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Episode transcripts for the TV show "Code Geass". Aired: October 2006 to July 2007.
Japanese anime series that follows an outcast prince who has been given a mysterious power to control others and becomes the masked leader of the rebellion against an all-powerful empire.
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02x25 - Re;

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For the first time in years,
I've seen your face, big brother.

And it's the face of
a m*rder, isn't it?

I probably have
the same face, don't I?

Then... It's been you f*ring
the F.L.E.I.J.A. S up till now.

Yes. I wanted to stop this.
To stop you.

Even if that meant
k*lling you, big brother.

That's why I can't let you have F.L.E.I.J. A...
Why I can't hand over the Damocles key to you.

Even... Even if you use
your Geass on me!

Use Geass on Nunnally?

It's true. Time after time,
I've wanted to use it on her.

At the very least, I wanted
to use it to cure her blindness.

The power of the king...

I could never use Geass's
power of absolute submission on Nunnally,

the person
I was doing all of this for.

But, now... No, I can't!

If I resort to twisting
even Nunnally's will, then I'm!

At the end of the world
Sekai no owari de

The light that's born
Umareta hikari

Now blows in the wind
Ima kaze no naka

Pretty words alone won't sustain you
Kireigoto dake jaa ikirenai

Kindness alone won't heal you
Yasashisa dake jaa iyasenai

What is it that was stolen from you
Ubawareta nowa nanda

In this unchanging world
Kawaranai sekai de

What is it that you hear
Kikoetekita nowa nanda

A song of color
Shikisai no uta

Everything is bright

Let our crumbled dreams resound
Kudakechitta yume wo

At the edge of tomorrow
Asu no hate ni hibikaseru you ni

At the end of the world
Sekai no owari de

The light that's born
Umareta hikari

Becomes one with us
Bokura hitotsu ni

Now blows in the wind
Ima kaze no naka

You're determined to defy me?

Suzaku... I misjudged you.

Our methods may have differed,

but I thought you cared about
Japan in your own way. But now!

There's something I...
That Lelouch and I have to do.

I see... You really crave power
that much? In that case...

In that case, what?

In that case, you can't be allowed to live.
I'll defeat you and stop Lelouch!

I won't let you do that!

Any second thoughts about
not running away, Rivalz?

Where exactly should I run?

You have a point.

All I ever wanted was to spend
every day having fun with you all.

Yeah, I know what you mean.

You, power without a master!

You need something to depend on.
Such a weak man!

Stop, please!
You're too badly wounded!

I have to take responsibility
for starting this!

That's what gives me
the right to lead others!

Big brother, you have no right
to take control of the world.

Not you, who took the name Zero
and bent peoples' will to your own!

Are you saying it would have been better
to continue living our lives in hiding?

Did you want a future of constant fear of
assassination? This was for your future, too.

When did I ever
ask you to do this?!

I would have been satisfied
just to have been able to live with you!

But the reality is that we're
controlled by all sorts of things!

They must be opposed!

That's the reason
I've fought with the resistance!

You could have tried
to work within the system!

And what about the people
who can't get into the system?!

How are we supposed
to tell people that it's wrong?!


Don't you dare look down
on others, you egotistical punk!

What about those who have
no choice but join the system?!

What is justice?!

When you follow an aggressor's
methods, you legitimize them!

But if you go into
battle now, you'll die!

And you call yourself a!

I'm sorry.

This is the only way
I know how to live.


Why do people
have to fight?!

Because I have something
I must protect!

Perhaps w*r has been robbed
of its dignity and morality.

Even so,
I needed a place to belong.

For only that reason,
we've fought.

Oh, Naoto... Was this all
really for the best for us?

Still, they say that w*r
is the mother of invention.

I don't accept that. You don't see the people
who come before that, Earl of Pudding.

Nina, was it?
What about you?

I-I was just doing
what I could...

We just didn't want
it to happen again.

But people are weak.

That's right!
Even I have dreams, don't I?!

But now they say I don't
have any right to them?!

Even though I can still fight!
Even though I can!

Why does everyone
treat me like a fool?!


I've seen it.
I've seen it over and over.

Human history is
one of opposition. Even so!

People... The world... Despite it all,
they won't be what we want them to be!

And so now you're
forcing them to be?!


That's despicable!

Using Geass, which bends people's
minds and tramples on their dignity!

Then what about Damocles?

Isn't it a system to force people
to obey just as despicable?!

Damocles will become
the symbol of their hatred.

Their hatred will be focused here.
So that everyone will move towards the future.

I see. Nunnally, you got
the same idea. In that case...

Lelouch vi Britannia commands you!

Give me the Damocles key!

No! I mustn't give it to you!

All the sins you've committed!

Here you go, big brother.


Recording, complete.



Memorize this!
Make a record of Jeremiah Gottwald!

Commemorate the name of
the man who defeated you!

Commemorate? That has nothing
to do with it. I have no memories...

No memories? Could it be?!

C'mon, Tristan, move!
Just let me fly!

Even the radiant wave surger
is out of a*mo now.

My shield energy's
exhausted now, too?

Even so!

I can't b*at her! Even using
the curse that Geass has given me!

Kallen, your strength
is unimaginable!

My machine has better specs
than yours, and yet...

Suzaku, with your strength...

Let's end it, Kallen!

If you just had justice
on your side!

No... It didn't get him?!

No, Kallen... You got me.

I see... You won, Kallen...


You now live following your own
thoughts without help from others.

Which means I am now free
to follow the path I must.

Thank you.

I love you, Nunnally.

You used your Geass
on me, didn't you?!


Wait! Stop!

You're a monster!

Despicable! Cowardly!

How can you?
How can you be so cruel?!

The traitorous knight Suzaku
Kururugi has apparently been k*lled.

Aren't you going to beg for your life?
For his sake, at least?

Kaguya... You never knew
Lelouch's true face until recently.

What of it?

Even so, you understood
a bit of his true nature.

You're a kind girl.

Attention, World!

I am Lelouch vi Britannia,
emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire!

Impossible! If Lelouch used
the F.L.E.I.J.A., then that means!


No way!

Schneizel has
surrendered to me.

Because of this, I now control both
Damocles and the F.L.E.I.J.A.s.

And even the Black Knights no longer
have the strength to oppose me.

If anyone dare oppose me now,
they shall know the power of F.L.E.I.J. A!

Those who can challenge
my military rule no longer exist!

Yes! From this day, from this moment
forward, the world belongs to me!

Lelouch vi Britannia commands you!

Obey me, World!

All hail Lelouch!

All hail Lelouch!
All hail Lelouch! All hail Lelouch!

Imperial Crown Colony of Japan

Imperial Crown Colony of Japan
And now, the th and sole emperor
of the Holy Britannian Empire,

And now, the th and sole emperor
of the Holy Britannian Empire,

as well as CEO of the Black Knights and the
current chairman of the U.F.N. Supreme Council,

His Majesty Lelouch vi Britannia
has come into view.

And look at this, too.

Those who foolishly opposed Emperor Lelouch
are being taken to the execution grounds.

While it was paid for with the sacrifices of
the capital, Pendragon, the lives of many soldiers,

as well as the life of Sir Suzaku Kururugi,
the Knight of Zero, in the recent great w*r,

now that the E.U. Has ratified the
United Federation of Nations charter,

Emperor Lelouch has finally achieved
the grand task of unifying the world!

Glory to His Majesty Lelouch!

All hail Britannia! All hail Lelouch!

Glory, my ass.

This is just a dictatorship.

Anyone who disobeys him is k*lled!

Shh! If somebody hears you,
they'll k*ll your entire family!

I can't believe we have to
broadcast this and call it justice!

Lelouch, is that what
you wanted to do?

To control the world?
To control everyone?!

You all weren't very bright.

If you hadn't disobeyed
Lelouch when you did...

It was so we could
move into the future.

Through repeated success
and failure, we advance.

That goes for people
as well as for science.

That's evolution.

You mean progress,
don't you, Earl of Pudding?

That name you call me...

Are you still bitter about that?

Maybe. I'm not sure.

Dr. Lloyd and Ms. Rakshata...

Did something happen
between them before?

It's hardly worth mentioning.

When I think about it now,
it wasn't really anything.

It was just a starting point.


If you go out now, you'll be
playing right into their hands!


What is that?




It can't be!
Lelouch is over there!

Is that it?! Is that what Lelouch
and the others were doing?!

Cease f*re!
I'll take care of him!

Onward, masked knight.


Suzaku... You have to k*ll me,
like you promised.

You're going through with this?
No matter what?

As planned, the world's hatred
is focused on me.

All that remains is to get rid of
me and break the chain of hatred.

The legend of Zero lives on
in the Black Knights.

Schneizel will serve Zero, too.

With this, the world will be able to
gather not through force of arms,

but around one table for discussion.

They can move forward
into the future.

And that...


Is the Zero Requiem.

We both knew it back in Cs' World.

How people were
longing for the future.

Say, Suzaku...
Geass is like a wish, isn't it?

It's a request to someone to give you the
power to achieve what you can't on your own.

A wish, huh?

Yes. I'm going to cast the
Geass called a wish on people.

For the future of the world.

Lelouch... The price of the Geass
you're going to cast on them is!

The only people who should k*ll are
those prepared to die themselves!

You're going to be a hero now.

As the messiah who saved the world...

from Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia,
the enemy of the world.

As Zero.

L... Lelouch!

This, then,
shall be your punishment.

You will live on, wearing that mask,
as the knight of justice.

You will no longer live
as Suzaku Kururugi.

You shall sacrifice your own ordinary
pleasure to the world... forevermore...

This Geass... I do accept.

Big brother?

No... Everything you did
until now was!

Big brother, I love you!

Yes... I...

I destroy... the world...

and create it...


Big brother! No!
Please, open your eyes!

Big brother! BIG BROTHER!!!

The demon Lelouch is d*ad!
Free the prisoners!


Uh-oh. Retreat!
Retreat, at once!

Is it possible? Is that?

It's Zero!

That's... That's Zero there!

It's not fair... All I needed to
be happy was to be with you!

How can I face
the future without you?

Zero! Zero! Zero! Zero!

Well, Lelouch, the world's gotten
a lot better since that day.

All the energy once
directed towards w*r...

has now been turned toward
solving hunger and poverty.

All sorts of hatreds and evil
deeds have been laid at your feet.

Maybe that's because
the name of a person...

is easier for people to blame
than a system called Damocles.

We're so quick to
simplify our past troubles.

But still,
perhaps because of that,

people are free of the past and able
to move forward into the future now.

I wonder if you're laughing now about how
it all went according to your calculations.

Of course, all sorts of problems
remain. But, even so...

Geass, the power of the king,
isolates people.

Maybe that's not quite correct.

Right, Lelouch?

This corrupt world is filled with demons
Dakuse wa oni

What is justice?
Seigi wa nanzo to

Resist, don't just question
Tou mae ni aragae yo

The flower of evil
Akutoku no hana

Dreams of hypocrisy
Gizen no yume

Give your gaze to the eyes that see them
Mishi me niwa me wo sashi

The line between right and wrong cannot be known
Sei mo ja mo wakatareru koto nashi

Light is gone, and you slumber
Hikari wa tae taiji no you ni

Like an unborn child in the womb of darkness
Kimi wa nemuru yami no shikyuu

Isolation is what you love
Kodoku koso itooshii

It will probably be your only ally
Yui-itsu no mikata to naru darou

One by one, stained with the tide of blood
Hitori hitori chishio ni mamire

You were born into this era
Kono jidai ni umare ochita

Oh, chosen princes
Erabareshi oujira yo

Battle shall be your banquet
Tatakai koso shukuen

Oh, I am graceful omniscience
Aa ware wa uruwashii zenchi

The loving mother
Ai no haha

Who bore you
Kimi wo umu

The ones who were raised on my breast
Kono chichi ni hagukumishi mono wa

Are your brethren in hell
Jigoku no harakara

The mark of apocalypse
Mokushi no in

What is truth
Shinri wa nanzo to

A seed of secrecy buried where no one knows
Shirimosezu uzumoreshi intoku no tane

A double-edged sword
Moroha no ken

Turn its blade upon the unsheathed blade
Nuku ha niwa ha wo muke

Believe only in what you must protect
Mamorubeki mono dake wo shinjite

And in your own way
Aru ga mama ni kimi wa

You'll set yourself free
Kimi wo hanate
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