09x05 - The Gilded Path

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu". Aired: January 2011 to present.
"Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu" revolves around the adventures of six ninja: Kai, Cole, Jay, Zane, Lloyd, and Nya.
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09x05 - The Gilded Path

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(male narrator)
Previously, on "Ninjago.."

Be free.

'Come on!'

We're going hunting

'for the Ninja.'

An ambush. Uh, oh, no.

[theme music]

[engines revving]

[evil laughter]

(male narrator)
"Episode , The Gilded Path."

Even if we were to get him alone

none of us stand a chance
against his power.

Then we keep thinking

until there's a plan
that works.

[dramatic music]

Oh, no.



We can't risk
an all-out as*ault.

My father is too powerful.

Hmm, we must, eh

how you say, uh, strategize.

[Dareth panting]
It's an ambush!


Protect the base!



[Karlof grunts]

[gate squeaks]

[evil laughter]

[evil laugh]

Ugh. Ugh!

- Ugh! Ugh.
- Ha-ha-ha.


[evil laugh]



Sorry, boys,
welcome to Browntown.

Oh, not again.

Hold that thought.


And welcome to my foot.


Take the son alive.


[Lloyd grunting]

There's too many. We need
to get you out of here.

No, we need to fight.








Next time, warn me.

Hello, mama.

I am not your mother.

[Ultra Violet grunting]

[dramatic music]

Get Mistake.

But she's just an old lady.

She is more than that.



How did she..

[intense music]

- We're losing.
- Ha-ha-ha.

We need to endure.

I missed you, Lloyd.



And you'll miss me again.



Nya, ugh-ugh,
get Lloyd outta here.

Come on.


- Ugh.
- Ugh.


[engine revving]


Skylor, get in.

[instrumental music]

My mother.

We have to go back.

You are what's important.
Go, son.

We will hold off.

'Get Green Ninja to safe place.'

[door whirrs]

[engine revving]

[t*nk screeching]

[t*nk screeching]

Wait for me!

After them.

After them!

[motorcycles revving]

[dramatic music]

We can't just leave them.

They aren't my concern,
you are.

Whoa, this thing
has everything. Heh.

There's no bathroom
in here, is there?

[engines revving]

We aren't out of the woods yet.


Nice work, you two.

Uh, I know
no one takes me seriously.

but about that bathroom--


Fine. I'll take it outside.



[dramatic music]

Ah, don't worry,
I took care of the last one.

We're all clear.



Spoke too soon.


- Did anyone else feel that?
- We all did.

[Nya whimpers]


We've got company.


[thudding footsteps]


[intense music]

thud thud




[t*nk screeching]





Ah, I don't need
that bathroom anymore.

[dramatic music]

[metal creaking]


ting ting ting ting

It won't hold!

Oh, yes, it will!

We are pancakes.

Please, dad

don't do this.



[metal creaking]


Resistance never quits.



'Hold on!'



[dramatic music]

[instrumental music]

He took all the worms?

- No, I didn't.
- Did, too.

Well, I'm hungry.

We've been fishing all day

and they're wasted
on your hook anyway.

But I'm hungry, too.

Now how am I supposed to catch
a fish, father?

Boys, boys.

You were both born
with tremendous gifts.

If you think
you won't catch a fish

you won't.

But if you have faith..


[music continues]

[fishing pole ratchets]

I got a bite. I got one.

What? How? That's not fair.

What is fair, that's faith.

And judging from it's pull

you've caught quite a keeper.

Oh, he just gets everything.


[instrumental music]


Look who's up?

And look who's got longer legs?

Even as I'm saying that out
loud, that's super weird, right?

With his augmented growth cycle

that's actually quite normal
for a young teenager.

A teenager?
Now we're in for it.

Jay, we're still teenagers.

'Yeah, but grownup teenagers.'

What is wrong, young Master Wu?

I, I had a dream.

I was fishing with my father.

The first Spinjitzu master?

And m-my brother was there.

His memories are coming back.

Do you remember anything else?

Anything your father said?


He said..

[dramatic music]


Show yourself!

There's no escape.

You are my prisoners now.

[music continues]

- Is it true?
- Is what true?

What you said. He is the son
of the first Spinjitzu master?

- Is it true?
- Don't tell him.

You remember what happened when
they found out about our powers?

I can hear you.


Yes, it's true.

I am the son of the first
Spinjitzu master. I am Wu.

[instrumental music]

Then, the legend is true.

You have come back
to take the dragon armor.

Wow! Not what I was expecting.

You're Heavy Metal?

That is my given hunter name.

My real name is Faith.


"All you need is faith."

Please, tell me do you know
where the dragon armor is?

[music continues]

That way.

Then we must go.

Go? Go where?

To the armor.

Iron Baron has his hunters
looking for you

and they never fail.

The farther we get,
the longer we'll live.

Yeah, Zane, we're going
for the armor.

Away from the man
with the funny hat.

- That's a good thing.
- Sure.

'Cause when does our master
ever led us astray?

Why are you leading us astray?

You don't even know
where the armor is.

No, but I have faith.

Oh, faith, he has faith.

Uh, how are we all
gonna fit on that thing?

We aren't, but it will
hold our supplies.

What it can't carry, we bury.

Iron Baron cannot know
I am helping you.

Yeah, yeah, o-of course, heh,
your secret's safe with us.

Now, lower that
giant r*fle thingy.

So, ha, ha, we have Faith.

I hope you know
what you're doing.

'What by all accounts
looks like'

a devastating blow
to the resistance.

The Green Ninjas secret
headquarters has been raided

with numerous arrests made.

Are you sure I have to do this?

I already got rid of the vehicle
I spent forever building.

We need to destroy anything
that can give us away.

But this, this is who I am.

That suit never made you
what you are.

It's what's inside of you.

From here on out,
we have to hide our identities.

They'll be looking for us

and wearing our colors
we'll only draw attention.

[instrumental music]


"The resistance never quits."

Who is hungry?

You didn't steal that, did you?
We don't have any money.

Oh, you're forgetting that
she owns a noodle empire.

Uh, and there are
still a few kind souls

who are watching over us.

[music continues]

[glass shatters]

Yeah, this place
is kinda sketchy.

- Are you sure we're safe here?
- For the time being.

What about our friends?

My mother?

The word on the street is that

they were taken
to Cryptarian Prison.

Garmadon's forces have
that place pretty bottled up.

And before you ask

no, I cannot use
my brown power to break us in.

Those abilities
sadly flushed away.

They'll be alright.
Will you?

I already lost my powers.

Now my friends?
I couldn't protect them.

It took us all by surprise.

- But we have to endure.
- Yeah, right. Endure.

Living in squalor with the rats.

Even those who have nothing
find the will to carry on.


Rat. Rat. Rat. Rat.

Rat. Rat. Rat.
Rat. Rat. Rat.

Rat. Rat. Rat. Rat.

- Hey, stop! Stop!
- Rat!

Uh, is that rat talking to us?

Yes, I believe it is.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Sometimes I forget
how unnerving this can be.

Uh, how about this..


- Much better.
- Mistake?

- Y-you're just..
- H-how did you do that?

Oh, ooh! Food, heh-heh.
I'm famished.

Huh, she made me
pee my entire body weight.

Don't you know
she can do anything?

Perhaps now is the time

to tell you all who I really am.

Or maybe after I eat.

[instrumental music]

Uh, my feet, they feel like
they're gonna fall off.

Huh, does this
remind you guys of anything?

Uh, like our time
t*rture to d*ad end?

No, when this all began,
just the four of us.

Hauling Master Wu
to who knows where.

Oh, yeah, when we got
our golden w*apon.

Only now, we're heading
to the dragon armor

which is who knows where
'cause this little liar

has us going on
a wild goose chase.

We must have faith, Kai.

To turn back now will be death.

Yeah, no need to remind us.

Why do you wear the mask?

That was Iron Baron's idea.

He didn't want
the others to know

his greatest hunter was a woman.

He forbade me
to ever take it off.

So the others don't know?

Iron Baron has a way
to control us all.

It's either his way
or you are cast out.

But when you find the armor

you can control the firstborn.

Then we can all
leave this forsaken place.

That's right.

I almost forgot,
dragons are the only creatures

who can ferry between realms.

If we can find the dragon armor,
we can get home.

What is this place
you call home?

It's called Ninjago.


A place where nobody
forces you to wear a mask.

It's a beautiful place.

At least it used to be

before my brother soured it.

Which is why
we need to return.

Can you tell me
about my father?

Some things I remember,
some things I forget.

Every child in the First Realm

knows the tale
of the first Spinjitzu master.

Because your father
was both Oni and dragon.

He found a bond
with the dragon mother.

And she with him.

With her f*re and his metal

they forged the dragon armor.

Stories say,
he rode the magnificent beast

but not with chains.

He would soar through the skies

only with the respect
they had for one another.

Together, they sought to put
an end to the devastating w*r

and unite the realm.


That is so cool.

But there were those
who would never allow it.


The Oni and Dragon

have always been mortal enemies.

And there are some divides
that cannot be bridged.

Seeing there would
never be peace

your father was devastated.

He took off his armor
and left the First Realm forever

in hopes of finding the peace
he was looking for.

That is something we're all
still searching for.

And the firstborn?

She remained behind.

Faithfully guarding his armor

waiting for the day
of his return.

But he never came.

Which is why you think
Master Wu can find it?

Think? I know or we will die.

Yeah, but do you
have to keep saying that?


[intense music]

- Hunters.
- We need to hide.

Hide where?
We're in the desert.

I'd run away
if my feet weren't so tired.

Well, I'm not going back
without a fight.

[dramatic music]

Put those w*apon down
and do exactly as I say.

Quick, put these on.

Do it if you want to live.

Live, ha, ha, now there's a word
you'd like to hear more.

Ah, you caught them,
Heavy Metal?


Yes, I know
he knows that, Muzzle.

I was just paying him
a compliment.

What do you want?

You can't possibly take
them all back by yourself?

So you can leave.


Well, I can see
we are not wanted.

We'll just be on our way.

I will tell the Baron
of the good news.


I guess he does look taller.

But last time,
he was in a disguise.


Hold it right there!

Till we can get all
this figured out.


- Or not.
- Tie them off.

You are a...traitor.

Iron Baron will
have your head for this!

[dramatic music]

(Daddy No Legs)
Go on and run.
You won't get far!

With your speeders,
we'll have a running start.

You're no better than
those shape-shifting Oni.

You hear me, Heavy Metal?

You'll pay for this!

[dramatic music]

- Which way?
- That way.

Into the unknown.

And then, Ninjago!


[theme music]
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