02xS1 - Dr. Stone: Ryusui

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Dr. Stone". Aired: July 5, 2019 – present.
Japanese anime series based on the manga series of the same name, 3,700 years after a mysterious light turns every human on the planet into stone, genius boy Senku Ishigami emerges from his petrification into a "Stone World" and seeks to rebuild human civilization from the ground up.
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02xS1 - Dr. Stone: Ryusui

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Text: Kingdom of Science Drama Club First Performance"The Mysterious Light"

Big Man A: Why did he want us all here?

Mirai: Performance?

Mirai: "Mysterious Light"?

Kohaku: One day, thousands of years ago...

Kohaku: The planet was engulfed in a mysterious light.

Chrome: Oh, shit!

Chrome: This is really bad!

Kohaku: And so all of humanity was turned to stone.

Kohaku: Every last piece of civilization that had been built up until then collapsed.

Kohaku: But there was one man who refused to give up,

Kohaku: and prepared himself for his own reawakening.

Kohaku: That man was...

Kohaku: A boy of science, Ishigami Senku.

Chrome: One, two, three,

Dialogue: four, five, six, seven, eight...

Kohaku: Senku held on to his consciousness, continuing to count for thousands of years.

Chrome: Crackle, crackle, crackle!

Chrome: Hm?

Chrome: What's this?

Chrome: The whole world's stone, damn it!

Chrome: All right, I'm going to climb right back

Chrome: to the top of humanity's two-million-year tech tree!

Chrome: And we're going to use science to figure out how to undo the petrification.

Chrome: Time to build civilization up from scratch!

Kohaku: Senku and Taiju continue their research.

Taiju: The revival fluid works! We can un-petrify people!

Kohaku: And after a fierce battle with the Tsukasa Empire,

Kohaku: the time has finally come to tackle the mystery.

Chrome: Yeah.

Chrome: To solve the mystery, we're headed to the other side of the planet,

Chrome: where the petrification beam came from!

Kinro: What?!

Kinro: Th-The other side of the planet, you say?!

Ginro: But h-how do we do that?

Chrome: We're all going to build a ship together!

Chrome: This is exhilarating!

Big Man A: Senku...

Big Man A: He might be able to do it.

Big Man B: He might even solve the mystery behind the light.

Gen: Heya!

Gen: If you've been totally confused this whole time, you're one of us now.

Gen: So can we count on you to help out?

Big Man A: Yeah!

Big Man B: Time to take back civilization!

Big Man C: We got this!

Ukyo: He's raising morale by sharing information.

Ukyo: That's our Gen.

Nikki: Stage plays!

Nikki: I love it.

Nikki: That was powerful.

Ukyo: Well then, everyone, since we're all building our ship together,

Ukyo: it's time to start pitting our ideas against each other's!

Senku: Damn it, Gen...

Senku: This confetti is ten billion percent way too extra.

Gen: Don't say that, Senku-chan.

Gen: We're trying to set a mood here.

Kohaku: Magma and Yo?

Ruri: I wasn't expecting those two, either.

Suika: They always look like slobs, but they look really smart today!

Magma: The people of Ishigami Village are people of the sea.

Magma: Ships are right in our wheelhouse.

Magma: The throne is mine now!

Yo: This is finally my chance!

Yo: Once I win here, I'll be right at the top.

Gen: All right, let's have the three of you present your ideas!

Chrome: Why do we even need a competition, anyway?

Chrome: Senku's obviously going to win.

Ukyo: Yeah, it's strange.

Ukyo: Especially since he must want to leave as soon as we can.

Gen: Huh? Yo-chan?

Yo: You'll want to see my presentation last.

Yo: My ship's already finished, after all.

Yo: Seeing is believing, right?

Yo: Whoever can build the thing and show it off first is going to win.

Yo: You primitives aren't going to have much...

Yo: Nah. I shouldn't be laughing at the underdeveloped.

Ginro: Awesome!

Magma: The village is full of boats.

Magma: I've seen way too many of them.

Kaseki: This gets me pumped to see Yo's ship, too!

Nikki: You did say "seeing is believing," didn't you?

Nikki: With that smug look on your face.

Magma: You sure did.

Magma: Hurry up and show us!

Yo: I never said such a thing.

Yo: Wait, did I?

Yo: Oh, crap!

Yo: I left it at home!

Suika: Hey, it's like a tiny raft thing.

Gen: Senku-chan, what's up?

Senku: Are the sails made of straw?

Magma: Made of what, now?

Senku: Is it sewn from straw?

Magma: Yeah, something like that, I guess.

Senku: This is insanely useful, Magma.

Senku: You're right.

Senku: You really are people of the sea.

Senku: Experience is worth its weight in gold.

Senku: If we know that straw sails are good enough...

Senku: We can definitely start building this ship.

Ginro: That's it!

Yo: Damn it!

Yo: He went all-out!

Yo: That's obviously what we want, if we can build it!

Ukyo: It's a proper sailboat.

Chrome: It looks cool as hell, but how many hundreds of years are we going to spend on it?

Kaseki: I'll die of old age before it's done!

Kaseki: Don't do this to me!

Kaseki: Unless we had, like, a hundred people to help build it...

Senku: Wake up, all of you.

Senku: What do you think that stupid stage play was for?

Senku: We've got all those strapping men on our side that Tsukasa-sensei woke up for us.

Senku: We have a hybrid of science and strength in our manpower.

Senku: This is going to be exhilarating!

Ginro: Getting to the other side of the planet

Ginro: should be easy on a ship like this one, right?

Senku: Yeah, as long as we can get access

Senku: to one more special talent. We're ten billion percent going to need it.

Minami: Tsuka-san...

Nikki: Buck up already.

Nikki: Huh?

Kohaku: Tsukasa told me about you.

Kohaku: You're the information broker who knew who to revive?

Kohaku: I have a job for you, journalist.

Minami: Journalist...

Minami: Human contact...

Minami: Information about people...

Minami: Those were my w*apon as a journalist.

Minami: Who do you want?

Minami: I'll find whoever it is you're after.

Senku: I want a captain.

Senku: This'll be a make-or-break Age of Discovery voyage across the planet.

Senku: We need a captain with ten billion skill points in sailing.

Senku: They'll be the key to reviving all of humanity.

Senku: That's who we need on our team.

Senku: I see it.

Senku: That's the island.

Taiju: Wait for us, Captain!

Nikki: Although...

Nikki: We're making a sailboat.

Modern Ships



Nikki: Are we sure we can find someone who has that kind of experience?

Nikki: A modern person, I mean.

Minami: Probably only for training purposes.

Minami: I don't think we'd find anyone anywhere in the world who's been sailing all the time.

Minami: Ryusu—

Kohaku: Ryusu?

Minami: No, never mind!

Minami: Let's go! Hurry!

Minami: Nanami Academy.

Minami: Nautical schools like this one usually teach sailing.

Minami: One of the teachers would probably know how to steer one, at least.

Minami: All right, time to mine stone statues.

Minami: Dig, dig, and dig some more, Team Gorillas!

Taiju: We'll take care of it!

Kohaku: I'm not a gorilla, m'kay?

Kohaku: Are we waking up all of them?

Senku: No. We're running out of revival fluid,

Senku: thanks to Homura wrecking the miracle cave.

Minami: Guess we'll have to choose a good middle-ground with plenty of experience, then.

Minami: I know a few of the instructors from when I came to do a report.

Minami: There he is.

Minami: Ryusui...

Kohaku: You said that name before, too.

Minami: No, no!

Minami: You really don't want him!

Kohaku: Quit mumbling and just speak.

Kohaku: He's got talent, right?

Kohaku: That must be why you blurted out his name.

Minami: Nanami Academy was owned by the king of maritime trade, the Nanami Conglomerate.

Minami: They had trillion yen in assets.

Minami: And he's the hopelessly self-indulgent son of the Nanami family.

Minami: Nanami Ryusui.

Minami: He'd apparently been spending his hundreds of millions of yen in allowance

Minami: to collect model ships and bottle ships since he was a kid.

Taiju: H-Hundreds of millions in allowance?!

Minami: He could never get enough, so eventually, he had a real sailboat built for him.

Minami: Ever since he was in middle school,

Minami: he'd been sailing around the world seeking pleasure, without any help.

Taiju: A captain since middle school?!

Taiju: He's the real deal!

Kohaku: Nothing's more valuable than experience.

Minami: Didn't I tell you he's hopelessly self-indulgent?

Minami: Tsukasa hated him for being an established power, too.

Minami: I would choose someone else.

Minami: We won't find anyone who's a more skilled sailor than Ryusui-kun,

Minami: but we won't find anyone who's got a personality worse than his, either.

Nikki: The ultimate dilemma...

Nikki: Do we take a proper, reasonably talented person,

Nikki: or do we take the risky one with top-of-the-line skill?

Minami: He's already using the revival fluid on him!

Senku: Talent comes first, obviously.

Ryusui: I'm back at last!

Ryusui: The world is mine once again!

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui


Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: Ryusui


Ryusui: Ryusui

Ryusui: I've returned!

Ryusui: I want everything in the world!

Ryusui: And the whole world wanted me, too!

Nikki: Minami...

Nikki: I think I already understand what you meant.

Minami: I told you so!

Ryusui: Are you the ones who saved me?

Ryusui: I'll have to thank you, then, the best I can.

Ryusui: Ask my butler, Francois, for a check.

Ryusui: Write any number you like on it, whether it's ten billion or twenty billion.

Ryusui: Francois!

Ryusui: Looks like we're well beyond that.

Ryusui: You can always trust a sailor's instincts.

Ryusui: Civilization has collapsed.

Ryusui: The Nanami Conglomerate and I have lost all of our assets.

Ryusui: Correct?

Senku: Yeah, that's right.

Senku: I'm glad you're quick to catch on.

Ryusui: This is an amazing opportunity!

Ryusui: Many thanks for waking me up!

Ryusui: With all of the world's ownership rights erased, I can have everything to myself!

Minami: Why don't you start by acquiring some clothes?

Ryusui: Sorry about that.

Ryusui: Pardon my indecency in the presence of three beautiful women.

Magma: Three beautiful women?

Magma: Are you so groggy that you can't even count straight?

Magma: You mean two?

Nikki: You don't need to keep saying the truth all the time.

Ryusui: What are you talking about?

Ryusui: There may be many types, but all women are beautiful.

Ryusui: Am I wrong?

Ryusui: This is impressive, everyone.

Ryusui: I want this!

Kaseki: I can't wait to see the sailboat, can you?

Senku: Will this ship take us to the other side of the planet?

Gen: Nah, no way this is going to work, right?

Gen: Not with the sailing technique of a captain who's used to modern ships.

Gen: This primitive ship's going to take way more skill, isn't it?

Ryusui: Before I answer that question, you should retreat and protect the ship.

Ryusui: You can always trust a sailor's instincts.

Ryusui: The temperature's risen quickly.

Ryusui: It's degrees.

Senku: He's right.

Senku: It's exactly degrees.

Ryusui: Humidity is up to %.

Ryusui: The wind's coming from the south-southwest.

Ryusui: The Siberian air mass is likely being driven upward

Ryusui: by the influence of the Yangtze River air mass.

Ryusui: Capillatus clouds are approaching at approximately kilometers per hour.

Ryusui: That means...

Ryusui: The spring rain is coming.

Ryusui: The May storms!

Suika: He was d*ad-on.

Ruri: Thank goodness.

Kohaku: What is the deal with that Ryusui man?

Kohaku: Was that science, too?

Ryusui: We'd be screwed if we were hit by such a storm on the open sea.

Ryusui: The lumber isn't tough enough.

Ryusui: It's nothing like the timber that humans spent decades carefully culling.

Ryusui: Traveling across the world with these sails is too much of a gamble.

Senku: I figured.

Senku: We'll make a motor-sail hybrid ship.

Chrome: We will?

Ryusui: Senku...

Ryusui: You were testing me, weren't you?

Ryusui: To see if I'd be quick to say yes,even if it was a stupid idea.

Ryusui: You cheeky bastard.

Ryusui: I would have wanted you in the Nanami Conglomerate.

Ryusui: Where are we getting power?

Ryusui: The low-quality coal you're using for your furnaces?

Ryusui: That garbage will sink the ship with its weight alone.

Ryusui: We won't make it to the other side of the planet without proper fuel.

Senku: What does that mean?

Senku: I suck at science. I'm so lost.

Ryusui: Don't play coy with me!

Ryusui: You know what I want,

Ryusui: don't you, Senku?

Senku: Very well.

Senku: That's what the Kingdom of Science wants, too.

Senku: Let's go get us some of the good stuff.

Senku: We're going to dig up the king of fuels.

Senku: We're drilling for oil!

Gen: Where in Japan are we going to find any?! How?!

Gen: This isn't going to work!

Senku: You'd be surprised.

Gen: Sh-Shizuoka?!

Gen: Seriously?!

Senku: Yeah, I'm serious.

Senku: It's called the Sagara Oil Field.

Senku: They stopped drilling there for profitability reasons, but it's still active.

Senku: We'll find some world-class oil there.

Senku: It's a treasure trove.

Gen: Japan's got some crazy resources, huh?

Gen: Just that there isn't much of them.

Chrome: I'm not sure I get it, but you can count on me!

Senku: Yeah, you're up, resource king.

Chrome: Here we go, New Chrome Expedition Team!

Text: m l l l

Text: Best Eyes

Text: m l l l

Text: Best Ears

Chrome: The best expedition team in the world

Chrome: will be back with this king-of-fuel stuff called "oil"!

Ryusui: Once we have some oil,

Ryusui: I'll take you all to the other side of the planet with my sailing prowess.

Ryusui: But on one condition.

Ryusui: I'm putting my life on the line to protect everyone else's.

Ryusui: As the captain, I demand the rights to the oil field that we discover.

Gen: Jeez!

Gen: That's way too unscrupulous!

Ryusui: How indecent of you to put such a small price on life.

Ryusui: If you think it's too much, go ask someone else.

Senku: You're the only one who has the skills.

Senku: You're gouging us because you know that.

Gen: Wait, but even if we find the oil field, if Ryusui-chan takes all of it,

Gen: what will we use as fuel for our ship?

Ryusui: What are you talking about?

Ryusui: Don't be silly.

Ryusui: You lot are going to be buying the oil from me.

Text: Compensation

Text: Reward

Text: Currencyacquired!!

Ginro: What the hell?!

Ginro: I'm so jealous!

Yo: He's only been awake for a few moments, and he's already mega-rich.

Yo: How the hell?!

Yo: All right.

Yo: Yo! 'Sup?

Yo: Ryusui, was it?

Yo: I'm envious...

Yo: Er, jealous...

Yo: Er, suspicious of you.

Yo: Can I join...

Yo: I mean...

Yo: As a former cop, I think I should let you know how it's done.

Ryusui: The currency issued by the Ryusui Conglomerate is the drago.

Ryusui: I'll sell you one milliliter of oil for this drago bill.

Ryusui: As soon as we find it.

Yo: Huh?

Yo: I don't need oil, dude.

Yo: Where can I even use this money?

Ryusui: Look at that.

Text: Ramen

A: Ramen, please!

Text: Cotton candy

Ryusui: Senku and his buddies need to collect drago to buy oil.

Ryusui: To that end, they're going to use science to sell all kinds of stuff.

Ryusui: Am I wrong?

Gen: It's become a legitimate currency already, huh?

Ryusui: Do you still not want any?

Ginro: I do!

Ginro: I want it!

Ginro: Thank you!

Minami: I told you he had personality issues.

Minami: Are you sure you want to let him carry on like that?

Senku: I don't mind. For now.

Senku: Currency is as much a fruit of science as anything.

Senku: It brings people's strengths together.

Senku: He's gone ahead and made it for us, so let's put it to good use.

Senku: Right when they're flush with cash!

Ryusui: Well done, Nikki.

Ryusui: I want your strength!

Nikki: Ryusui...

Nikki: You're new here, so I don't mind giving you a hand.

Nikki: But I'm not taking this play money.

Nikki: We don't even have any oil, do we?

Nikki: What value do these scraps have?

Ryusui: Excellent question.

Ryusui: The value of currency is there, whether there's anything backing it or not.

Ryusui: It's trust.

Ryusui: Senku...

Ryusui: If he's really brought all this science into this stone world,

Ryusui: he'll surely find the oil fields.

Ryusui: And that very expectation turns paper into treasure!

Kohaku: What is it?

Ukyo: I hear a waterfall.

Kohaku: What?

Kohaku: There it is.

Chrome: Oh, shit...

Kohaku: It's way off from Senku's map.

Kohaku: Did he write it out wrong?

Ukyo: No.

Ukyo: I don't remember the geography either,

Ukyo: but this couldn't have been here , years ago.

Ukyo: It's like...

Ukyo: Niagara Falls.

Kohaku: See the tallest mountain over there?

Kohaku: The west side of it looks treacherous.

Ukyo: We may have underestimated...

Ukyo: how long , years really is.

Senku: Oh, yeah?

Senku: The coastline was a mess, too.

Ukyo: So is the interior.

Gen: What's wrong, Senku-chan?

Senku: What was I expecting?

Senku: The science users would be disappointed in me.

Senku: The cycle is just a few centuries.

Senku: Just one eruption of Mount Fuji is enough to change the landscape.

Senku: In the , years that we were asleep,

Senku: it must have gone off at least four or five times, potentially more than ten.

Senku: Our modern maps aren't worth shit.

Mirai: That's so scary!

Ukyo: We'll need a new map.

Ukyo: Gotta start working on it now.

Chrome: We'll figure it out without a map.

Ukyo: No...

Ukyo: It'd be too much of a long sh*t to find an oil field without any directions,

Ukyo: and too dangerous.

Mirai: A map...

Nikki: But how?

Suika: Birds...

Suika: If only we could ride a bird to get a look around.

Suika: I bet they know all about what the ground looks like from way up there.

Senku: That's it!

Senku: Hemp!

Senku: I want hemp!

Senku: We'll need to mobilize en masse to gather a stupid amount of hemp.

Chrome: You know, though, Senku-chan...

Chrome: Everyone's got their hands full building the ship.

Senku: This is how we connect oil with currency.

Senku: We'll make them spend all the drago they've saved up.

Yo: I might be filthy rich.

Mantle: I've got twice as much drago as you!

Gen: Haven't you heard?

Gen: Your drago is in grave danger.

Yo: What?

Gen: We can't find that oil field.

Gen: If we don't find the oil, the deal to swap oil for drago goes "poof," right?

Gen: So...

Gen: I'll teach you how to make sure your precious drago doesn't turn into scrap paper!

Nikki: Those guys are totally at the mercy of money.

Gen: All it takes is one rumor to crash a currency.

Gen: It's been that way for thousands of years.

Ryusui: After all the effort they put into making money,

Ryusui: you're manipulating the currency to make them do your bidding.

Ryusui: You lot are way more insidious than I am.

Taiju: Look at all the hemp we collected, Senku!

Senku: Suika was right.

Senku: We should have searched for the oil field from above.

Senku: Hot-air balloons.

Senku: The treasure hunters of science...

Senku: search from above!

Suika: Humans?

Kinro: Flying?

Ginro: In the sky?!

Suika: We're going to take on the world.

Suika: Let's conquer this new Japan that Mount Fuji has made for us.

Mantle: Don't make me laugh, Senku!

Mantle: That's too much, even for you.

Mantle: There's no way humans can fly.

Flashback,Yo: Nah. I shouldn't be laughing at the underdeveloped.

Yo: Don't worry, I won't laugh.I don't get it, either.

Yo: How the hell are we going to fly when we've got nothing to fly with?

Ryusui: This is getting even better!

Ryusui: The sky?

Ryusui: I want it!

Senku: Done.

Senku: This is our road map to flying the skies.

Kaseki: This is going to be the longest road map yet!

Kaseki: But obviously I'm excited!

Text: Hemp threads

Text: Cloth

Text: Balloon

Kaseki: So short!

Senku: You'd be shocked at how easy hot-air balloons are.

Senku: You can fold up a whole flight kit and throw it in your trunk.

Gen: I never knew flying would be such a casual activity.

Nikki: Hemp cloth?

Nikki: Isn't that going to leak air?

Senku: A little bit of leaking won't hurt.

Senku: The first balloon that humanity took flight in was made of hemp cloth.

Senku: The one massive ordeal to overcome is...

Yuzuriha: Right...

Yuzuriha: You need a crap ton of cloth, don't you?

Senku: Oh, look!

Senku: I totally didn't realize!

Senku: We've got the crafts club here!

Senku: The science team will commit itself to designing the passenger basket.

Kaseki: We'll make any tools you need.

Senku: Can I leave the cloth-making to you?

Senku: To the Yuzuriha Crafts Team?

Yuzuriha: Of course you can.

Taiju: I'll take care of crushing the hemp.

Magma: I don't get it.

Magma: Are we really going to fly with this grass stuff?

Yo: You can't fly with grass.

Yo: We're making thread out of it.

Yuzuriha: We're making the thread using a spinner.

Yo/Magma: Spinner?

Text: Handcrafts

Yuzuriha: Yuzuriha-chan's Easy Handcrafts!

Yuzuriha: Episode !

Yuzuriha: Episode

Yuzuriha: We take these scraggly-looking hairs from when you extract the fiber from the hemp,

Yuzuriha: gather a bunch, tie it to a spinner,

Yuzuriha: twist it around a little, and then just spin it.

Yuzuriha: There, done!

Yuzuriha: See? Easy, right?

Yo: It's actually kinda fun.

Yuzuriha: And we're going to make...

Yuzuriha: A few dozens of thousands of kilometers' worth.

Yo: Here we go again! I knew it!

Ginro: It's never going to end!

Kinro: Just do it, and it will end.

Magma: I'm even more confused.

Magma: This string is going to let us fly?

Yo: No, man.

Yo: You can't fly with string.

Yo: We're making cloth out of it.

Yuzuriha: Okay, next, let's go over how to make cloth.


Yuzuriha: Yuzuriha-chan's Easy Handcrafts!

Yuzuriha: Episode

Yuzuriha: Episode !

Yuzuriha: First, string the hemp on vertically, like a harp.

Yuzuriha: Then, do it horizontally.

Yuzuriha: Up, down, up, down, tucking them in one after the other.

Yuzuriha: Do that over and over, and...

Yuzuriha: It starts looking like cloth!

Ginro: Are we really going to build up the cloth one string at a time?!

Yo: Th-This is going to take way too long.

Yuzuriha: Handcrafts take patience.

Magma: How the hell is this "easy"?!

Yuzuriha: It's a lot of work, but it's easy work.

Yuzuriha: That said, this really would take forever.

Yuzuriha: Should we ask the science team for help?

Senku: A loom, huh?

Yuzuriha: Finally...

Yuzuriha: A loom!

Senku: Hey, it's done.

Kaseki: Was this not what you were expecting, Yuzuriha-chan?

Senku: We didn't have much time.

Senku: Did you want an electric one?

Yuzuriha: N-N-N-N-No, that's not it!

Yuzuriha: I appreciate it! A lot!

Nikki: What do you say we dye it with this?

Nikki: We may as well.

Mirai: You're really ladylike, huh?

Suika: It's so nice!

Text: Cloth acquired!!

Senku: Good going, crafts team.

Senku: We're almost there, huh?

Yuzuriha: We messed up some of them, though.

Yuzuriha: There might be a few that are too thin to hold air.

Senku: Keep at it a bit longer, then.

Gen: Did you guys hear?

Gen: We don't have enough thread.

Gen: With that, it's time for our happy thread-spinning competition!

Gen: Whoever makes the longest thread wins a whopping , drago!

Senku: My ass, Gen.

Senku: I mean, that'll get them pumped, but...

Senku: Where do we find such a w*r chest?

Senku: Dude.

Gen: Don't worry, we'll make all of it back!

Gen: I mean, you know, why don't we make a product to sell with the botched cloth?

Senku: Sell it where?

Gen: The Senku Department Store.

Senku: So that's the deal...

Yuzuriha: I'll make it!

Yuzuriha: I'd love to!

Text: Hard at WorkKeep Out

Ginro: It's really noisy in there.

Ginro: Yuzuriha-chan, are you—

Kinro: Hey, Kinro!

Kinro: She's gone berserk.

Ginro: That's not the Yuzuriha-chan we know, is it?

Taiju: You think so?

Taiju: She's always like that when she's working on her crafts.

Ruri: Th-This is so embarrassing...

Text: Skirt

Text: Sleeveless Top

Text: Stole

Text: Total

Gen: If you're going for an ethnic vibe, match it with a stole for an elegant look.

Ginro: Kinro?!

Magma: You're swinging the wrong arm!

Text: Pants

Text: Belt

Text: Tailored Jacket

Text: Shirt

Text: Turtleneck

Text: Total

Gen: Show off some grown-up confidence with a knit turtleneck

Gen: and some accessories for a classic fit.

Yo: All this is made with just hemp?!

Yo: That's insane!

Text: Skirt

Text: Sweatshirt

Text: Blouse

Text: Total

Gen: A girly look with a dash of street fashion for a contemporary look.

Mirai: It's so cute!

Nikki: I kinda want that...

Text: Studded Bracelet

Text: Cufflinks

Gen: A three-piece suit for that special occasion, with some rock 'n roll spice.

Text: Tailored Jacket

Text: Vest

Text: Necktie

Text: Shirt

Text: Total

Mirai: It's so expensive!

Kaseki: Go ahead, fall in love with me.

Magma: Check it out!

Mantle: You look fantastic, Magma-sama!

Azura: It's pretty, but the price...

Ruby: I think I'm going to go for it.

A: You're buying it?

Ruby: Actually, I'm going to think it over.

Gen: They're the Senku Department Store's first high-end products.

Gen: It might be a while before they start selling.

Senku: Hand them out to anyone who works.

Senku: We have a living manifestation of greed who'll buy just about anything.

Yuzuriha: Thank you for shopping.

Yuzuriha: Wait, this is only hurting me, isn't it?

Text: Huge w*r chestacquired!!

Senku: That's it for our biggest hurdle...

Senku: a crap ton of cloth.

Senku: Let's get this thing built and into the sky.

Chrome: What?! A flying machine?!

Chrome: Holy crap!

Kohaku: Wait, Chrome!

Chrome: We're flying! Holy shit!

Yuzuriha: Senku-kun, how big do we need to make it?

Senku: Let me think...

Senku: If the balloon is , square meters and we heat -degree air up to degrees,

Text: Atmospheric Density

Senku: we get kilograms of lift.

Senku: Air temperature drops . degrees every thousand meters.

Senku: Even if we keep it under degrees to avoid igniting the thin cloth,

Senku: we can make it to peak altitude just below the jet stream, , meters up.

Senku: Which means...

Senku: The balloon needs to be . meters in diameter for a maximum capacity

Senku: of three people.

Yo: Ow!

Yo: I poked myself again!

Suika: Whee, whee, whee!

Yo: Those primitives are all so good...

Suika: We all got lots of practice sewing leather clothes and stuff.

Magma: You modern people are so useless.

Ginro: You aren't even doing anything. Why are you being so smug?

Yo: Yo, what was that about modern people being useless?

Nikki: And why are you being so smug?

Suika: It's finally done!

Ginro: This is the flying machine?

Magma: It's so damn huge!

Gen: So who's getting in?

Gen: Up to three of us, right?

Gen: I don't want to be one of them.

Taiju: Senku knows how it works, so he's a given.

Taiju: Who are the other two?

Senku: The balloon won't fly itself.

Senku: We need to read the wind to maneuver it.

Senku: Which means we need a professional of the wind to pilot it.

Taiju: Got it!

Taiju: Hey, Ryu—

Gen: Shh!

Gen: Your negotiation tactics are way too straightforward, Senku-chan, Taiju-chan!

Gen: Ryusui-chan's going to rip us off again.

Senku: I'll let you deal with all that noise.

Gen: Okay, gather round, everyone!

Gen: We need two more people to man the balloon.

Gen: We'll choose them by lottery.

Gen: The two Jokers in this deck are the winning cards.

Gen: Here you go, Ryusui-chan, you're up next.

Yuzuriha: He's going to pretend Ryusui-kun winning was a coincidence...

Senku: ...and make him work for free.

Senku: Is he actually going to buy it?

Ryusui: I see what you did there.

Ryusui: If you want my help, you should just ask.

Ryusui: Gen, in acknowledgment of your clever trick,

Ryusui: I'll fly for you for a mere million drago.

Ryusui: The Joker and the win are mine!

Gen: There's an experiment that shows that, more than anything,

Gen: people want what they thought they had gotten, but lost.

Gen: That's exactly how it is with dating.

Gen: Oh, no, who could have seen this coming?

Gen: I ended up with the Joker.

Gen: What to do?

Senku: What, you don't want it?

Senku: You'll never get a platinum ticket like that again.

Senku: One of the first humans to take flight in the new world!

Gen: I know...

Gen: I'm a little afraid of flying in a balloon, though...

Ryusui: I wouldn't mind going instead, then!

Gen: Really?!

Gen: But...

Gen: I did win this ticket...

Gen: I don't think I should just give it away.

Taiju: We were supposed to pay him...

Taiju: How did we even get here?!

Yuzuriha: I'm terrified of Gen-kun.

Senku: We're going to have our oil funds in no time.

Magma: All right, I'll win the next one.

Magma: Damn, missed.

Gen: We can choose the last one at random, right?

Senku: Yeah.

Senku: Anyone who's interested and who won't freak out mid-flight.

Chrome: I'm interested!

Chrome: Way too interested!

Chrome: I-I'm drawing a card.

Chrome: If it's a lottery for a chance to get in the flying machine...

Chrome: I'm gonna draw the winning card with sheer willpower!

Kinro: Chrome...

Kinro: Did you run all the way back?

Chrome: I want to see with my own eyes, from the sky,

Chrome: what the world is really like.

Chrome: Senku told me...

Chrome: that the world is round.

Chrome: But for those of us who've lived our entire lives in this tiny village...

Chrome: We have to take your word for it.

Chrome: We only know because you already do, Senku.

Chrome: So please...

Main - Top,Chrome: Yes!

Yo: Seriously?

Suika: Chrome actually drew the right card with sheer willpower!

Chrome: All right!

Gen: Senku-chan, what's up?

Senku: It's a pilot balloon that uses hydrogen and deer gut.

Ryusui: Rate of ascent?

Senku: At that size, roughly meters per minute.

Gen: Does that tell you something?

Ryusui: It'll show us all the winds above us.

Ryusui: We can fly in this wind!

Ryusui: It's a perfect day for a launch!

Chrome: W-We're floating!

Magma: They're actually flying!

Kaseki: We pulled it off!

Kaseki: People are so amazing.

Kaseki: We're so greedy and relentless.

Kaseki: We make things.

Kaseki: With millions of years of science.

Suika: They're so tiny already.

Ginro: Huh?

Ginro: The balloon's glimmering.

Chrome: It's still pitch dark for the people on the ground.

Senku: We're , meters up.

Senku: We're experiencing dawn seven minutes earlier than the ground.

Chrome: The world really is round.

Chrome: I saw it.

Chrome: With my own eyes...

Chrome: Crap.

Chrome: I want to see more.

Chrome: I want to know everything about the world!

Ryusui: We're in the sky, protected by nothing but our own skin and flesh.

Ryusui: You don't get this kind of extravagance anywhere else.

Ryusui: Not this unique sensation.

Chrome: We're with the birds!

Senku: We shouldn't be happy about that.

Senku: Bird strikes.

Senku: They're a ridiculously common kind of accident.

Chrome: Really?

Ryusui: We just need to dodge them.

Ryusui: It's odd, though...

Ryusui: We aren't rising as fast as I expected.

Ryusui: It's up to the wind whether or not a balloon can ascend.

Ryusui: It's literally a sailboat of the sky.

Ryusui: Which means it's my time to take this maiden flight to the goal!

Chrome: Goal?

Chrome: Where is this balloon headed, anyway?

Senku: Ishigami Village.

Chrome: What?!

Chrome: That's a two-day walk if you book it!

Senku: And about two hours by balloon.

Ryusui: That's the power of the wind.

Chrome: After all we went through to travel that distance...

Chrome: Sky travel is insane.

Chrome: It's so easy.

Senku: It's actually not that easy.

Senku: Flying west to Ishigami Village is a bit complicated.

Senku: There's a wind blowing eastward all the time above Japan.

Ryusui: Yeah.

Ryusui: Any amateur can fly east.

Chrome: So how are we flying west, then?

Ryusui: A low pressure system!

Ryusui: It's usually a pest of a wind that brews storms.

Ryusui: We're taking advantage of that low pressure system's rotation,

Ryusui: capturing it to travel west.

Ryusui: With the skills to fly to Ishigami Village on this wind,

Ryusui: we'll know that we can go even further, to hunt for oil.

Ryusui: It's difficult and dangerous.

Ryusui: But a professional adventurer overcomes.

Ryusui: Am I wrong?

Ryusui: With me as your captain, you amateurs are free to relax.

Chrome: A professional adventurer?

Chrome: Did you just call me an amateur?

Chrome: Me? The king of exploration?

Chrome: I'm sure you're a pro when it comes to adventuring the seas.

Chrome: But when it comes to exploring the land,

Chrome: I'd say you're still green.

Chrome: When you're close to the ground, the wind tends to blow along the rivers.

Senku: You're right, we're being drawn along the river a bit.

Ryusui: We'll be stranded if it takes us out to sea.

Ryusui: Let's climb higher.

Chrome: A true professional adventurer who explores on their own two feet

Chrome: would know this kind of crap by heart.

Chrome: I'm in a different league from the amateurs who take vehicles everywhere!

Senku: Enough of your stupid chest-thumping.

Senku: If you want to see what the wind's like below you, you just need one of these things.

Ryusui: That's quite the dramatic change.

Ryusui: To fly westward is to battle with the gods of the sky.

Chrome: I-It's huge...

Chrome: The bearer of storms, demon of the clouds...

Chrome: The cumulonimbus!

Chrome: H-H-Holy crap!

Chrome: What is this?!

Ryusui: Any closer, and it'll pull us in with overwhelming force.

Ryusui: A balloon wouldn't stand a chance.

Ryusui: We're preparing to land immediately!

Ryusui: Pull the string, Chrome!

Ryusui: That'll open the top of the balloon and release hot air,

Ryusui: allowing us to descend quickly.

Chrome: Got it!

Senku: Wait!

Chrome: Senku?

Senku: It's already open.

Senku: If you pull it and the cloth tears, we'll crash.

Chrome: How?!

Senku: It was that bird strike.

Ryusui: No wonder we couldn't ascend.

Chrome: Crap!

Chrome: We're going higher even though we've already shut off the flame!

Ryusui: We've been captured by the updraft of the cloud demon cumulonimbus!

Chrome: Isn't there any way to descend?!

Ryusui: Nope.

Ryusui: We have no escape route.

Senku: Put your brain in overdrive...

Senku: Think of something!

Senku: What kind of a*mo can science offer?

Senku: We're out of time once the steep ascent puts me into anoxia and my brain shuts down.

Ryusui: This is the greatest opportunity!

Ryusui: I'll obtain the skills to take on the cloud demon.

Ryusui: I'll find a way out of this!

Ryusui: A hole in the wind!

Chrome: Damn it...

Chrome: I want to get out!

Chrome: There's no way out.

Chrome: Get out?

Chrome: Is that it?

Chrome: Is that really the answer?

Chrome: Humans are weak as hell.

Text: Bear

Text: Human

Chrome: Running away from nature can only ever get us k*lled.

Chrome: Don't run...

Chrome: We're just going to bust our way through with mind and soul!

Chrome: Right through the cloud demon!

Chrome: Bad idea?

Senku: No.

Senku: If we jet our way a few thousand meters up,

Senku: we'll be even higher than this ginormous, ever-growing Mister Cumulonimbus.

Senku: It's an insane altitude, but we'll just barely avoid suffocating.

Ryusui: Not bad, Chrome...

Ryusui: In that case, throw in all the fuel we have left.

Chrome: Okay.

Senku: We're accelerating as fast as we can

Senku: to blow right through the cumulonimbus, aren't we?

Chrome: Isn't that...

Ryusui: The revival fluid that brought me back from petrification?

Senku: It's a mix of alcohol and nitric acid.

Senku: It burns like crazy.

Senku: That's our last bottle.

Senku: It's a bit of a waste, but...

Senku: You'll be freaked out...

Senku: by the energy density of liquid fuels!

Chrome: Yes!

Chrome: Let's go!

Chrome: Where is it?

Chrome: Where's the exit?

Chrome: Ryusui, what are you...

Ryusui: I see the updraft!

Ryusui: The path through the wind!

Ryusui: Now!

Ryusui: Give it the rest of our fuel.

Ryusui: We're blowing a hole right through the cloud demon's skull!

Chrome: Let it rip, Ryusui!

Ryusui: This world's skies, too, are mine!

Kohaku: They're flying...

Kohaku: They're actually flying.

Kohaku: Chrome...

Kohaku: Ryusui...

Kohaku: Senku!

Gen: Everyone!

Gen: Senku and the guys made it to Ishigami Village!

Ginro: They're there already?

Magma: Really?

Magma: It's only been a few hours.

Kinro: The world suddenly feels a lot closer.

Taiju: All right!

Taiju: The rest of us better get working, too!

Kohaku: It seems science can elevate not just balloons, but people's hearts, as well.

Gen: You're right.

Gen: Everyone's excited as hell.

Gen: Can you imagine if the ship gets done in no time?

Ukyo: Gen, I've been wondering...

Ukyo: You must have known who would win the ship idea contest.

Ukyo: So why...

Gen: In magic, "forcing" is the technique where you make a person choose a certain card.

Gen: But making people choose for themselves...

Gen: Or at least making them think they chose for themselves...

Gen: That part's really important.

Gen: People don't come together under the thumb of a strong leader.

Ukyo: Gen...

Ukyo: I'm really glad you sided with Senku instead of Tsukasa or Hyoga.

Chrome: We're here...

Chrome: We've reached the goal.

Chrome: That was pretty easy, huh?

Chrome: Given your skills, Ryusui...

Ryusui: You lot are no slouches, either.

Ryusui: If we, professional adventurers, rely on each other and combine our strengths,

Ryusui: finding oil will be cake.

Senku: Leave that manly-friendship-after-a-riverside-duel stuff for later.

Senku: Hurry up and help me.

Senku: I'm d*ad soon.

Senku: Hey!

Gen: Senku-chan knows really well...

Gen: People are power.

Senku: Me, too, Chrome.

Chrome: What?

Senku: I don't know everything about this world, and I want to see it.

Senku: I want to see what's on the other side of this world,

Senku: where the petrification beam came from.

Ryusui: Very well, Senku!

Ryusui: I'll take you there,

Ryusui: to the other side of the planet!

Senku: All right, let's take a trip in this balloon to get the king of fuel, petroleum.

Senku: This is exhilarating.

Disclaimer: ,This is a work of fiction, but the plants, animals, and production methods described are based on reality.Foraging and making things on your own accord is extremely dangerousand, in some cases, illegal. Please do not imitate without expertise.
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