explode!

- What?- What? No!

- I'm just kidding.That's crazy talk.

When the square things flash,

I'll push upon these giant levers,

and then everyonewill just crave

Sharky's Mac and Cheese forbreakfast, lunch, and dinner.

- Our night of dreams isgonna end in a cheesy nightmare.

- An earlier test I didproved its effectiveness.

That was the gesture.You're supposed to do it then.

You're supposedto slide the panel--

That was the gesture!I don't know how you--

what do you know?You're a shark.

[cheers and applause]

- Welcome back to--

[indistinct chatter]

- The best mac and cheese in the whole world.

You got to try it.

Try my mac and cheese. - I don't want it!

- It's the best mac and cheese!

- Okay.That explains that.

- The dream team will stop you,Sharkus.

You'll never get away with this.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah!- Yeah, yeah!

- You're never gonnaget away with this.

- Okay,he might get away with it.

- Welcome to the cheese squeeze.

- Um, and what is that exactly?

- Sure, I'll explain it.

So you guys are the cheese,

and you get squeezed.

[mechanical whirring]

- Uh-oh!

- Cheese you later.

- Dream team,

activate panic mode.

[all screaming]

- Ah!- Help!

[all yelling]

- Help!- Okay, new dream--

not getting cheese squeezed!

- Guys, don't worry.

My spy girlfriendwill help us get out of here.

- Right, right, right.

Do you have any spy gearto help us out?

- This erases memories.

Not helpful.

Uh, this disguises my voice!

[deep male voice]Hello, guv'nor.

- How does this happen to us?- I don't know!

- [gasps] This!

- Ooh!

Is that one of those lasersthat can cut through the fence?

- No, it's a toothbrush.It brushes teeth.

- Oh...- No!

- Come on!

- Oh! Oh!

We just have to hit that button.

- Or short it out.

- With what?

- With--with the--


Okay, one...



[all yelling]

[electricity crackling]

- Oh, God.

- Oh.- [sighs]

- Okay, our commercial airsin ten minutes.

What's the plan?

- Uh...- Um...

- Oh, I've got a plan,

but first you guys are upfor Awesomest Look.

[crowd screaming]

- Oh,but we can't leave you now.

- But we do look awesome.

- Meet me in the Goop Roomin five minutes.

Good luck.

[shimmering tone]

- [laughs]That is so cool.

Okay, come on.

- Go, go, go, go!

- And the winner of Awesomest Look is...

Justin Bieber!

[cheers and applause]

Justin couldn't make it tonight,

but hold on to those cheese-D glasses.

We are less than ten minutes away

from the big Sharky's Mac and Cheese for life giveaway!


- I can't believe I'm hereand not there.

- No, I can't believeI'm here and not there.

This entire night is a bust.

- Well, I'm sorryyou're having such a bad time.

[knock at door]


Everyone is gettingtheir dreams tonight...

except you.

- Mom?

- Yeah?

- You still havethe shark head on.

- [sighs]

The only dream I ever hadwas for you kids to be happy.

- Mom, we are so happy.

And this is not a lame party.

It's awesome

'cause I'm with you,

and you always make mefeel like a VIP.

- It's not a lame party?

- No.

Just cheesy.

Now let's party!

all: Yeah!

[cheers and applause]

- Do we get to kiss now?

- Definitely later.

Okay, here. Grab a hose.

- Got it.

What do we do with it?

- We stop Sharkus.- Hmm, okay.

Uh, one big yellow problem--

uh, this place is crawlingwith cheese men.

- Yeah. That's a problem.

- Actually,

not for the dream team.


- Cheese men,

fan outand protect the perimeter.

If you see anyone, stop them.

I don't want any moredistractions.

[ominous music]


And now it's timeto prepare my Cheezmotizer.

- Okay, we'll be right back.

But right now get out your cheese-D glasses

for Sharky's win mac and cheese for life -D giveaway!

[cheers and applause]

all: ♪ Get up, get up, get, get, get up ♪

- Oh, glasses on!

Hurry! Glasses on!

all: ♪ Get up, get up, get, get, get up ♪

♪ Up, up, up, up to get up, get up ♪

- Oh, hi, guys.

[hatch squeaks]

- It is a catchy song.

- ♪ It's time to get up, get up, get, get, get up ♪

[shimmering tone]

- The worldis about to have need...

- Tired of waiting for dinner?

Make it Sharky's Mac and Cheese.

- The need for cheese!

all: And now it's time to see if you're the big-time winner.

[Klaxon blaring]

Hey, Sharkus!

- Who said that?

[shimmering tone]

- So goop to see you.

- But now it's time to saygoop night.

- [whispers]Pass.

- Goop, here it is.

- But you're too late!

[hoses hissing]

[electricity crackling]

- That was kind ofanticlimactic, wasn't it?

- I guess none of us won.

- Okay. So who wants moremac and cheese?

all: No.

- And now back to the Tween Choice Awards.

- Okay, being invisible dreamcomplete.

- My plan.

It's ruined!

I've been ruined by a boy band!

That's so cheesy!

all: Very cheesy.

- Okay.

Time for the last Purple Rocket of the night--

Awesomest Song.

- We're up for favorite song.

- Like we're gonna win it.

- And the winner isWe Are by Big Time Rush!

[cheers and applause]

- See?

all: Oh!

- Yes! Yes! Yes!- Whoo!

- Wait!

- Big Time Rush?

- We got to go!

- Uh-oh!

all: Oh!

- Revenge time, Sharky.

Ruin their dreams.

Don't let them get to the stage.

Obey me, you dumb shark!

- Go, go, go, go, go, go!- Thanks, Sharky!

- Did you just give me the fin?

- I won! I won! I won!I won! I won!

- Big Time Rush?

- Where are they?

- Go, go, go!

- [screams]

- Go!- Run!

- [screams]

- Big Time Rush?

- Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!- Hurry! Hurry!

- Big Time Rush!

[cheers and applause]

both: Yes!

[cheers and applause]

- Well, looks like Gustavofinally got his rocket.

- And all of our dreamscame true tonight.

- Except for you, dreamless.

You never told us your dream.

- This is it.

Look where we are.

We're all up here together.

That's my dream.

And we made it come true.

- Well, ready?

all: Let's spin.

[cheers and applause]

- ♪ Thinking we don't want toget caught up in overthinking ♪

- ♪ We only got tonight

- ♪ Moments

♪ We got to keep on living for these moments ♪

- ♪ 'Cause this is our time

- ♪ Life's too shortto sit and wait ♪

♪ For luck to come our way

♪ Light it up like fireworks

♪ I want to hear you say

all: ♪ We are, we are

♪ We are alive

♪ And we are the lightthat's shining down ♪

♪ We are, we are

♪ We are the reckless

♪ You can hear usdrowning out the sound ♪

♪ We are, we are

♪ Young and dumb

♪ Always chasing something

♪ We are, we are

♪ Hearts like drums

♪ You can hear us coming

♪ We are, we are

- ♪ Chances

♪ You knowthere's nothing wrong ♪

♪ With taking chances

- ♪ We put it on the line

- ♪ Oh, someday - ♪ Someday

- ♪ I know we're gonna be somebody someday ♪

- ♪ Only got to try

- ♪ Life's too shortto sit and wait ♪

♪ For luck to come our way

♪ Light it up like fireworks

♪ I want to hear you say

all: ♪ We are, we are

♪ We are alive

♪ And we are the lightthat's shining down ♪

♪ We are, we are

♪ We are the reckless

♪ You can hear usdrowning out the sound ♪

♪ We are, we are

♪ Young and dumb

♪ Always chasing something

♪ We are, we are

♪ Hearts like drums

♪ You can hear us coming

♪ We are, we are

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, whoa

♪ Oh, whoa

♪ We are, we are

♪ Oh, whoa, oh, whoa

♪ Oh, whoa

♪ We are, we are

[cheers and applause]

- All right. All right.

Hey, that does itfor Tween Choice.

And remember, no matterwhat anyone tells you,

never, ever stop dreaming!

[cheers and applause]

- Well, my dream came true.

I finally got my rocket,

and Alexa gave us that thingy.

- Which reversed your loveof mac and cheese.

- And with Sharkus in jail,

I was able to buy Giganticorpsfor a steal,

making me the number one CEOin the country,

all thanks to the dream team.

[glasses clink]

- And it looks likethey're still going.

- Why so bummed, baby sis?

- Oh, I had a great day.

Just, you know,not my dream day.

- Right.Dream team?

[fingers snap]

- Austin, Katie.

Katie, Austin.

- Hey, Katie. The guys havetold me so much about you.

- Oh, really?

Like what?

- That, uh,if they didn't invite me

to the after-party to meet you,you would've k*lled them.

- Aw.I would have.

- Activate"leave them alone" mode.

[glasses clink]

- Okay.

Well, the only dreamstill unfulfilled

is Carlosgetting a real girlfriend.

Girls:He's trying, though.

- Alexa, are you here?

Alexa, are you here?


Having a spy girlfriendis tough.


[shimmering tone]

- Told you we'd kiss later.

- Invisible kisses?

Having a spy girlfriendis awesome.

- Well, this story's wrapping upquite nicely.

- Big-time.

- And who knows what adventureslie ahead for the dream team?

[switch clicks]

[machine whirs]

- Oh.[chuckles]

It's just Gustavo.

- JustGustavo?

Have you forgotten I'm amazing?

Now dance!

- ♪ Hey

♪ Oh, oh

- ♪ Go and shake it up

♪ Whatcha gotta lose

♪ Go and make your luckwith the life you choose ♪

♪ If you want it all,lay it on the line ♪

♪ It's the only life you've got,so you got to live it big time ♪

- ♪ Step it up, get in gear

♪ Go for broke, make it clear ♪

- ♪ Got to go big time

- ♪ Oh, hey

- ♪ Make it work, get it right ♪

♪ Change the world overnight

- ♪ Got to dream big time

- ♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh

- ♪ Hey, hey

- ♪ Give it all you got now

- ♪ Hey, hey

- ♪ Isn't it a rush?

- ♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh

♪ Oh-oh, oh-oh

- ♪ Go and shake it up

♪ Whatcha gotta lose?

♪ Go and make your luck with the life you choose ♪

♪ If you want it all, lay it on the line ♪

♪ It's the only life you've got ♪

♪ So you got to live it big time ♪
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