00x04 - Caillou: Let's Go Sledding

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Caillou". Aired: September 15, 1997 – October 3, 2010.
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An educational show that stars the 4-year-old title character (pronounced KY-YOO), who lives with his mother, father and sister in a blue house on Pine Street.
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00x04 - Caillou: Let's Go Sledding

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You're getting to be
a big boy!

♪ I'm just a kid who's four ♪

♪ Each day I grow some more ♪

♪ I like exploring ♪

♪ I'm caillou ♪

♪ So many things to do ♪

♪ Each day is something new ♪

♪ I'll share them with you ♪

♪ I'm caillou ♪

♪ My world is turning ♪

♪ Changing each day! ♪

♪ With mommy and daddy,
I'm finding my way ♪

♪ Growing up
is not so tough ♪

♪ Except when I've had enough ♪

♪ But there's lots
of fun stuff ♪

♪ I'm caillou ♪

♪ Caillou ♪

♪ Caillou ♪

♪ I'm caillou! ♪


That's me!

I hope, I hope, I hope!

[ Laughing ]

- Caillou just couldn't wait
for the first snow of winter.

Every morning he wished
for snow.

- No snow yet.

- Caillou knew he had
to wait a little longer,

But it was hard.

He wanted to play in the snow!

[ Laughing ]

[ Meowing ]

- No snow yet.

- All morning caillou
watched and waited

For the snow to fall.

- Still no snow.

- Don't worry, caillou.

The forecast said it
would snow today.

- You just have to be patient.

- Sometimes waiting
for something

Is the hardest thing to do.

- Come on, gilbert!
You can do it.

[ Meowing ]
jump, gilbert.

- Caillou was trying to teach
gilbert a new trick,

But gilbert wasn't very

- Come on gilbert,
you can do it... Jump!

[ Meowing ]

Lie down, gilbert.
Lie down. Stay!

[ Meowing ]

[ Meowing ]


Mommy! Mommy!

- What is it, caillou?

- It's snowing! It's snowing!

- Aren't the snowflakes pretty?

- Can I go outside and play?

- Of course you can.

- Yay!

- Caillou was in a big hurry
to go outside.

- Woah there...

I think you'll be walking around
in circles like that.

[ Giggling ]

- I'll walk like a duck.

Quack! Quack!
[ Meowing ]

I'm gonna build a snowman!

- I don't think there's
enough snow

For that yet, caillou.

- Caillou knew mommy was right.

There wasn't enough snow
for a snow man,

But he could still make
snow angels.

[ Laughing ]

Caillou started thinking
about the snowman

He was going to build when
there was more snow.

Caillou imagined himself

Building the biggest
snowman ever.

[ Laughing ]

- Wow!

[ Laughing ]

- [Several]: woah!

- Look at the size of that!

- Wow!

- Goodbye!

[ Laughing ]

- What's so funny?

- Oh, hi sarah.

I'm gonna build the biggest
snowman in the whole world.

But I have to wait 'til
there's more snow first.

Look, I can catch snowflakes!

- I bet I can catch more
snowflakes than you can.


- [Together]: ummmmm!


[ Laughing ]

- Did you know that every
snowflake is different?

- They look the same to me.

- That's because they're too
small to really see.

- Wait here!
I'll be right back!

- Caillou knew exactly

What they needed to look
at small things.

- A magnifying glass!
Good idea!

- They're falling
too fast!

- Caillou! Quick!

- Caillou wondered how they
were ever going to look

At the snowflakes
if they kept melting.

- Look! It's sticking
over there!

They are all different!
It's true!

- I told you!

Hey! How about we make our
own snowflakes?

- How?
- Come on, I'll show you.

- Sarah had learned
how to make paper snowflakes

At school, so she showed

Caillou how to make them too.

- First you take a piece of
white paper,

And fold it into a square.

- Rosie play too!

- Then you take the scissors..

- Rosie sizzer!

- No rosie.
You're too small.

Why don't you draw some
snowflakes instead?

- Rosie draw snowfakes.

- These scissors
are just for big kids

Like sarah and me.

What do I do next?

- Cut the corners
very carefully,

Then cut all around the edges
to make different designs.

Then you unfold the paper and...


- Tada!
- Tada!

- Very good, rosie!

- Caillou was proud
of his snowflake.

And he noticed something very
special about it.

- Look! They're different!
Just like real snowflakes!

Gilbert look!
We made snowflakes!

[ Meowing ]

[ Laughing ]

Watch this, sarah!

Gilbert jump!

[ Meowing ]

[ All laughing ]

Yay! Gilbert!

- I guess caillou really
did teach gilbert

A new trick after all!

[ All laughing ]

Caillou sh**t. He scores!

- Oh...

- Caillou loved to skate.

He especially loved to skate

Really, really fast.

- Look how fast I can go!

- Wow! You're as fast
as a rocket!

- Woah!

- Upsidaisy!

[ Giggling ]
- uppydaisy!

- Caillou could remember when
he was just as shaky

On skates as his little sister.

He was very proud
to be such a good skater now.

- Hi billy!
- Hi caillou!

- Caillou loved to watch the
big kids play hockey.

They could skate so fast!

He wanted to be just like them.

- What do you say, sport?

Had enough? How about
a cup of hot chocolate?

- Daddy, can I play hockey too?

- Oh, I don't know, caillou.

- I'm big enough now, and
I'm a good skater.

As fast as a rocket!

- Well, that's true,
but I don't think

You're big enough to play
on a team.

- I could play with billy.

Well, let's ask him.

- Billy!

- Can I play hockey
with you some time?

- If you don't mind.

- Sure, we're
just fooling around.

You can play with us
whenever you like.

- Thanks billy!

- Well, I guess we're going to
have to get you some equipment.

- Can I get a real
hockey helmet,

And gloves? Like billy's?

- You bet.

And a stick too, don't forget.

- Yay!

- The next day daddy
took caillou to a sports store

To buy hockey equipment.

- This is the second-hand

When kids get too big
for their gear

They trade it in
here for larger sizes.

[ Laughing ]

- Look daddy!

[ Laughing ]

- [Sing-songy]: too big!

Here, try this!

[Imitating daddy]: too small!

- Just right!

- It doesn't hurt, daddy!

- Good!

Here, try these on.

- Let's go!
I want to show mommy and rosie!

- Wait a minute,
aren't you forgetting

The two most important
things of all?

- I need a stick!

And a puck!

- Daddy found a hockey stick,

But it was too long
for caillou,

So the man in
the store cut it

To the exact right length.

And now caillou
had everything he needed

To play hockey with billy.

He was so excited!

And this is my hockey stick
and my gloves and...

[ Laughing ]

Gilbert! You can't fit in there!

- Very nice, caillou.

- You can knock on my head

And it doesn't even hurt, rosie.

- Caillou's head hard!

[ Laughing ]

- The next day,

Daddy helped caillou practice
sh**ting the puck.

- Yay!
Th ay
go there, sport.

- Yay!

- Nice sh*t, caillou!

- That afternoon caillou
couldn't wait to get
on the ice.

He knew he was ready to play
with the big kids.

- Take it slow, caillou.

it's not easy to play hockey.

- Hey caillou!

[ Laughing ]
- oh, oh!


- Daddy was right.

It was harder than caillou
thought it would be!

- They're pretty good
aren't they?

- [Discouraged]:
I'm not good enough.

I don't want to play any more.

- Hey, caillou.

- I thought you did pretty well

For your first time out.

Remember, billy and his friends
have been playing a lot longer
than you.

- I guess so.

- I've got something for you.

This used to be mine
when I was young.

- Wow! Thanks daddy!

- It's a little big yet.

[ Laughing ]

If you keep practicing,
by the time this fits you

You'll be able to play just
as well as billy and
his friends.

- Really?
- You bet.

Now I think I know
a good place

To go and practice.

- Caillou loved going over
to skate at leo's house

Because he had
his very own backyard ring.

- Whoah!

- Now you pass it to me.

[ Giggling ]

- Caillou was glad
to be practicing with
his best friend.

He knew
they would get better together.

[ Giggling ]

- Yay!

- Whooooah! Huh!

- Leo sh**t! He scores!

- With an assist by caillou!

[ Laughing ]

- That night
caillou was very tired

From all his hockey practice,

But he was happy.

He knew that some day,
when he was big enough

To wear daddy's jersey,

He'd be
a really good hockey player.

- Practice makes perfect.

[ Laughing ]

Caillou was very excited
this morning.

He couldn't wait to get
to playschool.

- You're certainly keen
to go to school today, caillou.

- Today
we're going tobogganing!

- Ah!

- Do you have to bring
a toboggan?

- Yes, I'm going to take
my green space racer!

- Oh caillou,

Why are you just
telling me this now?

It's time to go!

- Don't you know
where my toboggan is?

- I'm not sure.

We haven't been tobogganing yet
this year, but let's look.


[ Laughing ]

- Mommy and caillou looked
in the basement...

[ Giggling ]

And they looked
under the stairs...

[ Meow ]

They even look in the attic

But they couldn't find
caillou's toboggan anywhere.

- I'm sure we'll find
your toboggan tonight.

- But I need it today!

- I'm sorry caillou,
but we have to go.

Maybe there will be
extra toboggans at school.

- Caillou was sad that
he didn't have his toboggan.

- There are
no extra toboggans, caillou,

But I'm sure someone will share
theirs with you.

Goodbye caillou,
try to smile, honey.

I'm sure you'll still have fun.

- Bye mommy.

[ They are excited. ]

- I can't wait
to go to the park!

Did you bring
your green space racer, caillou?

- No. We couldn't find it.

- You can use mine.
We'll take turns.

- Thanks leo, but I want
to have my own toboggan.

- Come along everyone,
it's time for lunch!

- Are you finished
your lunch?

- Yes.

- Good. Can you come
with me for a minute?

Well, what do you think?

- It's just an empty box.

- It is now, but I think

You could make it
into something else.

- What?

- A toboggan!

- A toboggan?

- Yes! We used boxes
as toboggans all the time.

Some of them were really fast!

- Would it be all right
if I decorated it a little?

- That's a wonderful idea!

I bet your friends
will help too.

- Caillou spent lot of time
decorating his box.

He wanted it to look

[ Giggling ]

- Are you trying to make it
look like a race car caillou?

- No! I want it to look like
the bobsleds I saw on t.v.!

- Green means go!

[ Laughing ]


All finished!

- It looks great!

Yeah! I bet it'll go
a hundred miles an hour!


I hope so.

Thanks for helping me
decorate it.

[ Giggling ]

- What?!
[ Laughing ]

- I'm not sure what has more
paint on it,

The toboggan or your faces.

[ Laughing ]

Let's clean up everyone,

It's almost time
to go to the park!

[ Laughing ]

- When caillou and his friends
got to the park,

They had all sorts of fun
playing in the snow.

[ Giggling ]

[ Laughing ]

- Who's ready
to go tobogganing?

- [All]: I'm ready!

- Come on caillou!

What are you waiting for?

- What if
my toboggan won't slide?

- Miss martin said it would.

Come on, I'll race you
to the top of the hill!

- Is everyone ready?

- Ready?

- Hum, ready!

Ready, set, go!

[ Giggling ]

[ Howling with excitement ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Laughing ]

- Look out everybody!

- Wow!
You went the furthest!

- Can I try out
your toboggan caillou?

- I want a turn too!
- Sure,

Everybody can have a turn!

- Yeah!

- Yahoo!

[ Laughing ]

- Caillou was proud
of the toboggan he'd made,

And was glad
it was big enough to share

With all his friends!

[ Laughing ]

"rushing the raspberry"

caillou was having fun helping
mommy in the garden.

Are the raspberries ready now,



No, they're not ready yet.

They need a little
more time.

aww. I don't like waiting.

I know what might help
pass the time.

You've been such
a good helper,

Maybe you'd like to be
my "junior gardener"?




Sorry, gilbert.

You don't need watering!


Oh, caillou.

Sorry mommy.

Miss martin:
okay, kids.

We put the seeds in the cups,
just like this...

Then we'll give
them some water

And put them on
the windowsill, because...

Bean seeds... Plus water...
Plus sunlight make...

bean plants!

That's right, class.

My what clever gardeners
we have!

Yes, caillou?

I'm a junior gardener.

I'm helping my mommy
grow a raspberry bush!

That's wonderful!


And I'll have raspberries to
share with the whole class!


Miss martin:
(chuckles) that's very nice
of you, caillou.

Of course, you and your
family may want to eat

The raspberries too.

We're going to have
tons of raspberries!

And I'll make sure
everybody gets some!

Mmm. I could eat a million

Promise to bring them?


Are the raspberries
ready now?

Not yet, caillou.

You're going to have to be
a little more patient.

do you know what I learned

Bean seeds plus water
plus sunlight make...

Bean plants!

That's very good, caillou.


No, rosie!

The berries aren't
ready yet.

Mommy said so.

That's right, rosie.

When they turn bright red,

Then they'll be ready to eat.

But if you're hungry,
we could have a little snack.

yes, please!


(Drinking sounds)

aren't you going to drink
your milk, rosie?


But milk will help you
grow up big and tall!

(Guzzling sounds)


Rosie tall now!

Oooh yes, much taller!

caillou suddenly had an idea.

If milk could make rosie
grow bigger,

Maybe it would do the same
for the raspberry bush!

oh, caillou!
What are you doing?

Giving the raspberry bush
some milk...

So it'll grow big and tall.

(With a chuckle)
I'm afraid that doesn't work
with plants, sweetie.

They only like water!

caillou wanted the raspberries
to ripen faster,

So he thought he'd give
the bush more water.

(Effort grunts)

now what are you doing,

I'm going to give
the bush more water,

So the berries will ripen!

I think the bush
got enough water today.

What it really needs
is a little more time

For the berries to ripen!

Okay, mommy.

I can give them
a little more time.

look, the beans
are starting to grow!

Hey, did you bring us some

No, they're not
ready yet.

You will bring us some,

You promised!

I'm sure caillou will do his
best to bring in some berries

When they're ready.

You can't rush a raspberry!

C'mon, grow!

rushing the raspberries
was exactly

What caillou intended to do.

Pretty pleeeeeeease, grow,

Raspberries on top!

maybe you need more water.

You're taking very good care
of the raspberry bush, caillou.

Thank you, but...

Do you think the raspberries
will ever be ready?

I'm sure they'll ripen soon.

They're getting lots of water
and sunshine.

Not to worry.

There's no sun!

caillou was worried.

He knew that plants needed
lots of sunshine to grow.

What're you doing,

the sun is hiding!

I'm giving the bush some more
light, so it'll grow!

That's very thoughtful,

But raspberries need

Not light from a flashlight.


don't worry, the sun will
come out again soon.

When? I promised I'd take some
raspberries to preschool,

But they're not ready yet!

Oh, I see.

They'll ripen up soon,
I promise.

You can't rush a raspberry!

That's what miss martin said!

Rush a raspberry?

(Slight chuckle)
well, miss martin
is very wise.

Now, why don't we check
them again tomorrow, okay?

okay, mommy.


caillou! Rosie!

There's something you should
see in the backyard!

caillou was worried.

He thought something had
happened to his raspberry bush.

Caillou was right!

Something had happened
to the raspberry bush.

raspberries! Look!


That's right, rasp-berries!

They're finally ripe!

so, was it worth the wait?



Miss martin:
I think we should all say
'thank you' to caillou

For bringing in these
tasty raspberries!

thank you, caillou.

Mmm, I love raspberries

More than anything
in the whole world!

Thanks, caillou.

you're welcome.

Yes, leo?

When are we going
to eat our beans?

The plants are coming along
nicely, leo,

But we won't be able to pick
beans for quite awhile.

We have to be patient,
right miss martin?

Plants need time to grow!

Miss martin:
that's right, caillou.

Hmm, maybe we should add that
to our chart:

Bean seeds plus water plus
sunlight plus time make...

bean plants!

caillou learned that you
can't rush a raspberry bush,

Or any other plant!

But they were
worth waiting for!



"wait to skate"


what's daddy doing?

Oh, he's working on something
for you and rosie.

Really? What is it?

It's something

caillou couldn't wait to find
out what daddy was working on.

Daddy's building...
A skating rink!

A skating rink?!

Skating wink!


don't you think
you should change

Out of your jammies first?

(Giggling) oops!


That should
just about do it.

hi daddy!

Oh! Hi, caillou.
Hi rosie.

we're ready to skate,

Where's the rink?

this is the rink.

But I'm afraid it's not
ready for skating on.

Not ready?


caillou was disappointed.

He wanted to get skating
right away!

Well, if you two help me,

The rink will get
finished much faster!



First we need some snowplows

To push snow into the frame.

(Effort grunts)


(Effort grunts)

(Effort grunts)

beep! Beep!
Here comes the snowplow!

Caillou and rosie:
(laughter) rrrrrrrr!

(Effort grunts)


okay! That's plenty of snow!

C'mon, there's
lots more to do!

We have to pack down that snow,
nice and tight!

And to do that we need to jump
up and down like kangaroos!

Who's a kangaroo?

rosie kangawoo!

me too! (Giggles)

Now we're giants!

Fee fi fo fum!

fee fi fo fum!

fee fi fo fum!


Now the snow's good
and flat!


Now we skate!

Caillou, I'm sorry.
It's not ready yet.

It takes a long time
to build an ice rink.

caillou wondered if the rink
would ever be finished!


Daddy grow skating wink!

not quite, rosie.

I'm watering the snow.

When it gets cold enough,

It will freeze
and turn into ice.

And then we can skate!

but caillou was growing

He wanted to skate
right away!

It takes a long time for
water to freeze, caillou.

I know,
but I can't wait!

Why don't you and rosie
build a snowman?

That'll be a fun way
to pass the time.



There you go,
mr. Snowman!

Look, daddy!

Our snowman wants
to skate with us!

that's great, caillou!

It's always nice
to invite friends.

caillou wondered
if the rink was frozen yet.

So he decided to test it out.

The ice seemed like
it was ready for skating...

...or sliding!

Caillou, no!


Caillou all wet!

I'm sorry, daddy!

I thought it was frozen.

you need to be a little more
patient, caillou.

Good things are
worth waiting for!

Now I'll have to fix
the rink.

How long will that take,

Well, it should be ready
by tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow morning?!

that's forever!

(Wind gusts)

And caillou swim
in a snow!

I wasn't swimming,

I was trying to skate.

Don't worry, caillou.

You'll be skating
soon enough.

I know.
But waiting isn't any fun.

Hrumph... Hey!

caillou had forgotten
his socks could slide

On the kitchen floor.

look, it's just
like I'm skating!

caillou skate!

Caillou and rosie skate!


we don't have to wait...
To pretend to skate!

(Laughs) well done!

(Wind gusts)

(Birds chirp)

It's morning!



caillou was excited!

The rink was finally ready!

oops, I almost forgot -

I can't skate
with my pajamas on!

(Gulping sounds)

caillou, slow down.

The ice will still be there
when you get outside,

I promise.

Sorry mommy.
I'm just excited!


So, was the skating
rink worth waiting for?


hey, there's my little skaters.

Who wants hot chocolate?

I do!

(Unsteady sounds)


It might be a little hot.

So make sure you blow on it
and let it cool down.

Ooh! Hot!

I think I b*rned
my tongue a little.


You have to be patient,

Good things
are worth waiting for!

yes, they are, caillou.

indeed! Next year, caillou
would be a little more patient

About skating on the ice.

"caillou's hiccups"

caillou and his family
were enjoying

A big spaghetti dinner.

This is great!


Spaghetti is my favourite!

Thank you, caillou.

Please just try not
to slurp it when you eat.

caillou loved spaghetti.

But it was very hard
to eat it

Without making
a slurping noise.


Oops! Excuse me!

It's okay, caillou.

I know you were
trying your best.

just like rosie.

She's trying her best
not to get her napkin

Covered with spaghetti

Napkin clean!

that's good, rosie,

But you're supposed
to use your napkin -

Especially when sauce
is all over your face!



everybody laughed
along with rosie.

But while caillou was


...he made a noise!

c'mon, rosie,
let's get you cleaned up.

And you can help me
with the dishes, caillou.

okay! I'll help.


caillou was extra careful
not to drop anything.

But it was hard, because
of the noises he made.


Whoah! Sounds like
someone's got the hiccups!

The hiccups?

How do i... (Hiccup)

How do I stop them?

just wait...

They usually go away
on their own.

Oh. Okay, I can wait.


Hey, I waited,
but they didn't go away!

You have to wait longer
than that, pumpkin!

Why not play in the living
room while you wait?

Okay, mommy!



caillou decided to build a
tower while he waited, but...


Awww. Are these hiccups
ever going to go away?


how's it going out here?

these hiccups are messing up



I need them to go away!

Just try not to think
about them, caillou.

If you wait, the hiccups
will go away on their own.

But I've been waiting!

hmmm... Well, I have heard that

Hiccups can be cured by giving
someone a little scare.

A scare?

I don't like scares!

Just a little scare,

It makes the person gasp,

And then the hiccups go away.

Do you want
to give it a try?

if it'll make my hiccups
go away then...

Okay. (Hiccup)

Okay, get ready...
And... Boo!


Hey, it worked!


Aw, it didn't work.

Maybe it wasn't scary

Well, we can take care of that,
right rosie?


boo. Boo boo booooo!

caillou wasn't scared at all.

Mommy and rosie
were much too funny!


Oh! It's not working!

Good thing I'm here, then!

I've got a few sure-to-work
hiccup cures up my sleeve.


Sure! I'm the world's
number one,

All-time hiccup cure champion.

C'mon, I'll show you!

now, some people cure hiccups

By drinking water
really fast... From a hose!

But it's not as easy
as it looks.

It can get a little messy!

I don't care.

I want to try!


caillou found out that drinking
from a hose was very messy.

...and so did daddy!

(Laughing) hey!

Whoops, sorry, daddy.

That's okay, caillou.

On a hot day like this,

Some cool water is good
for me and the grass!


But it didn't work.

I still have the hiccups.

Don't worry, caillou, I've got
another cure up my sleeve.

the "upside down solution"
always works!

Rosie turn!
Rosie turn!

Only if you have hiccups,

This is so my hiccups
will go aw- (hiccup)

Don't worry, there's one more
cure we can try!

I've saved the best
for last!

This one's almost sure
to get rid of your hiccups!

What is it?

I'll show you!

(Back cracks)

You hop on your left foot,

And rub your head
with your right hand.

caillou thought daddy
looked silly.

And so did mommy and rosie.


Oh my!
Doesn't daddy look...


He does!


but caillou really wanted
to get rid of his hiccups.

So, he started hopping too.


That's the spirit,

Hop those hiccups away!



That's right, rosie!
You can hop too!


Are you okay?

I'm fine!

I guess I need to practice
my hopping more often.

I'm still hiccupping!

What if I have them forever?

and ever! And ever!


Well, I hate to say this,

But maybe I'll just
have to stop

Making spaghetti for dinner,

Since spaghetti seems
to give you the hiccups!

(Big gasp)
but mommy,

Spaghetti's my favourite!

And rosie's favourite!

And daddy's favourite!

It wasn't the spaghetti
that gave me the hiccups...

I know it wasn't.
And besides,

I think they might be...
Gone? Listen!

caillou was right!

His hiccups had gone away!

Perhaps I scared them away

By saying I wouldn't make
spaghetti anymore?

Nah. I think they went away
on their own,

Just like you said they would.

But are you really going
to stop making spaghetti?

Of course not, caillou.

I was just teasing.

Whew, that's a relief!
I love spaghetti.

rosie too!

not right now, rosie.
We just had spaghetti!

But soon, rosie,
we promise!


now I've got hiccups!


caillou had realized hiccups
go away on their own -

With a little patience.

For more fun and games
with me, caillou, go to

"caillou's camel ride"

one evening, things were
getting a little wild

At caillou's house...

Because caillou and rosie
were excited

About the animals they were
going to see at the zoo!


I want to see the tigers!

(Squawk squawk)

And pawwots!

I know you're excited,

But we're not going
until the weekend.

hey, look! The zoo
is offering camel rides!


that'll be fun, sitting way up
there on the camel's hump!

Don't you think?

Yay, cammmel!

riding on a camel
sounded like fun.

But after seeing a picture
of a camel,

Caillou wasn't so sure.

The next day at preschool,

Caillou asked leo what
he thought of camels.

Do you like camels, leo?

Nuh uh.
They're weird.

They have big humps
on their backs.

And big googly eyes!

And a funny long neck.

And they don't like people...
And they spit!

Caillou, clementine:
really? Ewww!

here we are - the zoo!

What should
we do first, kids?

How about a camel ride?


Um, I want to see
the monkeys first!

Can we, please?

Monkey! Monkey!

okay, little monkeys, c'mon!

(Monkey sounds)

(imitates monkey sounds)

Look, rosie,
I'm a monkey!

(Imitates monkey sounds)

We've been watching
the monkey for a long time.

I think rosie wants
to go now, caillou.

Why don't we go
for a camel ride?

Yay! Cammmmel ride!

caillou didn't want to go
for a camel ride,

But he didn't know how
to tell mommy and daddy.

Rosie likes parrots!

Maybe we should go see
the birds next? Right, rosie?


okay, come on then!

rosie liked watching parrots,

But soon,
she'd had enough of this too.

Go now?

But you like the parrots,

Let's stay and watch
them some more.

Squawk squawk!
Look, I'm a parrot!

You be a parrot too!

No! Bye bye pawwot.

Look, kids!
The camel rides are nearby.

But, look...
There are sea otters!

We like sea otters,
don't we rosie?

Can we go, please?!

okay, we'll go see
the sea otters

And then we'll go
see the camel.

caillou pretended to be
very interested

In watching the sea otters,

But even he was getting
a little bored.

Go now, mommy?

Yes, rosie.
It's time to go now.

Come on caillou,
let's go and see the camel!

But i-i want to go
back and...

See the monkeys again!
Can we? Please?!

Caillou, you know
you can tell us

If something's
bothering you.

I don't want to go
for a camel ride.

They don't like people,
and... They spit!


I've always heard camels
are really nice,

But you don't have to go
for a camel ride

If you don't want to.

It's your choice.

But maybe you should come
and see the camel

Before you decide.

caillou thought about this.

He had to admit,

He was a little curious
about camels.


(Camel grunts)

Hi cammmaal!

Hi there! Are you next up
for a camel ride?

we're not quite ready yet.

Caillou here just
wants to watch.

That's okay!

Caillou, this is rudy.

He loves meeting
new people.

Do you want to come
and say 'hi'?

Does he spit?

(Chuckle) no.

Not usually.
He's very friendly.

And he's a pretty
nifty animal!


Take a look at rudy's

he only has two toes!

That's right!

Camels need toes like that
for walking in the desert.

Their toes spread out,

To keep them from
sinking in sand.

And when camels walk,

They step with both legs
on one side of their body...

And then both legs
on the other side.

Not many creatures
walk like this!

camels were becoming more and
more interesting to caillou.

What else do you
know about camels?

Well, did you know that
camels are the only animals

With a hump like this?

Most people think camels
store water in their humps,

But they actually store fat!

With all that fat, they can go
a long time without eating -

Up to two weeks!

Two weeks?
That is a long time.

I'm glad I'm not a camel!

Would you like
to touch rudy?

I do it!


Hi rudy.

caillou was pleased that rudy
didn't spit on him.

In fact, rudy didn't
seem to mind him at all!

Would you like
to help feed rudy?


Come on caillou,
we'll feed rudy together.

rudy was very gentle.
Caillou was amazed.

So... Who wants to go
for a camel ride?

Me, please!

hi cammal!


Up we go then.

(gasp) wow!
I'm doing it!

I'm riding a camel!

Look mommy!
Look daddy!

Way to go, caillou!

Our turn next, rosie!


Camel rides are really fun!

I like rudy.

Can we come back again

I don't see why not.

And when rudy walks he moved
both legs on one side...

And then both legs
on the other side...

And it's really fun!

Wow! I can't wait to go
to the zoo

And have a camel ride!

caillou didn't just overcome
his fear of camels -

He inspired others
to do the same!


"it's not too big for me"

it was after preschool

And caillou was still getting
dressed to go home.

gotta make sure we're
all bundled up.

There. Finally.

We're all set!

Wave goodbye to miss martin!

Caillou: bye miss martin!
Rosie: bye bye.

Bye caillou!

this way, rosie!

(Snow crunches)



(playful laughter)

Rosie go, daddy?!
Rosie go?!

caillou thought the big hill
looked very exciting.

Can we go tobogganing,
daddy? Please?!

Not today.
But tomorrow's saturday.

We'll come back then.



Whoa, whoa, umph!


come on, rosie!

Tomorrow, I'm going to go
down the big hill!

It's pretty big.

Maybe you should wait and
see what you think tomorrow.

but caillou couldn't keep
his eyes off the big hill.

He was feeling very
sure of himself.

(big sneeze)

(Big sneezes and sniffles)

mommy! Guess what, mommy!

Daddy's going to take us
tobogganing tomorrow

And I'm going to go down
the big hill!

Well, that's exciting news!

But don't you think
the big hill

Might be too big,

It's not too big for me!

Like I said, caillou,

Wait until tomorrow
and we'll see.

daddy? Wake up. It's time
to go to the park.


We're "all bundled up"!

I helped rosie.

We couldn't find
one of her boots

So I lent her one
of my old ones.

(Giggle) old boot.

daddy whispered too -

Just like caillou and rosie,

So they wouldn't
wake up mommy.

Good job, caillou.

But I think I know where to
find rosie's missing boot.

C'mon, we'll fix some
breakfast before we go!

C'mon, daddy! Hurry!


(Squeals of delight)

No, rosie! Not here!

We have to go
to the big hill!


All aboard!


Go, go, go!

Caillou: (laughter)
faster, daddy! Go faster!



Hold onto daddy,

It's a big hill.
Too big for you, by yourself.

But not too big for...

the hill was a lot bigger
than caillou had thought!

Cai-you go?

the hill was too big
for caillou.

He didn't know what to do.

You know, caillou...

Playing by yourself is okay,

But sometimes it's more
fun playing with a friend.

Instead of playing on this
big hill by yourself,

It might be more fun
to play with rosie

On the little hill.

What do you think?

Cai-you play!

Yeah, playing with rosie
would be more fun.

Want me to go down the little
hill with you, rosie?!

You can be in front!




(Laughing, squealing
with delight)

hi caillou!
Guess what!

I'm going down
the big hill!!

It's really big, andre!

It's not too big for me!

Daddy, can I go watch andre
go down the big hill?!


Okay. But be careful.


C'mon, caillou! Hurry!

I want to go down
the big... Whoa.

the hill was a lot bigger
than andre thought too.

It really is big!

Too big for you?

No way.
It's just that uh...

the hill was too big
for andre.

But he didn't want
to tell caillou.

daddy! (Giggles)

way to go, rosie!


Sometimes it's more fun
playing with a friend.


Instead of playing on
the big hill all alone,

You could play with me
and rosie

On the little hill!

We can all play together.

That will be more fun!


c'mon, caillou! Let's go!


Caillou, andre:
woo hoo! All right!

hi daddy!

I thought andre was
going down the big hill.

I think he was scared
of the big hill.

Well, there's nothing wrong

With being afraid of something.

But sometimes, it's not easy
to say you're afraid.

caillou knew just
what daddy meant

Because he didn't
want to say,

He was scared to go down
the big hill,

Just like andre.

I told andre it would
be more fun

To play with me and rosie.

So then he didn't have
to say he was scared.

That was a good thing you did
for your friend, caillou.

Maybe next year andre and I
will go down the big hill.

c'mon, caillou!

Give us a push, daddy!

Go! Go! Go! Go!


caillou knew that it's okay
to be afraid of something.

He would slide down
the big hill... Someday.

"caillou's flying saucer"

caillou and leo were
playing space adventure.

Have you seen any alien
robots around, daddy?

"Alien robots?"
Hmm, let me think...

I'm on a...

(Deep voice)
spaaaaace advennnnnture!

And leo is the alien robot.

now I get it.

Well, last I saw,
the alien robot

Was in the kitchen drinking
lemonade with rosie.

Save some for me!


(Wind gusts)

(Robot voice)
it's not lemonade, caillou.

It is rocket fuel.

That's what alien robots
like to drink.

suddenly caillou saw
something strange.

I don't believe it!

I think I just saw
a flying saucer!

Fi-in sosser?!

(Wind gusts)

are you sure
it was a flying saucer?

Um, it was round
and flat

And silver
and shiny!


It looked
just like that!

It was kind of small...

But it must have been
a flying saucer!

(Awed whisper)
fi-in sosser...

Your dinner is getting cold,

Sorry, mommy.

But I don't want to miss
the flying saucer

When it comes back.

You know, it might have
been something else

That you saw.

But what else is round
and flat

And silver and shiny
and flies around?

Fi-in sosser!

(All laugh)

Clementine and kids:
wow! Whoa! Sweet!

what did the aliens look like,

I didn't see the aliens-
just their flying saucer.

But we think
they were green

And had three eyes,

Just like
in the comic book!


Miss martin:
that sounds very exciting,

But, you know,

Sometimes the things
we see

Aren't really
what we think they are.

But what else is round
and flat

And silver and shiny
and flies around?

I don't know.

It certainly is a mystery.

I know!
I'll find it

And bring it in
for show and tell!

Then everyone will see!

yay! Woo-hoo!

Miss martin:
that is very adventurous
of you, caillou,

But I hope you won't be
too disappointed

If you don't find
a flying saucer.

Don't worry,
I'll find it!

Just wait!

caillou decided
he would try to catch

The little flying saucer.

Soon as the flying saucer
comes back,

We run outside
and catch it

With daddy's net!

Okay, rosie?

Fi-in sosser...



(gasps) gilbert!

You're gooping up
my binoculars!

I won't be able to see
the flying saucer!

fi-in sosser!

(Absently) yeah.
Flying saucer.

Fi-in sosser!

Fi-in sosser!
Fi-in sosser!


caillou realized that
catching a flying saucer

Was harder than he thought.

He needed a new plan!

all right.

If your flying saucer
comes back,

I guess you can try
to take a picture of it

To show your class.

thanks, mommy!

But if it doesn't
come back,

That's okay too

Because everyone will know
you tried your best.

It'll come back.
I know it will!

Then I'll show everybody!

Thanks, mommy!

(Snaps photo)

(Snaps photo)

(Gilbert purrs)

(Snaps photo)

fi-in sosser!
Fiii-in sosser!


fi-in sosser!
Fiii-in sosser!

Fi-in sosser!

Flying saucers aren't pink,

They're silver
like the one we saw.

(giggling) wook!

Rosie, daddy, mommy...

and no flying saucers.

You tried your best.

That's what's important,

And you did take some very
funny photos of your family.

Especially this one
of gilbert.

I think I have
a frame for it

So you can hang it in
your room.

Fi-in sosser!
Fi-in sosser!

(snap) huh?

caillou was disappointed.

It wasn't a flying saucer
after all!

It was only a pie plate

That had blown out
of the recycle bin.

(Wind gusts)

fi-ion sosser!

it's not a flying saucer,

It's just stuff blowing
around in the wind.

thank you, rosie.

The wind sure has been blowing
the last few days.

Why so glum, caillou?

(Sighs heavily)

I told everyone at school
I'd find a flying saucer.

Now I have to tell them
it was just a pie plate.

I see.

You know, caillou,

Instead of being disappointed
about what you didn't do,

You should be proud
about what you did do.

What I mean is,

You didn't prove
it was a flying saucer.

But you did solve the mystery

By proving
what it really was -

A pie plate.

I did do that!

Can I please have
the pie plate

To take to school,

fi-in sosser!


ooh! Whoa!

it looks like a flying saucer!

yeah. But it's just
an old pie plate,

And I proved it!

yay! Woo-hoo!

Good work, caillou.

You know,
I think you've given me

A good idea
for an art project.



Hey, look!

Leo's an alien!





caillou didn't find a flying

But he did enjoy making one
with his friends.

Like you, pbs kids believes
all children have the potential,

And deserve the opportunity to
succeed in school

And in life.
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