03x08 - Consider Phlebas

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Dota: Dragon's Blood". Aired: March 25, 2021 - present.
Renowned Dragon Knight Davion becomes embroiled in events much larger than he could have ever imagined.
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03x08 - Consider Phlebas

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Do not be afraid.

I am night.

I am shadow.

And you are not alone.

You were never alone.

It doesn't look like you took a hit.

No, no. It's It's not that.

There's no wound.

Gods, I can feel them.

The souls.

All of them.

The dragons.

The Thunder.

They're all d*ad.

It's only me now.

The last dragon.

Last dragon?

I'd say we are the last anything.

Maybe we don't have to be.

The Pillars of Creation. The Forge.

Wait, wait. What? No.

Blowing up what's left of the universe?

That is your plan?

Restoration requires destruction

little mouse.

Oh, I knew this place once.

It felt safe, like it was the safest place

in the universe.

And nothing could harm me.

That was a different universe.

That was a different Goddess.


- She wasn't who I thought.

- She was troubled.

Burdened in ways

that are difficult to explain.

- You remember her.

- As I remember you.

As I remember Davion

and mourn him with you.


He destroyed everything.

Not everyone. Not everything.

I wanna find him. k*ll him!

Mirana, no.

It is the least he deserves.

His blood for all the rest.

I wanted blood once. I wanted your blood.

You suffered for my rage.

So many suffered for my rage.

And what did anyone gain?



- This.

- It's not fair.

- What isn't?

- All of it.

Everything he's taken. None of it's fair.

It is so terribly unfair.

But the world wasn't made to be fair.

It was made for us

to find each other in the dark

and offer comfort

while the nightmares pass.

This nightmare he made will never pass.

I'm trapped in his nightmare.

I know it seems so.

The Invoker knows everything

that can be known.

Except one thing with power beyond us

and beyond him.

My father failed a thousand times

to succeed even once.

There's a chance I never will.

There is a chance.

But is it better than this?

Is it better than nothing at all?


No, it isn't.

I must prepare.

As should you.



Where is she? Where is Mirana?

Answer me, you bastard!


Lina is gone. Mirana now.

What has he done with her?

Where the hell is she?

The sun always rises.

I wish I had your faith.

Follow me.

Follow you? This place is a maze.

I know the way out. I've been here before.

You were wise to send them away.

I won't let you harm

those people.

I have no reason to harm them.

The valley, this tower, they are for you.

They were always for you.

You hate me, but you will live.

That's it, then?

No. No! You don't get to play my victim.


And coward.

You can't even look at me.

Look at me.

I made a choice you couldn't live with.

A child's choice.

My choice. You took it from me.

Now you've taken another.

I facilitated the inevitable.

Mene's light! Do you hear yourself?

You "facilitated the inevitable,"

as though the world were a sick animal

to be put out of her misery.

I see you now.

You are so afraid of being wrong,

you won't even try to do what's right.

I will not allow this madness

to consume you as it has consumed me.

One final sacrifice ensures it.

The Archronicus.

Without it, you cannot conjure the Forge.

I memorized it. I don't need it.

You memorized words.

Concepts, ideas with names,

no different from any name.

No different from my name,

now forgotten and unknowable.

It is all simply information.

Once expunged, gone forever.

You wouldn't. Recovering that knowledge,

recreating it, it would take

A lifetime, yes.

- Remember Sturmwolke Tor?

- Yeah.

I try very hard not to.

Hang on to that.

Crazy. Stupid. Here we go.

Experiment 12,403 will be the last.

I don't want to fight you.

Please don't make me fight you.

But I can't let you destroy the book.

Your daughter

doesn't want to fight you.

But personally?

I can't


- They're going to k*ll each other.

- That's not Davion's plan.

He's buying you time.

I know

he seems impulsive, reckless,

like he doesn't appreciate

what's at stake, but he does.

It's just that he sees what we can't.

He sees what has to be done.

How to win.

And he does it.

Davion fights.

He fights like hell.

Especially when the fight looks hopeless.


even if I succeed

the consequences for you, all of you

I made the crossing

to Dragon Hold when I was 12.

I knew what that meant.

This is no different.

Never thought I'd live forever.

Never thought I'd be wished

out of existence either, but

it's all the same, I suppose. On my terms.

And if my father is right?

If I'm just damning us all?

We look pretty damned already.

We're not damned.

Not quite.

Not yet.


We feared the worst. You

You were alone.

I was never alone.


You know what you must do.

I know your father

better than anyone does.

Perhaps better than you.

Very little happens

if he does not wish it to happen.

Very little happens

that he has not foreseen.

You can't trick him.

You can't outsmart him.

You can't pray you're faster.

If you try to b*at him at this game,

his game,

you will lose.

You have my daughter

to thank for your circumstances.

She helped me realize

the potential of the Forge.

I don't have to k*ll you

to take your power.

I hold your essence in my hand.

You have one w*apon. You have one choice.

Your father loves you.

He thinks he can protect you.

He wanted to build

a perfect world for you,

because he doesn't see

there can be no such thing.

Help him see the world as it is.

Help him live in it, with it.

You love him. So tell him the truth.

And end this.


It doesn't matter

where you hide him, Goddess.

He is bound to the Forge wherever he goes.

I can claim him with a thought.

But you won't.

Papa, we have to end this.


Sturmwolke Tor. You're insane.

You nearly died at Sturmwolke Tor.

That wasn't my best idea.

I'm just gonna lie here a minute

if it's okay with you.

Oh, yeah, sure. You want a pillow? A mint?

- f*ck you.

- Hey, hey, hey, nurse that.

No idea where in the seven hells

we find more.

No idea at all.

You would take their side.

No, Papa. Never.

I thought I was protecting you.

Protecting me?

It appeared some time ago,

without warning.

I searched for a cure, there is none.

The cantrip that grants our immortality

slows the rot, but does not dispel it.

I cannot tell you what it is,

I cannot tell you the cause.

I can only tell you that I'm weaker today

than I was yesterday.

Tomorrow, I will be weaker still.


What's wrong with me, Papa?

Am I all right?

No magic, no science

or Goddess can cure me.

A cure requires making me

other than who I was, who I still am.

This disease is a part of me.

We can't just wish it away.

I will die, Papa.

No one can change that.

Not even you can change that.

Filomena. I know.

I've always known.

I thought

I hoped

We You

might have just a little more time.

We're out of time.

It's done.

I'm guessing things went better

once I left.

They generally do.

What you did, it was

A terrible plan?


And very human.

When you were small,

you begged me for a dollhouse.

I failed to see the need,

but I could refuse you nothing.

So I conjured a structure

based on the Palace of Hurra'agdu.

It was accurate to the last detail.

I remember.

And I remember bursting into tears.

Happy tears, I believed.

Until you demanded

I send the house away.

I wanted a dollhouse as I imagined it,

not as you imagined it.


So we commissioned the greatest artisan

of the Nightsilver Woods

to build a new one.

You sat with him,

watched him work.

You wanted to understand it so you could

fix the house should it ever break.

It's beautiful. I still have it.

Nothing is beyond repair.

Papa, I was thinking.

Perhaps there is another way.

A better way.

You are the Eye.

Literally the sun over our heads.

A constant in the universe,

linked to all stars,

linked to all universes.

You remember

what existed before,

and your divine spark connects you

to the Pillars of Creation.

The Eye carries innate knowledge

of things my father took

thousands of iterations to learn.

Across 15 planes

and countless realities,

I found one constant.

The sun in the sky. The Worldwyrm.

You want me to restore

the reality I came from.

I don't want any of this.

But you can put it all back as it was,

as you knew it.

I know what I'm asking.

You're asking me to save what I love

by allowing what I've loved to die.

Luna, Marci, all of you.

I wish I knew how to say goodbye again.

Yet my confusion

is in some ways a blessing

because it means I was privileged

to have you in my life.

I will not forget you.

I love you.

You are the best parts of me

in any universe.

- I'm ready when you are.

- I'm afraid there may be pain.

There always is.

Reach out with your mind.

Ignore the illusion of the physical world.

See the Pillars

as they truly are.

Draw them to you.


Mirana, no. It's okay, I'm okay.

I used to think my name

was the most important thing in the world.

Now I know it's how I'm remembered

that matters, and who remembers me.

Even if this works,

the last thing I'll see is you.

I'll watch you die

knowing I was the cause.

You're not the cause.

I can let you go, him go.

I don't know that I can k*ll you.

This is my choice.

What I want.

You know, most men would say the opposite.

I'm not most men.

Come here. Come to me on your own.

We'll do this together.

Now, think of the old world

as you remember it,

and let this world go.

Let it go, Mirana.

Let it all go.

Is that it, then?

I felt something happen.

And then it was like,

nothing happened at all.

Less than nothing.


There's only one thing left.

Your head.


No, death is better than you deserve.

Stay and rot. Hell suits you.

He knows.

He knows better than any of us.

He He looks like his mother.

Give him to me. I'll carry him home.

He was my friend.

He was my brother.

I would pray for him

but I don't think I need to.

The gods know his name.

In another life, you had a dream.

A new world.

A better world.

Let's build it, you and I.

Sun and moon, together.


Never again.

And you ask for nothing in return?

No one could steal the book from you.

No one would dare.

It is my gift to you.

A gift from a goddess is more than a gift.

It is divine favor.

- A favor?

- Your debt is satisfied.

Tell me.

Did you find everything

you were looking for?

Do you love me?
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