Running the Bases (2022)

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Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Hockey and more sports Movie Collection.
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Running the Bases (2022)

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- The path that
led me to this moment

was not at all what I
had planned for my life.

See, when you embrace
God's purpose,

you find his provision.

And you'll be amazed
at just how creative

our Creator can be.

- Good morning, my
beautiful bride.

First cup?

- Are the boys up?

- Yeah, I think so.

- My brother wants that
hay in his barn today.

He paid them weeks ago.

- Diane, we both know
you're not gonna use that.

- Yeah, but they
don't know that.

Josh, Luke, you
boys better be up.

- Go, go, go.

- Come on, Luke, let's go.

- I'm coming, man.

- You know they're
going fishing, right?

- They better not.

- Rise and
shine, Harrison.

Doc's on the dial,
and it's gonna be

a beautiful sunny Saturday
with a high of 81,

so get out and do something
fun today, would you?

Hey, don't forget to
sign up for the car show

and the bakeoff next
Saturday in the town square.

There's always
something going on,

and I'm here to
keep you up to date.

So stay tuned for more of
the community bulletin board.

So get out and make it
a great day, Harrison.

Doctor's orders.

- Okay, okay.

Now can we go?

- We haven't even
caught anything yet.

- We?

- Even had had my new lighted
bobber and everything.

- It isn't even dark
yet, you goober.

- Then we ain't leaving.

- Oh wait.

Wait, wait, wait, hold
on, hold on, hold on.

And I'm hung again.

- Come on, Luke.

What are we doing wrong, man?

- Why are you asking him?

- I mean, we're just not
holding their mouths right.

- Well, try closing them, then.

- That'll teach you, man,
that'll teach you, Jess.

- My childhood
best friend, Jessica,

was the daughter
Mama never head.

- Wait till I tell Mama D.

- Jess, now come on.
- We're sorry, Jess.

Come on, we didn't mean it.


- Jess, wait, we're sorry.

- She was
our biggest fan,

and our biggest tattletale.

- I'm so sorry.
- Jess, come on.

- We didn't mean it.
- Jess, come back.

- Baseball kept
us mostly out of trouble,

but when we did mess up,

Mama had her ways of dealing
with two rambunctious boys.

And the older we got.
- Glory to God.

- The more
embarrassing it became.

- Job lost everything.

He lost his wealth and
he lost his health.

His own wife told him,
"Curse God and die."

But the third thing
we can learn is that

no matter what we
are going through,

we should always keep
our faith in God.

Glory to God.

- Amen.

- Lord, we thank you for
your love and your mercy

and these fish that Jess caught.

And Lord, forgive me and
Josh for not bailing the hay.



- Amen.
- Amen.

- Amen.

- Coach says that
Evangel University

has a great baseball program.

It's a Christian school and we
could all still be together.

- You already have some
great opportunities.

Y'all gonna mess around
and they'll be gone.

- We already applied.

Josh mailed in our applications
about a couple weeks ago.

- Mm-hmm.

- Did you guys know
there's gonna be

an Evangel scout
at the next game?

- There is more to
life than baseball.

Oh, stop it, you two.

Y'all know what I mean.

- Okay, Mom, but first,
it's pro baseball.

- Pro?

- Well, for me.

Unless this one can
get his pop time down.

- Stopwatch, really?

- Yeah.

I mean, you need to know
how bad your pop time sucks.

- Oh, come on, come on.

- There is nothing
wrong with his pop time.

- Okay, okay, I know.

I'm just kidding.

Every great catcher
has a stopwatch,

so he knows how
great he really is.

- Come on, Josh.

Way to go.

- Strike.

- Come on, Josh.

- Ball.

Yeah, let's go.

- Come on, Josh.
- Cone on, Josh.

- Strike.

- Come on, Josh.
- Come on, Josh.

Do it again!

- Time.

- What are you
doing out here, man?

- Funny, I was gonna
ask you the same thing.

You gonna throw the pitch,
or back him off the plates?

- I'm setting him up.

He ain't got no idea
what's coming next.

- Yeah, that makes two of us.

- Okay.

One more outside, then I'm
taking my inside corner back.

- All right.

Just don't give me
anything to hit.

Mess up your no-no.

- Get over there.

- Strike.

- Let's go, Josh.

- Strike.

- Come on, Josh.

Bring me home, bring me home.

Come on, Josh.

Come on, bring it home.

Bring it home.




Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, look at me.


Josh? Mom, Dad!

- Josh, wake up.

- Josh.
- Come on.

- Somebody help my son.

- Call an ambulance.

Call an ambulance now.

- Somebody help.

- Josh.
- God, help.

- Hey.

- So what's the verdict?

- You have the exact heart
defect that your brother had.

- So how do we fix it?

- Meds can regulate it,

but you shouldn't
overexert yourself, Luke.

- What about baseball?

- I'm afraid not.

- There must be some mistake.

Baseball's supposed
to be my future.

- I'm very sorry, Luke.

But your future's going
to have to change.

But you can live a
relatively normal life.

- But I wasn't planning
on relatively normal.



What else do you want from me?


I got nothing left.

I got no brother, no baseball.


This was our future.

Can you hear me?

Do you even see me?

- Stop.

Whatever that is, open it.

- Dear Mr. Luke John
Brooks, congratulations.

Evangel College is
happy to inform you

that you've been
accepted as a freshman

in the upcoming fall semester.

- Luke.

- In addition, you've been
awarded the prestigious

T.L. Graham Scholarship,
which will cover 100%

of the cost of attendance
over four years.

- That is great news, son.

- Who cares?

- Don't you dare give up.

Don't you take
away my other boy.

Look at me.

I miss him, too.

It's unbearable for all of us.

There's not a day that goes by

that I don't long to
see my baby's face

or hear his voice, but we
are only here to get there.

He ran his race.

And he would so want
you to finish yours.

- I just miss him, Mom.

I need my brother.

- I know, son.

I know.

I know that your
heart is hurting.

God sees that, he hears
that, and he's gonna use that

for his purpose in his
time, and when he does,

when he does, you are going to
change the world around you.

- Go.

- Okay, okay.

I'm going.

♪ Sifting through the ashes ♪

♪ And the lies that
you've been told ♪

♪ In the unfamiliar place ♪

♪ You never thought you'd go ♪

♪ Broken pieces ♪

♪ And shattered dreams ♪

♪ Heaven reaches ♪

♪ And mercy sings ♪

♪ Only truth remains ♪

♪ To redeem what's been stolen ♪

♪ When you've lost everything ♪

♪ And it's hard
to keep on going ♪

♪ Through the trial ♪

♪ Through the pain ♪

♪ You'll find one
thing stays the same ♪

♪ Only truth remains ♪

- How's he doing?


How are you doing, Mr. Brooks?

- Coach Kilber, you remember me.

- I was there, son.

Odd place to study,
don't you think?

- Yeah, well, I
come here because I-

- Oh, I know.

Makes everything feel right
for a moment, doesn't it?

- Yeah.

- You know, Luke, for those
of us who love this game,

it's pain and glory all
wrapped up together.

A few of us grow to resent it,

because we can't find
our place in it anymore.

But others, well,

well, we just keep
searching until we do.

Well, that pop time isn't
gonna improve itself.

- That felt good.

- Yeah, not bad for
a high school backup.

- You got a big
mouth on you, you know?

- You wanna get better?

- Okay.


- Get down.

Look at your feet, and
get ready to throw,

and when you come up,
explode those hips open

and get into that
cocked position.

- If you say so, bigmouth.

- Again.

Your arm path needs
to be short and fast.

It's all one motion. You got it?

- All right.

That felt better.

What was that?

- That is college pop time.

- Whoa.


Thanks, Coach.

- Something inside
of me came back to life,

the familiar feeling of
excitement about a game,

and an unbreakable
bond between brothers.

- Come on, Josh.

Come on, bring it home.

Bring it home.

Come on.

- For richer or poorer,
in sickness and in health,

and forsaking all others,
be faithful only to her

as long as you both shall live.

- I do.

- By the power vested in
me, I now pronounce you

husband and wife.

Luke, you may kiss your bride.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I introduce to you

Mr. and Mrs. Luke John Brooks.

- I expect you to conduct
yourselves in a certain way

on and off the field.

And your signature is your
commitment to one another.

Boys, you don't
win a championship

by trying to win a championship.

You do it by picking
up your teammates,

and refusing to let
any of them quit.

If you go through my program,

you will become better
young ballplayers,

but more importantly, you'll
become better young men.

All right?

That's all for now.

I'll see y'all at tryouts.

Have a great evening.

- Great speech, Coach.

- Have a good
night, Coach Morris.

- Yeah.

- See you at home, son.
- See you, Dad.

- May I help you, Mister?

- Michael Jamison,

of the Parkwood School
District, great state of Texas.

- Texas.

What brings you all the way to
our little town, Mr. Jamison?

- You do.

We need a new coach.

I'm looking at him.

Five state titles.
It's impressive.

- It's nine.

Nine state titles, it's-

- This contract doubles
your salary, not to mention,

you don't have to teach
during baseball season.

- Is that right?

- Come on, what else
you gotta prove here?

Talking 6A, Coach.

Certainly not afraid
of the competition.

- It's not that.

It's a very tempting offer.

I just don't know what to say.

- How 'bout yes?

I didn't come all this way

just to tell you
how great you are.

It's a solid offer.

- It's a big decision.

I got a family.

My whole life's been here.


- Yeah, I get it.

I get it.

Family's important.

You know, I don't
know your wife,

but I never met a
woman didn't appreciate

a nicer place to life,

not to mention the
increased competition

for your son, getting to play
on a bigger stage and all.

- Yeah.
- You know, that's something.

- It's something.

- Opportunity's knocking, Coach.

The door closes quickly.

It's a pleasure.

- Thank you, sir.

- Call you
in a couple of days.

- What's the vibe
amongst the boys out there?

- Aw, Dad, you know
you can't ask that.

That's your rule.

- Oh, you can't break
your own rules, Luke.

- I'm just testing the
boy, playing with him.

- Yeah?
- And guess what?

He passed.
- Oh, okay.

- That's good parenting.
- Well you know

what you get for that?
- What's that?

- You get to do the dishes.

- Oh!
- I'm serious.

You're doing the dishes.

- Yes, ma'am.

Hey, had a very
interesting visitor today.

- And?

And you tend to do that
when you have bad news, so.

- I don't really know
what kind of news he is,

but it's serious.

It involves all of us.

- Was it that guy at the field?

- Yeah, that guy.
- What guy?

- Gentleman I met from Texas.

He offered me a job, coaching
at a big school in Texas.

- And you turned
him down, right?

- Not yet.

- What do you mean, not yet?

- Jess, can we just talk
about this before we-

- Are you talking about moving?

- Come on.
- Dad.

- You're serious?

- I'm a junior in high school.

I'm finally getting the
opportunity to play varsity ball

on the same field you
and Uncle Josh played on.

I mean, the same
field that he...

- I understand that's
important to you, son,

it's important to me too, okay?

- Yeah, but Dad.
- Let's just talk about this.

- Seriously, what is
there to talk about?

You wanna move to Texas?

- This isn't fair.

- This is all I've ever
known, this town, I-

- What if we're done here?

Did you ever think about that?

This is an amazing
opportunity for me.

Coach Morris is more than
ready to take over this team.

What else is there to do here?

- I don't know, win
another championship,

or retire in our hometown, Luke.

- Jess.

Sweetheart, you know I don't
do this for championships.

Lately, I feel like
God's been trying

to get my attention
about something.

- How long have you
been feeling that?

- Every time I would sit
down to plan for the season.

I feel like God's
been saying, wait.

And I didn't understand
what that meant until now,

and then this job offer
comes out of the blue.

All I'm saying is that maybe
this is the opportunity

God has me waiting for.

Otherwise, it's like...

I don't know, like we're...

- I know, like we're
saying no to God.

- Yeah.

Come here.

I need you guys.

I need you.

- You got us.


- You ready?


I know you miss Harrison, son.

Okay, I do, too.

But you're gonna be just fine.

- Dad, they've
already had tryouts.

I'm not gonna be playing
baseball this season.

- Son, I wouldn't have
moved you down here

without taking care
of a few details.

You're on the team.

- What?

But I didn't even try out.

- Don't worry about it.

Just wait till they
get a load of you.

- But it's 6A, Dad.

Do you think I'll
be good enough?

- Son, I ain't talking
about baseball.

- What are you talking about?

- You'll see.

Just gotta trust them
pretty blue eyes of yours.

- Oh, okay.
- And the bangs.

- Yeah.

- I wish I could do
that with my bangs.

Have a good day, son.

- Thanks, Dad.

- Somebody needs to tell
Rick to quit bringing food

into the announcer's box.

Hey, there he is.

- Morning, gentlemen.

- Coach Brooks.

It's good to see you.

This is Ted, your
Booster Club president.

- Coach, I cannot
tell you how glad I am

to finally to get to meet you.

- Pleasure, sir.

- Assistant Coach, Cage Tyson.

- Nice to meet you, Coach Tyson.

- Nice to meet you.

- Over here moping in the
corner is our athletic supporter

and Head Football
Coach, Alex Kenny.

- That's just not funny anymore.

- Now I'd agree with you,
but we'd both be wrong.

Wouldn't we?

- Coach Kenny.

- Our principal, Charlie Rogers.

- Nice to meet you, Mr. Rogers.

- It's nice to meet
you, Coach Brooks.

- I love your
neighborhood here, it's.

Sorry, that's a horrible joke.

You probably get all
the time, and oh,

I wasn't trying to make a joke.

- He's funny, too, right, guys?

- Sure.

- Well, I told you
I'd get him here.

Here he is.

- Here I am.

- Our hope for our
first championship win.

- Hold on, now.


I think you and I are
on different pages.

We should probably talk.

- Coach Brooks, can
I call you Luke?

- Of course.

- You just focus on winning.

- Yeah, but I haven't
even met the team yet,

and our first game's
like a week away.

- Well, we better get on that.

You're my man.

- No pressure, Luke.

Welcome to 6A!

- Who we
got at third base?

- Ryan Jamison.

Pitches and plays third.

He can run like a
three-legged camel.

But he can hit a
baseball a mile.

- Copy that.

Steal signs for...

Did you say Jamison?

- That's exactly
what you're thinking.

He's a handful.

He's not a bad kid,

but his imagination's
a little destructive.

- So where's our game field at?

- You're standing on it.

- You're kidding me.

You telling me we
play on a city park?

- Welcome to Parkwood ISD,

where football
gets all the money.

- I was gonna ask
you about that.

What's the deal
with Coach Kenny?

- Like I said,
football is big here,

and he wants to
keep it that way.

Plus, those are some of
his players out there.

- Hmm.

Hey, son.

- I'm ready, Dad.
- All right.

Excuse us, Coach.
- Absolutely.

- I'm Coach Brooks,
and I love this game.

Now the world will tell you
that it's all about winning.

And that's what
they expect from us.

Now don't get me
wrong, I wanna win.

I came here to win and
I will demand greatness

from each and every one
of you on this field.

But greatness ain't
defined by winning.

Greatness is so
much more than that.

It's how you conduct
yourselves on this field

and off this field.

It's about emptying
yourself for your teammates.

See, I expect us
to become a family,

a family of young men
who carry themselves

with character and integrity.

You achieve that, you boys are
welcome to win all you want.

- Hey Coach, we
heard your old team

won the state championship.

- Nine times to be exact.

- I heard it was five.

- What was that?

- I heard it was five?

- Five, huh?

It was nine, Mr. Jamison, right?

- Ryan, and my dad, he's-

- I know who your father is.

Don't expect any special
treatment because of it.

- Y'all seen my pride?

It was here just a second ago.

- All right, give me four laps,

and keep yourselves
within reach of the fence,

or you'll all start over.

- Four laps? Are you kidding?

- Run!
- Okay, okay.

- Get out there,
you lazy Lima bean.

You okay, sir?

- Sam, Sam!

Sam, you scared of a
little ol' bee, man?

- That thing was as
big as a pancake.

- Oh, really?

Doesn't look that big to me.

- Get on me, go on, get off.

That's not funny, man.

- That was pretty good.

- That is not funny.

- Hi there.

- Samuel Parker.

My friends call me Sam.

- Okay.
- Right now,

you're not my friend.

- Coach Luke Brooks.

- Pleasure, Coach.

You know, I have seen a
lot of baseball seasons

come and go around here.

- Yeah.

- But there's something
special about this one.

- And what do you
think's so special?

- Mm.



- Hey, Mom!

- Hey!

So, how'd it go?

- Pretty good.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.

I just think I need to work

on my first

- Okay.

- You look cute.
- Thanks.

It was a good day, sweetie?

- Um.
- Oh, ew, man.

- Yeah, it was a good day.

It was actually pretty good.

- I think I might know why.

- What?

- A girl at the school is
pretty sweet on our boy.

- Oh, all right.

I mean, look at him.

- Pretty cute.
- Yeah.

Let's talk about it over dinner.

Look, y'all, all
these places deliver.

- Get out.
- Delivery to our home.

- All right.

- I mean, I think
I'm gonna like Texas.

- I told you.

And then I realized what
I said, and he didn't-

- You didn't say that to him.

- Well, not on purpose.

- Dad.

- Oh my gosh.

He probably gets
that all the time.

- I know.

- Mm, Dad, tell Mom about Ryan.

- Oh, yeah, we got the
superintendent's son, Ryan

that's a real piece of
work, cracking jokes.

He looked at me like,
Coach, four laps!

You trying to k*ll me?

Here, you take over for me.

- All right.
- Ready, son?

- Yes, sir.

- Lord, help us today,
help us to play for you.

- Welcome to the Parkwood
Lions season opener,

and we'd like to
thank Outstanding
Light Funeral Services

for their sponsorship
of today's game.

Outstanding Light Funeral
Services is located

on 12th Street across
from Gotta Go Containers,

your number one choice
in quality caskets.


- All right, listen up, guys.

Trust yourselves out there
on the field, all right?

Everybody here, they
want you to win.

I just expect you
to do your best.

You understand?

- Yes, sir.

- But you gotta
look good doing it.

Thanks to Mr. Jamison-

You will.

Where is he, there's Garrison.

♪ I'm feeling so alive ♪

♪ This feeling inside ♪

♪ And it's lifting
me high again ♪

♪ Tonight, my hands
are in the sky ♪

♪ With you on my side ♪
- There you go, baby.

Put a little good luck spit
on it so it stays in the park.

- Hilarious, aren't you?

- I love that about me.

- What is it we're supposed
to love about you, Jamison?

- That's funny, Brooks.

I'm the one who tells the
jokes around these parts.

You wanna play some baseball?

Come on, ready to go.

♪ Never look back,
never look back ♪

♪ I'm moving on ♪

♪ I'm still strong
and I'll always be ♪

♪ So come on ♪

♪ Come on, let's go ♪

♪ You can have it your way ♪

♪ It doesn't matter
who's beside you ♪

♪ You're going up anyway ♪

♪ Come on, let's go ♪

♪ There's nothing
better to see ♪

♪ We stand tall ♪
- Out.

♪ Let's go ♪

- There we go.

- Ball.

♪ Come on, let's go ♪

- Safe!

♪ Let's go ♪

- All right, come on, boys.

- Sam, what are you doing?

- I'm sorry, Coach, I'll
go sit in the stands.

- No, wait.

Well, you're not in uniform.

Suit up.

♪ I'm feeling so alive ♪

♪ This feeling inside ♪

♪ And it's lifting
me high again ♪

♪ Tonight, my hands
are in the sky ♪

- With only
three outs remaining,

the Lions trail by two.

♪ Can only win ♪

- Keep your eye on the ball,
not the girl, all right?

- Yes, sir.

- Show 'em what you got, Josh.

♪ Come on, let's go ♪

♪ There's nothing
better to see ♪

♪ Stand tall ♪

- Go!
♪ Hand in hand ♪

♪ Together with me ♪

♪ Come on, let's go ♪
- Attaboy!


Hey, that's right.

Get up there, Brooks.


♪ Here we come ♪

♪ Been on the wall ♪

♪ Now you're standing
right here with me ♪

- Safe!
♪ Never look back ♪

♪ Never look back ♪

♪ I'm moving on ♪

♪ Stand strong ♪

- The Lions
have one out left,

they trail by a run.

Now batting number
13, Ryan Jamison.

- Oh, look, there are
them quarters right here.

- Hey, listen, this
ain't a comedy club.

You play baseball,
I'll call the game.

It's your last warning.

- Yes, sir.

♪ Come on, let's go ♪

- Mr. Jamison.
- Coach Brooks.

Beautiful family.

- Thank you.

- Must feel good.

- It does, yeah.

- No, not the family.

I'm talking about the wins.

- Oh.

- What's that, 6 and 0?

- Yeah, 6 and 0.

- Well, it's impressive.

- Boys are playing good.

- You know, I was thinking
that with a winning program,

you deserve nicer things.

- Thanks to you, the
jersey are an improvement.

- Nah, you're
thinking too small.

I'm thinking much bigger.

You know, something like
champions live here.

I'm just saying that with
winning comes great rewards

like a brand new
stadium, for instance.

You just keep winning.

- Next week, I'll start
working one on one

with a few of you.

Jamison, you're losing
two steps on your leadoff.

Okay, you ain't slow,
son, you're just lazy.

- Come on, Coach.

We all know he's slow.

- That's enough, all right.

We also need a
lot more pitching.

So Whitmore, it's time
we tame that arm, son.

- Yes, sir.

- Paul, that means you'll
be playing first base.

We're gonna work on your
confidence, too, with the play,

so you can help this team.

Boys, it's the small things,

the details that make the
difference on this field.

Winning the championship's
gonna require more

out of each of you.

And if you apply yourselves,
boys, you'll be amazed

at what you can
accomplish on this field.

You understand?

- Yes, sir.

- Bring it in.

Let's go, Lions on
three, here we go.

One, two, three.

- Lions!

- Hey, Ryan, check it out.

- You guys seeing this?

- You know what's crazy is
Coach is faster than Josh.

- Hey, Ryan, when
they get over here,

you should ask him what
all that running's about.

- Nah, man, I'm
not gonna do that.

- Hey, come, just ask him.

- Okay, fine,
fine, fine, I will.

- Good work today, boys.

I'll see you at home, Brooks.

- All right, see you, Dad.

- Love you, Coach.

- Hey, Josh.

So we've all been
wondering, what's with the,

you know, the running
of the, you know?

My dad says it's some sort
of baseball superstition.

- Oh, no, no, it's
not a superstition.

No, my Uncle Josh, he
had a heart defect,

and he died during a game.

And so my dad runs the
bases in honor of God

and in memory of his brother,

and I join him sometimes
occasionally, you know,

and we pray.

- Yeah, that sounds

- Sounds like the same thing.
- I was thinking it, you know.

- Sounds pretty lame to me.

- Oh, does it?

Does it, Cody?
- Yeah.

- Your face is lame.

So Josh, that means that you're
named after your uncle then.

- I am, yeah.

I just wish I was half
the ballplayer he was.

- Me too.


- God, spare me.

Yeah, lame.

- Oh, ho, ho.

This just in, ladies
and gentlemen.

Let's check in with our lame
judge for the afternoon,

Mr. Casanova Garrison.

Tell us, Casanova, was that
story lame enough for you?

What's your verdict?

- My verdict is that
you're an idiot,

and by the way, Danielle
thinks you're an idiot, too.

- Ooh.

- Wanna go there, boss?
- Let's go there.

- Hey, Josh, what's the
latest with you and Katie?

- Ryan, you know.

We're going out
on a date tonight.

- Oh, really, a date, huh?

Have you met her parents yet?

- Yes.

They invited me over for
dinner the other night,

but you already knew that.

- Sorry, I just
needed to be reminded.

This just in, ladies
and gentlemen,

Mr. Josh Brooks wins
the heart of lovely

Ms. Katie Harper in
just under a month.

Tell us, Casanova Garrison,

after two years of trying
to get a date with Katie,

have you ever seen the
inside of the Harper home?

Check, check, is this thing on?

- Hey, Tristan,
turn me up, buddy.

- Thank you.

- Hey, you're not funny, Ryan.

- Hey, man, you need calm-
- You need to grow up.

- Yeah, calm down, all right.

- Hey, you both need
to grow up, all right?

Take a step back.

- I'll grow up when
Casanova grows up, man.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Man, chill out.

- Get off me, man.

- Man, Cody, you
get played so easy.

- You don't know
anything about me.

- He knows you hit like a girl.

- Shut up, Ryan.

- All right, all
right, all right.

- You know what?

At least I am not named after

some stupid dead ballplayer
with a bad heart.

- Yo, dawg, chill, bro.

Come on, chill out,
chill out, chill out.

Break it up, break it up.


- So Katie, tell
us about yourself.

- Um, okay, well, I'm really
just your average Texas girl.

I love to go to church,
and listen to music,

and go shopping.

- How 'bout that, Jessie,
she just described you.

- Well, I'm just a regular
ol' Texas girl, now, aren't I?

- That's right.

- Wait, I'm sorry, sorry.

Did you say average?

- Yeah.

- Mom, she's the reigning
district tennis champion.

- Oh my, Josh!

- Wow!

- It's amazing.

- That's wonderful.
- Thank you.

- Look who's here.
- Oh man.

- What's up, Coach?
- What you doing?

- Hey, is this the missus,

'cause I don't like
keeping secrets.

- That's because he
can't keep a secret.

- Boys, this is
my wife, Jessica.

- Hi, boys.

- And this is Jerry.

- Hello, Mrs. Brooks.

- Hi, Jerry.

- And this is Cameron.

- What's up, Ms.
Brooks, how are you?

- Nice to meet you.

- And this is Ryan.
- Hey.

- Ryan, like the Ryan Jamison?

- At your service.

- Yeah, that's him.
- Okay.

- Do you mind if I-
- Wow.

I see it now.

Okay, help yourself.


- Josh, how'd the
date go with Katie?

Hi, Katie.

- They're still on
the date, you idiot.

Oh, hey, Katie.

- Hey, Cameron.

- Yeah, you mind if you
ask me about that tomorrow?

After the date?

- Yeah, am I hearing
all nighter at Coach's house?

- Yep, yep.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

All nighter?

Who said anything
about an all-nighter?

I did not say that.

He didn't say that.

- I think it sounds fun.

- Really?


- All these
boys in our house?

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- We can grill, it'll be fun.

Y'all come over.
- Sweet.

- What do you think, like 6:00?

- Sure.

- Bring your sleeping bags.

- Perfect.

- Okay, y'all come over, but
we go to church on Sundays.

- Ooh.
- Oh.

I sleep in on Sundays.

- We worship the
Lord on Sundays.

- We can reconsider.



- You going somewhere?

- I was just gonna go
spend the night at Josh's.

- Oh, Coach Brooks' son?

- Yeah.

Yeah, they're a cool family.

- What are you gonna do?

- You know, just play some
video games, grill some burgers,

go to shmurch.

- What was that?
- Huh?

- Last thing you just said.

- Video games?

- No, the very last part.

- Burgers for dinner?

- Never mind.

- Okay.

See you later.

Hey, don't forget to eat
something, all right?

- Mm-hmm.

- Love you, Dad.

- Dude, all she said was
you're not attractive,

could be-
- No.

I'm getting a six
pack this summer.

I'm telling you,
I'm doing juices.

Guys, let's just not
mess around, all right?

We don't wanna break anything
in Coach Brooks' house.

- Oh, like the time when
you threw the baseball

in Cameron's parents' window.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, what's up-

- But look, if
you knew how to catch,

we wouldn't have
a problem, okay?

- But what about the
time when you knocked

the candle over at CJ's house?

- Yeah.
- I mean,

you caught the curtains on fire.

- Okay, but I put
the fire out, right?

And curtains are
supposed to be fireproof.

They say it in all the-

- Hey, Ryan, I'm not
so sure my curtains

are fireproof, so should
I be worried here or?

- I was just telling the guys,

this is a beautiful
home, excuse me.

Josh, you here?

- Hey, Ms. Brooks.

- Thanks, guys.

Y'all come on in.

Coach is grilling.

I'll show you where
to put your stuff.

- Thanks.

- All right, y'all have fun.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Coach.

- All right.
- What's up, Coach?

- What's up, boys?
- Hey, Coach.

- What about this one?

When was this taken?

- That was the Mother/Son
dance back home.

He cleans up pretty

- I never got to
dance with my mom.

She died when I was six.

- I'm sorry about that.

I lost my mom when
I was little, too.

It's hard.

- Yeah.

- You better go
get some barbecue.

- Okay.
- Have some fun

with those boys.
- Yeah.

If there's not at least
three burgers left for me,

I'm gonna be frustrated.

I'm just putting it out there.

What's up, dude?

No way!

You got a Kirby Puckett rookie?

- Yeah, man, all those
are rookie cards.

- Man.

- I got a Ken Griffey, Jr. in
there somewhere, and A-Rod.

- Fellow third baseman.

- Yeah.
- Hello, brothers.

- Well, the best third
baseman, Mike Schmidt is-

- No!

Are you serious?
- Yes, sir.

Dude, Mike Schmidt, this
card is worth like $500.

- I know, it's my dad's card.

- In your face.

That's two home runs, big boy.

- Bro, you're still down a run.

- I mean, not if you keep
throwing the same pitch.

Throw the same
pitch, I dare you.

- Yo.

Dude, what is this?

- It's my Bible.

- Yeah, duh, but
do you read this?

- I do.

Tells me how much God loves me.

- Show me.

- Okay.

All righty, this
is Jeremiah 29:11.

"For I know the plans I have
for you," declares the Lord.

"Plans to prosper you
and not to harm you,

"plans to give you a
hope and a future."

- Show me another one.

- Yeah, of course.

Is it all right if I read
this one a little differently?

- Yeah.
- All right.

"God showed his love for Ryan,

"that while Ryan
was still a sinner,

"Christ died for him."

Is it all right if
I show you one more?

This is Romans 10:9.

"For if Ryan confesses
with his mouth

"that Jesus Christ is Lord,

"and believes in his
heart that God raised him

"from the dead,
Ryan will be saved."

Man, this is the only
way you'll ever know

the kinda love
I'm talking about.

- Thanks, man.

- Yeah.

♪ I opened up the pages ♪

♪ And found the words in red ♪

♪ And line by line,
verse by verse ♪

♪ It started making sense ♪

♪ I never knew that someone ♪

♪ Could love someone like me ♪

♪ But he made me a believer ♪

♪ When he found me on my knees ♪

♪ I prayed a simple prayer ♪

♪ And Jesus met me there ♪

♪ Now I live ♪

♪ Now I live ♪

- Oh, Coach, now remember,
a shiner causes people

not to see things too clearly.

- Um, okay?

- I'll be right
here if you need me.

- Sure.

- Just tell me you're gonna
do something about it.

- We will, we will get
to the bottom of it.

- You wanted to see me, sir?

- It seems there was
some trouble after
practice last Friday

between your son and Cody.

- You're darn right
there was some trouble.

Just look at my boy's face,

and your son started it.

- Something that tells me

that ain't the whole
story, Mr. Garrison.

- I want your son
suspended immediately.

- Hold on a second.
- Mr. Garrison,

Mr. Garrison, we need
to give Coach a chance-

- Are you the
principal here or not?

You gonna do something or not?

- What happened, Cody?

- What's it look like, Coach?

Your son punched me in the face.

- And why'd he do that?

- Because he's a delinquent

just like his Daddy.
- Brent.

- What?
- Please.

- Cody, look at me.

Just tell me what happened.

- I already did, Coach.

- Okay.

Hey, Sam.
- Yeah?

- Can you come in here, please?

- Wait, what does he
have to do with this?

- Let's find out.

Sam, you were at the field
on Friday after practice?

- Yes, sir, I was.

- Did you see the
incident between Cody and Josh?

- I see everything.

- Who threw the first punch?

- Cody here turned
the lights on.

Josh turned them off.

- Is that true, Cody?

All right, then.

Here's what we're gonna do.

You and Josh are
suspended for three games,

but you'll be at every
practice, every game.

You understand me?

- Yes, sir.

- All right.

Thanks for letting me know.

- No, no, no, you don't
know what was said.

Sam, what exactly-
- No, Mr. Garrison, listen.

- Tell me what was said-
- Mr. Garrison.

- You saw this, you
saw it, what was said?

- Words never
closed anyone's eye.

But the right words can
open people's hearts.

I'm trying to teach these
boys to respect one another.

Let it start with us.

- Yeah.

- Well, that wasn't too bad.

- You know, a little head's
up would've been nice.

Why didn't you
tell me about this?

- You never asked.

- Lee, you'll be
starting at second base,

and Jones, I'll have
you in right field.

All right, let's get
going, give me a lap.

Come on.

Garrison, Brooks.

- Oh no.
- What?

What is it?
- You don't wanna know.

- Well, Brooks, why don't you
tell Garrison what this is.

Tell him!

- It's the love rope.

- That's right,
it's the love rope.

Now why don't you put
it on and start running?

- I am
not wearing that.

- Oh really?
- Really.

- Okay.

You wanna play on this team?

Son, you'll earn your
way back on this team

by wearing that thing, or
you can get off my field.

What's it gonna be?

There you go.

- Coach, what about games?


- Sam.

What in the world is that?

Why are those boys not playing?

- I'm sorry,
you're gonna have to ask

Coach Brooks about that.

- Stop the loyalty crap, Sam.

What's that all about?

- Well, let's just say
that them boys are learning

how not to wrestle
against flesh and blood.

- Never mind, just never mind.

- Play ball!

- All right, let's
go, guys, let's go.

Here we go.

Here we go.

- Get used to that.

Let's go!

It's all right, it's all right.

It's all right.

- What are you swinging at, bro?

- Come on, man.

- Hoo!
- Swing at it, man.

- Come on, baby.

- Let's go, let's go, let's go!

Go two, go two.


- Oh, come on.
- Come on, guys,

get it together.

What are we doing?

- What was your ball, Farmer.

You have a position to play.

Now play it.

- Tag up.

Now bring it home.

Let's go, let's go!

- Pick it up, boys.

Let's go.

It's okay.

Come on!

Get it, get it, get it.

Come on!

- Oh, goodness.

Down by eight?

- We have two of
our starting players

sitting in the dugout,
tied together like cattle.

Charlie, why didn't
I know about this?

- Coach Brooks and I handled it.

But I didn't know that
he was gonna do that.

- Is something funny?

- No, no, no.

I think it's hilarious.

- Laugh it up, laugh it up.

You know what? I think
it's embarrassing.

- Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

- Hey, way to go, Tommy.

Way to close us out, man.

And great game, guys.

Stellar performance
out there today.

- Yeah, yeah, no thanks to you.

- And no thanks to you, either.

- You know what, Cody?

We could've used both
you guys out there,

but I see you're a little
tied up at the moment.

- Dude, shut up, Ryan.

You're the only reason we're
on this stupid rope anyways.

- Oh, the hostility, bro.

I know, I know, but you guys

look very cute

Coach is standing right
behind me, isn't he?

Hey, Coach.

- All right, stay with
us boys, let's go.

Here we go.

- Coach.

- Yeah?

- There are people here.

Look at the stands.

They can see us.

- They can see you, huh?

- This is so embarrassing.

Can I get some backup here?

- Now, Ryan, now
they can hear you.

Let's go.

- You just had to say
something, didn't you?

- Coach Brooks.

- Hey, Mr. Jamison.

- Just how many boys you
gonna add to that contraption?

- As many as it takes.

- As many as it
takes to do what?

Lose a championship?

- I gotta go to the bathroom.

- You didn't
go before the game?

- No, nah, I stopped
and talked to Danielle,

but I have to go now.

- Okay, well quit talking.

- Can you walk faster, please?

- Slow down.

- Simmer down.
- Walk faster.

- We're going before you.

- Well, I was thinking of
joining the soccer team.

- Guys, can you please hurry up?

This is so
embarrassing out here.

Hey, good evening,
ladies, Danielle.

- Hello, Ryan.

♪ Can't get enough of me ♪

♪ So take this heart
and fill it up ♪

♪ It's all I'm
ever dreaming of ♪

♪ I'm dying inside without you ♪

♪ And give me all
the love you want ♪

♪ It's all I ♪

- The heck is going
on around here?

- Could you please go
back into the bathroom?

- What?

- Guys, come on, seriously.

- Bye, Ryan.

- What in the world?

You boys are here to play
baseball, aren't you?

Get out there on the field.

- Right, right.

- I just, I love that idiot.

- Make the adjustment,
6, make the adjustment.

- Come on, 6!

- Let's go.

Let's go, bring it home.

- With two outs remaining,
the Lions trail by seven.

And now batting, number
21, Steven Sanchez.

Come on, Sanchez.

- Got it.
- Come on.

- Got him!
- Ballgame!

- I was safe, Blue.

I was safe.
- You were out.

That's a ballgame.

- Hey, hey, hey,
enough, Sanchez.

You were out.

- You'll get 'em
next time, Coach.

- Father, protect
my boys' hearts.

Division has crept in.

Do what I cannot do, Father.

This team is yours.

- That's it, Coach.

Lord, thank you for
sending us a man

that's bold in his faith,
and that'll stand for you.

Give him the courage, Lord.

Give him your wisdom,
to lead these young men.

- Well, I'll be.

- What in the world?

- That's it, Coach.

That's it, Coach.

- You should've seen
him, running around,

talking out loud
like he was some kind

of Cheerio cherry chaser.

I'm telling you, that
boy's biscuits is doughy.

- Sam was cheering him on like
his personal congregation.

- I ain't never seen
nothing like it.

- You better get in
front of this, Michael,

before he's running a
revival instead of the bases.

- Amen.

- We needed a new
coach and I got us one.

I built you a new
football stadium.

What'd you do to earn that?


You know what this coach
has that you don't?

A winning record,
so don't tell me

how to do my job and I
won't take away yours.

I will get him to
dial it down, okay?

- Thank you.

- Principal Rogers, you
have something to say?

No? Good.

Look, I have a school
district to run.

Please someone get
Rick some breakfast.

He's obviously
starving for attention.

- Jokes.

- Okay, who's hungry?

- I am.
- Thought you'd never ask.

- You'll win one one day, buddy.

- Dad, what are you doing?

- What's this doing in my house?

Answer me.

- Dad, Mom was a Christian.

- Don't you dare.

This is a fantasy.

- No, it's not. It's real.

God is real.

- Coach Brooks tell you that?

You bother to tell
him your mom died

thinking that would save her?

- I miss her, too, Dad.

But I know Mom is in heaven,
and I'm gonna see her one day.

- Yeah, you keep believing that.

What gives you the right?

Unlike that hillbilly
town you come from,

people here keep their
faith to themselves,

and your job description

at this school reads
Coach, not Pastor.

- Sir, my players make these
decisions on their own.

- Yeah, well, I think
they have a little help.

- You can believe what you want,

but when you build
character into young men,

naturally, they
search for the source.

And Ryan found it.

- You know what?
- Get your hands

off me.
- It's what I believe

that matters and I
believe you're here

to win baseball
games, and that is it.

Unless you're doing that,
you are of no use to me,

and my son, my son wasn't
searching for anything,

until I brought you here
and now I regret it.

And that religious
running thing you do,

that ends now, you got it?

Look, you wanna keep your job?

You will keep that
out of my house.

- Hey.

This is a fun surprise.

What are you doing home?

- I canceled practice.

- You canceled practice?

Coach Brooks doesn't
cancel practice.

- Mr. Jamison didn't
appreciate the gift.

- Oh.


- What I did on that
field the other night

didn't help, either.

- Well, there's no denying

what you're doing
out there, babe.

- It's serious, Jess.

- What do you mean?

- He said I can't run
the bases anymore.

- What's he gonna do, fire you?

Come on, he can't
fire you for that.

- Yeah, he can, Jess.

You weren't there.

You didn't see the
rage in his eyes.

This is not the kind of man
that needs a good reason.

It's out of my control,

just like everything
else in my life.

- What are you talking about?

What's going on?

- Just forget about it.

- No, you talk to me.

- You wanna talk?
- Yes.

- I feel like I'm being
forced to choose here,

forced to choose between
providing for my family

and doing what God
called me to do.

And I never thought
that those two things

would combat with one another,
but they are, and every time,

every time in my life that
I feel like I get close

to something or someone, it
gets stripped away from me.

- I get that.

This game that you love,
you don't get to play it.

This other half of you that
you're supposed to be living

this life with isn't here.

I get it.

It's a lot of loss, but
you haven't lost me.

I'm here, Luke.

We're here, and you
are not forsaken.

- I don't wanna talk
about this right now.

- Honey, this is
bigger than baseball.

- Right? Really?

- Yeah, it's bigger than you.

It's bigger than winning.

This whole town
is looking at you.

This means something, Luke.

You know what?

You're gonna run those bases.

Yeah, you are, not
because of defiance,

not because of tradition,
but because that's what God

called you to do, Luke Brooks.

- It's not that simple.

- I think you've got
some things in your life

that you need to surrender.

- Is that so?

- Come in, team.

- Geez.


You know I got a heart
condition, now.

- Let your light shine, Coach.

Let it shine bright.

- Coach, we're ready.

- Hold on a sec, Coach.

You never told me you coached.

- Son, you never asked.

- Mr. Jamison, I don't
think Coach Brooks

has done anything to
warrant termination.

- He gave my son a Bible,

not to mention the spectacle
from the other night,

but what I heard, he was
running around the field,

talking to himself.

I'm sure he was quoting some
sort of religious jargon.

It's not appropriate.

- All right, look.

Let's just take a breath
here for a second.

Now, first of all, there
is already a city ordinance

that establishes that what
he's doing is illegal.

So listen, let's just show
the coach the ordinance.

He's a God-fearing man, right,

he's gonna wanna obey the law.

- Don't even get me started

with that ridiculous
ordinance, Jay.

- Well, it sure stopped
that church awhile back.

They were boo-hooing at City
Hall every day for a month.

It didn't do them any good.

- That church's
property was rezoned,

and they had to sell it.

You gonna sit here and
act like you don't know

anything about that?

Or how that land
became available

for our new football stadium?


- The ordinance
isn't even enforced anymore,

Mandy, and might I remind
you and everybody here

the kind of revenue that
stadium has brought in

to this district.

- We just need to let
this coach do his job.

- Yes.

For now, let's make Coach
Brooks aware of the law

and we will monitor
the situation.

All in favor?

- Aye.
- Aye.

- Aye.

- It's unanimous.

- Hey, Michael.

- What?
- Michael, hang on.

What are you doing?

- It's personal now.

- Listen, the team's
in a bit of a slump.

We finally have a coach
that can dig us out.

Stick to the plan.

It's not complicated, right?

We relocate the team,
this is a good move,

order a field, boom,
we're rich again.

- Well, he's gonna answer
for what he did to my son.

- Wait.

This is just like the
football field deal

that I got you, and
okay, but this time,

Luke is our Alex.

I can't be more forthright.

Everybody is somebody's guy.

You're mine, and my
somebody's gonna get

real nasty if he thinks
some superintendent

does something stupid,
so let me make it clear.

Keep your personal
problems out of this.

Do you got me?

- Don't you worry.

He'll be made well
aware of the law.

- All right, you
boys take that off.

- Wait, you mean, the
suspension's over?

- Yep.
- Aw, but Coach,

we were getting so close.

- Okay, you stink, man.

Come on.

- Gentlemen.

Our family's been
falling apart lately.

That's what happens when you
put your focus on winning,

and that's on me, but
conflict, the disrespect,

it's on all of you.

And it ends now.


- Yes, sir.

- We must come together.

Those are my priorities,

and I'll forfeit every
game if I have to,

until they become yours.

Garrison, Jamison and Brooks
will rejoin the team today.

- Come on, somebody.
- Yeah!

- They will not start.
- Ooh.

- All right, let's get started.

Give me a lap.

Come on.
- You got it, Coach.

- Hope you boys are
ready to win some games.

- Coach.

- Can I help you, officer?

- Are you Luke Brooks?

- Yes, sir.

- Sir, I'm Officer Turner,
and I've been instructed

to inform you of City
Ordinance 10-2969,

which prohibits religious
activity on city property.

- How much is the fine?

- $250 per incident.

- Sir, I lost this game once.

When God gave it back
to me, I made a promise

that I would always
honor him on this field.

So I'm willing to accept
the consequences for that.

- All right, Coach.

Have a good day.

- You, too, sir.

- You know, Coach,
remember, it's per incident.

- Thank you.

- What you got there?

- Citation.

- Well, Coach, remember this.

We are perplexed,
but not in despair.

We are persecuted.

- Preach it.

- But not abandoned.

- Okay.

- And most importantly,

we are shaken, but
not stirred.

- I don't think that's the
way that goes.

- I don't mix my words, Coach.

- Let's see what
you got, Jamison.

Get a leadoff, come on.

Run it again, come on.

There we go.

Watch that, get those hands out.

Watch 'em.

♪ Marching forward now ♪
- Go!

♪ Strong and steady ♪

- Come on, run it again.

Let's go.


♪ Nothing can stop us now ♪

- Run it again.
♪ We're running home ♪

- Do it again.

Bigger lead now.

Come on, Jamison.

One more step, one more step.

There you go.

♪ We're on track ♪
- Watch it.


♪ Keeping the station ♪

- Safe!

♪ Going around now ♪

♪ I was inside ♪
- It's all right.

♪ We'll run it home ♪

- Don't get it
too far out there.

There you go.

Pull that leg up, get it out.

It's out here, then you explode.

- You're out!

- All right. Yes!

♪ We're running home ♪

- Come on.

Let's go, let's go.


♪ We're running home ♪

♪ We're running home ♪

♪ We're running home ♪

- Hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey!

♪ We're running home ♪

- How bad is it?

- It's bad, babe.

I mean-

- We got savings, though, right?

- How does this end, Luke?

- I don't know.

But I can't stop now.

- I know.

- Good morning, Luke.

- Good morning, Cheryl.

- I see you're still acting up.

- Yeah, you could say that.

Could've been worse, though.

We had a rainout this week.

- Well, thank God
for the rain then.

- That's right.

- But wait.

It shows here that these
tickets have been paid.

- I'm sorry, what?

That's impossible.

- Your debt has been paid.

Now get out of here
before I have an officer

cite you for loitering.

- But Ms. Cheryl, just tell me

who paid my fine.
- Uh-uh, Officer Moretti,

I need you to come, please.
- Okay, okay!

I hear you.

- Now bye-bye.
- Okay, I'm gone.


Whoo! Thank you, Lord.

Jamison, you lead the
district in home runs,

and even managed to
steal a few bases.

Whitmore, you
found your control.

Scott here set the season
record for stolen bases.

- It should be a
good game tonight.

You know, we've
never beat this team.

- Yeah.

You know, Coach Brooks,
he has really brought

this team back together.

- Yeah.

- Gentlemen.

You ready for this?

- Well, you're sure
in a good mood.

- Now only one more game
and we are district champs.

I'd say that's cause
for a good mood.

- But what I'm most proud
of is how you're winning.

- Come on.
- Together.

- Yeah.

- We are family.
- Yeah!

- Now who's gonna
mess with our family?

- Nobody!

- Who are we?

- Lions!

- Go!

- Let's go, Parkwood.
- Coach.

Don't run today.

- You know where I stand.

Lord, let my
actions speak louder

than the words I'm not
allowed to say.

Come on, Jamison.


- You were told not to run.
- What are you doing?

Turn around.

Give me your arms.

- Ugh, my chest.
- Stop resisting.

- Ugh, my chest.
- Give me your hands.

- Hey, man, he can't breathe.

- Hey, Brooks,
you're under arrest.

- I can't breathe.

- Son, that's enough.

That's enough.

That's enough.

- Call an ambulance.

- What's going on?

- Call an ambulance.

- No, no, no, no, no,
Luke, Luke, Luke, Luke.

Come here, baby, come here.

Come on, come on, you're

Who's calling an ambulance?

- Mr. Brooks, it looks
like you're gonna be okay.

- I'm fine, I promise.

- You forget your
meds, you won't be.

Don't that again.

- Coach Tyson, get
those boys ready.

- Yes, sir.

- Glad you're doing okay.

- Thank you, sir.

- Because it'd be really
awkward firing you

if you weren't.

- Jess, baby, no.

- What did you do?

- My job.

- Jess, Jess.

- Thank you.

- Sweetheart.

- I got it, Coach.

- Hey!

- Jess!

- Why don't you turn around
and face me, you coward?

- Wait, wait.

- Yeah, I'm talking to
you, Michael Jamison,

you cruel, pathetic man.

You could've k*lled
my husband today.

He could've died and it would've
been your fault, Michael.

Do you even have a heart?

Why don't you come
over here, coward?

- Stop, stop.

- Why don't you come over here?

We'll find out if
you have a heart.

- Jess.
- 'Cause I don't think

that you do.
- Jessica.


- Wimpy is your
heart, Mr. Jamison.


Ryan, I'm talking to you.

- Leave me alone.

- Let's go.

- You did this, didn't you?

- You have so much
to learn, son.

He did it to himself.

We all have our place.
He didn't know his.

- So if I run the bases, are
you gonna show me my place?

- Stop that nonsense.


Ryan Michael Jamison!

I'm your father.

Do not disrespect-
- Get off of me.

- I'm sorry.

- You're my father, all right.

But you have never been my dad.

- Ryan.

- The Parkwood Police
Department told us

Coach Luke Brooks has
received numerous citations.

Now the arrest was
allegedly prompted

by Parkwood ISD Superintendent,
Michael Jamison.

There are also reports-

That the coach was terminated.

We did reach out to Mr.
Jamison and his office

to find out-
- We got a dangerous one here.

Don't we, boys?

You look at me when I talk.

You hear me?

- Move along, Red.

- Soon.

Soon, big boy.

Let's go.

Here you go, Preach.

- I ain't a preacher.

I'm just a baseball coach.

- You see Red back there?

Preacher's son.

- You serious?

- Man, I'm
just messing with you.

Man, I'm scared for you already.

I don't think you're
gonna make it in here.

I'm Tony.

- Well, Tony, you
know why I'm here.

What's your story?

What'd you do?

- Ah, what the heck.

If you can't talk to a preacher,
who can you talk to, right?

- I ain't a preacher.

- I was 13.

Came home one day hungry.

But my dad had rules.

No eating snacks before dinner.

But he was asleep.

So I decided to go in
the kitchen and get
myself a sandwich.

Right as I was about
to take my first bite,

everything turned dark.

He put a garbage
bag over my head,

and he beat me unconscious.

Too afraid to move, I
stayed there all night.

Until finally, I got
up, and found my mother

in the other room, dead.

He'd beaten her to death.

- Oh, man, Tony, I'm so sorry.

So what'd you do?

- I ran and I kept running,

and I've been
running all my life.

In and out of foster
homes, in and out of jail.

Now, I'm facing 30 years.

- So you think
your life is over?

- Over and worthless.

The system got a way of
doing that to you, brother.

- What's the most valuable
card in this deck?

- Ace of Spades.
- Of course,

Ace of Spades, right?

Most valuable card.
- Of course.

- Still the most valuable card?

- Of course.

- Okay.

Hold on.

What about now?

- Yeah.

- How 'bout now?

- It's no good now.

- That's where you're wrong.

Tony, this ace, it can be
put back together.

- You gotta do a lot
better than that, Preacher.

- Come on, that's a
good illustration.

- It was good,
but it was cheesy.

- Look, what I'm really
trying to say here,

I know you made some mistakes.

We all have, and I know
you feel like this world

has stomped on you
and thrown you away.

But that don't mean that
God's thrown you away

just 'cause you feel like
you've been ripped apart.

You matter to him.

He wants to give you a purpose.

Even in a place like this.

God can put you
back together, Tony.

Think about it.

- Good morning, Luke.
- Good morning.

- Mm-mm, mm-mm.
- Okay.

- Well-

How you getting along in here?

- Oh, under circumstances,
okay, I guess.

So what brings you in here, Ted?

- I'd like to introduce you

to my very good
friend, Cindy Dorman,

who also happens to be a very
good civil rights attorney,

one of the best, I'd say.

- Thank you.

So I think we have a
really good case here.

- Yeah, what case is that?

- We can actually challenge
the city's ordinance

and probably win,
but the school board

hasn't confirmed your
employment status,

so I need to know, did
Mr. Jamison terminate you?

- Look, I appreciate what
y'all are trying to do here,

but I ain't suing anybody.

- Son, if we don't
make a stand now,

you think you're the last
person that's gonna be

in this situation?

- Why am I the first?

I mean, what's
special about me, Ted?

Why can't I just do my
job and be who I am?

- Okay, your bail
is set at $15,000,

but only if you're
willing to comply

with the city's ordinance.

- I don't have 15 grand.

- Don't worry about that.

I'll get you home to my family.

- My family?

Ted, I moved my family here,

thinking it was God's will.

And all I've been able to do
is offend a bunch of people.

- People, some people, yes.

God, maybe not so much.

- Come on, man.

- God has a funny
way of doing things.

He put Moses in a basket in
order to put him in the palace.

He put David in front of a
giant in order to make him king.

Now these men were, what's the
word I'm trying to think of,

disruptors, that's
what they were.

They were disruptors.

You know what?

You are a disrupter.

You've been able
to do things here

that nobody has been able to do,

and I'm not talking
about winning ballgames.

Now what if, listen
to me, just what if

God's provision
for your whole life

has brought you to this
place, to disrupt this moment?

- I wanna believe that.

But if this is God's
provision, I can't wait

to see what's next.

I appreciate what
y'all are trying to do.

Serious, but if
that's true, Ted,

God's the one who
got me in here,

let's let God be the
one to get me out.

I ain't taking your money
and I ain't suing anybody.

- You were told to make Coach
Brooks aware of the ordinance

and that we would
monitor the situation.

Do you remember
that conversation?

- I understand you're upset,

but Coach Brooks
gave me no choice.

- The mayor admitted
that your friend,

the police chief, may have
been a little overzealous.

And then, to make matters worse,

I have to call
around and find out

that you fired Coach Brooks?

- Coach Brooks was
blatantly pushing

his beliefs on his
team and on my son.

And he was warned, just
like this board directed,

and he defied me.

- Our phones are
ringing nonstop.

People are protesting.

We even have a
threat of a lawsuit.

- That's nothing
that I can't fix.

- This board has
unanimously decided

to terminate your employment,
effective immediately.

- Come on.


Don't you think
that's a bit extreme?

- Do you have any idea
how much time and money

it's going to take to
clean up your mess?

Save yourself
further embarrassment

and submit your
resignation to this board

by the end of the day.

- Do you know how
much time I've spent-

- That is all, Mr. Jamison.

- Well, let's looky here.

You are so predictable
and you look disgusting.

- I really don't
care what you think.

- Will you shut up?

You know why? Deal's off.

Your little w*r with God

cost me millions, you moron.

Oh, yeah, Coach is shoving
God down my son's throat.

Really? Seriously?

Why don't you do us all a favor,

and quit pretending like you
give two craps about that boy,

'cause you know what?

Nobody's buying
it, especially him.

You ruined it.

We're through.

Enjoy your miserable life.

♪ Are you hurting
and broken thin ♪

♪ Overwhelmed by the
weight of your sin ♪

♪ Jesus is calling ♪

♪ Have you come to
the end of yourself ♪

♪ Do you thirst for a
drink from the well ♪

♪ Jesus is calling ♪

♪ Oh, come to the altar ♪

♪ The Father's arms
are open wide ♪

♪ Forgiveness ♪
- Tony, let's go.

Your ride's here.

- Well, Preach, it's my time.

- Yup.

Yeah, it is.

This is yours now.

Oh, hold on.

I want you to keep this.

Remember, you're being
put back together.

- Don't forget about me.

- Never.

- No, you know you can't
take that with you.

We'll let you keep it.

That back to Luke.

Let's go.

- Nah.

- Here you go, preacher man.

This belongs to you.

- Go ahead and fire me.

I don't care.

- Mr. Jamison, what
are you doing out here?

- I'm building a rocket.

What does it look like?

- Well, you look like
you're all fueled up.

- Yeah.

- Where we flying to tonight?

- Now I'm looking for a job.

I got fired.

Because of that God
you all believe in.

- There you go.

The infamous God blame.

I guess you're on the same
usual page with everybody else.

But I'm pretty sure
there's another reason.

I mean, you seem
to be pretty angry

with a God you say
don't believe exists.

- The one my wife prayed to?

The one that let her die?

- It's not always that easy.

- Christians are so pathetic.

You pray, you preach,
you believe, for what?

Just to be disappointed?

You know what I believe in?

I believe in my wife.

I still do.

We tried for years
to have children,

and then, we have a boy.

And she didn't
get to see him grow up.

I needed her, Ryan needed her.

Why couldn't I have both?


Why couldn't God
let me have both?

- Your wife is now
with our Creator.

Ryan, Ryan is here now,

with you, and he needs you.

He's always needed you.

- Ryan, Ryan hates me now.

- It's time for you
to make peace with God

over what happened
with your wife.

Ryan has found that peace.

Michael, you can have it, too.

- Dear Mr.
And Mrs. Brooks,

I'm returning to you a letter
written by your son, Joshua.

In hearing of his passing,

I thought you'd like to
have it as a keepsake.

We at Evangel were most
impressed by your son's heart

for God and his love
for his brother.

- Yes, Ryan, we're
playing the Gators.

- Hey, Josh, I'll see
you at the game, okay?

- Where you going?

- Hi, Ryan.

- Hey, what's up, Mrs. B?

- Is everything all right?

- Yeah, it's good.

Your jersey's in the dryer.


Well, I love you, Mom.

- Luke.

- Hi, babe.

- What happened to you?

- Careful, it's okay.

- You okay?
- I'm okay.

Baby, did I make
the right decision?

I mean, everything that's
happened since we got here.

- Yes, Luke, us coming here

was never your decision to make.

- What are you talking about?

- I got something to show you.

- What are you talking about?

- Come here.

Look what I found.

- Baby, it's Joshua's
acceptance letter.

- He never applied to Evangel.

All he mailed was
your application

and this letter.

Read it.

- Dear Dr. Elkins, my
name is Joshua Brooks.

I've been offered a scholarship
to play baseball there,

but I regret to inform you
I will not be accepting it.

I'm asking you instead to
accept my brother in my place.

I can't read it.

- You'll see, he's
gonna be the best

Division 1 catcher
in the country,

and he's a threat in any lineup.

- Yeah.

- But he has another gift.

That's his ability to
impact everyone around him.

He has compassion for
broken kind of people,

and he always stands for
his faith, no matter what.

I believe your university
will prepare Luke

for what God has
called him to do,

and I can assure you, Luke
will always fight the fight,

run the race, keep the faith,

and strive to live
the perfect game.

Please prayerfully consider

my brother's
enclosed application.

Joshua Brooks.

Baby, somehow he knew.

He knew, baby, he knew that
this wasn't God's plan for him.

It was God's plan for you.

- He gave all that up for me.

- He knew you would take a stand

when there was a
stand worth taking.

- I miss him so much.

- I know, I know.

Oh, I know.

- I'm sorry to interrupt,

but I have something
for you, Mr. Brooks.

Are you okay?

- I'm okay.

Jess, this is the attorney

I was telling you
about, Cindy Dorman.

- Oh, hi.
- Hi.

Jessica Brooks, it's
nice to meet you.

- Thank you so much.

- It's my pleasure, Ms. Brooks.

- Will you hold that?

This is Mr. Jamison's

- Ted asked me to
deliver it personally.

Mr. Jamison is no
longer your problem.

- Baby.
- What?

- Does that look familiar?
- I don't know.

- That name, honey,
your scholarship.

- What, T.L. Graham.

- Yeah, T.L. Graham.

That's Ted?
- Oh, don't tell me,

Ted is T.L. Graham!

- One and the same.

Are you kidding me?


- Come on.

- Congratulations.

- What if God's provision

for your whole life-
- Thanks, Coach.

- Has brought you to this place,

to disrupt this moment?

- I love you, Jess.

- Hey, Coach.

- Yeah?

- Do you mind if I have
a word with the boys?

- Jamison, are you gonna
make me regret this?

- Coach, don't we all live
with a little bit of regret?

- Go ahead, son.
- Yeah!

Thanks, Coach.

Hey, guys, bring
it in, bring it in.

- That boy crazy.

- How much regret
do you live with?

- None.

They all moved out.

Well, there is that one
that just keeps trying

to come back, but I
changed the locks,

and now, I just love them
through the mail slot.

- Now look, guys, I think
we should run the bases.

- What?

I mean, look, I don't know, man.

What if we all get in
trouble or something?

- Come on, man.

When'd that ever stop Coach?

- Exactly.

Look, Coach talks about
working together, right?

- Yep.

- About being a family.
- Yeah.

- And the head of our family,
he's not here tonight.

So we need to do this for him.

And I don't care if
we get in trouble.

I'm running those bases.

Who's with me?
- I'm with you.

- Let's do it.
- Who's with me?

- I'm with you.

- Let's go, guys.
- Let's go.

- Who are we?

- The Lions!

- Let's go, boys.

- Johnny, look at

- Well, here comes your regret.

- Hmm?

- Boys, boys!

Boys, stop, stop, stop.

- Thank you.
- All right.

- It's Coach Brooks.

- Mr. Rogers.

T.L. Graham.

I don't know what to say.

Thank you.

- Thank Sam.

He's the one who picks
all the candidates,

and his company
contributes, too.

- Company?

You tell me you both
brought me here?

- Well, finally,
he asks a question.

Son, God brought you here.

We just kept an eye
on you along the way.

- Man, come here.

Thank you.

Stay right there?

I'm gonna hug you, too, man.

Thank you, sir.

- How you doing, bud?


How are you, son?

- Better now, Dad.

- I love you.

- I love you too.

- Hey, Coach.

What happened to your face?

- Jail. What happened to yours?

- Good to have you back, Coach.

- Thanks, Coach.

- They're looking.

- Some of y'all may be
wondering why a silly thing

like running the bases is
worth going to jail over.

I wonder that myself sometimes.

See, my twin brother and
I, we loved this game.

It consumed us.

It was supposed
to be our future.

In our final game together, he
hit a triple and drove me in.

Standing right about there,

as I watched him
round third base,

but he never made it home.

Or so I thought.

He died on the field that day,

and my life instantly changed.

See, the same disease
that k*lled my brother

was passed on to me, and my
baseball future was over,

and I became so angry with a God

that I wasn't even
sure was real anymore.

One day, on a ball
field just like this,

where I thought everything
had been taken away from me,

God gave this game back to me.

But this time, it
wasn't for my glory.

It was for his.

And in that, I saw
God's plan of redemption

played out in my
life, and this journey

has shown me one simple
thing, and that is that,

because of Jesus
Christ, there is hope,

hope beyond my loss, hope
beyond my crushed dreams

and my failures
and that same hope

is available to each
and every one of you.

There's a Savior who
will fight for you.

He desires you, he loves
you more than you will ever

be able to comprehend.

He gave his life for you,

and once you've
experienced that love,

that overwhelming
love, it will cause you

to do the craziest
things in this life,

like running the bases.

I know that that
offends some of you.

But after everything I've
gone through in my life,

I will not stay silent,
because what we do now

will echo on into eternity.

See, folks, I'm convinced
that the problem

with our society is not the
growing presence of evil,

but it is the growing
absence of God's people.

I mean, think about
what it would look like

if we chose to forgive
rather than condemn,

or care about someone's soul

more than the temporal
aspects of this life,

or if we were willing to choose

to take a stand
in our conviction,

rather than live in
fear of our persecution.

Just as long as there's a
heart beating in my chest,

I will honor God on
and off this field.

I will lead these young men

to become more
like their Creator,

and I will run the bases.

- Coach.
- Come on, Coach.

- Get out of my way, Dad.

I'm running these bases.

- I love you, son.

- I love you, too.

- Go get 'em.

Come on, guys.

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

- I forgive you.

- Ladies and
gentlemen, please stand.

In their first
game of the season,

introducing the reigning
6A Texas State Champions,

your Parkwood Lions.

- Come on, Al,
come on, somebody.

Bring it in.

Hold up.

Lead us out, little man.

- Yes, sir.

Champions on three.

One, two, three.

- Champions!

- As you can see,

God's plans are so
much better than ours.

♪ Life is a ballgame ♪

♪ Being played each day ♪

♪ Life is a ballgame ♪

♪ Everybody can play ♪

♪ Yes, you know ♪

♪ Jesus, standing
at the home plate ♪

♪ He's waiting for you there ♪

♪ You know, life is a ballgame ♪

♪ But you've got
to play it fair ♪

♪ The first base is temptation ♪

♪ You know the
second base is sin ♪

- Okay. We had a deal.

First game of the season.

Who paid my fines?

- I thought you'd
forgotten all about that.

- Not a chance.

Come on, spill it.

- Michael Jamison.

- Sam, that's a joke.

Michael Jamison?

- Kinda sorta, sorta kinda.

- I don't believe it.

- Actually, it was Ryan.

- No!

- Ryan paid it, with
his daddy's credit card.

- Oh man.
- That's great.

- Oh man.
- I bet he regretted that.

- Well, don't we all
live with regret, Coach?

- He's gonna have to love that
boy through the mail slot.

- What is that boy doing?
- I don't know

what he's doing, man.

- You need to stick
to baseball, Jamison.

♪ To hit at Satan's ball ♪

♪ And when you
start to swing it ♪

♪ You gotta give
your all in all ♪

♪ Yes, you know faith's
gonna your catcher ♪

♪ And on him you can depend ♪

♪ For Jesus standing
at the home plate ♪

♪ And he's waiting
for you to come in ♪

♪ Yes, you know, Moses
is on the sidelines ♪

♪ Waiting to be called ♪

♪ You know, the day he
parted the Red Sea ♪

♪ He knew Christ
was in all in all ♪

♪ And John came in
the 9th inning ♪

♪ And the game was almost done ♪

♪ Then God gave John a vision ♪

♪ And he knew he already won ♪

♪ Yes, you know,
life is a ball game ♪

♪ But you've got
to play it fair ♪

♪ I opened up the pages ♪

♪ And found the words in red ♪

♪ And line by line ♪

♪ Verse by verse ♪

♪ It started making sense ♪

♪ I never knew that someone ♪

♪ Could love someone like me ♪

♪ But he made me a believer ♪

♪ When he found me on my knees ♪

♪ I prayed a simple prayer ♪

♪ And Jesus met me there ♪

♪ And now I live ♪

♪ Now I live ♪
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